Seven Saturn In Capricorn Success Truths

Last time Saturn was in Capricorn, in the late 80s, everything was analog. But these are the essential Seven Saturn in Capricorn Success Truths, and they are still viable in the digital era.

(1) The more wordy the explanation of who someone is, what someone does, or what they can do for you – the less power and authenticity they have.

(2) Charm can sometimes be over-developed by people who have little else to offer, almost as a deflective shield to disguise their lack of other attributes.

(3) If people are willing to take your time or expertise without payment, they would just as easily rip you off via invoice padding and other subtle arts of thieving.

(4) The more successful you get, the more a specific style of person will gossip about you/resent you/belittle your accomplishments. You will have to hone your envy-handling skills.

(5) Saturn in Capricorn in the Eighties was different. Then, you could hang onto some truth about your profession or industry. Now you need to update your info, tech, and assumptions regularly.  Ideal? An audit every Solstice/Equinox – aka every three months.

(6)  Magic and occult knowledge are not and have never been enough on their own. You can be as intuitive or aligned with Source Vibe as you want, but it won’t work without the pre-requisite work ethic and focus. But add those two in with some house-office witching, your energy zapped up to super-high and adherence to good astrological timing for fantastic results.

(7) Competence and professionalism count more than ever  now. This is the start of the end of ‘liar loans,’ middle-people and what-do-they-really-do? type jobs or businesses.  Time, equity, wisdom, work ethic and experience or (if you’re super young) a robust willingness to learn will increasingly count for far more than they have in recent times.

What’s your Saturn in Capricorn success tip?

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77 thoughts on “Seven Saturn In Capricorn Success Truths”

  1. As a Cap rising, Saturn conjunct the MC, I love this.

    One thing I judge people on when I’m looking someone up is the extent to which they go beyond the facts of what they’ve done and they write a bio for themselves but in the third person with words like “renowned”, or misrepresent their credentials (calling themselves “a doctor” before they’ve completed their Ph.D. for instance).

  2. “The more successful you get the more a certain style of person will gossip about you/resent you/belittle your accomplishments. You will have to hone your envy-handling skills.”

    You know what was interesting about this? It never occurred to me that this behaviour could be motivated by envy! I know it seems obvious, but when it’s family of origin it can be harder to grok.

    This is an excellent revelation and will prove fruitful.

    Thanks Mystic!

      1. Yeah, I feel like a bit of a dumbo. I never saw it as their flaw; more mine. That there was something wrong with me when people hated on me. Early conditioning. Never mind! I’ll add “healthy up myself” to the list of qualities to cultivate!

      2. Yes, I can relate to all of this. Amazingly, just last night I was talking to a very old friend who I have barely seen since I was about 11. He had such nice things to say about what he had thought of me back then. I was completely thrown. I had been bullied by a Libra and a Taurus (does that count when you’re a kid) at the time which contributed to develop an almost unshakeable self image as a fat awkward reject, irrespective of how i looked on the outside
        Later it became two faced friends who stop at nothing to make themselves feel better
        Honestly. Even now I get to a point in a friendship where I think, this person is going to use all this against me somehow , rather than just appreciating each other
        All you can do is just kind of be excellent and let your words and actions speak for themselves, … The best defence is a good offence (not that kind of offence hahahahaha) … and Ali yes I love “healthy up myself” as an idea haha ..

      3. Oh my gosh! I just wrote the longest reply, and the internet crashed when I posted it. Grrr!!

        Thanks Pi. “Healthy up myself” is a Mystic classic. It came up in a tarot spread.

        I can relate to your childhood friendship story. My childhood best friend was an Aries. She was very competitive with me, and played some sophisticated psych games that always left me feeling dull and bad about myself. Divide and conquer, lots of put-downs disguised as compliments, friendship triangulation. She seemed so bright and theatrical, cultured and arty. The friendship petered out in our late teenage years, and we caught up with each other a couple of years ago for the first time in 20 years. There was a lot more wisdom in the room. I asked her about the competition in our friendship and she told me she had always envied me and tried to emulate me but felt she never measured up. It was astonishing to hear.

        The energy felt distinctly vampiric, so I’ve avoided contact since then, but interestingly she rang me yesterday after your comment provoked some reflection on that old friendship.

        “All you can do is just kind of be excellent and let your words and actions speak for themselves.” Love it. So True. Yes. I’m walking taller these days.

      4. Don’t feel like a dumbo xx
        Trust me, it is totally their flaw. I have Pluto/Uranus conj in the first, plus late Leo rising. I have been pushing people’s insecure buttons since the day I first drew breath, without even meaning to. Just being there seemed to piss an awful lot of people off, including my mad mother, whose biggest criticism of me as a kid was that I was ‘full of myself’. My strategy until relatively recently was to make myself as small and invisible as possible, which hurt me greatly but made others comfortable.
        Now one of my favourite sayings is ‘when people start to criticise you, you know for sure you’re on the right track.’

      5. Aw… Sending love to your little girl self. My mum wasn’t as overt as that. There was a lot of competitive out-shining, manipulation, silent treatment and enmeshment instead. Turgid psychic undercurrents that my loaded 8th house and Pisces planets read like a book.

        I have Saturn conjunct my Leo Ascendant. I’m not so skilled at interpreting astrology, but I do know that my coping strategy was IDENTICAL to yours!

  3. Jealous folks need to get off my back. They’ve already started trying to take credit on all I’ve done. Won’t let them undo my work.

  4. Natal Saturn in Cap here and my second return is around the corner. My first return was life changing to say the least. It came on the heels of the stock market crash in October 1987 ( Saturn in late Sag ) an event that took everything I held precious. My business, my home and my fiancé, the bedrock of my life were all taken or disappeared as Saturn in late Sag turned to my Saturn in Cap return. Once I had processed this series of unfortunate events I decided to leave my home city, my friends, my family and become a wanderer. I wandered into another life, another me, a much better me ! A happy me 🙂
    That me, came home 9 years later with nothing but a small backpack and no prospects. That me, had to live with his parents for a while until someone would give him a job. What the hell was I going to do ? My resume wasn’t looking good … last nine years – lived rough in isolated areas. Yes I was what most people in a city like this would call a skill slightly deranged loser. So I started wandering the city. One day I wandered past a cafe and met my future wife. She didn’t see a loser and I found my reason to be.
    20 or so years later as my return nears I have to admit I’m a little concerned.
    The first one was like being tied up and kidnapped by a terrorist group who decided to throw me out of a plane with no parachute into unknown terrain. A complete striping. Saturn had returned to find me with absolutely nothing ‘authentic’ enough for his liking. NOTHING !
    This impending return has already sent its warning tremors and I have known for a while that the current me is already a dead man walking. But a new me ? Will I be stripped again ? The last time the stripping turned out great. Cheers to Saturn, hooray for that jolly good fellow.
    This time I find myself holding tightly to my life. I don’t want to lose him. He leads a simple and comfortable life. He has built around him the time and space to enjoy life.
    Late February Saturn not just conjuncts my natal 7th house Saturn, he RETURNS. I mean how ominous is ‘return’ FFS. Anyway at least he is returning on time and I’ve had plenty of notice 🙂 .
    Tomorrow I’ll start putting together my receipts, profit & loss statements, and a balance sheet for my STR (Saturn Tax Return.)
    I know right, I should have been collecting sat tax receipts for 29 years and doing a P & L and balance sheet for those same years. With no excuses I will throw myself on the mercy of Cronos and plead temporary insanity while promising to do it diligently into the future.
    See, I have every right to be concerned 🙂

    1. This is a brilliant read. “Saturn had returned to find me with absolutely nothing authentic enough for his liking.” I am hoping Saturn isn’t thinking the same thing as he looks around my 5th house 🙂
      I love the idea of a Saturn tax return. What a great analogy. I need to do this x

    2. Wow you speak so eloquently about a period that’s hell on wheels or in both our cases, hell on two legs. My first return was a complete and utter shattering loss of all I’d worked towards and all I’d held up as my goal. I had moved to further my husbands career after supporting him to that point, I then had his child and he was gone, just when I was going to ask for the support he turned tail with his receptionist and left He also left no money no car no nothing, so there I was with no practise of my own and no income and a tiny baby. I sort of collapsed on the inside. The worst of it was going to find a rented house/flat to live in as the property had to go. I went from respectable wife of a lawyer to single mother and I was spurned at every turn It destroyed me. The only thing that got me through was that squealing baby. I had to get up to sort her out. I suppose I would have wandered too but I’d got battles to fight and that baby to protect. That’s just the start of this tale but Saturn has made me so strong, realistic and can do that I feel sort of invincible Ha I’ll await the next return in 9 years if Pluto hasn’t wiped me out mean time !!!!

    3. This really is a beautiful and poignant read.

      Perhaps this return will be more of a refinement than a total decon/reconstruction? Popping back in to toss things around a little bit before giving the nod of satisfaction?

      Thank you for sharing. Keep us posted?


  5. Mystic this is So on point! Currently dealing with “a certain kind of person ” …but this time…instead of feeling bamboozled, hurt and confused I feel clear, concise, and in control. Seems like a heavy veil has lifted and cutting thru the merde is as easy as just managing my attention to it.
    Saturn in cap? I’m a Taurean so maybe a wink from Uranus..either way it does feel great.

  6. I feel the need to say something about Saturn. I am an advocate of its qualities: backbone, integrity, uprightness, solidity. But I think there can be a Saturn fetish-where it’s taken too far into shame and fearful rigidity which happens so much in our puritanical ridden societies. Perfectionism, which froze me as a child when I experienced it in school. To me Saturn is doing something imperfect, day by day…chipping away bit by bit. But this work doesn’t have to be painful or a drudgery- it can be in something natural or innate to us.

    1. Well said. I think it’s also extremely important work, vital to any kind of maturing but not in a dismal way, in an expansive way.

    2. There is a Dion Fortune character, in the Secrets of Dr Taverner- Senior of Seven, the head of a magical lodge who tells a woman faced with your average love triangle tinged with past life karma- “Having called upon the Senior of Seven, you are under its discipline, and while under its discipline, you are under our protection.”

      It’s Victorian woo-woo at its best but

      That is Saturn to me- the structure and mindful routines keep us from frying in Uranus transits, drowning in Neptune or getting buried by Pluto.

      Saturn balances work/play and isexalted in Libra-lightens heavy loads especially the second time around.

      Agree about the extremes and negative influence-

      1. Make like George costanza and just do and think the exact opposite of whatever your natural response is.

      2. I like this. Visualizing a kindly yet stoic uncle who makes you breakfast and has practical advice for crises

    3. Yes!! I was musing on this exact thing as I was washing a mountain of dishes this morning (I have been bach-ing it and practicing ‘benign neglect’ in the kitchen hahahahahahaha)
      Just because it is Saturn does not mean it has to be or should be a joyless experience….. I’d write more but I’d only be paraphrasing your words dark star

    4. As a Sun-Saturn conjunct with a Cap moon-Lilith-Eros-Juno I can relate completely to what you are saying, particularly around perfectionism. Thank you for articulating it so intelligently.

    5. You could say that while most of the other planets have a character and influence that contains wide grey areas of subjective theory. Saturn has a more technical one. Saturn is I believe the timekeeper of this incarnation. We judge Saturns nature harshly mainly because we are in denial about the strict time limits and short lives that are encoded into our soecies. I don’t really think Saturn judges our choices he just wants us to be on time to meet our fate. We are beings with a time limit, not a choices limit.

      1. And I can jibe with that. We are souls living in material bodies after all. Yes, I got that hillel “if not now when” quoted at me from profs #pisces #alwayslatepapers. But I do think perfectionism is a shadow side of our society that needs to be examined and owned so it doesn’t own us.

      2. If it’s of interest to you, there’s a lady called Tara Brach who I’ve mentioned once around here maybe, she does podcasts of her meditation retreat talks, so much of what she says relates to forgiveness and patiently addressing the inner voice of fear and judgement (hi Saturn!!) that the jaw-tensing perfectionism thing tends to coexist with. We can still do our work, but it can come from a place of peace rather than unhappiness, and if the way we operate has been unsustainable then it becomes easier to … Adjust?

  7. ** so you CAN look at the transits, that is, when looking at the rising sign vs sun sign

    I mean, really what is the point of looking at your sun sign’s horoscope? Am I forgetting something obvious?

    1. Like, for me, Saturn won’t hit my second house till almost the very very end of it’s time in Capricorn, and I’m not even in the beginning of Sag rising, I’m at 17 degrees. Yet all my Saturn in Cap horoscopes are based on the idea that this transit is hitting my 2nd house.

      Help please my world is crumbling around me. (Joking mostly.)

    2. This post is a wreck bc I’m so confused. Sorry for the mess.

      Sun Cancer 1 degree
      ASC Sag 16~ degrees

      All my Cancer scopes are all like, relationships relationships relationships and all my Sag scopes are like $$$$. But Saturn in Cap will be all in my 1st house.

      1. Yes, it can be a bit of a tangle. What I do is look at the sun sign horoscope for information on transits eg lsaturn in sagg has been squaring venus, sun and a bunch of outers as it went through sagg and often there would have been things in the virgo horoscope that talked about saturn in harsh aspect to a virgo sun. For my ascendant, if my ascendant sign horoscope makes specific reference to a house transit, I go to astrodienst and just check that with my late sign cusp it applies to my ascendant, and when it doesn’t , I read the neighboring sign just to see if there is some info there that is relevant. So saturn has been in my 12th for a while, and now it is in capricorn, it is still in my 12th because my Asc is at 23 degrees, so I look at the Aqua horoscope for any references to saturn and 12th house issues. It doesn’t work out exactly because of rulerships, so my 12th house cusp is in sagg and so it is ruled by jupiter even though the bulk of the 12th is in capricorn, so my 12th house is not currently being transited by its ruler. But its close enough.
        Have a look at the cap horoscope for references to saturn in the first is basically what I am saying : ) I confuse myself a bit.

  8. Wait! This isn’t the right thread for this but my brain is exploding: I was thinking before, wait a second, Saturn isn’t transiting my 7th house (all my horoscopes are telling me this Saturn in Cap will be affecting my relationships–the reason being that Saturn will be transiting my 7th house, right?)

    And then I’m thinking ok, then it must really be the rising sign I should look at. I got a look at 2018 from Chani and she said it’s best to look at rising sign so you can’t see the transits through the houses. But even there the idea is that Saturn will be transiting my 2nd house. So I looked at and Saturn is transiting my 1st house.

    Can someone explain? My mind is being blown right now bc I’m thinking basically no horoscope I’ve ever read is correct? Help?


  9. These really resonate with me. 1- 3) yes this is true ..thinking of examples
    4) that explains the “2017 bee artch” She aint charming but crass and passive agressive, good luck with my relieving role, she’s gonna need it. Now the shoe is on the other foot and i shall be the nobler one.
    Love 5). 6) makes me realise i am lazy spiritually….food for thought and 7)Im on holidays so work is like an impending all consuming chunk of life (great while I’m doing it but you know holidays-drawing, gardening, socialising, walking the dog, sleeping loads, dreaming, reading and sex are so much more fulfilling (no pun intended) in a different way). I too shall save 1-7 and review my me-ness!

    1. Universe slap “I release all sense of competition or comparison. I do my best and enjoy being me” thank you Louise Hay (RIP)

  10. The Lion & The Centaur

    Yes, surprisingly I’m loving this too. Suddenly I have a financial plan and an iron-clad willpower to play by it and I’m politely setting healthy boundaries left and right, arguing constructively, cutting off junk that isn’t taking me anywhere and eating healthy! Yayy!

  11. the new moon and those upcoming 2 eclipses are exact on my moon, saturn, mars, in that order. I guess saturn and mars across my Money-Debt axis might be something to keep a note of… in keeping with the themes of Saturn though, and given that
    whoa hang on
    saturn rules cap,
    whatever is in cap is being translated by natal saturn in Leo (is this right? armchair amateur astrologer here)
    which will oomph up

    Ceres and Juno close in the mix also.

    1. the thing is though I could shop around for a higher paying job but the thought of punching out a 60 hour week makes me want to gag
      based on recent empirical evidence, my psyche can’t take such heat – I am still needing head space to accommodate inner-things and avoid an anxiety crash as per 2016 (’15?) with 2017 aftershocks
      current role accommodates self, and is a known quantity. Why would I flip this?

      When I was living with a Toro once I noticed that in true Toro form, he did exactly the same things each week and just re-used his shopping list – in doing so he saved a pile of cash in one year.

      with my gradually returning sense of faith or belief in a future, which means I feel more psychologically capable of acting in the interests of future-Pi (because future Pi will be OK, says a heathier mental state), this one brick at a time approach actually feels routine and almost soothing…
      Is this the cap stuff trining my second house already?
      I guess I just get that going then..

  12. 1, 2, and 3 ring SO TRUE. I think I’ve encountered a little of each this week and it’s only Wednesday….

    As a triple Cap (Sun, Venus & Mercury) with natal Saturn in the 10th (Cancer) this Saturn situation feels amazing! I feel invincible, on top of my work, ready to conquer far more and be CEO of some huge conglomerate of awesome. Plus, I now have qi-vamp x-ray vision. What?? No one said *that* would be part of the package but I like it!

  13. YES to all this. Semi-related to the last point, one of my mini-goals for this year is to stop letting my superiors at work (most of whom are exactly the pointless middle manager types you mention) fob off their responsibilities. It dawned on me recently that doing this leaves them in the cushy position of being able to claim responsibility when things go right – but blame someone else when things go wrong (which they often do, because it’s often being done by people who aren’t qualified and with no supervision). So – no more. This is the year of the Polite Pushback.

    1. I find that short, targeted, well-thought out questions or “what do you think about X situation…” put to the middle-manager in question that address the heart of the matter can be quite useful little prods…. start wide and end tight… like a case for the prosecution lol
      especially in say a weekly meeting or something… so, boss, could you tell me more about XYZ
      always make sure it’s clear to him/her that it’s something they need to address at their pay grade, not just “that’s a great idea alchemy-salt, get on that and report back” while they flick to the sports pages, … team effort + the nutritious taste of accountability mmmm

      If the manager above (I just had a vision of ‘turtles all the way down” hahahaha) seems perceptive enough, you could work on that relationship.

      the no quals and no supervision, a consequence of the un-hitching of knowledge from recruitment processes or something – once there is a “policy” and “guideline” in place you just employ literate monkeys and hope that they will memorise the necessary processes yes? No.

      late/rambling, ohwell

  14. #7 excites me a lot. I couldn’t name the how many of these parasites have taken my money over the years and given back hot air and things meant to break. There’s a special level in hell reserved for middle management.

    What is love like when Saturn is in Cap? Is it as measured? Though I’ve known some really horny Capricorns. Oops there I go confusing sex and love again.

    1. I am hoping that love with saturn in cap is full of delicious capricorn types, hahahaha

      my first thoughts were “direct, strong, knowing, happening” cappy love is behind the scenes, between the lines, but above-ground so to speak, rather than the dens of pluto, seems to me. unless a capricorn is having a pluto transit then i guess it is in the dens of pluto?
      not sure

  15. Apart from the abject poverty I long for the days when I was ‘removed from the workforce’ and had a panel van with cassette tapes (no, really and it wasn’t the 80’s). I wouldn’t want to go back there long term, but I miss the freedom of being able to pack up and go.

    Maybe you should head north where it’s wilder for a spell. I’ve heard that there’s a town in the Cape where no one uses their real name.

    1. Darwin is pretty forgiving I’ve heard – if you can handle the heat. I have friend who grew up in Lightning Ridge. She goes back there when she feels poor to find opals; money just lying on the ground for the eyes trained to see it. What about northern NSW?

  16. Good luck with that snow, PowderF, where it’s warm.

    Liking Mystic’s idea for you 😉

    BTW, my Mars in Cap sq the freak everything says, Diligent hard work is Never for Nothing (notice where my Caps are?)

    It can always be stored and build to the Later Success. And without it, there is no later success. *wry smile*

    1. It’s a 12th house Bank made that statement.

      Keep time, keep the rotting – if you did not already prefigure it in your sudden stylings of self-obliteration –

      You’ve enough bio-eco-regeneration understanding to know that you’re not done yet.

      Not eco-regenerative enough to even let go and let gaia. What kind of toxins will each and every one of us put into the earth? Or the waters, as some cremated peeps have delineated in their wishes. You’d better fq it up and put it out again, renewed and brave, Mister Uranian, because you are one of those rare Uranians with a heap of Mars Pluto, just for one.

      Be held here. Time is a fqer for the intellect/imagination, it seems to move too slow for Heart. But that is what every response you’ve ever had here is for you.

  17. I adore the line about long winded explanations. Trouble is I’m trying to get my CV written which sums me and my skills of 50 plus years. It would be easier to write about what I’m crap at ! Oh god now that sounds wrong. See, The trouble I’ve got. I know me but it’s how to express me on the page so I leap out as, “sure this one needs a chance to join us’.

  18. Fuck me Gorgeous, I need to get this printed on paper and plaster it all over my walls. OR as this IS Saturn after all, perhaps have it hand-engraved on a tempered steel block to now effectively use as an altar of worship. Is it terrible that my attitude to this is fuck ya?

    Like I AM SO SURE it shall be an utter slog, but is this not the new contact high? Give drugs, alcohol & relationship shite the finger and go get yourself a gig/s where you experience pure FLOW of such kind that work effectively becomes therapy. At least this has been my story since January 2017 having returned to plastics, not so much sucked back as lured properly.

    But if I were honest, I truly live (I initially wrote love as pure Freudian instinct) for work and have been for the last year or so. Heartbreak? Work. Debt? Work. Worldwide chaos and social injustice? WORK.

    That authenticity is now reaching Stage 2 Practical Application after being worked (there’s that word again) over by Saturn in Sagg is truly a delight.

    Yes, let’s get rid of the posers & the maggots claiming ownership over actions never accomplished and truths never lived. Admittedly I sound slightly psychotic now that I read over this but surely I can be forgiven? One year of seeing no friends, no family and nothing but the solitary song of doing has actually not been as lonely. Social graces rust a bit but it’s amazing for intuition and terminator like efficiency.

    I suppose it’s telling that the moment I earned holidays was the same moment the company was acquired, which then zeroed out earned time to be paid as cash & well, having new overlords is hardly the time to slack. Not that slack even really exists anymore, and I tend to view rest/spa/maintenance as one would an oil change. We now also have a new Libran SuperBoss who is an efficiency advocate & who is the only other person in authority seemingly immune to the charms of nepotism.

    My Sun in 10th house is beaming widely, I’ve Saturn going over my 7th but have natal Jupiter in Libra. I’d love that to augur well but in the meantime, yes, work.

  19. Ah! This is awesome, MM! Thank you! 🙂 I’m going to take each point to heart, maybe even save this list, and try not to run into any of the pitfalls.. I’m changing up careers, but still doing my ‘old’ career of 20 years too. Can’t seem to shake it. Ran into a patient at a store today and he was asking me for a bunch of advice and support and conveyed a lot of appreciation for me, and I realized I’m not meant to leave this profession entirely, just need to get more focused and efficient about it so I don’t burn out or spread too thin.

    1. You do seem very much in the same place as me. I’m very much wanting to move on from my thirty years in practise. But it’s so hard to get across succinctly what you are all about and what you can really do with so many transferable skills. So a three line CV is my aim !

      1. My career change really has an ulterior motive, which is to leave my country (USA). I’m learning to teach English as a second language, which is a way more transferable type of work around the world than my current career in alternative health care (which has licensing issues in different countries, etc.).
        I won’t make as much money, but I don’t care and I also have compassion fatigue, so teaching English will be ‘lighter’ than what I’m doing currently.

      2. Oh I love and completely understand the fatigue Me too Thirty years of listener carer plus all the crap with professional bodies. I want out Trouble is my life has made damn sure I recognise my north node in Taurus my 2nd It’s been earn it girl Earn it good I’m now 51 and still homeless as such, single motherhood and the financial crash and crap laws around child support have done for me Currently I feel a bit used up worn out but I know by changing it up I can reinvigorate. Best of luck with your changes

      3. Oh gosh, sounds like you’re really having a rough go of it! Being homeless is god-awful! So destabilizing. I hope you are able to get housed soon!

        Are you in the U.S.? I swear it seems like there’s a trend to push ‘older’ workers right out of work, here. I put ‘older’ in quotes because the definition of that seems to pertain to younger and younger people. Like, if you’re just over 40 here, you had better start worrying… It didn’t used to be like that….
        I’m 50 as well.

      4. I’m in the uk and I don’t understand why our age group is not the go to for so many professions or jobs. We are embarking on our next slice of life with many skills and a lot of wisdom

      5. Because they think they need to pay us a lot more because we have so much experience –probably more experience than they do, because we’re too outspoken, not easily controlled, because they don’t like how we look because we look ‘older’…..

  20. wow, all of these points are exactly relatable to a major experience i had over the past few days. a revelation which had been brewing for months and months and which finally spilled over right when mars and jupiter conjuncted. pluto is exact on my saturn rn. honestly, mm, it’s like you’d been a fly on the wall in my house all weekend and you’re sitting me down and giving it to me straight.

  21. I already see evidence of this. In particular #7. Multi nationals and large organisations questioning certain roles or the rationalisation of jobs that even feel like a 80’s hangover. Office fluffers be gone. Middle management with no actual people to manage. It’s direct streamlining and it feels efficient.

  22. Unicorn Sparkles

    Love these.

    Most of all I wish the “ what does he/she actually do?” People would be booted into the oxygen and attention thieving vortex from where they spewed forth from. Because those people are also usually paid large amounts of money for their nothingness.

  23. Thanks Mystic, these are great guiding principles, along with the After Saturn in Sagg post, just really helpful and applicable in so many ways.

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