Did Saturn Eradicate The Love Zombie Virus?

Did Saturn in Capricorn eradicate the Love Zombie virus? As in everyone who would have been at risk is now far too sensible or careworn to even consider a ridiculous crush on someone unavailable/deranged?  Possibly.

But maybe it comes back like crazy once Saturn vacates Capricorn? Neptune – the prime astro-culprit in many an L.Z. syndrome – is already potent in Pisces. Maximalist Jupiter enters Pisces in 2022, amplifying Neptunian and Piscean vibe in a similar style to the accentuated Saturn + Pluto influence of 2019 and early 2020.

The last time Jupiter and Neptune were conjunct in Pisces was 1856: The second Opium War began, you could buy cocaine, arsenic, or morphine from the chemist and the spiritualist movement started up. Newspapers like the British Spiritualist Telegraph reported on spirit-rapping, clairvoyance, aura-reading, self-levitation, and earth currents. Seances were commonplace social events.

So 2022 has plenty of scope for Neptunian hi-jinx. It will even feature multiple Mars-Neptune squares, because Mars is in Gemini from August 2022 until March 2023!

It is going to be paranormal romance/love zombie/strange dating central. I only thought of all this because I saw the juiciest extract from a poem and immediately thought how brilliant it would have been for my Love Zombie days.


We are two trunks ignited by lightning
Two flames in the midnight forest;
We are two meteors flying in the night,
The double-stinging arrow of a single fate!…

Vyacheslav Ivanovich Ivanov

I would have texted it to someone, of course. Thoughts?


Image: Stanislaw Fernandes – Alien Heat 

53 thoughts on “Did Saturn Eradicate The Love Zombie Virus?”

  1. Ok damn it, it’s 2022 and what is going on??? Love??? I say,no. Guard my heart and soul. Why am I so drawn to this so-called planetary mishap. Lol

    1. Did you happen to have a copy of Living with the Lama? The idea that his cat Mrs Fifi Greywhiskers was involved in the writing process is intriguing on so many levels.

  2. Is there any other Jupiterian-Neptunian out there who skimmed in horrified surprise and then re-appreciated Mystic’s summary of 1856?

    Exploring the middle 80s for myself, a phase of development and crises that seems to have lingered, I now wonder if it could have all just been a trip back to my life in 1856. A clear message from Neptunian Life Coaching services! I think i recall trips to the pharmacist for arsenic. Probs had morphine on home delivery. I must still have a subscription to the British Spiritual Telegraph (Whacked Out Times). More mundanely, earlier today I started clearing my inbox of promotional membership material…”Come Buy Soon!” and i hate this stuff, just kept it in case a random bargain comes my way. It never really does. Personal finance is an energy, and i do not need random targeted Glamour Hits to keep deflecting, even the “mindfulness” sales store i never use. What’s a Mars in Capricorn 1st House even doing here??

    1. Thank you for posting. A “Mindfulness” sales stores, I will not be going in there. I have told many a psychologist running a group that if I hear that “Leaves on a Stream” Russ Harris once, I’ll be out the door or zoning into my own thoughts. I’ve done enough therapy in my time and heard enough of him on cassette etc to know my comfortable tolerance for that is at rage mode. I think 1856 sounds brilliant as there is no chance for me to get caught on the “Mindfulness” bandwagon and there is no such thing as “Leaves on a Stream.”

  3. Only ever had it once, the LZ-ing and it was late in life so my celibitarianism since is of no great concern. In a way perhaps a pay back for all the times i was dismissive of a lover’s crush on me.
    It was so very intense, so very weird and lasted so very long that wonder if it was genetic although most of my mother’s true love’s died. She out it (wrongly) down to being born on a Friday 13 Scorpio.
    Having a 12th house Capricorn Venus doesn’t make for normality in love. Just browsed a book The Magicians about early science, the discovery of Pluto, gravity, physics etc and it surely is what have always called the great ‘mathematical mystical magical mind maze’.

    1. Oh, honey, that’s my LIFE! I do feel for you 😉

      Hey, if anything, time will have no meaning. Don’t get stuck when tomorrow comes.

  4. Eradicate ? Hmmm no. Vaccinate ? possibly. Disrupt ? Yes. Saturn in Capricorn is my 7th house so you could say I was vaccinated at birth. For others ? I think no one could have escaped at least a disruption of the effects of the virus. But viruses are tricky. They seemingly disappear, only to appear months sometimes years later when they sense their host is vulnerable. If not dealt with at this point a virus starts to imprint its dna into the hosts dna. To be passed on to the unsuspecting offspring of the host. 😳
    Another example of this would be the racism virus. I believe this virus is now embedded into the dna of whole family lines.
    So, for any sufferers of the Love zombie virus ask yourself, is it prevalent in your family ? We’re you born with it ? We’re you raised in a family that activated it ? Are you unconsciously passing it on to your offspring ? Or did you just catch it recently ?

    1. I was thinking about exactly this subject yesterday. I’ve absolutely been genetically encoded with the “no one really understands him as I do and of course he’s too modest to admit it so don’t mention anything because he’ll deny it but he’s a great man” strain of the LZ virus. Other symptoms include playing the victim, discussing his faults with inappropriate people or mentioning them in front of other people with the intention of embarrassing him (great plan this one, never ever backfires)
      I’ve been manorexic for several years in between bouts of active illness where I felt smugly superior when couples I knew indulged in petty squabbles. Forgetting what I’m actually like.
      Interestingly I noticed post mom’s death, his girlfriend was doing the identical thing so it’s obviously a virulent and specific strain of LZ virus.

    2. Thankyou for sharing this; my recent re-lapse came after a bout of grief-therapy. Brief sweep of my old personal programmed paradigm. Maybe that was part of the reboot and subsequent upgrade my system needed! *crossed fingers, lines the front door with salt


  5. So, while I have been cured from the LZ virus, this is to let y’all know that not everyone is impervious. My ex-deranged energy-sapping LZ has found a sucker to continue feeding on. The virus is real!

  6. Finally over it, thank goodness. Still little tendrils unfurling in my direction but am largely impervious. Those were a harsh bunch of lessons circa 2011-2019

  7. So good to know what’s coming down the pipe, so to say. No stranger to LZ apocalypse but my natal mars is in gemini. It will trine my venus in aquarius, Ugh, for 7+ months!? I say neptune is the most malefic planet and that’s a lot coming from a pisces. Could be fun and it could break hearts.

  8. The Lion & The Centaur

    I sense a lot of fake/etchically shady crystals becoming mainstream and equally fake and shady “healers” and “mediums” stepping out of the fringes, prescribing people crap or “get-out-of-jail-free” -cards because of their past life karma burn outs etc. Lol.

  9. I have felt strangely free of walking around as a projection of cocaine addled white male introverts from other centuries lately. I’m not clear what to do with the next 30 years of my life, but that’s definitely cleared a lot of room on my agenda.

  10. Yes, I am always up for a Neptunian love zombie issue. Neptune is trucking its way through my Pisces first house so I definitely need a foil in my 7th in terms of a relationship. (Busy integrating the opposites in the chart). Too bad it clips my south node and Saturn in Virgo. This has been in play since Neptune went into Pisces February 2012 – first transiting a few degrees in 12th house and then crossing my ascendant at 6 degrees Pisces. I guess I am being very stoic and responsible (Saturn) and hoping to ride it out until Neptune hits Aries and then we’ll see if it cuts it. I definitely don’t speak to anyone afflicted with Saturnian 3-dimensional limitations of consciousness about my Neptunian “voyage” concerning knowing the Self and The Other as One.
    With reference to the tree image -Neptune can get very imaginative and be so charmingly convincing about every possible symbolic association. Aka – delusionary, if you wish. But for me it is as crazy as the single tree trunk (Saturn stability) feeding the outermost leaf at the end of its canopy, fluttering in the warmth of the light and sunshine. (Neptunian bliss). And yes, I did experience a coup de foudre – the lightning strike upon my tree. The Significant Other did not – being destined to be the leaf of my renaissance/lightning strike recovery. My favourite mantra is Dylan Thomas – “the force that through the green fuse drives the flower”.
    Last words. It’s no good having all these magnificent outer planets – Uranus, Neptune and Pluto – if I can’t ground them in some semblance of purpose and meaning for my earthly life. No good being an image of the tree of life (forget the tree of knowledge – we done gone with that Adam and Eve sh-t) if you don’t know how to do it.
    Thanks Mystic Medusa for your on-going activation of my psychic processes!!

  11. Damn Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto is in Capricorn right now. Trust me, I’m not thinking about love right now. I just wrecked my car, I can’t work, and bills are piling up. All I want to hear is serious talk right now.

  12. Im coming out of a very lengthy LZ era – cap with sun Venus conjunction. Apparently Pluto going over my Venus might have played a part . . Neptune is conjunction my moon so maybe a zombie in waiting Nataly????

  13. I have neptune in the 7th house. Honestly, I feel like everywhere I turn is frankly a rolling quota of LZ life lessons. I thought I was above this .. Neptune doesn’t do subtle either, I dropped an absolute clanger recently, feeling it was other-worldly and ‘meant to be’. Nope. No. No sirie bob! LZ astro needs a flipping warning highlighted in red. Meanwhile, I am back to LZ lessons for idiots.. *hits the search bar

  14. Last Saturday I was driving to the coast through a little town where I have met someone I could potentially have a LZ relapse on if I wasn’t so past that love style.. Thinking of ‘us’ and then looked at an oncoming car and it had the number plate LZ. Just that, no numbers only the initials LZ!!!

  15. Totally. But I had put the bubble bursting down to Pluto transiting my natal Venus in Capricorn. Saturn was just there to make sure that I didn’t do anything stupid while I was in the underworld hell of realising just how illusory all my zombie assumptions were and how much life energy I had invested in a fantasy. Glad that it is done though. And looking forward to the resurgence of seances!

  16. I am completely cured from Love Zombieism. I spent years with neptune squaring my mercury, mars, sun, then venus, all while sitting on my ascendant and jupiter in the first house. I have just recently finally cleaned up the last of the aftermath of the relationship I was in during that time. I have progressed sun, mercury, and venus in Capricorn and thoroughly enjoying my time being single.

  17. In a word, yes.
    100% cured.
    I’m currently enjoying Neptune square my Saturn, opposite my mars, square my moon and opposite my mercury and opposite my sun. That’s a whole lotta Neptune transit and the former zombie apocalypse very much requited Long Term crush of my fantasy life has been literally begging me to be in his life for the long haul.
    It’s all I ever wanted relationship wise and I’m not interested anymore.
    And no, it’s not just the old “you only want what you can’t have” bullshit. I’ve outgrown him. He’s still a fantastic person and we have even more in common than we did before. He admires me more than ever because of all the personal work I’ve done on myself since we met during the Zap Zone of September 2012.
    Thing is I just started college and I’m really into it.
    My personal autonomy is everything to me and the idea of a sexual relationship with a guy, even a sexy, brilliant, deep hot forensic psychoanalyst Scottish guy just isn’t doing it for me. Not anymore. It was everything I ever wanted and a life changing BiG Love. The big love. Of my life. But I’m happier and more engaged with my real, if somewhat less dramatic life when we’re not in touch. He reached out in October 2019 saying that he’s always regretted not being brave enough to be mine back in 2013 and how inescapable “our thing” is for him which is why it terrified him so much ( he’s a Moon/Pluto with control issues ) and yes, being right felt great. I’m vindicated at last. LZ heroin Or so I thought. But every time he’s tried to make actual plans with me I’ve either bailed on him or flaked out or found something more important I needed to do. I’ve always got something more important to do than see him.
    Go figure
    I’m not denying the spark is there it’s just not a priority
    I think he was a reset person for me.
    I had to meet someone compelling enough to make me interested in men.
    That was his role in my life.

    1. Love your insight and self-awareness, sharp and compassionate as always. Don’t answer if you don’t want to but what are you studying at college? Your Virgo/Sagg stuff will be loving the study I’m sure – am I remembering correctly that you have a bunch of Sagg in your chart?? x

  18. I have Neptune, Sun and Jupiter in conjuction natally (opposite Saturn) . I was a major LZ through my teenage years, my 20s and 30s. It was hell! I don’t know if it is Saturn’s gig in Capricorn, but I have been aware of it, thanks to MM, and haven’t had a relapse in years.
    The negative is that I seem to be so cynical that I can’t even let my self “fall in love”.
    It is equally exhausting, always being in control.

  19. Quick answer. Yes. Trouble is I’ve sort of also got over love itself. Currently can’t remember what it is. Or if it’s worth bothering about. Feel highly cynical around practically every man I meet. And simply can’t be bothered. Could it be my age ?!?!?

      1. Yes, I feel the same way. Might be my age but I am so busy that getting involved with anyone would just be a drag. And living together – forget it. Live close visit often. Never going to put myself on the position of losing half of what I own again!

  20. Sensible and careworn over here. Impressive considering I am the former poster-fish for LZs. Neptune sq Venus opp Jupiter natally and just finished almost 10 years of transiting Neptune on my Venus-Dsc and 7th house sun-Saturn-Merc conjunction. Never again.

  21. Ahem, probably need to pick another username (it’s left over from a period that defs had LZ elements to it). Maybe it’s my Mars in Pisces reacting to the current cosmic weather but I feel very clear eyed re: past situations and why they happened as well a current attraction – it feels like I’m summoning the specific qualities I need to manifest in myself to get to the next stage but am under no illusions of it being some big romance (I barely know them), it’s a constructive projection. Does that make any sense?

  22. i think its modified itself.
    (for me, anyway)
    im now love zombieing on someone productive and healthy, as opposed to going out with practising addicts
    so its a progress of sorts….really getting fed up with being single though…

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