Jubilant Jupiter in Gemini until June 10 2025 green-lights practically everything: what should your first stop in this alternate continuum of awesomeness be?  Jupiter in harmony with power-broker Pluto till June 8 reveals all.

The spark, concept or opportunity from this first week of June will be re-pinged from August 13 to 17 (Mars conjunct Jupiter in Gemini) and even more so in Jan/Feb 2025.

Broadly speaking, the goals that seem like too-much or amazing yet totally beyond you are the ones you should for now. Mediocre or ‘sensible’ ambitions are more likely to flop than audacious ones.

Relationship-wise, you’re suddenly the Sacred Grail for Sagittarians, renegade scholars and ebullient big-thinking enterprise types. The New Moon on June 7 aligns with Venus in your sign, suggesting an artistic or romantic renaissance and who would deny you deserve it?

You’ve been grappling with material concerns or career crap for months, courtesy of Time God Saturn and there is a reasonable chance that Lilith in Virgo has rendered at least one family member fascinating yet screechy and demanding.

So max everything up and out – your prospects are on the rise so it’s highly likely you can fund your expanding horizons and new ‘more is more’ taste.


Asteroid Eros is in your home constellation until mid-month, presenting a myriad of sensual interludes and chances to more effectively peddle your charms. It trines Pallas-Athene from June 6 – 9 – think corporation-whispering and charisma-driven negotiations, yours obviously.

And then June 10-15 is a fantastic Vesta-Eros conjunction, the culmination of a lengthy flirtation, a love interest or new friend who perceives sensual and metaphysical you or a magical-feeling affirmation for your craft-work, housewitchery or niche study topic.

Mars in super-grounded Taurus from June 8/9 until July 21 backs scaled-up, structured networking and the determined culling of unreal or insincere connections from your contacts list.

If you have interesting people buzzing around on the periphery, anticipate more solid moves on their part or make them yourself for magnificent results.

June 17 to 22 sees the arrival of Mercury, Venus and the Sun in your sign – the ‘brains, glamor, vitality’ trio – along with a Full Moon in your (solar) house of love.

It’s not a lunar typhoon like – for example – the Full Moon in your sign at the end of 2023 but it occurs with Mercury in Cancer at odds with the Moon’s Nodes: information, a message or dialogue represents a distinct relationship marker or career milestone.


From June 2 to 5, the Leo-friendly Sun-Venus synergy in smooth alignment with the South Node of the Moon is like a callback to one-time true-lovers, style icons and allied rebels in a cause you never quite clarified.

Whatever starts or intensifies then, it develops rapidly over June 9-13 as Mercury swings by the South Node and the Sun trines soulful asteroid Psyche in your relationship sector.

This is an exquisitely poignant and perhaps promising romantic config but if you’ve been trying to sustain a lethargic love affair or conceal your true passions for strategic reasons, the game is up.

Of course you may be jaded with relationships for the time being or perhaps Pluto in your opposite sign has turned them all into psy-ops? Then just put in the bare minimum, invest in gigantic aura-protecting anti-emotional intrusion shades and turn on Performance Leo for maximum career success.

Mars in your solar vocational sector from June 8/9 till mid-July is an accelerant and while it can stir up trouble, it’s the kind of trouble that you want right now: doubt-dispelling, zeitgeist-aware shifts and turns that leave you with more room to operate at your best.

July 13-17 will be Neo-Leo coup central – plan accordingly!


Virgos are so clever at streamlining and curating things that few people acknowledge how complicated they are. But your  advanced nuance control and desire to get things ‘right’ comes from your enormous complexity.

And it’s all on show this June as Lilith, the iconoclastic outsider, completes a nine month stay in your sign with a climactic opposition to Neptune from June 14 to 16. Venus in mercurial Gemini is also a player, squaring Queen Juno from June 1 to 4 and Saturn from 7 to 9 before becoming chief provocateur in the Lilith-Neptune opposition.

Relationship and personality or even future path contradictions in play since early 2023 are illuminated like gothic romance lightning: Venus seeks clout and currency while Lilith wants space or intimacy without obligations to convention.

Juno is a formidable advocate for power duos and maintaining one’s reign, regardless of whatever compromises that calls for but Saturn in this equation fears enmeshment or a repeat of past debacles.

Neptune wants to transcend everything, perhaps via an intricate yet impossible crush. These factors are in play and competing for attention in your already busy mind but it’s most full-on mid-month. It’s an internal tustle but relationships of all genres reflect this existential-level scenario.


June 2 to 10 features the Sun + Venus and then Mercury in a divine trine with the Moon’s South Node in Libra. Whatever else transpires, you’re conjuring genius and succesfully merging or recontextualizing various facets of your story to date.

Phenoms or people from your deep past re-emerge or strangely contribute to distinctly contemporary directions. Thrillingly,  this sets the scene for July 9 to 16 when abundant Jupiter trines this same point, amplifying all of this astral largesse.

A trine is a 120° angle between stars, planets or astrological points – they’re where the influence of the factors involved work easily for you, you’re fortunate and it’s easy to build momentum.

Jupiter is well-placed for Libran travel, academic success and even political ambitions until June 2025 but this trine to the South Node in Libra hasn’t occurred in 94 years. Be on high alert for unusual openings or destinations.

Places and themes that you’ve had an innate yen toward since forever are the most likely contenders for a unique blessing in July but it’s beginning to happen from now.

June 21/22 is a Full Moon in your home sector that would be vexing but you can buffer against it with your recently honed managerial nous.


Asteroids Pallas-Athene and Sappho in Scorpio sync with Eros from June 5 to 11. Meaning? Someone of interest is an avid fan of the worldly aspirational you and your poetic temperament. If not an affinity, a project or creative work may be about to receive commercial recognition or become ultra-lucrative.

Mars moves into your solar 7th house on June 8/9, initiating six weeks of revved up relationship impetus. The energy itself is neutral but whatever you energize in this time will heat up swiftly. Passion or Aggro?

The Warrior God also aggravates your patron planet* Pluto from June 10-13 – suavely play an obstinate character or potential flashpoint for fantastic transformation or bow out of the arena for those days. It won’t be a good time for ad-libbed assertion or non-tactical crapping on about various resentments.

Metaphysically, your mind and psyche are more at ease with the movement of Mercury and Venus into elementally compatible Cancerian waters from the 17th and the Sun follows on the June 20/21. If a decision requires your peak intuitive acumen, wait until the Capricornian Full Moon on June 22/23.

It comes with Pluto opposite Vesta in Leo and potentially dramatic but beneficial career-commerce developments.

*Astronomers demoted Pluto to a ‘dwarf planet’ in August 2006, but astrologers don’t concur.


Vital: Neptune in your home sector opposite Lilith from June 19 until July 8 could inspire an enticing yet suboptimal wacky escape impulse.

If chez Saggo feels not so much grounding but more like undesirable ballast, note that Neptune will be in super-visionary mode and conjunct the Moon’s North Node from January to February 2025.

This would be the ideal timeframe for a bold relocation or domestic transmogrification if desired.

The jovial first week of June is fabulous for acquiring a new Mr/Mrs Sagittarius, agent, business partner etc and even the most moribund of friendships, love affairs, work collabs or dialogue can be zapped back up into fine fettle.

Your ‘merry everything’ vibe will be particularly appreciated by fellow Mutable signs – Pisces, Virgo, Gemini all month – Taureans or Scorps you work with may be jealous or covet your vibe.

Unless they are athletes under contract, Sagittarians don’t compete with anyone so can be blindsided when they realize that they are, in fact, in a competition.

If you’ve been frustrated by snark at short noice, note that Mercury opposite the Great Attractor – a galactic anomaly in Sagittarius – from June 9 to 11 can spring unusually cool intel, news or the chance to have a breakthrough conversation.


New styles of tech, nutrition and time management set up in the first week of June will get rad traction and reveal even more benefits over time.

You’re not just dutifully upgrading or relinquishing something – there is a potent metaphysical component to your current resolve, which explains the fervent feelings beneath your sanguine Sea-Goaty poise. The results will be well worth your focus and self-discipline.

Saturn aligns with asteroid Eros from June 3-6, bringing unexpected aid or validation, a balm to even your self-reliant soul. And Mars in elementally compatible Earth sign Taurus (June 8/9 till July 21) accentuates raw creativity and enterprise.

If you’re trying to build something or up your ‘sensuality and fun’ ratio, Mars is onside but wait until after mid-month before letting rip with ventures that could somehow involve emotionally charged psycho-financial dealings.

Further accentuating your deepening esoteric awareness, the Full Moon in Capricorn has extra magical oomph because it comes straight after the Solstice and is also trine Torch-Bearer Hekate. If your climate or location permits, this is one of the best Full Moons for a lunar meditation and subsequent insights.

Venus in your house of love sextiles Mars from June 27 till July 1, furthering sensual, creative or aesthetic aspirations from late February.


Chances are that you enter June already surging across totally new terrain, existentially aware to the point of unease and not feeling exactly ‘innovative.’

This IS lucky Jupiter trine Pluto in your sign: Jupiter in Gemini pushes for growth and a more spacious atmosphere in which to do your thing.

Pluto aids anything evolutionary which you’re obviously down with but as an Aquarius, you may be wondering why it has to be so emotionally over the top.

We could pontificate about Pluto – ruler of Scorps – catharsis and whether or not you need to add more ‘feeling’ to your functional array but actually, it’s more simple than that. Extreme – by your standards – expressions of vulnerability or passion etc help you shake off post-Saturn-ennui.

Without this plutonic intensity, you might stay stuck in a saturnine loop of self-disdain or undirected vehemence. You’ve been on a super-charged rut-busting exercise since late May and it continues till mid-June.

The Sun and Mercury activate asteroid Psyche (in Aquarius until late December) and the Moon’s South Node from June 9 to 15: One of your fellow Air signs – Libra/Gemini – helps you reclaim your ultra and a life-enhancing, somehow destined person or one-time philosophy floats back into your realm on a soft violet breeze.


The nearer Saturn gets to your ruling planet Neptune, the weirder things get and before you screech, that’s weird-good. The confidence-crunch of early Saturn in Pisces is shifting as you read this.

Question: Have you recently embarked on something that could be described as a brilliant, surreal, spiritually inspired ‘subversion’ of things you previously considered utterly mundane? Or are you planning such a venture?

Saturn helps you give form to your wilder, more magical Neptunian dreams and Neptune in turn can bring some ghostly galactic genius – interstellar sorcery – to the more basic worldly dilemmas.

This is important because Neptune is becoming the most potent it’s been for you – ever – and Saturn will be near Neptune for a significant amount of time over 2025/2026. Not only that, a more bolder you is emerging with Neptune in Aries imminent!

Mercury and Venus are out-of-bounds (beyond the zodiac ecliptic) in Cancer-Kartaka for the second of half of June: think edgy, cool romance, art, psyche and culture. If you seek like-minds, they’re around then.

The Venus-enhanced New Moon on June 6 comes with a Venus-Saturn square lingering till the 9th. This is your cue to either fall into a fishy funk about perceived shortcomings or strike out with a morale-raising image morph.


Mars in your sign aligns with Eris and the Galactic Center for the first nine days of the month. This favors daring and vision even by your standards but your goals will probably be so beyond, that you won’t be able to attract approval, let alone simpering praise.

But…you could well get desirable funding.

Pitch or apply for out-there things in the first week of June – never mind waiting for the New Moon in this case – and $$$ comes in the second half of the month. Or, more likely, around mid-July when Mars meets Uranus.

Ramzilla Inc aside, your relationship prognosis is extraordinary with June setting up some amazing love and robust alliance developments in July.

If you’re expanding your social circles in general, the first fortnight of June is optimal because you could be in power-hermit mode from June 17 – the Solstice times of the year often raise Aries sleep requirements and Venus with Mercury in your home sector = nesting.

Circe in Aries from June 15 until September is brilliant because it gilds your go-getter aura with additional craft and strategy: expect breakthroughs if you’re in healing, work with animals or seek sharp, magical insights re your romantic philosophy and its outcomes.


Your ruler Venus conjunct the New Moon in your $$ sector (June 6) helps you get a feel for the plutonic new career era and your place in it. If you’ve been carrying people or putting up with crappy advice, this is the month you revert to Taurean form.

Actually, Jupiter is onside for financial gains until June 2025 and is especially favorable for boot-strapped, ground-up enterprises, currency trades, media, sales reinvented and ventures or jobs that make maximum use of the classically melodic Taurean voice.

This is primarily a self-assurance scenario – if you’re vibing beyond adequate and as an unwavering source of strength amid turbulent times, everyone is reassured. The grass is always greener where you are – not the next paddock over and you’re ready to be more blatant about this.

Mars lands in Taurus for the first time since mid-2022 on June 8/9 – this is your go-to accelerator for cool concepts and connections hatched over Jupiter in Taurus.

June romance relies on your communicative powers and willingness to listen but if you’re actively seeking a new  partner, actual talking events – lectures etc – are the go. Late June is potentially a turning point for alliances at a crossroads and excellent fresh prospects with Venus sextile Mars from the 27th till July 1!