Leo Personality Truths

To counter anti-Leo propaganda, it’s time for Leo Personality Truths.

From an early age, Leos hear a voice in their head saying something along the lines of “who the hell do you think you are?” Sure, it could be their father.

Many Leos have fathers who serve more like stumbling blocks and karmic obstructionists than anything else. But it’s also their inner voice, zapping them into champion mode. The desire to be Somebody is hardwired into the Leo psyche.

They have a deeply felt duty to lighten dark or dreary places. It can be irritating if a Leo deems your wardrobe or your relationship to be that dingy place in need of their enlightenment.

But a Leo in full regalia sailing into a depressing government office/hospital/energy vampire populated party is always a welcome sight. At their best, they are the embodiment of it being better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.

Leos hear a symphony in their head. Or maybe it’s a three-part hip-hop musical, space opera, doof-doof – whatever. The point is that the Leo personality comes equipped with a sound track. Music has magical effects on Leos, sustaining vibe and resonating with every fiber of their being.

They also have a cinematic consciousness, seeing things as if from a director’s cut point of view. They’re the protagonist and everyone else is part of the cast in this epic production.

If you’re trying to work/live with a Leo, don’t worry about direct cut-through communication unless it’s well-lit and designed, with snappy lines.

It would be more advantageous to figure out what role Leo has cast you in and play it to the hilt.

The Leo Personality Comes With A Soundtrack

They’re creative and it needs an outlet. A Leo without artistic expression declines into a Dark Sun Leo, a black hole of hollow ego and posturing. They need to do everything creatively. Not everyone appreciates it.

They want raw intimacy and emotional connection rather than encountering Performance Leo in Bed. Or they misunderstand Leo’s obsessive fashion edit of a dramatic outfit in which to attend a funeral.

Must every meal be an occasion? Are all disagreements automatically upgraded into scenes? “Why all the fuss?” can be a constant refrain of Leo family and partners.

There are Leos who will take “let me talk to the manager” as an opportunity to try on a different accent FFS. But if you try and alter that aspect of Leo, they take it as an existential threat.

Leos don’t have vanity – they’re into extreme self-care. They can’t be Performance Leo without it.

And they don’t have delusions of grandeur. They have aspirations of grandeur.


49 thoughts on “Leo Personality Truths”

    1. I love that you’re relating Len which bit is most you? It’s always fascinating to compare Leo Sun vs Leo Moon vibe.

  1. As a Sun, Venus n Mercury in Leo but Moon n Saturn in the 5th, other astrologers I meet are surprised. Can’t paint without music yet I can still enjoy silence. With Uranus sq Sun, I’m full of contrdiction

  2. Beyond the fragile ego and hissy fits lie warmth, loyalty and the royal duty to mankind. A world without Leos would be a very dull world indeed.

  3. Really enjoying life, having the good silver out every meal, sitting at the table with a cloth and having the soundtrack to life going can seem ostentatious to some. But isn’t success a habit? It’s sweet of MM to understand us Leo’s as aspiring to grandeur than being pegged as narcissists. My Gem is kind of a ‘there are no special occasions’ guy – sounds grim but with Saturn, Mercury, Venus, Vertex and his Moon in the 5th House, that usually means every day is a bit of an aspiration to a life well lived.
    There are lots of facets to a personality, multiple selves that have come to Earth to play, it’s good manners to allow them all to experience the life here! Being in different countries, attempting new languages, experimenting with emotions and personalities like paint colours, is a truthful manner of being to a creative soul. On the way into Paris turning up Edith Piaf full blast makes for a simultaneously ridiculous, moving and fun experience of a moment. It isn’t artificial if you love it, look how many people use gas heaters instead of a real fireplace? And it isn’t ostentatious if it’s a well worn routine 😀

  4. Yes to the soundtrack. At the moment Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata 3rd movement. Last week Mozart’s Queen of the Night aria from the Magic Flute. Next week, maybe Eminem. And yes to the casting light into the dreary places. Often that is my pink and purple floral snakeskin shoes, sometimes the snake earrings. But oh, that aspiration to greatness needs an audience. I got a pay rise a couple of weeks back and I so wanted to tell my dead father what I’m now making. Anyway… ciao

  5. My male voice muse is Keven Rowland of Dexy’s. It helps my writing of the English Puritan period – all that high spiritual emotion. Obviously I don’t know him personally but what you describe is incredibly him as an August Leo! Creative, confident supreme, loves dressing up!
    Then there’s the working class chip on his shoulder….

  6. Wish Upon a Star

    A famous Leo sent me a beautiful song as I was waking up this morn.

    She comes in colours everywhere. Shes like a rainbow.
    Mick Jagger.

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      Ooh, I just drew the Isis – TransPluto Tarot

      The Divine feminine priestess for the digital age.

      How Aquarian Moon, noi?

  7. Yep. As a Leo I gotta say, once again MM, you nailed it. Except my stumbling block was my Smother, not my Dad. And although I’m usually nuts for your photo choices, that guy doesn’t do it for me. I’m thinking more like a Fabio-esque Calvin Klein model. Or the iconic Jim Morrison photo, but I’m pretty sure he was aqua. Shared a joint with him before a concert!

    Once had a relationship with another Leo. The sex, OMG! I made a concerted effort to share the spotlight, but alas, wasn’t meant to be. Sad for months.

  8. I LOVE Leos, especially Leo men, and I’m a lesbian 😉 They embody everything my little Aries self wishes it would be able to maintain long-term.

  9. Although I’m a Virgo my venus is in leo and in my sidereal chart all four of my virgo planets change to leo.This is extremely accurate for me on many levels.Very interesting.

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      My Jupiter is in in the 5th house. I love music and I love The Dance.

      Venus in the 5th house in Cancer.

      I do have big curly hair, I am generous with my friends and I adore bubs and children.

  10. Survivor of imperious-“Where is my serf?!” Gem-Leo Moon Mum. She too had sewing machine and a piano. Very self critical of her considerable accomplishments.

    My Virgo Sun/Leo Moon dad carried the common touch. On summer days, we sat with shop keepers, rode the buses, keenly took in stories and life. Although he left us early- his vault of curiosity and kindness live on-and Virgo-Leo true- an impeccably dresser.

  11. Like looking in a mirror, (always a treat!) & seeing only words instead of my mane, & a grin, I always have for myself. Something has led me out of dark sun ops, back to the light & laughter that I can find so easily within. What was it? I want to thank it for helping. Now I tell myself, ‘I come from the stars to bring light’. When I lie in the sun I purr, if its colourful, I like it, can disappear like a stray when the bowl is empty, without a trace, even alone, I live in a Pride. Bless these Blogs & the thoughts they provoke.

  12. Haha

    I’m a Leo True Node in 5th house & this totally resonates. It only really kicked off in the last few years when True Node was hanging around in Leo. My hair is total Leo mane & I nearly became a Somebody, I mean, it might still happen but I’m not seeking it out so much as my work is careening towards it…

  13. Leo sister with the shiny hair which could have been blowdried for hours, or not. Mine turns to straw. Poised, wears her clothes like she spent a week planning even when it’s just shorts and tshirt. I just throw sh*t on. Lounge conversations like we are in a Victorian parlour. I could scream. Sis is a champion to someone in need but will tell others it was all forced apon her, relaying the whole saga like she is auditioning for a witch in Macbeth. Looks for opportunities to speak to me like I am idiot. Has to know more about any subject. At one point disowned me over some crap that she scripted in her head. I can’t handle the drama and wont tolerate being typecast. Now I operate on fishy subversion mode.

  14. When contemplating being born into a family of Leo’s, I have wondered how this can be, as they are all notably non consumeristic or materialistic, and not at all flashy. Although now I think of it my beautiful Mum has always looked stylish in her homemade outfits, and takes care to only wear colours that are most flattering. Until reading this!
    Cinematic consciousness yes! Leo Mum catching a boat far away, living in a place accessible by light plane or several days walking. To give birth she flew an hour to reach a hospital. Yes a piano and manual sewing machine were somehow flown in, she lives to play music. Then marrying my Leo Dad who built the first house we lived in along with most of the furniture. He then worked his his way up to lead any organisation he worked for. Leo brother who worked and volunteered for years for a medical aid organisation in zones of conflict. And was fortunate to survive a plane crash. All are creative in their problem solving abilities. And every meal is an occasion, often with guests.
    And it was a Leo friend who first gifted me a subscription to your site. And yes whilst on theme she was involved in helping edit a film a while ago that won Directors Cut at Cannes. She has a fascinating life and challenges my Piscean reality at every encounter.

  15. Leo rising and loaded 5th house. Always been a performer since starting my first band aged 9. Always imagined an audience. I have dimmed my light a lot in my adult years and it all became toxic and inward-turning (add that to a Pluto/Uranus 1st house and that’s a lot of self-destruction). The Saturn-SN situation on my 5th house stellium has interestingly been pulling me back to my Leo-ness.

  16. The Year of The Phoenix

    Venus in Leo and yes to musical soundtracks to everything! I am uber moody (Moon + Neptune in Scorpio) so in the course of a morning at work it can go from Chaka Khan to “In The Mood For Love “ soundtrack (very literal multi Virgo) to 60s Girl Groups to whatever my current new love is (Okenya, Kenyan/Australian fierce chick)

    Lucky for me I work in a small, creative business run by a Leo and peopled with artists, emerging all girl punk band member, recycled fashionista and eco fabric designer (Moi) as well as a cast of hard drug users and parasitic hangers on. He is a kind and generous person who is a pushover for pretty women and hard luck stories or both…..

    I can’t work in a corporate world with staighty pants, judgemental “christians” or boomers openly wondering why you rent. Give me the interesting types with stories to tell and stuff to make!

  17. Ah, this is lovely to hear confirmed. Leo’s are so often criticised for their sense of largesse and their love of things beautiful. But thank goodness for our ‘who let you out of car?’ attitude from the badly dressed critical hoards, as we love and care for the beautiful friends and family and lovers we adore, who already know our lovely kitten aspects

  18. I wrote in my dream journal this morning about a vision I had of me swanning about in Chanel fabulousness.” lol Yet I vacillate between my more humble grounded self and this occasional theatrical self. Even though I have a Leo Midheaven my South Node in Leo makes me focus more on the North Node in Aqua meaning the kitty only comes out to play in weird intervals. Hmmm.

    Music is my life (I have no understanding of people who don’t listen to music at all). Bsides Pisces Leos are the ones I have connected to most over music. It’s probably reinforced by Venus in Taurus in the 5th. Grraaauuu!

  19. Hello Leos and Leo-influenced brethren, ain’t it a good day to be…
    *blasts old-school disco louder*

    [Leo Venus conjunct Leo North Node]

  20. I just learned that the (real) full name of the fastest human cat is:
    Usain St Leo Bolt (!)… too bizarre & yet so right.

  21. One of the most important traits of a Leo that is often overlooked or misunderstood is their sense of FUN and playfulness. A lot of the time when a Leo is role playing ie., being dramatic & showy, is simply the Leo shaking up things for a little amusement – to brighten up a dull show, put in some spice into a bland situation, liven it up a little, keep the spirits up. And above all – not fall into mediocrity – the most feared state for a Leo.
    Boredom is also a danger zone for Fire signs to be in – while Saggos bolt, and Aries butt heads when bored, Leos tend to create drama.

    1. Interesting. The fire sign boredom routes. Could it also be a stress response? Found myself identifying more with the Aries and sadge MO. But understanding the Leo drama angle helps to frame it more easily.
      I think I get the sense of self and nose to tail creative/productive impulse better, and the way that Leo really does try to present their best self as a way to help/show the rest of the world also be their best self. Its only when non-leo is judged as deficient for not reading the script that Leo wrote for them without anyone’s input or consent is when it gets a little scratchy haha

      1. Your last sentence sums up the root problem i have with a dear friend, a classic multi-Leo with a very imaginative turn of mind who just can’t help but cast everybody as if they were these amazing characters in his life-film – and very often backfires because he’s miscast them terribly. It’s always a major disappointment to him when these characters – often set up on glorious technicolour pedestals – don’t act according to script …. no one can. Myself included – i know that after all the yrs we’ve been friends, he still has a script in his head of what my character *should* be like….

        As for the boredom response – yes, it is basically the same response as for stress coz i think that with fire signs it adds up to the same thing. All that fire and nothing to burn! You can either go creative or destructive.

      2. I can appreciate the stage-play thing for what it is I guess, a highly structured and performative, outcome-oriented view of the world..? a positive thing .. I mean how else do you make a movie or throw a decent party or gotdamn reprazent yourself in life.. right? the opposite is Aquarius, where we all wear grey onesies, speak in binary code and imprison anyone seen to be too impassioned or self interested, hahaha. Just kidding aquas! We know you’re too busy fomenting revolution to notice your onesie is actually blue. X

      3. Sun Leao and Acqua rising here… Choice between, Do I jazz up the party and make fun, or bolt in my grey onesie to stargaze…? always my dilemma 🙂

  22. Yes! Leo rising and Leo NN – literally everything I do has a background soundtrack. Always thought it made me kind of weird to envision everyone and everything as playing a part in the theater of my life. Turns out I’m just a LEO!! Love it

  23. The Leo Personality Comes With A Soundtrack. I don’t think I have ever heard anything more about my Sun Sign that I love more than that 🙂

    1. Same, I have never understood people – like my mom – who can sort of take music or leave it. I have a Head Radio, on full blast most of the time, and sometimes, I’ll stop and listen to the snippet playing in there and realize that if it were scoring a movie, it would be embarrassingly spot on.

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