Club Gemini

Club Gemini is about to reopen. You remember it, right? That cool place with the sonic atmospherics where they never remember your name but vividly recall a 2 am anecdote you regaled them with.

Selective memory has many advantages, and the club has perfected techniques that were previously only known to a tightly-knit group of luminaries. They know nothing but everything about you and assume that if you’ve gravitated there, you’re probably their genre.

The decor is naturally mutable – everything changes on a whim – but it’s currently Venn diagrams and geometric philosophy. The club’s regular patrons appreciate the referential layers beneath so-called impulse.

All of the music is an experimental ensemble or “we’re not sure if we’re going to release it yet.” At Club Gemini, every day is an emerging act and the next big production is eagerly anticipated: Seven And A Half Months Of Mars In Gemini.

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  1. I’m a triple Gem with a photographic rather than selective memory. Sometimes it scares people when I offer details on things that happened way back when, even when I was four years old. Be interesting to see what Mars lobbs into the arena of past things. Might need to revisit some Proust and make random philosophical statements at will for the next six months, except that I tend to do that anyway…

  2. Seven and a half months of Mars in Gemini.
    I’m really interested in knowing more about how I can work with this energy.
    Does the fact that (planet) Mars is in (the sign of) Gemini mean that the area of my birth chart where I have Gemini is going to be energised by Mars?

    1. If you have planets or angles in Mutable signs you can expect the effects of this period to be amplified. Mars in Gemini must be about intellectual stimulation, basically, but leaving things to simmer for too long. It should intensive any intellectual tendencies.

      I believe when Mars transits my 3rd house Gemini Moon, it might make me whiz through all sorts of things/communications and simply go through things too quickly. Short-distance travel could come into play unless there’s an aspect to the 9th house. I might have a decrease in income. I’m going to avoid meeting people when the conjunction is exact, or at least try to keep my mouth shut.

      When Mars transits my 4th house Gemini Venus/Merc conjunction, it might create family disputes (family of origin), and there may be irritations and arguments. Could be health problems. When it enters my 4th house Cancer, I could get an increase in income but people might try to diminish my efforts (publishing something soon).

      Maybe your 6th house Gemini could involve excessive worry, a cleaning spree, maybe you’re super-productive at work, (or a super gossip-spreader), or just super busy. When it meets up with Saturn, I guess you could feel like your intellectual desires have been ignited, giving you the fortitude and energy to achieve difficult work-related tasks.

  3. Wow, ok. Gemini rules my 12th house and I have Venus and Uranus there..
    had better look out for upheaving my whole world for a long lost love.
    periscopes up.😯

  4. Here to start the party guys!!! After 9 long years, we finally have a (slightly) more progressive government with our Labor (‘workers’) party, sprinkled with Greens and Independent candidates (mostly smart women). It actually feels like a heavy weight on my shoulders has lifted for the first time since Rabid Tony got in in 2013. WHEWWWW…

    Current mood: Celebration by Kool and the gang  🎉 🎉 Let’s PARTAY!!

    1. Corduroy jeans

      Yr soo right Gemyogi, and without wanting to do a mega (unqualified further than being an average voter) political analysis, this country needs so much healing!! And who better for it than water signs..? Is it any coincidence that our new PM is a Sun Pisces, his Finance minister (Katy Gallagher) is also a sun Piscean, his Foreign Affairs minister and all-round legend Penny Wong is a sun Scorp, and his deputy Richard Marles is a sun Cancer..? I don’t know a lot about anything, but I do think the water element is striking.. ✌🤞💙

      1. Corduroy jeans

        (Forgot the other mutable Sun Piscean sworn in today – Dr Jim Chalmers, as Treasurer. Born on same day as PM. Does somebody around the PM read astrology..? Three Pisceans??)

          1. Corduroy jeans

            Curiously but slightly tangentially – Antony Green, our amazing election night psephologist and a maths/computer sci graduate, is ALSO born on 02 March (as are Albanese and Chalmers). Am not sure if the Piscean chart (esp. the 10-11° point) was being activated on election eve, but I know any Gemini weather squares it (I have my Gemini moon exact square my Mars-Mc in Pisces, which is how I am aware, ha). Interesting times !☺

      2. I didn’t know this. It’s wonderful. I can feel the healing compassionate vibes already. WHAT a relief! I think I heard the whole country sigh yesterday…

        1. Corduroy jeans

          Ah Aqualeo, I hope it all gets better somehow. All of it. Like aliens land and charge the global frequency to Full Rainbow Angel Discos..?😅
          This is the most detached I’ve ever been through a federal election, and while I don’t want to use the c-word (the worst one – Cynical, gasp 😱..!), if I were to describe my current self as a stew, I’d say 2 cups life purge, 3 parts house reno hard labour, and the whole spice bottle of Boring Cynic. To watch the previous government go inspired the same lack of emotion as all the stuff I just threw in a skip bin – it’s time to go.
          (Okay, I allowed myself a wee cry of relief today – but shh!!!) Xoo

          1. Corduroy jeans

            (And i am cross with myself for feeling cynical. It is usually transient for me, like having a cold or feeling stone-tired. But it’s such a self-indulgent state of play. Back to “normal?” programming soon.. 😬)

        2. Corduroy jeans

          Just realised Dr Helen Haines (Independent) and Dr Adam Bandt (Greens) are also on the all-important cross-bench, as well as being Pisceans with PhD’s. I wonder if this (hard-won) recognition at long last is partially because Jupiter just conjuncted all their suns..? (Note to self: Jupiter is about to conjunct my own sun at the end of May, so better put the ph down & keep moving!!🌞)

          1. Yet ANOTHER Piscean in the mix. Get ready for a big changing of the guard. People who care. Earthstar get ready to throw your cynicism in the skip and hallelujah on out of there. xx

            1. Corduroy jeans

              Am just looking forward to the return of nuance to the political dialogue, Aqualeo – lol. 😄 And maybe, just maybe (especially given the mutability and water quotients) the ability for our leaders to simultaneously hold two opposing, even contradictory but equally true ideas in their heads and policy frameworks without going bananas/reductivist/having a cry. Anyway – here’s hoping!!😄X

      3. Ooooh interesting! I read a Facebook astro post that predicted a Labor win based on election day chart as well as charts of major politicians.

    2. I’m with you! It’s going to be a long celebration. Amazing to see the Biloela family being able to go home.

  5. Ohhhh. This post is about Mars in Gemini. Classic example of the Gemini Virgo mercurial tendency to react. Read and act to what I think I know. To think I understand something because three words and the first bit of the sentence infer or allude to an associated topic and I have an opinion – always. Quicksilver. But Saturn is not mercury. And the sixth house is foundational. This Mars retrograde will be a masterclass and I must find my seat, close my mouth and open my ears.

    1. Can relate to your first two sentences Invicta, have Mercury at 0 degrees Cancer, but still always think I know what someone is going to say next and if they take too long to find a word, I say it for them, aagh!

        1. Corduroy jeans

          Me too, Invicta. But you have a masterclass brain, to match your forensic perception – so (please?) please keep informing us as you go, not keep quiet! 🧠💗🙏

  6. in my birth chart I have Gemini ruling the sixth house and Saturn lives there. I find mercury retrograde brilliant for renovating and re designing the space. Daily rituals and solid routines are the medicine I’m taking for what ails me. My Virgo stellium is squinting at the construction work like the long suffering wife of a charismatic con artist. She ain’t holding her breath and I don’t blame her Deep down I know she wants to believe in structural integrity and smooth running that’s sustainable. But it’s a little messy and dusty and chaotic right now. That’s fine. Work in progress.

  7. Mars goes into Gemini in August, and Lord, despite all the smack talk around Gemini flakiness the uber Gemini husband is already, despite natal Mars in Pisces, an action oriented guy. I tried to get him to do a Big 5 Personality test..but he was doing busy *doing* things. Now we’re gonna have Mars all over his Sun/Merc/Venus/Sat Gemini? As it is all largely in the 5th, I predict camping, noisy fingered flamenco music, BJJ in some form, and me trailing behind dragging my hypothyroidic butt while appearing, due my Gem Asc, a tad irritable. Appearing. I am sure it all be lovely. He has bought a camping toilet.

    1. A steady stream of projects that I switch between but never abandon, that’s the manifestation of Venus/Mercury 4th and 3rd /Moon for me. Mars transiting 3rd then 4th will only intensify this.

      However, if a situation/project/person is not in tune with me, I will use that *revolving door* mentioned in an earlier post.

      I sort of get Mystic’s take on Gems re: projects being *experimental*, since mine always have a tinge of Neptune (trine said venus/Merc conj), and, Uranus inventiveness, but they are like precious babes for me that I see through to the end, although they are likely to morph into something else over time.

      I also have Mars in Pisces, but in my 12th and conj Asc trine Sun. I’m not ambitious, but there’s always something going on.

      1. Really like the idea of ‘experimental’ projects, it’s true. It’s nice to meet another Mars in Pisces, I find it a very curious placement. My partner is athletic, jovial, martial seeming but Aqua Asc/Jupiter in 12th makes for stand offishness, recalcitrance & independence. I always feel I might meet the real him one day, but never have, haha. It’s awesome as I had a habit of seeking emotionally unavailable boys, he is available and ever present but completely mysterious to me. Your Mars sounds auspicious, tell me more!

        1. I don’t know about auspicious…

          My 12th house Mars is conjunct my Pisces ascendant and trine my 4th/5th house Sun in Cancer. My Mars is combust and that, besides the fact that I have three outer planets in Leo, makes me seem like all fire, very outgoing and social but in truth, I am very private and hide my true emotions most of the time. So I am fiery but never feverish. I don’t get fevers, but I get inflammations.

          I should be competitive and ambitious, but I’m not really. As a child I love, loved, loved running but didn’t like the competition of running against someone. When playing tennis, I was always the one saying “oh, sorry!”. I shy away from challenges, competition, and situations of confrontation, normally.

          I will have a confrontation if I am forced into it, and then I will not back down.

          Also, if a 12th house Mars/Pisces does something wrong, they will most likely get caught, especially if there’s the light of the sun shining on it.

          I have masculine qualities and a strong body (but with very feminine attributes). I take the initiative, I have a lot of courage and a go-getter kind of attitude. Physical activities and exercise have always been crucial for my well-being. I love gardening and animals and seem to communicate well with dogs, horses, and cats. Don’t have any experience with other small animals. I have a green thumb, dance, and artistic ability but lack/lacked the self-confidence to pursue these (and perhaps for good reason). I also have musical ability, which may have more to do with the 7th house Neptune trine Gem Venus/Merc, or all the Pisces. I love music, but the sounds of nature trump music and speech anytime. I prefer silence to sounds and thrive/can become extremely productive in isolation.

          My 1st house also includes Aries (where I have Ceres). I am extremely independent and this strengthens my love (and need for) physical activities. Perhaps because of this placement, I nurtured my students to be independent, as well, but they always look upon me as their mother, and they were my children. Anyway, this intensifies my fiery nature.

          I experienced abuse as a child and have 3rd-degree burns and extensive surgery. The burns (Mars) manifested on my third house left hand, especially my fingers and arm. The surgery left extensive scarring on the skin (1st house) of my stomach, hand, fingers, and arm (3rd house Moom in Gem and 4th house Gem Ven/Merc) and on both of my thighs (9th house Sag North Node).

          In spite of my extensive scars, and all the bullying and social isolation I experienced, as a child I *forgot* about them and was a force to be reckoned with, from about 6-7 years of age. I didn’t actually act like I remembered or cared that I had scars – they were just a matter of fact – until I was bullied by a man/men/group of people about them and my hand for about 15 years now (between ages 50-65), and going through all of the photos of the past 45 years, I can clearly see that I was aware but chose not to focus on it.

          I focused on my image through fashion and make-up and made sure that I worked hard and was competent at whatever I did. I had real dancing ability as a child and a young adult and showed it off wherever I could, but I let it fall into disuse. Anyway, it wasn’t a realistic goal for me to have a highly visible career or profession, but I missed out on a lot of joy from not using my natural abilities. The burns (Mars) manifested on my third house left hand and arm. The surgery left extensive scarring on the skin (1st house) of my stomach (3rd house Moom in Gem and 4th house Gem Ven/Merc) and on both of my thighs (9th house Sag North Node).

          12th house Mars in Pisces – social isolation, hospitalization, self-imposed isolation – these are recurring themes in my life. Conjunct my Ascendant – it has to do with my personality/self-image/physical body and with the wounded healer in my 11th/12th house, this has to do with groups and friends.

          Being unemployed/rejected/unwanted was horrible and made me feel defeated, even though I kept myself busy most of the time. I have been ‘forced’ to change directions several times in my life.

          Money is not a motivator for me, and I fear going public with my stuff (writing, art) (but I still work almost every day, even though I’m a pensioner now). I can start work on something just for money but cannot continue working on it. I have to change it until it fits my inner sense of giving and service, or I can’t do the work.

          I defend what I believe in, fiercely, and as a child and a pre-teen, I would physically fight bullies – could be a group of bigger girls or even bigger boys who picked on weak/odd kids – to defend myself and my scared friends. I suppose they left me alone when they saw that instead of fear they made me feel rage. I must have looked crazy when I got angry; I know that I was unpredictable. I never walk or run away from a fight.

          As I grew older, I’ve had to learn to keep my big, honest mouth shut. I have been bullied at work (being the foreigner I am) and have had to learn to be diplomatic – something REALLY DIFFICULT for me. But I won’t speak out until pushed or provoked.

          You would think that I would be passive-aggressive, but in reality, I have difficulty understanding passive-aggression and feel hurt by it. I’m bad at picking men and friends. I always seem to get involved with people who are rather abusive and emotionally unavailable, too.

          I much prefer straight communication and to nip bad behavior/situations/things in the bud. I attribute this to my firey nature. I like having clear boundaries, which works well with children and animals, but not so well with my marriage partners.

          Combust 12th house Mars in Pisces has led me to marry TWICE to foreign men and live in a country that is very, very far away from my home, both culturally and physically. My marriages weren’t great, but they elevated me socially and intellectually and changed my life for the better in many ways. I gave birth to and raised four fantastic kids, so I feel wealthy and successful in that sense. Despite my extensive scars, I was chosen as “arm candy” in both instances.

          1. Thank you for this excellent and detailed response! My goodness, I am sorry for your suffering and so impressed by your strength. The connection to astrology for health is interesting. I have Neptune and the Moon in my 6th so have multiple issues myself and as a parent of kids with issues. As to Mars/12, I see no passive-aggressive tendencies with this Mars either and instead a soft boundary that seems nebulous until the clouds drop. eg my Gem husband was walking at night and a cyclist rode into him. He wasn’t hurt, he checked the rider who had fallen a few metres was ok then on standing, the rider began screaming at him, asking why he was wearing black. My husband pointed out that the rider was also wearing black, slapped him on the shoulder and said, ‘We’re both ok” and kept walking. But he was also ready for a physical altercation if the man had initiated. I read “Mars in the 12th house was often found in the charts of sports figures. Actors, politicians, and journalists showed Jupiter in the 12th; scientists and doctors, Saturn or Mars”. Surprising, but I think Neptune gifts a fluidity of motion that suits Mars really well. Can I ask what combust Mars means? Also I am curious how your Mars lead to the marriage of foreign men? I lived overseas for many years, with one serious relationship where I was on one hand fetishized, but also experienced racism and jealousy. I always imagined my Jupiter in the 9th being expanatory? I like the description of getting inflamed but never firey!

            1. Mars combust is when natal Mars and natal Sun are conjunct or aspected.

              While the conjunction gives excellent athletic ability and a keen desire to compete, these people can be *sore losers*.

              The trine is milder and gives athletic ability but the desire to compete is milder. In 12th house Pisces, it is nebulous. Competition might be acceptable if *fighting* for a cause.

              Anyway, when a planet is combust, the effects are unseen, or difficult to interpret.

            2. Thx, but no need to feel sorry. I believe my Soul chose this path for me, and I did the best I could with it.

              I believe that I was *saved* and didn’t die, and in those various situations, I was able to deal with a great deal of karma early on in life.

              Looking back, l can understand how I survived, even thrived because of this, due to my 12th house Mars conj Asc in Pisces trine my Sun.

              The hospital destroyed the records, but I remember a lady who was my tutor or teacher, and my scars also protected me from certain things/ situations throughout my youth.

              I didn’t get much attention, support or guidance from my home or family, but I can see in my astrology that I was equipped to deal with it, even long bouts of isolation and bullying.

              I am grateful to be able to share this with you.

        2. I see my 12th house Mars conjunct Asc. in Pisces trine Sun as the trouble-shooter, problem-solver, fixer side of my personality or character. I love putting out fires!

    2. The big 5 is such a fun test. I’m working on becoming more conscientious by purposefully using a schedule and making plans, sticking to them, keeping my word, to myself and others. Openness to experience 98th percentile so no need to work that aspect ha. But I believe it’s possible to intentionally modify my character with work. Volatility for example has decreased with a focus on increasing conscientiousness. I read that making progress towards a valued goal creates positive emotion. I’d never thought about values or how to progress towards any kind of goal with the exception of being physically fit. Even that was vague and undeveloped and I was unwilling or unable to think about training sessions before training. I’d wander into the gym and kind of just go at it. Better than nothing but the ability to use that rusty, genetically shonky pre frontal cortex of mine is paying dividends. Compound interest.
      I love a man with a camping toilet btw. Priorities ✅

      1. It is, isn’t it?! That’s interesting about the volatility decreasing with conscientiousness! My numbers were all high across the board, lol, except for politeness. I can work on my conscientiousness though. I was so madly driven to find my spiritual core my whole life, which I have to the point now I am in a state of peace and even my compassion isn’t creating the drive to work using my knowledge in this area. Perhaps it’s the fatigue or perhaps it is ennui or anxiety, I don’t know any more! Perhaps progress towards a valued goal will have its day soon. I hope so but I feel so even across the board, it’s seductive to give into this equanimity.

        1. Equanimity is what most intelligent people strive for so yes, I say allow yourself to be seduced by it. Perhaps this fatigue is calling you into a direction or telling you what doesn’t intrigue or inspire you?
          (apologies for being overly simplistic and possibly glib). I do understand how debilitating it is when someone else has the remote control and am not trying to dress up a difficulty as an advantage. ADHD is definitely not a superpower for me and in this world I want and even need to achieve tangible goals and will have my performance measured whether it seems fair or not. It usually does not. I’m wondering what the anxiety is calling you to notice because it’s excitement or curiosity potentially. There’s energy when I have anxiety and there’s often something not working in my process where I feel ennui.
          i dunno.
          I thought I had no values and that nothing was worth working for because I grew up not being able to trust the adults around me. Seeing everyone lying made me deeply cynical about society and the idea of trust is so central to the human motivational/ dopaminergic system. If you’ve no power to affect change in this world by doing the right thing now and sacrificing comfort in the present for a more desirable future (consciousness fundamentally) then why bother? Anyone who does in that kind of tyranny is being taken for a ride. This creates a psychopathic mentality and as a creative person was making me incredibly self destructive because I wasn’t using my creativity to do anything because I didn’t believe in the future or that I could have any effect on it. So obviously I am way more vulnerable to negative emotions in that state. And it’s a self perpetuating cycle. So I scored zero in consciousness and yet it didn’t feel true on a deep level. It feels like something that with immense effort I do have the power to at least improve on. Let’s see though. I’m very much a work in progress and a collection of bad habits. I’m thinking more and engaging with life so you know. 🪆❤️‍🩹

          1. ADHD isn’t a superpower lol, I mean is behaving like a perma-teen charming? People who like me enjoy it I guess. I score high for enthusiasm, which suits my Gem Asc I guess, but my Moon in Scorpio is a bit one track. I can’t trust others easily either. But I do trust in ideas. So conscientiousness in terms of ADHD is an interesting question, I think a low result is due to the feeling of being outside time in the world of ideas. Creativity undirected will turn destructive it’s the nature of the beast, I think creativity needs conscientiousness! You are not a collection of bad habits, you are perfect – for other realms of consciousness if not this one, lol. This is a demanding reality.

            1. Thanks Sphinx
              yeah I assumed I was super low in conscientiousness in large part because I have been told I was that way. Daily shame storming and name calling, allegedly intended to improve my behaviour but I suspect more a symptom of bpd or something similar- splitting is a common psychological term and as soon as I read about it I was able to start understanding that this daily feedback didn’t reflect on me and was instead a symptom of someone’s pathology. I’m a lot more conscientious in my basic nature than I believed myself to be. That fact these results are self reported means that a tendency to be ultra self critical skews things in that direction. I’m planning to retake the test in a few years and learning about how the dopaminergic reward system works vs the consummatory reward system (a completely different framework- one creates positive emotions and the other destroys the frame that created it to a degree as soon as it’s cycle is completed. ). Not sure if that’ll make sense but it’s helpful to me. Proud perma teen over here 🤡🌟🤡

  8. The ultimate musical experimental Gemini-genius-Jedi-move goes to Kendrick with his latest drop during Mercury Rx in Gemini and STILL receiving critical acclaim. Especially his deep fake visuals using some of the most polarizing / controversial / misunderstood figures of hiphop and entertainment to convey his art. When he said “sometimes I’m afraid of my open mind” I felt that!

  9. With Merc/Venus and the Moon in Gemini, I suppose I am more club Gemini than I’ve cared to admit (although I’m more fire than air, anyway). In my family, both my sisters, my dad & my Granny were Gems, as well as a toddler in the family who “puts Ghosts in a box” and “blings” his pacifier.
    Flakiness runs in the family…

    1. Flakiness rules! I’d like to know how to put some ghosts in a box too. Might try the pacifier thing.

      1. Gemini Sun/Moon/Asc’s temporary irritation with a ghost is banished to convenient box, kept nearby to be fed, played with or whatever, whenever Gemini temperament is inclined to… Flakiness maybe on the outside, the kid is in total control and not to be underestimated.

  10. Gems may seem to be the flibbertigibbets of the zodiac, but they lead all the other Sun signs in the Nobel Price wins …. Very trixy, they are.

    1. Agree. My kids are super Geminis but so not flaky. Smart as a whip and notice everything. One has a photographic memory which is incredibly reliable. Very trixy indeed.

  11. To my knowledge the only body I have in Gemini is asteroid Dionysus. I will go ahead and assume that qualifies me for club entry

  12. I LOVE Geminis and their mutability. 2 Gem children (one sun and moon) and sun/uranus/mars/jup/venus and Merc all in the 3rd. Hopefully they would let me in to Club Gemini. 😊

    1. You’re an Aquarian? That’s an automatic entry into Club Gemini. Gemini’s can’t thrive without Aquas around. We love you (weird) guys!

      1. I am weird thank you 😊 with Uranus combust my Sun. Surrogate Aqua but with many leanings that way currently having Uranus travelling the first and P Moon in Aqua as well. Always related to the Aquas and the Gems. Love you crazy guys too.

  13. Wish Upon a Star

    Seven and a half months: is that unusually long?

    Hey I’m not complaining. It’s Just what this Gemini Sun in the 4th house needs.
    Natal Mars in the 8th House.

    1. First round on me!! Let me get the champagne ‘fountain’ (of old school coupe glasses, poured from the top via magnum!) brought in 😀 😀 cheers, BaristaG 🍾 🥂

  14. My sun and mercury just progressed into gemini last August together,hand in hand. They are in the vip section for the first bit but always end up in the back alley with the prep cooks and the barbacks taking smoke breaks.

    They were in the 8th house too long and being a temporary Taurus for thirty years is a buzzkill. It’ll grow on them.

    1. Looking at the chart
      I guess it’s my progressed birthday. Got the chiron return too in a cute semisquare to this sun gemini confab.

      Each time I hear someone talk about their mlm side hustle or new take on anything a piece of my soul evaporates and rains down somewhere where people aren’t 5 seconds old.

      1. So I just got to my daily horoscopes saying Hekate was with the sun and gemini and so j plugged it into my chart. It’s progressed to this point as well.

        This trio is exact. It’s my mercury sun hekate progressed birthday.

        I fuqin love astrology.

        Wide-eye emoji.

  15. seawitchmermaid

    Seven and a half months of Mars in Gemini, lord have mercy 😅 Mars (and Uranus) opposition for me

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