Alchemy Tarot Reading Samples

The Alchemy Tarot has 64 cards and is open to Mega Mystic members only. Each reading is a single card and while you could technically ask again and again, it’s more optimal to contemplate the card for a bit. Even the most minimal delineation becomes more profound upon pondering and people routinely report the wildest synchronicity between the Alchemy Tarot and their everyday flow.

You can ask straight-up direct questions – aloud or in your mind as you select – and/or just request an ‘indicator.’ You’re obviously intuitive and aware of multiple dimensions besides the obvious or you wouldn’t even be here: Tarot is not voodoo, ideology or supernatural instruction – it is an aid to connection between you and your deeper magic, guides, source intel – whatever you want to call it. The Alchemy Tarot just happens to be particularly brilliant at sparking this sync.

Iron is a metal of War God Mars, a fortifier of warriors, and the preferred metal for Mars-type objects like swords, knives, hammers, and axes. It is a traditional repellent of “witches and fairies,” and this is, of course, problematic. Some say it is protective against any ill-wishers or negativity-bearing supernatural beings; others that if you’re at all other-worldly or ethereal by nature, iron and you won’t get along.

People with Fae blood are more likely to have downright weird reactions to iron – the metal and the nutrient version. If you’re super-sensitive to iron, you’re even averse to high-iron gemstones like hematite. So when iron shows up here, think: it’s either a sign for you to Mars up and fortify yourself against a potential aggressor, OR it’s saying that someone else considers you the threat. Maybe you’re the witch some idiot is trying to banish.

When you see Wadjet, think Mind’s Eye: You’re about to be shown or guided to see something anew or a threat/risk you may not have fully parsed yet. Wadjet aka the Eye of Horus or the Eye of Ra is protective and also associated with the gift of so-called second sight. Open your eyes, scan the terrain and remain watchful.

 Pluto’s wine, strong enough to dissolve everything except gold. Vitriol is the desire for vengeance left to curdle and acidify. It can also be the super-charged but sublimated envy alluded to in so many colloquial phrases – the sharp-tongue, acid wit, poisonous words, looks that could kill...Its true purpose is purification: cleansing toxic people or thoughts from your energy field. You’re not supposed to actually marinate in it. If this does not apply to you, it’s possibly affecting the person or scenario on your mind.