Stealth Jupiter & The Weekly Horoscopes

Me Yesterday: Reflects that, although I wrote that Jupiter in Pisces will be ultra-potent, it’s not really having that much of an effect on me, a Sun Sign Pisces. (Makes notes for a post on Pisceans being possibly immune to Jupiter’s bombastic and hyper-everything influences.)

Me A Few Hours Later: Realizes that since Jupiter entered Pisces two weeks ago, I have slept with a moldavite nugget taped to my third eye (a metaphysical experiment with broad parameters) and had my Alta Major chakra rebalanced. I’ve sworn to denounce delusion and hypocrisy while realizing the importance of being around or connected to people with vision.

So maybe it is influential after all?

Image: Ferdinand Cacnio

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  1. Thank you, Mystic, for all the hard work you’ve been doing on the site and the insightful email this morning for the crazy astro weekend. I’m Scorp with 25’11 Cap midheaven so this should be interesting. I’m working on de-accessioning old clothes, books, everything from lifetimes past, for the unknown future.

  2. Alta Major chakra rebalanced – wow! What a read that link was!
    Thinking of higher vibrations in relation to covid fears, I stumbled across this in New Age Bible Interpretation by Corinne Heline. (The Masons had a special regard for the stumbling block – the discarded stone that became the corner stone. Just by way of an aside.)
    โ€œSongs of Praise lift the rate of vibration of the body atoms which have been vibrating below the level of health and thus they destroy the disease. When the body rhythm harmonises with the keynote of the spirit sounding in the medulla oblongata the manifestation of disease is impossible, because this point in the etheric body vibrates in unison with the celestial patterns or archetypes in the universe of which the human being is a microcosm.โ€

  3. Was always wondering if I was the only one not experiencing Jupiter’s bombasticness as a Sun-sign pisces. So does this mean we experience it more nuanced or in a more grounded way?

  4. thousand pardons, i read the blog and the email and understand the format changed and it is brilliant.

  5. Pisces Sun here.. I wasn’t sure how it affected me in lockdown Melbourne but on Monday morning I woke up to a weird refund on a purchase I didn’t return and a phone company calling me offering me credits.. (it wasn’t a scam I triple checked) so I felt that it was a great sign that the universe is looking out for me. I was also contacted about several job opportunities. Yet to see how this all will pan out but I do feel that whatever happens, it will work out for me and loving the expanding world that Jupiter might offer. .

  6. wow, moldavite on the third eye! I can only manage it as a pendant. it feels really hot and I wear it when I feel hypo to give me a kick. as for jupiter, I felt it big time! as soon as it entered pisces, it trined my own jupiter in cancer, and during that week I had the most divine dreams and felt very googoo, almost ecstatic, for no reason. but then it’s transiting in my 8th and my jupiter is in the 12th. I remember the years of jupiter in pisces as years when I feel like dressing in eccentric clothes, but most importantly wearing colours <3 (I found it extremely difficult to wear black for work when I had to).

  7. It sure looked pretty next to the moon last night! I have an air bath during witching hour (when my bladder calls) and soak in the rays every night since the eclipse.

  8. Well I’ve gone into therapy. Amazing revelations after the first sesh. Dreams abounding. Weirder than ever before which is really saying something. I feel like my heart is opening after a loong long time.

  9. Corduroy jeans

    Just to add to Oracle experiences below – past few days I had the “Oracle will be ready by time of next Lunar Eclipse in Sag” (with cool pic, but no access to Oracle); then 24 hours ago it changed to a huge font message about Oracle uses (a font size I imagine/know MM would never deliberately leave be) with same cool planetary pic but this time, clicking on font led to Oracle (so I assumed some details were still a WIP); and THEN just this morning I cleared my cache and ta-da !! Access to a brand new Oracle page with links to some really cool posts, plus same cool pic, plus link to Oracle. My last and only question is – who is My Muse? The Oracle told me she is the only one to follow. It can’t be me. And if I dye my hair white and black like Emma Stone’s Cruella I might scare the cat. Heading off now, right ho..

    1. Oh good – yes caching is out of control at the moment – I’m doing everything i can to try and trigger Safari, in particular, and IOS to load it properly, which is why the menu looks weird at the mo – it is faster loading.

      1. Corduroy jeans

        It is because even the tech can’t keep ahead of the zeitgeist like you, MM – it hasn’t evolved to cope with fast footed change, yet.๐Ÿ˜„ Hello, Uranus in Taurus !!

  10. I haven’t popped in to comment as much in recent years but am still a subscriber! Just silently lurking… I just wanted to say that I bought a horse that needed a new name (that’s a whole different story lol) and mulled it over as I got to know him. Nothing felt right. I was buying coffee and someone suggested “Jupiter” and I was like that’s it! Jupiter!

    So now I have a horse named Jupiter! lol. He is a classic Gemini with a very active mind and hilarious sense of humor. His Mercury is in Cancer trine his natal Jupiter which is also very apparent in his expression of emotions. We both have Sun square Moon so I feel that I understand a part of his core being that is something I also struggle with (not the most fun and easy aspect).

    His North Node is in Libra on my South Node, if anyone has ideas about what that could mean it’s something I’ve pondered and am interested in…

  11. Corduroy jeans

    Eclipse season heavy. So tired. Despite its “fairground” alt-dimension status am learning (thanks MM for handy articulation as always). Loving the changes.

  12. Pisces ascendent here – I just bought a piece of moldavite too!! Can’t wait for it to arrive in the mail so I can experience it. I’d still be interested in a post about Pisceans being immune to this Jupiter transit….

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      Hey I’m a Pisces ascendant.

      I don’t think I’m immune to this Jupiter transit.

      The proof is in the pudding. I came out of a shop in my town today after yoga.
      I ran into my insidious neighbours from that small town I lived in.

      The bull dog of a wife muttered something about me not being any lighter after cancer. I just called them white trash. They knew I was happier. They certainly were not.

      So sitting at the bus stop later waiting for my taxi I managed to laugh about it with Jupiter Glee instead of getting in my head and overanalysing it.

      I went home and had a coffee with my new neighbours/friends and
      felt very grateful at how far I have come emotionally. I feel so light.๐ŸŒŸ

      Jupiter is currently transitting my 12th house and squaring my natal Neptune.

  13. I’m getting more kudos for my knowledge and experience than I have in over a decade. (Pisces sun in 5th natally conjunct 10th house Jupiter.) My ego is pumped!

  14. Hehe, know what you mean, Mystic! Stuff is happening through our actions in daily life that we miss because no proverbial apple falls on our heads while reading a book under the tree.
    Jupiter in Pisces will be in my 7th and The Lovers + Two of Cups + Knight/King of Cups keep showing up in Tarot….with my love life drier than Gobi desert. ๐Ÿ˜„ I was like…..Enough!! Researched and contacted an executive matchmaking service yesterday. We gotta make it happen through actions.

    1. Jupe in my 7th as well, my year-ahead transit report had some really good practical applications for maxing this out. I have a troublesome work situ to which I will be applying Jupiter magic to solve for me.

      1. I don’t know if Jupiter is magic. Maybe more confidence. I had my Jupiter return and conjunction with Cap stellium and Aqua Sun pass by unnoticed (with the exception of Moon, when I bought my current lovely apartment). I am not holding high hopes for when it passes over my Descendent in January. Hope you are able to use the increased hope and optimism to conquer the work situation. ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Well this is interesting as i’ve been obsessed with the vagus nerve for a while, but since Jupe entered Pisces i’ve actually begun a morning routine which includes deep breathing and immersing my face in iced water. This is supposed to have the same effect of stimulating the vagus nerve as a cold shower has – but far less brutal. With the added benefit of an instant face lift effect (Cary Grant vouched for this – & look how fab he always looked). I’m addicted to it now, plus it makes me feel sharp instantly without my obligatory cup of coffe. The vagus nerve is in league with the Alta Major chakra. So maybe Jupiter in Pisces is doing a hack into BodyMind-Spirit Consciousness union?

    1. Same here my interest about the Vagus nerve. Ice water on the face? Thanx Scarab will try.
      Having some weird digestive issues is reason for vagus nerve exploration.Apparently Body Guru (Prameet) says there are some yoga poses for it’s wellbeing he said he’s send me. LOve the ‘thesis’ on the Alta Major was from Alice Bailey’s work, what a tripper she was ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Just tested on Opera and Firefox too, and still get the same page. So, it’s not a browser issue.

  16. Crystallised future

    Heck, as a person who has most of the 8th house as Pisces – Sun and 3 other planets in there – since Jupiter hit Pisces, my ex and his new wife have pulled a power stunt of epic proportions that I would have bet everything I owned 2 months ago would never take place. This Pisces is REELING from the effects of Jupiter! And itโ€™s not even in aspect to any of my Pisces/Virgo planets yet!

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