Chaos Tripping With Uranus Changing Sign

Uranus signs are generational rather than personal as the rad planet stays in a single constellation for seven years all up. But Uranus changing signs is chaotic.  It’s Chaos Tripping. Any machine that can turn screw seems to be doing it. I

t’s as if High Vibe, whacked-out Shaman-From-The-Future energy has just paired straight into the machinery of everything. Except for the government. Uranus changing signs operates like a gigantic and more strange Mercury Retrograde.

The message you sent yesterday still has not arrived. But you suddenly understand the meaning of what someone said to you eons ago.

But it’s not just appliances breaking down and conking out. So too are relationships. Not every single link, of course. Only the attachments that are out of time. Their era expired and they could not update.

This is not the chthonic upheaval of Pluto. Nor is it the nebulous, beautiful mist of a Neptune attraction being polluted by toxic miasma. Uranus Vibe is more an overload of Qi zapping into every system available.

The ones that can handle the input benefit fast. Cue rad ideas, restlessness, and shocks off everything metal. Bonus: It short circuits zombie crushes.

Sudden Onset Allergy To Synthetics

The patented, extra-weird Uranian subversion of everyday mundanity makes for a foreign language soap opera without subtitles atmosphere.

Does your dishwasher have alien DNA in it? On what planet does ‘same day repair’ mean ‘that year’? Explanations for things conking out that make no logical sense but which could be applied to your psyche.

As it’s also the Dark Moon as well, the House-Witching and domestic symbolism factor are massive. You’re inspired as fuq but working on multiple levels amid electric chaos.

Generating genius in a swirling vortex of things crapping out and erratic characters? Somehow you’re zapping it out in between snark and random regrets. Sudden Onset Allergy to synthetic food and conversation is just part of the deal.

Theory: That Uranus changing sign causes some velocity shift in Dark Matter and that our particles respond.

It is at times like this that you often cleave more to your generation. Or, in other words, people with the same Uranus signs.


Image: Andie Dinkin

99 thoughts on “Chaos Tripping With Uranus Changing Sign”

  1. Since October, I can’t use certain soaps and detergents. It gives me eczema on my hands.

    I can’t even use hand sanitizer anymore. I work with one year olds so I have to constantly wash my hands!

    I washed out my bathtub with the scrubbing bubbles. Didn’t wear gloves, and it broke out my skin all over again.

    1. My workplace still advocates hand sanitiser despite the impact of triclosans being researched and presented last year.

      Maybe Google it.

      Personally, my skin has always been impacted quite poorly by many products, for body and hair, though it seems for face i’ve generally chosen quite well. This includes recommended products for sensitives, eczema etc Not all of these issues have shown up at the same time. I feel like it’s cumulative and when the bod has had enough, it’s just time.

      Won’t recommend, as i think you personally find what works, even among highly endorsed ideas. But definitely research, and also check if gut health is changing, too. Am currently in phase one with a dietician, and finding the impact on ovarian and waterworks health is unbelievable. Can’t wait for phases two and three, but also i view my bod less as a temple and more as a science experiment (Venus IC Aqua, with Sagittarius adventurer for Truth first house, plus Virgo Lilith Pluto, and Saturn Taurus in 6th, Mars in 2nd house Capricorn. Willingly experiment to do what it takes for a weird Piscean self.)

      You might just like to cut triclosans, sulphates, and as many stearates as you can, and use natural bar soaps and natural oils to clean and moisturise. How’s the scalp going? Foot health? Check out the matrix there, and keep observing.

      1. Hi!
        Yes even the fragrance free foam soap irritates the hell out of my skin.

        I do have my own soap in one bathroom. But do I really need to get my own soap for every bathroom in the building??!! Or demand they change their soap to fit my needs???

        Well honestly I’m hoping to get the hell out of there soon. Not just for that reason. But mainly to sum it up, I work over 40 hours in a hostile work environment.

        I’ve had a lot of minor health issues since the school year.
        Made my hours longer and unpredictable. I have started getting heel spurs. I had to add Dr. shols in all my flat shoes. That’s helped a lot.

        In general the place is bad for my well being and can’t wait for the school year there to be done, and job hunt.

        Yes I pick better products at home. But being somewhere more than my house in a room where basically every kid got hands foot and mouth makes using their stuff hard to avoid.

        One self care thing I keep up with is hair masks. I do one about once a week with castor oil with blended essential oils. I get my shampoo at the health food store.

        God I have not felt lucky with Jupiter in my 6th house. Work has become overexpanded, and new health problems are the only ways to get things done. I would of never bought better shoes if I didn’t get feet pain.

        That’s cool that you have Pluto and Lilith in Virgo. I have Pluto, Lilith, and moon in the 6th house.

  2. The Synchronicity of this post is pure magic. Thanks MM
    Despite all my best efforts with Dark Moon/New Moon protocols and practices and being aware of all that is happening…
    Was blow drying my hair (is this significant I wonder) when the power went out this morning, and my attempts to fix at the powerboard were thwarted.
    Main switch on the powerboard to the house needed to be fixed as it had burnt out …….took several hours and 2 different people to sort out, but all is well again.
    Get power back and come on here and aha its all making sense

    LZ of 5yrs seemed to dissipate somewhat only to reappear and a new LZ scenario is potentially playing out. Its interesting times for sure.

  3. Thanks for the V&B tips, Mystic, I did them last night in a redux version of burning and salting, hopefully the universe got my memo, lol.
    So this morning I’ve sent off an enquiry to a nutritionist to see if I can get some help with my ongoing food issues. First time in my life I’m calling in the professionals on this one. Seems appropriate for the new Taurus era.

  4. This is weird. Was doing great with the Dark Moon, spending time by myself getting jobs done, and enjoying it. Finished the most important just as the Moon became New; felt good. Then Uranus changes signs and NOW I get all the end of era feels. I’m seeing things I probably have to let go of, but I feel sad about it.

  5. My higher self has decided to go literal and I’m in an airport bound for wherever for a 9th house taurus pilgrimage

    If you told me seven years ago I’d be a) alive or b) carrying one backpack into forever I’d have gently placed an Ativan under my tongue and made up a great script about such an adventure.

    Each raw nerve is having moments.

    1. Flying by to read scopes and saw your name so thought I’d read your post….

      Well.. this has made me smile. Happy Travels nono.

      Yes! Yes!


  6. I have just discovered the most amazing mindfulness meditation teacher training course. Reading through the offering and thinking about the timing (it is a 2 year course that would start in 2019), which is so perfect for all the astro energy changes in that time for me. Cost is one thing, it’s a re-education I guess,
    but also ouch! I learn that the deadline is in about 17 hours ,and I am also supposed to submit a letter of recommendation from a meditation or spiritual teacher who knows me. I don’t have one of those. :[
    Are we supposed to have meditation or spiritual teachers to be a better meditation teacher? Must we be acolytes? There’s something about having a ‘guru’ that I feel just not that awesome about. Can I write my own letter of reccy? I could cite all the people who were teachers without them even realising they were teaching me… If anyone in this field has advice, I’m listening.

    1. this is another one of those examples of (potentially) huge opportunities that has arrived under my nose.

    2. That seems dumb to me that you have to have a ready mentor. What if you’re on the start of your mindfulness meditation journey. Write them a letter saying that you are your own guru after Saturn in saggo 🙂

      1. Also I would say even if this doesn’t pan out, now you have the scent of something that you want! You will get the edu even if it is not this course

      2. I really am toying with the idea of submitting my own letter of recommendation to see what happens. I’m out of time though, and I need sleep …
        It’s also a really big pile of cash to commit at a time when I just shouldn’t be committing that amount of money.
        you’re making a good point – being on the trail of something I want. Every one of those things has been the same! Maybe rather than feeling a sense of ‘one dollar short’ disappointment, I can decide to see it as a ‘stake in the ground’, a compass direction, rather than the sign pointing to the freeway.

  7. Dark Moon and Uranus opp my natal Moon-

    Glitchy electro-

    Life transitions

    End of intensive mothering- one uni grad

    Saw Japanese exhibit at local museum- on the stillness-silence in Japanese art, architecture, tea making. Ready for the pause.

  8. Uranus will be opp Neptune for us post 2nd Saturn Return crowd- inny 6/12 axis.

    New Moon in my 7th-

    Basement flooded- pumping out tears like Alice in Wonderland- lol!

  9. So, also:

    For some reason, on this eve of Uranus entering Taurus, I decided to read the article I’d been avoiding for three years: the New Yorker article about the cataclysmic seismic event that the Pacific Northwest of the US is awaiting. It was horrifying (I live there). And then my mind put the two together… Uranus, our old patron planet of sudden upturns… and Taurus, the sign of the earth, deep earth…

    I suddenly realized, as my hands shook, that I need to have a plan.

    1. Aww DZ I can’t imagine how this must feel. There is just So Much in our daily world that can pile on us and up the fear and anxiety. But this is Earth – not volatile political leaders or global currency markets. So, you’re right.. While you can’t know the timing of such events, it is possible to make an actual plan. Immediate safety, the days or weeks after, longer term depending on scenario A or B..
      Hey I also just looked up ‘earthquake app USGS’ and there are useful things out there! How’s that for Uranus and Toro, Earth sciences and technology. I bet there is more helpful info out there. And then all you can do is just get on with things? And Saturn in cap, good for clear-eyed planning ahead.

      1. Ah, thank you Pi. You’re right– this is a good time to make that Saturn in Cap work for me– or rather, for me to work it!

  10. I’ve been listening to Haruki Murakami novels lately, which seems to be putting me in just the right surreal frame of mind for this time. I can feel Dark Matter lurking around corners, in the freezer, in the sink…

    ..and, the cats are talking more coherently than ever. 🙂

      1. Love those!

        If there’s one image I take from Kafka on the Shore, it’s Nakata already being in touch with the Void because of his mind being swept clean in the “accident”. It was like an old friend to him. That really touched me. Such a funny book, and sweet character, yet so profound.

  11. You are amazing, Mystic! Love-Zombie relationship of 5 years duration (5!) (completely imaginary but very real/intense) dissolved as if by magic last Saturday night! Blown away, both me and LZ relationship. Kataquagem here, need to write about wrong name again which was fixed for a time, sorry all especially to Kataqua the Real.

  12. Aqua-cap-Gemini

    This has been on my mind since reading it yesterday. After reading this post, I read another post that described…

    “Uranus last traveled through Taurus from June 1934 to May 1942; in 1935, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the Banking Act and the Social Security Act, both of which significantly altered how U.S. citizens handled their savings. It also saw the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War (1936), Japan’s invasion of China (1937), the Winter War between the Soviet Union and Finland (1939), and much activity from Nazi Germany, with finally the outbreak of World War II in 1939. From a Uranus in Taurus point of view, many of these happenings changed borders; land ownership changed hands. The way in which land was used also changed in several European countries.”

    It got me thinking about my Dad – born in 1937. I started wondering how his Uranus in Taurus played out – quite a conservative man for most of his life. The pursuit of money and status, until he hit some point in his life where he abandoned the corporate world, having climbed relatively high on their ladders. He dove into self development, and became an Earth Elder, or something like that. He could unravel everyones issues, but buried his own. He died in Sept 2014. It made me think about who else have we recently lost born from that era – Stephen Hawking?

    Taurus wants stability, and previous era Uranus in Taurus sought stability through control and power tripping. WW2 – a false flag, a man who united a previously shattered country under a guise, who didn’t want to pay back the towering debt, altering the course of history. Have we learnt enough that stability doesn’t come from war? Are we going to be able to push back against the tightening buckles of old business, old oil, old methods and redefine stability, or an era of new stability? Are we even more unstable now? Where do we find stability – personally, internally – but how do we bring that into the big world? Surely not through being triggered or offended, doped up or in denial.

    The other post also went on to say that when Uranus moved into Aries in 2011, on the same day the earthquake & tsunami that triggered the fukushima disaster happened. What have we still to learn about fukushima? What haven’t we been told?

    1. Aqua-cap-Gemini

      So now we have Pluto in Cappy asking ‘Well who the fuq are you?’ and Saturn alongside making us werk at it like a non-stop dance-a-thon. Jupiter in Scorp giving us a boost for going deep, and Neptune in Pisces and a kind of trine with Jupe? Uranus crossing the threshold – the modern history, this industrial era – the third? this post WW2 shell shocked and deeply traumatised era, that has sucked it up, and coped, and battled along, is having a Uranus return. The perpetual war – will it come to an end? Taurus don’t like change.
      Is there anything Bawb hasn’t sung about.


      1. Aqua-cap-Gemini

        Fingers Crossed, God on Our Side. Yeah, a bit of absurd Barbie always shakes things up a bit. It’s like boys humour with girl toys. My cousin alwys loved playing with my barbies. I hated the barbies. I preferred to take things apart or bake bread.

      2. Aqua-cap-Gemini

        But we can’t understand him anymore. He sounds like a drunk alley cat – well at least the bits and pieces I’ve heard lately lol

  13. “A velocity shift in dark matter” Uranus in Taurus
    Been feeling VERY strange.

    Hard to articulate but…

    I feel like a bell, or once was a bell, or will be a bell.
    I have a vibration like a bell chiming and the after petering out in
    My past present and future selves.
    Everything is thrumming and my hand chakra energy is destroying electrical appliances (yes ground my palms – so much Earth in my chart it’s a miracle I can lift my feet)
    All of my “Clairs” are slightly out of alignment or perhaps moving to a better one and haven’t settled yet
    Every word or theme of some conversations I’ve said, have said and will say

    On a science aside astronomers have found a solar system or Universe (not sure which) but it has NO dark matter at all! WTF

    My centre is not even my centre any more! I feel every molecule in my body is vibrating to this bell and I am somehow becoming that frequency

    Hope things settle

  14. It’s been a weird one to be sure, but also so well paced that the universe is like ‘okayyyy, hai, yes i’m real..bebbe steps this time around okay?’ offering up slow reveals of magic for me to savour, ponder or just observe and practice new ways of perceiving/behaving.

    – saw someone last week who was part of my personal (they actually had nothing direct to do with it) break down. my physical response is a flood of energy pooling in my gut and like i’m about to lift off some place. Too much over excitement that I use to think the other person was ‘making’ me feel.
    I was having coffee with a friend and we had been talking about song titles and all of a sudden I sit up straight, put my hands out like i’m holding the reigns to a horse and say ‘whoa there, whoa.’ It fit perfectly into the coversation, but internally I was laughing so hard feeling like my chill higher self or coachman came right through to tame my over zealous and triggered ego.

    played a backyard show over the weekend that was so beautiful. a friends response to a yearly week long music festival that isn’t run very well, does not put artists first, or even small venues second, and is overall a yawning bore.
    Instead rather in response to that, one woman organizes 11 bands to play over a 12 hour period, gets a beer sponsor, makes a shit tone of food herself, and offers up a free afternoon of music. well, free booze and food, and a jug passed around for the musicians.
    the highlight being there were so many babies at this thing I could have died.
    While I was performing I couldn’t figure out why I was buzzing so much. I was happy to be sure, but seriously when I started playing my leg was bouncing on it’s own, not to the beat of the music and not to my conscious effort. Then I realize I’m sitting on a metal stool, singing into a mircrophone, surrounding by musical equipment, but I’m playing solo.

    Have also been two weeks into quitting smoking. it’s my last vice and while i’ve never tried to quit before I knew my lifestyle would have to change before I could even think about it. The last year and a half was moving toward this. I stopped smoking manufactured cigarettes and started to roll, I basically only smoked at home.
    My city has a program that offers free nicotine patches to folks trying to quit. I went there and then wound up signing up for this separate study.
    Still get the same things, but I get a small amount of money to quit.
    Yes please!

    1. Love your vibe Rubent!! And the ‘off-broadway’ music festival sounds like a delight both to watch and play in 🙂

    2. Wow I want to go to that music festival. What a buzz!
      Well done on facing down the smoking issue too. It is a very hard thing to quit and setting yourself up for success is a really good plan.

  15. I’ve been in obsessive zombie love with grocery guy since November. I was gonna intensely profess love and BOOM, hours before I could muster up courage, he announces he is moving across the country in a week lol. I still told him I’m a crushtomer to get it off my chest and he was very sweet, but not invested like I thought. Some seriously strange clarity it happening now about the last 7 years and my delusion around certain love interests, HOLY FUQ this is weirdddd! Zing zing time to wake up now!!! Looking forward to New Moon, New Me!

  16. Fuqing fuq, so many things tripping out. My AC has been out since Saturday and we are having 90+ degree weather here, my mother is in the hospital after literally glitching out herself and is heading to physical rehab today (not like addiction rehab – this is post-hospital, learn to use your body again rehab), and today on the way to work I saw four ambulances heading off to different directions, a fire truck, and two cop-pullovers. This energy is like Mercury Retrograde plus Zap Zone plus Full Moon all rolled into one. Oh, and my cat wigged out and busted through a screen in the middle of the night last night (sleeping with the windows open due to no AC!), disrupting my hard-won sleep which I can only get these days via Valium inducement. I’m trying to remain calm, realizing this is all The Shift, not letting myself get baited into arguments with muggles, and journaling out all the insights of which there are plenty.

  17. Coffee machine purchased 8 years ago died a horrible flaming death yesterday morning. Phone refuses to deliver messages sent from an iPhone, cue panicked call from The Mother Unit.
    This weekend cannot come fast enough.

    1. Yes! Venus into Kataka Saturday and all the Toro grounding, yes please. Sun into Gemini on Sunday, too.

  18. Phone has been craptastic all weekend, but probably for the best as I’ve been in a tropical Florida paradise marrying two of my dearest friends.

    Beachside ceremony was exquisite, but infestation of “love bugs” literally swarming on everything in the region made the reception & subsequent days on the beach a bit … Challenging.

    Funny enough, bride is close to vegan, minimal sugar and enery healer, but hubby convinced her to have a popcorn + snocone machine for the kiddos in attendance. Guess which machines got mobbed by the love bugs?

    So no artifical sugar or butter or waves of salt for the kiddos.

    Feeling keenly aware of the idea of love and partnership and family, but very detached from it personally. Normally my Scorp rising is emo or brooding or obsessive, but that seems like last week. I’m just disconnected from my muse, feel a little detached from my heart and kinda just meh …

    Beautiful waves. Warm water. And all I can think about is how bored/over it I am with work, how my current engagement may not turn into the blissful marriage I envisioned but also how I just don’t really have the energy/inspiration to change any of it right now. :-\

    Interesting juxtapositions and I’m sure there’s messages in all of it. Maybe will shift a bit with the new moon. Otherwise if this is the new Uranus regime I am not sure I’m gonna enjoy the next seven years.

  19. So over weekend I have pretty much conked out – severe fever, aches, racing troubled mind, sense of total overload, trying to see a different future but seeing nothing…. Am I a machine, just a hopelessly out of touch Muggle, or something else?

    1. I’m with you on the not seeing and it’s scary for someone who’s always been able to project/envision/motivate my way forward.

      But maybe we wait until after the Uranus shift and the metaphorical clouds will part and we can see the way ahead? At least some of it?

      1. Hope so AstroGeek. Yes, like you I can usually project and vision something based on opportunities at hand. I like your ideas of the clouds parting – I think you might be right!

  20. Mystic I hate that you mentioned zombie crushes are short circuited… FARK… I’m in the archives (dark mooning) and I’m here rereading love zombie posts. I’m 99% sure I’m infected. And have been for 15 months.
    Why am I late to the party???

    1. Omfg I remember that my power short circuited today. I had too many appliances running at once…
      Of course. Hello ‘headspace’ of someone sans brain.

      My only hope is that the chaos and zombie crush awareness brings good things…

  21. Rearranged all the plants in my house and decluttered over the weekend the energy flow is flying through.
    Kettle wouldn’t boil this morning, zapping my dog since yesterday and today was the first day of work in a benevolent job – massive career change after 20yrs in a toxic industry.
    I feel free.

  22. I’ve cut out caffine. My mobile phone has been playing up so I am not wasting time reading my feed page before bed. I cancelled my tv subscription and am going to throw the microwave out once my son heads of to university.

  23. Right on cue, today (Monday) my boss announces he has resigned. This leaves me quite up in the air as my employment contract is due to expire a week or two after he leaves. Work has generally just been weird with a couple of high level people announcing they’re leaving – something that doesn’t happen much as their jobs/pay grade are rare. Also, in a Mercury retro like moment, I left $200 in the cash machine after withdrawing it on Saturday night ☹️. Not something I’ve ever done before.

  24. Spent the weekend studying for a shortlisted job interview on Monday. My diligence had 2 results:

    1 – At some point, I gathered and digested enough info about the organisation when suddenly….it just occurred differently to me. A completely different point of view took over and morphed it into a place I would not thrive in. Zap that woke me up? Everyone wears a fuqing uniform, including the CEO. Not this Libra rising chick – no way, Jose. =]

    2 – Got a call Monday morning from the recruiter to say that the interviewer was ill and could they reschedule me for Tuesday. Sure, I say. Gives one more day to see if I am in a perception bubble.

    This perception shift is rather inconvenient as the job search has been going on now for a year and up to yesterday, I was sure this was the ONE. Am simply trusting the flow now and staying present to see what happens next. Rather exciting if I simply relax and enjoy the paradox!

    1. “Rather exciting if I simply relax and enjoy the paradox!” I think this is VERY Uranian vibe. Good for you if you are actually able to enjoy it.

  25. Interesting. My dishwasher has died. Saturday night it just conked out. My mobile phone has had to be rebooted about 15 times, and so has my husband’s. The computer at work kept shutting itself down. I zapped my husband with an electric shock.

    I haven’t coloured my hair since January and my real self is emerging.

    I spontaneously ditched sugar about two months ago, and radically changed my eating habits to almost exclusively wholefoods.

    A fortnight ago I stopped eating meat.

    Finally, while my human relationships are doing pretty well, I woke up yesterday morning and decided my love zombie relationship with alcohol is dead and done. Goodbye, energy vamp.

    So, looking at all of that, I guess this transition is a pretty significant one for me. Most importantly, all of the changes have been entirely organic and effortless.

    I mentioned in a previous post that I currently have Uranus and Mercury conjunct my Chiron in the 9th.

    Who knows who I’ll be next week!

    1. oh i would just LOVE to spontaneously quit sugar!!

      I need to for my health as well as vanity. But very very hard for me…

      I did manage to quit smoking after hypnosis. Haven’t touched one for a year and a half, and don’t want one at all

      1. I was reading about blood sugar and wanted to see what it would feel like without highs and lows throughout the day. I upped the good fats in my diet so I felt satiated and there were no cravings. You just need to carry around fruit, nuts and a boiled egg or a chunk of cheese so you don’t get to the point where you’re starving, moody and desperate for a cheap high! Also, medjool dates are excellent for a sweet tooth! They taste like caramel.

        Congratulations on quitting smoking! That’s not an easy one, I’ve heard. x

    2. I am growing out my ‘real’ hair too and it feels profound, in a way that i have not quite parsed yet…it is actually a really nice colour..maybe this is also a North Node in LEO thing?

      1. I really like my natural hair colour too. Who knew?! The transition is subtle, because I’d been reducing the amount of blonde foils for a while, working up to it. It really complements my skin tone. And I have some nice little silvery vixen strands that glint in the sun. Nice.

  26. I am too much under the Dark Moon spell to even feel anything else.
    But tomorrow is new moon in Taurus, Uranus in Taurus, Mercury in Taurus: please bring it on. I wanna stop feeling lonely, isolated and crying.
    It’s Monday but I really feel like I am walking in my sleep, no matter how dark was the coffee I had or how cold was the shower.

    1. Sorry, punkin. <3 I feel you on that one. You are not alone! Ride out the Shift and things will start to materialize. Hang in there. <3

    2. Hang in there, I am with you. LONELY, LONELY, LONELY is the feeling but it HAS to change, right? I completely slept all weekend, like literally all day Saturday and all day Sunday. I went out Friday night so that can explain half the day Saturday but my body just needed rest. I am to the point I LOVE to sleep and I don’t care anymore if it makes me lazy, I need it like it is a medicine. Another quirky thing for me, I am a Venus in Scorpio which means I want you and only you, forever. Random sex, FWB’s, emotion free sex are all off the table for me, I can’t do it. However, here lately I have been getting the urge for random sex,
      I don’t know LOL, maybe it is back to that lonely thing.

      1. I am Venus in Scorpio also and can relate. It’s all or nothing for me. I can’t settle, either. So that means a lot of alone time lately. I try to think of it as beautiful solitude though instead of “lonely,” though loneliness does creep in from time to time. Sleep also is my favorite, wish I could get more.

        1. I hear you! Yes, the only problem is I think I might be starting to like it in some weird way which would mean if I ever do get involved again it is going to be hard to not want to do my own thing, like sleeping all the time!

          1. YASS I am thinking the same – I might be getting too accustomed to being on my own and it will take a special person to bring me out of my hermitage that I suddenly am very protective of. Makes me think of Bjork’s song “It’s Oh So Quiet” lol.

  27. I’ve just realised that I now have an exact Neptune square. No one really talks about this. Is it a thing? I feel that this would overshadow Uranian sign change blips in my life. It’s a yes, though, to flashes of Future. Uranus is also squaring my moon so that is a thing.

    I had a vivid dream about the Triple Libra last night too, except he was ‘offstage’. The setting was unknown to me but so clear – if i saw it in waking life I would recognise it instantly. A cherubic blonde girl (young woman) with an eastern european accent was talking to me about him, she knew him a little. And in the dream she had also sent me a text with advice, which I was able to read (mostly). Cute. I guess I was thinking about him a bit, and the last person I spoke to that day had a similar accent.

    1. I just had a flashback to other very ‘place-significant’ dreams. I’m sure that one was during my moon conjunct uranus transit in the late 90s. (oh maybe also Neptune?) I was visiting / spending time with interplanetary beings. One dream was particularly… intimate. That was a pretty cosmic year. I discovered a lot of stuff. I had some friends – a cancerian and a scorpio – who were heavily into a very structured South American belief system. It wasn’t sitting right with me, and felt too controlling. I had this wonderful kinesiologist at that time and one of the messages we worked with was ‘I can have my own religion’. So that was clearly a sensitivity to me. I guess growing up catholic, while the aesthetics are spectacular, pre-set rituals felt a certain kind of oppressive.
      not sure where i am going with that. No rituals, I guess. Let the electric tangerine dreams work their magic?

      1. “I can have my own religion” – this resonates with me, and I am curious if this came back around to you due to your Neptune square? Any 9th house action going on? I have a long dream memory as well, can remember some recurring dreams from childhood as well as some that were just so spectacular they stand out – life changers. Neptune and dreams are of course tied together so maybe it is time to get deep into dream journaling? Maybe all this is trying to tell you something? 🙂 I have been having (the LONGEST) Neptune opposition, opposing my Mercury/Mars in Virgo and it has been like walking through mud. It’s easing off, finally, but when it was exact it was excruciating. I couldn’t get my mind to work or my energy levels past “couch.” And as a Mercury/Mars conjunct in Virgo person, you can imagine how maddening that was (is). I think your Neptune square can be used to your advantage, if you pay attention to the messages that are bubbling up for you, all around you, probably coming out of your every pore.

        1. thanks so much LW.. ‘energy levels past “couch” ‘oh yes… this is me so much ?! (zero virgo though!)
          i’m a 9th house fish sun and neptune is transiting there. interested… to see what happens when it gets off the square and onto a sun merc conjunct and squaring an axis. Might go hide in a forest and channel .. something!
          that is a major opposition to your virgo stuff!

    2. Do you mean you have Neptune sq Neptune right now? I’m sure it’s a thing – it must be a milestone for each generation.
      Soz am not good at figuring out squares (until they whack me in the stellium of course, lol)

      1. Chrysalis Yes that’s right
        I did a bit of searching around. It actually sounds quite nice and tbh the ‘symptoms’ line up fairly well.. wondering if it’s why I retreat at any job description that enthusiastically describes itself as “fast-paced”… I just want to move to an apartment with wooden floors and a white grand piano (O don’t know why, it needs to be white) my instruments and experiment with music. Write an album.

      1. thanks plum, I receall your recent comments about your experience of these transits.

        that site is informative.

        (although did you get some dodgy advertisment? / bit of software on it try to hack your phone?!?! wierd. thankful for MM being a site free of trashy blinking ads and cookie crumbs so to speak! )

        1. Probably shouldn’t have anyway, just didn’t think. I’ve read a few articles about the series of midlife transits, but that was the only one I could find when I looked.

  28. Realized that a relationship had a touch of the zombie so it got the zap tonight. Zap! V satisfying

    1. Also this dark moon Astro landscape feels to me like fending off wind with a side ways umbrella but maybe that’s my 6th h Aries feels always a battle ha

      1. No, it’s definitely a clusterfuq! Feels to me like Mercury Retro/Full Moon/Zap Zone combo – everything is falling apart. Trying to keep my mind trained on just letting it burn away and walk out like Khaleesi.

  29. My taste buds and body have been rejecting sweet stuff big time in the past two days this coming from a long term sweets girl!!!!

    1. Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

      Well the synchronicity has been hilarious and off the charts–very uranus.

      Also, there has been a complete food reform. I too am ditching sugar!

      Sugar does not feel right anymore.

  30. Hilarious – I just broke the money machine at the local library, or rather it just ate my ten dollar note with no explanation, sending the humourless librarian completely off the deep end. She looked me up and down, clearly judging my shall we say unorthodox student-at-home outfit, then accused me of trying to print without having any cash. In the end I just smiled sweetly and thanked her as she fumed about my ruining her day.

    1. Oh Chryalis
      Apologies on behalf of the Librarians that are not untrusting judgemental bitches
      I would have given you the free photocopy key and helped you kick the shit out of the machine with my Cherry steel cap Docs!

      1. LOL thank you – I love my librarians and libraries (Mars in Virgo) – from what she said I think this poor woman was also having issues with a printer in the back room, and then had to deal with me. Perhaps Uranus was messing with her also!

  31. saturnplutoflux

    Yes talking about mercury retro-esque moments, some how left the comment meant for this post on the previous one (??) Anyway the upshot was that as of this morning I feel fully awake for the first time in years and years. Uranus on the point of exiting my (whole sign) 12th house. Woohoo – emerging from the underworld feels wonderful!

    1. When you say Uranus on the point of exiting (whole sign?) 12th house, what does this mean?
      I’m also with Uranus in 12th and this morning wtf I had made a green smoothie, got my son out the door to school on time with all the necessary lunch, gumboots, jacket.. I had time to grab a coffee before rocking up to a medical appointment for dreaded ‘regular’ women’s HPV test (I’d put off for 6 years) THREE hours early. I’m never early but I always know when things are scheduled and happening (Virgo sun, mars and mercury).
      I was like, WTF IS HAPPENING HERE. So I did a dark moon/Taurus self care splurge and found myself having bought lingerie WHICH I NEVER DO.
      Hahaha! I’m loving this.. lol

      Am I emerging too?? Go team!

      1. saturnplutoflux

        Hahaha,that sounds like a truely Uranus in Taurus manifestation 😀 . Whole sign astro counts each sign as a house. If your ascendant is in Taurus, then all of Taurus is the first house, regardless of what degree the ascendant is at. I only just heard of it but find it more accurate (for me) than the other systems so I’m going with it…:-D

    2. saturnplutoflux

      Yeh I’m pretty uranian too…conj moon, sq chart ruler, sextile sun/Jupiter/Merc stellium.. generally really vibe w Uranus but the last 7 yrs have sucked balls with too many sudden crises (not of my making) derailing every aspect of my life…here’s to a new era!

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