Memo From The Moon In Leo

People, the Leo Moon is an opportunity to regain composure and dazzle, no matter how dark the clouds.

Shit-house news days, terrible events, mass grief, fears, solar flares, whacko dictators, wondering if your wee is glowing in the dark because of your wondrous vitamins or because your radioactive – it is not easy at the moment.

But remember people who lived through trying times and still maintained their standards. The Queen Mother traipsing around London during the Blitz, determined to bring cheer to her people, a trail of Vol De Nuit scenting the otherwise acrid air behind her…soldiers or firefighters getting up at 5 am, polishing their boots and getting on with it, no matter HOW they’re feeling…the unbelievable grace from the Japanese people as they go about their terrible days…seriously, no looting?

Being present looking one’s best, with a fabulous Leonic smile on one’s face, when some have low morale (disasters, even if they’re not personally applying, stir up all manner of personal angsting) is your duty.

Also, think of how diverting and truly radical it would be right now to embark on a Leo style makeover.

Yes, now is the time to become more into Hair, Art, Music, Cinema, Beauty, Flowers, and your personal Regality.  Responding to stress with a plan to reclaim your ultra is radical.

“War turns us to stone. In remembrance, we shine and rise to new days.”

You cannot control tectonic plates or stop the Sun from flaring (w.t.f.?), but you can radiate Beauty & Strength in your own environment.

In fact, fuq it. From now on, maybe the only solar flares around here should be coming from your gigantic ego, gleaming teeth, ever-green bamboo-style always growing genius, and the golden glow of your aura/complexion?

You being sad or drab won’t fix dark energy in the world. Your frivolity and vanity won’t break anything either. Make art, make love, make a cake, make your bed –


Luna In Leo

Image: Guo Pei Haute Couture

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Geisha 2.0

Venus I’d love to have you come out for an evening of food and wine touring in Melbourne with me sometime! You’re right that as a Geisha (even a modern day urban one) you can’t really have an “off” night. Which is why I don’t take people out every night of the week and why I try and invite people who will contribute as much to the evening by being positive about the experience. I want to have a fun night and have meaningful interactions just as much as everyone else. Yes, I bring my melbourne food and wine knowledge… Read more »


This Virgo has finally started buying myself new clothes in the past week so that I can finally start looking spunky again for my wife (or at least as spunky as my average body will allow me to look). It’s been years since I bought new clothes (as opposed to sewing my own or buying at op shops) and I am feeling all good again. Mind you, I could stand to lose a few kgs around the middle so Leo Moon has set me on a bit of a restart of my exercise kick. Though Moon in Leo might be… Read more »


Herby, hats, hats & more hats, all sorts. And scarves. Or radical
shave centre & long back, NO not mullet but plait-ie, lock-sie bits?
Or all of the above,’ you have many choices & you can create
many looks’ , said the ex-hairdresser & people dresser 🙂

The Head can be Used for Many Purposes.


Ooh … I like the idea of hats … I could get a fetish for them quite easily … Thanks for the idea.

Can’t do radical shave because have a conservative work environment (well, not the office but when I see clients). But who knows, maybe a hairdresser will have an idea 🙂


Have you read ‘Memoirs of a Geisha’ it was set in pre-war Japan. Post war she opened a tea House in NY. Good read. Opened something ‘similar’ to that site in the mid-80’s called ‘Silk Degrees’,with buzzline ‘Smooth as Silk Hostesses’, yup loved Boz Scaggs then & just back from 3 years in Singapore. Companions & True Escorts for Interstate & O/S business men for tennis, backgammon, dates & dinners. The women were obliged to wear suits & have briefcases but had the de-riguer silk fabulous lingerie underneath. (it WAS 80’s). Getting the right hostesses was the biggest problem then… Read more »

venus a-go-go

I just find this sort of customer service so interesting. You just can’t have an off night. You have to be fabulous all the time.

Fabulous takes _a lot_ of energy. Sometimes I don’t always have those sort of resources.

How did you cope?


this may b an unorthodox move but moon in a fire sign seems apt theres a pile of free firewood on nelson st in annandale btwn # 131 and 129 if anyone cant afford power bills over winter but has a fireplace get on down there theres 2-3 nights worth x i dont live there just drove past so if you’ve been thinking u wnt 2 take me out cos i’m on yr shitlist it’s a no go xx


Very cute 🙂
As a Cappy-Sagg, i would do both:
Ignore the data AND change beliefs after
my loaded 8th house has given it deep thought.

venus a-go-go



Also, I just LOVE that photo of the woman putting on her crown.


Sun, Venus, Mars, Mercury in Leo and feeling a healthy grown up ego developing here. Some stuff went down at work and taught offenders not to stick thorns in the Lion’s paw. No, no. Then went to the mall and saw a baby tiger on a chain being pranced around for the crowd, a mascot or something and I got upset and had to look away. I have always loved big cats as a child. Note to self. Don’t keep personal power on a chain or at least make sure the chain’s got a lot of give. To quote Lady… Read more »


The very best thing i did for my look was to buy some blue powder & activator from the wholesale Hair Suppliers & do my own streaks (and saved 800 a year to boot). The suppliers to hair salons are Leo Heaven if you can swing it, plus now the sun kisses as they used to be called, go exactly where i want them, not according to where hairdresser wants them & it’s never looked so good as in natural. Had fringe done 3 years ago to save on facework as it hides surprise & puzzlement lines on forehead &… Read more »


Pegasus – This is an amazing music site, just been working my way through the music on offer and it’s incredible. What a great find, thank you so much for this link, it’s going to break my budget! btw, I use Paintbox to put purple streaks through my hair. I just paint it on with a toothbrush and top it up when it fades. very cheap and cheerful. I think I might try pink next time.


I found Leo kitty asleep yesterday in a pot with the blooming roses! 😯

I let him stay there figured he needed some Leo time… 😯

Hathor's Horns

Thanks Mystic for a very inspiring post. No wonder I was having the urge to crop my locks. Its Leo time again hallelujah! So far so good in Tokyo… its true everyone is so business as usual and the only theft I heard of was of my friend’s family temple (so a pox on those bastards – cant be good juju stealing from a temple can it?!) Am gonna put on my glow and no its NOT from the radiation 😉


True, the Japanese don’t loot and they don’t vandalize. Graffiti doesn’t exist there and muggings/street violence are almost unheard of. It’s not utopia, but it has some of the lowest crime rates in the world.


Dear Mystic,

You are the coolest, seriously badass evah. Just sayin’.


That’s so funny! I was just wondering what solar flares could mean for us Leos and bam!

Got my hair cut, then dyed my hair red. Leo stuff – check!

iphone met the mellow overnight toilet this morning via baby no. 2. He got some pluto in his Capricorn I guess. As a Gemini Rising with Mercury in the 2nd house of values and possessions, this was a painful way to start the day…


Stick it in rice for a couple of days, and don’t turn it on

Bit gross to stick near your face though….


Oooh thanks shell!!!! I will disinfect it after it has been to see the phone doctor, maybe even do a ritual cleansing with dried sage.. 😉


Andromeda, why do i think of you as a blonde, i wonder.
Coz you was?
Think of you as ‘the girl from Ipanema’ maybe the South
American connection & BEACH 🙂


Well in the last two weeks or so I have been blonde, brunette and now a deep red.. Gem Rising Pegs, Gem Rising. 🙂

Hey, could you recommend me a good colon cleaner in Melbs? Just read that Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui book and was quite freaked out. Enough so that I have three people who now want to do it too! I can’t remember the thread we were chatting on to look up your prev recommendations. Thank you and THANK YOU for the Girl from Ipanema connotation, I’ll wear that!!!!

Uranian&Plutonic Virgo

Bravo Mystic!

And I got the memo last night, thinking this morning I’d wash my hair and have it all lovely whilst doing errands.

Red Head Gem

My leo moon bows down.


Thanks MM! I too am exercising the audacious gracious over the crap at work AND waiting, patient (for a SAGG!) and gracious for love to come to it’s senses and return…all done with the blonde leonine mane I have been nurturing over the last two years…the time alone I HAVE used to polish and love and nurture..I grew up between two Leos…sigh..sometimes you just need to succumb to a lot of self loving..Like FireyBovine it has also been major heartbreak that has made me come to appreciate the ‘style’ in self love.


… made me remember that the first time I really started working an uberslick style was a really major heartbreak – I was so low but everyday I had to work, as long as I looked amazing I could get through it … and the scent was prada lol

great post mystic


I try to apply this kind of thinking to my every day life. Regality at all times is an absolute must! Now whether or not others see it as Regality, I don’t give a fuq. With my Aqua moon and Scorp ascendant my sense of royalty always has a dark and eccentric twist to it. Wouldn’t have it any other way! I’ll be over there drinking toxic green Absinthe and sporting a look like the Asian women from Trent Reznor’s Perfect Drug video. Only adorned with more purple and silver (never much cared for gold. Terrible Leo I am in… Read more »


As a rising leo, I feel so un-leonic right now. ugh. hair is frizzing out due to weather, but aside from that… hmmm.

I guess I have my manners on. I haven’t had any major hissy fits or lost my temper. Regal, tho? Hmmm. Certainly don’t feel iit. Need crown and scepter.


I was chatting with my hair stylist the last couple of visits, about our admiration for Derek Jacobi and the old I, Claudius miniseries and some recent roles he played. Then last week, it suddenly dawned upon me what she was doing, she was giving me a Caesar haircut! I asked her if she was doing that deliberately, she said, “oh of course!” Well, at least she made me look more like young Tiberius, rather than old Claudius.

L Cat

Fabulosity at it’s best Mystic! thanks for the reminder re radiating Beauty & Strength.
Chinese proverb: ” you can’t stop the birds of sorrow flying overhead, but you can prevent them from building a nest in your hair…”
Heartache for the Japanese. And yes they are such an amazing nation.

Luscious Leo

Yes, Mystic you so get the Leo spirit. Shine on! Thank you L Cat for your words of wisdom.


Yep. Failed at doing “venus grounded”, didn’t get the “memo from the moon in leo” in time either. Not that I would’ve abided….. and I’m reading the daily mystic for tomorrow….. I’m already on the downer. I dunno. I have natal Mars in Leo – so instead I just did mega drama; and then Venus in Cancer – and gripped as tightly as I could. Aries moon said “I’m going to do whatever the hell it is I want to do and think about the consequences later”! I’m a right mess. I would la-la-LOVE to do a Leo style makeover… Read more »


Hugs mate. Hugs.


Hey Woohoo, sorry to hear it didn’t really work out as you hoped. To channel a bit of Nat here, my suggestion would be you need to focus on yourself, as you said why you keep diving in, going back. You can’t account/control others actions only your reactions. Why are you allowing him to come and go in that way? What keeps you holding on? Etc. I know this is frustrating to read and really you just want to pick through their flaws, but really, what good does it do you sitting around hoping things go wrong for him so… Read more »


Yeah. I know. That’s what I’ve been beating myself up over mostly since it happened. I keep saying “why on Earth do you want him?” I think it’s the Cancer Sun, Neptune in the first house just continuing to say “it’s fate, it’s meant to be, can’t you feel it?” And the strange history that we had. I do focus on myself, and my needs, and that’s another thing that I’ve been beating myself up over. I think I did it too much, and drove him away a bit by doing so. But I wanted to have my own life… Read more »


I so know where you are coming from Woohoo, and really don’t know the answer to the whole extraction process. So instead I have an anecdote that will hopefully amuse you to the extent it is amusing me After much time doing what you are doing over someone I finally got the courage to go I’m out of here. I resisted this for a long time because I thought i had a habit of bailing when I don’t get what I want (Leo mars also) and always felt, with this one, that the issues could be resolved with some honest… Read more »


Haha. Oh Lord! My exit strat was the disappearing act too. Hence the repetition of history – unfinished business. I ‘spose you’ll have to tackle it head on… I don’t know what part of my Mars in Leo is curbed and likes to do these things in private….. but I have a Sun and Mars in Leo friend and if she was in your position, well…. better clear a path and not stand to close to him because she’s gonna throw a drink at him and create a scene. Is that like you at all? Her definition of a conversation… Read more »


No I’m not the screaming match type. I’ve Leo rising as well as Leo mars, but good old get a grip love Saturn is parked there as well, in cancer in the 12th. Quiet self-flagellation followed by fk this I’m out of here much more my style. And I think that’s what it’s about, recognising your style, why it’s your style, and when it’s appropriate to either rely on or break out of your style. Because sometimes people are time sucks and one does have to get out, and sometimes it is your own fear and insecurity. Recognising when, why,… Read more »

fallen angel

Woohoo darling, please, I’ve just been Libra’d with the same net result as yours. I thought HE totally apperated elsewhere but I hear from him again, asking to plan a trip to do some furniture shopping. Apparently, when it comes to Home Tree, I am his go-to bitch. Woteva. Clearly, it is all unresolved. BUT. Here is my new policy. And before I unveil it, let me just say as a Kataka myself, you have oodles of empathy on the strands of connective soul tissue to the ones we love, we care for and adore – regardless of how undeserving… Read more »


Beautifully written and exactly what us hopeless V in Kataka peeps need. A good solid shovel of reasoning that or a gentle wack in the head with said shovel.

I have conquered my usual V In K patterns plus a healthy scorp/leo ego (which does not help one little bit) and was relishing being in a relationionship completelly free of the usual desperate texts and longing- surpisingly with another V in K boy. Then wack- he may be taking a job in another city FUQ!!!
Saturn gimme a break I’ve been soooo good. So sad today.

fallen angel

Oh, leogroover that IS sad. However. Yes, that’s a fancy “but” if there ever was one. You don’t think this sort of fits? Considering that it sounds like there’s a healthy space with VinK Boy and it seems you’re each coming from quite a strong and solid sense of self? I’m wondering if the Universe is presenting both of you with an opportunity to forge a relationship like you’ve never had before. It sounds like the “drama” or let’s call it the “twist” in the story is coming from an external source ie a job opportunity and not really hesitation… Read more »


Sad to read LG. You’ve sounded like you’ve been having a ball with said Sparkly one.
Like Angel says, a catalyst, or new frontier?
I hope it works out okay.


Darling Angel, you really have outdone yourself with that one. 🙂


I like the point about circuit breakers…

Aqua Fey

Amen Mystic. Amen.


Why WOULD there be looting in Japan?


Other countries are not so polite & do prey on other
peoples misfortune is why it is mentioned!

Hermes love

Grand Mystic , Thank you for shedding Light on us . These are exciting Times they come with a Price! To be , to love and to be loved Is the answer !!!
Love to All!!! Mystic thank you for being here for us!

Ali B Aqua

Oh Mystic, your words bring me to tears. I had just reached a joyful place, literally only moments before reading this. My body feels relieved after days sugmerged in seemingly endless fuzz. The planets was spinning and now… arrrghh, its golden again.

Off to create more of my own personal Regality.

bull with sting in tail

Nothin’ doin’ It’s as if I hate the future, while I’m referring to the past While I’m pulling information and also attempting parse When I see my own reflection, as what I’m tempt to pass When I no longer see, the humour in the farce When full of disinformation, when truth is truly sparse Whence i truly came to this, and nailed it to the mast Is when my logic deserted me, and emotion took its course When industry went easterly, and with it fear of force What exists there now and now, we cannot see nor ken When what… Read more »

plutonic gem

Wow, great words, love the tricky wordsmithing and the veiled lamenting, I so feel it

Aqua Fey

Just beautiful, really amazing


Love it!


Wow BWSIT. That’s the best I’ve read of yours on this blog.


~~~took a segue via la parfum section on the way home today. I may be on the level but at least I smell like top shelf.

Raising a glass for the above Big Love manifesto.

Cheers! x


I will remember your post Mystic and duck the idiot rain with a smirk pasted on my face.

My hair looks bigger than usual today, actually no need to mince words: hair looks like bad coiffure exploded on my head. Leo moon explains.


sorry it was my boss who will be sliced and diced


thanks MM for reminding me to be gracious in the company of idiots. My chastised me twice in front of a large crowd at a work doo. I will be sharpening my claws for tomorrow however

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