The Mutability Fade-Out

Some people accuse the Mutable Signs – Gemini, Pisces, Sagittarius and Virgo – of being cruel, sociopathic and major flakes.

Virgo cops this to a lesser extent – their Earth status renders them sort of immune from accusations of the crazies.

Plus Virgos strive SO hard to pass for normcore on the outside, their eccentricity is concealed by veils of protocol.

So leaving Virgo out for the time being, the Mutable signs are renowned for their speed fade-outs.

“Never complain – never explain”  – coined by the 19th Century Sagittarius power-broker Benjamin Disraeli – is also  the non-official mantra of the Mutables.  It’s not because they are unaccountable.  Or irresponsible.

Dead Qi Dialogue Is Inefficient

They prefer to just disappear in an indigo blur because they believe in efficiency and momentum.  Sticking around to talk out the obvious or to dialogue with dead qi is not efficient.

They KNOW when a scene is dead – their every mutable instinct tells them. It is a physical sensation to them – not to act on it would scramble their auric integrity.

Mutables also specialize in basic time witchery – once they vanish from your life, you will be amazed at how you will basically NOT just run into them. They’re still there. They may even live around the corner from you.

But the reason your paths never cross is that the Gemini, Sagittarius or Pisces has slipped into another dimension of time – one in which you are not there, were never there.

First clue this is happening; the blank eyes – you may think zombie, you could suspect dreamweed addiction or terminal vagueness but it’s the Mutable experiencing a time-slippage/awareness of dead qi.

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Thank you for the reminder! As a Virgo Sun with Gemini Rising, mutable fadeout has served me brilliantly with all kinds of relationships: work, neighbors, toxic relatives, and yes, plenty in romantic ones! People accuse me of giving up easily or not giving them a chance, but when both pattern recognition and intuition are humming the same tune, I’ll listen to those before anyone’s empty promises!


Pisces sun and jupiter, Sag rising and moon, Gemini mars and saturn… no virgo or any earth in my chart. When something is over or dead to me I just vanish, dimension hopping is my secret talent. Like Gotye’s lyrics for Somebody I Used To Know, the girl in the song is clearly a mutable sign.


Pisces Sun, Sag Rising. It me

Maya Rose

Saggy sun and pisces rising… Also me!


Wow. Yes.


Virgo Sun/Mercury with Gemini Rising here. This happens at work a lot and for me, it’s a waste of perfectly good energy (Mars in early Taurus trine the Sun/Merc) to spin the wheels and also a waste of irreplaceable time. Some people are turned off by this, but it’s affirming to see an astrological reason for it! As for when I get that treatment from other mutables, if they have written me off, then I can just take my energy elsewhere!


Saggy here, I totally split today for a much needed little trip (just a train ride to a farmers market about an hour away lol) it was wonderful, it felt right, I haven’t gone on a solo adventure in a while x( but I have fruit now <3 but it's definitely true as a mutable sign fleeing the scene and not trying to get caught up in some kind of energy I don't wanna mix with. I'm always on the move. and just to be a talker, I met a Cap today and he was nice, felt a bit fated… Read more »


I’m down with Disraeli’s ‘never complain, never explain. As a multi Pisces/Virgo, my own personal motto is ‘don’t box me in’. Don’t box me in with phone contracts; with non-flexible travel fares; with your limited ideas of who you think I am; into a corner… that kind of thing.

Maya Rose



I have said recently that when my piscean side is done, I slowly lower my head into the murky water and disappear. Often I forget the relationship ever existed. Pisces sun coupled with Aries moon and Libra rising means it may take me a while to end a relationship (whether friend or romantic). I try to see the good in everyone. Once I’m over it, however, I don’t look back and it’s full steam ahead. Thankfully, as I get older, it’s easier to spot the bs and move on quickly.


I’m a Leo with Virgo rising and although Virgos are exempt from this particular situation, I can totally relate to the Zombie eyes directed at dead scenes and people it’s my signature reaction to Qi Vampires, Fuqbois and those with dinosaur auras.


Yes! As a virgo I think this is even more pertinent as the loyalty/good manners factor can be a hindrance to a virgos need to declutter dinasaur debris!


I am also Virgo rising, and i too am not sticking around for those things any longer. I also totally relate to those eyes. And i had a gemini flat mate for a while who was the perfect fade out professor. It was wonderful to see how quickly she assessed everything. And how easy it was for her to leave stale qi in a light and nice manner


(sag w pisces rising) 😀 so true! I manage to amaze even myself at how quickly I slip away from situations/relationships. As soon as I feel it’s not working anymore, it’s like something clicks and, not only do I disappear completely, but I also immediately move on on a mental and emotional level…sometimes I even forget about people and situations, even painful ones. I have been accused of being cold and heartless…nothing farther from the truth, I open myself up completely to people and even too much, but as soon as I feel it ending, it’s just as if it… Read more »

Maya Rose

Same placements and totally relate… There is healing in this as I’ve always been demonised for my ability to move on… Sometimes before I’ve even moved on!
So, thank you! ☺️


So on the money, and so where I am at right now, as things would have it….

Brenda j.

Shamanic astrology sees the “mutables” as “in service of Spirit” so that puts a different slant onto it.


High fives virtual poster


Jesus this post MM, Lol! The most loving and flattering exoneration of my decades-long Virgo guilt of extreme ‘flakiness’. Thank you. So many other culprits too! Countless abandoned email addresses, cities, jobs (I just work for myself now, Lol!), LLCs, colleagues, friends, BFs, skype accounts and on and on. As mentioned upstream, it’s probably 3rd + 11th house dynamics and the lovely fixed signs I seem to attract, that keep peeps caring and reaching out to me even decades on. I’m touched and grateful, I often disappear from great situations and it’s hard to explain why. Sun-Saturn Virgo 11th Gem… Read more »


Hello Monte. I like your comment, because it gives me a chance to explain that if one is living with mutable traits you soon learn that if you are not grounded and working it with the full Haute consciousness, you will end up a scattered and ungrounded mess – and yes, affecting other people for sure. And for someone like me, who is an astro newbie, it was MM’s description of the mutable traits that made me really look at my chart in order to find the reason as to why what she is saying, fits me so well. Sure… Read more »


It has indeed been lovely chatting…a mutably agreeable conversation 🙂

PS. I think that you are a lot less fixed than what you think. ;-).


This. I am labeled Gypsy….and “flaky” — (entirely not flaky as I am fixed all around w/ sun/Saturn in tenth house-salt of the earth gypsy, more like it) On the road you MUST perfect grounding techniques. as my Pirelli tires kiss the tar and hug the earth every sense is electrified-all antennae -all possibilities for providence…. and trust us-if do a disappearing act on you it was calculated extensively before the turn of the heel…. We feel it. It’s dead here. That smell. What is that smell? I smell the beginning if the end, most folks WILL argue, talk you… Read more »


Imagine Buddha explaining befor he left the palace that he must go meditate nowhere and everywhere and abscond himself from this throne? Utter Pandemonium….no no no… just slip out the back quietly.



The Beginning Of*** The End.

Islandgirl’s mentions were so fab. I so resonated.
My Venus is in Cancer but its in the 9th house so yeah, clear for takeoff! I travel with a blanket and pillow. Yup.


But hey at least you want to try it out. My progressed Sun is in Taurus now and prog asc into Leo, it’s about as close to fixed as I am going to get and it makes a nice change, or at lelast I imagine it does 🙂


I was going to concede most of your points until you got all weird and catty about the ‘fantasy’ of mutables. Of course it reflects our traits and justifies our actions. what the he’ll else is astrology for? Jeez dude


Well, I’ve read and re-read what MM wrote, and nowhere did I read that mutable air signs are less prone to qi stagnation. What she says is this:
“Sticking around to talk out the obvious or to dialogue with dead qi is not efficient.”
Not the same.


Off topic is kinda the norm, guilty as charged yr honour


I can see how this trait is perceived and God knows i have done it. Islandgirl was right sometimes a particular kind of evasiveness is low mutable. At the same time being mega mutable does mean self aware ness helps just like being ultra fixed might mean someone could benefit from abandoning consequence once in a while. Or something.But responsibility has its limits . I read somewhere that the cosmic role of mutables is that of dissolution, reconfiguring, searching for new, dis- and re-combobulating. So they function comfortably in states of uncertainty, that’s the mutable terrain. Same way the fixed… Read more »


Amazing’s what it is! good passion, monte.


Hmm yes age relatedinsecurity here lol.
I sleep fantastically well, like a log, it’s just the hours I am keeping really


‘I and I’ one of my faves of Bob

“Think I’ll go out and go for a walk
Not much happenin’ here, nothin’ ever does
Besides, if she wakes up now, she’ll just want me to talk
I got nothin’ to say, ’specially about whatever was”


Gemini, yes, because of its easily-distracted nature…..BUT I would also add that of all the signs, conversely this is the one most likely to TELL you why they’re doing the fade-out. They ARE Mercury-ruled, after all! This might be the case if they have some kind of Mercury-Neptune or Mercury-Pluto permutation going on, but if they have Mercury wired to Jupiter or Mars, especially, they’ll usually tell you what’s up. Sagittarius, yes – on to bigger, broader horizons and any one or any thing likely to bring them down is considered a liability to be jettisoned at all costs. Pisces…..does… Read more »


I have to agree, being midway through that exact manoeuvre yet again but one of the larger scale ones, ending everything and leaving a place… based predominantly on general resonance measuring across all aspects of my life. So not drastic, so exciting! I was only just discussing this the other day regarding farewells and so forth. My carry forward total for this move (after over 15 years in a place) is 2.5. Two great friends and one with potential. There are some other contacts I’ll keep and see how it rolls but distance works like a good wash cycle and… Read more »


Oh Goddess, if this doesn’t hit the nail on the head!

Multi-mutable here…Pisces Sun in 3rd hse, Mercury in Pisces, Sag rising w/ North Node in 1st hse, Neptune in Sag in 12th hse, Mars & Saturn in Gemini…lol, I’m a regular Chimera!

Yes I will just vanish, there’s a lot I will take, but when I am done I disappear without a trace. I like to keep my past relationships exactly there, in the past!
Also, do not try to pin me down or possess me as that is the fastest way to never see me again!

Here I Virgo Again

Was thinking about this for me … had 3 inter-continental disappearing acts so far in my life. However, my brain almost exploded with applying it to Sagg Mum. She moved 18 times in the last 20 years of her life. It was always to get away from a place where people were “unfriendly”. She never felt there was compromise available. She would tell me every six months or so to never call again (yes, like I took notice of that.). She had issues relating to people – both acquaintances and family. It was so sad. But yes, even as an… Read more »

Blue Rose

I’ve been moving a lot as well, sometimes because I was forced to, sometimes because I felt the need to. I come from a small town where everybody knows everybody and I had the feeling I was suffocating, I had to leave. I’ve changed schools, groups of friends and cities a lot, I lived in a foreign country as well, I always feel like I don’t belong anywhere. I’ve come to realize that I am the problem, I’m the one who is always running away, I still don’t know why… My boyfriend who is also very mutable is same. And… Read more »

Mel C

Everything I love about Geminis…and Virgos too!!!


This is so dead on.


I’m like extra mutable, sun pisces exact square gem moon, so pretty much yes to all this, its weird, I can be the best company ever, but when its a bunch of boring people I just don’t want to be there and kind of just turn in to a person I don’t even like, there are usually like 1 or 2 or 3 people I like and want to hang out with and the rest I just don’t care for. I have also kind of jumped social groups a few times over while I have been in college. Its like… Read more »


also remember several parties I just bailed in the middle and went home
also I can kind of vibe invisible, I have had times friends looked for me and were calling my name when I was standing right in front of them and didn’t even move from where they just saw me a few seconds ago, I don’t know how many times a roomie or friend has been startled to realize I am standing there even though I am totally obviously there


Precisely what I am up to at the moment — vanishing from a dead scene.

Gem Sun, Pisces rising.


that’s very love zombie. I say no to suffering. Stuff the strong connection!


oh ok. fair enough you have a point. Didn’t realise it was about childhood issues. But i don’t get the point you’re trying to make What’s it got to do with mutables?


Maybe Katman has done a mutable on us and gone off on his own musings and randomly waxing lyrical re Dylan..? ;-).


hey, katman – i hadn’t seen your response above – how did you do that?? are you a time witch too?


I love this!! I think I understand why my ex wants to be friends with me on FB – still!! Even though I dumped him and then deleted him from FB. And now a few months later he’s requested to be friends again. Who does that?? I just don’t get it. Well, I kinda do after this post. Not only is he a Cancer and Toro rising but he has no mutable signs in his chart. 😯 I have Mars/Pluto/Uranus, NN and moon in mutable signs. And my Saggo moon is fierce. I burn bridges, I get restless and move… Read more »


I have an ex that lives maybe four blocks away from me and we haven’t run into each other in two years. I think that being the last person at a party and taking home tiny amounts of leftovers are two of the saddest things. I recharge my batteries by taking time to myself where no one knows where I am or what I’m up to. I’m not doing anything scandalous and I’m not doing it to anyone. I just need that to feel like me. I do believe that ghosting on people is the kindest thing you can do… Read more »


I am a mutable grand cross. Saturn in Pisces, Pluto/Uranus conjunct in Virgo, Moon in Gemini and Mars/Venus in Sag. It was perfect for me when I was and actress. I think I was a professional shapeshifter. I entered and exited my life stage and for the most part am welcomed back when I magically reappear. Luckily at nearing 50 I have found the grounding I so desperately needed with my Capricorn rising husband. I work my Saturn and my Aquarian rising Saturn to nail things down and give me structure and discipline. Otherwise my life was one big roller… Read more »


Spot-on 🙂 I’ve lost count of how many times my hubby has ( feeling so insightful – bless him), outlined my character traits – while I’ve stared at him dumbfounded and said ( feeling rather hurt that he’s not been paying as much attention as I think he should be …),’ … but that was me 3 years ago !’.
He does know that I disappear tho’ & frequently warns people not to push me too far 🙂
Neptune rising in Scorp, multiple Virgo inc. moon in 9th & lots ( mainly asteroids) in 12th.


Thank-you MM for helping me solve the riddle of my one trait that has had me truly stumped. What you have described is so amazingly accurate to how i feel and act, it is spooky. So glad to hear that i’m not a psychotic social misfit/retard. Thing is, i never considered myself part of the Mutables – as I only have one planet (Pluto) in a mutable sign – BUT i do have my Moon and Sun in the *9th House* – so i guess that would do it, huh?….I just never realised till recently how really important the Houses… Read more »


Multiple planets in Gemini and Virgo. Tres true when I was young but I grew out of the disappearing act as an adult. Despite our flaky reputations even us Gems can grow up and take responsibility for our actions.


Brilliant. As a pisces this resonates regarding every job, friendship, home and relationship. I either get a moment of singular clarity (WTF am I doing with this toxic or outgrown person/situation) or a slow build of increasing discomfort, neurosis or disquiet that literally manifests, mostly as a sick gut feeling. These days I am more comfortable speaking my truth in some circumstances, but I wasn’t always. My past is littered with the ghosts of frienships past.


This explains why I have never been able to keep a diary even in my teens or early twenties. I found it just so excruciating to have to read back over what i thought a few months ago and so seriously jotted down thzt I had to tear it up or burn it. It wasnt the fear of having someone else read it as much as me being confronted again with how I was or thought back then. Nutty I know, but that must be my Sag rising and Gemini sun.


yes! This. 🙂 Saggo moon, Gem NN. Multiple Virgo planets

gemini 1001

Goddess your good

John boman

Some of us are not just mutable; we are the Mutants of today and tomorrow.

libra dress historian

This must be true! When things ended with a Gemini quantum researcher a few years ago, I wished him well but prayed that I would never see him again even though we work in the same part of town. I only saw him once, last year, when I was way over him! Don’t know if his mutable energy made him migrate to another dimension, or my Neptune rising helped me manifest my dream scenario…


Thank you for understanding. People who expect consistency from me are basically setting themselves up for disappointment.


Loyalty, different however. I can’t explain what makes me swear blood oaths for some friends.but I do. Selective fickleness. Loyalty from a distance. I suppose that my dearest friends live in cities scattered across the planet does not help.


huh. that’s twice i say dearest friends. maybe i use them as balance for the fade


“I am inconsistent, even to myself” – Bob Dylan, Master Mutable

Merc, Venus, Sun in Gem
Sag Asc.
Mars Pisces
NN, Neptune in Virgo


The whole song (Tangled up in Blue) is a mutable tale. These are his words about it: ” There’s no respect for it (time). You’ve got yesterday, today, tomorrow all in the same room, and then very little you can’t imagine not happening”… time witch poet.


Mutable Mantra. Just saying it doesn’t necessarily make it so. But it works a lot of the time 🙂 The problem for mutables and I do this myself, is that they weave together the info for a beautiful idea and quickly process the wonderful consequences of this spark right till the end, feeling the sensuousness of the possibilities as they trickle over the synapses. Mutable mental orgasm can occur at this point. And in so many ways it is superior to a base chakra chemical one. No fuss, no muss. Putting that idea into action ? Why bother ? It’s… Read more »


This. Once I have thought it, it’s like it s happened, so I move on. If I were to build an empire I would need to involve personalities who do the detailed design, manufacturing, sales, etc cos I have moved on already.


Magick, yo


Spot on!


“Putting that idea into action ? Why bother ? It’s done.” Bullseye!

I always mourn the run-up to that “mental orgasm”, you can’t ever get it back, I’ve tried. What’s even crazier is the people you’ve whipped up into your frenzy patiently waiting for practical actionable plans, or for you to continue talking about said brilliant idea past 2 hours, let alone 2 weeks.


i am laughing reading this and all the comments as it is so real and it really hit me hard to realise it. i definitely focus too much on my fixed qualities – especially cos of my leo stuff – but i have a sag asc and gem moon for cryin’ out loud, and YES i am a time witch. what a great abstraction to have put into words! thanks!


i enjoyed reading this . It explains my movement . My life story. My energy. Gemini rising Pisces moon, mutable T cross Sagittarius on my South Node. Sometimes we just vanish to another dimension . Another life . We flow like water , a riverflow doesn’t look back and regret and hold on its too busy rushing ahead. It’s pure magic. And my saving grace . Many people don’t understand this and I find it hard to maintain friendships with others who don’t have a mutable bend. And when it happens to me from another mutable , I just sigh… Read more »


Wow! This was excellent! You summed up Virgo so aptly and so effectively, with just that one sentence: “…Virgos strive SO hard to pass for normcore on the outside, their eccentricity is concealed by veils of protocol.”

I am a Sag, and I have to say, you hit the nail on the head describing us mutables. And you did so very poetically 🙂


Virgos and caps are the kookiest signs of the lot I believe. They love it when you see it in my exp

virgo kathleen

Lol – yep. I’m a Virgo with a Capricorn moon. I’ll do everything I can to keep my crazy well hidden. People remark on how calm I am, which makes me laugh – how can they not see I’m an anxious mess?
I repress things like it’s my job. I don’t know how to healthily express my anger and negative emotions.

Oh god, I’ve said too much. *disappears, leaving no trace*


Yep. Gem, moon & Mars sag

Circe Baby

Piscean mother, Gemini step father, Virgo father … all super legit but flaky as!

Venus Cazimi

I come from a long matriarchal line of meddlesome, quarrelsome Pisceans who’ve done me wrong in all manner of meddlesome, quarrelsome ways, & despite my having a Pisceas ascendant (& a Virgoan descendant) it is me who’s done the disappearing act. These malevolent types still manage to operate from behind the scenes, resorting to such tactics as subterfuge, baiting, ambush, manipulation of the facts; thank the stars for my objective Aquarian stellium & the parallel universe in which I dwell


and as for being single? love it-who needs the drama of dragging someone else around? (or again, having them get upset because they want to stay home watching tele when there’s a world out there to be explored..)


oops, sorry, that was meant to be part of the reply to The Baroness

Venus Cazimi

lol I wondered what you were talking about! 😀

The Baroness

Really? I have yet to meet a Sagg that can be single or stand their own company They always need an audience. Ditto for Gemini. Pisces are cool, but underneath the still waters neurosy runs rampant but I just love those little fishies so I am happy to watch them swim in circles and let them leap over my horned head. And all those signs are crazy emotional to me. When they run into me they want a whole grand reunion and I’m the one who is all ‘who are you and what do you want’? Once folks are out… Read more »


you kidding me??? As a sun + 4 planets in Sagg, (+Mars Pisces and Gemini Saturn) I spend most of my time doing fade outs just so that I can avoid other people and get back to where I’m most comfy – with my own company. Unfortunately I seem to be surrounded by people who get upset and take it personally when I disappear . All my long term friends are the ones who don’t bat an eyelid when I vanish with out warning and then pop up again a couple of years later…


Hiya Baroness 🙂 I’d like to introduce myself as one of those myth busting mythical Centaurs… Long time solo, loves own company and chill time and balanced audience captivating but yeah, from a performance pov an audience helps. In the regular world I don’t need it nearly as much as my solo time tbh. Have so many groups/scenes that are all behind and sometimes around the corner that I don’t run into and ok the odd one can surprise me and it’s like a scene from the outback… startled brumby attempts to flee the stockman’s rope… hehehehe… Primary diagnosis for… Read more »


“Have so many groups/scenes that are all behind and sometimes around the corner that I don’t run into and ok the odd one can surprise me and it’s like a scene from the outback… startled brumby attempts to flee the stockman’s rope… hehehehe…”

That is a wonderful piece of writing. Says Mars in 9th, Venus/Neptune conjunct in Sag. I was nodding madly.


Chuckles.. it may be my Mercury in Saggi for random inspirational downloads.

I should mention that it may at times result in some clumsy chair overturning manoeuvre thus drawing more attention than desired. Why are Sagittarian’s prone to clumsiness I wonder? Actual horses are not.

Thank you for your lovely comment 🙂

Mystic’s description did that for me too.

heheh…Sag North Node on Ascendant here….I am *always* sporting a bruise on some part of my body! My friends have a joke that if I haven’t spilled a glass of wine at your house then I obviously have never been there!


heheh…Sag North Node on Ascendant here….I am *always* sporting a bruise on some part of my body! My friends have a joke that if I haven’t spilled a glass of wine at your house then I obviously have never been there!


oops! didn’t mean to post twice!


Lol! Yes!

Fairy Pisces

As a Pisces, I can fully attest to this. Anything stale makes me physically cringe.


You mean the ‘i will take whatever i want and then disappear phenomena?
or the “whatever, now fuck off ‘ disengagement . .

Sagittareans . . ugh . .


You’re a genius Mystic. A real knack to articulate what appears impossible to express.

April J

Oh wow! I thought that was just me. Although my Sun is Capricorn, my moon is Gemini, Sagittarius ascendant(with Venus, Neptune, Uranus in Sagittarius 1st house), I thought I was one of the only ones it happened too. I would forget exes and enemies so quickly it was like they just DISAPPEARED. It was scary because I thought something was wrong with me. But I get it now!!! The dead feeling is totally true. Its like that commercial for some cell phone company(here in the US) where this zombie on the bus says to some guy talking “Oh my God,… Read more »


LOL.. that ad sounds hilarious!!! 😀

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