The Libran Reverence For Justice Is Real

Libran Max Schmeling was a German World Heavyweight Boxing Champion seen by Hitler & Co as the Ayran Supremacy ideal. Interestingly, Schmeling attracted the ire of his Fuhrer by refusing to join the Nazi party, stop associating with Jews or sack his Jewish manager in America.

When he lost against the American “colored” boxer Joe Louis, Hitler snapped and sent Schmeling to the front line of the War on a virtual suicide mission.

What Hitler did not know – because it did not come out till years later – was that Schmeling was also harboring two Jewish children in his apartment, as a prerequisite to helping them flee to safety. Post-War, he married a beautiful Czech music star, became a wealthy philanthropist, and remained life-long friends with Joe Louis. Their fight still ranks as one of the most powerful bouts in boxing history.

His Libra Sun was square Neptune and Uranus, a technically ‘difficult’ Sun placement that clearly inspired high ideals and an individuated persona. He also had a hot Mars placement: In Sagittarius, it was square his Nodes and opposite Pluto. So he was a Mars guy as well. But really, here you see the highest expression of the Libran reverence for peace and justice.

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  1. you know what i love about you mystic? all the amazing wonderful people i would probably never know about if you didnt introduce them to us

    1. thank you! I just found this post as i need to edit it – something strange happened to the pix but i really appreciate this comment as i go to ludicrous lengths to find these people who i think do their astro really well xxxx

  2. maybe next year DT! can one carry these things over to the next year? I am sure your trusty accountant can advise πŸ˜‰

  3. hey i just sent the Daily Mystic email with the goods on the uranus square pluto Zap Zone this weekend. Subscriber Peeps check your inbox -in a few mins – the need to know is all in there….xx

    1. hehe I got myself into a bad habit yonks ago of pronouncing it like “Yur-anus! Yur-anus!” … I know – childish. Thanks for the heads up the other day that it’s actually pronounced with a far more sophisticated Urahnus.

      1. I think Astrologers changed the pronunciation to allow themselves some dignity. Astronomers and dictionaries do not use “urahnus” as a pronunciation of this word.

        That said, I rather like it. Even if it is like a girl Karen I used to know who began to insist on being called “Kahren”. Why not?

    2. This morn’s personal MM email so inspired me like no other has. It was the part about stories to children.

  4. Aphrodite Rising

    Thanks for this link, MM, lovely to see heroes remembered and honoured. I remember reading, while I was working in Germany, about Hans and Sophie Scholl, two students who were part of Die Weisse Rose (The White Rose) non-violent resistance in Munich, in Nazi Germany. They were arrested for handing out anti-war leaflets and executed by guillotine. Their sister, Inge, wrote the book about them. I think it’s important to remember these heroes and their courage, they’re inspirational.

  5. This is where I start getting SO confused…
    My natal Pluto is conjunct Uranus and opposite Saturn. My Mars is squared Saturn, Uranus, Pluto and trine my Aries accendant anyway… so does this mean my whole life is one big Zap Zone – cause I kinda feel a bit like, “meh” about the Zap Zone these days.
    Would REALLY appreciate any feedback on this one oh Wise Ones.

  6. You know experience has shown me that the multiverse doesn’t make too hard terms when it comes to me engaging in whatever personal development I need to undertake. As in – it makes it pretty freakin obvious and usually sticks the “thing” right under my nose, so it’s not like I have to tromp around on some holy grail quest trying to find it. Same goes for the Zap Zone. It’s been made pretty clear what needs to go – my own intuition and that little voice inside me that points stuff out and brings new perspectives into my consciousness has shown me already. Really the bulk of it is being willing to change.

    On a macro level it’s the same but in the global consciousness. I think many people are ready for a change and it doesn’t have to be a “fuq the system” kind of thing. More lets improve, evolve, let go of what doesn’t work anymore …

    Guess what I’m trying to say is I see no reason to be fearful of the Zap Zone. It’s fear of and resistance to change that creates more problems than the change itself …

    “Fear knocked on the door and faith answered .. .there was nobody there.”

  7. one can ALWAYS justify buying books….. dammit πŸ˜€ information Is space dust yes lol

    three or four a week is a lot though. maybe sleep on the purchasing decision for a couple of nights before you “Go To Checkout”

    depends if you can count it as a reference library – tax-deductible work expense?


  8. Honestly I know a Libra guy when I see one, they of all the zodiacs the most easy to distinguish.. I wonder what it is about that look

  9. So much easier to engage in resistance in those days when there was an easily identifiable agency to ‘resist’..if you don’t count the Gestapo and innumerable spies A terrible era to have lived through. Lest we forget.

    1. Easier to identify the ‘enemy’ that is, although the perils of dictatorship making death or torture a certainty if caught.

  10. As soon as i read this i fell madly in love! Well you know what i mean…i have venus in sagg conjunct uranus in the first, and moon in libra! What an amazing dude

  11. Fighting encompassed his whole life and spirit; he never stopped.

    Intriguing to break it down: was it his Virgo Moon that was good at ‘hiding’ the people?

    Librans fight against justice and are big sensetive softies.

    What I really most wanna know is what were the kinds of things he told himself to keep his spirits up in those particularly dark/tough times when things looked grim and hopeless?

      1. and saggo very relevant to his rule-breaking and taking personal risks in the name of giving others freedom too. “Fuq you, I won’t do what you tell me” sums up saggo asc/mars to a tee. Diplomatic Libran manners would have rendered this side less obviously overt than Rage lyrics, but he clearly wasn’t able to hide it enough to avoid being conscripted. Love that he became a paratrooper, landed behind enemy lines and had to make his way to safety alone, separated from his unit. Uber epic.
        What happened to Louis was tragic – ripped off by corrupt managers and bankrupted by the IRS, incredibly, over unpaid taxes for charity matches to help the war effort, from which he personally didn’t make a cent – , and a government that put all that pressure on him to win in the name of democracy. Who was appalled by this and supported him financially? Schmeling….who in classic saggo style,

      2. huh, yes. that libra would render the rebellious side to appear as a mild, charming type I think? but whammy, not so once you scratched the surface with the scourer of injustice :D. Virgo moon would have the planning details sussed to a T.

      3. Yep Saggo would do it. Every Saggo I know has the blunt, “say it how it is and don’t fuqin tell me how/what to think” trait. The Saggo energy feels absolutely confident that you just can’t possibly wrong by being 100% scrupulously honest and vocal about standing up for what they believe is right. It’s that faith that gives them courage. It certainly gives me courage (Sagg moon).

      4. I agree, also.

        Haute Saggo’s can’t help but deliver blunt, truth, honesty; I love them for that.

        Haute Libran’s can’t help but cloak their anger under a veil of finely woven charm and warmth; a wonderfully suitable disguise for fighting injustice.

        Haute Virgo’s can’t help but want to help and heal, and are good at devising strategies for doing so.

  12. Zap Zone indeed. Speaking of, I’m wondering if the party faithful might be so kind as to offer some advice, opinion or repartee. Being somewhat of a novice on such things, I’m wondering does my Scorpio Sun, Aquarius Rising and Aries Moon mean that I am right royally fuq’d right about now?

    1. Can’t be too sure, but I would think as you already have a strong Pluto ( scorpio), Uranus ( aqua rising) & aries ( moon) that you already understand the energy of the zap zone. Though you may find it rather emotional in some way? as it’s your moon. With scorpio/aries having mars in common, you may be ok dealing with this too. Probably depends on the degree & other aspects. Saturn will possible put the breaks on any extremes so should be an allie. I recently have had major Saturn, Uranus, Pluto, Mars aspects ( among others!) all at the same time and all things considered it’s not been too bad.
      I’m sure someone more astro savvy will be along soon ….

      1. Wow, thanks willowwolf, This sheds a whole new light on the subject and feels really close to where I am right now – will be interesting to see if that’s the same place come the end of the weekend!

    2. why would you be right royally fuqd right now? I don’t get these all or nothing drama-astro questions that people are indulging in, (not just you doing it). I mean, you might be, if you’re having affairs / have dodgy investments / working with crooks / hate your job and have been stretching your expenses claims a bit too much / or whatever, but that sort of stuff gets called to account sooner or later anyway. So, unless you’re doing that or indulging in some other repugnant behaviour or associating with jerks, I say no.

      1. i know… but still, there’s just no need to be ‘scared’ or worry along the lines of ‘omg wtf will happen to me’ I think.. life is life, it gets you in the end but in the meantime we keep on living… it’s not like the cartoons where an anvil falls on your head, then the ACME truck runs you over, then a stampede of wildebeest trample you, then you get eaten alive by meat-ants. I mean, you’d have to be pretty unlucky, or Coyote, for all of that to happen at once πŸ˜‰

      2. I agree, also.

        Take charge of the bits of your life that you can control, and try as best you can to mange the feelings of not being able to control everything.

        Step up, get into the driver seat and stop being a passenger in your own life. These points are directed to me, more than responding to anyone in particular. I woke this morning feeling annoyed with myself because of my self-limiting belief system. The things I tell myself, out of habit, are no longer relevant, boring. hello – this is MY zz.

      3. um, thats kinda what the 3 years looked like to me…ive been run over by every truck imaginable and had umpteen anvils drop on my head…the nice thing is that theres absolutely nothing left untrammeled so frankly im not so fussed about the zap zone…(knock wood!)

    3. Altho I am tempted to say that Scorps are never fuq’d, they just dig deeper. Saturn in Scorp will be good , I feel? and Aquas, well neptune just got outta there and mars is no longer opposing, so mystic was recently reminding aquas that they’ve just woken up from a wierdo neptune fog now. And Moon in Aries, well, what degree? is Uranus conjuncting at some stage? I find moon-uranus to be non-stop emotional wake-up calls or realisations. At least, when I was dating the Neptune-afflicted toro, that’s what happened a lot πŸ˜‰ So, depending on that and many other aspects and whatever your local friendly astrologer advises, no I don’t think you’re fuqed but the question is do YOU think you are. πŸ˜€

      1. Scorporation, Inc.

        I think Saturn’s tour of Scorp will be transformative infinity. To the thousandth power.

        As a matter of fact, there are so many facets/so much energy to this time and astroscape, it’s imperative that many of us proceed slowly. I don’t mean “with caution,” but moving deliberately and methodically.

        Have a method to your madness. Follow it to a T.

      2. Scorporation, Inc.

        As Mystic relayed some time ago, loosely translated:

        Don’t run up to the front line with your morning breath, rusty pitchfork, and/or flip-flops. This is more like a war or a marathon, not a battle or sprint. Physically and mentally train, and expect to be challenged– for the duration. Put your thinking cap on, find your power, wear good shoes. Feed well the machine that is your body: it is your tank. Or tractor and plow. Or Percheron. Anyway– don’t put shit fuel in your body: it’s your vehicle through the Zap Zone, baby.

        Identify your long-distance goals, craft a strategy– but keep it relatively flexible: you know what they say about trees and the wind. When the wind howls, stop and allow; when the dust settles, come out from your hidey hole slowly and assess. Make adjustments to the plan, and let those marinate overnight before you stick them in the oven the next day. Keep your shit on a slow rolling boil. Be attentive to the signs, consider how they feel.

        Pace yourself. Come out *fabulous* on the other side.

    4. Anon, I think the precise advise is “Stay Stuck, Get Fuqed” – hence regardless of your specific chart, the more relevant question is whether or not you’re harboring deep resistance to dying paradigms, draining relationships, and general inauthenticity?

      Peeps can you tell I’ve done a hard download on Mystic’s Zap Zone advise???

      Apparently as a Kataka (0 deg) I am like right smack in the middle of it. I am also having Uranus oppose my Sun and have just regained my legs from crawling out of Pluto (June 22nd so I got slapped with it ahead of other peeps). But the simple rule is, Be Present, Be True, Be the Change you Want to See.

      Easy to say, hard to do. But SOOOOO worth it.

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