Dating The Zodiac: Libra

Many of the mating and dating “complaints” I receive are to do with Libran guys.

“Passive-aggressive” and “manipulative” seem to be the most bandied about critiques, along with the obligatory acknowledgment of how charming and attractive these Venus-ruled people can be. Anecdotally, the women seem less problematic.

One of the main things people get wrong about Libra is to assume that they’re all mad for pair bonding. I mean, they are good at relationships and working in tandem with others but they’re not necessarily keen on monogamy. Libra IS the free love champion of the zodiac. Sure Gemini and Aquarius talk a good game about it but Geminis often like to have a key partner at home to “manage” things and Aquarius often prefers intense but non-existent affairs.

Whereas many a Libra is genuinely, at the base of their psyche, polyamorous. They’re rationalists and logically, why should their undoubted charm and grace be limited to just one person? As the Libran journalist Helen Rowland wrote, “marriage means giving up the attention of many men for the inattention of one.”

Add  the Libra appreciation of aesthetic stimulus and their disdain for tedious details for an idea of how difficult dating a Libra can be.  They are, however, relatively easy to wow: they’re scent addicts – yes, they will notice if you layer a high-concept fine fragrance – and they dislike fanatical-seeming opinions. Of course, anything outside of calm, measured, balanced and informed is potentially ‘fanatical.’

They’re also huge flirts and if you’re their partner, you can’t mind. It’s a Venusian thing and is usually not even sexual: they like to be liked and they love that exchange of mutual “wow factor.”

There is an array of first-hand Libra mating/dating tips in the comments that you may find helpful!

LavenderQueen is all for dating the Libra.

‘I am a Libra married to a Libra and I love my Libra man. I think we “balance” each other out well. He isn’t manipulative and you just have to point out that his passive aggressiveness is BS and he fixes it. The one thing he never does is make decisions.’

Akapluto reveals…

‘Ummm I’ve dates two Libras and I can’t disagree. One of them I consider a soulmate to this day but we couldn’t get it together because of life choices…even so I would still say he’s a total slut. Next dude broke my heart so hard I have romantic PTSD!’

Thoughts on Libra and dating?

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  1. I dated a Libra sun with an Aries moon and Virgo venus for two years. About a year into things my father died and he got all wishy-washy with my despair. I think he expected me to move on from it quickly and as a result, kept one foot on one side of the door and the other outside. Eventually I pushed him on out, but was shocked to find out a few weeks later he was probably already seeing my neighbor at the time.

  2. I live with a Libra who has the sun plus 4 planets (Sun, Neptune, moon, Venus, Mercury) in Libra, for a total of 5 in Libra. All of that is in the 5th house. Ascendent in Gemini. Jupiter exactly conjunct his MC.

    His life purpose is to have fun. His definition of fun. So any person or any occasion attracts him if he thinks its fun or exciting. Any social occasion is a celebration. People love him. He’s popular. He’s very handsome. He’s always perfectly dressed, if not overdressed. He has lots of friends. Everyone is his “good buddy ……” but he won’t remember their name. When he dies at a very old age the church will be filled to the rafters.

    He’ll lie to escape the smallest consequence. He’ll hold on to that lie until there is concrete proof that’s inescapable. He’ll lie with no remorse and unless you really know him you won’t be able to tell when you’re being lied to, if even then. If he thinks he can get away with it, he’ll do it again. He’ll lie to absolutely anyone. He’ll “forget” his wallet when he goes out. He drinks too much because he’s intent on having a good time. He’s not trustworthy. If he has a chance to “go play” he will drive off leaving his family at home without looking in the rear view mirror.

    The upside. He won’t argue about anything. He’ll agree to everything (but then do what he wants anyway). He genuinely wants a partner, or someone to come home to. He’s clean and orderly. He’s funny and witty. He has a good job (Jupiter on MC). He’s goes to work and does his job well.

    So if this reeks of bitterness I won’t deny it. So is it the sun and 5 planets in Libra in the 5th, and Gemini Asc., or is it sociopathy? I’ve often wondered.

  3. I cannot help myself but add to the Libran male description- just went to the amazing criminologist/ psychologist (yes helping me recover from said libran)and cautiously brought up astro …she strongly stated that there seems to be a preponderance of libran males popping up on the domestic violence perp profiles…anecdotally…..jaw dropped…

  4. Hmm…rings true, I’m married to one, with Capricorn rising Aries moon and everyone tells you how easy going they are ! agreed outwardly,
    but the silent manipulations….

  5. Libra men…I have a Libra brother who looks quite a bit like the photo illustrating this blog post.

    Currently dating a Saggo with Mars in Libra, last year I dated a Cancer with Mars in Libra. They both do/did this periodic withdrawal thing.
    I’m getting used to it, although it really bothered me at first (I am an Aries with a Cancer Moon and Venus in Taurus, which may be why I think the relationship is over every time the Mr. in question gets distant). I will say that the periodic withdrawing that I’m attributing to Mars in Libra is very good for teaching me to stand on my own two feet emotionally, and give them whatever space they need.

    1. Thank you for sharing this. I’m going through this with my current guy who has sun and four other planets in Libra and it’s very confusing.

  6. I’d like to add libra seems perpetually adolescent to me… like Archie Andrews with hearts in the eyes blooming in the vicinity of every betty and veronica in radius. but obv 1000x more more handsome/suave, like where it’s the legit the women would be fighting over him.

  7. Oh yes, finally the libra-poly connection! My boyf is a libra rising/venus and we had the whole open relationship for a while (he tried to convert me) but i didn’t like it one bit (er, like a year later…). he thinks it’s his true path & is kind of evangelical about it. His venus is in the 12th with sun conj neptune so ‘spiritual polyamory’ is his jam. He’s a scorpio sun/merc and fixated on every beautiful woman in existence + mega Love Zombie. It’s profoundly frustrating to my aries moon (gotta be #1, yo!), but I get it on some level (venus in sag conj uranus… i could have many lovers but… they’d all have to be faithful to only me, haha). My libra, however, is never-ever jealous. All that neptune influence.

    I should probably stay away from Libs after this, because it’s my SN…but i just so happen to have 30 degrees of libra in my 7th house pulling me towards the lot of ’em. This current man’s libra venus is exactly conjunct my SN and our relationship arose during saturn libra bunkering in my 7th for eons. karmic, blah blah… I kinda like having the shining libra example right in my face so I know exactly how NOT to be.. ha!

    ANYHOW… he smells beautiful always! softest skin. pleasant face. lean and elegant… He sits with his legs crossed all the time and ever so naturally. So cultured. artsy job. Musical, idealistic, super fair and shares & communicates so easily. Good thing he has a scorpio edge and hardy mars cap because my moon/mars aries loves to play rough.

  8. Ha! Looks like my ex-Aqua-Toro’s apt! no condiments in the fridge! There were like ice cubes and frozen chicken breasts and pizza.

  9. Try a libra rising, moon in gemini, mars in aquarius guy, omg good confusion…that’s also with scorp in venus and saggo sun…mental.

  10. Someone pointed out to me once that they’re the only sign (symbol) of the zodiac that is represented by a machine (scales).
    Every other sign is flesh and blood.

  11. I am a Libra married to a Libra. I love my Libra man. I think we “balance” each other out well. He isn’t manipulative and you just have to point out that his passive aggressiveness is BS and he fixes it. The one thing he never does is make decisions. This can drive me a bit batty as he never knows what he wants to eat, drink, wear etc. I am glad I am decisive or nothing would ever be decided.

  12. I dated a Libran Sun (Cap Asc; Tau Moon) for a whole ten months. It was THE single most challenging and soul-crushing relationship I have had to date – and I’ve had many. Ha!

    Never have I been with such an intense individual who consistently left me in tears after “disclosing” his liaisons and insisting I be “more supportive” of his “needs”.

    We were both openly polyamorous (me becoming so after meeting him and with his encouragement) but “committed” to each other – or so I was lead to believe. Within two weeks of getting together and he confessing his undying, eternal Love for me, he’s off having sex left, right and centre!! Oh, but I was his “primary” partner. I foolishly accepted his need to have a girlfriend in 3 (!) different cities when he visited there, whilst always maintaining he’d never been so in Love with someone like he was with me. I was his “soul mate” etc etc…

    Six months in and he decides his soul mate is actually one of the other girls in the other city and that he’s never felt anything like what he has with her because she’s a goddess. DOUCHE. They last 4 months. I gave up after 10. Yes, I should have ended it sooner than that but he was just soooooo charming.

    Negatively he was manipulative, cunning, conniving, strategic and emotionally abusive. He had this ambition to become a ‘Guru’ type figure in the community. Still hasn’t quite made it as he’s leaving a trail of broken hearts from one end of the country to the other. On the positive, he was absolutely charming, deliciously handsome, spell-binding with his use of words and language, and sex with him was the best I’ve ever had in my LIFE! It was transformative. And addictive.

    I fell totally head over heels and lost part of my soul to this Libran. Never will I allow myself to even go near a Libran charmer again. Their pull is WAY too magnetic and dangerous.

    On the plus, I’m still poly and have been seeing a very loving, caring, dedicated, gentle poly Aries Sun, Aries Asc; Leo Moon for almost a year now.

    ~ I’m Sagg Sun; Scorp Asc; Aqua Moon ~

  13. To stick up for Librans (moi Mars in Libra) I’d say our manic desire for balance is very a important trait. Balance in everything- life, that painting on the wall that is off kilter by 1mm, dishing out exact amounts of drink, my turn your turn kinda thang, You do me favour I will tear down walls to do you a favour back. Always thank peeps with a gift where appropro, Uneven anything i have to ‘fix’ or try to.

    Psychic sense of smell don’t start me. I could , in the winter air, smell snow falling in the NSW snowy mountains when I was living on the NSW FNC. Native Flowers blossoms are my fav smell- I can do any smells really even pongy nursing homes ones – where I work sometimes. It’s just a smell.

    That photo reminded me of Nine and half weeks movie scene kinda invite – hey babe wanna get down on my kitchen floor and devour my fridge contents blindfolded using no hands? ha

  14. OK, so I’m a Gemini with Aqua rising and while there are other signs I am compulsively drawn to (Scorpio, Capricorn), Libra is IT for me as far as relationships. I am now with my 3rd Libra in a long-term relationship and couldn’t be happier….that song “3 Libras” by A Perfect Circle has special significance for me…even tho Arien Maynard was apparently writing about 3 Leeb women who broke his heart. Oops.

    I also tend to have a lot of Libras as friends, both men and women. While their wishy-washiness and what I consider an unwillingness to talk honestly about what they REALLY think or feel (uncensored) are annoying to me, they more than make up for it in intellectual stimulation, appreciation for the arts and all the good things in life, talent, and charm.

    So, without further ado, my Libras:

    #1 We met in high school but he was dating a friend of mine (scandalous!) Later when we got together he admitted he’d already had a crush on me when we met and thought he was dating the wrong girl. He was funny, with an edgy sense of humor, very romantic, def. a bit needy and clingy, and outdoorsy but also into playing the guitar. All Librans have an artistic outlet or two. We were together 3 years and I moved to another city to be with him, but his dark side was dark indeed. He was verbally and emotionally abusive and we had an apocalyptic break-up. :/

    #2 This one was a piece of work. We were coworkers and always got along because we shared a certain irreverent and sarcastic sense of humor. But he was strange…he came to work with long fingernails and I heard a rumor he was into cross-dressing. He’d apparently gone to a fetish event with a similarly-minded co-worker. He was a walking study in contradictions…from a redneck farming town, ex-Air Force, gruff demeanor…yet in his private life, he loved dressing up like a woman, BDSM, making music, cooking and general housekeeping, and had the biggest collection of sex toys I’d ever seen. Unfortunately, he always wanted to be the one dominated and insisted that he “needed it in order to feel normal.” How Libran….and how red flag, no?

    He finally announced that he wanted to be a transvestite full-time and started going out 1-2x a week to drag bars. Soon he had an entirely new group of tranny friends, started a tranny band, and probably hooked up with lots of people (men & women – he identified as bi) on the sly. I didn’t really care about any of this because I wasn’t in love with him. I’d tried to leave him many times, but he was SO VERY needy and manipulative he always found a way to pull me back (including phoning my mom and convincing her to help him). Needless to say, that one didn’t end well either…while in the process of me moving out, he met a woman at a sex party at her house (!?) where he was accompanying a friend of his who wanted to cheat on his wife and started seeing her behind my back. HOT MESS. All I know of him now is that he lives full-time as a woman and became a tranny lawyer. You can’t make this shizz up.

    #3 is the Love of My Life and Soulmate. No joke…I had all the cliche experiences with him, including recognition at first site, strong intuition that we were meant to be together, and the belief that it was fated. We found out later we had lived in the exact same apartment in another city where we’d both lived for only a brief time…me with Libra #1, in fact. I was the next tenant after him. I must’ve sensed his pheromones or something because things unraveled pretty quickly with Libra #1.
    Once I met him, I had no doubts and was the aggressor as far as asking him out, etc. At the end of our first date (which was amazing – instant connection), he didn’t want to kiss me because he was afraid his breath would smell (we’d had a lot of coffee). Classic Libra! I forced the issue anyway. We’ve been together ever since.
    He’s of course also an artist…a musician and DJ to be exact. Gets described as charming all the time…is hilarious and charismatic. I guessed he was a Libra right away too because of the physical tells – tall, rangy, straight across, thick eyebrows, dazzling smile, dimples. As a young man, he was ridiculously pretty. Has white skin, black hair, blue eyes….when younger it looked like he was wearing lipstick all the time because his lips were so red.
    The things that can annoy me about him I attribute more to his Moon in Aries…he can be quite demanding and has zero shame in asking for what he wants at any time, no matter if it’s embarrassing or an inconvenience for others. I’ve learned to laugh this off though. He’s THE BEST!

  15. “Aquarius often prefers intense but non-existent affairs”

    Coffee out of nose laughing.


    I can’t wait til you get to aquas.

  16. Loving the comments…laughing at the nature of human nature is so healing after the absolute mind fuck, emotion warp, and deep soul felt amorous amazingness of my libra male experience. I err on the side of aquarius, yet have enough in me to stop the madness and want monogamous for the sake of clarity and the sublime trust necessary to go deep within and achieve special goals that alchemy can only unfold. Devotion is a two way street, and as such the paradox of libra is a conundrum my soul is weighing forth as I venture forth into another dream of the possibility of true love…a higher octave of polyamory is universal divine love…abiding in the truth…yet it doesn’t mean betraying your lover and friend to do that…no matter how open and honest you are….loyalty is a wonderful thing that allows the balances in libra to come into balance…if they would stop weighing everything against an arbitrary value of beauty and really sense the truth of their sign about drawing the Maat principles of harmony within themselves and teach by example with art and diplomacy.

  17. Cannot IMAGINE dating a libra. Pretty boys turn me off and I am philosophically opposed to symmetry. The dislike is probably mutual tho – I have a super crooked jaw. And a family full of librans, and that’s ENOUGH.

  18. Well, I’ve had ’em all – all types of Libras with various combinations: the charming ones, the liars, the sleek, silver-tongued ones, the seductive ones, the uber cultured ones, the smooth, the conniving ones, the Cool, the enchanting conversationalists, and the passive aggressives. And some more, already mentioned above by others on this thread.

    And for the past 26 years, I have been blessed by the company of my Libra Sun/ Asc life partner. He is even more than the sum of the positive traits of any Sun sign. He loves me. He lets me Be and encourages me to pursue any dream that I desire – no matter how hare-brained; and the good thing about this is that I feel and do exactly the same for him. There is never any doubt of love or loyalty – the actions speak for themselves every day.

    Could be my Libra Rising being in harmony with his Libra Sun and Rising. Could be my Venus and his Mars co-habit 10th House Leo. Could also be that his Sag Moon is in harmony with my 9th Hse Sun. Maybe that was the clincher, really, our love of travelling; and together, we have shared our nomadic lives and many adventures and also misadventures.

    I am convinced that for some reason, I was lucky enough to have been granted a wish, by some cosmic genie, of having a life-long lover and playmate. OR that the prior field work I had conducted into the realm of Libra, paid off well and truly.;-).

    1. “He loves me. He lets me Be and encourages me to pursue any dream that I desire – no matter how hare-brained”.

      That’s interesting to me as my partner’s Sun is also conjunct my ASC and I feel exactly the same. Their Sun shining light on who we are in the world?
      I have had other partners who said they supported me no matter what, but in action it didn’t feel so.

      1. I like that – ” their Sun shining light on who we are in the world.” Our partner being our own spotlight (soft focus at my age :-l) – nice concept. And we theirs of course. Otherwise imbalance. So we should choose someone that shows us up in the most favourable light… doing a Marlene Dietrich when choosing lighting..

  19. Honestly, I love Libra men! I have Libra Asc, moon, and jupiter and I find that no other sign is as considerate. Libras are so fair! And especially if I am living with someone, I need that energy or I lose my mind. I have never been able to stay with someone who didn’t have that energy in their chart somewhere. Moon in Libra men are the best. I don’t find them passive aggressive at all, but then again, we’re cut from the same cloth. A lot of astrologers say that the only true match for a Sagittarius is another Sagittarius, but I think they got it wrong. I think the only match for a Libra is another Libra.

  20. I am madly in love with a Libran male – have been for over 30 years. I won’t lie, our early years were full of arguments, great sex, more arguments, then more sex but overall, he is my soul mate and our love has grown into this amazing, whole, soulful, wanting, cherishing, longing just to be in the same room with him kind of love. I am a cancer, true water sign. Not sure of what what he or I is in conjunction with, all I know is we work – and we’ve had many couples, friends, relatives, co-workers state that although we can be “rough around the edges” it is clear that we love each other – and we do, I am very blessed and grateful to the universe for giving my one true love to me.

  21. The air signs in general don’t like messy stuff and project onto others.
    Especially wounds, needs, hurts.

    It is never ok to hurt someone.

    Hurt peeps hurt peeps.

    Libras run/hide from wounds by evaporating and recreating a persona- it’s like trying to hug a cloud.

    Many abused women I know were Libra because they maintained the Stepford Wife veneer. And didn’t want to risk censure or the blame/judgment.

    My observation re abusers- male and female-

    They perpetuate the top- down dyads- right/wrong, powerful/weak, worthy/naff.

    Low Libra glosses over everything, then the masks fall off and whoa. Being alone with feelings is the greatest fear.

    My father was Libra Mars/Venus- Virgo Sun- Saggo Moon. Total gent, considerate, true blue and funny as hell. Wry like Bogart.

    My son has Libra Mars- totally faithful to his sweetie- despite other girls trying to hone in. Virgo Sun and Merc.

    Libras are not heroic re-self scrutiny- unless they get a Saturn/outer planet wake up call.

  22. “Libra IS the free love champion of the zodiac” – Agreed, but ONLY if they have Neptune in Libra conjunct their Sun. Neptune = no boundaries. Or Uranus – that’s another one that screams “free love”. Neptune was in this sign from late ’42 to mid ’57, and the “flower children” born during this time came of age during the 60’s when this concept was a Big Deal. Uranus was here from late ’68 to late ’75, and the explosion of Free Love from the late 60’s to early 70’s in particular is pretty self-explanatory since this is a planet that’s all about freedom.

    We would not be inclined, for example, to see this quality in someone with Sun/Saturn in Libra – that’s a much more committal energy when it comes to partnering. Considering other mitigating factors in the astro is uber important for this very reason.

      1. Yep. Gotta consider the whole picture.
        I’ve known Libra for a while. Didn’t stray in the flesh, for sure. Superficially charming and ready to hop up and get you a cuppa, but with a Venus in Scorpio, wasn’t much for free love. Terrified of the deep.

  23. Libra is in love with love. And beauty. Period. I don’t think it’s so much a case of innate poly tendencies so much as this. All the Leebs I know are pair-bonded in one respect or another – it may be their Bestie, it may be a Significant Other, or a biz partner, but the Leebs I’ve always associated with are all about companionship in one format or another. I think the surest way to repel them is to be self-centered, so perhaps if our Libra is drifting away we might examine this possibility. A lot of times, once we’re in a committed relationship we don’t put as much attention into actually – you know, dating our Significant Other – or into how we look (and Libra is WAAAAY into esthetics!) and these are both turn-offs for this sign. Bumming around the house in PJ’s around all day? Only if they’re designer silk! 😉

    For those complaining about passo-aggro Libra – YES because they always like to be seen as “the nice guy/girl”. But the manipulation complaint? I really only see this capacity in those who also have Pluto in Libra OR personal planets in Scorpio – these would certainly be mitigating factors.

  24. Just wanted to say I’m dating a libra and he’s one of the most solid and genuinely nice people I have ever met. Needy? Yes, might be both value alone time too. I am a Scorpio with Taurus rising and he has Capricorn rising, which I think is am interesting combo on his part. Thoughts? Again, it’s early days yet but my gut is saying nothing but good things.

  25. Libra men are my weakness … As memory serves me, there have been 2 robust connections (possibly more, as I haven’t been an astrofiend my entire life) My first Libra (Leo rising/Kat moon/Venus+Mars in Scorpio) and I had a 2 year thing. We played house for a while and watched his friends couple up/get hitched for about a year. One day, after realizing he’d never verbally expressed his affections – I asked him how he felt. He told me he didn’t feel anything different for the mailman, this mother, or me. I promptly moved out and never heard from him again.

    Most recently, I met a saturated Libra guy (Sun/moon/merc/venus/Saturn/pluto – all in the late 5th, early 6th). His Taurus asc was exact opposite my moon. Our charts were very similar (bundles – Libra/Scorp/Sag) It was something straight out of a movie – synchronistic meeting, intense chemistry, possible mind reading soulmate stuff. Sadly, I discovered 3 months into it he was married, with two children. He talked of swinging, his fascination with anal play/transvestites and general affinity for all things taboo. He lied by omission, so there was never anything he felt necessary to apologize for. Excellent cook, showered me with gifts and fancy dates … handsome as anything I’d seen before.

    I’d be lying if I said I never think about him … after being traumatized by the dishonesty/manipulation I probably should swear him off as a Qi Vamp. … but, my own Libra Stellium holds some sick fairytale connection to the experience.

    Currently, feeling out the Kataka sun/Scorp moon dude who is much older to distract my heart. It will take some time before I’m brave enough to let another Libra into my life.

      1. Thanks, R. … at the time, people told me I was acting too needy by asking for verbal validation, but his honesty really did some damage. Appreciate you validating the frigidity of it all … after this last Libra, I’m truly convinced they are incapable of empathy. Fairness/Balance? Sure, but only when it’s convenient or benefits them directly.

      2. I don’t think it is needy at all to have a conversation about our feelings for our partner, with our partner!!! It is essential, normal, healthy, for better or worse (as they say)

        And look at what you got out of it. Illusion busting. To say the least 🙁
        Pi x

  26. Can’t connect with a lot of the negative rap towards the Libran Man. I am married to a Sun/Mercury Conjunct Lib + Aqua Moon + Leo Mars for 15 years. Apart from being gorgeous looking, well defined physique, chiselled dimpled chin etc…Relationships are his number one priority in life, be it with me, our kids, his friends, or work… whatever… Extremely loyal and a seriously wise negotiator and diplomat.
    He does have some downfalls ~ lame bullshit which stems from fear of conflict, can be needy for intimacy and can out sulk anyone on the planet if he is feeling neglected and deprived. A bit pathetic and adolescent. Should mention that he has Venus/Asc/Pluto/Uranus in Virgo and is penetratingly cut throat in his assessment of character.

    1. the way librans collect friends fascinates me and is a subject of my ongoing study. insta-posse. they are very good at it. I am not sure if i am envious, or just see it as Room for Improvement in my social life, at some stage perhaps, if it becomes a priority. thank you for reminding me of that trait of the Librans

      1. I think I’m guilty of this but my explanation is: I love people!

        And I really get off on meeting new people especially.

        The downfall of that is the old tried and true friends get insulted when I’m more excited to meet new people. But meeting new people excites me, dammit!

  27. Libra/Gemini rising and not only polyamorous, but I write about it. Despite my age and the odds, only libra guy was way back–my poetry professor. Looked like Redford with a broken nose and is the good kind of crazy. Had the gentlest breakup ever, like a diplomatic withdrawal, made it look like it was me, but I think it was because I put on about 10 pounds! He still checks in on my poetry blog sometimes and is wonderful. I like to just take people where they are. (The abusive stalker I had was a Sag, so so much for those kinds of generalizations. He made of me a religion. Abusiveness can come up in lots of different forms–I love this site’s approach, the high and low.)

  28. Scorporation, Inc.

    Over the years I’ve had many long-term, endearing but strictly platonic relationships with Librans of both genders. Very flirty, very critical lot. Critical or decisively discerning, it would depend on many factors; constant balancing/rebalancing of the scales. Passionate always. All of that I can appreciate & have found many Librans I’ve encountered sympatico. My 7th house runs from early degrees Virgo to late degrees Libra + Pluto-Moon in early Libra.

    I’ve never felt sexual chemistry/attraction to Librans. Yes many of them tried lol but nope, I wasn’t feeling it. What Scorpio (with Aries in the 1st & MC + North Node in Sagg) finds non-discriminatory flirtatiousness & discriminatory everything else *hot*? When I’ve considered it (because of course I did: 8th house Scorpio Mars Venus Sun), I just saw “drama” written everywhere on our potential mating. So, no.

      1. Scorporation, Inc.

        Seething mass lol! Then there’s my Uranus-Mercury @ 29* Libra/8th house… Like a beehive. “I’m sorry, but could you speak up? Can’t hear you over the bees!”

      2. That’s cut-through communications right there … How is the dark moon and merc retro going for that? Oh and Venus too … -.-
        :). Pi x

  29. Haha. I am glad somebody has finally mentioned the polygamy. I feel this is the more natural way, mainly because I see the majority of people who are in relationships, especially the males almost having to force commitment to one person, many of them cheat or find stimulation from the opposite sex via another method.
    As a Libra I think I want balance and equality in a relationship and forcing the other person or myself to totally bend to the others or societies needs does not have it’s basis in love, not in my eyes anyway.

    I’ve honestly( and I say honestly because I have strong mars in Aries and cancer moon)found Gemini and Pisces to lie more than libras, Libra’s just seem to not do it in such an obvious and embarassing way.

    I think you need to look at the other placements to confirm a liar. I don’t believe Libra sun is a lying prerequisite. Look at their mars, moon ascendent and sun and what’s going on between them.

    1. I thought I should add. I would not go look for a polygamous relationship.

      Ideally one on one connection would be wonderful but I want who I love to be happy and like I said I don’t think a large percentage of men want one on one relationship.

      1. Oh yeah. What the others said about sex. I can’t/don’t enjoy sex unless its the higher type. My mars is in retro which makes my sex life resemble that of a dead dried frog who is only now active in heaven.

  30. SuperLibran, yeah that’s what my saggo yoga teacher ex used to call me. I have 5 planets there including Venus, mars, Pluto and Uranus.. So you could say the Saturn transit was a bit of thing, it was the exact duration of the yoga teacher actually.

    I have Aries rising so maybe that’s why I don’t relate to the lack of action so many talk of, but yeah lower vs higher vers can make a huge difference. The poly thing doesn’t resonate with me either. I just want the one deep connection, of course I’m happy to appreciate beauty from afar but not to make anything of it. Can’t do cheating, just feels wrong and diminishes everything. It is true what Mystic has said about how to woo a libran, be hot and dress well..

  31. Currently seeing a Libra Rising + Libra Moon angel. He is all about the free love. His dream business would be a lingerie company that only makes g-strings and offers a set of five for free for new customers, such is his ardent belief that the female derriere looks like a masterpiece in a g-string. But only if the lady pleases, naturally.

    I have my Mars at 29 Libra so I am crazy for these Venusian types. I like my men feminine looking, fine and clean. Long hair is good but a good haircut is better.

  32. I think I am in a polyamorous relationship with my Libran husband – he is also married to his golf (the first true love in his life and most lasting) lol

  33. It’s interesting reading all of the above. I don’t recall ever dating a Lib male, but I do bat for the other team. Lol!
    However, with a Lib sun, Gem rising and Aqua moon, I am one of the most monogimist people you’ll ever find! Yes, I’m of the female variety, but I also have some lovely male Lib friends who are in very living, stable, monogimist relationships.
    I am told I am charming and charismatic and yes I am capable of flirting, but I am totally true to whom I’m relating with.
    I have never really understood how or why people would want to relate to more than one person at a time? Certainly not to connect with on a deeper level other than pure physical sex!
    Don’t get me wrong, I love sex, but for me it’s got to be at a higher level/connection.

    1. Heh heh I’m poly and I have no urge to date more than one person…sex with another person is generally random and just a fun experience…but being venus/uranus in saggo I see no other way to be…

      Multiple boyfriends? Hell no. It’s hard enough dealing with myself, let alone another person, let alone two! Agh!

  34. Emotional hurricanes that go with bleeding and birthing??? What?

    My libra experience (which in no way represents all or even a majority of said sign given the three I’ve dated would not qualify for a true representative quota) was me walking on egg shells while libra man went through one emotional/ existential/ weather change crisis to another.

    Yes, there are mature grounded wonderful men born in all signs.

    See below for a comment from one contributor who has found a wonderful libra soulmate.

    But we often vent stories about the undesirable ones because it’s cathartic. And sometimes quite funny.

    Maybe you should just learn to appreciate that.

  35. Brilliantly said! And I’m a Gemini girl very happily living with my Libran soulmate. I have plenty of good things to say about you lot…will tell my tale soon.

  36. The thing I most remember about when reading a biography of libran Brigitte Bardot was that she openly had so many lovers in her heyday, but was never derided for it (even in that era) she had goddess status in France. Goddess of free love!

    Have never dated a Libran man, been friends with a few and always find them very attractive, and intelligent & well dressed etc. I do like all that, am libran rising myself. Stood back and watched how many women pursued them, but never inclined to pursue, they might have been too nice? The few times I’ve been really drawn to get definitely involved with someone I know straight away, and it’s never been with a Libran.

    1. That’s interesting, reading this made me wonder if Aries people ever have a preference for the sign that rules their 1st House/ASC. Clearly not!

      (I am with a Gem and am Gem Rising but he is very involved with my SN which is located on my ASC).

      1. Gemini is my catnip actually (where my NN is. When I looked at pictures of men on RSVP, guaranteed the ones I found most attractive were Gems. The Leo is Mars, Venus, Jupiter in Gemini. He makes me laugh, just at the point where I might lose my temper, I laugh instead!

        I have 3 Aries planets in 7th house, but not much to do with Aries men either

    2. Re: Bardot

      Her ruling planet (Venus) was conjunct…..ta-dum!…Neptune! See my other comment below about why I was saying I don’t think Libra energy (by itself) is necessarily all about the Free Love.

      1. Yes interesting what you write about Neptune conjunct sun, she was certainly an icon of the times.

        Btw I think it’s a great thing that she could openly take whatever lovers she pleased, particularly in that era, and she was still adored as la Bardot!

  37. ” Libra IS the free love champion of the zodiac.”

    Yup. I dated one for about two years, with a break in between so he could fly to Canada to try and make it work with a girl there.

    Absolutely THE guy for manners and charm, really lovely. He collected Swarovski figurines and carefully chose his outfits each day. Appreciated a good cocktail and classical music. My Libra rising really loved all that stuff about him, but the Aries/Sag part of me did not so much, especially when it turned out that Mr. Polyamory didn’t actually want a poly relationship – just two bisexual girlfriends. I felt like I had been drafted into some kind of polygamous cult.

    Meanwhile, I went off and made an independent porn video which freaked him out so much that there were actually fist flailing temper tantrums about how I’d ‘cheapened the whole experience of sex’ with him. What’s more, his mother ended the relationship for him.

    Never again.

    1. Tres hilare Jessleane; his mother broke it off for him… God these Dating the Starsigns are a major dumping ground. I think its just men in general!!!

  38. I know someone who is a libra-scorp combo and although you think butter wouldn’t melt in their mouth, my god the arguments i have heard about. like 2 personalities.

    1. in all fairness [since we are talking libra here, fairness seems apt], i think what it was (is maybe) is the libra parts have a clear idea of what is best or necessary for The Relationship, and if the other person does not eventually toe the line, then the SAS / paramilitaries (scorpio parts) get called in. I get that , I guess, but making the Ultimate Sacrifice for a partnership is a little beyond my “man on verandah polishing shotgun” venus aries / moon cap ;D hahaah

      1. I definitely concur that the possibility of Scorpio being in any Libra’s chart creates a certain scenario (and I’m not talking smack cuz I am myself Libra/Scorp full blown).

        The Libra who broke my heart was all wonderful and perfect until he saw something he didn’t think was gonna work and shit got shady fast. He broke up with me out of nowhere and i mean out of nowhere. He was Mars/Uranus/Venus conjunct in Scorp!

        But seriously you can’t be prejudice against a whole sign…that’s lunacy. Libras are, at the very least, some of the better people you’ll meet, and so often over looked because they’re so peaceful and kind!

  39. I must have gotten lucky with my (sun in) Libra. He is the most compassionate, understanding, supportive and easy to talk to man I’ve ever been with. We are going on 4 years together and we have a wonderful bond. Whenever there are conflicts we work through them. He has always made time for us and helps me remember I am worthy of great things. Perhaps he has other planets at play that help but this Libran is one to keep. Or maybe we are just a good match ^^ I don’t just feel the love inside me – I feel it all around us.

  40. I’m a female Libran with a stellium in Libra.. and in relationships I’m never interested in dishonesty or looking for other guys. Probably because I don’t get into a pair unless he’s the most beautiful.. and would rather just break up with him if I fell out of love and in it with someone else. Dishonestly can lead to unpleasantness.. Libras need connection…

  41. Have had two relationships with the Librain (sic) of the species. One had a hair fetish as in liked lots of it and would withhold sex if you had a wax, shave et al. Liked seeing prostitutes and had no issue with multi-partners. Had mother issues, as in a lot, of, mother, issues. But unbelievably good looking and charismatic, insanely so, much like he was. Second was a sociopath of the highest order. Mother issues again, as in dead mother issues, and I don’t want to speak ill of the dead but there’s that old adage of how people can only say nice things about deceased peeps, and then there are those things that are just delusional, as he was, charismatically and pathologically so. They are the one sign I avoid to max, and the women, well I have had a weird time with them too. Had a ‘friend’ at school that if you said you liked a guy she say,’ he’s not so good looking’ then root them. Talk about virginal competing. I just think the sign is 50 shades of wrong tbh.

  42. Ummm I’ve dates two Libras and I can’t disagree. One of them I consider a soulmate to this day but we couldn’t get it together because of life choices…even so I would still say he’s a total slut.

    Next dude broke my heart so hard I have romantic PTSD. He came on like we were soulmatea and lost interest in a matter of weeks. The most charming, seductive interesting dude I’ve ever met. Handsome as the devil himself. Found out later that he’s done the same thing to hundreds of girls! Ew.

    And as for the girls…well I’m Sun/Moon Libra and I don’t break hearts but I’m definitely poly and a flirt…so sue me.

    My husband is quadruple Aries with Jupiter/Saturn in Libra. A touch of Libra is quite nice on an Aries-strong male!

      1. heh heh yeah….if done in with proper etiquette (not in front of your significant other) than I see no reason why people can’t flirt…

  43. My ex-husband is a Libra, 10 years younger than I am. And I’m an Aquarius. He is everything stated in the article. He’s beautiful and charming. As well as passive aggressive and manipulative. Every day I regret divorcing him, I am still in love with him. At the moment we’re friends with benefits, and it works. Honestly it may be the best I ever get out of him at this point…

  44. Dated an attractive and grounded Libra for 4 years. He had some of the qualities everyone is talking about. Was very open sexually, ok with polyamory, ok with bisexual playing, but once we started dating really cared nothing for any of that, just didn’t seem to have the motivation to really search it out, but the thought of it was just fine. He had always been a loyal partner when he was in a relationship, never cheated on a past girlfriend. His Venus in Virgo liked me barefooted with no makeup, and was really into the idea of me shaving my head (?). His Libra Merc hated when I cussed. I would have considered him pretty darn balanced already but he was still always searching for that ideal balance—kind of crazy making for me. With Aqua moon he was so very calm and cool, and had the best, most rational seeming arguments and had thought through a good many ideas and already made up his mind on most of them. Yes he had the beautiful artist’s eye and I loved our home together, filled with amazing curious that he would collect on the cheap. He was a bit judgy of my emotionality…the one thing that seriously bothered me. And he definitely had a bit of the Venusian malaise going on, doing juuuuust enough to barely get by finance-wise. But oh he is still in my heart and I miss him even though it couldn’t work for us.

  45. Libra girl over here. I always thought that the male Libra were unreliable, one minute super suave the next it’s like they can’t even remember your name. I had this big crush on a gorgeous Polish guy that worked with me at a restaurant and he was such a charmer and he knew how to subtly creep into your psyche. I was 17 or 18 and he was 10 years older. He was a Cordon Bleu chef and I was super impress with his cooking skills, ended up in his bed where he covered me with honey and licked it all off. Unfortunatly I was to young to really enjoy THAT. There was so many girls around him I decided he was not worth my time and effort and I have stayed away from Libra man since then. They are hard to bewitch and I feel like you never quite know if they are coming or going…

  46. I ended up in a live in relationship with a LIbran almost by accident. I needed somewhere to live in a hurry and i moved in with him and then didn’t look for another place to live. (This was when I was much younger)

    He was sweet and charming and ended up cheating on me with his ex, someone we saw socially. This happened a week before we went on holiday and stayed with his parents. I split up with him before the holiday but went with him anyways – gah. Not the best holiday i’ve ever been on. I put it down to youth – I should not have gone and there is no way I would now.

    A few years later we caught up and he told me he cheated on me so that I would leave him and he wouldn’t feel guilty about going on a big overseas trip. After he told me that he then tried to get me into bed.

    There is a guy at work who is much younger and absolutely delightful to be around – Moon in Libra. Realising that he is ALWAYS lovely to absolutely everyone has helped me get over my crush.

  47. This is so true, I feel like Librans objectify and are objectified more than any other sign. Is it true that at one point 50% of playboy bunnies were Libran? One Libran friend in particular had the most casual fuq buddies I have known, but in an organised way. It was all very fair. Monday night was the kinky guy, Tuesday the nutty Russian, Wednesday the Carpenter (very useful, she kept him for a while) etc. etc. I think the Libran sense of justice makes them very even-handed in their dealings with others, almost bloodlessly so for my intense tastes.

    1. ah! I think that’s it. I need blood. and fire. just enough , you know? well, and some brains too. Ok. so what I basically need is a human sacrifice >:D *crunching sounds*

      1. HEY just had a half-glass-of-rose-inspired south Node flashback. My venus in aries, conjunct south node, in 10th house. Maybe I was a (cough) leader of some sort who fell in love with the hunky / pretty creature who was next in line to be tipped into the volcano / to the lions etc. maybe I was wealthy and/or corrupt. perhaps I squandered my authority or wealth in an effort to bestow freedom upon my beloved. hmm. now, in this life i face material lessons: saturn in second Leo, moon in austere cap, mars in the house of sex and debt square jupiter in my house of the Crowd.

        ooh. well, it makes for an interesting story 🙂

      2. Yes! Thank you for articulating that. Blood and fire is exactly what I require too. It’s a mutual sacrifice thing with me tho. Mmmmm crunchy

  48. Never dated a Libra Sun guy, but seem to have attraction to guys with Mars in Libra. I have Aqua Sun, so that’s the only thing I can think of to make a connection there. I have SN in Libra but late Libra, and these guys’ Mars were early Libra, so I don’t know… I have Eros in early Libra as well as Venus in early Cap, so the dynamic square, but still….

    I know a lot of Libra women, though, as friends, but as Aqua I think I’m too independent for them and they don’t understand how I ‘do’ relationships. They all have more traditional relationships, no polyamory there at all. Hmmmm….

    1. Ha! My partner is mars in libra and I have an aqua sun as well as venus in cap. Tell me, do you think those guys have difficulty expressing themselves directly, ie. passive aggression/withdrawal? Moodiness? I would love something to pin it on.

      1. Pass/agg for sure, but more maddening is the wishy washy non-committal vibe. And yeah, not being very direct, not just with what they’re saying, but with actions too.
        Current dude has Mars in Libra retrograde! Argh!

      2. Agree!! That’s a pretty accurate summation of their traits.

        “washy non-committal vibe”

        Totally!! It’s so frustrating!

        I seem to attract a lot of mars in Libra guys. They’re drawn to my Venus in Libran.

  49. Libra hit in the zap zone

    I haven’t encountered many libra males and I have never dated one. I could see the player reputation. As a libra female, I am naturally lovely and perfect. :p I tend to find men with Capricorn moons to be particularly problematic – charming but ice cold at the same time. Also Scorpio men aren’t for me.

  50. I have never knowingly dated a libra… well i was in love with the multi libran virgo for a while.. and there was the Leo with venus conj pluto in libra, the only man I have ever dated (ever) who I remain on good/any terms with but there were special circumstances there. We connect over Art Talk now, and some philosophy, it’s fine. I like the airiness of their MO, it’s the general air-sign Never Running Out Of Things To Talk About – essential if my Mercury everything is going to be adequately nourished.

    oh god
    the angry pisces had moon in libra
    and i am fairly sure the Neptunian Toro had libra rising

    ok so maybe libra in small doses.
    I am too Yang for their Yin, though, mostly I think. Hey, whatever.. 😉

  51. My partner of thirty years is a Libran, Aqua rising….ha! and that Venus in Virgo just LOVES women but loves them as clean as a whistle. He is the most hygienic man I have ever met and polyamory makes so much sense to him; “What kind of crazy world marries us off to then only make love to one woman for the rest of your life. Madness!”
    He is naturally graceful and charming to the core, my mother always says he has “the charm of a thousand rattlesnakes”.
    Libra ruled Mercury….never a vulgar word used inappropriately 😉 and the ability to listen to all points of view.
    Relationships do rule his world, quality not quantity.
    And after all these years, he is still the greatest love of my life and the best thing at the end of my day.

  52. The charmers, the romantics, the soft voiced caring goofy boys.
    The selfish, pass agg, narcissistic fibbers.
    My scorp moon has some very rigid ‘loyalty’ boundaries which librans will never adhere to. I consider deliberate omissions as lies.
    And after betrayal I can’t be your friend.

    A few years ago I had a libra black hole situation. I have no emotions left. Just the grey hairs and wrinkles it created.

    1. Whenever I am tempted to generalize behaviors in the sun signs, I recall that Mercury and Venus – both highly personal planets – travel with the Sun but NOT ALWAYS in the same sign as the Sun. Thus Libra Sun may evince a Mercury or Venus from Virgo to Scorpio (both highly committed, sparing, and uniquely focused signs), with Venus even reaching Leo or Sagittarius. This is not even yet addressing the placements Mars, the Moon, and the Asc, and their respective angles. I am a Libra Sun-Pluto, with Mercury in the Via Combusta, however Venus (ever the slowpoke) is at Leo’s end and Virgo’s beginning. Scorpio ascends. Moon in Virgo, now I can only have one all-consuming affair at a time, it’s all the emotional details that I can manage, without losing my self-center (Leo) and my focus (Scorpio). My point is, polyamory works for testing the limits of one’s fetish or when playing with preferences. I never had a problem with this, personally, male Libra. In fact women tend to drape their fantasies on me, which doesn’t feel tremendously Leonine or Libran, you know, being a mannequin. The meat of a relationship is in the deeper bite. Librans learn this through development. I always thought Taurus did it all for the nookie!

      1. yes, i am guilty of generalising when i refer to librans.

        probably with heavy emphasis on black hole libra.

        and i do mean ‘my’ scorp moon (not all tread the same path). im acutely aware of how much influence it bears on my expectations and the restrictions (fair and unfair) i put on others.

        Two of my librans in succession had the same birthday but a few years apart. very different at their core.
        i walked away from the first after getting a few errant text messages meant for someone else as well as clear signs that he was still in deep heart ache over his ex – the mother of his children. (merc scorp/venus virgo/moon aries). He wasnt a bad person. He didnt really know where he was at though. We were not meant for anything deeper than friendship. i classify him as the goofy romantic.

        The second i should have run from (merc scorp/venus libra/moon aqua) He’s the narcissist.
        There was a disparity between the love he proclaimed, the fidelity he advertised and the reality of being in another relationship at the same time but keeping us both in the dark. He could throw tantrums and then deny having had them to my face. ‘oh you just misunderstood’… i misunderstood you yelling at the top of your lungs accusing me of sabotaging your life by talking to people i have never heard of?
        I had wanted to connect on a deeper level but was left in shallow depths. myself treated like an accessory.
        He verbalised how nice he was, how harmless he was, planned our wonderful future together. car salesman style.

        other librans. one ended up being a lawyer. he could change sides at the drop of a hat. probably fantastic at his job as he can put himself on side with pretty much anybody.

        the last. just after high school. longest libra dating scenario. moon libra/ merc libra/ venus virgo. fetish is his middle name. conman should be his job title. really, he should be in jail.

      2. True, I’m a Libra sun with Venus in Scorpio and can totally relate. Venus in Scorpio is all encompassing focus. Yet my Mars is conjunct jupiter Neptune and eros. So needless to say I dither between and fantasize the freedom of polyamory and the classic luscious soul mate add a Taurus moon and I can attach.

      3. Libra Sun here, with Venus in Leo, Scorpio rising with Mars in Scorpio and a Moon in Taurus. You make some valid points about having only one consuming affair at a time. I agree with that. I have been only in longterm relationships (4 years or more). But here is the thing: I always had to have another person lined up before leaving my previous relationship. All my relationships have ended in a dramatic love triangle. Such is part of the learning process for a Libra. Liz Greene in the book: Astrology of Fate notes that part of the Libran dilemma is the necessity of making a jugment. Since Libra is more generally the sign associated with relationships, it is normal that these ”jugment” or ethical dilemmas happens in the sphere of personal relationships. The love triangle is a typical development pattern for the sign. I don’t mean that it’s like that for all Libras but in my experience, it seems to be a theme.

      4. I don’t think the love triangle is entirely a libra domain. Tho I suspect many a librans need for diplomacy backfires in these circumstances: hence the drama. (Trying to do the right thing by everybody never works out)
        But then what do I know…

      5. Sounds like you know plenty! I would second that the natural tendency of Libras is to curve when a straight line seems ugly. Cardinal, but not Mars, not direct, airy, but not cool and over-cerebral. How were their inter/extra personal planets? Did Saturn seek boundary, did Uranus seek release?

      6. Scorpio Asc can by turn be street wise or haute and mysterious. My stellium is in the Via Combusta- with Mars retro in Gem, I am more middle road than many Scorp Risings. Less absolutist as I age.

        But sooooo loyal to my clan. I may speak and work nicely with traitors but I don’t forget!!

  53. Single Libra after a long relationship with the father of our children. Had a work husband for a while. Got another one now, but not as intense. I may be in love with the idea of a relationship more than the practicalities. Who wants to wash the socks? Not me.

  54. Rache(Aqua/Tauri)

    I’ve never been with a Libra. I’ve always sort of sensed this inherent tied-to-noone vibe from the Libra guys I have known… I’m a freaking Taurus rising and moon, I am way too lazy to go chasing after multiple people at once and am (unfortunately) already pretty deep in if I decide to date you in the first place so I’ve stayed away. They are pretty though.

  55. libran dreamchild

    I’ve had two major relationships, both with libra men. They ARE manipulative, and intensely needy and insecure.

    Also makes them very human and gorgeous… When they aren’t too busy watching themselves / plotting world domination.

    The libra women I know are strong, resilient, thoughtful and either juggle many relationships happily or shut out the world for but a few valued friends.

    1. Ooh, that’s me – I’m over it and have shut out the world to just have a few good friends, and a secret crush to two 🙂 Libra with Virgo rising, Cancer moon and Venus in Scorpio. I just can’t be bothered to go there any more with all the drama of letting others – read men – too close.

  56. Yea, hmm I may hate to admit it at times but more and more I am seeing at heart the polyamory is there with either sex not that I always act on it you know.

  57. So down with the description of venus in virgo, so not a slut.

    Of the more wild Librans i know of, they like spouse swapping, so no threesomes for them. they like foursomes,…goes with that libra symmetry.

    1. I’m pretty sure my Libra uber stellium is responsible for much of my general naughtiness, I’d have about 10 boyfriends if I could BUT I’m a Scorpio with Aries and Sag so everyone would have to know everything. I’m physically incapable of cheating. That’s what drove me so nuts about the male Libras I hooked up with, they were so sneaky and so aware of what they were up to and so silver tongued. Infuriating!!

      1. So true about the male Librans!
        Like flashy caterpillars they are…warning you about their impending stings with their pretty looks.

  58. 12th house virgo

    Oh, and he lies (exaggerates? embellishes?) constantly just to keep conversation going. He sees absolutely nothing wrong with that – assumes everyone is lying all the time just to keep the conversation flowing. Like, truth doesn’t really factor into social interaction AT ALL for him. He’s my best friend. I love him. I think everyone is his best friend. Ha!

  59. I found out a couple of weeks ago that a dude i met at an event had a birthday 3 days before mine, different year. Explains his crazy bullshit of flirting with me like he was a single agent, when in fact it was right in front of a jealous angry girlfriend. he’s not with her anymore and tried ti ask me out twice. I said no. Guys like that who can’t respect their current girlfriends will just do that to you in turn. Thank Saturn for slow-mo! I just wonder why the fuck couldn’t Saturn do that for the so many other guys I get caught into a Neptune web with. It’s like i am dying to find out something shitty about them so I can get over them. I need to find out if they have freaky long toe nails or change their underwear only twice a week. I pray to find out these things to break their spell over me. I got over a Scorp flirtation when i found out he was ex-military and broke an Ikea bed frame by having sex on it with his then aries gf. Eeeww Ikea for a bed frame?

    1. And libra women are just pickier. We value friendship as much as aqua and gem so the poly part can manifest more in platonic friendhip rather than actual sexual bed partners. We are so mental., a lot of my libran female buds have a secret mental crush or “work husband”. We usually do not want to bone that dude in an actual real functional relationship. We like that there are still some wild fish out there uncaught and untamed to just look at and interact with a bit.

      1. 12th house virgo

        My Libran friend explained he would try to bone anyone, pretty much. He could not understand how the Taurus slept in my bed without having sex with me. Seriously baffled. Ha ha!

        My Libran girl friend met her current partner by cheating on her past partner with present partner at a Halloween party. Obv, not all Librans are like this, but I think they do like to keep their mates lined up.

      2. I know some like that. I wish i could be them! Lol…well not really..
        You know scorp moon…venus in virgo says..meh.

      3. Wehllll- my mum was a fab flirt- and had so many gallant gents at her feet.

        My godchild is Libra Moon and Mars and Uranus. Serial monogamy. Sometimes overlapping. Has a gorgeous sweet boy from her brief marriage. She is cat like-Scorpi Sun- Aqua Asc. Very devoted mum -patient- Indigo centered. Teaches Multi culture languages- and is a total athlete- swimmer, runner.

        But keeps the veneer of respectability(I act clueless!) not mine to judge.

        She has pals who are surrogate dads- to her son. Bio dad is MIA- drinks a bit much and much wounded from own childhood.

        So much healing needed!!

        I was wild in my 20s but tamed down. Now I am a prudent and loyal wife because I cannot lie to my kids. And no court will tell me how to parent, spend etc.

        Best date ever- a wedding- with a Libran friend -we lived a life in one night. My ex was marrying my best friend. His ex had killed herself. He was gorgeous, fun, warm, psychically considerate. For one night. It was bliss.

        Totally agree that the Libran men are dogs. Woof!!! Xxxx

      4. Ha! My fiance has Libra Sun, Venus in Virgo, Scoprio Mercury, and Scorpio Moon. He’s a Gemini Rising as well. I never know what to believe :(. One the one hand, he’s very cautious and “appropriate” in relationships (the Venus in Virgo), but on the other hand, I feel like he’s always lying or keeping secrets, even when he’s not. So weird.

      5. Hm, I think you should ‘un-fiancé’ him then… Do not fall preggers to a man you don’t trust implicitly…

      6. I have two close libra male friends that I have a bond with but never had a sexual relationship with. At the time that I lived closer to them, we had intense and life-altering friendships. My boyfriend (now husband) was never jealous because he knew it wasn’t sexual. Fantastic conversation, art, music, and even cuddling. Neither one was a good cook though. My pluto is in libra in my 11th house.

  60. OMG they are the woooooorst for being disingenuous and sneaky!!! I went through a period of attracting them like crazy (early Saturn in Libra time) and it was a nightmare. I have loads of Libra and a Libra descendent so I’m obviously prone to people with it prominently in their charts. Thing is they make really excellent friends, I’m still matey with almost all of the male Librans that have graced my dating life and the lady Libras make the best kind of friends for me.

    Good luck Mystic, there are always exceptions to every rule!

  61. I dated a quintuple Libra once – Sun, Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Pluto.

    He was my brother’s good friend… WAS…. then my fling with him successfully put him in the middle and in a guilt-complex that involved him waxing and waning interest. My brother felt very betrayed by the whole thing, and I had thought it had nothing to do with him. So that was a conflict.

    I don’t think he was actually ever that interested, but he was intrigued by how enamored I was with him. He liked talking philosophy with me, and he was also a musician. He lived in a studio apartment by himself and kept getting fired at his jobs because he had a flippant personality. I think he’s meant for better things than the jobs he was taking, but hadn’t figured out how to get there.

    This was during his Saturn return in this 5th house, when I met him at a bbq, fell madly and spontaneously in love, we talked for hours about art and madness, and ended up asking him out soon thereafter.

    He is very beautiful; has sharp chiseled features and is funny, broody, and a great dancer. He identifies as the Fool in the tarot, and at one time he told me never to take anything he said seriously because he was very apt to change his mind.

    We still talk sometimes and have love for one another, but it had to end eventually because he wasn’t that into me, and there’s only so long you can be with someone like that… he was a total coquette, even identified as such! We had our moments. Libra’s may be the sign of balance, but so are they also very unbalanced and extreme a lot of the time. I got to a point where I had some of his switches figured out, by that I mean, what actions I needed to take to invoke the response I wanted from him (which was usually some type of balancing response). Another reason it couldn’t work out – programming your partner by how you can manipulate them isn’t love. He had no idea I was playing games. But I justified it at the time because I thought he was the biggest game player of the both of us.

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