Where Is Your Juno?

We need to talk about Juno! I can’t believe I have been so remiss as to not do a grand take on this planet-turned-asteroid Goddess!

Did you know that Juno used to be (literally) the term for ‘female genius?’

If you’re not sure where your natal Juno is, she is not currently included in my Astral DNA reports but I’ve posted some ephemerides here so you can look it up.

Why the sudden surge of passion for Juno? Well, I was making notes for the September Monthly horoscopes and noticed that when Venus turns Direct in Leo, she will be flanked by Hekate and Juno – a truly golden trio.

More on this hot phenom in the horoscopes, of course, but here is the need-to-know re Juno.

The astrological Juno is a planet turned asteroid (demoted the way Pluto was in August 2006) discovered in 1804. As Queen of Heaven, however, she was a Galactic Goddess – the creator of the Milky Way aka Via Lactea or Galactica after Juno’s breast-milk.

The Ancient Romans held a festival in her honor every New Moon and she was also associated with the Draco – dragon –  constellation. She was a Sky Goddess, Saturn’s daughter (spoiler: they did not get along) and the original “virgin mother” – she conceived and birthed Mars during a meditation with lilies.

Juno’s sacred animals are the snake, peacock, goose and eagle, her flower is the above-mentioned lily and her color? Sky blue. She’s linked to the Hindu Saraswati, Phoenician Tanit and Sumerian Ishtar/Inanna in a variety of ways too involved to go into here. Like these deities, she had a huge roving brief – women in childbirth, warriors, prosperity, time cycles, harvests, war, peace, stars, comets, menstrual periods…

As Juno Moneta, her temple was at the highest point of Rome in the era when it really was the cultural and economic center of everything. The word ‘money’ comes from this title of hers and this temple included the mint, where they made the money as well as a birth registry.

Now it’s a church – the Vatican had quite the vendetta against Juno because her parthogenesis stunt with Mars was a category-killer for their Virgin Mary-Jesus version and the libidinal Juno Februata festival took aeons to stamp out. These days it’s the spurious Saint Valentine’s day but Juno lives on in the month named after her – June.

So how did Queen Juno become most known for spite and “fits of jealous rage?” Essentially it was misogyny, the same route that took Ishtar from all-mighty epicness to the “whore of Babylon.” One of Ishtar’s titles was the fabulous “Holy Harlot” but the haters intended their terms to be degrading.

The poet Virgil did a hatchet job on Juno in his epic poem about Troy (the Aeneid, 1st Century BC) and religious persecution of her worshippers did the rest.

To be fair, Juno was married to Jupiter – who was for all practical purposes polygamous and, being godly, had ample opportunities to stray. But the ‘wronged wife’ aspect was (a) tagged on relatively late in her story and (b) has been given undue emphasis.

Some feminist historians argue that the subjugation of this fantastically powerful Queen-Goddess was a metaphor that reflected the fate of female divinity at large and that the earlier stories of Jupiter + Juno have no such themes.

But what’s really weird is how prevalent the “scorned wife” branding is when you consider that the original meaning of Juno is that she is the spirit of genius, specifically the female variety! And…

Even articles that delve into the origin of the word “genius” nearly always talk of it in terms of “the male genius” – the “juno” spirit was dropped off somewhere along the way.

Yet the term “genius” – which comes from genii or daemon -was once applied to males only while juno was the word for the female form of it.

Neither were seen as an ability or mental acumen so much as a magical spirit within – just as men could nurture their genius, women had ‘a juno’ within and this metaphysical companion spirit could inspire, enlighten and guide.

Romans, Etruscans, Minoans and many more would have depictions of their genius or juno on an altar in their house and wedding gifts were often given “to your Genius and Juno”

Women who cultivated and respected their juno were, like men with their genius, were said to attract success and fulfillment.

You can see more of Juno’s edgy, divine spark of inspiration side in the Etruscan image above, second from the top – note the brightness and satyr-like features and imagine versions of these as de rigeur in households.

These days, the astrological Juno is often referred to as reflecting people’s willingness to commit, loyal spouse potential and/or their willingness to stick by a clearly crappy partner. It’s like Saturn-lite.

Years ago I did a post on Juno which compared this take to that of the contrarian Magi Society, who say the natal Juno actually reflected not the wife but the mistress archetype.

But you know what? I don’t think either are correct – both interpretations diminish the Juno spirit. Marriage, mistress, madonna, whore – whatever. It was bad enough that they built over the temples – let’s reclaim the term “juno” for the spirit of female genius.

I also find it interesting that the glyph for Juno – created by Karl Harding, who discovered the planet-asteroid – is very similar to the symbol for the Ancient Egyptian Seshat, the scribe.

The name Juno also comes from the root word for “regenerative” so let’s go with that too. The house of your astrological Juno is where you have or encounter divine, magical inspo and the sign is how you express it.


Discover Your Juno Sign

You can look up your Juno sign here – select the decade and then scroll through to find where Juno was on your birthdate.  If your birthdate is not included in this timespan, please Contact Us.

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43 thoughts on “Where Is Your Juno?”

  1. Juno conjunct Saturn in Taurus in the 11th house, probably why I always have genius older women in my life.

  2. I have Juno conj Mercury in Virgo intercepted in the 7th house along with Sun and Pluto, and Venus in Libra. Maybe if I go meditate with Datura or Damiana, I’ll give birth to an epic tome of Juno in the Underworld rejuvenating the magic of her soul…or some strange little god that will speak in confounding riddles until we all just surrender to our interdependence…I can probably come up with something more weird and textural…

  3. MC in Scorpio,
    Uranus in Retro Scorpio and according to this chart – Juno in Retro Scorpio (looks like it’s in my 9th House).

    Q: Would this be a weak stellium or sorts?

    I’m thinking no stellium. Boo 😒 clutching at straws.

  4. Thank you for the ephemeris link! Looks like Juno went retrograde the day after I was born, at 18’26 Gemini – not far off from opposing my Venus at 21 Sag.

  5. Juno exactlyyy conjunct my Gemini Mars in the 11th (or 12th with Whole Sign). Action-oriented female friends have been my spiritual/magical lifeline and salvation more times than I can counttttt.

  6. Junios!! Thank you, have been wondering about Juno for a long time – she might be the most important Goddess in my chart! Juno is conjunct her hub Jupiter in Pisces/9th atop my blue grand water trine to Moon/Merc/Venus/Sat etc. Despite the Seshat glyph she’s giving me Hathor vibes with those horns and that sensual abundance!

  7. The Lion & The Centaur

    Directly opposite my Saturn, flanked by Chiron 🙄 so she is very involved in my Saturn-Pluto-Chiron T-square.

  8. Wouldn’t you know it, huh? Juno is at 29 degs Scorp in my chart, directly opp. her man-child Jupiter at 28 Toro! (Who is 4 degrees from my Asc, 2 degs from Toro Lilith). Xx (Oh and Jupiter is 4 degs from Gem moon.)
    Thanks for the ancient history mingled with magic, MM. #vintageMystic X

  9. I would still love to think one day the truths hidden from public consumption on our history will be revealed. Juno will be restored to her former glory as will all deities, cultural misinformation will be revealed and all people will know and understand our true ancient history. 
    Now that my pageant speech is out of the way lol, Juno is at 0 degrees in Taurus in my 7th house. A royal aspect that occupies an otherwise lonely house…I had a strong attraction to her this year and she has shown up many times in readings (as the Greek equivalent Hera) as an energy/influence I’m drawing from. In my eyes Juno at 0 degrees is a new power to actualize a powerful union when I’m ready…… well, this is what I’m manifesting ✨

  10. Very happy to read that the “scorned wife” thing was just a tacky add-on like a flimsy plasterboard extension to the back of a fabulous mansion. She’s in my sadge 6th house, a subtle energy boost to my psyche in Virgo.
    To me, Juno is major Boss energy – you don’t represent as Jupiter’s other half by being a sparkly nymph (not that there’s anything wrong with sparkly nymphs btw, but the imho vibes don’t match). Thanks mystic

  11. Penelope Darling

    Juno + Moon in Libra in the Fifth House. I’ve always been drawn to Dr Jean Shinoda Bolen’s explanation of the Hera archetype in “Goddesses in Everywoman.”

    1. That’s interesting, I read that book ages ago and obsessed on the Vesta section to the extent that I’m not sure I did more than skim the others – what was the main appeal with her take?
      I’m delighted you mention her as I’ve been thinking about 11th house characters and she IS one – Cancerian Sun, Mars and Venus in 11th trine Scorpio Moon in 3rd and that “eloquent in the depths” Moon is opposite Uranus in her 9th, which sextiles the Sun-Mars-Venus. She also has Mercury in the 10th opposite Jupiter in Saggo with both square Neptune. It’s an amazing config and she shares it with the Australian indigenous rights activist Eddie Mabo*- they were born on the same day, same year.

      *If you’re reading this from the USA (half the MM viewers are from America/Canada), Eddie Mabo is culturally comparable to Martin Luther King.

      1. Great explanation MM. 1/2 MM are in the USA and Canada, very interesting.

        I’m of the belief David Bowie’s last album Blackstar proves he was also an MM devoted reader.

        Kinda makes sense that my Juno is retro in Scorpio ♏️ super passionate about a lot of things.

        Mabo and mob have my heart and ears always.
        I accidentally stole two VHC from University in the late 90’s about the Mabo Case and subsequent decisions. Interestingly I paid for my studies and them some, it felt like a symbolic gesture and I couldn’t afford the postage to mail it back interstate. As I in the middle of being stalked by a criminal.
        Not much has changed in the higher education landscape since then either. Sure no dial up internet and my ability to cause Telco’s to disappear is Mercurial wonder.

      2. From memory, I haven’t read it in a long time, I just really resonanted with the Hera archetype and felt relieved that she was depicted in a positive light! I am very houseproud and tend towards staunch-wife-helpmeet energy.

  12. Sorry if this is a dumb question but if Juno is “female genius” is there another planet or asteroid that would be the male genius? Because “Juno” is a name and a celestial body but Genius?

    For what it is worth, (I think) I have Juno in Capricorn in the 7th and I’ve always gone for women who are smarter than myself.

  13. MM, this is so timely for me. In June, my partner and I adopted a new kitten, a companion for our other cat, a social young fella. She is one of the more uncommon female orange tabbies, and her name at the shelter was Juno. We surprisingly liked that name for her and kept it, and then I began researching more as I too had mostly read of Juno as the “loyal wife, scorned” archetype. So I had just come upon this information of Juno as the female genius. It’s a brilliant filling out of the richness of the symbol with all of her domains. And at a time when I more than ever need to keep calm and follow my own inner guidance.

  14. Juno conj my Sun within 11 minutes. This is a trip:

    My father has Sun conj Saturn and my biggest relationship was with a man who had Sun conj Jupiter!! I don’t have kids yet but Mars in my 5th is me thinking (and hoping for) a boy.
    Astrology is WILD.

    For the longest times I’ve been sadly assuming it denotes me marrying a man who cheats. This perspective is uplifting with all it’s agency! Thank you! I absolutely adore you, Mystic. Your wisdom is deep and profound.

    Quick question- how do we cultivate this energy more?!

  15. Hi all- my Juno conjunct my ASC, very tight. A cursory reading of other’s Junos (here and in the world) makes me think that often Juno is importantly placed— perhaps she holds much more power than we previously thought.

  16. Juno in 4th, (I always thought the symbol represented a flower) the Venus direct flanked by Hekate and Juno is on my DC 🤔
    I love any information on the archaic folk lore around women. Sappho 3 degree orb Juno, Ceres 1 degree Mercury (Rx? Car battery died at local supermarket, new battery charger flat from a cold trip to the snow 🤭 bless RXs) Pythia under my Moon, Isis and Pandora …. the conjunction list is huge.

  17. Wish Upon a Star

    Juno is in Leo, 7th House. Thanks for the history lesson, especially the fact that men had genius and women had Juno which meant the same thing. Then Juno disappeared or denigrated. It makes you think.

  18. I celebrate the Capitoline Triad (Juno, Jupiter, Minerva) weekly. These three together are a main inspiration to me within my planetary practice. Juno in Taurus 2nd house opposite Minerva in Scorpio 8th. Both female archetypes resonate deeply with me. Juno is my household, daily finance goddess and Minerva is my bigger picture financial goddess. Peacock feathers and owls.

  19. Juno in Leo conjunct Jupiter, 10th house. Yes there is a romantic pattern of tall, handsome, charming, intelligent, witty, athletic and often musicians/artists. I dont ask for much.

  20. Soooo timely!!
    This aeration of Juno is the licked sound of a wick contacted by a catalytic and affirming flame. This Juno conjunct Venus in third house Aries lady is tapered n waxing in joy!

    One of the articles linked describes Jupiter as brother and consort turned husband in the Greek myth-merger a la Hera and Zeus. Okay, parDON?! – the former would reveal a more equitable (not to mention fun, sexy, loyal) time and dynamic between these two. Fast forward to nowadays – juno-jupiter as the buoyant, haute, polyamorous ideal – complete with ethical integrity and sovereignty? C’monnnn!!

    The article goes on to describe her tiltes and domains as…
    loosely grouped around three primary functions: sovereignty (incorporating protection of the State and of individuals); fertility and motherhood (incorporating marriage)*; and the measuring of time cycles (incorporating fortune and destiny).
    To embody this? YUS.

    My arian conjunction also squares my cap stellium of Asc, Saturn, Uranus and cap Neptune – finding the balance amidst these squares…
    Y’all I think I’d find a framework for my queen of heaven genius. Hail Juno!

    *Much like maternal matters aren’t limited to literal children, marriage is not limited to the material contractual confines nor the desolate refuse of marital ideals to date (subjugation, white picket fence, unimaginative role definition, etc)

  21. I’ve got both Juno and Lilith in Sagittarius, and while I have no idea what means, it sure sounds like a fun combo. For me, probably not anybody else.

  22. By Juno! What a fab post, Mystic! Love it when you aerate & refresh ancient goddesses who’ve been relegated to the bylines of the patriarchy’s remake of history. Religious imperialism is real.

    Barbara Walker also says that “Every Roman woman embodied a bit of the Goddess’s spirit, her own soul, a “juno”. Later patriarchal vocabularies dropped the word juno but retained genius, thus depriving women of their souls – which may be why church councils of the early Middle Ages sometimes maintained that women are soulless” … Nasty sods. No wonder that time period is also known as The Dark Ages.

    (Juno conjunct Pallas Athena in my 12th H Libra)

    1. Skarab ! For some reason didn’t see your post in the drop down list until now.💗🤗 Just wanted to impart the sincerest (& overdue) gratitude for the Snow Leopard book recommendation. Have been transported back in time reading it in two ways 1) because people don’t write like that anymore, and 2) because the writing is so breathtakingly good and descriptive, I am transported with the writer back to where and when he is in the mountains. A good book will always pull your head out, right..? (Of course had to actively work his unconscious filters out of the narrative – male of certain age, in that time, etc). But an ode nonetheless. Hope you & bestie (husband) all good wherever you are in the woods. Yak butter & hugs, cj. Xxoo

  23. Thank you for this Mystic! This take resonates so much more than the usual–the other ideas about Juno seem so shallow now. Mine is in the 12th house, exact opposite my North node. I always thought this meant I would never find love LOL but I like thinking it through in terms of a hidden genius or an affinity for hidden/marginalized ideas/people, maybe?

  24. So Mutable It Hurts

    wow! My Juno is exact conjunct my Saturn in Sag in the 9th house trine cancer Venus in the 5th! Feels important and worth exploring 💓

  25. Juno is exact conj Vertex and Eros in my 5th house Cap, quite close to my Lilith-moon conjunction. All my divine inspo arriving via a Saturnine structure? Hmmm, I will have to parse this further. Great post, Mystic, thank you!

  26. Venus, Juno and Neptune all three in Scorpio. I don’t need to go into this, do I?😆🌌🔮✨
    PS-One of the creatures inhabiting our farm: a PEACOCK named Kevin.🦚 At one time, a flock of geese, 35 of them. 🪿

  27. Mine is in Leo 7th. I’ve never been a mistress, but I’m 20 years into my 3rd marriage because whilst my low self worth and abusive upbringing guaranteed shitty marriages, I knew I could do better – and I did.

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