Daily Mystic for Monday 10 June

Mars is now in Taurus until July 21. As with any shift of Mars sign, this is a good moment to assess your tactics & methods so you can adjust where apt.

Broadly, this Mars energizes Taureans, Capricorns + Virgos and measured, methodical approaches. It can also accentuate obstinate tendencies and is moving into a sharp square aspect with Pluto in Aquarius! If this feels familiar, it has a whiff of the interminable Saturn-Uranus square that ran from 2020 till 2022 but was most intense in 2021.

This week’s alignment, thankfully, only goes until Thursday and while it could bring some interesting post-scripts to 2021 sagas, it’s more about the Now.

Blocks – material, spiritual, intellectual, emotional – between you and success easing into the new Pluto in Aquarius era will become more apparent. People in general are more likely to be terse, combative or manipulative and while this alignment has massive transformative potential, you must first negotiate these people. The Leo Moon can also amp the theatrical component.

My advice? Avoid fights you don’t absolutely have to be in. If you have any known trouble vectors in your life, stay out of their reach. If a dispute is unavoidable or you’re already immersed in a challenge, clear the arena and know that a strong, informed effort now could accomplish your ends more quickly than usual. A regenerative mindset and being willing to make changes on the fly is more likely to be effective than digging in and not budging.


Image: Christian Hidaka

3 thoughts on “Daily Mystic for Monday 10 June”

  1. Penelope Darling

    Thanks Mystic! By the way, I received this Daily three times in my emails so there might be a bug in the system.

  2. OK, I will make a strong effort to not be in fights I don’t need to be in… I can’t afford any big trouble because I am very tired and trying to get to my summer holidays in one piece (one week to go)… Thank you for the alert, Mystic

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