Your Guide To 31 Weeks Of Mars In Gemini!

You may have heard that Mars is about to be in Gemini for 31 weeks straight  – now it is imminent. From August 20 until March 25, the action planet is in this most mercurial sign, promoting wit and narrative warfare.

If you like crazy plot twists and cryptic flirtations, you’re here already…Nearly. Or, if you’re reading this clutching your hypothetical pearls or looking for the ‘no, wtf’ setting – yes it is true. A lot of people thought it was a typo. Here are the need-to-knows.

Mars is in Gemini every two years and the usual length of time for Mars in a sign is six weeks. The last Mars in Gemini phase was March 5 to April 24 2021. This time it’s stretched out to nearly eight months because Mars is Retrograde from October 30 to January 12.

Mars  Retrogrades occur every 26 months and they’re not an aberration, they’re part of the rhythm. While they’re not good times to initiate a dispute, they’re good for redressing past wrongs or super-intensive anything, especially covert. You also need to be mindful of where you’re beaming your focus and oomph as it’s possible to hurtle backwards at high velocity without realizing it until much later.

The last Mars Retrograde was in Aries, over late 2020 and the most recent Mars Retro in Gemini was from October 1990 until January 1991. However, the 1990 version began at 14° Gemini so the actual time Mars spent in Gemini was broken up a Taurean interlude.

This time the Retrograde starts at 25° Gemini so Mars does not exit Gemini and track back into Taurus at all. It is the longest time Mars will have spent in Gemini since 1943/1944.

What to expect? Well, this end of Pluto era time is chaotic, turbulent and transitional as it is so maybe Mars in Gemini non-stop will merge into the background lol. However, expect sped-up and intensified conflict and turf-wars within media companies and/or around information itself.

It’s brilliant for new media, fresh tech, mercurial relationships, writing, writers, actors and talkers. Any area of your personal birth chart between 8° and 25° Gemini will get a triple-run of Mars. It will be energized to the max.

This is the Magician Mars. Glib, dazzling, and agile, you conjure up words and resources like they’re elemental sprites that you command. You’re always armed with at least double the information that people think you have on them or the situation. You talk in multiple layers – riddle upon enigma upon cool reference and circle back or forth in time when it’s resonant for your message.

Comfortable on the cultural high or low ground, you’re witty on either and can befriend (but not in a cloying fashion) literally anyone. Weirdly, the strongest threat to your serenity is the one you’re the most clueless about – envy. Mars in Gemini people usually have little concept of how their cool eloquence and humor enrages a certain kind of person. It cannot be copied, no matter how much someone might study. You were born with this. Envious Vibe Vampires can clobber your confidence and you don’t even see it coming.

To be fair, people can also be irked by your amorality. Truth slows down the narrative so you sometimes substitute it with something a little bit speedier. And when people bore you, you flit off – it’s not deliberate, it’s reflexive. Your Mars in Gemini astro-mates include Tim Ferriss, Wendy Williams, Graydon Carter, and Catherine Tate.

Here are the most pertinent dates. I’ll be updating Mega Mystic members regarding more subtle factors of this trippy transit – squares to Neptune, recommended tactics etc, as well as sign-specific info in the horoscopes.

Mars in Gemini: Saturday August 20 – 7:56AM

Mars Retrograde: Sunday 30 October – 1:26PM  – @25° Gemini

Mars Direct: Thursday 12 January 2023 – 8:56PM – @8° Gemini

Mars into Cancer: Saturday 25 March 2023 – 11:45AM

All times in Universal Time

Image: Guy Peelleart

40 thoughts on “Your Guide To 31 Weeks Of Mars In Gemini!”

  1. Wish Upon a Star

    Mmmm…. my Gemini Sun is 14 degrees, 4th house loosely conjunct my IC. I can feel the much needed impetus of Mars. The fire I need… for a Pisces Rising.

    I am also a Taurus/Scorpio north/south node girl with Taurus moon in 3rd house. Uranus is making her self known.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  2. my Saturn is 20* Gemini so it’s well within the zap zone and will receive three magical energy boosts from the Mars motion. I’m experiencing a lot of emotional reactivity despite having thoroughly prepared for it and having a solid strategy in place. I had hoped to sit tight and make the most of what works in my current living situation but it seems as if I need to assert myself and move. Okay. I thought I would be all grownup and sensible by staying put but it seems the sensible thing is to relocate asap. I’m switching my focus to ingenuity and gathering whatever support is available rather than victiming out with the pattern. Mars/ Saturn power is trying to come through me and my job is to allow that without ego. Being a victim is such an egotistical comfort zone for me. Stripping away the narrative I’ve invested in and cutting my losses here.

  3. So glad it’s here! Got two jobs, multiple writing projects, multiple books to read, and lots of tech plans (revamping website, redoing book covers) to keep this multi-Air lady singing Mercury bird tunes. Never happier than when I’m omni-tasking, especially when the Mars transit will be trining my own Mars in Libra! Goody goody gumdrops.

  4. Mars in Gemini is going to dance across my Chiron (currently conjunct) & NN in the eighth *cue accelerated healing & warp-speed deeper level psyche realizations, whether I like it or not (says Mars lol)

  5. Agh this… However, expect sped-up and intensified conflict and turf-wars within media companies and/or around information itself.

  6. Aug 20, well this whole weekend really is eventful central with an old cryptic love this eve flashing forth that was eerily coinciding with Gemini 8 degree eclipse points last year and the Venus retro in Gemini in 2020. Then 20th exact is a day trip into nature and old friends that always feels like a gentle rest stop portal. Then the day after, moving house. And Monday an audition for a show that would be an ahhhhmayzing opportunity.

    October 30 the station is exact oppose my 12th house mars and I’m attending a living funeral meditation.

    If I were to land that audition (I will) the work begins mid January and Welp by march station direct who the hell knows!

      1. Essentially it is a which in which to tech into one’s own relationship with their mortality and leaning into the death as an integral part of life.:)

  7. Oh no. As the partner of a Gemini Sun/Merc/Venus/Sat person with teen son having Merc in Gem this sounds like a particularly indelicate/overly hyper/not very cooperative time ahead for my Gem Asc. Lord.

  8. Hmm, turf-wars in media companies, you say? Been hearing public grumbling from Hollywood VFX artists (not unionized and beyond overworked) post yet another round of cape movies announced. With the film industry reliant on them and this astro-weather, this could turn interesting.
    What about the numerous streaming services too? Never been so many around and people are returning to the high seas of pirating not wanting to pay for a dozen of them just to watch movies. This is not sustainable. Interestingly, VFX artists named and shamed Netflix as the worst employers. Keep an eye on that.

  9. I have a Mars Jupiter Sun Uranus conjunction in Leo in the third house and I feel myself in here somewhere. I NEVER see jealousy coming and it hits hard sometimes. You think I would’ve learned by now….

  10. I’ve been waiting for Mars in Gemini.

    During the last Mars in Gemini period 90/91, I lost my parents suddenly & it changed my life. This time, I’m hoping Mars In Gem will help me complete a big piece of work I’ve been writing over the last five years.

    Triple conjunct Gemini (Sun, Moon & Venus) in the 3rd House
    Mars conjunct Saturn in Virgo 6th House

  11. My 10th house moon will be hit with this all three times! As a Gemini moon, I’m excited. Give me some oomph & some lift off, I’m ready!

  12. Why does it not surprise me that Catherine Tate has Mars in Gemini. I have only recently become aware of her but am a fan. I love her irreverence. The stuff she gets away with. Amoral but incredibly funny.

    1. Catherine Tate. Is she the English comedian that can change into an entirely different persona at will? LOVE HER.

      1. Yes. Dawn French said ‘Catherine Tate must be destroyed, she is entirely too talented. ” I was first introduced to her via the skit – The Offensive Translator – Do not watch if you are easily offended. As a first generation Australian not to mention Generation Xer , it does not offend me at all. But not for the faint hearted. An English friend of mine with a wicked sense of humour showed it to me, I was in hysterics as I could personally relate to it but very non PC.

        1. Wish Upon a Star

          Thanks for introducing me to the Translator: hilarous.

          The expression on the African’s mans face is gold.

    2. “Am I bovvered?” lol her school girl skit is legendary, and yes the Gemini in Mars makes perfect sense with her mutability to play so many varied characters perfectly and with so much comedic detail!

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