Dawn Of The Living Love Zombies

Venus Retrograde Life Hack Number One: Don’t let your mind meander down memory lane or click into your no-go social media zones.

You’re settling into your Retro-Venusian groove. It’s all about the psyche and cosmos, existentialist mating realizations and purging of the wardrobe. Self-authenticated, spiritually assured and master/mistress of your destiny, regardless of who you are or are not in love with.  Brilliant.

But then Venus retrogrades into the later degrees of Libra straight after Halloween and for the entirety of November. Welcome to Dawn of the Living Love Zombies. Not so dearly departed crushes and phantom lusts resurrect and lurch back into our life. If it were a legit horror film, the first sign would be a mawkish compulsion to reach out.

Or to look at their natal chart, maybe check out some obscure synastry points if things get real. Next stop it’ll be Rumi and then it would be the bit in the movie where they call in the national guard to fend off the Love Zombies. But you will have to rescue yourself in this scenario.

Venus Retrograde Life Hack Number Two: Don’t ‘reach out’. Put a line of salt across your threshold and go admire yourself in the mirror.

Image: The Raven

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  1. LightningButterfly

    II have been obsessing lately over an old, super powerful work crush from 10 years ago….he never really left my mind and we can’t be together for super boring practical reasons as the Oracle is always telling me. I know that besides the crazy chemistry and visceral attraction we had (and the Oracle also has told me repeatedly that we would’ve had epic intimacy), he represents an alternate life for me—-one that is stable and cozy and where I would have been the one taken care of instead of shouldering the financial burden, as has been the case in all my relationships. As my bad choices in partners has been having a huge effect on the kind of life I lead now…it’s pretty clear why this stable and highly attractive figure keeps coming up in my psyche. But it’s jsut a torment.

  2. Help. I reached out to an old (never happened still dream of haven’t seen in 2+ years lives on another continent didn’t want to be in touch soul connection) crush just before reading this, chuckled through it (I’m always a little in advance). Actually got a very minimal response, replied (of course) and now can’t drop it from my mental space. Can’t sleep, have asked all the questions possible of online tarot and oracle. It’s all Temperance and don’t count on it. Is this really going to last all of November? Pisces with Scorpio rising, I really have enjoyed the Venus retrograde up until now…

  3. Always fashionably late to a party…

    I received a pic via text today from a past lover… we had seen each other a month before, and it was glorious to revel and point out his selective nostalgia… (esp when referencing the blackcap jam we made together and I called it Heartbreak Jam.)

    This picture was of familiar foliage, leaves turning a rusty yellow… thorns, always seeming so forgiving, but I know better.

    Wild Climbing Roses.

    Late last summer and into the Solstice shadow was our dance card. Ever flowing from raging pheromones to silence and confusion.

    I wrote a poem about him.

    I compared him to Wild Climbing Roses.

    I remembered my love affair with them as a child at my Grandmother’s house. Learning to let those velvet looking thorns brush and dig into my skin so that I could envelope myself in their sweet, dank aroma.

    The first time I understood pain and ecstasy could simultaneously exist.

    He sent me a picture of Wild Climbing Roses.

    Knowing I have met someone, and found comfort in a man who does not lay my skin open in the process of union, I am quietly laughing. This man does not run to NYC on a whim, when unsure of what life is. This man does not live in a camper, wearing only overalls. This man has an actual, functioning toilet. (And considering the beau I had previous to Overalls lived in a Yurt and had only an outhouse half the year… this is a BIG deal. ha!)

    I told him I’m sorry we missed the Rose blooms.

    And he said…

    “Maybe next year…”

    But he’s currently in Virginia, making his way to Puerto Rico.

    And I hate roses.

  4. Last night, I dreamed of a long-past lover who died of unknown causes (that is, never determined despite an autopsy and zero signs of foul play). I felt a psychic nudge and cyber-stalked him, and I found out he had died only a few weeks earlier! He wasn’t a bad beau and I wish I didn’t muck it up! I do, however, I hope my ghost quota has been filled for this transit because this one was a friendly ghost!

  5. I broke up with my long-term boyfriend in the shadow period of this venus retrograde — have just spent the last 15 minutes going over ephemeris checking dates and degrees to see how much more all of the flashpoints from the past two months are going to come up. not surprisingly, A LOT. we’re still living with each other until end of December (thanks to no cash to spend on an air bnb and stingy landlords who won’t surrender the contract). feels like i’m walking through mud.

    1. Wow, that is so hard on your self esteem, both the cash situ and the living with someone who no longer holds you dear. Wishing you lots of care, comfort and strength.

  6. Sat in on online consult regarding sexual trauma last night. Enlightening and, yeah, triggering. But mostly enlightening. Grateful for the knowledge. Since I do bodywork the application of the information in a therapeutic setting is different than for the counselors. For self-knowledge and healing, super important.

    That was my Venus Rx exact opp Uranus Rx moment.

    Then got a text from friend asking, “WHAT just shifted? I have been crying for hours and now I’m fine.”….Moon into Leo. That’s what shifted.

    Blessed Samhain to the Northern Hemisphere.
    Blessed Beltane to the Southern Hemisphere.

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      Life is interesting and beautiful.

      It is great when you learn things that help major shifts. It makes life interesting instead of feeling stuck. The beauty is tangible.

      Blessed Be.

  7. Went shopping today

    Finally bought a bow and arrow
    Well 6 arrows actually
    Set up a hay bale and carpet target

    Artemis archetype!
    Love my new bow!

    Now I can shoot love zombies (kidding )
    So excited wanted to get back into archery for decades…
    Actually it’s Beltane in my neck of the woods…
    Might go roving with my bow!

  8. Wardrobe?? Just tried on my brand new Alexander Wang palest of pink as to hardly -see -it’s- pink pure silk knee length long sleeve sorta shirt dress with nehru collar. Divine. Especially as discounted 1000 percent. Wear with 3 strap gold barely there sandals yes?
    No not millenium pink i promise.

    1. Sounds yummy and totally Venusian. This Pisces is waiting to protect the suede and leather before wearing my new pairs of shoes. (A bit MarsCapCross at myself for not replenishing waterproofing spray whenever it ran out.) Fully support your delicious choice of sandal!

      1. Love suede Millie, spesh mixed with leather. Happy to hear you waterproof them.I stuff shoes with with tissue after every wear when warm to keep their shape and they last for years. Our Sagg parts like well shod.
        My Halloween dream last night was centered in DJ’s buying $749 (exact amount) of lingerie.

  9. It’s Hallowed Eve and i got ‘trick or treated’ from an ex love by interstate text. Not sure which one it was but i replied
    ‘not before dinner drinks and a movie’,
    He replied ‘girls’!
    He 75. Me 70.
    He a Virgo maybe harbours that some of that guilt thing they supposed to have. Blames himself for my not doing marriage ever. Then again neither did he.
    For me it was ‘men can’t be loyal’
    For him it was ‘now you see her now you don’t’
    So fast forward 60 years. and he’s still boganisticaly mysogynist.Probably took a Viagra before he texted…lol
    My bad for having a 12th house Venus? In Cap!

      1. Didn’t know if it was a trick or treat what he suggested Chysalis. Sometimes my english grammar is weird from living in non english speaking countries i think. That or age is catching up 🙂

    1. Lol! “Boganistically”! Best word EVER!
      Venus in Cap sounds interesting… wonder if it’s as challenging in similar ways to a moon in cap.

      1. Scorp/Cap think Moon there is about your emotions. Emotionally a Cap? Security comes to mind and quality in relationships, they have to walk their talk to have your interest, a steady walk. Maybe a walk to the Bank?

  10. I accidentally butt dialed an old acquaintance on WhatsApp (totally platonic, she’s a girl and we’re hetero) only to find out she’s currently working not too far from my father’s hometown….halfway around the world. Kinda bummed at first cuz she was one of the few people I could relate to in the city but ultimately I’m totally mind blown that someone with almost no connection to my home country is THERE, like 50 miles from my ancestral homeland. Yah, the cancer jumped out.

  11. For the last 2-3 yrs have had a work ‘uniform’, which with a few variations also did for outside work. Not quite a capsule wardrobe (the dream) but similar. Now, suddenly, it all looks tired. Actually shabby, because I try to get plenty of wear out of things on principle, but also dull, because I’m over it. I want to throw it all out and start again, but then I’d have no clothes, and anyway I don’t yet know how I want to look. At least, not that translates into clothes I can actually buy, that will fit me, suit me and keep me warm (crucial).

    1. That was me a few months back; everything I had belonged to old me, but I had no idea who new me was yet. It came to me pretty quickly after that, and I hope it does for you, too. Sounds like you deserve a whole new wardrobe!

      1. Thanks – I’ve set aside some time next week for it. Still Venus retro but needs must, I’ll just keep the receipts!

    2. as someone who has been replacing my wardrobe over the past couple of weeks…I know the feeling. Old pieces I loved are now quite honestly shabby and in some cases falling apart. All in prints and tie dye and zany cuts and it’s just not me anymore so out it’s been going, replaced with neutrals. Lots of black and navy and gray and blue and olive. A capsule is evolving and I hardly recognize who I’m becoming

  12. AriesPiscesLibra

    Well I’m making a weekend trip to see the on/off friend/lover/friend/lover/friend I’ve known for over 12 years and still feel pangs of deep neverending love for. Sometimes I think of them and the hunger rises up and it’s kind of devastating.
    My Pisces Moon relishes these forays into longing, but I also know It. Will. Never. Work. As I was told, “I can’t be what you need,” six years ago, last time I was dumb enough to declare my love.
    We’re friends. Both in relationships. It’s nothing but a Saturday night spent with wine.
    Right? Yeah.

  13. Warning this has 8th house topics- Last 10 days I have uber Plutoesque/8th H work trainings in 1) Respect-Work Culture- how naff vibes lead to bad actions 2) Preventing child abuse 3) Suicide prevention. 4) First Aid, CPR (my choice- not work mandated)

    Then attended ancient religious ceremony with close friend for her religious divorce, then vigil for Pittsburgh shooting victims.

    Declared a self-care day and did laundry and curled my hair for a concert, while watching West Wing on Netflix.

    Also had brief revival of old malady-I was literslly pissed off LOL! but that is sorted.

    1. I love the 8th house warning ! I think I’d need to write, we have all got an 8th house be aware you’re about to explore it !

  14. I’d appreciate the hive mind’s advice – Should I ditch my literal wardrobe in response to this post? Backstory: my super cancerian mum and I (piscean with cancer moon and aries rising) have a strained relationship, even more so that I’m living overseas this year (i think it’s triggering her childhood abandonment stuff that she doesn’t want to deal with) Before I left in May, I asked her to hold on to an old wardrobe that was the first piece of ‘good’ furniture that I purchased as an adult and I wasn’t ready to part with it. She very begrudgingly agreed..since have had very very little contact (I have sent postcards and gifts to no reply).

    just as I read this post, mum contacts me via my sister to say that she no longer has room for the wardrobe and can she get rid of it. Even though she actually does have plenty of space and I feel like this is probably a spite move, should I ditch the wardrobe and let go? What’s the haute move? I’ve already activated my own aquarian venus by writing a funny song about it…I don’t feel super heavy, but I do really like the wardrobe.

    1. consider asking a cool, easygoing, staying-put and reliable friend to pick it up and keep it in their garage / house / holiday house [whichever social stratum you’re in atm] ? you could pay for the man & van arrangement as needed… will need mother to be present for the pick up of course.

    1. Oh god, perfect. David Lynch all the way. I’ve got a date with some kind of tv streaming service thing then. Might re-watch a Kristrn stewart film again too, personal shopper. These are both kind of inexplicably nostalgic productions and this retro is in my 4th house so yes.

  15. my sun exact their south node, our north nodes are conj each others rising signs, their mars on my rising…. this some karmic shhh…

  16. Travelling alone so time to dwell on love zombie behaviour vs looking out for ones self (while also posting fantastic holiday snaps on FB to catch the eye of the current unavailable lure). Love zombie inclinations never totally go away, even though I am of a certain age and do/should know better. Came across a quick review on Vulture of a new memoir by Roseanne Cash, daughter of Johnny (of course). This quote from the review spoke to me today. “We live our lives like fugitives,” Cash writes, “when we were born to live like queens.” Can’t wait to read the book.

    1. like it! is vulture a magazine? is that what blondie’s referencing…she has that famous yellow t shirt that says vulture on it…

  17. Truth: I got an Astral DNA for a former love zombie attraction. But! I learned something about it all, not to encourage anyone whose trying not to go there. My moon is conjunct his NN. His NN is square his ascendant, which attracts cathartic relationships. I’m heavily Plutonic/8th houser so the pull was fierce. I’m still learning the lessons without making a mess, thank fuq. I have a square to my ascendant too. Squares, they just never run out, do they?

    1. It was in his Astral DNA, it’s all Mystic. I’ve looked at his chart a million times, discussed the connections here, etc. but it was that one line that finally made it all make sense. I am drawn to cathartic connections as well – multi 8th houser plus my chart ruler Pluto in the 11th.

      Keep us posted on the lady, mate. You know I want you grinning there on the other side of this big rock. xo

      1. Just the happiness, JM. Grins don’t always come from others.

        The NN square AS full description was jaw-dropping. I’m not sure of the formulation of what aspects are included in your Astral DNA & I know you have a lot of aspects going on in your rock collection. Haven’t heard you say that one in a while.

    2. Made me realise. All the big deals on my life feature a strong aspect to my Libra north node. Uranus conjunct, stellium conjunct, Libra moon , and of course all that squares my moon and opposes my Venus

  18. Penelope Darling

    I’ve been ill the whole of the venus retrograde… all illnesses I have had before and thought I had moved beyond. It’s a deep sea dredge of my physical confidence. Can’t wait for it to be over!

    1. Sorry to hear that, Penelope, sounds nasty. Sounds freaky… Wonder if something’s going on in your 6th house? Either way, hope you’re better soon!

  19. Okay, so… any zombie-reviving (killing? They’re undead, make ’em dead) potions? Anti-zombie vaccine?
    What is the best antidote to love-zombiosis, guys? Heaven’s the witness, I need it

      1. I hope so, Electro 🙂 And if this isn’t in Mystic’s plans — I’m sure other readers have some tricks up their sleeves for fighting this condition! I would gladly listen to anyone’s success (at least relative success/good progress) story of battling this condition. The practical tips, especially.

        1. The prob with LZ-ing is that it hurts so good that one doesn’t really want to get over it. So do the opposite. Set some time aside & try the 3 day Total Immersion Technique (TIT) – it’s what usually worked for me. I’d lock myself in my room & immerse myself totally in my LZ fantasy while playing the music that related to it over & over & over again. With me there was always a soundtrack or a specific song which triggered the longing/angst. Use whatever triggers it for you. By the 3rd day, i’d be so sick of it all that i’d be cured – or if not totally cured then well on the way.

          1. Yes, Skarab. The lad I am seeing on Thurs? I had it HARD and BAD–like, I was workshopping his writing and jealous of his women characters…WTF I’m Aqua, I don’t *do* jealousy. Our Mars Retro faux-affair kept peaking out each time Mars conjuncted his Mars in Cap this summer, but it was a go-nowhere type of deal, or even if it had any traction, I’d have to move TF on and let him deal with whatever his schizz it first. So I bought a journal and wrote out THE ENTIRE STORY starting with meeting him in class at the beginning of the first term and not speaking to him alone until mid-way through the second term and it totally worked. Each Duranie-eqsue detail, indulged the crush all the way, a couple hours a day for a month. It worked!

            I noticed it’s not as fun to not crush on someone, but oh well. It was the right thing to do. LOL.

          2. You’re right, it does hurt good! Oh man. My technique was just to ride the wave. Pour the energy into art, into myself, into trying to reach the last drop in that well. It took way longer than three days, more like three years. Pouring all that energy into yourself is key.

      1. PlutoMoon, I think so too. But I’ve been doing Saturn Return for months and now lapsed into zombiedom. Therefore I intended to do the total immersion texhnique before returning to my saturnine existence … but actually just visualising for 5 mins myself doing that hurt too much and I aborted mission, LOL.
        I wrote down every aspect of LZ and patterns that led me there on a sheet of paper and burned it in a graveyard — a perfect activity for the Day of the Dead (here in this country). I do recommend it to other LZs who want to resurface!

        1. You probably got burned out from all the Saturn you’re already doing and lapsed like a junkie for a quick fix into Neptune-Zombie land. It happens. Love your burning the list in a graveyard! I have a cauldron for burning similar things and try to get the ashes gone afterwards. Maybe the antidote should be “Saturn, but if Saturn fails, go Uranus on that shit.” lol

  20. I’ll be reaching out to an ex to initiate divorce proceedings. So yes, I’ll be reliving the feels of our relationship but with the explicit aim of ending it. Maybe that’s the case for everyone though?

    1. This is a really good time for that sort of process! Making amends, wrapping up the ‘admin’ end of the alliance. Clean slate.

  21. Experienced a stalking-after-one-date situation from a man I declined a second date with because he revealed he was married, have received contact both from a guy who ghosted me who I thought I would never talk to again, and from my most recent ex/serious love of my life. Excess and constant dreams about recently lost beloved pet. Lots of small premonitions experienced and then fulfilled within a day. Venus retro has been wild.

  22. I seem to be so totally past all this stuff. My lust for guys has all but disappeared. Can’t be bothered with the hassle and much prefer to be just getting on with digging myself out of the last hole I have been in for 12 odd years. Granted I have fallen in love again with my aqua man so I do have a love interest as such but I don’t think I could muster very much more energy into a love lust tryst if I tried. Maybe I need to up my HRT !

  23. Hey I am being stalked by a weirdo love zombie. I have contacted a friend who has a son who is a lawyer who can trace his number. Hey if you don’t hear from me it has been fun chatting. This weirdo obtained my number on the false pretence that he wanted to adopt my foster cats.

    So for the last 24hours I have remembered what it feels like to be truly alive.

    Freedom is everything.

    1. If we don’t hear from you? You will go underground, i hope you mean, and change whatever comm details need to be changed. (If you mean something more serious, then take a moment…Oracle gave me a new one: sit in a circle of salt and breathe for 8 mins.) Calmly check security and support before you allow ebbing FM worries and that fqer’s disturbia to get any more of a hold…in either order. Then you can make some nice clear steps.

      You got this, and your lovely support can hold it tight if you think you can’t. If you can look after foster cats, you have enough loving mateship in your life to look out for you. Keep us posted?

      1. Thanks M, I was being melodramatic because I was terrified out of my wits.

        After a good night sleep I have reread the texts from this man and have come to the conclusion that he is just some silly, very old school, fool who was genuinely interested in adopting the cats.

        But because of his very sexist style of communication and subtle head fucking which I nipped on the bud straight away he decided the adoption won’t be happening.

        I live in a small Aust Queensland town that still lives in the 1950’s. But hey I love it, it is a beautiful seaside town and a spiritual home. I finally realised that my strength is being tested and I have passed.

        Thanks for your kind words and suggestions.

  24. Aaaargh. As usual I’m feeling the Astro a bit early. And – OOPS – I have reached out to an ex dalliance that I know isn’t really right for me. But, damnit, the text flirting is just so much fun! And yes I know that’s superficial and silly when I could be using my very limited time to do something more productive with my energies. Just damn well couldn’t fully resist the temptation. Mind you, I haven’t actually planned to meet up with him or come out with anything too forward…yet. Am I an in-denial love zombie? Or a cheeky scorp/attention seeking Leo rising enjoying toying with him for my own pleasure? I’m not sure! Confessional rant over. I will try to be careful, sensible… avoid the trap…. looks like this Vrx is going to test me though!

    1. If you enjoy toying and being cheeky that is all ok but the astro is suggesting you could bring the energy too far inward (retro = back to source/beginnings) to maybe keep a grip. And hey! Who would advise a Scorp/Leo? Not me; you do you, and blessings for your best fun outcome. You don’t have to be a nun, just unhurt 😀

      1. Thanks for your lovely reply, milleunanotte! Yep, I definitely want to avoid bringing that energy to far inward. (figuratively and literally! ) Eerily enough, I did get back together with someone I shouldn’t have during the last venus retro in scorp, which greatly changed the course of my life, and not for the better…except for the absolutely amazing child that I’ve been blessed with. Thanks for the reminder. A bit of flirty banter is one thing but it’s tine to learn from the lessons of the last venus retro in scorp and your reminder is timely.

    2. “As usual I’m feeling the Astro a bit early. ” Same! In fact, I find I’m generally 2-3 days early with things. And I was prevented from doing something similar.

      There’s an old friend I miss terribly from 30 years-ish ago. We adored each other and had great chemistry and at the time I was in love with him. (I have chemistry with so few people that I frequently mistake it for a need for something more).

      These days, I’ve got a better grasp on that, he’s happily married. I’m looking for my own someone in a different direction … so I found where, on facebook (ugh) a few years back, his wife had messaged me their phone number, and I was too uncomfortable and dealing with anxiety at the time to use it.

      I looked it up online and it doesn’t appear to be his number anymore. I was going to try it today, but I guess not. He is the only man from my past I would ever care to hear from, too.

      1. Interesting that we both feel the astro early! Wonder what makes people that way, is it having a strong outer planet influence? I’ve got sun conjunction uranus, plus loads in the 3rd house which I wonder could have something to do with getting “messages” be the astro ones or other ones, early. Just my musings though. I feel your pain having those feeling for someone who is taken… but how beautiful that you have that unmistakable chemistry/connection. The way I see it, life is short, and if someone means something to you it doesn’t hurt to make a phone call or send a little message and ask how they are. Of course, you wanna be careful as to how far you go from there onwards (so I try to tell myself). If there’s a genuine connection between you he won’t mind a cheery hello from you. Best of luck and keep us posted!

        1. I just doublechecked and I have neither Sun conjunction Uranus (nor any other Sun/Uranus aspects) and nothing in the third house! Hm. Could it be my Gemini Rising, maybe? Ruled by Mercury, antennae out for incoming messages? I’ve also got a Pisces moon that’s been the source of my good intuition. Or hell – I’m a Leo sun, you’re a Leo rising – maybe the common link there is it?

          Thank you for those words. I found a spell on this site a ways back about writing a letter to someone you want to see again, burning it, and dropping it in water. I did that, hoping we could run into each other so I can check out his energy these days face-to-face. and see if I want to renew the friendship. One never knows.

          Amazing the lengths I will go to to avoid a phone call, isn’t it? 🙂 And may nothing bad come from your own reaching out.

  25. It’s been so long since I have been on my own and love zombie free, that I’ll forget I am Virgo rising, kick out modesty and yell “bring it on Venus, I don’t fear you”. Being Libra my 2nd house, I’ll be reviewing my financial situation (woo-hoo, hot!) and nothing more.

    1. Good thinking. I’m Libra 9th house so I guess I can use it to review higher learning goals or, even better, go back and mop up on reading that didn’t get done (lots).

  26. Lmao composite progressed natal charts are a thing? **runs off to check one or two** Am I being overconfident in saying do your worst Venus retro? I feel anesthetized about ye men of yore Saturn square everything, especially after the mars retro. Rather scheme my all black future lux wardrobe stables.

    1. My second-favorite film of all time. That dream sequence of all his past and present women is the mother of all Venus retro parties!

      1. i loved it peeps-and yeah, i thought it perfect for venus retro.
        whats your first favourite dizzarina?
        everyone is so beautiful in that film!

  27. LOL god i think i have another crush coming up, jeez.
    he’s highly unsuitable. he has to take meds for the rest of his life otherwise he is literally psycho.
    but hes wild. a keith richards type…what the hell lol, this is some vortex

    1. I hear you. Feeling sucked into the vortex too. Longings for a Mr unsuitable that I thought I was over. I guess we need to remember Mystic’s words – stay true to our master plans!

    2. ugh. of course I am seeing my Mars Retro Scorp this week after three months…Venus is going back and forth over my stuff and his…cause they’re on top of each other, peaking out at his sun.

      Ever since I told him that the Keith Cuffs (blazer with shirt and cuffs hanging out) make me ache, he makes sure to wear them. Wanna bet he shows up with his Keith cuffs and Adam’s Apple all exposed, lazily ornamenting the open collar? Harumph.

  28. motherofunicorns

    So would all urges to “reach out” be symptomatic of retro love zombiedom? Or if we’ve done all that work and we’re going in eyes open are we ok? I thought we were good to go once Venus was moving forward again? Asking for a friend coming out of a 20 year relationship…

    1. Wait till its fully operational, it’s getting an expanded Atlas database, being made more “one click” ish and browser agnostic. Also i am making Sleazometer into a little free quick-checker app on the site for Mega Mystic members
      And i am thinking of turning Eros-Psyche into a report. Cos Soulmating was really popular – it is certainly popular enough. But it was a pain having to look up people’s eros-psyche in the ephemeris and the publishers missed out two years in the ephem or something.
      So it would be a cool offering but the text seems quite dated to me now – any thoughts welcome?

      1. Yes, yes please. Need all the help I can get. Thank goodness for this post, I was just starting to ramble down those well worn paths in my mind again. Time to rein it in again….sigh. This one has a hold on me.

      2. Totally, yeah! Uh…please don’t launch it until we’re all safely BEYOND the Dawn of the Living Zombies Romero astro-scape. I do not want to channel Vincent Price in Lerve xx

        1. Have loved Peter Lorre since i saw that scene in the Maltese Falcon where he gets slapped by both Bogart and Bacall, in turn.

      3. great idea, also consider a pdf book with all the permutations from the Astral DNA – I would love to read it. Also noticed lilith and pars fort identified at the start and would love a mystic take on the interaction of these with NN etc.

      4. nothing has rung more true for me more than the sleazometer over the years, mystic. and in all my astro-digging i have never found anything quite like it. likewise Soulmating.

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