Libra Life Tips

Would you like to be more Libran? Life tips from Librans came from a competition I ran in which Libra people were asked to contribute their most useful advice and then others chimed in to talk about the coolest Librans they knew. See the comments below for an amazing selection of thoughts on the 7th sign.

Libra is the soul of Cardinal Air – the very same Boss Vibe as Aries, Crab & Capricorn but expressing through the intellect and in the realm of ideas. That its symbol is the Scales makes it the only constellation of the Zodiac to be represented by an inanimate object.

But of course, it is more complex than that – Libra was once seen as the claws of the Scorpion and/or associated with the magical after-worldly scales of the Justice Goddess Maat. These ain’t just a set of scales for weighing lentil beans on, you understand.

Where you have Libra in your astral is where you are constantly rebalancing and calibrating – this very process means you have more aplomb in this realm than many. It’s where you are potentially both proactive and logical, operating with a level of detached rationality that can seem psychic to the non-clued in.

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I am so honored! Thank you!


Mine is short and sweet (uranus in libra in 6th):

Put yourself in the way of beauty.


Wow, it has been such fun and so interesting to read all of these entries that I fear I have nothing new to add – however those prices are too wonderful to pass.
So here are my Libra life tips:

Keep it simple.
Keep it elegant.
Make your bed every morning.
BE beautiful, smell like an elusive moonlit garden
and always remember that a smile is your greatest weapon.

~Libra Moon/Venus/Saturn//Sekhmet~


Libra tip: Get yourself some golden mental scales and use ’em! Every decision, encounter, and action can be dissected and weighed. For example, lets say you want to get some ice cream, should you get vanilla or chocolate? Well chocolate is you favorite but maybe you should have more vanilla in you life, ya know, mix it up? But why would you stray from your favorite flavor? The decision could be weighed for an indefinite amount of time. Eventually, what started out as deciding between chocolate or vanilla is about the well being of the cows the milk came from… Read more »

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

God I know Librans who agonise just like this.

They take PHOTOS of things they are thinking of purchasing…

No such thing as an impulse buy…

12th house virgo

I vividly remember being paralyzed in a grocery store unable to decide which canned corn to buy. I have since learned to discriminating but decide quickly.


Cap here with Virgo raising and Aires moon.
Libra balance tip: Let each step away from work, were the apathy & politics drives you nuts, be adsorbed by the path under your feet so by the time you reach your car and home, you can enjoy the peace and pleasure of doing your own thing.
When a boost is needed, visit friends and family.


The Libra “nose” thing really hit home for me…I’m a Libra with Aquarius rising and I love perfumes and scents in general. “Stop and smell the roses” is truly something that I live by as I am powerless under the spell of all flowers and feel compelled to backpedal to smell everything I pass. Getting from point A to point B in the springtime is a challenge! Most interestingly to me, however, is my personal fragrance compass. I love luxurious scents, and am not at all interested in the big name mass production scents for the most part. For a… Read more »


Libra life tip? Make luxury easier, even (especially) the best luxury of all – not worrying about money. Setting up direct debits to savings accounts and always having a pretty jar to stuff spare cash in, automating bargain-hunting online – ebay specials trackers are great for this – and having all the finance plans sorted out for the year is just the ticket to being calm, and a little bit smug.


1st house Libra stellium (with Virgo Rising). Jupiter and Saturn conjunct in Libra โ€“ forever in this cycle of expand, contract โ€“ itโ€™s like a pair of lungs. Steady deep breathing. As well Pluto conjunct Lilith in Libra <3 the change god with miss independence intertwined.

I just experienced my Jupiter return, along with my Venus and Mars returns all simultaneously last week. It was pretty much awesome. Now Jupiter is right on my natal Saturn. Itโ€™s like being born all over again.


‘These ain’t the kind of scales for weighing lentil beans on, you know’.
I heard Myst’s voice say those words as i read them.
Almost rolling over my oats with laughter.ROMOL ๐Ÿ™‚

The Libran (Moon’s) sense of smell IS Meta, being an Air sign it probably about psychic-occult weather, their own, yours and the planets.


ROMOL ahahaha
good horsey humor too ๐Ÿ˜€


Triple Libra in the 10th
Resting Libra face may be mistaken for sorrow or lack of interest. What it really means is the Libra feels pity for you and is staying quiet in order not to tell you the real truth about your ineptitude, ugliness, lack of talent, appalling taste, horrible perfume, ugly baby, bad manners

Happy Libra face will light up the world, including yours if you deserve happiness from a Libra

Fresh flowers, fresh air, natural light

No fakery


My maternal family is full of libras and they taught me that yes, you can do anything by yourself, but having company makes it all better/funnier/easier. Also: beauty (inner and outer) is currency and can be a way of doing good by inspiring and pleasing others. When I was younger their vibe made me feel very out of place, clashing immensenly with the loner/radical/candid/stripped-down (aqua, sag and cap) themes of my chart, but now I’m thankful for having good teachers in venusian matters (besides, they’re so charming you can’t help but warm up after all. That’s another libran life tip,… Read more »




Yes I hear you on the Sadge cap vibe loner radical and the ‘learning ways of Libra’ thing. It feels tiresome and cumbersome sometimes but it’s also nice because being a loner can get… Lonely.

Scorpio Jay

Not a Libra tip but Libran specific skill: I can smell when someone has something “wrong” in their mouths/throats from their breath a la Kim K in her recent Harper’s Bazaar interview – “I can smell when someone has a cavity. It’s a specific smell – not a bad-breath smell – but something that is really strong”. She is totally right, it doesn’t smell bad, in fact the person can have freshy brushed minty breath but there is something else there. A sore throat/up coming tonsillitis has a faint blood smell Cavity smells like slight morning breath mixed with sweaty… Read more »


My ex was a Libran. I dont respect many men, but I respect him. Yes he had his flaws as any human does, but the good parts were extremely good. Especially for my temperament and disposition at the time, as I was mourning the loss of essentially everything in my life. He was a balm to my soul, when I literally had nothing and nobody else. I have my Saturn and Pluto near my IC in Libra. Fitting for the theme of our relationship, as the two most difficult planets were smack bang on his astrological Everything. I am sure… Read more »


LIBRA LESSONS from a Sun/Mars/Lilith in Libra with Jupiter in the 7th house:

1) You don’t get what you don’t ask for.

2) Living fabulously is the best revenge.

3) If he won’t meet you halfway, leave him.

“be easy.
take your time.
you are coming
to yourself.”
โ€“Nayyirah Waheed, The Becoming | Wing

Bonus Perfume: Frederic Malle’s Carnal Flower


8th house is Libra, wI think natal Pluto. So far this seems to manifest as addictive lyrics good sex to awful guys, where it seems initially so fun, a supersweet BDSM dream come true, then rapidly devolving into psychosexual despotism that I waste time trying to correct / rebalance. Why does this keep happening? The entire sex thing with me seems to reek of horrible karma re: power trips, power imbalances, and just me generally bringing out all the other persons low-vibe traits. It would be so nice to be given lessons in something other than walking away. Goddamn stupid… Read more »


Practice random acts of kindness & senseless acts of Beauty at every available opportunity. Adorning your Space with gorgeous Art soothes the soul; Art Nouveau and Neoclassical motifs especially. Focus on what you like and have in common with people as a first rule โ€“ this creates more harmonious covalent bonds. Pay attention to othersโ€™ likes, dislikes, and comfort levels โ€“ always be considerate. Ask when unsure. Never be stingy with a compliment. A kind word costs you nothing, and the world can be ugly and cruel at times โ€“ make it a point to be gentle and soft as… Read more »


“Strangers passing in the street,
By chance two separate glances meet,
And I am you and what I see is me.
And do I take you by the hand,
And lead you through the land,
And help me understand the best I can…”


Libra moon exact conj. Merc in the 3rd… + Prioritize your own peace. Balance bounces back into your life once the world can reflect your equilibrium. + The power of pretty things shall never be underestimated. Beauty is a sacred art capable of soothing &/or setting a scenario to specific ideals. I’ve found aromatherapy, birdsong and bouquets chosen for their etheric qualities to have near-instant effects on the magic & mentality of a Libra. + Your word is your wand. Not only are writing/speaking affirmations tres effective; you can say anything you want with a bit of finesse, choice vocab… Read more »

12th House Virgo

I’ve got Mars at 0 Libra, followed by Pluto and Mercury – all first house – with Uranus in Libra second house. Libra guidelines: 1) Beauty is never frivolous. It is an ideal worth dying for – if any ideal is. When you spread beauty, you spread peace, hope, care, well-being – to those seen and unseen. No beauty is too small to be worthy of praise and cultivation. 2) Discrimination of any sort – particularly as a preference for one gender or race over another – is toxic. Beauty is holistic. 3) There is no solace in being right… Read more »

12th House Virgo

^ Natural scents, of course. Gardenias, oranges, wood, etc – it doesn’t have to be expensive or complex.

12th house virgo

I can’t believe I forgot to ad – and this goes with #3- learn the preferences of others.


Libra Rising Life Tips -Flowers in every room -Completely avoiding any department store with perfume samples- too much and you can feel the chemicals in the air. – Don’t wear too much makeup, less is more here. Mascara and lip and that’s it. keep it simple but do always make sure your hair is on point – Power Jewelry pieces, think Wonder Woman cuffs, rings size of saucers and necklaces from cleopatra costume party. Of course balanced out with the most basic classic structured or flowy wardrobe. Fewer clothing but nicer classic pieces that are not a trend but a… Read more »

Mutable Mabel

Yeah, that is definitely the right way to do a weekend.


So that’s where the pillow thing comes from!


lol slutty cheeseburger…sounds messy :))


God these are relatable to this Libra rising/NN 7th person!


Mercury-Jupiter in the sign of Lady Justice, how can I not say a few things (for my thousands of thoughts) on last night’s 2nd prez debate? In a nutshell: so Basic, it was nauseating. How do we have these transits thru Libra right now & Trump’s rapey recording over the weekend & one candidate is a (Scorpio) Woman, but there was No Dialogue re women’s rights/rape culture/violence toward women in the US today?? How did this debate take place 10 miles from Ferguson, but No Dialogue re BLM nor the disproportionate number of African Americans stopped/arrested/incarcerated/killed?? All this cosmic Libra… Read more »


No, that’s right: start each day anew! Otherwise you begin the day with one side of your scale weighted down. That’s no way to maintain Libran equilibrium.


I think so, too. Not that it’s easy – but zazen and honing in on the precise best scent for the day’s energetic composition are helpful. And the occasional cocktail when the glaring lack of justice becomes physically unbearable never hurts either, but needs to be truly occasional – the Everything, for me, in approaching the ideal balance, is classical homeopathy. That’s the best I’ve ever done or seen in terms of adjusting that balance, leading to better alignment with all the energy I’m the universe, leading to new level of calm / perspicacity / effectiveness in all interactions.


*in* the universe. .!


Fab. Your mention of the occasional cocktail reminds me of how necessary it is for Libra (ppl, houses) to *vent* when feelings start to pile up. Release more/hold less, in healthy ways that work for you. Keeps scales even ๐Ÿ˜‰


This is all the work of Eris, i tell you.


I couldn’t agree more. There are so many things that we need consciously raised, & Eris is spotlighting them all. A few things: โ€ข It’s not the word Pussy, it’s the word Grab. And senses of entitlement to women’s bodies. โ€ข Trump to Hillary if he was prez: “You’d be in jail!” Really? Regardless of Justice Dept findings? Tyranny much? โ€ข You say “African American” & Trump says “Inner City”– try it! Lol He thinks blacks only live in inner cities, & where there are black neighbors there lives crime & poverty. The racial bias is strong with Trump &… Read more »


(Lots of poverty & crime in some of these white villages out here in the sticks, believe me. Places I wouldn’t live– & I’ve lived in Detroit.)


Does she have a heart? Lol jk Seriously, I’m sure there’s a heart in there somewhere… Oh found it: wow this software is dusty! Let me wipe the disc off & see if we can’t install Heart Program onto her hard drive… *loading*

Yes, so many skeletons! And Trump brought along Bill’s accusers to act as human shields. I’ve never seen a political event so morally bankrupt.


Libra survival tips: 1) When you get that urge in the back of mind to not hold your tongue anymore, PREACH IT. And then delight in the faces of your conversation partner makes when they realize how deep and cutting you can be. 2) Something is bothering you? Say it. I know we want it to be peaceful all the time, but look at how much others speak up when something is bothering them how it gets resolved or put to bed quickly, eh? 3) Stop overthinking and just act on your impulses – because those impulses are actually the… Read more »

12th house virgo

#1 lol!

I have Mars at 0 Libra first house. Sometimes, it just doesn’t need to be said. Rarely, but still. Its been a challenge to let go of the delight you mention ๐Ÿ™‚


Libra Survival Tip #777: Be the Magic- Express Gratitude With the Truth. Raised the Qi of a dutiful, serious volunteer at a weekend event- thanked her with three sincere compliments. She brightened and actually smiled! LOL! And I checked my Libran belief that everyone should always vibe pleasant.


The best way to resolve a conflict is so everybody leaves smiling – failing that strike them out with your words and no mercy once the decision to proceed in that manner has been made. (Venus/Pluto/Sun/Mars and Uranus in Libra 5/6th houses)


Everyone forgets that Libran’s rank very high in the lists of great politicians and strategists!! I tell my Libran rising self and libra rising daughter that the higher octave of Libra is to be a great Ruler and strategist. Libran’s rank in the lists of Presidents, Generals and Elite Mentors and Strategists – the iron fist in the velvet glove. When a Libra decides to take charge – he/she takes no prisoners and may loose a battle but will win the war – quoted to me by my Libra step father a Major General – who was charming in Canberra,… Read more »


high level negotiation skills.


Libra life tip: ‘No matter what anyone might think…It’s perfectly fine to talk to objects.’

12th house virgo

Love this ๐Ÿ™‚


I feel like it is Libra like to talk to oneself, too! My lovely Libra gal pal does this, and I can’t help but think of Lil Wayne “talking to myself because I am my own consultant,” he’s a Libra too!

I am Libra rising but low classy, like I swear under my breath at said objects.


Well Libra in the 12th house for me with Neptune conjunct my ascendant in Scorpio. taurus sun. So Jupiter in Libra for me is time for lucid dreaming, esoteric studies, renewal. I spend at least a coupe of days a week alone and if possible in nature or even just at home. Must have flowers with fragrance, candles make me feel luxurious..its surprising what luxury means to different people. I need that time alone as I am definitely a shapeshifter- I can be what anyone wants me to be and so charming! But danger of loosing core self in fantasy… Read more »


sun in Libra in the second … life long battle with establishing security in the realm of career and earning an income, starting in an entirely right brain position, currently could not be more left brain situated. i need to be a travelling gypsy fortune teller because i generally move a lot (where i work, where i live, who i love) … current local real estate trends have kept me in one location for over a decade … yes please tips … how do i work this Libran mojo to get unstuck and move into a full, authentic, MOBILE existence,… Read more »


oh PS to the smelly thing … interestingly enough, i am an aromatherapist on the side …


Blue is classy, clean, inoffensive, casual and professional. No other colour requires a see in wardrobe wise.

Unless paired with white for the ultimate collection of checked shirts.


Blue is also used by product marketers to make not so pleasant stains / blood / vermin / poo etc look ok ๐Ÿ™‚ it’s quite weird really ? I suppose watching some fake lab assistant pour blood into a super absorbent pad wouldn’t do at all. Aside from that , yes, my wardrobe is blue, white mainly with orange which I love in summer and the last few years green is starting to take over. I know Aries are supposed to wear lots of red but it’s hard to get a good red tee or hoodie these days ? They… Read more »


The red of the original TripleJ Drum t-shirt?! And yes. I am a red snob. Must be the red you speak of – it’s a blue based red, not an orange based one (learned from years of trying to find the perfect red lip stick!!) And I don’t get the blue substitute. But in the context of clothing it made me giggle. There was a menstrual product ad recently that had women bleeding – from the nose, mouth, knees etc etc – and was considered revolutionary. I was ‘meh’. So now it’s all about hardcore activity and beating yourself up.… Read more »

The Crazy Crone

I’m Libra Sun, LIbra Ascendant and I’ve spent my life being pleasant, accommodating, understanding people’s views and generally trying to balance things out. Until recently. I lost my temper and had a wonderful time yelling at some who’d driven me completely nutso with her unpleasant behaviour. It felt absolutely marvellous, years of swallowing lousy comments and worrying about other people’s responses went out the window. Finished yelling, neighbour shut up and shot indoors, turned around to see my husband with his jaw hanging down. He’d heard me yelling and couldn’t believe his eyes or ears, never seen my have such… Read more »


Love it!


Lol I love you, Crazy Crone. I wish you were my neighbor. x

The Crazy Crone

Thank you, everyone. My last image of the Neighbour from Hell Mk 2 was her scuttling up the stairs to her apartment and me roaring after her: “Fuq off, you nosy old cow!”. Certainly not my usual tactful Libran language, but I WAS well-dressed with a spray of Samsara, my favourite perfume. I now consider myself the Neighbour from Hell Mk 1 as I routed my neighbour. I might say, I usually get on with everyone but she was a control freak trying to undermine myself and my husband at every turn, it was constant harassment and unpleasantness and I… Read more »

The Venus Fly

BTW Bros is making a comeback, lol. Smash Hits taught me those twins were Libras, lol…


No way. Really?

We used to joke that The Proclaimers were dorky Bros.


Haha brilliant!

The Venus Fly

Congrats in advance to the winners – those oil blends look dope! All I have is lil’ ol’ Pluto in Libra in my 5th house ruled by Libra. Recalibration in romance, creativity and children, huh? I’m the biggest fan and most nitpicking critic of my own creative output. I examine the final product, see where I am not “living” it and make the adjustment ASAP. Always, ALWAYS working on something to excel even deeper. Went through an epic recalibration the last 12 months. Lost my mind a few days ago and did a major fuck up 2.5 hours ago but… Read more »


Libra life tip, from a Sunny Libran… when choosing between two options, the following process usually works: (i) get 4 x A4 pieces of paper (ii) write the pros and cons of each option, one per page, (iii) call a friend to add to the lists, invite them over (iv) call another friend and invite them over to help, too (v) open champagne, (vi) use the lists to make origami storks, (vii) open another bottle of champagne, (viii) draw a bath with lots of bubbles, (xi) race the stork lists to the end of the bath, (x) whichever option makes… Read more »


i love this


love it. do whtever makes you happy – for sans champagne


All I can think about is how Mars just went over my Venus and no love/sex/romantic action at all, but career stuff and momentum is there. I hate how my chart is really a ‘career’ chart, as an astrologer told me long ago………..I believe I’m destined to have no love in my life. Jupiter in Libra is in my 4th and I’m fully into wanting to makeover my home! I want to paint my bedroom and make a little indoor porch garden/greenhouse in the back enclosed porch area. Ugh……my life is so boring and what I really need is income,… Read more »


You had a good story to tell about it happening.


As for me personally: 2nd cusp Libra. I am constantly rebalancing and recalibrating money, but this year for good: I have started a money coaching class because I want to get better at money management and earning more, thanks to Jupiter which will help me expansion.
I am also constantly rebalancing (and gaining balance myself from) my clan, my closest friends and my looks.
Want to introduce more dresses and less trousers in my wardrobe: my Virgo rising won’t like it but I’ll do it anyway.


2nd cusp Libra and Virgo Rising also and you just took the words out of my mouth! Learning to budget, earning more money and wardrobe revamping (while sticking to budget!!!) are my current obsessions. Every time I try and spend some time on my usual Piscean hobbies and interests, I find myself instead clicking over to my budget software to recalibrate or scrolling through Pinterest looking for outfit pics that have just the right mix of Virgo Rising (crisp slacks and clean lines) and Venus in Pisces (floaty, beachy, bohemian) to create my perfect uniform. Good luck to you in… Read more »


Life tip: no matter how nasty or rude is the person you are talking to, at least in your work environment always be pleasant, gentle and don’t let them know they hurt you.
You can always cry at home.


Awwww ..

Libran Dreamchild

Life Tip #1

In relationships, put your heart on the line every time.




Libra Fleur is my 4th house and that works pretty well I must say. As an Aries with a libra NN I’ve had my fair share of contact with libran women. In fact I was once married to one for a very short time many years ago. That was my fair share ๐Ÿ˜‰
Advice ? I wouldn’t dare !


Aries ASC here and I have a hopeless attraction for Libra men. All the life changing ones have been Librans. My partner is an Piscean though.


i’m down with libra being the thorns AND the rose. There is a dry analytical side to librans that for some reason we don’t hear much of. Recently I read about an idea of making Eris the higher planet sponsor of Libra. I actually really like this. Poetic justice. Mind you I am a numero uno champion of Eris. ‘we’ (society, whoever) don’t like her because she points out, and rights, in devastating ways, imbalances of power and unfairness. Maybe this is why I like the idea of Maat being involved too. I know plenty of libra types – often… Read more »


maybe dry/ analytical is the detached that mm says. yes.


I’m down with you on Eris being the higher planet sponsor of Libra. Nice chaos/balance paradox.

*One must still have chaos in oneself to give birth to a dancing star.* Nietzsche.

You might enjoy Discordianism – a โ€œreligion/philosophyโ€ venerating Eris – where The Original Snub, The Apple of Discord and The Sacred Chao are discussed.

And its Holy Book – The Principia Discordia:



Talking as a Libra Rising who has a duplicated Libra sign, as it rules both my 1st & 12th Houses in which the NN & Athena reside.
For real paradox, In my Draconic chart, everything reverses – so all the planets are in the opposite houses to where they’re at in the Tropical chart. So i might as well embrace Eris.
Hail Eris in Libra or Aries.

And thank you Pi for this massive realisation! X


oh my god
speed-reading the wiki
discordianism is my new non religion
chao te ching! lol
the golden worm
“encouragement to form schisms and cabals”
this is surely in the realm of pataphysics
Long live the absurd!
thank you
(normal Libran programming resumes)


i’d love to know the astro of its creator ๐Ÿ˜€

Mutable Mabel

“What they do see and feel in their bones with crystal clarity is both sides of the story.”



Love the idea of embracing Eris as Libran higher planet…I have created Eris costumes for mardi gras on a few different occasions. Totally down with that babe. ๐Ÿ™‚


I have been doing “looking good is the best revenge” for decades


Libra life tip: When being forced to make a decision come up with a strategy that simplifies everything. For instance: when eating eat the thing you like least first to save the best for last. Dining out: Have a go-to order at every restaurant you go to. Hate deciding what to wear: develop a fabulous uniform to wear on a daily/weekly basis. Remember, with practice, you too can be a decisive Libra. (advice from a Libra…married to another Libra. Thank goodness the dog is a Leo.)


also good advice!


love the wardrobe thing … i just go all black. everything coordinates with everything else. ๐Ÿ™‚ for dinner, i used to always get whatever “combo” plate was offered, lol


Libra here, and my actual strategy for eating is ALWAYS eat the thing I like the least first, haha!


Also love the wardrobe one- this has helped me so much. When I was younger I loved playing around with different looks and fashion, these days I just want to look put together and somewhat cute. ๐Ÿ˜›

Jade Astra Wallace

I’m a sun Pisces, rising Leo and moon Libra. I love the combination of water, fire and the air scales.

“Present yourself how you would like to be met”

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

Oh my gosh….I used to HATE librans. (As someone with an opinionated Saggo moon) But then I met someone with a lot of libra in the chart (to go with my libran 8th house….which I overlooked for years–fancy that!) and so I have gained an appreciation of libran mentality. Here goes: -If in doubt, smirk gracefully. -Contrary to popular belief vanilla is a flavour–in fact you should attune yourself to the many different subtle accents of each type of vanilla. Subtle is the new black. -You cannot spend too much time caring for your skin. -Never underestimate the power of… Read more »

Emily Copeland

Lux was a Libra.

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

True! PJ Harvey too, but then I didn’t have to work with them. It was pass-agg Libran colleagues that put me off them initially.


Oh sweet god, what is it with Librans’ crazy ex-wives and their threats?

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

Pretty sure they find they don’t work on Libra-the-perma-serene and therefore can’t wait to take them out on the nearest non-libran bystander….


Low Libra Pass Agg is its own Olympic category. Main event displace anger, icky emo onto nearest supplicant, er human. Then keep a Luther figure handy for unwitting bystanders (see under Key and Peele) to channel the rage and chill those amygdala sourced hormones.

Secret weapon- The Invisible Neutrality Cloak. Empowers Libra with super Bosu Balance Balance. The other leaves convo convinced he has prevailed, scored, won. Libra blinks and smiles.

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

I am basically really JEALOUS of Librans. I WISH I could be neutral and detached….it’s so hard!


hahaha as a triple Libra I fully endorse all these suggestions!


I so laughed my head off & you so nailed it. My partner is a multi Libra & he has the one & only standard phrase for signing everything & anything from birthday/leaving job/ getting married/having baby cards: *Enjoy this special moment in your life*. Bland, doesn’t have to think or commit, but inoffensive & always appropriate. And I don’t know how many times i’ve heard him say “mmmm….there’s a lot going on there” when asked for an opinion. Genius, Lux.


Hahaha I’m going to use that line from now on!


*gemini rising carefully notes these two take-anywhere answers*


Oh man. I am cringing in recognition of some of those dialogue snippets after a year of being in Orbit (on and off) with the Libran Lover. I don’t consider it a good thing.


Lol I love this!


Ha ha ha! Very clever. I’m not at all Libran but I am now adopting those “phrases for all occasions”!!


This is everything. I am also Libra in the 8th, & have also ignored it for a long time. Maybe not so much ignored, but didn’t understand or want to deal with. Your list was like reading the subconscious requirements of my soul.

Time to start paying attention!

Mutable Mabel

I know you’re joking but part of me (perhaps a big old Libran stellium part of me) was like THANK YOU for saying such nice things about vanilla!


oh my this is so good thank you! i’m libra rising and love all of this but could implement those responses like gold!



This post is genius, Lux!


I love the Bruce Springstein quote! It really sums up a Libra. I’m a sun/mer Pisces, Venus/Mars/rising Aqu & a Lubra Moon.

My balance has a lot to do with people/real world vs. my alone time/ magical realms.

The older I get, the less guilty I feel about canceling plans to spend time with myself.
Balance <3

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