Pluto, Persephone and Scorpio Rose

Pluto, Persephone And Scorpio Rose

I cannot believe that i have never heard of the Eighties Comic book character Scorpio Rose before.  Launched in 1983, she made just three appearances – as far as i can ascertain.

Fittingly, for a character named Scorpio Rose, her story is thoroughly Plutonic. A gypsy sorceress becomes immortal with super-powers after being sexually assaulted by a demon. Pluto Vibe is very much about the gaining of anti-fragility via trips to dark places. Post-Traumatic Strength Syndrome.

Or is it even more appropriate to say that this is a Persephone theme? As some of you know, the planet currently called Eris is adjacent to Pluto and was originally supposed to be called Persephone.

But, as there is an asteroid Persephone, it could not happen. But Persephone, the violated maiden turned Queen of the Underworld, is far apter. And her story loosely parallels that of Persephone.

Loyal to the Goddess Hecate, she devotes her life to study, magic and keeping esoteric knowledge away from dark forces. She lives a quiet life, in stealth mode, until one day the original demon shows up again, disguised as an eligible book buyer.

At least i think that’s it. Scorpio Rose is legit the first vintage comic i have actually wanted to get my hands on a.s.a.p.  Also, could this comic have just been ahead of its time? I just emailed the creator to learn more and hopefully get some Scorpio Rose comic books.

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  1. Post-Traumatic Strength Syndrome this resonates with me. Brilliant. I refuse to be viewed or pitied as a hapless victim. I refuse to live with PTSD.
    I love the Persephone and Medusa mythos of a woman wronged and she comes back stronger 10x fold. The archetype of the Femme Fatale.

  2. If your interested in this, also check out Promethea by Alan Moore. It is another occult themed comic with a strong female lead. I promise you won’t be disappointed! Thanks for sharing.

  3. This looks so readable though. Will there now be a mainstreamish comeback for graphic art on esoteric (but actually not esoteric) themes? Post(?)-metoo. So good. X

  4. The demon returning sounds a little like a chiron return for someone with a particularly afflicted natal placement.

  5. Hmm, I am all for Eris as the planet adjacent to Pluto. For one, at least Persephone isn’t therefore stuck in orbit next to the shadowy git for as long as astronomy exists. Pers gets to bing around as an asteroid instead, that’s about as free as you can get from Pluto surely. Dodged a bullet?
    Meanwhile Eris gets to surveil the solar system and cast around for a nice shiny apple to inscribe when sufficiently provoked. She’s also handy imho as a role model for confrontational strength that is neither defined nor circumscribed by any man. I feel like she’d happily help Persephone out if asked, you know, like cover Pluto’s eyes while he’s trying to drive, lob a smoke bomb through his window after a particularly abominable argument with Persephone, accidentally landslide 30 tonnes of boulders across the entrance to his lair that summer after she left, you know. Just for a laugh, I overheard Eris say once, did she wink as she said that?

    Wait so if she’s square Pluto right now, is it worth keeping an eye out for when E.g the moon makes a monthly T-square or!! when the nodes join in next year?

    Also, what is it about the year 1983? And also 1989. It seems to ping a lot of astro, maybe that’s just me. 89 especially , is my cap moon drawing me to guys who are having their Saturn return?? But 83 has a particular sharp-claws magenta pink vibe. Jupes in scorp and Uranus in Sadge?

        1. Love them. But do you think men can’t go to hell and come back again for real? Or are you not taking it so literally?

  6. good tip – i just got the first two issues AND that collection…will upload any particularly astrologically-mythologically significant images when i have had a chance to read them

    1. Centauri_Scorp

      Awesome, I figured you were on it. 🙂 I know I don’t have these but I do remember Eclipse comics, but in the 90’s the 80’s were more GI-Joe and Transformers for me. When I have a chance I may go through my old comic box I’ve been lugging across the globe since I was 12 or so.

  7. Yes i love the “condo at the heart of earth’s magnetic flux” and that they use the Thoth deck. If the author emails me back, i will post more!

        1. Yep, we can talk when you’re ready. And yep, astrology, Tarot, and pretty much everything else. It all started when I wrote Dr Strange…

  8. It looks like Scorpio Rose came back in another life as a warrior nun in 1996 comics by the same comic artist. Check out the Areala comics.

  9. AriesPiscesLibra

    First let me just say holy shit mystic this post just zapped my brain. A few quick thoughts: Louise Gluck has a poetry collection called Averno where she falls deep into the Hades/Persephone myth. ALSO that Death card is from the Thoth deck! And it was my signifier this week! Not a Scorpio, natal Pluto in the first with some serious aspects and now serious transits. Holy Moley. I’m about to watch Preacher, a tv show based on a comic with its own undercurrent of Pluto and I’m also watching Wynona Earp…another tv show based on a comic with a shitton of Pluto.

    1. Check out Mary Kills People. Very Plutonian positive aspects of dying with dignity. If you like Dexter you’ll like it. It’s dark humor. love it!

  10. I swear mystic, you always have just the right vibe for the astro moment. As a scorp mars conjunction Pluto opposite Taurus rising, Scorpio Rose is my kinda trauma turned mystic goddess figure. I enjoy the thought of turning pain into knowledge.

    1. Scorpio Rose shares the Persephone and Medusa
      Post-Traumatic Strength Syndrome mythos.
      I love the myths of women wronged but come back 10 fold. Femme Fatale!

  11. I’m a Scorpio who always felt an affinity with Persephone (although as I hadn’t ever heard the name as opposed to reading it I called her Per-se-phone -eek). I was 13 during 1983 and probably would have slept with the Scorpio Rose comics under my pillow had I known of their existence. Thanks very much Mystic

  12. As a redhead scorpio with green eyes, I am officially replacing Red Sonya with Scorpio Rose as my comic muse.

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