Yes, Mercury Is Direct But…

Yes, Mercury is Direct but…it’s square Saturn. AKA less glitches, more velocity but the gnarly angle between Mercury and Time God Saturn could be materially confronting. With Mercury and Saturn in Fixed signs, it’s not so much reality bites as reality gnaws.

And while Mercury square anything would usually whiz by at warp speed, the Magician planet is yet to gain full momentum so the Merc-Saturn square is an extended play version. It’s in effect till Tuesday!

If you’re having a merde time with it, one or more of these five succinct tips could help:

(1) Work with the materials at hand – this is weighty energy so you can’t juggle or conjure with it. Think more ‘build’ or ‘craft.’

(2) Gloom-mongering won’t help but turning your concerns into equations and running some calculations or analytics will.

(3) This particular alignment can generate the sensation that situations or dynamics won’t change – that you or it are stuck: it’s an illusion. There is a strong chance that the scenario bugging you the most is about to change and drastically so. It’s already begun.

(4) Recall the essential Saturn Crap management protocol: Make a plan – any plan, so long as it’s objective and methodical. This alone goes a long way to alleviating the pressure.

(5) Mercury is also sextile Neptune until Tuesday – this means that once you’ve devised Operation Rut-Fuqer, you can enjoy some snazzy Merc-Nepune nebulosity – think indigo disco mist, psychedelic dreaming, visionary concepts, aura enhancement and more nuanced intimacy.

This scenario is expanded, with more granular dates and sign-specific info in the recent Horoscopes and Daily Mystic Updates. The April 22-24 D.M. is the most comprehensive for Merc Retro shadow dates and micro-timing your relationships and other ventures.

The Daily Mystics are members-only BUT I have opened this one from the archives up to everyone in case it can help with Vibe Control during this tricky transit.

79 thoughts on “Yes, Mercury Is Direct But…”

  1. I tested positive for covid today. Consequence of all the social interactions I’ve been enjoying lately. Have pink eye too. So obviously I need to rest. Yeah it’s weird but also beautiful and healing.
    I’m quietly relieved to have a totally legitimate excuse to swerve the emotional intensity of the daily fellowship meetings and veg out for a while.

    Learning to process emotions and relate to other people in an entirely new way is a lot. I have been going too far with my gratitude lists and sharing them in a WhatsApp group. Today I was so high from the power of connection last night and the energy generated by the levels of honesty. Going around the circle in a big group (small unventilated room followed by lots of hugs- I know. No regrets tho. I’m learning and besides I’ve exposed myself to far worse risks in every conceivable way during the insanity of self destructive acting out and running from my feelings.

    That quality damaged people have of one upping each other works powerfully when it’s directed with the intent of being helpful. Sharing things we did out of fear in a way the ego would judge as harmful but it’s truthful and it’s never seen the light of day. That’s powerful medicine. The shredding of that facade in front of each other was
    im just going to say Holy. It felt sacred. I’m obsessed with the concept of thirst and the hunger for more and how transformative it is when we stop filling the void with stuff and accept our brokenness. This gathering around the wound. It’s certainly compelling and dare I say addictive?

    But I’m learning how hard the snap back is- the comedown when my inner battery dies and I have nothing. Today I wanted to quit. I had such resistance and the shadow of all that spirituality came roaring out.

    I’ve been cycling back from soho / Islington in the summer air and it’s blissful. I woke up still high and Pollyanna-ish about it and then crashed so hard. In retrospect some of it was covid symptoms but I can’t indulge myself in gushing optimism without expecting the psycho killer to visit me as well. Better to stay grounded and keep it on the down low. There’s something disrespectful about shouting from the rooftops.

    1. Corduroy jeans

      Hi dearest Invicta, I hope you are reading this from bed, wearing comfy socks, eating delicious soup and sipping hot tea, and being good and kind to your beautiful self. Baby steps, one at a time. You have done so much already, time to rest a bit. Sending *love.* XOO

      1. Thanks Earthstar.
        im triple vaccinated so I was quite surprised by the breakthrough infection and also how ill I felt. I’m almost over it now though. The muscle aches, fever, sore throat and coughing have about 75% disappeared but they were rough. So yeah, on the mend. Thank you. Xx

      2. Heya Invicta 💗💗 as long as you take care of you.. Yes, am triple vaccinated here too, but it has been all over the news here in Oz how Omicron gets through, anyway – just not as severely. In my home state our state gov’t kept (domestic, in addition to the international) borders closed until a 70%double//50%triple..? vaccination rate in our local population, but we have still been through a Covid “wave” after borders opened in March, that’s only tempering now (we are now over 85% triple vaccinated). I know our own (mine and family’s) infection is coming, haven’t caught it yet but with 2 children in schools, it is just a probability game, right..? (Even though I ask them to wear masks to school- and they – kind of..- wear them.. or not).. Anyway – look after yourself please. Love reading your views, and think you are fabulous. Xoo

      3. Thanks sweet earthy star ⭐️ and love your messages and comments so much too. Your London fan club xoxox

  2. Report back on tip no 4
    it was just perfect. I made a plan and stuck to it (imperfectly) and was given so much grace and guidance. I’m still bumbling along making a complete mess of things but it’s okay. I’m becoming more aware of my narcissistic thoughts and the lies my ego tells me. I wrote down the train of angry thoughts this morning and followed them as far as they went. A few pages in I was laughing out loud. Until now I’ve been believing that rubbish without examining any of it. I’ve been buying into the emotional content of the arguments being made in my mind and then through the filter of cognitive bias or seeing only more evidence to add to the arguments and this fuels even stronger cognitive bias (Snapchat filter in my brain where I look perfect and others look worse).
    The experiences of yesterday were better than whatever I thought I wanted or could have expected. I’m making a plan for today and hopefully I can practice more faithful execution. Amazing astrological tool this little slice of weird. Had no idea how naughty my mind was being.

    1. You’re so sweet sharing your neural process with us all! I guess that with Neptune in the 12th your subconscious/ conscious mind could be subject to high levels of illusion….you’re doing great sifting through it all in a Saturnine way!
      When I first started my healing journey over a decade ago now, some of the best pieces of advice I was given was two fold…. 1. If the voice in your head was a real life person, how long would it take for you to tell them to shut up? lol and 2. For one day, (since I was getting so many undesirable outcomes) to do the opposite of what i’d normally do……. those two things brought my destructive inner critic to the light and with focus I squashed her and the second brought a feeling of liberation that I’d never felt before. Small changes every day, can create a ripple that echoes across a lifetime ✨

      1. its exactly like that. The inner critters need to stfu.
        They’ve been getting away with this devious crap for too long. I’m not sharing out of sweetness. Pfff. If only I was that nice. No. Im sharing here because it’s so so hard to make behaviour changes as an “adult “ and I’m desperate for my life to be better than it currently is and has ever been. I’m grateful that I can share here because I’m going out of my mind and prevaricating like it’s my full time job.
        on a lighter note, has anyone here heard Florence’s new Album? It’s called Dance Fever and I spent an hour this morning trying to make Free my new ringtone. Unsuccessfully.
        it’s another example of me and my ego taking something that brings me joy and over consuming it to the point of extreme frustration.

        King is like. On. Another. Level. And yea. It’s about the strange times of lockdown and her trauma at having to fold laundry (my love) and not being on stage (Cassandra) and her fear of intimacy (the bomb) and horrors of drinking to excess before recovery ( Morning Elvis) And so much more. It’s emotionally intelligent and raw and she’s helping soothe the anxiety and confusion and rising anger. You know how an album can be the musical hug you need?
        The tissue that wipes your perma tears, the tea you spill all over your best outfit.
        It’s helping me through all the gulping apologies and pleases and thank yous and huuuuuuulp.

      2. I know exactly how music can see you across certain times in your life. Pappa bear was a Piscean musical genius so every early memory of mine has a beat & each chapter of my life has a well developed playlist lol.
        I did actually watch an interview on how Florence had approached this new album, her process, diving into the darkness, her dancing and recovery from an addiction. Seemed like a process we can all relate too..
        and ahaha I hear you on not being so nice irl, I’ve shared more here than to people who could swear up and down they truly know me. Which is a) amazing we are with our people here but b) who are these chumps I’ve called friends irl?? 😂😂😂

      3. Cecemesee and Invicta are so fuqing real, so much gold among the daily drosss around us that it really does make me proud to be on this site among people such as yourselves.
        Those who do the work instead of accept their perceived fate and feel the benefits of deep examination’
        ‘Wild Things you make my Heart Sing’.

      4. This site is definitely a great place to discover the extraordinary that lives in us all, and I’m so grateful to be apart of it! 🥹🥰 Daily dross is right lol, REAL conversations is such a very welcomed change to mind numbing small talk.

      5. I’m grateful to be able to share honestly here about this stuff.
        Transits I’m currently seeing in iCal are Jupiter square my Jupiter, Saturn trine my Saturn, Jupiter opposite my Pluto, Jupiter trine my Neptune and Neptune opposite my Sun.
        I mean 🤷‍♀️ If I had any doubts about the accuracy of the seven years ahead astrological report that kinda blew them out the water mate.

      6. Putting the big transits into my phone as all day events and having an astrological calendar is a great visual aid when trying to reconcile feelings and make decisions about them.

  3. Mustering the willpower to apply tip no 4
    My exact Saturn issue and how it affects my relationships with people and feeling I belong is being triggered. By my behaviour I should say. I’m deeply uncomfortable about it and having all sorts of feelings. Feelings are irrelevant when dealing with Saturn however and it’s a relief not to have to wallow in them. A basic plan and it’s execution are what is required. Not navel gazing. Okay I’m willing to learn new things. Here goes.

  4. Thank you for this. Mystic. Especially for what you write about the feeling of being stuck. I have been stuck with a verbally abusive neighbor for the past 7 months, since I arrived in my new house. He has a longstanding conflict with the association of owners of the road that we live on, and of which my life partner is the chairman. My neighbor is not paying for his membership and doesn’t want to. He’s a Leo Sun square Saturn in Taurus. He has Venus in Gemini square Pluto in Virgo.

    On the day of the New Moon he stood on my doorstep and wanted to give me a debt collection letter which had arrived in his mailbox and which he did not want to open. He demanded that I ‘pass it back to the chairman’ (my life partner). I told him I have nothing to do with the matter and that he should leave my doorstep. He then became unbelievably rough and told me that he wished me to ‘die from a cancer’, so that he would never have to see me again. This after I have done everything to avoid open conflict with him in the past 7 months, in spite of provocations (spitting on the road when I pass him by, hissing at me when he passes me on his bike, turning up the music in his yard very loudly when I have visitors in my garden).

    I am so sad to be in this situation, after all the hard work I put in to move to my little wooden house. It also feels extremely ‘stuck’, as if there is no way out, and things will never get better. So I hope with all my heart that Mystic’s prediction, that things will get ‘unstuck’, is true! Advice from anyone who has been in similar situation is more than welcome 🙂

    1. Oh wow this sounds awful 😞…. you know Mystic has mentioned to protect yourself and threshold of your house to place a line of salt crystals across your front door. It should be on her House Witchery older blogs (I think!)… or google, but definitely anywhere you feel his presence, front and back of the house. It does seem you need someone to intervene and diffuse this situation…
      Hoping he gets some much needed therapy or moves away suddenly lol

      1. Thank you Cecemesee, so kind of you to respond! I feel comforted and strengthened by being able to share here.
        I have already put salt on the doorstep facing his house, and it’s good to hear that you would also recommend it. On a more concrete level I am building a dossier, by filing police complaints against my neighbor.
        And after I posted here – which already made me feel better – I decided to visited some of my other new neighbors and shared my concerns with them. It is so helpful to be able to talk to other people.

      2. My pleasure! Thinking about you feeling trapped in your own home definitely struck a familiar nerve for me, so I wanted to offer you my thoughts & strength (over Wi-Fi lol). Safety in numbers is a great way to protect yourself and you’ve definitely done the right thing to alert your neighbors and the authorities! Victims quite often suffer in silence, so voicing your concerns is exactly what is necessary in this situation. I would also be writing very strongly worded intentions or release using the power of the next full moon 🌕….. sometimes simply writing your thoughts down & releasing them into the universe with fire releases the situation from your orbit. That simple process has done wonders for my peace of mind!
        Thinking of you and glad talking about it here has given you some solace ✨

      3. Thanks again Cecemesee, also for the tip to write some strong intentions using the power of the next full moon. Your words of support are much appreciated!

      4. Wish Upon a Star

        I like the idea of putting up one of those chinese red feng shui bagua mirror on your front door. It reflects the negativity away from you.

    2. oh no, this is horrible, calcifer. I don’t have legal advice for you, but for me in the past burning incense in their direction has worked with awful, very aggro neighbours. to the relief of the entire condo, they ‘suddenly’ moved after about 15 years of being a major pain in the arse for all. doesn’t have to be an expensive one or your favourite one if you’re a bit tight with money; I imagine the principle is to repel their energy and protect yours (there surely exist special incense or herbs blends for this purpose). just see if you find a place in your garden or on the window sill that is closest to his house and light one, maybe at night if you’re paranoid about him complaining about it (understandable, I’ve been there:(((( ). best wishes <3

      1. Thank you isa, it is really nice to get your feedback! I love incense and believe in its potential to cleanse energy. I will start burning some incense every night where I am closest to him. Maybe not my favorite Japanse kind, but something like sage maybe 🌿

      2. yes, that’s precisely what I meant, calcifer, not the super special one you love the most (that’s your treat to yourself <3). I would say something you can afford to use for a longish time. hope this works out soon <3

      3. Hi isa, it’s good to know that I will have to burn the incense for ‘a longish time’, will start to stock my supplies 😉

    3. Wish Upon a Star

      Oh I am so sorry this is happening to you. Yes I have experienced this. Due to other factors it was the worst time of my life.

      All I can suggest is if he enters your property tell him he is not welcome and is trespassing. Please leave or I will call the police. Say it with a stoic face. Keep a dairy of what he does. Get a outside camera for proof and audio record.

      . He sounds like a narcissist so don’t give him energy but give strong boundaries.

      Try and be patient. When he is not getting the energy he craves hopefully he will leave you alone.

      Go Well Calcifer.


      1. Wish Upon a Star

        And I know it is easier said than done. Small steps for now. If you can’t afford the surveillance just use you phone.

        You know that you have a community here that loves your kindness and wisdom.

        Take refuge in this goodness.

      2. Thank you so much Wish!
        I think you may be right about him being a narcissist. I know the term gets used a lot, but in this case it could be appropriate. The tip about not giving him energy but putting up strong boundaries is greatly appreciated. And I am also looking into getting surveillance, it is pricey, but I see it as an investment in feeling a bit safer…\Thanks again 🙂

      3. Wish Upon a Star

        How interesting that you wrote about this and then I run into my problematic neighbor at the fruit and veg shop the next day.

        He was on his own and not with his pit bull of a wife. But hey I could see the big picture now. I was with a friend and I told her. We watched him.

        The neighbor that was on the other side of him also had problems with him. They were there for 16 years. They left to go to NZ. JUst before they left they told me that this man had bi polar. You know if I knew that I would have handled the situation alot differently. But I had my own stresses.

        I suppose the point is that is important to be informed. But at the same time keep your own boundaries. I think compassion at the right time and the right amount is the balm that helps.

        You mentioned that he lost face. I think that is the raw nerve. The same with my neighbor. I told him to leave me alone and I found him condescending and patronising. Well the shit hit the fan right then. But thats old stuff now.

        I am still processing this situation after I ran into him. I can see that I have come along way since I was in the thick of the situation.

        Time for a cup of tea.

      4. What a coincidence, Wish!
        Yes, our neighbors – just like our siblings – can be among the biggest challenges in life. We do not choose them. I am really in favor of compassion and trying to take the human approach. Unfortunately, this person next to me seems to be so angry and closed off that there is no space for a conversation… While he was yelling right at me, at the same time I felt like he did not even see me (no real eye contact).
        Anyway it is great that your neighbor situation is behind you now, and that you have come such a long way! It is good to be reminded of the fact that these things can, and often do, pass eventually. All my best to you! 🌟

      5. Wish Upon a Star

        Thanks Calcifer. He obviously has rage if there is no eye contact.

        Just be pragmatic and make yourself seen in your inner world.

        Yes neighbors and siblings. I’m a Gemini Sun in the 4th house with Taurus Moon in the 3rd.


    4. This is dreadful Calcifer. What a prick. I’m so sorry you’re having to deal with this crap right now. Ugh. Not okay

    5. That’s horrible – but is the association membership the only thing this person is mad about? Or are there other issues?

      1. Hi Mystic. It all started with a small electricity house which was planned to be placed in his garden. The municipality ordered it like this, this was not the choice or the responsibility of our association of owners. Even so, his neighbor on the other side helped him out and offered to have that small electricity house in her garden instead of his. But it is still very close to his garden, which he finds hard to accept. I guess he felt he lost face when he couldn’t force that electricity house to go elsewhere. Ever since that happened, 2 years ago, he has been on the warpath. He seems fixated on my life partner, who is 10 years older than him and quite a determined person. I guess he has father issues, which would maybe make sense with Sun in Leo square Saturn Taurus… 🙄

      2. Wish Upon a Star

        Mystic has good advice hey?

        It is hard to really know what is really going on in another persons head? But you can look after yourself with good self care.

        Hang in there Calcifer.

    6. I feel for your situation. I’ve a neighbour whose been getting into my emails, phone and computer files. I’ve tried everything to block them – including not working at home – and I’m just almost spent emotionally. Living next door to malice is complicated.

      1. What a nightmare, Stella! You must feel so vulnerable. I just read – somewhere else – that the transit of Saturn through Aquarius can make us feel exposed and vulnerable in our communities. In need of boundaries and protection… I know this is certainly what I feel like since I moved in to my new house. Wishing you good energy and strength! Take care 💛

      2. Wish Upon a Star

        Interesting Calcifer. I would agree with that. My neighbors are good now but I do feel I need my boundaries and protection.

        Well I’ve got a Pied Butcherbird as a new pet now. I feed him daily and he protects my little vegie garden on my back porch.

        I like the Symbolism. He is a fierce protector. I call him Bazza ! LOL !

        Back at you with good energy and strength.

        Over and out.

      3. That’s lovely, a bird as a talisman! To my European eyes the butcherbird looks like some kind of magpie. Magpies are fierce indeed, they don’t mind taking on a cat!

      4. Wish Upon a Star

        Oh no. I love cats.

        This one is gentle but fierce about his food. Like me !

      5. Yes Calcifer, I do feel vulnerable. And angry which may be linked to that feeling of vulnerability.

      6. Yes, Stella, feeling vulnerable and angry often go together, in my experience. I am trying to channel my anger into taking concrete steps to protect myself (filing complaints with police, getting surveillance installed, talking to other neighbors for support). But a big part of the struggle is internal for me, accepting that I can’t change my neighbor and that I am powerless to a certain degree… It comes and goes in waves. Wishing you all the best and as much peace of mind as possible 🕊

    7. Corduroy jeans

      Heya Calcifer, I apologise for my delayed response, if you have already moved on!! So, so hope you are okay, it sounds truly awful.
      I thought I might share some of my old strategies for this kind of interpersonal negative energy, but please, take it or leave it – am only sharing what has ‘worked’ for me in the past – feel free to disregard!!
      1) This technique came to me in a dream, and I believe I have the permission from Higher Guidance/intelligence to share it. So in the dream I was visited by Guru Shakyamuni Buddha, who was in the appearance of a simple monk. I despaired to him (before he revealed himself) about a very close extended family member who was being awful to me, for reasons I had no idea, other than they were very unhappy! (as is usually the case).
      As I finished explaining, feeling truly exasperated in myself, he said “But do you love this person?” in such a way as to say, “this will solve everything?” I sighed and said, “Yes, but, am so tired”. Then he said “Follow these instructions carefully, and be sure to hold love in your heart, toward yourself and to this person, the whole time.
      You must write this person a letter, and explain everything. Be very honest. Write down all your anger, concerns, from trivial to most important. Then, you must also find something that you love and care for about this person. Again, it might be insignificant or big, but tell them that you love them, and wish nothing but peace and happiness for them. Imagine them healed, happy and apologetic to you for causing any unhappiness.
      Then, you must burn the letter. Once burned, take the ashes from the letter – ” (and at this point, an image of a clear, fast flowing brook/stream was shown to me, with water bubbling over large river pebbles) “- and place them in a river, or other fast flowing water body” (I have been placing mine in our rainwater/stormwater run-off, which is – oddly – next to large river pebbles, so they are washed away with rainwater. I’m guessing the ocean could work too, but that is some bigger, more permanent energy, with all the salt..?)
      And keep doing this exercise daily until any negative feelings are replaced with genuine love and compassion..?
      2) This one is more practical and in addition to MM’s excellent “inch-thick salt line across threshold(s)”, has worked well for me.
      Artemisia Absinthium (wormwood – I think MM has also recommended this? Or mugwort? in her Housewitchery series?) is a great herb to burn for incense (or mop with a tea-infusion) but be careful around pets – it can be toxic. Before I knew its properties (or even discovered this website!) I planted a whole bush next to the front door. I do feel it has been incredibly protective, and I take care of ‘her’ every day. I cut any sprigs at full moon (taking care not to take more than required) for most essential oil expression, and burn as cleansing incense (when house is empty) OR make a tincture and mop floor with it. I am not ‘botanically witchy’ enough to know much else about it apart from some herbal properties, but I do know that, used with love, it has been a very helpful herb house-plant. Just saying…
      Sending lots of luck Calcifer, take good care… xx

      1. Hello dearest Earthstar, thank you so much for taking the time to respond to my post! Hope you still get a chance to see that I read it. I feel that your first piece of advice is very, very beautiful. Though I think it would work best with someone who you love, or once loved. In case of my neighbor it would be less suitable, as I don’t even know him though he actively wishes the worst on me, calling me names whenever he sees me. I truly feel sick at heart about it. I assume there must be some higher purpose that has placed me in this situation, though. It may be that I have to learn to really occupy my space and radiate ‘I am here, this is my place’ – which has always been a challenge for me. You second tip is much appreciated! I have just looked it up and mugwort incense is available in my country. Thanks again for your kind and positive thoughts, Earthstar. Hope you are well and at peace with leaving your studies behind (I believe this what you shared some time ago). And that making that choice may open up wonderful new possibilities for you <3

      2. Hi Calcifer!!💖 oh you are absolutely correct – I think Shakyamuni Buddha’s dream advice is prob best for longer term/more invested relationships, right..? Certainly it is tricky, although paradoxically I do find it easier to feel nicer things about acquaintances, although perhaps not the really frighteningly behaved ones like your neighbour! Xoo
        The leaving study behind has been quite intensely painful. I imagine I am in a process of grief – I keep remembering the marvellous personalities, teachers and stories I encountered (living and ancient) and feel totally bewildered. But practically, the decision is unequivocal -it was bad for my health. Then I keep getting “called” back to it – I will have old lecturers include me in upcoming events, or I will randomly buy a second-hand piece of furniture online and at pick-up, the vendor will have worked in the same area that I have temped in/was studying for, and tell me it was the best job of her life. So I kind of feel like a cosmic soccer ball between two very emphatic forces and my intuition has gone awol. Maybe the “callings” are just what somebody termed “velocity drag”? (Or something – either I read it on one of Mystic’s fab links, or in The Artist’s Way, but not sure – will find out). Basically it refers to when you make a decision to do something for the good of yourself (i.e. leave behind a crappy job/house/relationship/), and you ‘gain traction’ in doing so, there will be a period where you will be sorely tempted to stay right where you are, because the situation/person/job you are leaving promises last-minute to change/improve. Anyway. God knows I need to write shorter comments lol – apologies. Thanks for beautiful reply and so wishing you help and protection and healing with your neighbour. You deserve a peaceful life Calcifer – remember that. Xxxx

      3. Corduroy jeans

        *it’s on pg 198 of my copy of The Artist’s Way, and it is called “escape velocity” (not velocity drag as I imaginatively but not so inaccurately? 🤣 remembered it), and it inevitably attracts “The Test” (that keeps you stuck in same place, according to J. Cameron’s friend, who made up the theory.) Anyway – have a good day, Saggi full moon and upcoming solstice, C Xoo

      4. Thanks for adding the expression ‘escape velocity’ to my vocabulary, Earth! Though ‘velocity drag’ expresses the principle even better, maybe. I should try the Artist’s Way again, did the writing every morning faithfully for three months, but couldn’t get started with the rest 😉😊

      5. The way you explain your decision, Earthstar, it sounds like you did the best thing. Though I can imagine it must be so painful, almost as if you left a long term relationship. It’s not just what you left behind, but also a certain promise of the future which is attached to being committed you your studies. It is good that you are so aware of what you are going through, though, and are able to put words to it. Still it is grieving process and it will take time. Wishing you the very best with the process, Earth. If you are in the Southern Hemisphere, you are in winter right now, but spring will come around in a few months and will hopeful bring a feeling of new beginnings 🌿🌞

      6. Corduroy jeans

        Calcifer, thank you soo much for listening ..!! Xoo 🙏💫 i feel it is probably perimenopause//hormones//even awakened-but-stagflating-kundalini as well as grief (i bang on and on about Tara Springett, but she has written the best stuff on hyper-sensitivity/awareness being a symptom of stirring kundalini – although her version of it is not the breathless-Hollywood version, thank goodness !!) So it is hard to share, but even harder to hold (alone). I figure the Universe knows what She is doing, so will just keep “showing up”. Blessings to you 🤗🍀💐

      7. Hi Earth, yes, do keep showing up. You are a beautiful flower and the world needs you 🙂 But also take good care of yourself first, and remember to take it one day at a time. If you are in your 40s it is important to listen to your body closely as you will start to need looking for a new balance in the decade to come… Especially if you have other health challenges, as I think you referred to once or twice. (The time path is by no means the same for every woman but as you mention hormones yourself I think this may be true for you). So take care, dear Earthstar (can’t share emojis other than a smile on my Mac, but insert little heart here :-))

      8. Corduroy jeans

        💖💗💖💗💖 Whatever gets us through the night, right..? (I had the dream over a year ago now, but didn’t want to offend an invisible protocol by sharing straghtaway – even though i knew it couldn’t not be shared!! XOO

      9. Yes, thank you again for sharing, Earthstar! In fact, I was reflecting on this and I do have another person in my life who I love very much but with whom I have a very complicated relationship. I am going to write her that letter you explained about, as it is a relationship I value very much. So thank you again XXX

      10. Hi Calcifer, it’s my pleasure & am just going to say it again, I am so indebted in gratitude to you, for listening – I – accidentally – voiced concerns I hadn’t even admitted to myself. THANK YOU. 🤗💐💖 You channelled some really wise advice for me (while fighting your own significant battles!) and I will appreciate it forever. Thank you – will raise a toast to you this equinox – and send continuous good vibes re: your neighbour! ☺ in deep gratitude..🙏 XOO

      11. I’m inspired to try again with The Artists Way. I never officially gave up on it but the results I got from simply doing the morning pages were insane. I couldn’t get beyond the first few chapters and exercises. It’s an amazing practice. Then the artist date once per week is something I am still trying to get right. I’ve managed it a few times but there’s no routine established yet and I need to nail that down before I process with Cameron’s work. Brilliant reminder. Xx

  5. I feel lifted up a bit if Mystics post is correct, and this stuck feeling is only an illusion. The Australian passport offfice only has one phone number for the whole country, even though there is a passport office in every capital city. They don’t have their own phone numbers for the public. I wasted three hours ringing that lone phone number today. I finally got through to a person who said ” yes, we can send you that form that is not available anywhere else except by us posting it to you. Please hold for the person who will organise it.” I was on hold for half an hour then their system hung up the call. After that I could not get through again. As per the first three hours, you just get a recording saying, “we don’t have enough staff to take your call, try later. ” Today was a day off and I had time to waste. Tomorrow I cannot dial and redial for hours on end, I have other things to do. The Passport Office admitted months ago on its website that there is increased demand for their work so that is ample time to hire numerous temps for the call centre who can manage to answer a phone and mail out a form. I put in a written complaint and apparently complaints will be looked at within ten business days. In Eastern Europe during Communism they basically killed all productivity and people’s spirits with utterly inefficient obstructive bureaucracy covering every area of life. Feels like we’re heading for that.

  6. Wish Upon a Star

    I just want to share the experience I had before my Birthday. June 5th.

    I listened to the song Ruby Tuesday by Melanie, It was very evocative. As a child I loved this song by this lady. Especially the lyrics. But my young mind noticed that society didn’t particulurly welcome these lyrics. These lyrics were me. So a part of me closed down.

    What joy to rediscover these lyrics and reclaim that lost part of myself. It was a spiritual experience. And in the shower of all things. I also listened to Lay Down. Wow.

    And on my birthday my dear departed dad was with me. Making me very aware of not listening to slightly depressing music. Making me very aware of what I think becomes real. So I listened to nice music and I realised how strong intentions and thoughts are at this particular time. And music is a particularly good balm.

    Then I did my solar return chart. Very interesting. Moon in Leo, Ascendant in Gemini
    10th house packed with Chiron, Mars, Jupiter and Neptune.
    12th House with Mercury, North node and Uranus. Oh and Pluto in the 8th house.

    1. Happy solar return Wish! x
      My bday is coming up on Thursday and I’ve organised a delightful night out with close friends. Looking forward to it 😀

    2. Happy Birthday, Wish!
      Amazing that Melanie’s Ruby Tuesday and Lay Down found you in the shower on your birthday – and spoke to your soul. Music can be that transformative, I know from experience. Thank you for reminding me of this as well as of the importance to choose positive music when I need it!

      1. Wish Upon a Star

        Yes when that moron of a neighbor upsets you listen to comforting music.

        Love to you.

  7. Thanks for resending this link, Mystic! I needed to reread it as I fell into an outdated dynamic, and now can climb back out with a titch of wisdom for the future. Cool!

  8. Here’s me hoping to start my job soon I’ve waited 3 months!! I’ve had a huge transition ‘dark night of the soul’ death & rebirth 🙏🦋🌍

  9. Good call Mystic. This Merc Rx has been a doozie. It’s felt like we have been stuck in 1st gear for months. This one has had it all from the usual tech blips, prolonged contract discussions, people messaging me from community posts from eons ago, to getting covid and having to cancel all family/friend catchups for a month while each family member has their turn at being sick, and then people not seeing messages and waiting for us at restaurants. Now that merc has stationed direct square saturn it feels like the wait for 1 piece of news I have been waiting on since early May feels like an eternity. This is aptly so “This particular alignment can generate the sensation that situations or dynamics won’t change – that you or it are stuck: it’s an illusion. There is a strong chance that the scenario bugging you the most is about to change and drastically so. It’s already begun”.

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