Meditation For Pluto Transits

Pluto transits get a bad rap. It’s one part because of their known intensity and one part due to people mixing up Pluto’s underworldly rulership with certain monotheistic concepts of ‘hell.’ Pluto transits are when you journey into your shadow realm, confront oppressive characters, and free trapped elements of your psyche. On the everyday level, it can simply seem like you can’t go half a day without an existential crisis or control drama. This guided meditation is a huge help, as it allows you to chill out and get rad insights rather than through turf wars with energy vampires.

Format: Mp3 – Downloaded and/or streamed. Duration: 25 minutes.

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9 reviews for Meditation For Pluto Transits

  1. Omie (verified owner)

    To be honest, although I LOVE the Jupiter beats, this Pluto meditation was a bit too silly for me. I did appreciate the level of detail in the symbolism, but could not actually get into the meditation. I did not find it at all rewarding. Would not have said anything, but for the request for a review. Thanks-

  2. Georgialee (verified owner)

    I guess we really are all different! I absolutely loved this meditation. I got heaps out of it, did it before I went to sleep and felt incredible when I woke up. I’m doing it frequently and finding more interesting beasties each time. Layers of my psyche are getting confronted and made peace with. I highly recommend!

  3. MerMamaDream (verified owner)

    BadAss Boots! Two Words if they resonate with you than get this. Hooked me in totally! I love it, it takes you down into the underworld and you get to play there. I’ve been doing a lot of shadowwork so this is such an easy way to connect to that. Pluto/Hades god of the underworld, the realm of death and transformation and………………riches/wealth/gifts………..there are many interpretations of the Persephone/Inanna-Ishtar’s descent into the underworld myth and all involve dissolving your earthly masks/superficial beliefs and getting in touch with your inner power and emerging as a Queen. In Badass Boots! I do it at night before I go to sleep and sometimes I fall asleep for a few minutes and wake up just as I need to ascend. Accessing those subconscious places as never been quite so easy and enjoyable.

  4. WizarDora (verified owner)

    It isn’t everyday a slow worm, with half it’s tail taken off, tells you to “compost your life. seriously, compost the whole lot!”, whilst handing over a golden dream seed, for planting in the upper world, just in time for the next new moon.

    This meditation has helped me to access focus in a way my regular, meditative practice doesn’t always. It’s taken a couple of goes to get used to the narrative, “kick ass boots” but I have to say, it’s wonderfully restorative, even as deep relaxation, as any guided meditation needs to be. What I love about this session inparticular is the focus it allows and supports.

    Highly recommended from me. Slow worm lizard not included.

  5. SusanE (verified owner)

    I’ve listened twice now. The first time I fell asleep whilst meeting a giant scorpion – we must’ve conversed in my dreams.
    The second I met a cyclops giant/ogre type.
    I enjoy the unlocking of parts of my unknown… would recommend!

  6. Lilith 8 (verified owner)

    Exceptionally deep state achieved through this. I listened to it right after the Uranus grounding one. Incredible depth of stillness and awareness. Try this, it’s awesome!

  7. Librarius (verified owner)

    I have done this multiple times and loved every one of them. The first time was the most memorable and vivid, nonetheless, I’m surprised to find out that even when I know where the narrative of the audio is going, it still works for me and I still enjoy the meditation. Yes, “enjoy” if the word, even though this one is definitely not designed to just be pleasant. I enjoy it in the way people enjoy an intense and stressful video game or a good scary story. It’s delightfully imaginative and, as a storytelling board game, turns out different every time even if you “use the same cards”. Aside from aesthetic enjoyment, the audiomeditation also stands out to be in its ingenious use of archetypes and symbols – it does work on a very deep level for me, and I go back to it once in a while when I’m going through some really rough lessons in life.

  8. M88 (verified owner)

    Mystic’s meditations are superb – thank you

  9. Spacey (verified owner)

    I’m not usually into guided meditation and usually prefer silence or ambient music, BUT Mystic’s have become an exception for me. This one is wonderful! It’s almost magical how vividly it brings up images, concepts and ideas as you let it guid you. Seems like I’m almost always going though a Pluto transit to so I’m sure I’ll be using very often. Thank you Mystic!

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