Weekly Horoscopes from June 8


It’s a two-speed week but fortunately, duality is a Gemini core competency, corrrect? Mercury – your prime influencer – is aligned with asteroid Psyche and the South Node of the Moon – think poetic flirtations, self-realizations and soul bonds. Yet Mercury is also offside with Saturn, potentially grinching out negotiations or accentuating administrivia. If you encounter Gemini-repellent gatekeepers, stay nimble, neutral and tactful.


In what amounts to a major win for Cancerian lovers of romantic ritual and cleverly choreographed professional coups, high priestess Vesta aligns with asteroid Eros in your sign all week. Aside from people being broadly more receptive to your artistry or allure, this can indicate a cosmically-ordained attraction. Think about the folklore behind the term ‘old flame’ and work-wise, could your strategic genius be worth more?


Since when have financial factors been practically hotwired into your psyche? You have Saturn in Pisces to thank for the new cash consciousness. Can you believe Capricorns have always lived like this? Linear goals and fresh appreciation for the most ancient of $$ rules won’t undermine your neo-Leonic glam – it liberates it. Stay off the dystopian money feeds and tell outmoded assumptions to stand down.


Saturn in opposition is not for fluffy or superficial people. The gravitas it compels can be tedious when you want to be light-hearted or move swiftly with minimal exposition. This week’s gnarly squares to Saturn are vexing but you can at least deploy Virgo Vision to find out what what some cryptic part-time Vibe Vampire actually wants. You’re ideally able to downgrade a nemesis to mere nuisance!


This week is testing in terms of real-politik and gritty discussions that fail the Libran euphemism check but prevail. You’re at the business-end of completing a particular cycle and the more decisive your endings, the sooner you enjoy the benefits of the emerging elemental Air era. June 9-10 features tantalizing hints of July’s expansive opportunities, especially in travel and the romantic fate-matrix.


Mars zaps into Taurus and a challenging yet energizing square with underworldly Pluto. While it’s exact from June 10 to 13, consider this agent-provocateur active all week. Scorps are affiliated with Mars and Pluto so any power-struggles have more to them than the superficial issues in play suggest. Whatever the narrative, look beneath or within to discover the real story -subplots and subliminal motivations are everything.


You confront a long-standing work-irk or vitality-sapping habit as if seeing it for the very first time. Don’t let anyone diss your method – Sagittarians only succeed when there is an element of ‘discovery.’ On-the-fly restructures work if you can handle the inherent tensions. Get it all done before June 14-16, when Venus opposes the Galactic Center in Saggo and your love or artistic life can defy the odds.


If you’re supremely confident in money, your appeal to a particular person/market or a creative concept go for it with a bold push this week. The daunting yet productive Mars-Pluto square – most tangible June 10-13 – favors you as Mars is in elementally compatible Taurus. Think ‘robust assistance’ and people who admire your aims. But it’s fierce astro so if ennui strikes or you’re unsure, hold off.


June 9 to 11 reveals the data you need to solve a problematic mystery or relationship psy-ops – perhaps one of your ‘to be continued’ sagas. This week does demand an un-Aquarian degree of diligence though: while Mars into Taurus means everything moves at a more sedate pace, the action planet also aggravates Pluto. If a control-drama or duelling power-player situation looms, set your stance early and adhere to it.


Circe aligns with Neptune in Pisces till the 13th – think animal-charming, neroli, violet or ylang-ylang, re-pivoting a relationship or affinity back to baseline sensuality and encounters with enchantresses. It also helps buffer the mundane micro-glitches of the Sun-Saturn square. Observe the 13th/14th as Circe into Aries previews the more profound shift of Neptune – your Muse planet – into that sign on March 30 2025.


Will Mars moving from revved up Aries (cheers) into Taurus cramp your style? Only slightly but your self-expression was getting a little bit surreal, yes? You can call it consolidation and freak some of your acquaintance out by actually returning their messages. Mars backs peace, banqueting and prosperity for the next six weeks but beware languid muck-raking efforts this week or in mid-July.


As Saturn and Neptune start to converge, disparate parts of your social scene are as well. It’s been occurring in the more subtle mediums for a while but it is becoming more tangible. This may sound academic but Uranus at the end of Taurus is about to be part of the config. Possibilities: A new, more prominent community role or unusual circumstances connecting you and a super-significant someone.