Venus Uranus Synastry Tips

Venus-Uranus celebrities and relationships are a gift for the tabloid entertainment media: they’re so relaxed with their weirdness that they casually drop super-quotable clickbait info and are genuinely impervious to any blowback. It’s like they have their own frequency.

There are three things to learn from this example*:

(1) If you have a potent natal aspect, such as Megan Fox’s Venus-Uranus opposition, a relationship with Venus-Uranus synastry amplifies it. So by itself, his Venus square her Uranus would be a quirky cool connection, offbeat and unconventional.

But as she is already primed for an iconoclastic, unique expression of anything Venusian, their romance is the catalyst for full-tilt individuation and weird mating protocol.

(2) Other interactions within their synastry – or any relationship –  can shut down or lower the volume on specific natal aspects. For example, Megan Fox has Mars exactly conjunct her Capricorn Ascendant – the astro-signature of indefatigable stoics and people whose ambitions are alloyed with their leadership nous. Think Jack Welch, Rosa Parks and Richard E Byrd.

Her partner’s Neptune is conjunct that Mars Rising, metaphorically nebulizing it or making it more of a neutral factor.

(3) She is enough of a Taurus to stipulate that the shared blood consumption was “for ritual purposes only.”  You know, not weird – kind of traditional, like keeping the best cutlery to use on Sunday.


*Definitions from my Astral DNA natal reading and Cosmic Compatibility synastry reports.

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  1. I didn’t blink an eye when I read about it. My Venus is square a Jupiter/Uranus conjunction in both my chart and my partner’s. At sixteen a ouija board predicted my soul mate was a man name Ben who was a forest ranger. I fell in love at first sight with a man name Ben, who was going to school to be, yes, a forest ranger. We moved in together in less than a week, and he moved across the country to be with me that month. We are still very happily married 18 years later.

    1. Hi Melody, such an interesting personal account! Thanks for sharing! Am trying to make sure I’ve understood correctly:
      (1a) In addition to your Venus squaring your Uranus-Jupiter conjunction in your natal chart, does your Venus square your husband’s Uranus and also square his Jupiter in your synastry with him?
      (1b) If so, how do you feel this has played out in your relationship? Would love to hear about it.
      (2) Also, in which zodiac signs are your own Venus, Uranus and Jupiter located, and in which zodiac signs are your husband’s Venus, Uranus and Jupiter placed?

  2. While I have always been one to lick my blood from a superficial skin nick, and probably won’t stop the random practice (after all how many cuts does one get in a day, given today’s superior shaving systems?), I am now trending towards a less concrete and more metaphysical interpretation of blood mysteries.

    Having waded through 300+ pages of Julius Evola’s “The Metaphysics of Sex”, I found my most resonating passage in a quote by Eliphas Levi, 1865, “La science des spirits”:

    ”Blood is the great sympathetic agent of life; it is the motor of the imagination; it is the animated foundation of the magnetic or astral light polarised in living beings; it is the first incarnation of the universal fluid; it is vital light materialised.”

    I am musing on the alchemical processes taking place in intimate love relationship and looking to see where inherited ancestral bloodlines can be transformed; firstly, where old family ties and bonds can be regenerated to a place beyond the privilege or damnation of “you are my flesh and blood”, and, then, where new blood allegiances can be established, this kind not necessarily through the physical generation processes “of my flesh and blood”.

  3. This is a bit more complex than I thought at first, but if I take a potency punt, Neptune is opposite my Gem Asc. Neptune is my dominant planet. While my husband’s Sun is conjunct my Asc. The Cosmic Compatability chart says that this signifies my partner helps me emerge and I fully have experienced this, he has been the cocoon to my butterfly!

  4. R(Aqua/Tauri)

    I’ve always been a Megan Fox fan, she gives good interview! And has always been a stealth weirdo in a way that you wouldn’t necessarily expect from how she looks and styles herself.

    I’m in a relationship now where I have my Venus square his Pluto and he has his Venus square my Pluto so it’s interesting to hear more about the Venus square synastry and apply the vibe of that to Pluto instead of Uranus for insight into us.

    I read about the relationship’s double/mutual Venus-Pluto square in Mystic’s cosmic compatibility report and it was so spot on. The whole thing was. I’d buy a report for like a historical or famous couple I was deeply interested in because the insights are that great in that report!

  5. Wish Upon a Star

    Off topic. I just remembered that it will be Samhain here Australia. I thought it was today but officially it’s May 5 10.25 pm.

    So I did some googling and found this great poem.


    1. It tastes like liquid manna of metal with strong salty undertones and varying degrees of sweet and sour notes, depending on blood group and diet. For a touch of umami (my personal preference) type O is recommended.

      1. Is that because we are the Hunter/Meat Eater type? Having a blood disorder nurses were like kind Vampires to me as a child, taking so much of my faulty blood. I’ve only had to have a blood transfusion once, strange sensation to have other people’s blood infuse yours.

  6. I mean blood letting for consumption. Totally gruesome and simply yukky – eww. So says Venus and Mercury conjunct in Cancer.

  7. I love your writing Mystic! That last section about her Taurus take on blood eating LOL! Interesting to think about natal aspects getting amplified by repetition in synastry. I have a tight tsquare between venus/mars/pluto, and I’ve dated a lot of people with Pluto conjunct my Pluto. When they’re triggered by my tsquare I’m like this is just another Plutonic Tuesday for me bro! But then I dated a man with his moon/venus conjunct my Pluto, and that was a life-changing revelation, not meant for this plane but I think ongoing forever in some other dimension we can’t get to. I have Saturn trine ascendant natally–ready for the guy that supports and amplifies that part of me next please?? lol

  8. Here for it. The visual of the Joneses reading that her and MGK drink each other’s blood, and she manifested him to be born while eating oats is wild LOL 
    Megan before MGK has described in great detail how she was blackballed by Hollywood for being labeled as ‘difficult’ even when at the root of the real issue there was misogyny and blatant sexism in the industry that she had endured for years. I thought she must have interesting Lilith aspects in that sense, like Meaghan Markle…..

    1. Reading through that snippet from their compatibility synastry report, sounds like something I’m definitely missing from life *sigh…. Oh Taurean incoming new moon in my 7th bring me a stable-but-exciting aphrodisiac cocktail 🍸🌹💥

    2. With Mars closely conjunct her Cap As, Taurus Sun, etc, she probably is somewhat difficult and extremely self willed. When a planet is conjunct a person’s As, that planet usually becomes ultra amplified and highlighted. And Mars is nothing if not selfish, inconsiderate of others, with a high temper, etc.

  9. I hadn’t seen much of Megan Fox’s work but then she had a recurring role on the show New Girl a few years ago, and I was surprised to find her genuinely amusing and likeable in that role. She’s so beautiful that I think people underestimate her but she’s a talented comedic actress for sure. I love Mystic’s take on the Taurus aspect of her chart 😂

  10. Ritual blood like blood brothers and sisters when I was a kid or more vampiric? Oh wait “consumes”. The mind boggles

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