Venus Aspects Are Magic

Understand Venus aspects, and you’ll have such spooky insights into others that people will suspect you of dabbling in dark arts. There are Venus signs, and in astrology charts, the Love Goddess is also shown in houses, representing different areas of life.

Venus depicts not only romantic love but also your style, culture, and affection toward friends, animals and even design. Yes, it’s true. There are Venus signs that can fall in love with a chair or have an ongoing relationship with food.

So for example, you might have Venus in Leo and in the 8th House, which tells its own story. But let’s say your Venus is in aspect (also called alignment) to Mars, Jupiter, and Neptune. Each of those alignments is a relationship, both for the sake of assessing your astral vibe AND in real life.

In the case of this imaginary person, their Venus is trine Neptune, opposite Jupiter and square Uranus. Venus in free-flowing, natural aspect to the Shamanic Neptune means that the person’s love nature effortlessly floats into high-vibe adoration and sensations of spiritual connection, whenever they feel love, lust or even come into contact with beauty.

People take drugs to attain the everyday consciousness of a Venus-Neptune person.

People Take Drugs To Attain Venus-Neptune Consciousness

The downside? Heightened susceptibility to zombie crushes and delusional romances. But it’s a trine, so these planetary energies work together. It doesn’t get out of hand. But hang on a moment; the opposition to Jupiter? That’s boom or bust. This person can oscillate between different frequencies. They can take any impulse way over the top and then withdraw their energy just as quickly.

Without consciousness of this, they don’t see that their rarified and genuinely magic Venus-Neptune vibe is lost in the roar of Venus-Jupiter dramas. People can’t detect the subtle love nature and allure of Venus-Neptune because the Venus-Jupiter blasts out conflicting messages with a megaphone.

Throw in the Venus-Uranus square, and you have a person who wants intimacy and space, in the one relationship. They’ll concoct the craziest relationship structures to try and get it.

Even more weirdly, this example person will probably have three significant relationships in their life that embody the energy of each aspect. A stunningly spirit-connected and idealistic Neptune romance that does have spiritual overtones.

A high-drama, exuberant, loud and excessive but probably lucrative Jupiter romance and an alien, strange, chilly but mentally stimulating Uranian one.

Can you see how assessing the Venus aspects affords insights into your psyche and that of others? If you don’t know your Venus aspects, consider an Astral DNA report. Compare your aspects to your most significant relationships!

Image: Jean-Paul Belmondo & Claudia Cardinale

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  1. I have Venus in Sagittarius in the 10th house, conjunct Mars in Sag, trine Saturn in Aries and Moon in Leo. Can someone intuit me some insight on this?

  2. Checking in. Sending love as venus Tralalas over my own south node
    Thank you venus,both the goddess and the nenefactress

  3. Weirdness/synchro up to eleven again as I witness the end of one era of my life and stand on the threshold of another. I was so stressed out until I understood what was actually happening. Something new trying to be born.
    I’ve spent so long in survival mode that it never occurred to me I might have a proper and full life afterwards. People and situations that I relied on for so long are falling away, new people / situations are showing up.
    I am loving the earth vibe. My grand earth trine is getting pinged at all points. Jupe on my Mars; Venus opp moon-Lilith (w trans Pluto); NN on my 1st house Pluto/Uranus conjunction. I have goals, to-do lists, and I’m getting merde done. A new music teacher, a new focus on my creative practice, pursuing new work opportunities.
    I’ve set some boundaries around how I spend time w the Triple Toro. It was getting a bit Neptunian for a while. He has moon opp Neptune, Mars square Neptune. Is that the batshit crazy party bloke signature? If not then it ought to be, lol. I have Jupe opp Neptune with Neptune on my Merc right now, so it was a waiting game to see who would be the sensible one. Wonder of wonders, that has turned out to be me. He seems receptive and supportive, for now. We’ll see how it goes.

  4. i don’t know if i am coming down with some kind of disorder but this feels like the same high as that full moon the other night. like I have tapped a vein of deep dark honey-coated joie de vivre that exists across the universe like neutrinos passing through space (and time it seems). I’ve started a random practice of sending fortitude, hope and sunshine to Past Pi so maybe this is Future Pi making contact to the now? who knows. I’ve been asking family on the other side for some support as the crunchy end of 2016 starts to land. if it is just a biochem thing, am hoping the crash isn’t too hard. courage, world X

    1. MM Tarot also just gave me an absolutely knockout and unexpected reading of Good Things to my question of ‘how can i best manage my public image /outside world for best outcomes in the next 5 months’ so that certainly helps..

    2. Trust that when tough feelings/times come, you can ride them out just like you’re riding this wave, Pi 😉 Fluidly fabulous x

    3. Wow. I love that image of sending fortitude hope and sunshine to your younger self. I think I must start sending absent reiki to my younger self. Thanks Pi X

  5. Things are going well but dealing with a little bit of dark moon sadness this very early morning as I got up to study.

    Living with the Pisces I fell for at the start of the year, I’m in school doing the work toward my second degree, I’m in the best shape of my life from 5x/week Pilates and stomping up and down these hills in this town…yep, it’s my Saturn return. 😀 I’ve really upped my game in terms of everyday life and routine and discipline but it’s still hard barely getting by at the website-making game and feeling confused as I am passed over for jobs I am wildly overqualified for. Feeling like there’s no place in the world for me…but then I come home to my new place with my new guy who is so supportive as I keep fighting and everything feels okay.

    1. oh there is a place… it’s just that most fools are too blind to recognise. what house is your saturn return rache?

      1. I have Saturn in the 7th…and yeah I’m sort of torn between being happy in the now and being all strategic and wanting commitment, the whole deal which this other ex is trying to offer to get me back. Ive vowed to not make any decisions until the end of December. I’m content where I am and working on myself…the “easy” way out where someone just hands me what I want at the expense of sanity and freedom looks less appealing all the time.

  6. EyesMeLikeAPisces

    Oh the joys of my love life continue to deliver complications… Fell for the Cancer ex’s friend. A Virgo I dreamt about who I have a lot in common with but of course I’ve distanced myself because it’s the right thing to do.
    He put out some Virgo vibes, subtle but all there – doing favors, asking about my life, doing the softened eyes and stares as if he was taking me all in, complimenting my intellect and humor… and the dreaded completely pulling back. This is the longest I’ve gone without hearing from him. He’s also got a girlfriend though so I assume practically he’s letting things air out because it’s more practical to do so.
    Not sure what to do but at this point I just want some sort of validation. Everything has been unspoken at this point.

    We’ve both got Scorpio moon so there’s a – I know that you know that I know etc sort of thing going ok but nobody’s laying everything out on the table, I guess it’s sexier this way. But my piscean empathy refuses to make a move and be the “other woman” nope nope nope.

    His Venus in cancer is in conjunction with my Mars in cancer. I guess th sexual tension had him feeling uncomfortable given the circumstances


    1. EyesMeLikeAPisces

      Any other signs or anything to be able to grok as to whether a Virgo is into you? They’re my opposite sign so they confuse me. As said before he’s got scorp moon, Venus cancer, Mars in libra not sure about rising exactly

      1. It sounds as if he does like you EyesMeLikeAPisces
        I have a Virgo sun, Mars and Mercury although like all Virgos, I am Not A Typical Virgo but yes, those signals all imply Virgo likes, although honestly we are also kind to animals and help old ladies cross the street so you never can tell, infuriating I know but true.
        I’m sorry to say this but if he has a girlfriend he is unlikely to be too overt or cheat on her, unless he is either a cad and channelling lower virgo bad boy in which case, why would you want him?
        If he’s haute Virgo, you may never see more than the intense gaze and those longing vibes.
        I have met a few Virgo guys who were cold and fickle but hot. They still managed to straddle the fence between nice guy and bad boy to all intents and purposes and despite their prickly aloofness and impossibly high aesthetic and behavioural standards would radiate mamas boy charm and frequently yes, be breakfasting with mama on a Sunday morning despite having been DJ ing at a trendy nightclub the night before.
        Honestly, I’ve crushed on two Virgo guys in my life and as frustratingly difficult to read as they both were, chucking an existing girlfriend into that murky mix does not bode well for your future together xx

  7. I feel sad for a friend of mine tonight whose husband just died. She is a Capricorn and has been absolutely thrashed by Pluto the past two years…..long term illness from cancer for her husband and they were being Ellis Act evicted from their place in SF during the same time, though they eventually got to stay in their apartment. Anyway, her husband passed away this past Thursday after a very physically, emotionally and logistically painful and long drawn out decline…. They really took a difficult path with it all, too, trying to handle it themselves, not much help or intervention until the very very end.

    1. Omg i know! My Capricorn friends so burdened right now! One just admitted 4th stage breast cancer, i worry for her as she is trying to heal naturally that far along.

  8. Well. In September I ended a 5 year relationship, did a ton of work/travel/moving, fell for a guy 8 years my junior, moved to another country (where he is), have to learn language, got pregnant in February and married him last month. How am I doing? Both of us in transition, looking for employment 😉

    And I turned 40 in December.

    So either this is the best thing that ever happened or the worst, not quite sure at times. But there’s no stagnation here lol.

  9. Venus conjunct my Venus/Saturn conjunction.
    A return!
    Recently my lovely Gem and I celebrated 9 years (and by celebrate I mean a few days later went, oh didn’t we get together round now?) which have been the most content of my life.

    But Gemyogi’s it only matters “how much you loved how gently you lived, and how gracefully you let go of the things not meant for you.” is piercing my heart.

    All these planets are squaring my 4th: It’s being pummelled by powerful forces, for positive and negative!!
    Pluto and Venus is squaring my natal Pluto/Uranus in the 4th House, while Uranus is opposing my natal Uranus.
    Pluto is transiting my 8th – of course.

    My fam (4th) is dealing with aftermath of my nan’s passing and inheritance (8th). While these are not my problems (being gentle, loving and letting go are!) they sure feel like it with all this action pointing there.

    Where can I look in my chart for help letting go?

    1. What is it specifically that you believe need to let go of, sphinxy?
      I guess the pattern goes 4, 8, ..12… Perhaps you could look to your 12th house to help complete the trine, and wherever Pisces (and Neptune?) is in your chart for where compassion for others (and self), dissolution of differences, abandonment of earth-bound issues? I know you’re the mindful type x

      1. Maybe sometimes letting go involves our ego or avoiding a necessary shift in identity. Other times we realise that what we’re standing up for is legitimate and fair.

      2. You are brilliant Pi! That is exactly where I am at.

        Also I like the 12th house tip very much as I my 12th is Taurus ruled. Also Neptune in the 6th.

        Gotta work, work, work that Neptune vibe (+ mc is Pisces!).

    2. Congrats on your 9th anni, sphinx!! How lovely you describe it as the most content time of your life… Really very “awww” inspiring <3 Congrats to you both!

      Of course when I think of astro for letting go I think of Pluto, but how then are Scorps so notorious for hanging on to shit (with a death grip)? Some of that is maladjustment, surely, but too I think that "letting go" can't be all about Pluto. There's Saturn: for cold hard facts, boundaries, & manifesting; and there's Neptune: for inner-knowing, the feels, & transcendence.

      Maybe some kind of cord-cutting guided imagery (Neptune) would help bring the real distance you need (Saturn) for living less encumbered.

      Is "learning to let go" your theme du jour for this Saturn sq Neptune period?

      (Mine's learning how to manifest all this Neptune; Pisces asc conjunct Jupiter & sq Neptune, natally.)

      1. Thank you gorgeous! Gem is totally a unicorn of men, he’s neither introvert nor extrovert, he’s pragmatic but respectful of magic, physical but intellectually smart (Mars in Pisces, Merc in Gem). He’s not a reader or a poet but he loves music passionately, kids, cats and he cooks (Moon in Cancer). He is never moody, values truth, honesty and persistence and most of all -gives freedom and is not imposing (Aqua Asc). I find him easy to adore. We have the most south node relationship in the world, but I have enough challenges in life without our relationship providing me with more!

        With Saturn entering my 7th (where my NN is!) I am bound to see relationship changes, but I am curious what…
        Which brings me to yr awesome question of the Sat-Nep Square!

        Neptune is on my 9th House square my Saturn in my 7th. Expansive and truth seeking 9th is then at odds with relationships and partners… Higher cosmic law is square my attractiveness as a partner? Sounds karmic when you throw that NN in!

        Perhaps my fear is that when I start working more, which will require diligence spiritually, I may change… I fear that my spiritual path could change me so deeply I lose all my dear ones. I have lost so many friends already! I have some new and better friends too.. But. There is a point I don’t want to ‘let go’ too much. I have stopped meditating as much partly perhaps because I know how far I can go… And it is far.

      1. Yes, it’s an inspiring quote! I had it printed out and on the wall of my studio for a couple of years. I love it <3

  10. Did a sage smudge in flat today. Going to clean and clear out more before work tomorrow.
    Been feeling really sad tonight. Interesting as I realised I’m afraid of of feelings, especially sad.
    I’ve come to this realisation before but tonight I let myself feel a deeper layer. It wasn’t a conscious decision. More like “oh no. What’s that? Oh I feel sad. And really feeling it. But deeper than I’ve experienced it before. It was scary but I’m less afraid of it these days. There’s a sense of surrender. Again, not something I was aware of until afterwards. But I’m pleased. I know it’s important to feel to experience feelings and that blocking them off or distracting from them, as easy as that would be and even “sensible” isn’t actually sensible at all. I know by keeping myself from experiencing sadness I’m staying stuck and that I need to feel them and to grieve for all the losses I wallpapered over and whistled Dixie. I’m feeling alright now actually. Quite proud of myself that I was able to let go into a deeper place in my life. To feel my life, experience it with a feeling of being present in it and engaged in a way I wasn’t before.
    Venus Pluto Uranus + Saturn square Nephew love

    1. Yes, feeling really sad in waves the past few days, and trying to let myself feel it. Because I tend towards depression I’m also reluctant to feel it and scared of feeling sad. Surrender and let go is a constant theme. Lately reading the news or twitter I feel the pain of all the hate and fear in the world and it’s overwhelming, I must remind myself of all the good people and the love.
      My yoga teacher shared his favourite buddha quote and it made me cry yesterday –
      In the end, only three things matter: how much you loved how gently you lived, and how gracefully you let go of the things not meant for you.

      It was the letting go that made me tear up.

      1. Oh… that quote. It is so pertinent right now, I am so not embodying this emotionally at all..

      2. So after I found this is a ‘fake’ buddha quote paraphrased from Jack Kornfield
        “In the end these things matter most: How well did you love? How fully did you live? How deeply did you let go?”

        Then I found a woman blogging about how she will F**king not live gently, she will rage against political correctness and gentleness — I am woman, hear me ROAR —

        I still like the quote though. Maybe ‘how fully did you live’ is better. I’m a bit fan of kindness and gentleness, and I don’t think of it as being a ‘good girl’, not expressing yourself, or toeing the party line. You don’t have to be loud and extreme to be a rebel against the established order! 😉

      3. Gemyogi
        I agree and totally relate to the scariness of surrendering to the sadness and feeling sad at the outpouring of hate on the news and social media lately too.
        It does make me feel sad.
        I get what the woman is saying because I used to say that stuff too.
        Being a natal Sag moon with Sag rising it is much easier for me to feel anger than sadness. I found I was using anger as a defence for so much though. I’d get angry before a workout, even during one and it would motivate me to workout harder, or to get to the gym. I’d get angry about sex and relationships, but it would fuel me and propel me forwards. I used anger to mask anxiety and to avoid fear, sadness, surrendering to pain and also to block out love and intimacy.
        I didn’t realise at the time but I used anger to block everything because, yes, I was angry but I was also terrified and anger felt safe
        I’m playing with vulnerability lately, trying to find my own boundaries instead of building walls.
        It’s interesting because I was at a workshop on Saturday with Natalie Lue who I first heard about on this very site (thank you Mystic) and at the end of the day we did an exercise where we all closed our eyes and tried to feel the space in and around our hearts.
        we had been asking ourselves questions and working through a process of finding out how emotionally available we really were, what our beliefs, experiences and aspirations were and looking for patterns, truths, lies etc. Powerful stuff.
        So I got into the space of my heart and found myself behind a thick brick wall.
        Natalie says, “now imagine you are willing to remove this wall, think about how you would do it.”
        I saw myself as having the outlook of a child soldier, or a child living in a dangerous civil war.
        The idea of removing the wall felt genuinely insane.
        I know I want to but having that knowledge was massively helpful.
        I told myself I’d start removing the wall one brick at a time rather than using any other means like blowing it up.
        As I removed the first brick with my hand, I couldn’t put it down and instead clung to it defensively and looked around ducking my head behind the wall ready to throw it and expecting some violent explosion to come tearing in.
        I could not put that brick down or shake the instinct of wanting to hurl that brick out into the fear.
        So yeah, well done on surrendering to sadness. If you’re anything like me, that is quite an accomplishment!

      4. seawitchmermaid

        Love her, bet that was an amazing workshop! I can relate to the wall around the heart feeling, I am trying to “soften” a bit, I have Mars/Ur in sag square my Sun/Mercury, I am no stranger to anger. Trying to really be more aware of that, and my anxiety. For so long it blended in so well but I’m starting to notice it in its many forms now and trying to work with it… Actually made a tarot spread for just that lol

      5. seawitchmermaid you actually come across as super tuned in to your emotions to me. Just judging by the comments but yeah, Natalie is so amazing. Being in a room with her was a trip in itself. I was a bit star struck the whole time actually. Which is weird.
        But yeah, she rocks. And she’s so human, very open and warm but giggly and a bit snarky in the right way too. Like she doesn’t even try accommodating any bullshit. If you start talking out of your ass you get the snark and the raised eyebrow face. x

      6. I’m guessing I also have a thick wall around my heart — which is why I’m mostly single.

        That workshop sounds amazing!

      7. Thanks Gemyogi
        It was, but like I was saying to Ankh, it’s so new to me that I have the most intense EMO hangover today and its almost worse than it was on Sunday. As if just opening that can of worms – going there, picking up the one brick and all the realisations I had, answers to those questions started a process in me. It feels heavy. As if my system is trying to metabolise it.
        Yeah, it’s an EMO hangover. It feels a bit like that feeling after a bad break up where you just want to cry and stay in bed but end up cleaning the flat because you want to feel productive and it beats the hell out of dealing with anyone else right now. I’m hanging void moon in Pisces today and doing strict dark moon protocol.

      8. Hugs to you Invicta. But opening that can of worms, feeling all the grief and loss and anger and sadness is the only way through. As my counsellor used to say. Good luck!

      9. The imagery here is really touching. My minds memory of you just shrank you into a small girl in farigues. The child soldier kills me. Wish the bricks had never been necessary, buy I know. Removing them, that’s a tall order. Maybe the bricks on the inside are made of lapis or labradorite. You’ll use them to rebuild the gates?

    2. Such good work, Invicta! And the workshop you attended sounds genius: Wow I love guided imagery exercises for insight & consciousness-raising. Those techniques would be magical if our inner knowing wasn’t so Real.

      Keep going!!

      1. Thank you!
        Yeah, I have such an EMO hangover today
        It almost feels like depression with tiny bursts of anxiety and flashes of anger, then back to tearful.
        I’m able to get on with work and still feel the feelings for the most part which is “nice” – I’m grateful I don’t have to converse with anyone face to face today as that would necessitate a level of emo fakery or suppression for which I am neurologically ill-equipped and attitudionally dis-inclined. 😛

      2. Attitudinally disinclined lol love it!

        Yeah the Emo hangover: I get it too after especially heavy work wherein I push (even just a little) past my comfort zone. You totally pushed past your comfort zone when you faced your wall & took a brick down. Seems like a small thing, but it’s a huge energy shift & beyond your usual. So then the anxiety & what not creeps up… Take it as a good sign, & definitely steal time away to recooperate inbetween 😉

    3. Ah <3
      You know I am starting to wonder if Chiron transits emerge as sadness until we twig that it is a form of surrender. Where we come up against Existence. Maybe we don't actually knwo what it is we are surrendering, or surrendering to. A kind of relinquishment. Whether it is personal or 'karmic', varies maybe..
      Your comments lately invicta, I'm feeling a lot of this!

      1. Hey Pi
        Not sure if you’re still hanging out here but hey, Chiron transits make you hang around discarded internet posts farting in the comments section too 😛

        No but yes but ha, for real.
        Chiron transits are all about awareness of where the pain is, how it hurts (rather than defending against it- the challenge is to feel it) where it came from is helpful too, what areas of life it is impacting (in my case it feels like all areas) and yes, none of this is possible without surrendering to it.
        I realise there are so many upsides to the Chiron transits (I have several happening at once, squares, oppositions, conjunctions) but similar to the Saturn transits, it feels against the ethos of Chiron Chic to focus on the UPSIDE. That would be like wearing a hip hop bling outfit to a celebration of shabby chic or similar. Just incongruous really.
        Pema Chadron is kind of acceptable, Deepak Chopra is not.
        I’m finding perverse ways of “enjoying it” aka surrendering to Chiron.
        Fortunately, I’m also experiencing lots of Saturn transits ATM too. so for instance Saturn is about to conjunct my moon in September (welcome to the heavy feelings) and I feel the prequel already.
        I’ll admit it, Saturn conjunct my moon feels terrifying.
        I am not used to emotional weight at all.
        I thought I’d escaped the progressed moon in Cancer by just hiding from it as it moved through the 7th and 8th house but not my progressed moon is in Leo and despite still being in the 8th house, I’d expected to feel lighter. Nope.
        This is the heavy feelings neighbourhood.
        I’m constantly sighing and trying to remove the lead from my chest. Futile really, with Chiron squaring Saturn squaring Pluto all over the place.
        At least its preparing me for Saturn on my ascendant after being on my moon in the 12th.
        I’m hoping it’s like some kind of basic training vibe where you think you’re going to crack (up) until you realise it’s over and you’re so much stronger and leaner.
        Hey hey, can’t stay and chat tho, Chiron and Saturn transits you know 🙂
        thanks nono for what you said about my fatigues.
        They are worn in at least. Nothing naffer than new fatigues 🙂

  11. Year of the Phoenix

    ” if you’ve successfully vanquished the wraiths of the now-dying era”

    Key message here on a micro macro level. I guess like everyone it’s yes and no. Mainly yes in the bits of my chart zapped during the Big Zap of ’14

    New job I love with peeps I can be myself with and not need a hazmat suit that has now morphed into full time to suit me! No soulmate in the horizon but a clean slate and a clear eye. New Yin yoga class to shift old pains and heal gently. New home to find where I can base my business, have space to create and be all self determined.

    First time in a long time I feel the beginning of feet on the ground like when you’ve been caught in a rip and then your toes touch sand

  12. Thank you Mystic. Yes practicalities of life must go on…. On another note, I’m feeling the Neptune too no? Perhaps it’s my imagination lol. Venus is also trining Neptune amidst her tango with Pluto and Uranus. Busy foursome if you ask me. Not that I’m complaining, just saying she is definitely doing her outer dimensional dance while she is technically headed for evening star positioning. This seems curious to me. Is this just her forplay now? Will she be taking anyone will her into the underworld or is this her last hurrah??. Outer planets communications for love, art, sex, money !!! Way to go Venus??? I need to get more informed as per her planetary cycle. Any good references or book recommendations re this? I know her movements make a pentagram in the sky.

    1. Did you hear this latest sci news about Venus’ electric field being like “a monster lurking in the sky”? Lol yes a serious outer dimensional dance!

      1. yes i did. not the monster part lol but that her force field is incredibly strong!! thank you AnkhRising8.0! xoxox

  13. Wow, so in the middle of a divorce that happened super fast- although inevitable- as Pluto transmitting my 7th squared my natal Venus and Mars conjunct in Aries- 2nd square of the 3 untill complete …truth is I’ve had an intense passionate flame for a friend since 2010 and despite never consummating the mutual attraction the intensity has only gotten more…intense: so the divorce is a no brainer- had to go- huge block on several levels.
    Here’s the thing about the flame : I’m Taurus cancer rising, Venus/Mars conjunct in Aries, Taurus moon – he is Aries,cancer rising, Venus/Mars conjunct in Aries , Gemini moon on my Jupiter in my 12th…. Both our moons in 11th house natally

    I’m terrified of him and now slightly zombievied now we are both single. There are major logistical bones to break- we are public figures, we live in diff towns, I have a 17mth old with the new ex, we travel a ton for work and our friendship is super important to both of us. And we both have huge intimacy issues bc people have always thrown themselves in our direction so we don’t really take risks bc we haven’t had to. This would require mucho risk and angelic support unparalleled.
    But atleast I’m being honest with myself now and after 6 yrs I’m realizing it’s not me distracting myself – I really have deep feelings for him. Thank god for the oracle.

  14. Venus is transiting right on my Ascendant right now, by degree. Pluto is transiting my 7th….. What will happen?! Who knows…. No love prospects on the horizon and not putting myself out there in that way, so it would kind of have to come out of nowhere..

    Definitely been defining better boundaries around relationships and love, sex, all that because I keep getting burned so I had to dig deep in myself and figure out why I keep repeating that pattern… I’m on high alert not to get hurt again, but my boundaries might be too steely right now to allow anyone at all in. I can never get that balance right…

    Silly crush on my housemate who is Crab Sun and Moon, but he’s moving away in a few weeks. With Venus revving up his Sun, Moon and my Ascendant, I hope we don’t do anything stupid……probably won’t, his boundaries seem even stronger than mine.

    1. Ah! I forgot…..the most recent ex’s NN conjuncts my Asc, too….I must stay away right now……shouldn’t be too difficult as we are not in touch, but we live a block away from each other and I’m hoping not to run into him….

      I have Venus in Cap, but it’s at 6 degrees, so I already had Pluto transit it awhile back…

      I’m not ‘with’ someone right now, so this whole transit could go by without an actual interpersonal interaction component…….could just all be in my head, instead!

      Hope you’re doing ok! : )

  15. LiberatingVenus

    I got this – this has been my personal Zap Zone for the last couple of years (Venus+Pluto+Uranus) so this vibe is totally my wheelhouse! Radical revisions to love & money policies will be required henceforth – it’s gonna take a new attitude. It has definitely been hard as fuq and pretty scary at times, but my general philosophy is the most growth occurs whenever we are pushed waaaay outside of our comfort zones because it is only there that we evolve/upgrade. The problem with Venus in Cancer is its default inclination is to stick with what’s familiar in both areas at the expense of Pluto-in-Capricorn long-term empowerment. This is no longer an option. MM, you put it brilliantly – “vanquish[ing] the wraiths of the now-dying era” is exactly it <3

    I’ve done and continue to do hard, in-depth examination of all fiscal and mating policies, and though the transformation is not overnight with Pluto in Capricorn, it WILL be lasting! When Pluto & Uranus hit Venus in Cancer, you come to the abrupt and unpleasant realization one day that you can never go home again and return to what’s familiar in either sense. The way to the past is cut off/closed to you; there is only one way now and it’s forward into the future. You are never going back.

    It’s so important not to become jaded or cynical during this process, though – with Pluto, it’s is sometimes all too easy to find ourselves scabbed over or scarred. I’ve made a point of reconnecting with and retaining my core softness throughout this transformational process and have done my best to handle it all with as much grace as possible. Pluto takes you down, but it’s all about digging deep to find out what you’re made of and finding the integrity that lies at your center. What could possibly reveal this better than how we deal with loss; i.e. letting go of what’s part of a now-dying era?

  16. seawitchmermaid

    I was thinking on/meditating on this last night before bed. Among other things, I too often for my liking have random past memories of old boyfriends come into my head. It’s not wistful or romantic. I had the realization last night that it’s actually like a clogged drain. I didn’t really properly deal with my feelings and so they’re kind of stuck in my psyche, need to be flushed out. The toilet needs to be plunged. Very Plutonian metaphor, hm? MC is 15 Cancer.

    1. Whoa, useful. I often think old boyfriends, with a kind of lightness – I am a Gemini & like to up my feeling of myself as being a stud! But yeah, I wanna just let them go rather than letting myself be haunted by having once fallen for them! Venus opp Pluto natally, here…

  17. Venus is transiting my 5th house presently, & is now within orb of my natal rx Saturn there. Since she’s been in aspect to Uranus, I’ve gotten a few miraculous, surprise infusions of cash to my coffers, & I met a dreamy energy healer type who appears, then disappears, then reappears… Def strong Aquarian vibes (but also an undeniable Scorpio streak: I see it flash in his eyes). Ooh & he’s tall too…

    But my head/heart/energy have really been with my Cap/Kataka-rising son: at 10 yrs old, he’s doing calculus & trigonometry at home for fun (thanks, Khan Academy!) & teaching himself how to write code (Javascript mostly)– and I know this kid needs more than what our public school district of residence can offer him.

    So I’ve spent the better part of this Mars rx in Scorpio (my 8th house: shared resources) scouring the internet for an appropriate school (read STEM) for him anywhere in the continental US (& mentally working overtime re the logistical issues of finances, possibly moving, etc) when finally– & this is the Venusian Voodoo bit– I find just the school I was looking for only 20 miles from our house! I wanted to sign him up immediately but Mars rx, so last week I spent a lot of time talking to admin, we took a tour of the facility, slept on it, discussed it… & today I’m filling out his admission paperwork. He should be officially enrolled just as Mars goes direct & I am So Excited! This school is going to foundation an amazing future for him, & this mama is so so so happy 🙂

      1. Thanks, beautiful xx

        Yeah he’s always been ahead of the curve, but this past 4 mos or so he’s grown exponentially & it kind of freaked me out, like, omg he has so much potential & it’s up to me to make sure it’s not pissed away (by staying in his non-challenging albeit comfie, regular, convenient school). So finding this new school, it’s going to be challenging for both of us, but I’m so relieved it’s there & I found it & he was accepted & off we go! 🙂

      2. PE has been the bane of my boy’s existence: many kids with ASD are not especially coordinated + socially awkward, & then to have a bitch gym teacher like my son did who’d call him out & humiliate him in front of everyone… grr.

        I enjoyed the competition aspects of PE as a kid, but I would have excelled had there been my kind of activities in class: rollerskating,dance-off’s, & double dutch jump roping 😉

        I think maths are left brained? I don’t know. I should ask my kid: he’s way smarter than me.

    1. That is such an incredible story! Fab about the school, I had not heard of STEM, sounds amazing. Your dear boy’s talents must be so exciting to see grow and so reassuring too.
      Good luck with Dr Dreamy Healer!
      What a lovely transit to be having 🙂 .

      1. Hello Sphinx 🙂 I hadn’t heard of STEM either until recently, when I started doing my own research online re what to do with a kid who’s so about the maths & tech.

        Maybe it’s like this in other countries too, but I was so bewildered by the lack of readily available info on plugging these kids into the right place (& at the right time). I had talked to teachers/school admin, medical docs, mental health professionals etc about my son’s abilities– for years now, & while everyone agreed that he was on another level, nobody really knew what to do with him beyond an advanced reading & math class (set for his grade/age). Like there is no clear path when it comes to really steering your kid’s ed when the status quo isn’t cutting it. It was bewildering.

        I think you can relate!

        So in my online hunting, I found “STEM” & got really stoked. But, these schools are few & far between here in the US; also, most of them are for teens/jr & high school. So it was crazy miraculous that I found a STEM school for younger kids within commuting distance of our house! And it’s tuition free! (Why tf doesn’t any of the professionals around here know of it/recommend it?? One of life’s mysteries, that.) Even better, this school is a STEAM: the A’s for Art 🙂 & he gets to take up cello — I totally thought of you, sphinx! 😉

        And I often think of your boy with aspies too; I’m sure you remember that my boy has aspies. Also he has an anxiety disorder that he gets help with. I mentioned these things to this school’s admin: they waved their hands & assured me that he will fit in just fine with all of the other kids with aspies & anxiety disorders lol. Fab!

        So hey: Power Ups to All The Non-Neurotypical People, May Your Lights Forever Shine! Like the moon & the stars & the sun xxxx

      2. Yes. Yes. And YES.
        These comments from Ankh and Sphinx and Pi make me feel so warm inside. I’m especially excited to hear how many great and magical things are happening in your life Ankh. It feels, right.
        All of it.

      3. It can feel so isolating, not being wired like the majority of people… Know that at its core, it is a gift. A limitless, rare gift! Love & Strength to you, Invicta xx

      4. Yes indeed it can Ankh
        I think that’s why it feels so good to hear that you are doing such a brilliant job of steering him towards the best future scenario and supporting who he is rather than being on his case for not being neuro-typical. that’s my stuff too. Mainly I’m just glad for you because it all sounds right and has been a long time coming. you’ve worked steadily at sorting out the various issues for years and it felt so bleak at one point but now you sound happy and strong and events feel blessed. It’s just good.
        I know about the co ordination stuff and PE was the bane of my life too xxx

  18. natally, i have nn/venus opposite pluto/vertex/sn… this energy is my life, and up until the end of 2014 it was the low vibe energy side of it. i have been relentlessly working on myself since then, and feel like especially this past mercury rx and the current mars rx have given me mega insights beyond what i ever could have imagined. i’m honestly very interested to see how it plays out, and how my sn tendencies may be triggered/played up. i will work to be self aware, but with pluto in the mix it’s always hard. slay on, i suppose.

  19. Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

    FUQ YES.

    Big up art project here I come. Maxing out Jupes in Virgo.

    Changing the look? May aim for a bit more badass.

  20. Danger. Danger. Venus opp Pluto also means obsessive, addictive type energy…not balanced…that might become extremely destructive while beiing irresistible…so if there are still any self destructive, self sabotaging forces at work within you, this will manifest as “The One”…who will bring all of this up and out to mirror what is going on within…and while Uranus square brings a higher vibration to the mix it is square, which represents a challenge and higher purpose. So I think that the safety net with these fated connections is to see how they can be uplifted to serve higher purpose, one and the other’s evolution in consciousness…being detached and attracted…not attached…at the same time.

    1. I hear you Virgo Rising. I’m Virgo Sun but Pluto has been opposing my moon in cancer and now Uranus is opposing my Venus and weird shit has been going down. I got a fixation on a much younger volatile guy with a girlf. I could not figure it out – I wanted him in his absence but when he was there I was sick of him already! His Venus on my moon being opposed by Pluto.
      Since Neptune went direct I knew I would prob never see him again so I just disconnected and it felt so easy but this week I feel like I’m being haunted by him a little (Leo rising – cancer is twelfth house). I’ve also found myself dating a strange but interesting man but again he’s full on and I find myself trying to put walls up and protect myself whilst being intrigued by him… I feel uber aware of my complexes and attraction to destruction…but life can be so boring and I want to live a little at the same time. Forewarned is forearmed though 🙂

    2. Oooh! Thanks for pointing this out!

      I must be careful, then, as Venus/Pluto are transiting my Asc/Desc.
      Rumblings came back into my mind over the last few days, of hard-let-go-of past lover, where we also had his Venus opposite my Pluto in our synastry. We’re not in touch anymore, so especially right now, that is a good thing! Whew!

  21. I’ve been having ‘ancient angst’ issues surfacing throughout the Sag Full Moons~Mars station~Venus into Underworld astroscape of late. Most recently the recollection of a violation in childhood that perhaps injured my Venusian Self (chart ruler) at a time that formed my sense of feminine self (age 11). As she aspects Pluto & Uranus~Eris, and comes closer to my Sun I will anticipate further insights – eep! So now I aim to reconnect with Venus and process and heal those wounds. Looking forward to seeing her again the day after my birthday as the Morning Star…

    1. interesting…
      i’ve been wondering if this is part of my journey as well.
      am going through an enormous phase / obsession with the colour pink lately. an upswing a few years ago as a result of some travel experiences, then let it drop, is now back.
      feels v venusian too
      wondering if there is an ultra girly part of me that needs nourishment and expression/outlet given my very straitened home life at the moment.

      1. growing up around uranians and a multi gemini all with earth influences means not a lot of nice pisces feminine water energy gets acknowledged. it’s been a slow realisation : ( cold, austere, witholding and dry when i just wanted to be a tropical island fishy in fluffy tulle dresses. then internalised the ridicule.

      2. seawitchmermaid

        It’s not easy being the only water sign in a household! Do everyone else’s feeling for them…

      3. seawitchmermaid

        Thanks Starlush! That was me in my family of origin, was def v. challenging at times! but now have a family of my own and the tables have turned, 3 water signs and my oldest is the fire sign out… And a double Sag at that! Luckily I have a strong Sag streak in my chart, but he’s still a LOT to keep up with lol. Nice that you have strong water in your chart, sounds like a great blend! 🙂

      4. seawitchmermaid

        Like it would seem likd you’re able to actually TALK about things going on beneath the surface and not just get stuck in the feelings stage, something I struggle with lol. I’m sure your Pisces sun greatly appreciates that, I know I would

      1. thank you Pi. I can see iridescent pink and gold scales ~ inspiring your Venusian comeback!

  22. Hahaha!! The last image on Mystic’s post – the Makovsky piece. It’s like Mr Pretty Demon got a sudden thought mid-swoony dance (or whatever they’re doing); ‘Was I drunk the entire I’ve been with her????’ His face just says, ‘OMG, I’m a demon but she’s a Qi Vampire!!!’

  23. My kataka sun is at 17* so Venus will be next to and on top of it. Hmmm. Romance good. Things are stable with Torro. Very good. There was some rough moments, but things have been addressed, mended, or at least being consciously worked on. It was the worst year of my life. So much better and blessed to be moving back to life and not just surviving.

    1. I’m so glad things are levelling out between the two of you, I remember your posts a while back that you had hit a very rocky patch. How is your son doing? x

  24. “That’s if you’ve successfully vanquished the wraiths of the now-dying era.”

    On Monday’s summer solstice Strong Sun Moon event, one of my social media suggested pages to follow and suggested someone I liked very much for many years. Right next to David Bowie’s official account. I thought this is a sign to get in contact with someone whose friendship meant a lot to me, one of the first men I truly thought was likable and not stupid. That was ten years ago and I basically idolized him. But when I actually saw his profile I thought: “Meh. Nothing to see here”. I have other concerns now and he’s on a totally different page.

  25. Hmm, Ditto, I have a similar type story going on, but with a Pisces sun, Kataka moon man – I just met him in the same way too. We connect – but more like old friends and I’m quietly freaking out as it seems strangely like.. we could fit into each others back pockets forever..? it’s the only way i can describe it for now. ..So any heads up on Pisces men? – would be very much appreciated – This will be my first. I have sun in Leo, aqua moon and mars.. in 12 house. He has Venus in Cap and his last partner was 8yrs old.. tee hee.
    (In that stage of can’t think straight..)

      1. Pisces men–sensitive, generous, loving. Also passive-aggressive, and have a tendency towards lower Piscean victimization, without being aware of it, or pretending such. Can be lazy. Dislikes authority, yet may have strangely traditional takes on certain matters. Contrary, as all Pisceans can be. But, good hearted, playful, and friendly.

  26. Okay: currently in this insanely hot and feeling fated romance with a Libran who I met on a dating website around a month ago. So we don’t want to supernova and have said – when we’ve come up for air – we have to just to put on the brakes, be adult, set boundaries, go to work and earn a living and eat and sleep right? … But it’s kind of a bit late for all that. Feeling soul mated – both of us. Trying to work it out – how to have ‘healthy self protective barriers’ AND passion. I trying to lose my cynicism and go with it a bit, but know I need those boundaries as I risk being hurt…

    1. I’m a Libra doing that exact thing you are doing with a Gemini man. Lol! We met in person though. But yeah the inbetween days are almost necessary to get past that love -drunk stage.

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