Venus In Scorpio Tells All!

With Venus currently in Scorpio, let’s hear from those of you with the pleasure of being born under this thrilling influence. Alternatively, Venus in the 8th house or conjunct Pluto!

If any of these astrological descriptions apply to you, congratulations, you are most likely a life force to be reckoned with and a sensation in bed.

Just don’t go reading any astrological text book written before 1985 because you’d scream the house down.  Actually, you wouldn’t. Because you’re most likely unflappable.

However to assist those of us without such a plutonic Venus, please confirm if all/any of the following rumors about you are true:

*That you have a special outfit just for stalking people of interest?

*That you remember sexual details from your past lives?

*That you have a shrine to an obscure Tantric deity in your bedroom to assure extra-strength sensual rapport?

*That your orgasms can extend last ten minutes?

*That you make sexual partners sign Non-Disclosure Agreements, even when you’re not famous?

*That you purchase privately commissioned, specifically designed sex toys?

*That you keep track of every single thing via complex, cross-referenced and encoded notebooks?

*That the perfume you wear to seduce people is illegal on some continents and at least nine islands?

*That you go to ludicrous lengths to guard your privacy, even whilst developing sleuth skills that would have the N.S.A.lining up to hire you, if they but knew?

*That you nearly always have a secret lover/lust interest/recent sexy encounter that nobody else knows about?

*That you would be actually quite excited if aliens invaded Earth, because of the excitement and expanded dating prospects?

*That while you’re best described as a Primordial Realist but you also long for a deathless passion style of soulmating experience?

Image: Thierry Mugler

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Lol!! Yessssss!! I have Venus conjunct Mars and Mercury, Juno and Ceres in Scorpio in the 5th house, with Venus and Mars squaring my Moon in Aquarius in the 8th house, and Venus sextile Pluto in the 3rd. I’m ultra secretive and I’ve had lovers and sexual experiences that no one else will ever know about. It just happens to me. I’m a bit more fantasy focused these days rather than acting on whatever takes my fancy, but I can still read someone’s sexual psyche at a hundred yards. I literally just tap in, and then it’s impossible to sleep for days because I’ve flicked a switch and can tune to the wavelength of the desired and whatever they are feeling, if they are felling it too. I’ve had orgasms that have lasted way longer than 10 minutes. Once I had an orgasm just from breathing and fantasising, that came over me like a wave, and I had to pull over because I was driving. It was a 40 minutes of tantric otherworldly euphoria that’s impossible to describe unless you’re Scorpio zoned and know the realms well. Again, it just happened to me.

Heather R.

Libra sun, venus/mars in scorpio. Pretty accurate!

Danielle B.

YES all of it its true LOL Im a libra girl with venus in scorpio in the eighth house and I also have pluto in scorpio in the same house mercury in scorpio and jupiter as well blablah Oh boy I try no to fall in love cause its dangerous! and I swear the stalking.. its just something i cannot control but luckyy me cause whenever I DO fall in love the guy cant help but to notice and eventually talk to me when he doesnt even know what hes getting himself into I’ll play innocent when the only thing that is on my mind is well you know dirty things…hahaha Oh the wonders of life

Scorporation, Inc.

I *am* famous, and I cannot discuss my perfume.

Cheeky Mystic.


I have venus in scorpio AND in my 8th house 😀

…I thought I’d just boast:)
I’ve left the ones that imply to me

* That you remember sexual details from your past lives?

* That you have a shrine to some obscure Tantric deity in your bedroom to assure extra-strength sensual rapport?

* That your orgasms last ten minutes?

* That you make sexual partners sign Non-Disclosure Agreements, even when you’re not famous? ( an exaggeration, but i still seriously dont like everyone knowing my dirty secrets)

* That you purchase privately commissioned, specifically designed sex toys? ( cant say for sure as im 17 and still a virgin for NOW, trying to find a boy who interests me longer than 2 weeks)

* That you keep track of every single thing?

* That the perfume you wear to seduce people is illegal in some continents and at least nine islands? ( i am known for my smell;) )

* That you go to ludicrous lengths to guard your privacy, even whilst developing sleuth skills that would have the N.S.A. gagging to hire you, if they but knew?

* That you nearly always have a secret lover/lust interest/recent sexy encounter that nobody else even knows of? (true on all counts)

* That you would be actually quite excited if aliens invaded Earth, because of the expanded dating prospects? (haha im embarraassed to say, but yes, if they knew what they were doing)

* That yes, you’re best described as a Primordial Realist but that you also LONG for a deathless passion of a soulmating experience.
(BIIIIIIIIIIG YES – a soulfull connection is what i crave above everything else, its my “obsession” if you will ;D )

needless to say i always have a rather turbulant and dramatic lovelife:D
i occasionally go through 2 or more guys in one week, thats how quickly i dismiss most because they dont “bewitch” me

be jealous, when i do pop my cherry you all will know, there will most likely be a continental shift:)




Venus on scopio 10/11th house

let me just say “It’s twue!!! It’s twue!!”


I have Venus In Scorpio…the Tarot card…High Priestess vibe.


Nic sweetie, the correct term is Sex Worker or Performance
Artist as ‘prostitute’ still has some negative connotations….
Thanks peeps and uber virgo…its ok Nic (I went to bed ponderiing if I should say anything) . Just spent 2 years wkg 9-5 for draconian bitch…THAT was prostitution lol! Anyway re scorp secrets et al – I also went without sex during this time and fell for a boy (aaaaw). I don’t fall easily or often hence sex work is like a ‘workout’ and emotionally fits for me. Here’s my biz related site re this fyi lovely ones x feel free to ask me any further questions


.. and tell all we shall! 🙂

Venus in the 8th here conjunct Merc.. both in Virgo. my leo sun also in the 8th

YES i am so a primordial realist! wishwishwish i could have a “soul mate” thing like robin williams and anabella sciorra in What Dreams May Come, except, you know, without all the tragedy and hell
..but i still try to prepare myself for what life could be like on my own. (or with a string of boyfriends/fuckbuddies- fun!) ‘i’d LOVE to fall in love’, i think in my deepest thoughts. to have that connection & warm feeling. but the realist knows that after the romance is over & my heart is broken, that feeling is so AWFUL that i’d rather not even put my heart through that. sad? yes 🙁 but i’ve a lot of life to live, so that mentality may change.

yep, always have secret crushes. have had secret lovers. wish i had one now. and no one except my very best friend from college knows that i used to sell sex. i loved doing something i was good at & enjoyed doing and getting paid! i found it so much better than the “what-ifs” of relationships. i had a regular who was fantastic! always clean always respectful and plenty big.

i keep track of everything! it’s in a filing cabinet in my brain. but then, i’m quick to act (leosun) like i’ve forgiven/forgotten if it will help me get what i want (caprising)

i want illegal jasmine! i do have regular jasmine oil, and for parfum i use issey miyake’s l’eu d’issey or chanel’s allure or narciso rodriguez’s for her. none of that paris hilton stuff / britney spears fantasy for me (altho i like that candy cotton smell on other ppl)

i WISH i remembered my past lives’ sexytimes! then i’d have something new to fantasize about while i’m going at it solo. i always orgasm quickest when i’m imagining a novel situation which i could see myself doing. or watchin porn.

ooh an orgasm that lasts ten mins? i’d die! from pleasure overload! but yes, i orgasm fairly quickly. <5 mins if watchin porn. mosttimes <15

in my small town high school, i was horny as hell but i never had sex with anyone because i knew they'd tell their friends and the next thing you know, 79% of the school knows about your sex life (& that you, gasp, had one).
now the leosun in me wouldnt mind if ex lovers told their friends how awesome i was. just as long as i never have to share awkward company with that friend (knowing they know…eek)

i do go to ludicrous lengths to control my privacy! i even abstain from certain behaviors because i'd rather wait until i can do them in complete privacy and i won't get "caught"

i am a stalker. i know too much about my ex's and wishful suitor's lives. thanks facebook

ooh i would like sex with an alien if it was intense in a psychic way, kinda like the way the coneheads had sex (touching palm-to-palm, ring around the head, exchanging frequencies or whatever)


alot of these apply to me, but I don’t have any of the venus- scorpio connections. What i do have though is Jupiter in the 8th….


I’m visiting my bff who has Venus in Scorpio on Friday. For all her Saggy lighthearted fun, her *ways* in relationships can be pretty intense. Its almost like she’s split between intensity/depth and free spirit/devil-may-care. Its almost like the same problem I have with my own Cancer Sun/Gem Venus combo, only at her core she probably wasn’t meant to be bound, and yet she so easily ends up creating these bonds that are difficult to get out of. At my core I would loooove intense attachment, but I rarely ever have it in me to make any sort of commitment…we’re almost inverse of eachother. I also have Moon/Lilith conjunction in the 8th so I can relate alot to intense need for privacy though, amongst other not so ‘sugary’ feelings. =__=




ex hubby is venus in scorpio. He does not match this list at all, except maybe the last.
weird weird day…..
His girlfriend got snarky with me today, when she shouldn’t have. Later, I told her that wasn’t cool and told him i was sick of his dragging our finalizing of agreements out. I started to totally melt down and then left. REALLY SUCKS.
blah….moon in cancer, you hit me hard today.
this morning turned in keys at the job I had to quit cause of my recent bed health. They were so nice and concerned I ended up crying….ugh.
Finally, back home in my shell…..


Big gentle hug Fushia. xx


that was suppose to say bad health, not bed health. but you know, that is what it is….I should be in bed.


I have Venus conjunct Pluto in Scorpio plus Sun, Mercury and Ceres. For fun I checked out asteroids Persephone and Medusa and they are both in Scorpio conjunct my sun. All in my 11th house 🙂

I can only agree to the statements partially
– That i keep track of everything. Only if it were to interest me. I can store it as a library or timeline. Mercury trine Jupiter (in Pisces, 3rd house).
– I remember details of some past lives and not just the sexual parts. I only like to delve into it if it helps me to transform.

Alot of other Scorpio/ Pluto themes have been in my life and growing up around people who experienced it.
– Change/ transformation
– Rape
– Loss of Innocence
– Death
– Sacred Journeys
all that jazz.


Venus, Mars, Sun, Moon in Scorp
Celibate for 10 years. By choice mind you:)


My mum has Sun, Mercury, Venus in Scorpio and I think she is more likely to have been a nun if not a family person. It’s the drama of Scorpio, so interesting.


My Mercury is actually in Scorpio also and I have Pluto in the 1st house. I think an overabundance of anything will spontaneously produce its opposite. Carl Jung had a theory about this. It could be my Virgo ASC though also. I am not saying its totally healthy but I channel the energy to other areas of my life and while I can’t say I want to live this way forever, so far so good!


Ha! I just told my mum this as she was quite baffled by this post. She was calmed by the words ‘Jung’ and ‘celibate’ very nicely, lol. A Virgo asc, must be a handy thing with a lot of Scorp!


Yep…. Venus in Scorp AND conjunct Pluto!!!

I don’t like the jealousy/ obsession part of it but the primordial-sex thing is fantastic!!!


Wow guys! I have a Scorpy Moon, but only Lilith and Pallas in the 8th.

Maybe I am missing out on something, 😉 it seems a deep and knowing Venus placement. I always think of it is mainly artistic (mine’s in Kataka) but in Scorpio it’s a really a different animal. My Venus in the 1st is kind of gritty pretty I think, not at all this lovely priestess/vulvic vibe I am sensing here, lol.

It seems Scorpio should be the perfect way to get readership though doesn’t it? It bleeds it reads/sex sells… Sorry, dunno where my head is today. Mercury in Scorp.


Venus-Pluto, exact conjunction.

No to most of these. I don’t stalk. Ok, a little, but I don’t go out of my way and I respect people’s privacy. I’m not an especially jealous person. My perfume may be illegal, though. I haven’t checked. And the non-disclosure agreement is really a good idea.

“That yes, you’re best described as a Primordial Realist but that you also LONG for a deathless passion of a soulmating experience.”

And this fits.


.^ LMAO ! Reminded me of a Scorpio mars,too!


I only have Chiron in the 8th and Venus in Taurus. Would it be fair to say that while the scorps are intensly sexual, ( and downright scary) that Venus in Taurus are intensely sensual ? I must say the above comments keep giving me images similar to that scene in lord of the rings where frodo wanders into that cave with the massive female spider.. She stings him into a deadening trance, wraps him tight in web and leaves him to suck his essence later.

fallen angel

Venus in Toro is TACTILE to the nth, davidl.. I mean, silk seductions, fur fantasies, the lot. And absolutely appetite bound. So it’s rather lusty in a frank, earthy way that makes no excuses and just gets on with it..

While they like the odd roll in the hay/floor/interesting surface, Venus in Toro focuses on maximizing the er..penetrative aspects of experience in full comfort. Some call it lazy, but I found they just think being off a comfy surface is an unnecessary distraction. It doesn’t always have to be a bed but it’s got to hold up to the impact, be luscious and make the skin sing.

Feed them while you’re at it (nothing frou frou but a good solid can’t go wrong standby) and they will moo to your nethers’ content.

I mean, in my experience. 🙂


And no mention of words like fun, romance..where is the love ?


Venus in Scorp native and while most of those are a bit exaggerated, I’d say absolute YES to the last one. That sums it all up. Inner struggle with having all the idealist passion of wanting to believe in a soulmate, yet being painfully aware that the concept is fallible and that life is unfair.


6 are mostly true;)

Venus conjunct Pluto


As Scorpio Mars-Neptune and Scorpio rising, I am taking notes to see what information I may gather about the Sun, Merc., Venus, Mars, Neptune man with whom I have been somewhat entangled since the June eclipse time. According to everything I have read, he is a genius stalker. But I get the impression that he is not stalking me. And as strange as it sounds, I wish he would stalk me – in the sense of him wondering where I go to after I slip out of his house. I also wonder where he is on that sexual obsession-celibacy spectrum that seems to be a hallmark of Scorpio-types. Is he sleeping with someone different every few nights? Or do I believe him when he says that the number is limited to two? And does this change with a man’s age?

Yes, I could stalk him to learn the answers, but that’s too easy; I would rather let the clues come to me.

Here is something amusing about this: our newly re-designed relationship involves role-playing . . and in some of these “plays” that he has conjured, I have to go search for him or search for secret entries to his house.


hmm i wonder if pluto opposing mars/venus counts?

and thinking of the ‘plays’, i used to, in lo-pluto mode, snoop and the intensity of the physical reaction to the process can only be described as sexual


Yes, Pluto opp. Mars/Venus does count.

About that, I have noticed that “Pluto” people, which I am defining here just for this discussion as those who have Pluto with or opposite Sun, Moon, or probably even Venus and Mars, are the ones most likely to say that they’ve never been truly in love. Everyone thinks this at one point or another, but when I hear “Pluto” people say it, there is such a yearning sound in their voice that I know they feel it at a much deeper level than the average lovelorn person.

(And yes re the physical reaction. For me it can be a dangerous vortex.)


Hi Inchy – yeah, that insatiable urge for another level down, just one more, another level of reverb … retrospect reveals the false ‘love’ attachments made by everything but, and even then, you question the true loves, were they actually that significant??

Dangerous vortex indeed. Altho I think play can be the healthiest manifestation of it – mindful play or something.


I think the only way I could personally explain an 8th Venus is to say, it’s that thing that transfixes you on the balcony during a really intense wind. That love of being on the edge of…something. I find the only reason I eat is to sedate myself, like using a tranquilizer. To soothe that desire for a little while. If I’m absorbed in something I completely forget to eat, but I still feel hunger, it’s just that hunger is something one always feels emotionally and so when absorbed, you don’t even notice. So many times throughout the day I have to chant to myself “Easy baby, easy.” There’s a destructive undercurrent through it all though, but with an understanding that there’s a core it doesn’t touch. it’s like in Greek, there’s two words for life: bios and zoë. bios is characterized life, so you or me or a moose. and zoë is uncharacterized, the life principle in itself which know no form and so it knows no death. Like the film I mentioned, the anthropologist talks about taking the tools away from an astronaut and he will die immediately, but take the world from the shaman and he will survive. And so this main character, this modern she-shaman, by the end of the film, everything has perished around her and the last shot is her walking down the subway station as she has always walked: she alone remains. For me, that’s the 8th house Venus. The need for destruction, this swirling chaos that comes to you naturally, inside and out, but at the core you live in zoë and so you remain.

But I also have the 8th Scorp Pluto so the two blend into something particular.


Love that description! Being a water sign it makes much more sense to describe Venus in Scorpio/8th house with an elemental metaphor rather than a list of bullet points. Akin to your wind analogy I once took surfing lessons, and found that falling off the board and being pulled under by the current was a more pleasant sensation than trying to keep my balance on the board. Maybe all the water in my chart was trying to tell me something. There was something about surrendering to the force of the water and the pull of the current that appealed to me. 😉

A long time ago I read this about the Scorpio woman: “She craves understanding but seldom is understood. She wants emotional peace but lives on the edge of compulsive excess.” I’ve always thought that to be true.


I think bullet points are only accurate or explanatory if you’re talking about or to an insomniac Virgo.

Yes, submerging and surfacing is far more interesting than trying to keep control and stay afloat. 🙂 Riding with the body instead of the mind.

I would agree with your quote and echo it with a Patrick Wolf lyric, “I want total chaos, and a holiday home in the east” ha ha! that forever contradiction. everything, all at once.


Beautifully put , Appleskies. Will go for an afternoon walk in the bush now with this imagery in the background …:)


Hmm, this is going to be an anonymous post…

Venus in 8th house here.
I am absolutely horrified to even think anyone I’m intimate with would be discussing me, and I NEVER discuss who I am seeing, no matter how long it has been going on. I’m going to look into that NDA, good idea! And yes, I always have something going that no one knows about.. Why not? It’s nobody’s damn business

Had an orgasm that lasted five minutes – once. And had 17 orgasms in one session – once, that was a record. I am definitely much-orgasmic but that only happened after I turned 30, so hang in if you’re younger. Sex definitely gets much, much better 🙂 No toys for me, I think if you need toys, you’re doing it wrong LOL

>* That yes, you’re best described as a Primordial Realist but that you also >LONG for a deathless passion of a soulmating experience.

“LONG for”? life isn’t worth living without……


Oh crap, I was logged in. Now you’re going to think I was bragging because I’m a Leo LOL


no Lioness you go gf secretly loud and proud


Hahaha. NO , we are just going to think you are just beautiful 🙂




17 orgasms…were you counting ?


No, he was.


hehe x

12th house Virgo

I know (one of?) my soul mate(s). He’s a douche bag but every day I hope he’ll call so I can tell him what a douche bag he is and maybe one day he’ll say “You’re right. That’s how I WAS” (ta-dah!) Anyway, I’m the one with the Nep-Venus square, so I Saturn the hell out of that situation.

My point? With all the apparently mad Scorp sleuthing skills, a soul mate may not be a best use of energy for a Venus 8th house (craving or not, kind of glad to hear no one stalking the MIA “perfect” one). But perhaps the Venus 8th energy channeled into sex work could heal the world, one Pluto-in-Cap new business/regulation at a time.


Scorpio Rising, Scorpio Venus, Neptune and Jupiter all in the 1st House. Yes, to all of the above. Extremely secretive and will NOT disclose sexual relationships to anyone ever.
I’d say you had us Venusian Scorps pegged. I thought this normal- ha! ha!


Venus in the 8th.

Fi covered it well, particularly the last point on how incredibly bored we are with most prospects and would rather remain celibate. I just don’t bother with people who don’t also have an 8th house Venus or a Scorp one. Whether or not a chart is possible, intuition always picks it up. The other ones just think your depths will “save them” in whatever way, but in the end, they always go revert back.

Honestly, if you want an accurate portrait head to Zulawski’s films. Possession when it’s falling apart, Szamanka when it’s going well. He had Venus at the end of the 8th and based on the charts I’ve studied, rather than being interpreted in the next house, I think planets right near the cusp are actually at their strongest.

I know this placement vibes something to the environment around you, as my mother told me yesterday “I hate the way men look at you, makes me want to punch them in their fuqing mouth.” It’s a certain kind of look, a certain type of attention that I think just bores most 8th house Venus placements. So yes, Zulawski.

Gneiss Moon

holy #@% ! intense !!


she ate his brain ?


“because you death.”


I find the movie quite average.
Planets in the last degree,or near next cusp,exibit Both sides,in a very individual,unique way;it is not easy to spot right away. With planets in 8th house it is particulary difficult,just when u think u have reached it,there is another elusive dimension.

Gneiss Moon

Intrigued could not agree more re: cusps & energies. Also agree with deep layering of the 8th, although I think that is true of the whole chart as well, I find that 8th house is more so in my life.


Yeah, I agree, I think you’ve got it. A bit of both that’s forever elusive.


Both my mate & I are Venus in the 8th house! And… yeah, a lot of that! Big exception; we were both picky about who we dated. He was a serial monogamist, I was just Picky.

15 years and still sexual napalm, I’d say it’s working!

The privacy thing kills me, that’s us!


Hmm. I have Venus sq Pluto in scorp- dating Multiple Scorpio with Venus in Scorpio. Would love to answer your questions based on what I see. (Virgos love surveys).

Stalking outfit: (sorry, I’m Venus Leo! I have outfits for everything, dahling.) Scorp man just wears anything out of a standard wardrobe. He will often have 20 of the same brand of shirt in different styles, prepared to rip them off and buy new ones, or perhaps reflect his mood. And he will stalk when he feels it is necessary, and really doesn’t care how it looks…on any level.
Past lives: No, but you know, the Venus-Pluto controversy of deep rooted issues rising after being closeted is true. Our love lives are often clouded by something that happened to us years ago, or something as though in a dream. It feels like a part of one’s subconscious, filtering everything through it. It becomes like the past life experience, teaching us how to cope with our issues at present.
Tantric deity: yes, or some deity. We all believe in a God, or essential being, even the most hardcore of unbelievers has a deep rooted personal dogma. It’s Plutonian.
Orgasms: No, it’s not really about the length of time, but the intensity and totality of the experience. Orgasm is a representation of something much deeper for any plutonian.
NDAs: Scorp divulged very important info and often left it creeping around. Nobody wants their dirty laundry aired, but the risk is accepted partially as a personal burden, as bad as it feels to share too much. This NDA behavior is purely opposite to a mature Venus-Scorpio type.
Sex toys: Yes, true. But sex toys are personal preference and really unnecessary in a fulfilling pluto-flavored partnership. There tend to be other outlets, in my experience.
Keeping track: Not a Venus-Pluto thing.
Perfume: Something like that. It’s rare, and I won’t tell anyone the secret combination. My beau is also a scent expert who will only divulge in me what he wants to wear.
Privacy: Absolutely, but only out necessity (for example, sharing on the internet is best done in a disguise, no?). Although we definitely don’t feel obligated to confide in just anyone.
Secret Lover: Did that as a youth. Often = abuse, trauma, or stagnation. Really bad decision. Better to have a deliciously strong relationship that you can cherish as a hidden treasure while the rest of the world sees something surface.
Aliens: No.
Realist/Soulmating: We’re both simultaneously. That is the “double life” for many of us- sensing the precipice of doom, but always striving to fly.


Mystic,I was wondering,what number of degrees do u use as an orb of influence?


while i don’t have any of the markers, i’m guessing that my sun/pluto/mercury/uranus/asc smashup explains why all the descriptions apply.

a good friend jokingly refers to me as kgbea and commented that it’s okay, i can let people know she’s married now (though her relationship began rather clandestinely she’s been married for going on 12 years!). my old boss referred to me as mata hari and would jump whenever I entered a room. i always find it amusing as i am very tiny (though tall in my head — venus leo in the 12th, just a few degrees out of that aforementioned pileup, is reponsible for that!)

Piscean closed for renovation

that’s one scorpy first house, kgbea!


guess that’s what allowed me to hold my own in entirely scorpy family! hmmm. maybe that’s why they’re all scared of me! hehehe.


Same here Bea! Mom and sister are both Scorp and we all kind of work around each other. No major emotional outbursts or fights (you’d think there would be right?), but I think that’s because we all know how disastrous that would be, so it’s best to be avoided, lol.

I’m also a petite Scorp and secretly enjoy having the natural talent of being able to play the silent shadow. Walking up behind people and just waiting for them to turn around and jump with a “whoa! how long have you been standing there? you shouldn’t sneak up on people like that!” The funny this is that most times I’m not even attempting to sneak, it’s just my quiet mannerisms. My dad always called me Madame DeFarge (from A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens). She was known for being quiet and never saying a word to anyone as she did her knitting, so people ignored her, but all the while she was listening in on every conversation, listening and storing away all the details for her own purposes.

Tropic of Capricorn

Hehe that’s cute Lauren. I’m a Scorp. I’ll never forget, as teenagers, my younger Leo sister yelling at me out of sheer frustration: “How come you never talk?!!!!” I was a bit baffled by her outburst and just shrugged my shoulders and mumbled “dunno..” … I was just being me.


Love this post. for a bunch of scorps you are laying down your ‘secrets’ just fine and i am soooo jealous. I have moon in scorp and eros in scorp can I join in too?


lol, what ya doing on the new moon in scorp, pussycat? at 3 degrees it exactly hits my eros conjunct psyche in scorp, and possibly your eros and moon too, and my mars in leo loves leos. So, ok, I’m hetero, and you probably are too, but maybe life would be a whole lot easier if we just changed teams? Just joshing x


your place or mine baby ha!
Love your post from above above. The spiritual side of scorp is one Id like to explore more.
“Good scorp is all about the spiritual side of sex – sex as profoundly healing of fears and trauma and deep wounds. ” so true. i read Kim Falconer ‘s (bless you) descripion of Eros years ago and it said YES to me- thats what I want risk AND depth and with eros in scorp I want spiritual as well. Have found this in the lusty leo but he is a slo moving mars in toro/shy crabby with many fears. I am leading him gently and secretly to the precipice so that we may jump- its w.i.p


For Jasmine lovers,I recommend Sarrasins,Serge Lutens.
But,pure oil is another ingenious option,but beware that u order the right thing.


Jasmine is amazing

Piscean closed for renovation

I do recall that a ridiculously sexy mars-in-scorp type (sun virgo) and I went on a simply gorgeous date one night, which I told a girlfriend about – like, why wouldn’t you. And later he asked me if I had told her – I said, well, yes, she’s my friend and I had a great time with you – and he was Pissed Off. If he had simply mentioned his privacy policy I may have decided to curb the verbs, but hey it was open borders as far as I was aware. There was no reason to be a Secret Steve about it all! Mind you, a few years on, I find I do like keeping things to myself a lot more. “People don’t know what you don’t tell them”


Venus in the 8th here and I read somewhere once that my Pluto in Scorp opp my Mars gives me a Scorpionic approach to lovers. I wonder if that’s true?

I’m guilty the most of sleuthing and being completely appalled when they try to do the same. Recently someone I’ve known for years got drunk around me for the first time (I had remained sober) and started asking me invasive questions. I was horrified by them for the next few days and could hardly bring myself to talk to them, even though they didn’t even remember half of it. I finally had to address it or I’d never get over the mental/emotional violation, and once I did we had a good laugh about it. But I pray it NEVER happens again…

Elsewhere I met a male Cancer whose birthday I asked about within the first five minutes (he tried to get cheeky with me too and asked if I was going to buy him something already). Once I knew he was a Crab I told him I’d be able to psycho-analyze him, and he actually seemed to pale a little as he muttered “That’s…that’s frightening.” Hehe…. I did end up grilling him but I thought it was good fun! 🙂

I do keep track of every single thing and I actually hate this part. It would be so much easier for me emotionally because while I’m still seething about something, the other person doesn’t even fuqing remember what happened. They’re happily going about their business, oblivious, and I’m the dumbass stuck in the muck.

Secret lover/lust interest… Well my interest is not so secret but the details of what I’d actually fantasized about doing to him are, and I think he’d probably be shocked if he knew.

Primordial Realist to the detriment of my soul! Of course I’d love a deathless passion and a love to withstand time but I’m not holding my breath. Honestly I’ve already accepted the reality that whenever I do find this soul mate of mine it will have to eventually fizzle. Unless I’m lucky enough to be the Joanne Woodward to someone’s Paul Newman. But unlike most of the people my age I have pretty much zero interest in experimenting with multiple partners. I wish I DID because it’d be such an experience, but I just can’t bring myself to be attracted to enough people to accomplish this. I consider it a misfortune in this day and age but my efforts to find more people attractive have been in vain. I used to think I was picky but now I’m realizing that it’s just hard to find a mental/emotional connection with the physical. And I just don’t want to bother if I know it’s not going to be a soul mating.


Have finally looked at my psycho stalker ex-husband’s chart..

Surprise, surprise – venus in the 8th ( and sun ) trines his scorp/lilith rising.. Kataka sun btw ( thanks to that, I run a mile from all kataka men ). Can’t. Let. Go.

I have had things stolen ( the latest one was my car!! ), online accounts hacked, my relationships interfered in.. A compulsive liar with obssessive stalker-intruder tendencies.

He’s got my sun sign on the cusp of his 12th and I’ve got his..
His juno is conj my saturn, uranus – both my saturn and my sun.

Our scorp liliths used to have a field day fighting with each other during the last years of our marriage, thank fuq my saggi venus has managed to escape.. only to be abused from a distance..


Oh hell my Venus in the 8th trines my Scorp Lilith/Rising AND Pluto. But I’m a Leo sun and I don’t steal people’s cars, hack their accounts or interfere in their relationships. Thank god! 🙂


If you find a way to get rid of stalkers (legally) let me know. I have a double Scorpio who won’t leave me the fuq alone.


I have Venus in Scorpio, in the 8th house, and conjunct Pluto, and yet I only identify with two of these. Am I doing it wrong?


I have Scorpio 5th house (Jupiter and Ceres in Scorpio) I agree with most of the posts

I do stalk, I do perfume, I do intense and hiper sexual not-matter-how short affairs-romance.
I don´t date, I go all the way down, to the core and eventually all that intensity would scare someone who doesn not have the charachter to sustain the affair/romance/whtaever.
I have been told I was great in bed, that I should do it professionally (¿??) I admit I am very sexual, and I might get obsesed with sex. But hey, it actually nurtures me: Ceres in Scorpio in the 5th remember?
I´m very worried about how to keep passion, libido in a long term relationship (if I don´t have passion I just fade away)
I crave to find my deep soul mate. I crave I crave don´t know if I´ll find it.

Ok this maybe a little bit accentuated because of the transits, now in my 5th house AND a pluto transit in my 7th house.

plutonic gem

Venus in 8th here… I sometimes think I’m obsessed with sex, I have a hypotheses that women actually think about sex more than men do! But then don’t share that too often as I fear I may expose my own obsession. I think about having sex with most days with some random person in my orbit, they can become secret crushes very quickly or just the object of my fantasy. I find thinking about having sex while in boring meetings helps me to concentrate and have the energy to get through. Can orgasm just thinking about sex, usually at hormonally appropriate time of the.month, can satisfy self w multiple orgasms, no help needed, but much desired. Practice self orgasm as a form of exercise, beauty routine and general health tonic. Mercury conjunct Venus in 8th in-house gem means I absolutely LOVE talking about sex, taboos but keep secrets even from myself, well I have to keep them from myself or id probably talk about them. Saturn also conjunct Venus in 8th means I’m actually quite sober about my obsession with sex, have rules and regulations, can be practical about it also, which kinda takes the fun and spontaneity out of my driven Passion, but probs keeps me and my heart safe. I was quite risky all through late teens and 20s save a couple of years and the big old Saturn return saw me sort my shit out. I do remember everything and surprised when others don’t, I am a bit paranoid about my privacy and reputation, I can see sexual energy between people so clearly it is sometimes too much information. And yes my will to know everything is in stark contrast to my will to share knowledge. I also have a thing about wanting to have sex with people I see as having power which is in conflict with my values about who and what I’m attracted to… lucky I can keep myself satisfied! …. see hard for this gem Venus 8th not to blab on about this…


I can relate to so much your saying PG especially the privacy & sex issues. Lol the orgasms as health tonic 🙂 agree!

My Venus Aqua in 7th house & it’s quincunx Pluto & trine Mars. Lilith Aries & Magdalena pisces in 8th house along with hoary old Saturn.


Wait, are we the same person?

Sun conj Merc in 8h (libra)
Venus conj Saturn Scorpio in 9h on MC
Pluto in Scorpio 9h
Pluto sextile Mars + Neptune + Jupiter in 11h
Pluto sq Asc

Lesson I’ve yet to learn = keeping my secrets secret, knowing when to turn off the magnetism/being patient, setting up more definitive boundaries


Lack of patience lost me the multiple conj Aries with the grand water trine. I think he coud’ve been the one who could handle my shit.

Something tells me he’ll be back, though.

plutonic gem

well huuh…. almost hey… i also have sun in that line up sun merc venus and saturn all in 8th house gemini… I reckon with yours in libra, a fellow air sign we would def have some similarities going on…

The Virgo librarian

Huuuuh, what you wrote really resonates with me especially – “knowing when to turn off the magnetism/being patient”.
I have Progressed Venus in Libra ON my natal Pluto in Libra (horrid transit) and Progressed Sun in Scorpio.

The magnetism is why I invented my librarian persona.

Since my progression and Venus-Pluto Libra transit I have been sooo emotional, all my relationships are intense – they are love/hate or nothing – and never before have I been this secretive AND had this many secrets to be secretive about. My inner life is a fountain of zest.

Wow, you are soo great for posting – things make much more sense and I’ve just learned something. Thanks heaps!

fallen angel

Oh, and here’s a question re: Venus in Scorp.. is it me or does that placement also have a terrible vulnerability most people just don’t see. Like once hurt, the wound so deep and dark, can hardly get the air and light it needs to heal.

I think there’s a tenderness, nay a fragility to Venus in Scorp which is never admitted, or intentionally shown. I know a few Venus in Scorp peeps and after being badly hurt, I see them hurt themselves as well.. usually by being hard on themselves or taking on more blame than they ought to. OR by being unusually compassionate to the ex-loved one (who of course, in everyone else’s opinion doesn’t deserve it).

I think it’s a function of their loyalty. Even if they may say certain things to the ex-lover whilst angry or to others re: the ex-lover, at the end of the day, they forgive more by action. Usually at cost to themselves.

Or am I completely off base my observations?

fallen angel

Wow.. I did always think that. In that sense, I feel (how Kataka!) that a Venus Scorp needs to literally die unto itself and be reborn, to soar like an eagle.

While heartbreak and the ensuing loss of innocence is such a universal experience, I tend to think Venus Scorps literally get mired by the pain..and I don’t just mean right after. It’s like living through a thick, unseen miasma for them. Of course, a lot depends on other aspects of the individual’s charts.. but certainly, it seems that if they can’t “surgically treat” the wound, it informs further decisions. They get away with it because Scorp as a sign is quite self-possessed.

No one would dare question further based on reply and appearance if they’re alright. I suppose I’ve had the privilege of having watched a few over time, and this is what I note. Their pain also seems impervious to reason or outer influence, and appears detrimental upon the strength of will inherent in Scorpio.

Hence, the ones who do transcend, do it with utter grit and self-determination. Still, I do feel for Venus Scorps. I have Moon in Aqua & a Virgo Rising, so there’s eventually an intellectual space where I can – occasionally – treat my pain. I don’t know if there is that for them.. I guess some do, if they have certain aspects. But most of the ones I know don’t, save for the few who really undertake the work of conscious transmuting.

And I mean, you know wot happens when anything Scorp makes its mind up..


Angel of the Fall,
I tend to agree with the above about Scorp Venus, as it was my experience
with the ONLY lover i have had in 6 years. He WAS the hottest lover ever but
overly connected to the past ones.
But to me anything is better than my Cap Venus who wants style & money
ensemble….a rare combination alas.


This rings true


Sadly, you’re right about the vulnerability and the deep hurts. When I found out that an ex had cheated on me (another Scorpio and the one I thought was my soulmate, go figure) I stopped eating, slept all the time (and took sedatives when my mind was racing too much to let me sleep) and suffered several panic attacks. I felt like one big gaping wound and overcompensated by locking out everyone and everything and going deep, deep inside to get away from all the pain. And what’s worse is that even though I felt like my heart had been ripped open and exposed for all to see, I didn’t want to look weak or fragile, so I refused to cry or scream or unload or vent to anyone, which probably would have been very beneficial at the time, but…body, mind and soul went into “repair” mode. Closed for renovations. Try again later.


Been there. Uh, so happy not to be heartbroken, it’s horrid and there is nothing you can do but wait it out.


This does remind of a quote that’s always resonated with me: “A love like that was a serious illness, an illness from which you never entirely recover.” Charles Bukowski is actually a Leo but it looks like he has his Mars in Scorpio.

Or, what hurts most about a broken heart is not being able to remember how you felt before.

In my personal experience once hurt, there is a pain so deeply horrific that recovery is nearly impossible. The tragedy of betrayal does…kill a sense of innocence, that prior to the betrayal enabled an ability to love without restraint. You may love again but it’s never really truly the same. It does feel like your heart has literally broken, and you’ll pull it back together but the function isn’t what it used to be. “But my heart, it don’t beat the way it used to; And my lips, they don’t kiss the way they used to” – The Killers, For Reasons Unknown.

There is definitely a certain “hollowness” after a love lost. And there is definitely vulnerability in believing in a forever-love, a naivete, and when that’s abused it can be detrimental. It revolves within very close proximity to loyalty, as you mention, and that loyalty can be a double-edged sword when the other party doesn’t value it as much as you do.

Piscean closed for renovation

cats, i wouldn’t say that recovery is nearly impossible. i think what we receive in place of an un-broken heart is Wisdom. The naivete of love in some of its forms is wonderful and sweet like an early summer breeze, we all have memories of this. In life, we can never go back. Always forwards. I have experienced a shattered heart more than once, and learnt that to move past the cynicism and hollow feeling is Vital, otherwise it’s like pouring salt onto the earth, leaving everything to dry out and then expecting roses to grow there.

Maybe sometimes we need to let our heart & soul run to seed, leave them fallow, regain their balance, while we absorb the past events and trek on to survey the new emotional landscape. We have a better map now, it’s not the final version but we can get around better with this one.

Betrayed love and trust is a real shitty moment in life but it happens, it’s why we’re here, to soak up the delicious reality of being human in all that entails.

I’m sure you know all this, I have gone rather metaphorical here, but I really wanted to add my 2cents xxx


No problem, your two cents are appreciated and I actually agree with you. I might sound as if I’m cynical about it but I’m actually not, just a realist? My eyes are very open but I like to think that the realistic lens they see through are framed with optimism. I’m definitely well aware that betrayed love and trust is a part of life and that all of us experience it. And despite the betrayal I haven’t actually let it affect how open I am to new people in my life. It really hurts but it would hurt more to isolate oneself.

For me though, once loved that is pretty much it. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that my chart is so Fixed, but once I’ve settled on someone it really does feel like it’s going to be for life, and when that doesn’t happen what to do next feels like an empty mystery. I’ve tried to be a believer of “if it was meant to be it would have been,” and in a way I do believe that, but in another way it just doesn’t feel true. Or a better way to put it is that whether or not it was meant to be, the love wasn’t any less monumental.

I don’t let this feeling destroy my life as whole and because I’m so fixed it’s all about PERSEVERANCE. 🙂 There is the sense of hollowness but I still like to carry on and live my life to the fullest! I guess what is at question here is whether or not there existence another love as powerful as the first, or if I’m one of those unfortunate souls that really mates for life, even if it isn’t requited? Maybe I just haven’t met the right man yet. But I’m optimistic!

Piscean closed for renovation

That’s totally interesting to hear your take on love. I’ve always wondered how people feel so settled about a partner – I want to know how they can have so much faith in (what I see as) something so fickle and unreliable. (this is the part where I have to take my own advice about surveying own emo landscape) I”m sort of along the lines of “how can you be so sure? you’ve only known him for X weeks. You never know what could happen. He’ll probably leave. Men do that. but oh god what if I get BORED! Horror. You’d can only rely on yourself.” So much DOUBT! I honestly think I am crazy sometimes.

So, actually maybe you are right and I”ve jumped the gun in my 1st comment – we do have a bit less faith in love the next time around, and the next. hmm. I have to be honest, I am still working through the “oh fuq it what’s the point, just live life assuming it will only ever be me and bla bla” so I think that might be that hollow feeling you’re talking about. It does suck. I just kind of hope it will go away eventually.

I think it’s really good that you think of things in the long term. That’s one of the great things about fixed signs, their constancy. Very soothing for people like me . xx


hahaha … hilarious! I just did up a chart for a friend of mine with Venus and Mars in Scorp as a birthday gift. Poor lil’ Libran probably didn’t expect his private self to be revealed in such black, white and red hot detail.

To find multiple, weighty Scorp placements in the chart of a non Scorp is like being outed for being gay me thinks – especially if their sun sign and ascendant is a bit more glib or seemingly laid back.


Quite so. I remember being faux shocked by my Mars/Venus/Neptune in Scorp bingle. On the other hand it made a lot of sense for my Venus bits.

Scorp men are my kryptonite but Scorpio women I can’t abide. Could there be more to it? Perhaps they are holding up a mirror to me, so I should be taking notes?


Yep you’d think with Cancer sun and venus that I’d adore other cancerians – well I don’t as a rule. Not the one’s I’ve met in real life anyway … however I frequently gravitate to lunar cancerians. Odd innit?


An interesting hypothesis, yet I find it’s usually the other way around… all the people around us experience rather a rude shock, when they unwittingly stumble into our web & realize that under that sweet Libran Sun etc stellium & that good girl pragmatic Cap Asc (in my case) there’s a deeply intense, highly passionate & incisively perceptive being, who not only doesn’t suffer fools gladly but also sees their every hidden motivation/intention & is totally fearless in calling them on it/them.


Sounds like you are working your Scorp to the max (and well), although I would never describe Cap Asc as being glib or laid back! lol

My Libran friend is not au fait with astrology and his response was “fuck me … that’s trippy!”. 😀


I have a pure, undiluted, unaspected Venus in Scorp in the 10th H, in mutual reception with Pluto… & Moon in Leo in the 8th…

So yes, some items on the list definitely apply, especially:

* That the perfume you wear to seduce people is illegal in some continents and at least nine islands?… Or in fact it should be because it sure does put men in a trance, in which they feel compelled to pull their pants down, ask if I like what I see & beg me to have sex with them. Crazy!!… But it’s happened repeatedly.

* That you go to ludicrous lengths to guard your privacy, even whilst developing sleuth skills that would have the N.S.A. gagging to hire you, if they but knew? Definitely.

* That you nearly always have a secret lover/lust interest/recent sexy encounter that nobody else even knows of?
Well Yes of course, but seriously, who needs to know?! Besides it’s sexier in secret & isnt it a woman’s prerogative to change her mind?!… ie: Much easier to cull an inappropriate lover, who may have slipped thru the net during a rare weak moment, when you don’t involve/tell or introduce them to all those in your inner sanctum, who have for years proven their loyalty/ability to keep a secret & been thoroughly scrutinized.

Venus in Scorp is such a strange phenomenon really, especially for the Venus in Scorp herself. Yes we’re very intense, deep, super perceptive, secretive, sexy & can work energy & men into a frenzy, whilst painting our nails & pouring ourselves a glass of wine… But we walk away in boredom if not met with a TOTAL willingness to put it all on the line for love/sex/ultimate intimacy.

* That you would be actually quite excited if aliens invaded Earth, because of the expanded dating prospects?
Now we’re talkin’… Because as was discussed here earlier, we Venus in Scorps are very very selective about who we share our passion/intensity/life force/love/lust/juices/secret life with. If he’s not of sufficient depth, integrity, passion, high Qi… It will NEVER happen, no matter how long he lingers there, half naked & begging.

* That yes, you’re best described as a Primordial Realist but that you also LONG for a deathless passion of a soulmating experience.  
Yes, definitely a realist & LONG for the deathless passion of a soulmate that can handle the intensity… I can’t stand empty promises. I need true grit, deep passion & loyalty/commitment that goes beyond the grave.
High Maintenance??! !… Possibly, But OH SO WORTH IT ; )


Can you at least share the name of the perfume?

Tropic of Capricorn

yes please!!! 😆


hahaahahahahaha come ooon, help us non-scorpers out 😀

fallen angel

Have Venus in Leo, & am horrible at deciphering wotever the hell she’s doing to Pluto, I assume it’s good given my recent residence?

I’d say about the only thing that isn’t true on this is the possibility of my parfum being illegal. I think my crimes go beyond the olfactory but I’d never say 🙂

As for the special stalking outfit, yes, it’s called my skin 🙂


LOL! Yes, I have Venus in Scorpio but in the 10th. And yes, but in no particular order the following apply:

— That I keep track of every single thing;
— That I go to great lengths to guard my privacy, all the while researching/ sleuthing (oh lets just come out and say it) stalking;
— That I nearly always have a secret lover (but do not act on it). As contradictory as it might sound I am also very loyal. I like to call them my secret admirers;
— But most importantly I can be best described as a Primordial Realist. (I’d like to think that there’s a deathless passion of a soulmating experience, but I’m not holding my breath.)

I think I’m saved from always being in heat by the fact the I have Virgo in the 8th. Lol!


Venus conj Pluto in 12th conj Asc here… but in Libra so it’s all very lovely on the surface. Underneath it is positively seething 🙂

Yes to:
* going to ludicrous lengths to guard your privacy, even whilst developing sleuth skills that would have the N.S.A. gagging to hire you, if they but knew?
* longing for a deathless passion of a soul mating experience.

A BIG yes to:
* nearly always have a secret lover/lust interest/recent sexy encounter that nobody else even knows of?

Honestly, it’s the only way that I keep sane!


The latter just manages to drive me insane.

To those of you not in the scorpio/pluto/8th house club… Do yourself a favor and don’t mess with us.


Well said ‘Huuuh’!!!… “To those of you not in the scorpio/pluto/8th house club… Do yourself a favor and don’t mess with us.”

We Venus in Scorps have no tolerance for time wasters ; )


well the question is, at what point does a social interaction of sorts become tyre kicking? I take it that the moment of truth comes when you forward 8th-house types simply make a move. Which, I might add, seems to come ridiculously easily to you lot (in my, uh, experience), a skill I am still trying to learn. Oh well, someone has to be the little butterfly out there…


So that I don’t sound like a lunatic – ‘butterfly’ as in, not the spider web or whatever else eats butterflies…. Bats. Birds. *flutters away*


Now this is my kinda thread…don’t let me interrupt , I’m taking notes x

Jumpin in



when I was younger have broken several hearts, am waiting for soulmate, have amazing sleuth skills, am paranoid


venus in scorp in 9th house – Im always complimented on my fellatio skills, only one person never said anything. Lots of the other stuff does not apply to me – could be saturn opp sun making me bit reticent. I do have a stalkery outfil (duffel coat, navy trousers, navy wedge sandals) love sleuthy skills, always keep track,


i think we have a connection already


Let me see Venus in 8th square Pluto in Scorpio 1st… Think I have a few of these…
– have been complemented on my skills regularly over the time
– have had secret lovers
– have got good research skills , but can become a bit paranoid
– badly want to find my soulmate
– have been told that I am hard to approach
– having Venus in Gemini, can go hit and cold. Once I decide that I don’t to be with someone, have to finish it straight away and run a long way.
– either have heartbroken, or have stalker, nothing really in between…

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