Secret Zen Super Strengths Of The Sun Signs

There are Sun Sign strengths and then there are Secret Zen Super-Strengths. You don’t even need to cultivate them. They’re your innate power from being born when the Sun was in a particular part of the Zodiac belt.

Aries – Thinks that perceiving something as “impossible” is a personality disorder. Accelerates into adversity as a blunt but effective troll-combat weapon.

Taurus – Fabulous taste via psychic connection to stylish supernatural entities and fashion or decor tips from long-dead designer spirit guides.

Gemini – Without even a hint of Serenity Signalling, literally lives in the moment – always. Processes information like it’s quantum matter and the Gemini is a particle accelerator.

Clear Versus Concealed Sun Sign Strengths

Cancer – Nuancing everything. It’s like they have invisible antennae, feathery and undulating around as they pick up on your regrets, memory, and desires.

Leo – Seeing themselves as the protagonist in their life narrative; consciously crafting their saga, performance, and character.

Virgo – Exquisite Tact, Context, and Cognitive Leaps that don’t merely solve a problem but innovatively reframe it.

Libra – An innate impartiality and sense of justice that deflects crashingly stupid decisions or unwieldy bias.

Leos Consciously Craft Their Life Saga

Scorpio – Seeing straight through layers of subterfuge and clever spin to the naked reality of any situation.

Sagittarius – Maximal living; taking a cool concept or small opportunity and ultra-sizing it into a philosophy, business or grand unified theory.

Capricorn – Old Magic – picking up on ley lines and geopathic energy, detecting Schumann Resonance and feeling trouble or opportunity coming up through the ground beneath their feet.

Aquarius – Being permissionless – they learn early how to self-validate and operate without tribal approval or official go-ahead for their ideas. They’re not adaptable. They are the change that others have to learn how to manage.

Pisces – Conceals brilliant synchronicity-tripping and intuitive gambits beneath a thick cover of aversion to or incompetence at normal tasks or obligations.  They’re Momentum players, acting off cues invisible to most.


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  1. Terrific!! But I questioned a few of the signs – UNTIL I was willing to revisit them, see how they might actually be on point and wow — new perspective on my brother, Taurus, – a close friend Cancer who is always parsing everything etc.

    MM once again scores big! And positive

  2. No one has ever accused me of “exquisite tact.” Actually the opposite. But solutions that involve reframing problems – yes.

  3. Beautifully spot on. My Aries father and brother are good examples, always straight into the arms of adversity and bludgeon straight through. They start so many new things they can’t possibly fail overall (although they do have some failures but it just doesn’t put them off for long). My father has had many successful businesses and always done what he wanted and my brother is an artist who is living in two countries getting work in both (of course he works it to make it happen, it’s not easy but he wont take impossible as an option. Reading the sun, moon and rising makes for a very good picture of the superpowers. Thanks for the awesome work

  4. Can confirm re: Scorpio. I’ve been told I have the best and most useful bullsh*t detector my whole life, in both professional and personal arenas. I’m curious how this applies to ascendant and moon signs. My Ascendant is in Leo, and, um, yes, embarrassingly so. My moon is in Cancer and I’m not as sure of a hard “yes, can confirm” there.

  5. ‘Wake up World’s’ (a newsletter) astro for Scorpio and Luna Scorp was a bit scary mary, hence my rush to check in!

    YES a super blast of positivity from the Magical MM at my fingertips.
    I like this grand unified theory theory as an aspiration.
    I can do that.
    Maximal Living mmmm just about to arrange 85% of all my clothes and shoes ready for selling at ‘A Star is Worn’ recycle shop because i like the name, so as to do Minimalistic.

    The Aqua is brilliant.It is so my friend AquaMan who never needs permission to be do wear say write anything at all.

    Organising an Aries into subsidised housing as she was accelerating into adversity.

    The Scorpio laser lights. My Scorpio mother knew how everything worked, who made it who sold it who bought it
    who has it and was it worth it.

  6. Not an aqua myself but geez what a fantastic collection of words for them. For me Aquas and Pisces are a little tricky to describe. Sometimes my Pisces peeps seem so kooky and not put together and then all of a sudden something happens and they are way ahead of the pack. Very cool. Thank you Mystic!

  7. Oh dear! This makes me Leo thinking of herself as a narrative, in the moment, every moment – due to my Gem Asc! Sometimes I think of giving up Western Astro and get into a sidereal zodiac system like jyotish. In which I am a Cancerian with Taurus Rising and Moon in Libra. Which I am beginning to think makes more sense in terms of how I relate to my inner story anyway. Though, I think what I am really looking for is astrology as it relates to the stars exactly as they are in the sky, not where they are on the equinoxes, right? Does anyone know of a system that relates exactly to the sky and takes into account precession etc. ?

    1. Hi Sphinx 🙂 i just look up at the stars and listed to what they say. Only works on a clear night when moon out. x

    2. what happened with the tests Sphinx- i cannot do question marks/parenthesis cos keyboard is channelling approaching merc rets….

  8. Toro sister heavily influenced by WIlliam Morris, Frank Lloyd Wright and Lotta Jansdotter for her personal aesthetic checks out.

    Can confirm Pisces synchronicity-tripping and acting off invisible cues as I just managed to become a first time homeowner with my first choice, dream condo on my first try within 2 weeks of deciding to seriously look into buying instead of renting. I may lazily wallow in ruts for years avoiding the normal obligations while I binge Netflix on the couch but when the urge to make a change strikes out of nowhere, I don’t fuq around.

    Gah! Capricorn! This description, combined with the usual wealth/legacy/empire building connotations makes me seriously obsessed with finding one of my own. Unfortunately I had one and let him get away because I was too busy love zombie-ing over the Gemini who had dumped me in the time before Saturn Squared Neptune and cracked forever the rose-tinted glasses I used to look at men through. Cap was long gone by then. The official one that got away.

  9. Mystic, my Aqua Sun ex’s personal motto just resurface.

    “It’s better to seek forgiveness than ask for permission.”

    The guy took off overseas to earn Big Bucks for our future, failed to come back. Safe to say this Aqua was my lesson in “personal management”. Sent me with my Earth dom. principles into everyday Meltdown! Gah!

  10. I am a Leo with an Aquarius rising, and feel resonance with both of those descriptions. And I love the others, definitely feels like the vibe of my experience for people born under the other signs.

  11. Ah Pisces. I wish my “aversion to or incompetence at normal tasks or obligations” were a conscious cover! Mostly I’m kinda flailing around and wishing I were more conventionally productive. The intuitive leaps are great when they arrive but the process is opaque to me too.

    1. I hear you, fellow Pisces! I have just finished a massive creative work only to be rendered sobbing and curled up on the floor by the relentless admin and unintelligible (to me) forms and processes that must now be done.

  12. Oooooo ouch yes I’m both the cancer and Pisces. It’s just not possible for me to run on normal rules due to my constant DMT type downloads from the multi verse. Space cadet me much ?

    1. And oh god people’s desires. I cannot walk into a room of strangers especially men before they just divulge everything, then catch themselves and say omg what have I just said. Women who need to off load too. Splurge. It’s a good job I’m not squeamish or easily shocked !! It’s been a wild old ride.

  13. BANG on, as ever. Expressly agree with these succinct summations: Gemini (my oldest Gem friend IS. THIS. OMFG.); Leo (Yasss Kween. Holy Trinity scriptwriter, direct., producer.); Taureans (Tick. Include: beauty/make up and fragrance aesthetics via secret springs of creative/ancestral magic channelling); Cancer (true of all I’ve encountered.) Aqua… Fuck, that last line. MIC. DROP. A resounding cheer (/simultaneously slamming Virgoan Sun head into wall. Why I not know/SEE this til now?!?)
    I rate this alliterative brilliance ‘SZSSotSS’ post/theory HIGHLY.
    Thank you. 🙏🙌

  14. As an Aries Rising with Venus there too, this resonated very acutely – I always say the best way to get me to do something is to tell me that I can’t – and I cannot sit still amidst adversity – my immediate inclination is to charge at it and do everything I can to bust the shit outta that rut.

    Taurus Sun too, and I do have a knack for aesthetics and quality – decor, fashion, music and art (those last two especially) – though I am working on refining my fashion sense in terms of quality to subvert rampant fast-fashion – I’m not as adept with knowing brands and materials.

    Aqua moon, and self-validation is something I am working on – I do operate on a level other than most people – I just keep it to myself most of the time 😉

    Great post, Mystic!

    1. I have no significant Aries in my chart (except Chiron in Aries/5th House) but I agree, tell I can’t or it cannot be done then I take it as a personal challenge and will rise to the occasion.

  15. Taurus, 2nd house stellium. I have actually described myself on multiple occasions as having “supernaturally good taste.” You only have five minutes in a consignment shop and need to swiftly locate the extreme bargain designer goods? Take me. It’s the superpower that enabled me to acquire a mostly-designer, “investment only” wardrobe on a teenage budget. It’s a tremendous gift but also a curse… the curse of constant dissatisfaction while shoe shopping (I’ve been looking for hiking boots for 2+ years and I am struggling to find the pair that equally expresses practical purpose, insouciance, and prestige)… every time I finish a book/tv series and the next one just doesn’t have the right production value or cadence to the author’s voice I recoil and can’t get into it, committing to media or music or really anything in my environment is like trying to find a sufficiently beautiful and fascinating sexual partner, my reactions to these things are gut-level and if I’m not attracted to a pair of jeans or a movie I just can’t be around it.

    Also, my taste is “”right”” (but it actually is!).

    The Aqua one applies so eerily to my 5 Planet Aqua 1962 dad that I just sent this post in a mass email to my family.

    Great post, Mystic!

    1. Much of the same…finding good, and beautiful everything, on a normal budget. And if i like something, a house, apartment, pyjama, soup, soap, it is allways the best. I love being around beauty, and will visit the shops of great designes as if they were art galleries. I would love to be rich, and own a lot of the beautiful things, yet in a way i feel like i have a connection with everything i behold ( might be that my taurus is in the 9th house) and ownng it is less important than the love/ connection i feel with the beauty

  16. Scorpio ? Really ? That’s their super power ? You sure they aren’t just paranoid, cause I’ve experienced the scorpio accusation of being caught out because they can see through me and they were so way off track I figured it was them being tricky and just reflecting.

      1. Right on CF. I usually see the forest before other people even plan the hiking trip. (Triple Scorpio in the 12th – sun, moon, mercury)

      2. Yeah, but the forest you’re seeing could just be the result of one tree facing a mirror to another mirror. To the eye it’s now an infinite forest with depth and an endless pathway. You could hike on it for years and actually be in the same spot.

      3. Scorp Asc here- conjunct Neptune-Moon In 12-

        At a work meeting I bluntly questioned the propriety of an accounting credit. My one boss was gobsmacked – and I immediately regretted my statement. It was a long weekend so I spent it tearfully assuming worst case scenarios.

        After several days wondering if I’d be fired- I asked my immediate boss to gauge the damage and was told my remark was passed over. (And she agreed with my questioning the accounting maneuver.) So yes, the mirror of magnifying glass- I over focused on my own shortcoming.

        I realized that my own discomfort with money and worth was triggered by the discussion- so I carefully examined my own feelings and worked out some truths about core beliefs.

        David, I love “You could hike on it for years and actually be in the same spot.”

        But- my late sister always said, Libra-Sun cazimi Neptune that “ It could be both.”

        My take as a Scorp blooded person is that we face pathology and brokenness in our midst- especially our own which makes polite society squirm. But no one is always spot on.

        And David, I live with a Pluto fueled Leo- so I hear you.

      4. That type of thinking can be dangerous in so many ways. If you believe that you are aware of something in someone else that they are unaware of and has not openly manifested then it’s time to take a good look at yourself. If you can do that honestly you will usually find that same trait in yourself. My view is that once you’ve dealt with that issue within yourself the trait will disappear or be nullified from the other. I see it a bit like faulty genes. If one partner has a faulty gene and the other doesn’t then usually it will not be manifested in the offspring of that union. If both partners have the faulty gene it becomes likely that it will manifest.
        if you take action against this shadow before it has become manifest then all you are doing is activating it. I suppose then you can say … I told you so

      5. Also I’m Aries sun, gem rising and 12th house gem moon. I’m more your shallow and broad type of water feature. Aries adds clarity to the water so it’s really not that hard to see the bottom. That really can confuse Scorp. They can’t believe somehow that someone can be that exposed and survive in this world of dark deep intrigue. But you see, that’s not my world. I live and function in another dimension. While they are heading deeper I’m moving across. By the tine they come back up with their analyses, I’m miles away answering the same question with a totally contradictory answer than the one I gave scorp. You see my position has changed. And that doesn’t mean i lied to you or that I’m flaky and unreliable.
        As I broaden, I confirm my belief in the interconnectedness of all things.,As scorp dives deeper on the right angle plane they can focus more on the exact point and see its underpinnings. The timeline of its creation and where it is born. I’ll use a software analogy.
        In a database there are the fields ( metadata) eg first name, last name
        And there is data that is entered into those fields. If I want to query the database I select the meta data fields most appropriate to the data set I require. Eg How many of my customers live in Sydney with first name that starts with the letter K. Say 20 records are found out of the 20000 records. I’ve answered my query.
        Data has become information. Information is the DNA of manifestation and so on.
        Simply put Gem collects the data and scorp focus is on the composition of the meta data or fields that capture the data and organise it so it can be a source of information and manifestation. Neither work very well without the other.,

      6. My middle son is Scorp Venus Mars, 12th H Gem Moon and Rising- he gobbles data and shifts to nuanced analysis. Spitting dead on truths with wry humor.

      7. Software is the communication interface, a relationship between a machine and a human. The way we apply a machines capabilities without needing to understand it’s internal systems In older times we had very simple software . A device called a switch told the machine it was to be on or off., Our relationship was clearly a sterile uncaring one. Most machines lived in the shed and did nothing but wait for us to come and use us. No small talk, no thank you. Just do it or I’ll dump you and get another. In today’s modern world software is helping create meaningful relationships between humans and technology. ( Just quietly l, we don’t call them machines any more, not since Mac was born in 82 ) In the case of those fun young digital machines, with their slim unisex lines, massive storage drives, multiple ports for taking on a huge variety of peripherals that want to connect. Yeah things have become personal. And the way you talk to your machines is important. Eg If you’ve bought a machine that has a latex coveting that looks like someone you would seriously date, they live in the house with you, have sex with you etc you dont want your software to ruin things by coming across coarse and demanding.? If there is too much code and not enough caring things can get messy.

      8. As a Piscean embroiled (or maybe not for much longer?) with an Aries, i absolutely adore your expression of how you think about it. I get it. Just also seeing a full Truth Focus on what is an aries take, and it IS truth, but also let’s just say research bias (maybe not you, DL, just you are helping me in my situ.) We won’t forget all my Sagittarius, but if it’s from 12th to 1st on an Antares Rise, i can see the problems. Not any solution just yet. He’s Mars in Pisces. Enough of me, I’m still grateful and love reading you here DL

      9. Hey Mille x wishing you luck with ramboy., Embroiled, Reminds me of the first Pisces female I had a thing with. We met through a mutual friend very very randomly and quickly, like hi ! Bye ! Within 36 hrs she turned up on short notice at my place , 30 mins later we were embroiled in a big hot bubble bath. ( she was behaving very awkwardly, like a fish out of water, so I just did what any Aries gentleman would do and asked her if she would be more comfortable in the bath.? That was the first date, It just got hotter and hotter from there and we got so embroiled that both of us lost all perspective for a while. After about 2 weeks of heavy embroiling she remembered she had a very jealous wealthy Italian boyfriend and that she should really be getting home. I could have worshipped that woman.
        I should have told her not to go, instead of just looking at her with ‘don’t go’ eyes. She went back and I never saw her again., Just heard snippets about her from our mutual friend. Weird stories that made me laugh. She was a goddess and I her bit on the side.

    1. I get your gripe, d, same deal here. But i think Mystic is going the Highway, not the backroads – which would be fun, but imagine the shitefight

    2. There are always people who can harness their Zen and people who resist it. Motivation is different. Some Scorps can use this to spread love, and others can use it purely for their own advantage (I.e. to spin a story that works for them).

      1. Mars ruled-Pluto ruled, Scorp-Aries spend more time in fight or flight than other signs. When activated- faced with trauma— danger-

        The options- fight, flee, freeze, faun – inspire or conspire.

        Some signs de-escalate- maintain equanimity. Some negotiate. Some bake. Some go nuclear.

    3. Not all Scorps are enlightened, some project onto others. I have been falsely accused of cheating by a double Scorp, only to find out they were. So, yeah low Scorps bad news.

  17. As a multiple Libra, I feel like I used to confuse my very-Scorpio former boss all the time. In board meetings and everyday work conversations she’d seem like she’s always trying to “pick up my real vibe” beneath my multi-faceted offers/arguments/analysis, as if she was constantly asking – or thinking – “okay, but what do you REALLY want? What are you trying to achieve by offering this? What’s your personal agenda behind this?” I HAVE NONE, OKAY, lol. I’m a LIBRA. Maybe I’d have some personal stance if I could make up my mind about it. #objectivity

    1. It can be frustrating tbh. Libra here too. You can be just trying to be nice and treat a Scorpio with respect and get nothing but angry suspicion back. What do you do??

      1. My manager has a scorp gf and she’s legal as in profession. She’s very spiky and direct and obviously good in the office but she cannot see through the guy at all ?!? I literally look and her and want to leap about waving my arms making cut throat signs and run for the hills quick but she’s not spotted the either me or the actual man yet ?!!!?!?

      2. Doesn’t want to, this sexual intimacy energy is what she is exploring for now? And feeding from, nourishing, and may get her fill before throwing up later, but i reckon your Katakan energy is not in her “sub/dom” (it’s probs more than that cheapened term by now) relationship. Maybe she will appreciate your empathy later when she’s bruised, but more likely resent it. Water signs, us and them, crikey. Use your empathy to guard against stings proactively in the manner you know best, without losing “diginity” in her eyes. But you know all that, emg, you do, you’re just also Water Sign Curious about her psyche.

      3. How astute you are. Curious about her psyche. It’s fascinating how she’s dating her father ! Buts what’s most odd is that I saw this guy for real on his arriving in the class room. In my head rang two words. I was right. And I instantly felt the drain and wanted to be in a different room ! Saw through around over under and interdimensionally. What gets me though, although she’s obviously loved up but that as a scorp she’s missed a huge herd of elephants galloping about the room. I’m amazed.

      4. Just keep on being nice and respectful, hopefully, they’ll figure it out.
        I have been falsely accused of being “too nice.” When, in fact I was honestly being friendly. It stings when you genuinely compliment someone only to receive an angry scowl.
        I have Scorpio Rising, so I do question other’s motives but, I also can take a compliment and say “thank you” without glaring at others.

  18. I love these! Have been lolling at the Taurus and their supernatural aesthetic connections (it’s TRUE!) and I literally had an Aries driving instructor who told me to always accelerate out of danger. I can very much relate to my Sagg rising that will maximalise any concept. Interested (life hack research purposes) what kind of cues Pisceans sense and act on? Is it claircognisant? Is it messages from animals? The wind? I mean, I’m Neptune rising so I’m sure I can imagine, but if anyone wants to drop any wisdom pearls – please do!

    1. Crystallised future

      It’s like an inner voice our of nowhere that makes us take notice of something that we weren’t paying attention to, almost like the universe suddenly yells ‘Oi! Here’s the download from the ethereal perspective. Keep it on board!”. And can be annoying at times.

      1. Love it. So it comes on board whether or not you are tuning in, tuning out, in the zone or whatever OR when you are just trying to concentrate and get ordinary shizz done?

        I always wonder at how present and resonant Pisceans are in personal interactions, even if they’ve a moment before seemed not present. It’s uncanny. Definitely operating on multiple levels at once, and yes under a heavy cover. Skills tbh

      2. More you try, less it clarifies. More you ground and focus (freaking hard work with all the incoming comms) on yourself and maybe not quite on the incoming vibes (peripheral focus always – i guess some fish have eyes on the sides, yeah? Or is that most of poor oversensitive us??) then best you effect outcomes for you and the situ and the people. Still, it is true we are born with “eyes on the sides” and that curse is a gift. Not sure how to deal with mine yet, i guess it happens. We are usually more present with the cycles of time and layers of past-present-future possibilities of the person in front of us than anyone, unfortunately including ourselves, if we need to escape ourselves

    2. I’m Neptune rising too with a heavy 12th house, including where my moon (Sagg) is. I like these searchings and questions. I feel you.

      I can’t go a day without being submerged in water…? Bathing can feel like I’m suddenly in protective armour. Even ‘plugged in’ ?
      The water thwarts/softens bad energy.

      I’m not a chill ‘lets swim in the ocean’ person though… Give me a contained quantity of water I can use to transmute/make sense of all this psychic swirling.
      Drinking water too. It’s clearing and full of possible healing…?
      God. I think even drinking water intoxicates me sometimes… (I’m embarrassed by that realisation/sentence, don’t worry.)

      I believe I drowned in a past life.

      I also agree with Mystic’s Piscean read: “…beneath a thick cover of aversion to or incompetence at normal tasks or obligations”.
      I just find myself in present, mindfully aware-type daydream thought 99% of the time despite leaning hard on my NORMAL arm (I mean come on I am Virgo Sun, Mars and Merc.).

      Thoughts. And my apologies for them.

      1. Don’t apologise for your thoughts! It’s learning people’s different takes and experiences that makes reading these comments such an engaging experience.

        I love water too – a good Epsom salt bath or a summer swim in a lake. So healing. I love looking at sunrays from underwater in a forest lake. Think I’m a sweet water fish in disguise!!

      2. *Squeeaallll*
        It’s interesting this placement. I want to Virgo scrutinise the shit out of it, but it’s elusive and cosmic. Dreamscape.
        I love the looking up through the water idea and the sweet water fish! Cool!

    3. for me, it is lucid dreams but always aware of the presence of another – an intelligence best described as cosmic. I call it Quintessence and I think it manifests in different ways but astrology, alchemy, geomancy, magic, science -especially quantum physics – are all trying to map it.
      It has manifested for me as a voice – warning of danger and extremely singular and bizarre experiences but mostly as a momentary feeling where your attention is drawn to something. That atmosphere is similar to deja vu.
      And other times it is a knowing; a certain inner voice – the Other – that sparks realizations or conveys information. There are also different planetary modes of it:

    1. It may seem that way, but it’s not so. It’s just that whenever Leo is mentioned, it trumps everything else with it’s superbness, so that one forgets all about the other signs…. 😉

      1. Also, I don’t know if you saw the post but this one includes all the Sun Signs – Leo is included among the others. Are you commenting on the right post?

      2. I just noticed the secondary title says “Leos Consciously Craft Their Life Saga” on this page

      3. I don’t know if you blog much but I could not do a ‘secondary title’ that included all of the Zodiac signs as it would be too long. And I am also interested in what you mean about my apparent ‘writing about Leo a lot lately’ ?

      4. Fq i had better check in again with my Leo friend who does not want to be checked in on (according to their sms)

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