When Mars Is In Scorpio

If you were born with Mars in Scorpio, you’re automatically authentic. It sounds great but you can’t even fake so much as an orgasm. You’re an existential crisis perpetually on the verge of becoming an existential opportunity and what’s more, you like it that way.

Mars loves to be in Scorpio. The Warrior God thrives in the sign of transformation, underworldly tripping, and general Phoenixing. Even if you were not born with Mars here, you can aspire to scorpionic cool at this time.

It’s not a good time to head down to the darker side of ‘town’ or to try and maintain an inauthentic life-love-work paradigm.

These are the ‘rules’ that Mars in Scorpio people have to follow and when Mars is in one of his two-yearly visits to this constellation, it’s a good idea for everyone to heed them.

*Be “good” with Sex + Money. Nonchalance never works with Mars in Scorp.

*Observe the Scorpio zone of your birth chart – it’s psyched via this influence. The Daily Horoscopes include Mars by house.

* Remember that occult does not mean kitschy-hoodoo black magic rituals or the pervy pulp paperbacks with pentagrams that men of a certain generation once perused.Β  It means “hidden.” The unseen world is all around us. Eg; what scientists call “dark matter” or the Quintessence (5th Element) of the Ancient Greeks.

* Don’t do Tarot or any style of divination when you’re drunk or needy.

* Don’t try to seduce, placate, charm or impress Energy Vampires. They’re immune to nuance and will only feed off your higher vibe if you try to win them over. Distancing them is the only thing that works.

* Don’t fake an orgasm – even just to be polite – during Mars in Scorpio.

* Do the Pluto Meditation! Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio and has an affinity with Mars.

* Turn this advice from the totally plutonic Nietzsche into a kind of prayer/affirmation:

“However you may be, be your own source of experience. Throw off your discontent about your nature. Forgive yourself, your own self. You have it in your power to merge everything you have lived through; false starts, errors, delusions, passions, your loves and your hopes into your goal with nothing left over.”


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  1. Mystic – quick question, my Venus is in Scorpio, and I’m very intrigued as to how Mars in Scorpio will impact that. Thoughts?

  2. Natally Mars in Kataka and I think I may have accidentally poisoned my beloved cat with too much “love medicine”, aka essential oils for paralysis tick prevention.!!!

    I made up a batch of pure Cedarwood oil with water at a ratio of 1:5, then later discovered that cats can be seriously effected by essential oils because they can’t break them down and it damages their liver, and the recommended dilution is 1:50 …At the moment he is just extremely relaxed and doesn’t seem bothered so my only cause for worry is if that is actually lethargy , not relaxation, and the fact that I made the solution 10 times the strength recommended!!!

    The good news is that I found a dead tick on him… After reading this Scorpy post I am convinced I am taking on the killer parasites for my familiar but I hope he won’t suffer for it.

    1. how deep it goes

      I have my mars in the 12th, too (using while sign houses). :/
      ..but at least it’s exalted in cap πŸ™‚

  3. 12th house virgo

    Scorpio on third house cusp. Vesta is in there. Saturn and Uranus are going through my second house now. I’m intensely, patiently renegotiating every relationship in my life – job/ex/child/friends/possessions. Its like I am shedding. I’ve been doing this internal shedding for years now. Finally, its hitting the skin layer. Its itchy and kind of awkward and uncomfortable, but…hoping Saturn in Scorpio releases me from the cocoon of self understanding and let’s me unfold my wings a bit, or, sink my fangs as FA would have it.

    I’m still waiting to hear back from a company I interviewed with twice so far. They showed up as the King of Cups in my tarot spread last night. Good omen, yes? The woman in the interview said she was looking for a person with empathy. Oh, how I would LOVE to get paid for being what I am. My 1st house Pluto-Mercury combo can be such a burden to relationships. I insist on penetrating the core of being. But…Saturn willing…I can put that intense investigative energy into doing “user research” and better design. Thank Scorpio!

  4. My 6th and 7th and DC with Neptune.

    Still, I was reading that Saggi has had SN stuff in the relationship are since March 2011 which ironically coincides with a (well I wouldn’t say quick..or fun) jaunt back to the past or some other surreal landscape that may or may not have been real and have held any tangible value. The jury is still making its determination upon findings. This is meant to be changing end of this week.. corresponding with Mars/Scorp?

    So, Mars/Scorp energy… well that’s just going to feel like cotton wool cuddles after this SN merde! I’m feeling positive vibes tbh.

    Am looking forward to getting Scorped to MM. Tell me I’m not deluded about the positive vibes thing πŸ™‚

  5. A Scorpio tip: Be the executive director of your life. Think strategically. Have a vision for whatever is most important for you at this point in your life and carry it out with purpose and focus. Use your power, wisely and in the right dose. Be open to other viewpoints, but identify the Qi vampires and give them limited access.

  6. Can’t wait I’m hoping this will be an antidote to all the damage Mars RX caused earlier this year. Scorpio Sun/Aries ASC = me a super Martian, I love the energy, it’s my happy place. It’ll swoop over my Scorpio/8th H Merc/Uranus and my 8th house so I’m researching and prepping to see how I can make the most of all this.

    Powering up! Lets go!

    I’m already more obsessed with sex than normal, what’s going to happen?? Watch out world.

  7. Scorpio right on the cusp of 12th the AC/1st and crosses over slightly into my 2nd House.
    Mars will hit my Scorpio 12th House in the next few days. Getting ready for impact.
    My 12th House is empty of planets but currently is being zapped by the ole devil Saturn in Libra 12th for the last few years.
    When Mars transits my Scorpio 1st House it will hit my AC first then my natal planets Jupiter, Venus and Neptune in that order.
    Am ore than ready for a Phoenix Rising.
    All this inner reflection and solitude can get a bit dull.

  8. The one and only time I faked an orgasm was when I lost my virginity with some drummer I picked up who was into tantra and monotonous thrusting (you’d think a drummer would have better rhythm), and I was hoping it would give him the idea that it was ok to stop. Since then I haven’t had a good enough reason. Looking forward to friday!

    1. Too funny! I have to confess to faking a few in my younger days. I blame my Venus in Aqua. Half way through, my interest in the sex, the man, the relationship, whatever, would simply evaporate, and it was the most pragmatic and efficient way to extract myself from of the situation. I am Leo rising, so I was always secretly disappointed there was no applause. We Leos do love an audience πŸ™‚

  9. I wish I knew what all of this means with regards to my chart. I went to cafe astrology and it said

    Zodiac in degrees 0.00 Placidus Orb:0
    Sun Scorpio 6.26 Ascendant Leo 13.08
    Moon Aquarius 4.08 II Virgo 25.23
    Mercury Scorpio 0.53 III Scorpio 1.08
    Venus Sagittarius 10.58 IV Scorpio 28.45
    Mars Scorpio 14.20 V Sagittarius 22.07
    Jupiter Taurus 28.40 R VI Capricorn 15.21
    Saturn Leo 16.06 VII Aquarius 13.08
    Uranus Scorpio 7.25 VIII Pisces 25.23
    Neptune Sagittarius 12.23 IX Taurus 1.08
    Pluto Libra 12.35 Midheaven Taurus 28.45
    Lilith Taurus 10.28 XI Gemini 22.07
    Asc node Scorpio 3.30 XII Cancer 15.2

  10. It started again. The reprogramming dreams, or perhaps it’s called lucid. For 2 months or so I began sleeping with dreams you have like a normal person (i think) then you wake up and they’re sometimes a bit interesting but you get on with the day life. I don’t have this often so it’s kind of a luxury.

    Around 430am i quickly finished the first boring dream so i could have another, which was just right, very restful like being held in giant hands. But it wasn’t about hands. It’s those ones i can’t describe again, where i’m like a programme update installing then rebooting. Even in my sleep i said in my mind as the dream changed, ah that’s better thank you. I thanked my own layers of mind! While i was sleeping. Then as i was waking before i opened my eyes i actually said, thank god we did that.

    Here we go again. It just gets a bit tiring, and i was enjoying sleeping like a common drone for a change. But no, when you gotta grow, you gotta grow.

    12th house Scorpio, cusp at 1 degree.

    I like it i’m just really buzzing and i got very irritable overnight, so much so i almost laughed at myself because my martial thoughts were so OTT. Neither exercise nor meditation had sustainable (beyond 3 second!) effects. No wonder i took on Aries – i had to do it because i couldn’t get to sleep until i had.

    With Pluto across my Mars and Mars and Saturn across Uranus a bit earlier i was really scared of my hot temper. Now the only thing is Uranus across my Merc, pinging of a t squares with natal Mars, Uranus and Pluto. It appears to be REALLY cranking but i .. –
    … i don’t actually CARE.

    No outbursts or anything just brief moments of rad candid lines in the sand.

    1. o god pluto is retrograding BACK towards my 3deg Cap Mars

      i cannot be having a uranus AND pluto transit lighting up my TWO tsquares WHILE saturn pops into the 12th house it just feels dangerous i’ve been leashed for a reason πŸ™‚

      1. I was definitely scared of my hot italian temper when pluto squared my sun, of not being able to hold it in, at work, in particular. it was/is about coming to grips with my own power. for some silly reason i am scared, at unease with, and unaccustomed to exercising and owning my own power. i blame my dominant mother and sister for overpowering me until i left home. but i’m not happy with blaming them anymore. presently, i’m managing my power a whole lot better. i now say ‘No’ if i do not want to do something and i am aware of my tendencies to attract manipulative people who want to take. i’ll listen to myself, draw boundaries and not be so damn agreeable, no doormat thanks to pluto sq sun.

      2. Thank you! There’s something in that for me too, i think. There’s a very weird and opaque-to-the-outside power dynamic i get quashed by, yet i’m known as blunt at times. Also was bullied at work in a very hidden way while first dealing with major illness.

        Will think about this more. Thanks, Italian Anon.

      3. My Mars @ 9Cap might need to brace?

        The entire sphere of people that deal with me might need to brace? I might need to wipe that grin off my face?

        Ahhh… yes, all the important questions πŸ™‚

        So, my euro/aussie Sage can blow a bit of fire from the mouth! I’m ok with myself, I know how to keep it and I know how to unleash it and I’m not uncomfortable or afraid of anger. That is not to be confused with violence. They are different and I am not ok with the latter.

        Maybe not unleashed as much as coming home to the self? xSE

  11. oh and by the way I feel like I have totally come to know the sensation that Nietsche was talking about there. Is total ownership of (and responsibility for) one’s past, present and future, without apology or explanation.

  12. I have natal Pluto and Saturn in scorpio in my fourth house. Have recently been decluttering as though my life depended on it. I live with my parents so I thought I’d look at their scopes. Around the time of Saturn hitting my Pluto my dad has Saturn hitting his Chiron which has me a little scared…if anyone has any info/ insight into this transit I would be really grateful. Also his natal Pluto is conjunct my ascendant…

  13. I am about to learn what 8th house is all about. My dreams have been roaring, self-discipline out for a vacation. I am writing, connecting dots, patterns. But these days of undoing will amount to something eventually, I feel something brewing up deep inside.

    1. Me too, Quadrupled… The road less travelled and all that? ? I dunno…Higher ground seems a bit incongruous with the mysteries hidden in the dark matter etc but maybe Scorp on the 8th cusp is as simple as spiritualised thoughts….which for any Pisces ascending type is an invitation to head to the daydream bar, right? πŸ˜‰

      1. Apologies, I was completely off track there in the ninth house with that last comment. Not relevant to the 8th…momentary flake-out.

  14. Scorping in my 7th Sun Moon Merc and Neptune
    I’ve been asked out twice in as many days – Both dudes actually handed me little folded up notes on the sly, all secret and stealthy.and stuff….WTF?
    Too fuqing funny.

    1. We’re they those little folded paper things you hold on your fingers, you know , pick a no. 1,2,3,4 pick a colour ..pink ..then read the secret message…I love you. Giggle.

  15. The scorping! Hell, I’m ready for it. So much so, I accidentally typed The ‘Scoring’ instead and thought… Hmmm..

    I must be breaking through something as I’ve just left the icky workplace with the vamp boss, no time for bullshit. Something is shifting because I’m sick in bed with death flu and it’s attacking my back and throat everything.
    I have a fixed grand cross in my chart so I wonder what will happen when Scorpio opposes my sun, squares my moon and my mars…but yeah, I’ll fight if I have to. Even if it kills me.

  16. I feel the Scorping already… themes coming through my comms since the weekend, unsurprising, Mars & Co. action will take place in my 3rd.
    Mars & co. will be trining natal Mars, natal Jupiter, grand phoenix trine 11th-12th to 7th-8th cusp to 3rd-4th… I expect some action heros coming my way.
    My 12th house has already felt a boost, or my antennae has tuned in – eg. b*sh*it and f*wit detector at an all time high, phoenixing dreams and awareness. That’s why I love the second photo of the third eyes in the hands — very Scorping and my 12th house!

  17. β€œHowever you may be, be your own source of experience. Throw off your discontent about your nature. Forgive yourself, your own self. You have it in your power to merge everything you have lived through; false starts, errors, delusions, passions, your loves and your hopes into your goal with nothing left over.”

    I’ll use this as a tool and keep this in mind when riding roughshod over myself. It’s phoenix time!

  18. I have mars conjunct pluto and mc, semi square my moon in early aries. and Cap rising.

    I feel like my life is going to explode. Also have crazy bats sleep schedule right now. even the smallest amounts of caffeine is like electricity in my body.

    Really wish I had signed up for the Scorping reading..

  19. Oh god!! Just when I feel comfortable with a sagacious celibate life. My body hot property… my heart/ mind way too much piscean/ neptunium to end in anything other than another notch in this fated earth angel disaster. And I’m still not fucking sleeping… Yeh yeh growth fabo… But this kido is not going backwards with another wolf disguised in sheeps clothing. To the nunnery!!!! I need a sign. “Do not approach unless your heart is bigger than mine.” I hope everyone has the best sex ever!!!!!!

  20. OMG FINALLY. I LOVE this. Love the energy, the authenticity, the Depth Charge Existence. In fact, I wish there was some kind of technology where I could virtually paper the walls with this sorts of posts.

    I’ve needed the meditation since over a month ago so it has become a daily thing (more now than less) and thank you very much please, sex, karma, money, power – yes they all matter. Enough of the polite simmering beneath everything, the careful arrangements to make things casual and light, bare fangs and sink it in I say.

    Not advocating brash loudness or any unnecessarily overt show of force, but quiet yet steely honesty when required – by fuqing all means.

    So on cue, I’ve lost it on my neighbor who sent me a bullying text about the garage door. I leapt at the Cappo Comedy Writer when he started wobbling about “my feelings” when really it was his he’s worried about, and by leapt, I mean consumed. Then promptly ignored him. It’s nice to live by the nose and feel, I think Scorp energy is tres instinctive and limbic. You know, a little less conversation, a little more action.

    Scorp in my 3rd house, Neptune. Pluto on the first, staring right at Uranus. Yep.

      1. πŸ™‚ I’m pretty sure it could’ve counted as assault, but as they say, one cannot molest the willing haha.

      2. lolol i agree. I think you were on the money about him worrying about “your” feelings. Let you worry about your feelings, you’re all grown up now! lol

    1. Scorp in my 3rd house, Uranus, also.

      Scorp trining my Kataka Mars (Men) conjunct Jupiter (bliss), trining my Piscean Vertex/house of lerve-8th.

      Uranian words, uranian men, uranian love, uranian nights πŸ™‚

    2. Yes it seems today i silenced an Aries. I was getting a little too much military major to my trusty soldiering.

      …do Aries sulk? I’ve never known one who could give the silent treatment.

      1. I thought Aries only speared. I’m sure there’s a film somewhere called When Arieans Attack, or something.. but they’re also not grudge holders.

        Maybe it’s not a sulk so much as Strategic Silence?

      2. Yeah spearing sounds about right, my Aries ASC is incapable of sulking, all about the outright ranting/screeching/door slamming!

      3. I think anyone is possibly capable of it.. would depend on who to and what about but having said that I’ve seen it in spectacular form from Caps and I can recall Libra….

        Still silent treatment can be multi functional. I think it’s usually a sulk and/or payback under the guise of teaching someone a lesson.. eg they’ll be really crapped off I’m ignoring them and come begging type thing. It don’t always work.. well not with an archer anyways lol πŸ™‚

      4. Silence? Yes.

        Aries fire turns ice cold. It is a bad sign. I’d say ‘very bad’, but it depends on the rest of the chart.

      5. It seems he was working up a thoughtfully worded and of course sincere apology.

        I knew it was the right thing to do and the right person to take it – so pleased – ALL GOOD x Love Aries.

  21. Mystic, As Pi said, tick for PIAB and Nietsche. Satre, Nietsche… all you’re missing to consolidate your PIAB standing is a post with a quote from Moby Dick – the ultimate in pseudo-intellectual wankery.

    1. I quite liked Moby Dick. And yes, people do go on about it don’t they. The greatest novel…blah, blah, blah. I have no idea why ? Your right, lots of male wankery going on there.

    2. I’m really upset that fucking coffe chain appropriated the character Starbuck AND the sheela-na-gig/mermaid.

      Merc in Aries tho…never finished it.

  22. Oooooh I have Jupiter in Scorp in the 6th conjunct Neptune in the early degrees of Sagg. Some stunning health transformation? My boobs will magically uplift? …. the mind boggles.

    No seriously I’m not that attuned to the 6th house despite the fact I’ve got a major conjunction in there …. anyone have any good guesses? With Jupiter it’s bound to be B I G I reckons.

    1. I’d say go with the boob uplift , occasionally we have to see some physical manifestation of these transits. I mean it probably has all sorts of other interesting psychological effects like “emotional development” “deeper spiritual yearnings” etc etc….nah, go for the boob thing.

  23. Rache (aqua/tauri)

    I have nothing in Scorpio but am a very 8th house person and am really excited about this astro-weather. I feel like I’m just getting in touch with my real nature, I’m not afraid to go there anymore.

    My heart is pure but some of my soul is dark and ornate and all too real but terrifying, like twisted ketamine hallucinations. Like life. Like all the most beautiful and mysterious things in this world. Let’s do this.

  24. Oh and in case anyone can help me….I have mars in the 8th along with the moon and Jupiter…….Gemini is on my 8th house….so um…..

    Help! Please….

  25. first of all, tick for PIAB and Nietsche πŸ™‚

    second, excellent, all of this will soon be energising my 5th house which is what I want for my creative stuff. If the amount of work I’ve done re 4th house thanks to Saturn is any indication of progress I can make in 5th, then helloo.

    third, everything that goes into my 5th house must first pass over Uranus, guarantees everything starts with a bang and a shower of sparks mwahaa

    lastly, my venus in aries can’t fathom why anyone would fake an orgasm!

      1. I know. It’s like positive feedback for what? nothin. Not that it doesn’t take two (ok, or more) people to row the pleasure boat, but unless there’s honest feedback then nothing changes !

      2. Actually I consider it bad manners not to engage in some bed-work quality control on each person’s part. It’s important to see the intent to deliver is there, shall we say. If it doesn’t happen, fine.. you can go from there next time.

  26. So um….I have a scorp asc. And I have Uranus in scorp natal…..and um…..Pluto in libra in the 12th house…..but I don’t know what it all means!!!!!


  27. Yes, 5th house with Neptune at early degrees. So soon a mars nept conj in my fifth. There is a part of me a little relieved that mars is making an early entry into scorp. I have a Saturn Neptune conjunction there, coming up later this year and after reading a whole pile of interps (that I haven’t really got my head around ) I’m not sure if a mars Saturn nept conjunction in the fifth is something I’m up for ? Anyone have a clue to what that might have bought ? The lesson, unmm growth ?

    1. At the risk of sounding like the Capricorn of doom – with Saturn approaching Natal Neptune, I’d be getting a thorough health check up…

    2. I’d be keeping a careful eye on things about your kids and your relationship to them – and channeling the structured but imaginative energy into your creative projects.

    3. Thanks astronauts x interesting you mention children Shell. One interp I read was that this is an older persons transit and that it can play out in the life of one of the children. I have 2 teenagers, so I’ll be watching out for that.

      1. ya, my flash was that saturn may come stomping in and decide things have been all a bit too lenient around here, cue you as grumpy dad, cue kids (perceived to be) reacting etc.
        or maybe you’ll just bust one smoking pot?

      2. Grumpy Dad, check…Smoking dope, check…
        Ha, that would be an easy one.
        I was present at an impromptu ‘dads’ brunch a while back. One of the dads described the scene on their unannounced return home from a weekend away. As they opened the front door they came upon 8 or so 15 year olds…nude…high on e …..doing it….together…including his daughter !!!!
        Smackdown Neptune !!!

      3. hahaha what a scenario. when you say grumpy dad.. check., do you mean you are that guy? From someone who suffered from a terminally cranky dad, could you try to not be? for your kids sake. There are other ways… Pi

  28. * Don’t act like sex, money, power and karma don’t matter. You can hippy out at the yoga ranch once Saturn gets into Saggo.

    SO do I keep seeing the very unsuitable bloke who is doing all sooky-cancer eyes at me even though he swears blind he’s happy to “keep it casual” or must all nebulous hanky-panky stop during the Scorping?

    1. well, you won’t actually have to stop it I think so much as it could come to a screeching halt with the truth writ large on the wall kind of thing..if the dude is a Cancer (as am I) he’s right in the cross hairs of le Zap Zone.

      Fess up or Get up.

    1. Shining a light on your future?
      I’ve had SN on my sun of late, coinciding with a stream of old friends and nostalgia inspiring much consideration of patterns that I can’t much be arsed with anymore etc.

      1. There is some pretty crazy energy around right now. I am hoping to harness it. but it’s a bit nuts. like, wtf am I awake and can’t sleep right now. Most intense dreaming when I do. I haven’t had much to do with the nodes so I will set up best I can for something to come through.

      2. 12th house virgo

        I’ve been having odd sleeping patterns too. Tired, but can’t go to bed until midnight then wake up at 3am and go back to bed again. Been like this for a week or two at least.

  29. Oh, I was hoping from reading the title that there would be some astrology guide about the various fetishes. What WOULD a dominatrix astro signature be? Trying to piece it together myself from recent forays into fetish world (Ms, help!). Seen: Several Aqua Moons. Several Aqua Moon opposite Leo Mars. But coincidence or is there something to it? Of course some Pluto people. A first house Neptune confused about his/her identity with Gemini venus conjunct mars in 8th house. But not anyone with lots of Scorp so far. I think their fetishes are played out in private.

    Mars in Scorpio myself. CAN’T WAIT until Thurs./Fri.

    1. no such thing in astro, only in heart and correct motive xx
      sexuality is an extension of personality
      so I tend to see kink in terms of how a sign would behave in that code rather than some kind of blue blood pure bred signature. xx

    2. Ex was an aqua moon so that explains his wanton ways. I was ok with it for a while but then something changed and I wanted more depth and feeling so it had to end. He was on a one way track.

  30. how deep it goes

    I just want to say..thank you. Hoping and praying that all this Scorp energizes me. My moon is 1 deg scorp and neptune 16, plus lilith and loaded with other prominent asteroids. Pluto has been boring into me for a couple yrs now. It went over my Mars fairly recently and nearly destroyed me. Like, i had disappeared .. and times when I seriously wanted to just..be gone. Now, Pluto is exactly conj my mercury.. have I gone mad?? Lol. Maybe!
    Oh the Saturn, oh the heavy …I’m going to try to not be besieged with the negative! How much can a person take? I guess I shall see..

  31. Looking forward to this.

    I think*

    (disclaimer, Might actually not be looking forward to this)

    -But since I am semi channelling the Joker from Batman of late, lets go with yes. 5th house all the way. Makeover my sun-merc-uranus combo. Lets roll

    Good tips too Mystic. x

  32. Scorpio 5th House here. The whips and chains are ready for action, all I need now is a hot gimp to shine up my latex…

      1. how deep it goes

        Sex, sex, sex…GIVE ME SEX!!! And intimacy … with men & women. So there..I’m out!

      2. Ha! Iknow what your’re thinking, but Eros lube is well known amongst rubber freaks to double as a latex polish. Silicon spray gives a slightly better shine (especially for photographing latex) but it’s not nearly as practical or as fun to use as lube is. πŸ™‚

    1. Taurean Love Expert

      Yep, all work and no play has made this cow a dull girl. Can’t wait to get out on the dancefloor & shake my tail this weekend.

      1. Just checking my chart on Astrodienst and I dont have scorpio anywhere in my basic chart. Does that mean a dull time for me. Iam a Taurus and really need a good time…..

      2. Scorp is therefore your natal 7th house, and will still rule another house based on your Asc, you just may not have any planets there (look for the numbers in the pointy bits of the pie).

        Anyway – Mars and Saturn in Scorp will oppose your Sun and anything else you may have in Taurus. There’ll certainly be energy for the taking – it’ll just be oppositional that’s all.

      3. Many thanks for that i know my accendant is Pices. Just thinking about what you said about energy. I have loads and loads at the moment have been getting motorbike lessons but keep falling off!!. Maybe thats the oppositional thing you were saying!! Will keep going though as dont want to let myself down!!!

  33. Scorping in my 9th, and a few days after Mars gets into Scorpio, I am off and away soaring on an aeroplane.

    Looking forward to the North Node entering Scorpio too, am so tired of the broken record of the last few years, helllo new cycle!!

  34. Danke Freidrich and Mystic, just what i needed to hear, i have scorpio in the 6th house with neptune, and after a hiatus of 15 years am possibly on the cusp of getting back into an area of life i love but was completely burned out on, am trepidacious (SP?),,,but at the same time its exciting….lordy lord, i like that ‘Journey cave’ idea mystic, discovered shamanism last year and had some really beautiful experiences, life changing… and blessings!

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