Regain Your Venusian Groove

We are about to swing into a sensational Venusian phase: it begins on Monday 17 with Venus and Mars in synergy and segues into an eight day Sun-Venus conjunction from the 19th.

If you want to regain your Venusian groove, this is your portal of opportunity. The Saturn-Uranus square in effect since early 2021 has exerted pressure on multiple paradigms but if you think about it, it has also been broadly anti-Venusian.

Uranus is in Taurus, aka Venusville. And the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in mid-Jan 2020 was at odds with Libra, the other Venus-centric sign. Of course we don’t need astrological symbolism to explain the Venusian vibe-kill of the last few years.

People are only just now starting to assess the pandemic and the various protocols that sprang from it but clearly the entire deal was anti-Venusian on every level. Venus reigns over the arts, beauty, romance, design, music, pleasure, frivolity, intimacy and euphoria-inducing attraction scenarios.

Think of all the independent theatres, live music venues and art galleries that shut their doors forever – the stories and magic locked in memory. Or the effervescent rapport between would-be lovers that thrived on proximity – not scheduled Zoom conferences.

Generation Z missed out on the easy travel and collegiate mating opportunities that their older siblings didn’t think twice about while many couples and friendships didn’t make it through compulsory togetherness or divisive vaccine politics.

Beauty salons and gyms were closed – some forever – and even as many are open again, we lost our casual physicality – the Venusian rhythm of our days. Naturally there are more significant consequences and the scrutiny of those will color the early Pluto in Aquarius years.

But who doesn’t miss the spontaneous “I’m going to go to yoga” or, if you’re in the clubbing demographic, “I’m going out” without needing to calculate the risks or whether you’re allowed in?

Weeks of letting your looks go to seed or the thrill of DIY haircuts and zero cosmetic interventions can be good for self-awareness but they can also evoke a fuzzy self-image.

So now that we’re heading into this high-energy Venusian zone, seize it as an opportunity to regain your Venusian groove. The remainder of October is brilliant for improving or restoring relationships, beautification, design + decor, the arts and genius in hair, cosmetic, fragrance + skincare artistry.

It’s astrologically aphrodisiac, with Venus square Pluto on Oct 19/20 to zap momentum and fantastic for re-entering the dating pool. Eros and Psyche – the soulmating asteroids – are also involved. More on this in the Daily Mystic Update for Tuesday.

It’s not all foo-foo flirtatious banter and image revamping – there is magic in this config. I’d like to think this mighty a Venus vibe will lend power to the rebel girls and women of Iran or help to restore peace to troubled areas.

And if you want to live – or love – more magically, slide into your new mode via something Venusian. Eg: talismanic scents made at astrologically apt times – I am obsessed with Wandering Stars and its authentic reprisals of ancient Egyptian scents.

I also have a hypothesis that nuanced focus on a particular body part will be good for the zodiac sign associated with that bit of the body. They’ll benefit the birth chart sector and themes associated with the sign.

Eg: to use the pedicure as an example, feet classically = Pisces and so if you lavished love and attention on your feet, you would be nurturing the Pisces sector of your birth chart.

Finally, Saturn in friendly alignment with the Sun-Venus in Libra conjunction makes it good for reorienting your image, creative and relationship bearings in keeping with the time. If any of these were in a time capsule, they’re certainly not now.

So do you plan on regaining your Venusian groove and if so, how?

42 thoughts on “Regain Your Venusian Groove”

  1. Jupiter in my first house of Libra sits directly opposing my Venus (+ Mercury) at 3’ Aries. Eeeesh.

    Any specific antidotes here? Being self-conflicted isn’t cute.

  2. Beautiful now has to be easy. Genuinely effortless is the only version of style I can muster. My tolerance for anything aspirational is functionally non existent.

    1. Me too! I think I have two or three pattern dresses or shirts in my wardrobe, but mostly I can’t bear even a pattern, they are dizzying. My favourite clothes are from wool& now I mostly wear plain blue black, green or red merino wool dresses/tunics except in the subtropical summer where I resort to linen, or anything that pops off my skin and doesn’t touch it. I am aspiring to getting my body in better order, rather than anything else.

  3. I’m as far away from my previous idea of what Venus meant to me as can be. Anything growing up from here would have to be gnarly with authenticity and the colour of the ashes it grew out of.

  4. Wish Upon a Star

    I have Venus in Cancer conjunct Jupiter in Leo within 3°. Both in 5th house.

    My Venus is trine Neptune in Scorpio 9th house conjunct Vesta in Scorpio.

    Can anyone elaborate on what this means please?

  5. Awww, this is so beautiful, feeling everything about this article so deeply. The image of roses and rose quartz touches my Venus & Saturn in Cancer, flowers and rocks, always *sigh*. We need casual affection and warmth so much. A pall has descended on the world and we aren’t out of it yet. We need a deep reorientation, yes Mystic!

  6. I am a Scorpio with a Libra rising and my Venus is at 18 Scorpio locked in with this fucking square. I’m near the end of my divorce (to someone I was with since Pluto at 0 Capricorn…who turns out was a cheater and an abuser the whole time who started hitting me during lockdown) but very depressed and skeptical about my romantic prospects. I guess I do have the eclipse and Venus cazmini happening on my Sun and whatever but at this point I don’t even feel like I want to try. I also have Chiron on and off my dc for the last year and a half. There’s only so much disappointment a person can take. Thank you for coming to my Ted talk

    1. Chiron on personal chart bits is really hard. It feels like a bad bruise that takes forever to heal. You’re almost done. Be gentle with yourself, take care x

    2. Baby Sinclair that’s horrible and I’m sorry you experienced it. Definitely glad you’re divorcing the prick though- so at least you’re well shod of him now. X

  7. Read this in amongst trying to tidy my house today. Feeling the need to push back against a crapload of ennui that’s hovered since the pandemic began. Have come up with a new word: venusiate – transitive verb 1a: to look down on an area of mess/disarray and turn it into something lovely again. ex. I just venusiated my bathroom with bi-carb and rose oil and now it looks amazing.

    You could possibly also apply this to going to the hairdressers too as in: venusiated – adjective 1a: Tidied or fixed up beautifully. ex. I just went and venusiated my hair after a year of being in the coiffure wilderness and now I look fabulous!

    Off I go to venusiate the carpets. 😉

    1. Venusiate! A fabulous word! Would “venusify” also work? Either way, a bit of effort is required. If only I had a wand…

  8. Haha loving living the synchrony here…have just read this whilst in a magnesium lavender bath, after decluttering, re-arranging & beatifying every room in my home, even prepped to sell sample fashion wear at my next local market!!! That & reading up on states, stages & structures of consciousness…dare I say living in the chairos rather than the chronos paradigm with transiting Sun-Venus conjunct my natal Uranus & Medea xx

  9. I have Venus in Cap conj asteroid Bast. I think this summer (s.h.) I will become a cat and practice exotic floor dance outside on the earth

  10. Love this post, Mystic! Love the hypothesis and the personal recs too. Hallelujah to being out of the Mercury retro shadow and into the Venusian light. 🙌🏻 It’s so, so true that everything Venusian was a major casualty of the pandemic too, and yes, we need to bring that back and protect it in our society.

  11. So it looks like I’ll be lavishing love and attention on my coochie. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    I ordered the 7 set trial from These ancient fragrances from dead civilizations are right up my Venus in Scorpio 8th house-alley!!!

  12. not before time for this venusian.
    just had an amzing weekend seeing Roxy Music, then the next day saw the Lucian Freud exhibition at the National Gallery
    had loads of saturn squares over these recent yrs, think 2023 will be kinder…i have jupiter return for starters…💕

  13. Proper nourishment is playing a big part. Also, money. Hopefully soon spending more work-time around nice people. And feeling less like an old sofa that’s been left out for council collection.

  14. The timing of this post! Yesterday an internal voice told me that the last 4 years of intense Saturn transits and progressions was coming to a close. It was a quiet voice and easy to brush aside, but I think it was telling me to acknowledge everything I’ve learned under Saturn while getting ready for new energies to emerge.

    I have Moon and Ascendant in Taurus and Venus in Libra. The last week has been a succession of effortless good hair days and the sowing of wildflower seeds for next spring. I’m going to enjoy this Venus energy while I can because these past few years have been a hard slog.

  15. I think I broke the Egyptian Stars website, it started with eye rolling and urge to scent up. And 5th house where I have Jupiter, I need to love the sh!t/fat out of my abdomen. Venus Natally in 3rd with the moon, Sun Taurus… more research needed ❤️

  16. I love this. I have been slowly reconnecting with dance, gym, pilates over the last year as the gyrations in and out of lockdowns have slowed / stopped. Just started ballet this week and am loving the challenge and joy of moving freely again.

  17. I literally just posted my intent to Venusify everything! Starting with an edible flower, herb and greens patio garden off my kitchen! It’s already Vibing!

  18. Spring has sprung and love is in the air. I have my Venus groove on like big time without even realising it until I read this post. Haircut. Nails. Facial and new illustrations all happening in tandem. Watch this space…

  19. Same! The last few years have been without love…i have not even been very interrested in it. I am multi taurus, with mars/ Venus conjunct in early taurus 8. house. Very Odd for me, very much not me. My mercury and sun are next..

  20. SO true Mystic. I have a strong venus signature (sun, venus, jupiter in Taurus with moon and Pluto in Libra) so you better believe I was not cutting my own hair and nor did I swap to active wear away from my yoga mat. But yes, being venusian has taken much more effort that’s for sure! I have fallen in love with the idea of having a signature scent, and am craving body work and pedicures 🙂

  21. My Libran sensibilities are peak rn. I’ve been purchasing sample scents that are in the conceptual niche perfumery lane and trying them on daily like a ritual lol.
    Papillon Spell 125 which is mirrored on the Egyptian ceremonial book of the dead might interest you Mystic, it leans into those haunting magical scents like Black Hemlock & Green Sacra Frankincense. Definitely a scent that can transport you through the ages, but as you can imagine incense heavy and not for hot nights lol.
    However this post was posted while I was in one of those google searches today where you are diving in like an unpaid P.I on a topic, todays was Sandalwood.
    Lately I’ve been leaning into my body products having this scent and wanted to expand this to my baths 🛀

  22. Wish Upon a Star

    OMG, the timing is amazing. I am getting some body work from an amazing Libra rising lady. But yesterday I felt shit: part of the process.

    So this Pisces Rising had a shower with yummy natural body wash and Konjac sponge (love them). I felt compelled to pay attention to my feet. So I lovingly I washed them. It felt ritualistic.

    Felt much better. Huge shift overnite.

      1. Wish Upon a Star

        Description of the face cleansing one:

        Konjac Sponges have been used as medicinal and beauty aids for over 1500 years by the Japanese and are ideal for removing any daily grime and make-up from your face whilst also gently removing any dead skin cells. They are pH neutral, which means they protect your complexion by balancing the acidity of your skin, and rich in minerals to help leave it revitalised.
        These soft sponges have been made with Japanese Konjac Potato Fibre and are entirely biodegradable, making them 100% natural and environmentally friendly. They can be used on their own or with your favourite cleanser and as an added bonus they massage your skin as you use them, which in turn stimulates the blood circulation and can promote new cell growth. They are a delightful cleanser that can be used every day.

        The one I got is for the body. It had baby on it. It is so soft. You can get ones that exfoliate, with clay, tumeric etc.

        When they disentegrate you can put them in your compost

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