A Scorpiological Case Study

Scorpiology should be a subject. In 1973, the sculptor Richard Serra made a short video called Television Delivers People. How prescient was this?! He talked of it as a corporate control tactic to maintain the status quo.

He’s 81 now, approaching his Uranus Return. I’d like to know his thoughts on today’s data harvesting and The Algorithm.

Serra is also scorped up to the max: Sun in Scorpio square Pluto (the ruler of Scorpio) in Leo, Mercury conjunct the North Node in Scorpio. If you’re getting an ozonic whiff of Aquarius here, yes! He has the Moon and Jupiter in Aquarius but they’d also accentuate the Scorpio/ Plutonic dynamic.

So how’s this for a magnificent example of Scorpiology?

Obsession is what it comes down to. It is difficult to think without obsession, and it is impossible to create something without a foundation that is rigorous, incontrovertible, and, in fact, to some degree repetitive. Repetition is the ritual of obsession. Repetition is a way to jumpstart the indecision of beginning. To persevere and to begin over and over again is to continue the obsession with work. Work comes out of work. In order to work, you must already be working.
—Richard Serra

He’s busier than ever before, with three major exhibitions in 2020 and a temperament tactfully described by a sculpture curator as “stormy.”  And an art critic unintentionally evokes a Plutonic tone with this description of Serra’s work: It’s as if Mr. Serra is trying to bridge two poles, to create an aura of danger and then banish it in short order.

Other Scorpiological credentials: He works on a huge scale in heavy metal; his works have collapsed museum floors. A Hispanic-American self-described “old-style lefty,” he put himself through university by working as a steelworker but says he was “politicized” in the late Eighties after the government destroyed one of his sculptures.

Scorpios and Pluto-People don’t so much adapt to change as eat it up and digest it, integrating the energy into their narrative. Serra’s psychoanalyst told him to “calm down” when he said he wanted to be the “best sculptor in the world.” Here is the advice he gives to aspirant artists:

Your life’s a nanosecond; if you have a contribution to make, then make it. Don’t bitch about it.”

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  1. Saturn in Pisces

    Hi all! Any experiences with past life regression, and recommendations for practitioners if you had a good experience? I have the Sun zero degrees conjunct the South Node and I suspect my severe emotional imbalances, despite having done EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING to heal myself, may not be related to my current lifetime, and as much as I fear getting “stuck” in the past (Taurus) I need to take some action here.

  2. He strikes he as one of those types that’s great on a societal scale but on a more intimate level could he a total pain in the arse. Obsession does that to people.

    1. Sadly, that’s true! Unless, of course, you are halfway to heaven in terms of personal integration! And I know there have been discussions here re how the personal life of an artist can impact on how their work in regarded.
      But have to say – he looks pretty fierce! I like!

      1. Thanks, I think the question raised in the link is an important one. So many talented arseholes throughout the history of art literature and entertainment. Rehashing platitudes and having a blue steel grimace can really get you places.

      2. Exhibit Other: has the cheeks, nasal prominence and cheekbone form of Picasso and Miles Davis

        …and my former father…

    1. Yesterday i read the quote and took it on. Today my four Mars Cap squares two t-squares got it done but now my Neptune and 5th H Sun says, Drift Now and Rest Between Roles. Some of us gotta dream and let go, too xxx

  3. Ok talking of scorps. I’m really interested in Tony Faucci. Born Dec 24 1940. NYC.
    He’s 79 and still holding that position through five presidents or at least for ages. He’s got mars in Scorpio exact opposition his Uranus and all the outer planets are retro. Mystic can we have a good look at this guy. .? I know what my gut instincts feel like but it would be good to expose him to our pseudo intellectual bunch.

    1. While we’re at it, would love to hear an interpretation of the chart of Scorp Bill Gates, Oct. 28, 1955. Maybe too controversial a figure right now? I’ll just say he seems dodgy to me. Dipping into the criminal realm in the past, too…. ‘white collar’ crime? He seems more into power than altruism. Altruism doesn’t ring through when I tune into his vibe. Scorpio – Altruist or power broker? I don’t want to stereotype, though, either. Sorry in advance if I ruffle any feathers!

      1. Power brokers, all. But who else can funnel the money and influence? How can you do that if you are a leftie hippie and not giving power and pr machined influence to those who can influence with real funds? Or is it just PR and illusion both ways, but at least the money gets where it can be used a bit. If a Scorpio can navigate the dark money and light money, does the Uranus in Taurus mean unexpected outcomes they did not expect, or did they strategise it and it’s come quicker?

  4. Serra is right, we are the product, that’s for sure, and now it’s true of social media and search engines too, mining our data. I think Scorpio can instinctively feel power dynamics. I walked through his interactive sculpture at SF MOMA several years back. It felt heavy, somewhat oppressive but protective, too. It was genius, and compelling because I have extreme claustrophobia, and this thing was a tall maze, and it triggered my claustrophobia, but I still went in.

    Speaking of claustrophobia, I’ve been feeling it strongly and having panic attacks and paranoia attacks ever since we sheltered in place for the pandemic. I’m not functioning very well right now, even though I’m able to go outside for walks, which we’re allowed to do. Some of it is that my life was not in a good place before the pandemic so now all of that is being reinforced and exacerbated. I’m sure I’m not alone in not handling all of this with aplomb and perfect adaptation at every moment.
    I haven’t been on here in awhile because of my mental health state so I don’t know if this was covered, but I saw a reference in wikipedia to a Jupiter / Saturn conjunction in Aquarius around 1347 during the time of Plague. Interesting similarity to now..
    Anyway, I hope everyone is doing much better than I am! Blessings of good health to everyone!


    1. It’s good to hear from you flowerchild, though i wish that it were better times & that you were not having such a hard time. Man, these are intense times. I hope you are pulling out all that wonderful knowledge you have of TCM to heal yourself … you know the ol saying re the physician right? And lots of Heart Center breath work too, i hope. We’ve only just been let out to take walks recently since March & then only for a 1 km radius from home, but the sea is almost 2 kms away, so we break the rules every day and just drink in it’s healing beauty.

      It’s funny coz i read this post thinking coarr, yes intense Scorp artist dude, obsession, steel, blah, blah plus the vibe & look REALLY reminded me of Picasso – those eyes! That intensity. And of course Picasso is Scorpio Sun/Mercury wouldn’t you know. But it was your description of walking through his work that jolted me because I have actually seen his work in Bilbao years ago not knowing who he was – and it was magnificent & exactly how you describe it, the scale of it was awesome, and yes, oppressive how could walking through giant sheets of steel not be – but so protective too – powerful & just genius. I guess that would be like the energy you’d get from a haute Scorp in full swing? Anyway, glad you mentioned your experience – now i have a clearer reference re that work. Stay strong & Love to you, fc xx

      1. Thanks so much for your good wishes, Skarab!
        I am trying to be my own doctor right now as you say – doing a good job of taking care of my physical health, but I often hit a wall with my mental health, though being out in Nature helps both immensely, and both are one in the same anyway. Going on my walks have saved me. So glad you’re able to take trips to the sea! It must feel so good to breathe in the sea air after so much time inside.

        Ha! I thought the same when I saw the photo of Serra, that he looks kinda like Picasso. Two haute Scorps where art is concerned, don’t know about their personal lives, though. Interesting that you felt similar to what I did encountering Serra’s work. It was really really intense, for sure!

        Be well, and thanks again for your kind words! xx

    2. Can you imagine his sculptures in a field with more space between each, and the open sky above? Something like Stonehenge.

      Can you sketch elements of daily life, and place the images further apart than they sit in your place? Even in your Katakan Kreative imagination? Objects, also feelings and thoughts 💡

      I am in a more open living and working format than you, but i am not always doing so well. I kept researching other countries and people and trying to be grateful. Now, i have to just allow how differently the exhaustion anxiety confusion and time-sense warps me, so i can stop trying to control myself. Sometimes i drive to the shops i could and physically need to walk to after returning from work. I feel like i’ve missed a two-in-one opportunity. Yet it’s so small.

      But flying into the sky to see outside of the fact that i may be a bit shittier physically, but it’s a small moment of my whole life. My mind and heart and soul can use a field, a sky and some sweet natural peace. I saw a graceful animal friend bingle herself a bit today trying to get through a door! L9ve her, we found her standing still wondering how to get it working! We love and offer grace to others while we cannot give it to ourselves xoxo

  5. Great on their own, left to get on with their obsessions so long as they grant others the same courtesy. Good luck with that one.

    1. Yeah, like who’s going to decide if he’s ‘the best sculptor in the world ‘ aside from him ? What a strange ambition ?

      1. Many ambitions are strange and reliant on the status quo they aim to transcend..?

  6. My son is scorpio rising with an 8th house steĺlium and mars in taurus, he can be intensely focused and driven when he’s passionate about something. It makes me so happy to see him developing his interests and knowing he’s got the guts to realize his dreams.

  7. Bad vibes with some Scorps in my life and starting to write them off, the whole lot! (Leo here with 9 in my inner circle and I am the Scorpio whisperer to each one.)This just brought me back from the edge – Inspiring!! Thx for this! Will share and maybe this will inspire them to get on track even though the problem children are recalcitrant to a fault lol. Merci, MM xo

  8. My therapist is relentlessly trying to get me to live life at level 5. I prefer 10. (Scorpio sun conjunct moon, moon conjunct uranus) + a Rx scorp merc. This post reminds me of my favorite research obsession = people with bundle/cluster charts.

    1. Stick with therapist to define values based on super strong feel8ngs and primal awareness, while finding an expressive outlet for them … ? Says this Jupiter Moon Neptune conjunct 12th cusping 0 degrees Scorpio and Rising into Ascendant Sag exact on Antares, all trine Sun in 5th. Wishing us both, and all, luck of channelling the gamble and the secret into something worthwhile.

  9. He’s been one of my original artist inspirations forever <3 <3 no idea he was so scorped up. His use of scale and space is very influential to my paintings. Was just musing this month on how small scale everything’s gotten, time to go big and obsessive ! Thx for this post mystic

  10. Same Mystic, same. Sun Mercury Venus and Neptune in Scorpio, Aquarius Moon, Saturn and South node. A therapist once asked me to describe myself by way of an object and my answer? A steel blade. It’s not as bad as it sounds. Just rings true.

  11. Wow Mystic you always share altering ideas and people. We all know how TV and advertising control the daily lives, choices etc BUT to think people are the product is mind changing and so true. Advertising “prepares” people those who watch for the product not the other way. I don’t have a TV since my parents house because I feel it’s too demanding, although there are ads control terrible privacy issues on the internet I still find the TV more controlling. I still feel like a misfit when I say I don’t have a TV and that’s weird right? Why does that freaks a lot of people out?

  12. Scorpio sun, moon, pluto and mars! with saturn in aquarius/8thhouse. My gf also has pluto and mars in scorpio. so much scorpio!

  13. redondo.bleach

    I love this. We have similar vibes… I’m scorpio sun conjunct pluto but my mercury is conjunct the south node/my vertex in scorp. Needed this. Thanks MM.

      1. Yes I sort of had that thump in the base chakra , he’s rather a hunk of bloke isn’t he.

      1. Oh I doubt we’d get on for more than a sweaty hour or two. But that would be good. After that I’d be content to wander off.

  14. The Lion & The Centaur

    I think I need to channel this guy! Saturn return is making me feel like a useless slob who’s wasting their life and leaving behind nothing besides a pile of plastic trash and debt. I have Gemini Venus and this Venus Retro is making me so airy and insubstantial that I’m just a charged cloud of nervous, indecisive energy particles. I need a lightning rod to turn this energy to something tangible (scorched ground, likely)!

  15. Totally with this dude… channelling him easily. In fact I think I just said something similar in a conversation with my children around a steel brazier post Full Moon in Scorpio.

    1. What are your new insights on scorps? I’ve only ever had dealings with one in the late 70’s so can’t pass and judgements.

    2. Well, bitch us up, mate. Any current intel or discussion points? Have you trawled the archives in your lazy boredom?

      Bless. Go back to bed, Rip Van Winkle. Or have you woken up in this incarnation of yourself, confused and hangry ?

  16. yay for the scorpness
    id be nothing without my obsessions
    he looks like my friend who shares my birthday
    sun conj n node, merc in scorp

  17. Wish Upon a Star

    Oh that’s a Scorpion face. Intense eyes, beautiful skin.

    He looks like he gets shit done. Heavy metal drive.

  18. I can relate (Venus in Scorpio, Pluto in Scorpio, and Scorpio North Node). My new year’s resolution was to devour my weaknesses so I could digest them into strengths, which in hindsight is a totally Scorpionic way of looking at my flaws.

  19. As a Scorp rising with tons of Scorp influence all over my chart, I am 100% on board with this. The obsession drives the art, the art drives a further obsession which in turns drives more art.

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