Crazy High Leo Expectations

Leo’s expectations are crazy-high and they keep the true extent of them secret. Left unaddressed, they lead to Self-Limiting Syndrome or Leo becomes a Dark Sun Leo.

This style of Leo only rates sycophants. Anyone else is “disloyal.”

Or they generate tawdry dramas out of inferior material. They need a stage, arena, or creative outlet. If they can’t be Performance Leo, they’ll turn their life into a third-rate, daytime drama.

Like a knock-off perfume compared to the real thing, they’ll use synthetic sentiment instead of genuine emotion. Pretending to despise quality recognition, they’ll take cheaper forms of validation wherever they can get it.

Dark Sun Leos are tragic, clutching at rusty trophies and creating constant control dramas. They dilute the Leo love of culture into pomposity. The natural Leonine flair for fashion turns into style snark.

They project Leo expectations onto everyone but themselves.

Of course,  there are Leos with a pro-work ethic and the willingness to be humble at appropriate points in their vector.

Think Haute Leos: Richard Prince, Gillian Anderson, Helen Mirren, Tony Allen, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Alex Hayley (the author of Roots) & Monica Lewinsky.

They are all Performance Leos, dedicated to their craft and creating a legend out of their lives via devotion to an art form or cause. You see, the most valuable asset of a Leo – any Leo – is dignity. This is not a construct. If a Leo loses it or lacks the freedom to act on principle, rightly or wrongly, their light fades.


Image: Unknown artist of the early 19th Century – I love this lion, if you know the artist please Contact Us

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  1. If my moon is in Leo does this apply?

    “ They are all Performance Leos, dedicated to their craft and creating a legend out of their lives via devotion to an art form or cause.”

    It seems to sum me up rather well….

    1. Yes, totally! Leo Rising, Leo Sun and Leo Moon are all super-potent. There could even be a kind of Performance Leo score that could include prominent 5th house/Sun emphasis! Eg: Idris Elba is a Virgo but vibes very Leo Moon. Lana Del Rey is Cancerian with Scorpio Rising but to me her Leo Moon is ultra-prevalent.

  2. Wow how apt to find this article now! This is something I’m literally facing at the moment as I realize in these subtle moments I have a choice to go out there and try something, in front of a crowd even if I’m not even 100% close to knowing what I’m doing. You have to start somewhere and the only way to get better is to actually take action in doing or practicing the very thing you want to learn. Things don’t change whilst hiding in the cave!
    I have a Leo moon…but still got this propensity to self limit strong!

  3. You know what that lion needs though. Serious here. A nice tall patch of boulders to climb to the top of, to catch the last of the sun’s rays each day as he surveils his kingdom. Seriously.

    1. So true. I was sun baking any and every solar ray last Saturday here in Tas after floods and rain and zero temps.
      Im a 40 degree south 80 newbie.

      It was heaven.

  4. Isn’t it Libras are diplomats, Caps are ambassadors and Leos are monarchs? They don’t have to sell anything – their will is the all … dahling ;-).

  5. My Leo is second house with Uranus there. I love Uranus there.
    I can turn on a dime with how I earn my money. Uranus always has a quirky solution.

  6. What about that thang you were working on? Wasn’t it an upholstery analogy? I’m probably butchering it, apologies, I don’t remember the specifics. I do remember the color wheel you came up with but this was something else.

    1. SleepfulInBrisvegas

      We soooooo need to catch up. The dust is only just starting to settle for me and I’m hoping the school holidays will give me (and the boy) the reset we both need.

      1. SleepfulInBrisvegas

        Ahhh Southbank also holds very dear memories for me. Especially a little place under the bridge. *sigh*

  7. Funny, I always forget that Leo rules my 3rd.
    I really like creative writing and am Mercury Rising.

    Leo Self Limiting Syndrome in the 3rd?
    I just called it laziness and fear of the spotlight (Pisces MC/Moon in Scorp!).

    Dark Sun Leo in the 3rd.. “sucking up all light in any room, a blur of affectations, frippery, pomposity and faux theatrics”.
    I am afraid my writing style would be criticised thusly!!
    (Aaand using words like ‘thusly’ will of course ensure that result)

    Piscean Pa expected ‘brilliance’ and results without effort or training. He believed in natural born genius and not hard work. It was a stressful ideal for us kids to live up to. Then my proud Scorp Ma was a silent as the tomb for fear of being seen as a fool.

    Conversely Gem partner is big on baby steps and work ethic first.
    As Leo Rules my 3rd, and I am Leo Sun, all his Mercury is soothingly logical.

    1. Wow they are amazing! What a pleasure it must be to see your lil cub dancing. As a Leo, I heartily approve.

  8. Leo daughter is driven. A dancer with incredible skill that has been honed over 12 years of training and commitment. You could compare her regime to an elite athlete. Last nights conversation with 19 yo Leo daughter. ” so you’re going for a tryout with that influential dance company ? Yes, but I won’t get the position. So why are you trying out ? Maybe if you thought you could get it and you can you might actually get it. Dad, you don’t understand I’m not good enough yet.
    Oh ok … Good luck with that ?

    1. No no! Ppl need to be encouraged to try before they feel ready. I mean I have no dance experience lol. But this would let her get a feel for the auditions… Handle nerves..ask her when WILL you be ready?? 20? 22? Etc. No one’s ever ready.

      Maybe yes?

      1. Yes but with her I see that within the field there is this pecking order, quite authoritarian. It’s not just based on skill. And I see that’s she’s just taken her place in the line and she’s accepted that authority.. Like she’s not going to feel her own worth, she’s going to wait for someone else to tell her what her worth is and go along with that.
        I must admit I see it a lot in that age group. We need 19 year olds to be questioning authority, breaking down dinosaur political structures. Raging in the street ! I was 🙂

  9. I absolutely get this. Leo rising with moon-Lilith-Eros-Juno in my 5th (Cap). Post-Chiron return I’ve taken up an instrument with the aim of finally realising my dream to be a singer-songwriter. I battle daily with the knowledge that it doesn’t matter how long I practise and how good I ever became, I will never be as good as someone who’s been playing since they were seven years old, and maybe I’ve left my run too late. So what is the point? Perhaps I’d rather leave the dream intact.
    Being a multi-Pisces it’s very easy to leave the dream intact because it can feel like you’re actually doing it anyway. Although, thanks to the Saturn/Neptune square I am now getting very sharp digs in the ribs of all my stupid choices along the way.

    1. SleepfulInBrisvegas

      Stupid choices already made that don’t need to be made now (freeing up other choices) or to be made again (because you totally learned the lesson!)

      I’ve just recently had my wake up call. Turns out life mission and creative zeal align. Now for the rest to just fall into place. *snorts*

    2. SleepfulInBrisvegas

      Play for your own gratification and enjoyment. If you don’t have that at the bottom of whatever it is (singing, painting, dancing, weaving etc etc) it will always be a hollow and ultimately unfulfilling endeavour.

      Be your first and best audience. And love the process for what it is.

  10. SleepfulInBrisvegas

    Oh this is SO the Libra (ex) Lover (Leo rising). Seething with creative potential but won’t even try anything because he can’t be good at it right away. Told him all creatives have to start somewhere and he just had to deal with that. To begin with something he could do without having to have that need for precision and perfection. *sigh*

    Man, this makes him make so much more sense now. He’d be such a happier person if he could channel that repressed creative zeal into something.

    1. “..such a happier person if he could channel that repressed creative zeal into something.” You’ve just described me!

      1. SleepfulInBrisvegas

        We were sitting in the Japanese gardens section of the Botanial gardens talking about this. Lounging in the grass in the sun, carefully separated by at least a foot’s distance (the only successful platonic date we managed!!). I remember trying to explain that it was as much for fun, for enjoyment. And now I understand in his head he was in competition with himself (or whomever) over being good enough. He made soap, he’d half made a 3D printer (stopped by the fact he couldn’t solder well enough!), there was a dying project somewhere along with books on batik, a guitar abandoned under his bed.

        I was always pretty certain half the attraction was I had tapped my creative well.

  11. So this is why some Aquarius have impossible expectations about their partners? Because they have Leo energy and SLS syndrome in their partnership section? :/

    1. Ooh! As an aqua this hits home.

      That said, I do think the fact that aqua and leo are both fixed and in opposition means that there’s different manifestations of the same energies, and think that this SLS business can sometimes be true for the perhaps more visionary cerebral goals of the aqua as well . . . .

  12. Thanks MM! – you have just helped me understand my very lovely and onto it (thank goodness) but unbelievably self-centred, dramatic and self-pitying boss.

  13. Is it me or do Taurus peeps get no love on MM? So what if we astrologically represent the majority of the “Real Housewives” cast? I barely have any Leo in my chart and I’ve never questioned myself more. (Half-joking, people.)

    1. hehe!

      site-historically (?) speaking, toro does seem to get love, maybe it’s been a little while tho
      it’s nearly Taurus season so (ahem) be patient? ; )

  14. Nothing in Leo but my Pisces sun is in the 5th house and I’m tortured by this sense of all-or- nothing mentality. My ideals are too lofty for my own good and it’s crippling and this post is so poignant and tragically true. How to work with that energy?
    Humility sounds like an island in the Pacific. Is the only means of resolving it just swallowing some pride and doing IT?

    1. So this is probably going to sound *completely ridiculous* but if you Google enough Madonna footage, you will eventually get a picture of someone who is relentless in their quest for numero uno. There was even a clip. Which I think is one of my faves, where she is running a vacuum cleaner thru the rehearsal space, or something, after a bunch of dancers have been thru and then she mouths off at the camera about laziness. However staged this is, I love it so much because I can see the no-bullshit point she is trying to make which is “you are in charge of how and what you create” which is in fact a massive responsibility and which, imho is why it’seaside for ppl to bitch and snipe than it is to get on with their own work and efforts.

    2. Point being. It’s not about swallowing your pride it’s about realising that pride (like the proper earned stuff) is made from many things even though it just looks like finishing touches, but the thing has been meticulously built ground-up, from the raw materials, by You.

      Getting all philosophical here : D

      1. Even if the raw materials are your, like, spiritual input. Self belief is a thing.. well when your very identity is being audited by Saturn you had better have every element of that paper trail on hand. No weak links lol

  15. Unfortunately, this is me and I’m trying to push through. I’m solar Leo 9th, MC, and Saturn & Merc in the 10th. My sun is also at the apex of my t-square and I feel enormous pressure! I totally hide away in my Scorpio rising – people never believe I’m a Leo. Transiting Saturn has been hard-love awesome for me ever since my Saturn return. Even right now with it on my Moon & Neptune, I’m learning to drive that chariot rather than float on the safe waves. Thanks for this post, Mystic!

    1. My Kataka boy’s chart resembles yours a bit.

      He has a Leo 10th/MC with Saturn/Mars conjunction in 10th – tho in Virgo.

      It’s Perfection and red carpets or skulking with yearning face.
      We both have 0 deg Mars in Virgo which I thought was the problem – but maybe it is a Leo problem after all.

  16. 12th house Leo, leo rising, venus and uranus. The 12th house Leo (july) square my 4th moon/nept conjunction….I am happy being behind the scenes but I do like my fair share of attention. These days, in my mid 50’s, I hate not my fair share of glances :/. I was so much more creative and more bold in my 20’s and 30’s. I need to get over myself…eh lol (am currently watching my mother for a month who has dementia….this is really depressing me, sorry)

  17. Leo Moon in my chart. Absolutely true. I always thought it was my Virgo Sun telling me I couldn’t do something because I needed to be perfect but my Leo Moon enforces that.

    Just once I would like to get to a level of saying and doing something I am good at.

    1. seawitchmermaid

      Oh I so see this with my SO, he too has Leo moon but with Virgo rising. All or nothing for sure. Several of us love listening to him play guitar which he does beautifully but he hardly ever does because he doesn’t think he’s good enough to be heard by others!

    2. Leo moon here, too. Been trying to dismantle the perfectionistic thing my entire life. 😛 It IS much easier when I’m doing an activity I absolutely love. Then I just don’t care that it’s not ‘perfect’. 🙂

  18. this pic is so my life at the mo …. leo with grandiose vision living in a little village with little minds…….wot the fuq have i done ?!?!?

  19. This is why I need a housekeeper! Leo rules my 4th and the constant mess in my house (kids! no VIrgo! Taurus laziness and love of shopping plus Gemini boredom threshold of zero — what’s more boring than cleaning?!?) sucks away my creativity and joy. Also I feel like that lion right now looking for a new place and finding myself unable to afford anything worthy or even close. I have a huge chip on my shoulder from growing up in the uncool midwest and spending a decade of my adult life in rural poverty, surrounded by rednecks, and I’ll be damned if I voluntarily live anywhere that’s not spectacular. Huh, I never realized how ridiculously Leo that is!

    1. Love this, hdq – it does sound trés Leo indeed. As a Leo Moon/Libra Asc – I totally get “…and I’ll be damned if I voluntarily live anywhere that’s not spectacular” LOL….
      sounding like the midwest Scarlett Ohara & the “As god is my witness…” vow 🙂

    2. Leo, my home is my castle? Maybe a perspective shift… House proud might sound frump-tastic but I can kinda also see you dressed warrior (Eris) style as you go about the high-stakes production that is Your Personal Kingdom
      Or something : D

      1. Heh, my best is not conventional house proud but little and quirky and definitely warrior woman. With Scarlett O’Hara drapes. 🙂 At the moment tho I just want it to not be that wheelbarrow! Anything but that wheelbarrow.

  20. Very helpful to have this articulated. It’s a Saturn in Leo journey … I’d add moon in cap but since cap ruler is in Leo.. squaring an outer planet in my 5th : general repetition of that energy in my chart, highly likely it’s a developmental path in my life.
    Possibly even a family pattern given at least one of my parents has the same placement Saturn/Leo.
    not having to stay in the wheelbarrow just because I can’t yet buy a chariot, bless your bamboo socks mystic <3

    1. Recently looked at my draconic chart for the first time too. Sun conjunct mercury, plus mars, in LEO
      And Scorpio rising. Hehe.
      I think I need to get into this more somehow

        1. The Draconic chart is so fascinating; maybe someday it can be unpacked here. I don’t really get it still. Soul layers?
          Yes the parentally inherited Saturn in Leo. I have that too. Lots of work on self-forgiveness, shame, and stubborn resistance to healing.

          1. Shame is a THING. it’s huge. I don’t just mean in my own life but it’s there alright, but omfg. I have been reading about the affect of shame, psychologically speaking. It is like prison shackles. Feel so strongly about this but won’t go on here. X

            1. Oh my gosh yes! To all three of these comments. Shame and pride are such fixed, brick wall emotions. To let them go — what freedom and healing. Beautiful xxxxxx

              Dig the word therapy.

          2. Considering that (just thinking about this) that a word used to describe Leo is PRIDE – the complete opposite.
            Fwiw I was doing some DIY word-therapy a while ago and also figured that the ‘opposite’ feeling-word to disappointment was Fulfilment. So that was interesting to mull over…

          3. I have Saturn in Leo as well. Last summer’s Venus in Leo was a huge step forward. I remember playing basketball one morning with tears streaming down my face because I linked missing baskets with a deeper sense of forgiveness towards myself and moving on with all the imperfections.

            1. don’t know if anyone’s still reading here but yes to this. that venus in leo cracked a lot of things open for me too. But competing with natal saturn was a real doozy. esp with saturn going through the final degrees of my 5th house at the same time. now mars there, lol. A lot of facing off with anxiety and self worth still (!!) taking place. Asking the universe for permission to exist. insane, but once recognised…

      1. Draconic is amazeballs. It’s like it sees the most private you. My draconic DRIPS Sagg and Scorp, I digs it 🙂

        1. Yeah it kind of feels like the me that I really want to show the world but can’t or don’t or cbf (Pisces gem influence there lol) or something else weird.

          1. I don’t know anything about the draconic chart but just plugged it in… I’m a multi-Sagg, Gem rising with my NN exact at 0 degrees Aries, i.e. the superpower point of the zodiac… I like the sound of that lol

        2. Moon in CANCER though , maybe that explains my intolerance of people who are mean to kids and vulnerable things

          1. I’m a Libra moon! Maybe we should both take a holiday from our Cap moons and live our other moons for a while

      2. I hope MM does a post on Draconic Charts.
        It’s often spoken of here.
        I read that it is like the oversoul’s destiny.
        Like we have our little galactic map at birth and the Draconic Chart is a glimpse of our Soul’s long term destiny?
        I think it’s a big ask from a chart, but it’s fun to pattern seek.

        Please correct if I am wrong here?!

        1. seawitchmermaid

          Loving the draconic chart convo! I looked up mine and it appears that all my placements are 30* behind a sign than my natal chart. (I.e. Instead of Saturn at 9 sag as it is in my natal, it’s at 9 score).Is everyone’s like this?

  21. Sag Rising & Leo MC

    I have this too, so frustrating, it’s like one step forward and two steps back. Thanks Mystic for enlightening me on my handicap ?

  22. I have Leo in the 5th house and also natal True Node & this is making so much to me atm. I’m trying to create a small life and I can just feel my Leo True Node beating away in the background…

    The tennis bit made me laugh because I’ve been playing tennis weekly for the last few years and I’d much rather play when no one else has booked the courts lol

    1. My husband (Venus in Leo rising) and I (solar + 2 Leo) used to play tennis at night. We’d push the button to make the lights go on. It was also very hot during the day – Midwest no cloud summer. But it’s preferable to chase balls without feeling silly that way.

  23. I friggin’ LOVE July Leos. From Betty Davis (the musician) to Phillip Seymour Hoffman, they’re like haute Taureans on steroids dripping with tenacity and audacity.

    I have yet to meet an August one I can have in my inner circle. The insecurity and pettiness I’ve seen on display is beyond exhausting, it’s like low Aries on crack. Too true about sycophant vibeology, they want to be adored for something they haven’t even done. No doubt life will throw some Haute ones my way one day – woot woot!

    I have my jupiter and lilith in Leo in the 2nd but the house is ruled by Cancer. Leo ruled 3rd house.

    1. Me too on July Leos! They make me laugh my head off.

      Ms Four July Leo: ‘I can’t WAIT to be in preschool, and do you know why, Aunty?’
      Me: ‘Tell me why?’
      Ms Leo, breathy and dramatic: ‘because I Get To Be On The Stage’…..

      Jumps up and does a perfect cheerleader routine no one remembers teaching her!

      School assembly never sounded So Fricking Awesome.

  24. I love that lion. He’s just a big cat or maybe kitty is just a small lion?
    I always plump for Leo rising men in my life and my latest is possibly the one suffering this syndrome most. He’s Aqua sun in the 6th. The previous Leo rising with a Pisces sun in the 8th just carries on with the vortex challenging even if he fails which he can. The previous to that, again a Pisces sun seemed never to fail, his was a path of success and success and the vortex span in his favour always.

  25. Gawd this is literally my mum. Gemini moon and a lot of Taurus elsewhere. This woman hoiked across Australia from Perth to the east coast in a mini minor with nothing but her and a black labrador in the 60s. Then trekked off by herself from London then all through the continent to the middle east, by herself. Unmarried. Solo catholic irish chick from perth. Unheard of!!

    The sexism of her upbringing and horrible education via catholic nuns put her off any formal education. When she came back to Perth with me in tow, she settled for a single mothers pension and retreated to her books.

    What a waste! She would have been a fantastic academic researcher or writer … but all that Taurus kept her stuck to watching the cricket. Sad.

    1. seawitchmermaid

      I just looked up single mothers pension… I live in the states and there’s no such thing. 🙁 Hits close to home, I know single mums where that payment could make all the difference in their families lives.

      1. seawitchmermaid

        (Yes there are other programs available, I’m just always surprised when I see certain social programs from other countries!)

      2. Yes in Australia we have had some wonderful social welfare policies including things like the single mother’s pension and Medicare – which basically provides basic health care assurance to all Australians. It especially protects people on low income as they can get discounts for medication, travel, study costs and free access to a GP.

        Sadly all this is slowly being eroded away by a government that is more concerned with crowing about a “surplus” than they are about the health of the nation.

  26. “Leos can literally limit themselves because their expectations are so grandiose, that they constitute more of an alternative dimension.”

    Excuse me while I got and re-evaluate my entire life.

    This is so me – the dream is so big any move towards it seems to jeopardise. Learning to work towards it anyway is tough.

    1. I can totally relate to this too! I’m Leo rising with a stellium in my fifth house and I’ve finally got into making art and writing but I always feel like ….what’s the point – there’s already so much art out there – it’ll probably hardly be noticed lol but I keep telling myself …no first off you’re doing this for yourself- you have a need so just do it! What with that and my Virgo sun perfectionism/ worryville….eeek

      1. No planets in Leo, but I do have a fifth-house stellium and several planets in Virgo, and my mind runs through the exact same set of caveats as yours does.

        My mother has her Moon conjunct Pluto in Leo, and I’ve seen up close how distorted the Leo energy can become when it’s not given a healthy channel to express itself.

        This post is so timely for me, it’s uncanny. Thank you, Mystic.

      1. AbsintheDragonfly

        Oh me too.

        Leo rising with Cappy stellium in the 5th. I’ve found if I remind myself that I do it for myself FIRST, and that the people my perfumes vibe with will find me, that helps with the “Why should I even bother?” thoughts.

        1. It’s about the SOUL vs the EGO, right?
          The soul wants to create, like a child who is moved in the moment, and innocent of judgement

          It’s only the ego that worries about whether or not our contribution is any better or different to what else is out there, or sufficiently perfect, or whether we will fall flat on our face. Our soul just likes to play tennis, or sing or paint, or whatever, because it expresses part of our spirit.

          I have Mars in Leo opp natal Saturn in Aqua 3rd (square a very creative but not-sure-she is good enough Venus-nept conj in 12th), and Virgo Uranus on MC opp Jup/Chiron in Pisces 4th, both of which square my 1st house Sagg Sun Merc.

          So both the Leo and Virgo kinds of ego fears (best in pond vs damn well perfect) have tended, in adult life, to cripple my creativity (venus neptune) and my light/voice (Sun/Merc),

          But it’s when I’ve freely expressed my thoughts (3rd house) and feelings (4th house) through music or singing or lyrics or dance or even academia, without letting fears of whether I hit the target (Leo 9th) or will gain esteem (Virgo 10th) crippling me, that I move people and seem to both hit the target AND gain esteem – some of which I only find out about years later when not looking for kudos. Something strange along those lines happened just recently, to remind me to keep writing songs…

        2. Yes I think this might be part of it? Hmm. Part of me has somehow determined, incorrectly maybe, that in order to do good things in the world (“help teh people”) I have to sacrifice /abandon the things that bring me the most joy (how does writing a song or poetry do absolutely anything for our exploitation of fisheries in international waters, for example lol)

          WHOA. Hold up there, Pisces needs to think about this.

          1. Someone once said to me that you do a good thing in the world whenever you shine your light.
            They said this when I was self-guilting that singing/songwriting was not saving the world. But too much saving the world – my day job – leaves me sad and drained…and yet there are still people who are uplifted by me expressing true feelings with words and voice. It’s not much – reaching one soul at a time and making them feel less alone through art of some kind – but it’s something. I have to remind myself daily of this to break Depression-era Protestant work ethic consciousness that moulded me.
            De-guilt thyself, darling Pi – let’s all make it a soul-freeing project xx

            1. AbsintheDragonfly

              I felt my most stifled creatively when I had 3 toddlers. I was expending so much energy nurturing and loving, and raising them to be small people, that I really had nothing left for creative ventures. I spent a lot of time just writing rambling things in my journal as I recall. Once I wasn’t breastfeeding them so much, I had more energy, and I started singing opera again. Not because I wanted to go out and audition, but because I needed to feed my soul by bringing something out into the world. (Taurus moon conj MC).

              The creative things that bring me the most joy, are sensual things. Good food, music, clothes, perfume, etc.

              Whoever told you that Pandora was wicked smart. I would have to agree 🙂 We’re here to share our unique spirit, and we can’t do that unless we release “into the wild” what we create.

              Good stuff.

    2. Pisces with Sagg Rising

      Yep – I have moon in Leo and this post has just made a penny drop. I will also be re-evaluating my entire life…

      1. Me Too !…my whole life!…..Me, moon in Leo , Aqua rising….ohhh,the critic !………someone once said to me she couldn’t understand why more Aquarians weren’t murdered…I wonder too….having a Aquarian mother :0)… and myself Aqua rising……poor old Leo Moon !

    1. He was high on patriarchy and privilege, as were the parents, probation officer, friends, and all other apologists. He was on rape culture and athlete worship. He was on business as usual. None of them counted on Lilith in Scorpio.

        1. No, he’s in jail, but in protective custody and will get out in 3 months instead of 6. >:(

          Lilith in Scorpio is the fury and backlash from the public. He has moon-mars in Libra, and I think it triggered the entire Pluto in Libra generation to say hey, 20 years ago that was us, we’ve never spoken about it until now, and we will no longer be silent. Many vigilantes waiting, and good.

            1. I would prefer a decent prison term. Some dipshit wannabe girlfriend like his friend who said ‘rape isn’t always rape’ will keep him from feeling too lonely when he gets out. Until he realises that what he did was wrong, justice hasn’t been served.

              1. True, but these days unless you mega millions rich like Woody Allen, try getting a job, girlfriend, new friends after that unwanted rise to fame. The internet is unrelenting and does not soon forget. That kid who got famous for negative reasons doing the star wars light saber thing… He can’t move on with his life even though that meme is way over. People still fuck with him. 🙁

                1. Nah, I don’t think that internet mockery and/or a shite job satisfies the need for justice. It will be served somehow. Of this I have no doubt.

            1. Alternatively he needs a very good jungle justice outcome. For example. If this were a real-time karmic system, he could only ever be employed as a dumpster truck driver or street cleaner. Now, that is not intended as an affront to the people who do absolutely essential work of keeping streets clean. But it is one idea for poetic justice for someone who commuted such a crime and for whom his family etc held such “high hopes” so to speak.

      1. Unicorn Sparkles

        Yup. He was not the victim but youd have thought as much from the spin.

        He’ll never swim in the olympics.

        cry me a river.

  27. 1) A+ photo choice
    2) “Hesitating to fuq with that vortex, Leo withdraws rather than try and re-arrange the atomic structure” amazing sentence, and so true
    3) makes me curious about other forms of afflicted grandiosity in the chart as well…

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