The 7 Relationships You Have During Venus Retro In Scorpio

Reminder: If we include the Shadow-Zone, this Venusian Vortex has already begun, and it goes till Xmas Eve/Saturnalia. We are already approaching an Event Horizon of our hearts!  Here are the Seven Relationships You Have During Venus Retrograde In Scorpio.

(1) A cryptic, soul-stirring mystical rapport with a person who pops up all of a sudden, in the neighborhood and seems to be super-relevant and present for the dialogue. It combines the benefits of being both eerily relaxing and familiar feeling with acute conversational cut-through, the sense of being deeply understood. You alternate between thinking it’s radically marvelous and wondering if you’re in zombie mode.

(2) The manifestation of the ghost or spirit of a passed over companion animal, complete with spooky synchronicity and lucid memories of your creature/familiar.

(3) A distinct strengthening or fraying of the bond between you and another; one incident that irrevocably affirms or negates the durability of your bond. It applies to romantic relationships or a meaningful friendship.

(4) A paranormal affinity with a Scorpio or Pluto-centric person who passed over, perhaps a relative. It may come complete with wafts of scent, a homage to the late degrees of Libra that are also part of the Via Combusta.

(5) An astral-realm only hot, spooked up tryst with an ex-lover or – more accurately – a soul fragment of theirs that they left with you and which you are still quite fond of.

(6) A massive crush on yourself. You newly appreciate the style with which you went to hell and back, conquered adversity and honed survival talents without losing creativity, magical connection or compassion.

(7) A slow establishing well-founded significant bond with you and another person, perhaps a colleague or even a family member. Whether it is romantic or not, it is a meaningful bond and, given the new Earth Era, will likely last centuries.

Image: Beauty and the Beast – Rose Vincent

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  1. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7 happened across July-Aug-Sept. 2,4,6 happening now; Hearing constant poetry or prose from someone appearing in my shadowlands as a Vulture Queen – she spoke to me the first time about seeing through my/people’s self delusions and stripping the rotting meat from the bones, leaving only what is real and solid and that needs to be exposed – you don’t fuq about with her; she’s in charge of forcing change if you don’t agree to obey her anyway. She recently told me a story of Black Moon Lilith and Mars, and it involved someone I’ve known this time around for a year but it turns out we’ve danced across lifetimes. Today she was speaking in my waking world rather than just turning up iin dreams or when in Shamanic ritual.

  2. This may have already been mentioned but I truly believe that the best soundtrack to get over/through anything is Prince.

  3. OK I have a Venus retro ingress story, pretty funny actually and totally a #1-style relationship. I signed up for a free consultation with a high tech dental company, in my home or office (chose work) for a 3D scan of my teeth so I could see how they would look after their mobile Invisalign and whitening treatment, no purchase necessary (requirement with Venus retro, I know), and automatically entered to win a free full treatment valued at $6,000 USD. I didn’t realize it when I scheduled the appointment, but it was one hour after Venus went retro. Nothing to lose, I figured, so I kept the appointment. Holy fricken hell, the guy who showed up to scan my teeth was gorgeous, single, charming, funny, and near my age. He seemed to be attracted to me as well. So that was interesting. The most insane part of it all was – and this is coming from a natal Venus in Scorpio person – I found the process erotic as hell. I mean, hot, available guy in scrubs, in my office (which is a government tech agency) with the door closed, late Friday afternoon, he’s cracking jokes, and he’s got his INSTRUMENT in his hand, probing my mouth for several minutes while he watches the scans he’s taking on the monitor off to the side. I mean, whaaaaaat?. Trust me, if I had a party and invited this guy to scan a bunch of ladies’ mouths while they all drank alcohol, it would be an interesting night. So I was good, didn’t sign up to buy anything, didn’t try to make a pass at him, though I could tell he was interested by the questions he was asking. The kicker, though, and the ultimate deal breaker, is that he is looking for someone to have children with, and I am no longer interested in reproduction, only pleasure. I think he’d rather not waste his time at this point. So he gave me his card, probably because he does that with everyone but in any case I do know how to contact him now, and he left. It was not lost on me at all that this was an extremely apt scenario for Venus turning retrograde in Scorpio. And who knows, maybe when Venus turns direct I’ll win the free treatment! Ha! 😉

  4. Hi Mystic. Thank you for your hard work and dedication. I had a mini Reiki session on the 9th of September and plan to have a full session in October. About the do/don’t during Venus retro, what do you think? Venus will start retro in my 6th to go back in 5th. Or should I wait?
    Love and light your way.

  5. #6 When I read it it made me cry. I went to hell and back and the clincher was to not grow hard, keep my compassion. This was a very conscious choice I made. I’m glad I did as it would have made the other qualities brittle, break and fall away.

    Mystic killing me softly with her words. Soul sister.

    To have some other soul express what I went through and felt is priceless. Validation.

    Thank you Mystic Medusa.

    1. Thank you Wishupon
      Our divine MM is indeed a soul sister.
      I agree to go to Hell and back and make a conscious choice to retain qualities
      That may have become casualties of war.
      Like compassion, empathy, creativity etc

      We don’t lose them, mine hid during the healing, had to lure them out into the light!
      I truly did not believe I was going to survive two years ago, still raw in places…
      But I’m so proud of myself and could not have, if not for this site and MM.
      Karmic brownie points.

      1. I’m a very straightforward person and in some ways, way too logical for my own good. One dark night I was to decide should I die or should I live. If I was to live it was to live fully and alive. Well the answer came back psyhically and visually.

        51% Yes to live 49% No to die. So I had 1% of hope : Maybe that will be the title of my book.

        I know this sounds flippant and cavalier but it is real.

        I find karmic references really contrived, flashbacks to living on a Buddhist retreat. If you do something do it wholeheartedly not to get Brownie points. I don’t think I was put on this earth to please people so take this with a pinch of SALT.

  6. I would have never thought this possible, but last night I had a genuinely lovely dream about my extremely terrible and abusive ex (my tr. neptune over asc and zap zone experience). I will never actually speak to him again, and it’s been a very, very long time since I’ve had anything remotely resembling positive feelings for him, so it was surprisingly nice to have what felt like ‘a perfect week’ with him in this dream. No fights, no bs, no cruelty, no pain. Just doing relaxing fun stuff and talking and enjoying ourselves like it never really happened in real life. When I woke up I felt relaxed and happy and just good. I felt like I could finally leave him in the past where he belongs.

    I’ve also experienced [1], during the last Venus Scorpio retro in 2010-11. Wish I could get the release dream for that one – I LZ’d for years over him after it was over, and it never even really got off the ground! I use to be able to reliably invoke those old feelings for him when I thought about him, but recently that has evaporated and I just feel sort of forgiving to younger me. He had a big Libra-Virgo stellium in the 5th house and was a master at generating adoring love zombies and then disappearing. Our Mars were in a tight trine and my Saturn on his Venus – I caught him in a number of lies and then he got kicked out of his share house for drama with a woman he was dating in the share house, and once he left my neighborhood he left my life. It was for the better, lol!

  7. I hope its the work one. One of the girls at work wants to catch up but we are ships in the night. She’s super switched on with her clients and she would be a great role model. Hopefully!!

  8. #6. I am so f’ing done with relationships at the moment. These girls out here are all over th eplace, one day they are into you the next they are not without any reason. They go back to failed relationships when you are trying to be their king. They lie, say one thing and mean something else, they deceive, get you trusting them, giving to them then bam, they are gone. Mars loves to flare up at it too, fuel for the fire. I am natally a venus in Scorpio so this has ben alot easier for me since venus entered scorp and mars went out of retro but I got my Sagittarius eye on jup coming into sag!

  9. (3) A distinct strengthening or fraying of the bond between you and another; one incident that irrevocably affirms or negates the durability of your bond. He lied. We’re done.

  10. No. 2. Well I did feel that Smokey the pregnant puss who lost 2 kittens , was so similar in gentle nature to my child pet Smokey.

    After all the highs and lows of last week, I was reminded of a memory I had of me as a child with Smokey feeling grounded in nature, and encouraged to chase and pursue my creativity, not to follow mundane mainstream rules.

      1. I don’t think I’ve been ok for the whole year, lovely Wish, but in that particular case I scrapped a comment about the triple libra because it’s like trying to understand why someone has put an inch and a half of lemon cream frosting on the top of extra hot chili con carne and I’m supposed to eat it using just one chopstick. And also wondering why I am still so utterly inarticulate about my own feelings. And all the other shit. Im hoping Pluto direct and mars getting clear of the whatever will help. This doesn’t make any sense but thanks. I appreciate you asking. x

        1. You are supremely articulate about the feeling that Triple Libra evokes! Maybe it was the one chopstick that got me into the metaphor, then i saw the dissonant blend of…like, everything. Iron fist in a velvet glove never tasted so weirdly fqd! The dissonance is all his, and as a Pisces you metaphysically ‘tasted’ it. Methinks with all that sweet sweet Lib it is well hidden for most. Plus my Piscean imagination added lemon curd until i read again (love that stuff, and even if you don’t actually, the Venusssiansss know what you sensually like, Pi.) Don’t kick yourself; don’t hurt yourself for not Knowing/Sensing. Some people only break the rules that they learn to know so well for their own weird purpose. My Mars is in Clear Cap and my Pluto is in Verifiying Virgo but i still fall for snakey shit even after all the cleansing and psych plumbing. That’s ‘cos you and i ain’t snakey and it’s not our purpose. Lift a silent finger to alert the universe (you have, right?) It won’t be your shit coming down and you just need to get through the dross of your put-upon and disrespected feeling that someone else created xx

          1. Thanks mille xx it’s not that he did a wrong thing, there’s no room for expectations.. to be honest I’m actually more upset and confused about how I have handled some things, although I’m realising I need to give a lot of latitude both sides, modern world and all that…

            I’m putting it down to various 7th house transits and Uranus still squaring my moon. But I’m remaining very mindful that we have a natal mars Pluto synastry thing..
            It’s funny , even before turning the energy into a wierd food imagination combo, I had kind of sussed those depth vibes.. just had more of a kick than I expected after living on planet Pi for so long lol xox

  11. Feeling no. 6, but hoping for no. 1 or no. 7!

    Neptune in Scorpio, 7th house (opposite Mars and Jupiter) so prone from childhood to crushes on the Unattainable perfect man. Recovered love zombie (finally!) Venus in Cancer 3rd house.

    1. Reporting in on

      My Venus Retro-Pluto square Sun encounter-

      Most of my planets are in Libra-Scorp and I have the 12th Jupiter-Neptune to 7th Mars angles. Periodically I encounter a random guy who opens a side door to the nether worlds.

      Years back, my alchemist-astrologist ex BF let me work at his bookstore- but I amassed a nice library and read enough for a Ph.D in the ancient arts.

      Friday, I met a plumber. While assessing plumbing issues, he shared his historical perspective- I listened and used my Via Combusta wiles to draw him out.

      I won’t bore you with the details, but he drew alarming conclusions on past or current events- using terms heard on extremist media and got a gleam in his eye when sharing his views.

      My Mergirl was appalled that I encouraged him and that I did not immediately show him the door.

      All the while, he cleaned out two clogged drains- and taught me plumbing 101. Pluto personified, with a beard and drain snake.

      I had to dash away to google some of the terms he used- like Bildeberg meeting (which actually occurs annually and is ultra selective). Not believing the lizard hype though. LOL!

      Vibing Libra total neutrality-I told my Mergirl that I wanted him to leave us on cordial terms. The operative word being leave

      So now we have clear drains and I am staying out of Knock Turn Alley on the internet. Sprinkled salt and burned a white candle in my great grandmother’s candlestick- which has a tufted ear and tailed Maenad. Betcha that gave Mr. Plumber a turn! LOL!!

      P.S. Mr. Pluto found tree roots in my basement drain. Does anyone have more benign remedies than the commercial, terribly toxic foam prescribed to clear them? I cannot bring myself to use it with Uranus now in Toro opposite my Moon and Neptune.


      Your Intrepid Via Combusta correspondent

      1. Hi Intrepid Via Combusta,
        It just goes the show that everybody has there place in this world. His was to clear your drains and find those tree roots, but obviously not take up room in your heart.

        Your story made me laugh, also envious of your via combusta wiles to draw out information.

        I get information via my perceptive skills though. So maybe I am Via Percepta?

      2. “total libra neutrality” “leave us on cordial terms” this is not about you Lili but these words are why I’ve realised that any form of a relationship with a libran gives me a sustained anxiety attack: you never actually know if they genuinely like you or just want you to fk off.

        1. Indeed Pi, I avoid the males of my own species. I had to become skilled at neutrality with my Scorp tinged Moon and Mars square Pluto. Underneath I rage.

  12. #1 is basically the backdrop of this whole thing for me. Like if I was allowed to tug at it the thing would come crumbling down, but it seems i have to move through this set in order for it to change scene.
    The moment I feel something is radically marvelous I’m always instantly wary ‘sheeit am I love zombi-ing?!’ Then need to go collect myself again til I’m calm.

    Seriously is Neptune in the first house (conjunct moon) like an ‘always going to be prone to Love Zombie?’

    I feel like I can handle it for the most part when not in a relationship but there’s a huuuuge urge (see working on the self in order to make sure it’s a solid thing) to in the future have a very committed relationship and love zombie out entirely within it. Like the container of the relationship has to be ROCK SOLID so that I can truly RELAX and let my love freak flag fly (which really is just goo goo sea eyes for my future beloved)

    1. Update –
      No more relationships for me, but at this time I think I will choose to postpone graduate school and take a year off for an academic break. School makes me so unhappy sometimes.

      I think I need to focus on living a more balanced lifestyle.

  13. Ohhh…3 – strengthening – not running away after all. And 6 – getting my self love grove back oooonnnn…it’s lovely really.

  14. My wedding is set for nov 24, I thought it looked good on the astral planner due to Venus influence but now anxious – is the date too much in retro shadow zone or are there any precautions that can be taken to keep the date?

  15. Yes please Garçon
    I’ll take an entree of 7
    A main of 6
    A side of 3
    And a dessert of 1
    A shot of 2 & 4

    Return soul fragment of 5 (an ex is an ex is an ex)

    Thank you MM

  16. This is especially poignant for me as I have my native Venus conjunct Neptune conjunct my Scorpio Ascendent. Transiting Venus entered her shadow on the exact degree of my Sun.
    I’ve been having relationship 1, which could also be a No.7, since February ( possibly even before then, but let’s not go there…) – it is now becoming no.3, This means that No. 6 is also happening.
    Then there is another No.1 and another No 7. – the first one ! I mentioned is the same person.
    I hope that when Jupiter crosses my ascendent on my birthday that it will all become so much clearer.
    Secretly loving it 🙂

  17. Number 3 – check. My best friend of over ten years and I have had a totally supportive and real friendship with our only disagreements dealt with by talking them through and resolving them. Last Saturday, our bond, already fraying a bit since the birth of her first child, had the acid of her rage spilled on it. She was treating me terribly (she has only one flaw – just the one, I swear! And she was exercising the hell out of it again at my expense), I spoke up to let her know how she was making me feel and she savagely threw it all back on me and took a nasty, threatening tone.

    While we both immediately dropped it and she later apologized, I’m still reeling. Nothing was resolved, either.

    Number 6 I’ve already got (hello, Leo sun!), and numbers 1 and 7 I’m hoping for!

  18. My first love (I’m 60, so this goes back 45 years) showed up at the August new moon. Not long after the full moon I blocked him from all social media after epic mind-f*cking. Now venus will station on my NN and retro over mercury, sun, and neptune in Scorpio – what’s next!

  19. I have natal mars in Aquarius and natal venus retro in Scorpio.I am having a really rough time of mars and venus going retro back to back in my natal signs. I know deep down this is going to be productive and rewarding so I am trying to stay positive but I have lots of self loathing happening at the same time. I’m just like, seeing everywhere I fucked up in my relationship realm. And like, all of the issues i’ve accumulated with men over the years. How unsafe and powerless I tend to feel as a woman. How hard it is for me to open up and actually be intimate. How I basically shut down my body because of how dangerous it feels. I am praying for healing over the next few months. It’s always terrifying to realize how you’ve been holding yourself back I guess, this is how progress happens.

    1. Can you afford to see a psychologist? Or some other trained professional? I’m seeing one at the moment to work through my patterns. These feelings are awful but also an opportunity to put things right…with help.

    2. It’s ok, I’m feeling a bit similar mate. If you can, try to let the crunchy moments pass through you on their way somewhere else.. that’s what I’m trying to do. Awareness is important and you’re feeling it. Chiron might be getting you at the moment a bit too.

    3. Thanks for the love everyone. I do see a psychotherapist who also practices EFT so I am in great hands. I saw her and I am not feeling 100% better but I am getting there. <333333

  20. Have dreamed about my cat (whose ashes are in the ink of the tattoo I started getting of him almost exactly a year ago) three nights in a row. Though in the dreams, I have been neglectful and not cleaning out his litter box twice a day as I did IRL and seriously not feeding him regularly. I wake up having to reassure myself that he was one of the most spoiled, looked-after cats ever. Ugh. Chiron, Pluto, fuq.

  21. Hot sex in dreams? too exhausting!! I choose Number 6 … I’m so love in with myself no time for anyone else. (Is that my Leo/Acqua/Scorp calling?) Number 7 is a friendship/bond with a work colleague.

  22. i hope its number 2, i want to be with my beautiful dog again who went a few years ago. She was a real game-changer in my life, she passed in my arms and I haven’t really seen her since, though I thought she might appear in my dreams as others who have passed on have done

    1. I hope she finds you again, through the portal. <3
      Mine visits often, in dreams. She was my guardian angel, I absolutely knew it the minute she fixed her eyes on me in the shelter. Every time I see a little dog just like her (not that common) I feel like it's a good luck charm. x

    2. She might not appear when you want and miss her, only when you need her. Maybe honour her with a daily or so ritual of a flower or something nice? Can be a spot you choose or just a little thing you do anywhere, any day, even out and about. And be mindful of wishing her presence down to you, only because she will come when you really need her, rather than because she is missed…she knows it and loves you. When you need her she will be there before you realise, so be mindful to honour her and wary of inadvertently triggering needful circumstances that bring her through xoxo

  23. I’m definitely having a bit of a Pluto Chiron moment Had a total brutal conversation with my ‘boss’ He hit back I stood my ground until it was done. Following morning it continued even more real This time tears and emotional splurge. Then suddenly the sun came out Everything altered. He apologised, said he was pleased I’d spoken up. He felt utterly drained and small realising he’d done so much damage etc.
    I feel as though I’ve got my power back and can now tell him to butt out of my work. It’s been hard work getting to this point. And still no idea why he has to behave so badly. Or maybe I do but that’s a novel !!

  24. I’m going to go with number six. I’ve never experienced that feeling so at fifty and with all the crap I’ve been through and survived and still smiling I’m going to give number six my best shot 🙂

  25. Oh @Mystic, I love it when you go bullet points list. My Virgo rising is very happy to get lists to check every now and then.

  26. Smokey my foster cat has lost 2 of her 3 day old male kittens. The first one, first born stopped suckling and faded away. He was in my palm when he took his last gasps, oh I cried.
    But I experienced the same spiritual beauty I felt when my mum died. The time between last breath and riga mortis was so gentle, sweet, peaceful and easy. An image of me walking in a park in Melbourne came to me, I was so at home. It is a real memory. What is it trying to tell me?

    I placed him in some white calico with little purple flowers and buried him in the moist, fertile earth under the fern tree.
    The second male will be buried tonite under the full moon.
    I will call them Knight and Mysty. Please send your blessings.

    The last few days have been an emotional roller coaster. After I buried Knight I looked up and was startled by a new fern furlong , it was so alive, and surreal. New Life. Also reminded of my mums death. At the same hospital mum’s niece had a bouncy new born. I visited her. Again death and new life.

    In between these 2 sentences the cat people have come and taken the 2 mummas (it’s too much for me) and replaced them with Ella and Jazz 2 very lively 5 month old kittens. One is all over me like a rash.

    It’s funny how life just turns.

      1. Thank you so much Veronica, I have just buried Mysty and left a candle burning as a vigil. Placed an Angel on top of Mysty and a frog (very special to me represents new life) on top of Knight. Goddess & God Bless. Good Night.

        xox xox xox

          1. Thank you. Apparently I was born on a very misty (full on fog) night. Close to midnight in Melbourne. On a Balsamic moon. Endings and Death make so much sense to me.

            How much Symbolism do I need to move on.

            I’ll just wish upon a star and the answer will come.

            Thanks for helping me work out the puzzle. !.

    1. Ohhh… Tears are falling here. Prayers of love and peace for Knight and Mysty. Big hugs to you, Wish Upon a Star. Ella and Jazz sound like good medicine for your heart. Enjoy. xoxoxoxox

  27. #5- Astral realm is all I have time for. I agree with Pi. I want more time with my pillow. I’m at Chiron return and have no time to waste with posers and fwits.

    1. Sleep that soothes away all our worries. Sleep that puts each day to rest. Sleep that relieves the weary laborer and heals hurt minds. Sleep, the main course in life’s feast, and the most nourishing.

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