Daily Mystic For Fri 19 to Sunday 21 August

Mutability is back!  Depending on your temperament or astrological atmospheric preferences, this may or may not be good news.

It’s a Gemini Moon weekend for the most part, a fitting backdrop for the move of Mars into Gemini, conjunct asteroid Urania for an extra touch of time-space anomaly and bickering scientists. Mars is in Gemini every two years but this time, the Warrior God stays in the sign of the scribe for more than 30 weeks!*

It’s rad for writing and wacky, cerebral flirtations or fluctuating relationship phenoms that resemble a romance. This weekend also features Mercury opposite Neptune, the staple for enjoyable delusions and phantom love affairs.

If you pay attention for the first 24 hours of this new Mars vibe, you’ll get a good read on the next seven months of media trends, P.R. and restyled propaganda.


*Mars will be in Gemini from 5.56 AM Universal Time this Saturday until 11.45 AM Universal Time on Saturday 25 March 2023.

Image: Ryoko Ishioka