The Ultimate Aquarius Traits Guide


ORIGINAL: Aquarians don’t give a toss about the generally accepted version of reality. They don’t march to the beat of a different drummer – they march to the beat of an instrument that hasn’t even been invented yet. Throughout history, Aquarians have been the mystics dabbling in alchemy, the mavericks insisting that the earth is round or that it revolves around the sun when everyone knew that our world was the centre of the galaxy. Astronomer Galileo got excommunicated and placed under house arrest yet still managed to invent the telescope, among other things. Aquarians are nearly all inventive by nature. It is a rare Aquarius who has not got a few mind-bending concepts tucked away.

VISIONARY: The future is here and it looks like fun, says the fearless Aqua. Aquarians enjoy visualising a Uptopian new world order. They really do vibe to the Age of Aquarius: “Harmony and understanding…mystic crystal revelations.”

REVOLUTIONARY: Even the most seemingly straight, sheepish, gray-tracksuit wearing Aquarius person you know is quietly subverting society. They don’t necessarily need green hair or extensive body hair to do it. These natural-born radicals tend to live ahead of their times. The world needs them because they believe in changing the world and empowering practically everyone. They’ll happily take a day off from whatever it is they officially do to get involved in a protest campaign. Aquarians believe in consumer power and put their money where their mouth is. An amazing proportion of them are vegetarians and no matter what the temptation, they tend not to buy products from companies with abhorrent politics or environmental non-policy. To an Aquarius, there is no such thing as a minority and even if there is, why is that an excuse to ignore it?

STUNNING: Aquarians are stunning in a space-age way. Their face has the symmetry of Libra but with an alien air. Their charisma is wired, hyped, and capable of literally changing the energy in a room. They tend to polarise people, producing emotions of either extreme attraction or actual repulsion.

HILARIOUS: Aquarians are extraordinarily funny. Their iconoclastic sense of humour and lack of regard for convention produce an apt flippancy like nothing else. As someone once said  of U.S. actress Tallulah Bankhead “Tallulah never bored anyone and that is humanitarianism of a very high order indeed.” An accomplished stage, movie, radio and TV performer, she even starred in the original Batman series. An openly bisexual, cocaine-snorting actress, she had affairs with people as diverse as actors Gary Cooper and Greta Garbo. “Daddy warned me about men and booze but he never said a word about women and cocaine.”

ELECTRIFYING: They are the all-time greatest networkers – they match-make soul mates and casually perform career-altering introductions. Aquarians alter someone’s life for the better without even noticing they’re doing it. Sometimes they’ll find you something before you even know you need it. If they can be bothered tuning in to you for five seconds, the advice is superb. But bear in mind that five seconds is the base unit of Aquarian concentration. That’s as long as it takes to say “here is the number of my genius osteopath” or “you should be working with my friend Thingie, I’ll email the company tomorrow.”


ERRATIC: Aquarians can completely freak out at having to attend something as innocuous as a wedding invitation but put a note in their planner to overthrow the pharmaceutical industry complex next Tuesday. In social life they go way beyond playing devil’s advocate. The Aquarian will tell outrageous fibs to bolster their suddenly held view that the world has, in fact, been flat all along. Why? Because they can. Blessed with a highly active sixth sense, Aquarians have problems tuning into the usual five senses. They see things that aren’t there, hear voices when nobody is in the room, and get electric shocks from things that aren’t even electric. They get the giggles at momentous occasions. Aquarius is officially associated with groups but, like so much to do with this sign, that’s really more of a concept. In real life, Aquarians often dislike groups. Belonging to one would mean they’d have to cooperate or, as they call it, compromise their principles.

BOMBASTIC:  An Aquarius does not just clean the house. They find that sort of stifling bourgeois shit too tiresome. Instead, the Aquarian rearranges the furniture, sandblasts the floors, tears a wall down if possible, gets the place feng shuied, and buys new linen. Though they are the opposite sign to Leo, they share the huge ego. An Aquarius languishing from lack of attention takes it just as hard as Leo. But Leo knows how to suavely switch the spotlight back onto themselves. Aquarius starts saying the most dreadful things, regardless of whom they alienate. Aquarians have just two social speeds: focused suck-up mode for people worth impressing and maverick-genius-goads-intellectual-inferior mode.

COLD: Due to their oft-adopted glacially cool detatchment, it can be difficult to tell what an Aquarius person is feeling. Why? Because they have no feelings, at least, not as normal people know them. They feel that an overt display of actual emotion is almost wanton. If you confide an important secret to an Aquarian, just be aware that they are already thinking of you as Subject A, or as something akin to a lab rat. Aquarius ponders the correct response, wondering whether to issue the verbal equivalent of a rat food pellet or weensy electric shock. This “life is a laboratory” approach garners valuable information for Aquarians’ ongoing research into humanity project and gives them clues for how they might best fake a feeling, should circumstances require it.

ARROGANT: Aquarians love humanity but loathe people. They can easily work up more emotion on behalf of beggars in the street or battery hens than they can for their own nearest and dearest. Those who do not know them well often call Aquarians hypocritical. Those who are close to an Aquarius can expound upon the topic at length. Nobody does armchair anarchy or chardonnay politics as well as Aquarius. Aquarians are free spirits, unfettered by bourgeois convention. Don’t fence them in but heaven save you should you want your space. It was said of actor John Barrymore that he was “given to sudden fits of generosity and equally fitful moods of self-centred arrogance.” Think that could apply to any old person? Perhaps, but you have to remember that the Aquarian version of being generous is giving away practically their entire library to a stranger on some whim. Their fits of self-centred arrogance defy belief. Their genius will not be stifled by some idiot. That is…You.

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  1. …..i’m sitting here reading all this (post + comments) and i’m just feeling very warm :3 our los are looo, but really, i’m very very happy to be an aquarian and i feel blessed as hell.
    i think it might have to do with the oh-so entertaining article though, because i got a high reading the Hi-Lo aries as well, envy those little devils.
    but really, i should be more open-minded and talk more about other signs and i see how i only comment on myself and my kind but really, i only have adequate, complete-understanding experience with THIS sign, and i love it with all my heart. feel the same for all the zodiacs of course, but it’s just like…there aren’t enough of us around! self-promo, yea.
    in all seriousness, i LOVE all zodiacs….except leos……we just can’t mesh anymore. back when i was airy as hell (and had NO personality) i could get along with them as a Worshiper at the Altar. Nowadays…. :p

  2. Interestingly enough, I stumbled on this posting after reading the article by her daughter. I knew, as soon as I read it, being the daughter of an Aquarius that Alice Walker was, HAD TO BE and Aquarius. SMH…at the similarities, the pain and misery we both experienced behind closed doors. My mom was the life of the party, the celebrated arrival, the diplomat, thinker, “humanitarian” flitting from once cause to another in public. Everyone loved her, including my cousins and my friends. Between us tho, I could swear I wrote that article, not Rebecca Walker. I spent my whole life wondering WHY my mother didn’t love me…why she didn’t do things like look at my report card or take me to the doctor…why she wouldn’t give me money for underwear and sanitary napkins but would come back from shopping with …KIMONOS and a coat with no sleeves (like the one George Washington wore) and men’s shoes for me. All of the good time quirkiness that everyone found so amusing almost destroyed me psychologically. I haven’t spoken to my mother in years, she doesn’t see her grandchildren, she doesn’t know their names or how old they are. I find that estrangement is not uncommon. I have found that to be the case with alot of my friends with Aquarian mothers and my Aquarian friends and their children.

  3. My aqua rising libra sun 16 yr. old daughter having hard time connecting in hs– very athletic, pres. of her soph class, really bright just not talking to us or anyone she looks so lost- by the way — my senior daughter said everyone loves her but no is calling to hang out- she seems disconnected from the girls – all girls hs

  4. Haha Aqualion!
    My mother lives in her garden, because she says she likes plants better than people….. And if I tease her about it- saying they don’t talk back – she says “EXACTLY!!”
    And I have only started to be able to appreciate her in the past few years, through much hard work on my part to be able to appreciate her as she is- not the type of Mom I want…..But we both have random and quirky sense of humours so as long as we are teasing each other about our aquarian arrogance, we seem to get closer. She has cap moon and I have cap rising too, so that originally worked against us, and now we see things more similarly…
    It’s scary to me thinking I may lose her, sometimes, just as I am getting to feel closer to her, it just took so long….No reason I would, just all this freakin Pluto, Saturn stuff emphasising mortality.

    Oh and I got zapped by my Aquarian vibe housemate. A week ago she was putting up shelves and rearranging the room, Friday she tells me – over the phone- she’s just bought a house and has given the landlord notice- she is leaving in a month, isn’t that great?

  5. WeatherGirl, thank you for that link,
    That was a very interesting article but doesn’t sit well with me, daughters dissing their mothers.
    A single parent,my mother programmed me not to marry or have babies & was not a trad mother
    at all & yes have had much to work thro’ in that arena of relationships. Was left alone a lot to give
    her the freedom to make the money it cost to keep me occupied whilst alone. Paradoxical.
    Since then i have always equated love with money, but i know that & it’s in my frienship clause.
    (it’s reciprocated double btw & there to protect myself from giving everything away 🙂

    Have noticed daughters (& sons) of feminists, some bisexual parents) are having a hard time of it relationship wise. I was excluded from many parties & networking becoz of my being heterosexual
    or friendships dumped for a woman lover, exactly what women complained of.
    Observed also that was was disliked about men was adopted by them!
    Ooops, sound like Camilla Paglia who once said ‘you can’t be a lesbian if you haven’t had dick already’.

    Wasn’t there a quip about being ‘male defined’ or ‘male orientated’ by feminists to ‘define’ a woman’s
    persona. Male orientated kinda ok but defined a no no.
    And yet i find after 25 years that the gorgeous young things around are most definitely male defined,
    taking all their clues from what men like & want. Or perhaps just taking the piss?
    When we see pix of Demi Moore & Cindy McCain looking plasticy flawless when as are is sure good enough for anybody.
    Off my high horse & onto pegasus to go rescue a god daughter of a hard core radical feminist lesbian
    who’s own beautiful daughter who is becoming very confused. Soz hence the rave about mothers &

  6. ok, late to this post
    I’m Leo with Aqua rising, Uranus in the 8th house

    Yes, can understand why people find it hard to be around Aquas, but the “5 second attention span” thing is true. I really have to work hard to look interested in small talk. I know people enjoy it, i know it is the glue that binds, I even like the people who want to do the small talk, just when I am doing it, it is either a reflex action that takes up about 5% of my brain (and I know it must look that way to other people, it must look as if I really have no interest), or I just have to really work at it. I virtually never enjoy it.

    On the other hand, give me conversations about freaky way out philosophies or bizarre events or the weirdest of weird personal secrets, and you won’t get judgementalism at all – the most judgemental I am is really when “someone isn’t tuning into what they really are”.

    Consequently my image at work is no doubt of a rather cool (ie detached) person who tends to communicate via “work”, stuff that we have to do. And I love REAL gossip, stuff that gives an insight into people. I can’t abide the kind of gossip which is kind of teenage-judgemental, ie. did you see what she was wearing? / such and such went and got smashed last night / oh how random. Not because I particularly “disapprove” of the actions, but I just don’t find it interesting at all. And very often I can see the other viewpoint, ie. the viewpoint of the person with the crappy clothes or the not getting pissed, or am wondering WHY the person who didn’t even have money for such and such – what is the story behind that.

    I tend to get on best with people interested in humanitarian / new agey stuff / big ideas / and who I don’t see too frequently. I mean, yes, when we get together it is great, but we don’t wear the friendship out. And some of my very best friends are Leos with Aqua rising, or Leos with strong Uranus, or have strong Leo / Uranus in some way. By god, we are into weird stuff, but you can’t deny that it is weird and fascinating but it works for good… in various ways, be that astrology or reiki or herbalism or colour therapy or hypnosis or whatever.

    And I get on brilliantly with animals, because they don’t talk unnecessarily, and just “are”… and pretty good with kids, if they aren’t the kind who are spoilt and expect constant attention / direction. I tend to give them interesting things to do and leave them to it (as my Aqua/Aqua rising mum did). And I tend to respect their opinions without encouraging them to play up the cutesy “pose for the camera” stuff some parents do. Just wondering if Maria Montessori was an Aqua, she was definitely a genius.

    So, I don’t mind listening to small talk (overhearing it) but am not good at participating in it – do feel that kind of trapped feeling.

    It’s hardest for me to get along with people who seem to not be interested in ideas, who are quite happy with a level of domesticity and routine and consumerism and comfort. It’s (strangely enough) easy enough to share a house with such people – but difficult to talk to them. Generally I find it harder to get on with water signs (who can be so ruled by their changing likes and dislikes) and earth signs (who I respect but often – come on guys, don’t you want to try something NEW????). Of course if they have a bit of fire or air in them, it is much easier. My biggest challenge is being faced with the pretty and incredibly-magnetic-to-men water sign woman, who appears to not have two words to put together or an original opinion to express (of course this is not everyone). Even more bamboozling if they are “high maintenance” in clothing and food tastes and people rush to accommodate them. They seem nice enough – but boring??? Where is the attraction??? Obviously, wherever it is, I am not sparking it off, but it works for someone.

    Interesting though – Obama is an Aqua Leo (Leo with Aquarius rising) – Jennifer Aniston is an Aquarius with a Leo moon. I’d never describe JA as “cold” but I LOVE the way she can be so individual – slightly snarky – her timing and delivery is brilliant. I’ve been told that “Aqua” is a hard ascendant for a leo – innately you just want to be warm and loveable, the aquarius facade puts this chill mask on. Poor old Obama’s nickname is “Spock” apparently, on account of him always appearing so controlled. I pity him as I know how much the Leo wants to be exuberant and fun, but unfortunately us aquas have these brains working away at the same time on other projects, larger scale stuff.

    And Aquarius mothers (a la Alice Walker’s daughter) – you might feel as a kid you weren’t loved enough, when you get older you might appreciate the work that your mum did for others (especially – people who weren’t getting attention from anyone else, in my mum’s case – she made a difference to them), and you might even be a bit proud of that legacy. When you are old enough to parent yourself a bit better, that is.

    1. Me too (liked reading your comment), but also, me too re your whole thing about banal small talk. I love fleeting interactions, paricularly when they delve into the kind of far out philosophical stuff you talk about Aqua Lion (gemini version of it though I think), but banal snipey shite, or mundane small talk because you have to. I cannot be arsed. And I have nothing in aqua (though it is my 7th, but uranus in 3rd, so maybe that’s a bit of it).
      But my point was in defence of aquarians and communication, some of the rest of us act and feel the same way…

    2. OMG really.
      there was a birthday party i was forced to miss recently. it was girls-only, so that meant bring out the claws, naturally. plus most of the people attending were part of really bitchy crowds.
      so i, expecting high drama, immediately asked my Virgo friend about what happened.
      me: >:D heeheehee

      let me list out all the extreme gossip:
      1) Everyone came to the hotel dressed normally and then changed inside into their dresses (because right next to the hotel was this really crowded shisha place) but this one girl came TO THE PARTY…IN HER DRESS….THAT BARELY COVERED HER BUTT
      2) One girl complained, ‘I wish there was just onee boy here, i need to feel a guy’s presence’
      3) A girl brought her boyfriend to the party and were making out in the elevator and got caught
      4) one girl was eating a peach with a fork and knife

      so after all that i was like…..okay…where’s the hair-ripping extreme action?
      her: that’s it! can you believe it?!

      i have the hardest time getting around the 5-second thing. i’ve gotten into a serous rivalry with my biology teacher this year because she couldn’t keep me past ‘Okay class…’ I’d TRY to be polite, I’d just drift off on my own, if I had to talk I’d be subtler than the rest of the class, I’d ask intelligent rhetorical questions every now and then, but i COULD NOT be able to stick around and listen to the answers.
      it’s like, whenever people are droning about ANYTHING, not just about biology, i’ll tryyy to listen but my brain stops processing the words. so i start to go a little crazy ‘WHATS GOING ON WHY CANT I HEAR PROPERLY THEYRE LOOKING AT ME AND SAYING THINGS, WHATS GOING ON, WILL A NOD AND HM SUFFICE?!?!?!’ and all the while they start to look a little worried because my craziness starts to show on me, my face starts doing these weeird things, and i simply scrunch my eyebrows together to look as if i’m being thoughtful when i’m really being completely self-absorbed…about how i’m unable to get out of my own head.
      and then the mood changes and they suddenly say something light and breezy and my everything clears up and i start being as cordial as i can to make up for the technical difficulties they had to witness.

  7. It has been really interesting to read the replies and comments following my post. Thank you LL, Sweet Sanity and BlackStar. My sign is Cancer though as I don’t know my time of birth I’m unsure of the other aspects.

    I’m aware that what I suggested may not work with all Aquarians so best wishes to anyone in any tricky relationships.

  8. Mystic,

    I had a great Aquarius insight last year. Had found Aqua relationships quite polarizing prior to then (love/hate). Was having issues with one who was in my friendship group and was trying to change my nature and not letting me be myself. It came to a boiling point with Aqua making judgmental comments about every habit of mine and I decided to privately confront the Aquarius about this, pointing out that I was finding it difficult to be myself and that I wanted to be friends.

    Since then, I have had the utmost respect from this Aquarius, who was truly remorseful and apologetic. This person has since staged a complete turnaround with not only myself but with other people who were previously subjected to the same judgment and constant ‘moral’ nagging.

    So, the insight I had was to be as honest with the Aquarius as they think they are being with you. They can take it and will actually use the constructive criticism to change. They actually cannot stand to be thought of as inhumane, though this is precisely how they can be. They can change and afterwards will forever respect you and genuinely appreciate the feedback.

    1. leonine librarian

      C I’m glad you were able to make that point with your Aquarian friend. I found myself at a similar point with an Aquarian friend where I had to say to her, I know you say you’re trying to ‘help’ me but you’re sucking all of the fun from our friendship. She would try to not comment critically, but honestly a lot of what makes me, me is what pissed her off. There comes a point where you can only compromise so much. We used to be incredibly close till I kept getting corrective suggestions constantly…what annoyed me most about this was that I was able to say nothing to a lot of her really out there Aquarian schemes, actually encourage her to step up and make them real….was happy to listen to lots of dreams and schemes. She would be very big on questioning everything I did in an attempt to understand me…and there is a point where that is just invasive because she would then use this for her corrective sugggestion regime.

      Then there came the point where I would feel really drained after being around her because she was trying to hold her comments in and she looked like she was going to implode…(again if you know an aquarian well they’re not that cold, they’re not that masklike)…maybe my Scorp moon helps there though…I can easily pick up on stuff.

      Anyway our friendship imploded a couple of years ago because she started criticising my energy and that just was a step too far. I remember in the lead up saying to her that’ I wasn’t her science experiment and she needed to ease the fuq back and that she had to stop trying to tweak me.’

      We can do polite discourse now..

      1. “She would be very big on questioning everything I did in an attempt to understand me” – yes, the search for understanding can feel like being interrogated when an Aqua gets on a roll. I’ve found that asking what it is they want to understand is the quickest way to halt this…..

        My hated one is “devils advocate” contrary for contraries sake…. then a lecture on why such thinking is backward, despite having ranted on it the day before……

        But def the best travelling partners – always curiosity and conversation no matter what!

        1. leonine librarian

          Really you got an answer? I did try that and that’s where a lot of the tinkering came out in the open. We’d get into these I don’t understand why you do this and I’d explain my motivation, and then she would try to (unasked) overlay an aquarian solution to a leo application. Sometimes it was good, and other times it was damn it stop tinkering.

          Gawd only knows how ms havisham (aqua sun) manages with I think either leo moon or leo rising in her chart.

      2. Wow LL, that sounds full on. When I read your description I just thought “boundaries” – as in she was totally disrespecting and breaching yours. Is that an Aqua trait? Maybe it fits with the Lo trait of COLD described above – dispassionately seeing people as a lab experiement.

        Being a Cancerian with Scorp Rising and Moon in Aries, I feel very little connection with most Aquas (and Leos) that I have met thus far. Something about that Aqua-Leo axis that I just do not understand (or feel attracted to). So thanks for another great Hi-Lo insight Mystic!

        Has anyone else noticed that Aquarian or Aqua rising women seem to have a very strong look about them? I know a couple who are big, tall girls and very impressive looking – not “big” in a Saggo way but more statuesque.

        1. leonine librarian

          All this happened throughout Saturn stomping through Leo so I had lots and lots of wake up calls to how much leeway I was giving to people regarding my boundaries…as in I was way too generous with my time and energy and needed a thorough astro lessons of the, set thine own boundaries now, type…Thanks Saturn.

          I’m not sure if that is an Aquarian trait as such…because I did have to do so much work establishing boundaries with at a rough count this close aqua friend, my sagg aunt, my taurean sister, my aries mum and my virgo dad at this period of my life. Boundaries 101 circa mid 2005-2007.

        2. nat above… anonymousized again. LL, I should clarify that I feel little connection with the Aquas & Leos that I have met in real life; the ones in here are fab 🙂

          Thanks for your reply re the Satin Bowerbird some posts ago. I can report that all wwt eggs have now hatched and 3 little heads are waving around in the nest!

          1. leonine librarian

            Aww nat , bless the wwt…let me know if silent dawn squats with blue objects helps re:satin bower birds…

            Today as it’s my last active day here at this university I’ve been doing a sort of rolling status check on all sorts of things, so it’s been good to add the boundary patrol program to it. It’s been good being able to see the positive ongoing upswing.

            I think the choice to read so many different, very revealing posts here has really helped me broaden my approach to life. So I’m glad the online Aquas/and Leos here are increasing your connections too nat.

    2. C, what sign are you? I find your story really interesting. Especially as the Aqua was apparently trying to change your nature, but you were the one who ended up changing theirs.

  9. Oh my Lord. Def this one was rings true… I am killing myself laughing at this…..

    I have to catch my breath.

    My Mom is hugely Aquarian- I’ve known for years, but I can’t remember her chart- Aqua rising I believe. Growing up in the backwoods, in the 50’s, but a hundred years ahead of her time in her head, ( she is now a medical herbalist)- totally shaped her brain. That pellet thing- sooooo true- God I laughed so hard.

    My housemate is the ultimate networker and the 5 five second baseline- Oh Lordy- I have seen that happen so oftan it’s almost not funny- but it is….Maybe that will help in my dealings. I don’t know her actual chart, tho.

    She can’t clean like a nomal person, and she has rearranged the furniture 5 times in the past 3 months- apparently because I am not happy with it…I have no clue what I said, but she is Libra and I am Aries. Nuf said.

    And last is me- Aqua Venus. I always struggle with that- expressing normal amount of feeling feels practicaly wanton, exposing, lascivious and like I’m offensively all over someones personal space. And the bombastic ego- that’s me (and housemate) too, I thought it might have been some Leo somewhere in my chart- but that makes so much more sense, and I’m a vegetarian, too. And tortured by any erratic behavior- unacceptable to all the Saturn in my chart….

    I’m always finding deeply strange , lovable, oddballs, but don’t know any actual Aquarian sun types. LOL-

    Oh Lordy, Thanks for that, Mystic -I haven’t laughed that hard in a looong time…..:)

    1. Am Leo, sister is Aquarian and hubby is Rising Aqua – they are my favourite people in the world! They challenge me but so interestingly!! Love a mad cap Aqua.

  10. leonine librarian

    oh also in further support of Aquarian peeps my Aqua bro-in-law is the most amazing person. He totally gets my Virgo sister and loves each and every pedantic twisted inch of her. He will go toe to toe with his Aries daughter again, and again and again.(so maybe this is a display of the bombastic used for good…he probably needs it) She is also fantastic in her own way but she’s combined the powers of her parents and she’s scary smart, astute…force to be reckoned with. He is so loving with his Cancerian son. They do blokey bloke things together and then discuss modern history at length together. He’s had some major health problems and can withdraw, but he keeps on being as present as he can be.

  11. Wow this is GOLD!

    I am living with an Aqua rising Aries PhD & fuq me this is like reading their blue print! The Aqua lives & breathes humanitarian work. We only use green power to our home & vegetarianism is true. Sometimes the Aqua is reduced to a little tear when we are out shopping & he glances over at the meat dept muttering ‘poor little babies’…. 😥

    I don’t mind being vegetarian but there is only sooo much you can put together & then there is.. ‘is the company ethical?’
    ‘Really? 🙄 the answer is no but we are running out of things to eat here honey..’ is my reply.

    The Aqua has plenty of time to consider all of this because The Aqua doesn’t cook, clean, think about when dinner should be ready or know where anything is! 😯
    But I can’t help but looove the Aqua, it’s true they are sooo smart, funny, stunningly amazing to observe, they analyse everything that comes in contact with them & they dislike people!

    I am constantly amazed by what the Aqua achieves in a day, I am glad that the Aqua’s mind isn’t being wasted on chores.
    The Aqua is convinced we are together because we are going to do something amazing that neither of us could have done without knowing each other… Lol.

    See the life altering Aqua!

    1. Lol, true, the Aqua sparks something off in Gem! I don’t think I have ever experienced conversations quite like the ones I share with the Aqua… 🙂

      1. Thanks shell & you’re right I think the Aqua chose well! I am a very good at slaving for the Aqua & in return I get stimulating conversation when they are not buried under their work!

        Thank god he was just finishing his PhD when we met, although it doesn’t really matter he still works all the time!

      2. yes, i was going to add intelligent, stimulating to the slave description, but of course you’re a gem, and would thus take that as read!

      3. Lol, that’s right I was thinking Pisces was somewhere & for some reason I kept thinking Mystic was a Leo.

        Speaking of Mars in Virgo I have that too with Saturn & Jupiter all in Virgo, probably why I totally understand the Aqua’s work is his life! 😉

      4. scorpalicious robot

        Oh hear we go again…. 🙄

        Mystic doesn’t hate ANY sign. In fact, i get the impression that she loves Gems! She’s always raving about her Gem hairdresser.

        She’s the most unbiased astrologer i know.

    2. Gemini with hurt feelings maybe leave Mystopia? It doesn’t seem like it’s doing you any favours in the self esteem department and this is a blog so it’s ultimately whatever mystic and her citizens want it to be. Good, bad, ugly, anti gemini, pro vegan, boho loving, patchouli hating, berating, chiding, openly deriding – you name it if you’re sensitive and come here you’ll be able to find something to be offended about. You gotta either just ignore them and harden up or go elsewhere – I mean that kindly too – it’s not the only place you could be – and it’s not the worst place you could be either, in many ways it’s the best place you could be – just be discerning about what you read and who you comment with – some of it will not serve your purposes and some of it will. Take from it what resonates and ignore the rest if you choose to stay. But don’t ever think you’ll be able to convince any of them of what you perceive as the errors of their ways. It’s not your job babe – dead end street.

      Sweetie it’s interesting to read the conclusions you’ve drawn whilst defending mystics honour here. I agree with some of what you’ve said about the nature of the blog. No one really knows anyone – it’s ephemeral. I can’t say I ever felt as though I was losing my “self” here though. There was an overriding awareness that my time could be better spent elsewhere when Saturn hit my Sun & Uranus though – tick tock.

  12. Wow, surprised to read so many neg vibes here about the Aqua clan! Aqua sun and aqua rising, I have feelings too!! I see it kinda like this: we are a bit stand-offish but when we are close to someone we give and receive all, and find no greater happiness than this. Aquas can be deeply sensitive: Charles Dickens, Mozart, Yoko Ono, Jackson Pollock, Norman Rockwell, Tricky, to name a few. Aquarians can be passionate, warm, artistic and carnal when we are inspired to be so. Maybe we just need different buttons pushed? I don’t believe that Shakira, John Travolta or Lana Turner could be described as cold fish.

    1. leonine librarian

      That cold fish thing I’ve never quite got about the Aquas I know… not on a round the clock basis anyway. I have received the odd cold vibe when they’re processing stuff. I just see it as a higher form of self containment.

      I also know that the Aquas I know find social gatherings hard…this includes a lot of people they know or people that think they know them well, as quite frankly they’ve usually already moved on from what you thought you knew, and they find those preconceptions and the norm irritating. Not in a they can’t be polite or function socially, but it drains them.

      So for the most part in my interactions with Aquarians I just keep ready to adapt, and give them the space they need, and not take it personally. It’s only when they dig their heels in about something I find it harder to be around them. I’m pretty sure I can say the same thing about any star sign in this regard though.

    2. ah sweet sanity don’t take it personally. every hi/lo brings out a bit of ‘low’ sign bashing. just read the high bit and be proud!

    3. Well said SS we are not heartless machines!

      My ex, Libra sun, Leo asc, virgo and scorpio everything else is more like that, I found him lacking that humanness in his dealings with his family and world. He could be cold & heartless on any given day.

      1. ps I’m NOT SAYING Librans are heartless just him, his Virgo stuff over took him. Fretting over minor details and if there was too much dirt on the kitchen floor. LOL he drove me insane with it.

  13. leonine librarian

    As per usual Mystic you’re spot on.

    I have many Aquas I love in my life, and a few fringe-dwellers I find a bit trying. I can see some of the high and lo in of all of them. It’s just a matter of degree.

    I will say that Aquarians are one of the few signs that I can lose patience with when they go into bombastic mode, as mystic termed it. It’s like there is no extreme, extreme enough, it must be pushed and pushed and pushed until they get their way. The best way of dealing with it I find is to say ‘You don’t need my persmission, and you might think you need me to bear witness to this momentus event, but you’re doing my head in… let me know when it’s over,’ and just walk away. If they’re someone I love I throw in a ‘you know I love you but you’re doing my head in…’

    Happy B’day Aqua people.

    1. “‘ you might think you need me to bear witness to this momentus event, but you’re doing my head in… let me know when it’s over,’ and just walk away. If they’re someone I love I throw in a ‘you know I love you but you’re doing my head in…’”

      funny, i get like around leos…

        1. leonine librarian

          I’ve never come across a non-smart arse gemini…wow that gives one pause…. that’s one of the things I like most about geminis.

      1. leonine librarian

        Also in my defense, I only feel like that when Aqua people go to the extreme…I mean really an extreme Aqua is pretty damn extreme.

        1. Please don’t feel the need to defend yourself LL, I’m just making lame jokes.
          I think just about anyone going to their utmost extreme would stir up a ‘flee now’ reaction in me. Or anyone boring.
          I’m sure MM raised that one in her low gem.

          I’ve just realised I don’t think I know any Aquarians…

          1. leonine librarian

            I am currently sort of thinking through law brain which is the close cousin of mushbrain. There really is only so much bankruptcy law anyone should read.

            I get a bit weird (more weird) about Aqua people as there are so many love/flee points about them sometimes (yes how most people react to Leos, it’s funny because it’s true) + my Aqua daughter keeps trying to guilt me about her being raised by a Leo Mum and Dad…

  14. I don’t think I can recall properly “liking” an aquarius….. honestly, I find them a bit scary. I don’t recall one ever taking a shine to me either. (Not Wooooorthy lol)

    I dislike the idea of such detachment from everything. I don’t know, it makes me feel inferior? And sorta sorry for them too. I don’t know.

    The only remotely Aqua person I clocked onto is a guy who’s Libra rising, Venus in Aqua trine Ascendant. Very gay, very beautiful, striking, symmetrical face… he is constantly dyeing his hair pink/green/silver. Futuristic style. He is the one gay guy I have met who straight guys don’t feel uncomfortable around. So chilled out, but won’t take anybody’s merde. Is 22, has never had a relationship that has lasted more than 3 months. He’s not a bad person, he just really doesn’t like to get close. At all.

    1. LOL!!!!!!

      I have demented weakness for venus aqua’s I get them all the time. One after the other, without fail and its getting worse as I get older. Didn’t get it for years until I saw that my eros is in aqua conjunct my gem rising.

      piscean rock whore was exact as above. aqua finance forecaster a bit better behaved but when I first met him he spent the entire night calling me one eve to the point the people I was with were raising eyebrows yet he could not follow through with date he planned that sat, impulsive stalking then avoidance. I cut him down to size after he told me he was not looking for a relationship and I laughed and said- neither was I… I thought this was hilarious. He got offended and I said get over it. We have hot dynamic and are on great terms now but you have to bash them in the head with reality every so often because it can make them space paranoid of completely embarrassing levels of arrogant assumptions. and I thought my sagg venus was bad .. 😉

      1. sorry my aqua eros is trine gemini asc and libra pluto not conjunct.

        Been looking at conjunctions all last night and have them on the brain

        1. and all the uranus aspects in my chart I guess come to think of it. all in scorp though.

          scorp sun conjunct merc and uranus 5th house

    2. Is this why my Sag bf with Venus in Aqua gets butthurt when I want to take a 10-minute trip to the store by myself?

      Seriously, you’d think if anyone would understand the need for space it’d be him…

  15. I Went on a “first” date last we… Me Scorpio.. him Aquarius.

    Interesting man… but hmmmmmmmm…. not so sure it would be a good match. ESPECIALLY after reading this!

    1. I have been with an aqua artist for over 5 years now! We work incredibly well.. he absolutely never gets over emotional about stuff between us, and forces me to sit down and talk things through in a rational manner if anything is wrong. My previous style was more along the lines of door slamming on my way out to get some ‘space’. We have had maybe 3 fights ever. You do have to get over the fact that they will never be as carnal and libidinous as a scorp though, which can be tough. On his birthday recently he sent a message out that everyone should come help him celebrate his “10 220 days on and off the planet.” One friend remarked that most of those would have been off, rather than on. He is definitely other-worldly.

      1. Upbeat Scorp!!!

        yes you both are very good aqua scorp combo.

        only other longterm I can think of is scorp manager karaoke queen with knowitall aqua spiritual alien. perfect match.

        1. Interestingly enough, I see a lot of points in common between my relationship and theirs. (The two aquas are also both roosters.. 12 years age between them.)

          1. oh god really

            how funny
            aqua spiritual alien would love that

            I will never forget the day he gave my then boy a talking to about the art of dating scorpio women while she was belting out “bette davis eyes” into a broom handle in the background.

      2. I find all this funny cause im Sun Scorp, & Rising Aqua…… Crazy, crazy. What does anyone make of that combo? Oh ya Moon is Virgo…..

  16. I’ve had an allergic reaction to the “poke it & see if it flinches” quality of Aquarians I’ve known. And since far too many people near me have destroyed their lives with drugs, I’m really uncomfortable with all the adult drug use common to Aqua folks.

    On the other hand, Aquarian Alice Walker was the hero of my 20s & her writings transformed my feelings/views on spirituality, race, feminism (womanism), writing and even gardening. So I guess I’ve had experience with both high & low Aquas.

    1. That’s what i loved her for, giving an option to feminism by being a womanist.
      It was she who gave me the quote about sex….’only for healing or spiritual purposes’
      ok i made it up about contacting the cosmos….lol.

  17. I know quite a few aqua’s that catch onto trends years before they take off, then when the masses get their grubby hands on it, they do a backflip solely because everyone else likes them/it…
    Totally spot on with them polarizing opinion though… I either feel like I’ve found a like-minded soul and it’s friendship-at-first-sight (not love!) or I can’t find any respect for them.
    Interesting characters to say the least!

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