What Does It Mean When You Find Random Playing Cards?

What does it mean when you find random playing cards? I’m big on symbolism and omens in everyday life. Finding a playing card on the street is every bit as meaningful as an actual reading, probably more so. Signals and clues are everywhere, in waking consciousness and your dreams; the trick is to develop your consciousness so that you notice them.

Hey Mystic,

Had to share this story with you. A few years ago I found a playing card on the pavement, the Nine of Diamonds. I kept it, thinking it might be an omen. Googling it later, I found that it represented the Nine of Pentacles in the Tarot, and was officially good luck, so I hung onto it.

Earlier this year I had a bit of a declutter. On reflection it was probably around April/May, after breaking up with the Toro and when Saturn, the South Node and Pluto were on my Moon in Capricorn. I felt the card hadn’t really brought me any luck, thinking that, actually, life had taken a pretty rubbish turn!

My job was horrible with a toxic psycho new boss, a massive and thankless legacy project requiring all my free time, friends letting me down, and the Toro calling an ultimatum thanks to Uranus on his Sun. I didn’t want to just throw the card away, so I donated it with some other items to a charity and thought nothing of it.

I’ve spent the past six months finishing the legacy project, being alone on a lot of Friday nights (and a lot of Saturday nights for that matter), doing untold yoga, working on my sleep hygiene (with varying degrees of success), crying over the Toro moving on in a matter of weeks with someone the complete opposite of me: no education, low-level secretarial dead-end job, lover of afternoon drinking.

In the last couple of weeks, I’ve finished the legacy project and, hooray, been offered a new job. Saturn-Pluto is kicking the arse of the toxic psycho boss. I’m making lovely new connections with new friends. I’ve also started dating again –  no Mr. Right so far but I feel good about ‘putting myself out there’ as a signal to the universe that I’m ready for something new.

Today I stopped in at my usual cafe to grab a coffee on the way to work at the new job. What was on the pavement in front of me? A playing card. The Nine of Diamonds 🙂 This time I’m not giving it away!

So, Mystic, what is it with finding random cards on the pavement? I don’t live or work near a casino. Does this happen to other people? I once found a Queen of Hearts at the bus stop on the same day I’d had a tarot reading and chosen the Queen of Cups to represent me in the reading. I’d love your take on the Nine of Diamonds and what this weird omen might mean!  

Love your work,


I love this. It’s such a good example of a repeating sign or timely affirmation. Switch ‘random’ playing cards to ‘synchronicity -cued-playing-cards’ for the real answer. The Nine of Pentacles is one of my favorite cards and really the playing cards just evolved from Tarot, the symbolism stripped but still apparent to those in the know.

The figure in the Waite deck version (used on here in my 12 Card Horoscope reading) is a woman of means, luxuriating in the garden she created, a falcon on her wrist. But I think that the bird is really a phoenix, symbolic of the metamorphosis she made to gain both material and psychological security.

The months since April have been such a challenge, with the Saturn, South Node and Pluto being heavyweight life and love challenges that demand an equally forceful or substantial response. I said this for Cancerians in the Horoscopes but it is broadly relevant for many of us: the Saturn-Pluto conjunction can’t be lightened but we can build strength. Clearly, you’ve done this.

When people move on shortly after a break-up and especially with someone so hilariously non-you, it is a fantastic affirmation that you were right – SO right. Give thanks for this!

And so in a magnificent Trickster-level flourish, the card reappeared right after you made the exact dazzling transformation that it was inviting you to do in April. At the time, it was hard but now you look back and realize you could only have stayed in that relationship if you had wilfully congealed. Would it have been worth it? Who knows? But the Nine of Diamonds seems to be saying no and so am I.

Oh and re finding cards – yes! I find “random” playing and Tarot cards about twice a year? The last one was the actual Four of Pentacles! About two weeks after I’d found it perching jauntily in a gutter, as if winking at me, my accountant rang to say I needed to ‘retain more earnings.’

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  1. I find playing cards all the time too! It’s always one on its one and in the most random of places! I find it incredible looking up the meanings afterwards. 🙂 I am including a chapter in my book I’m writing at the moment it happens so frequently.

  2. I was walking my dog and found a 10 of clubs. After looking it up, I discovered 10 of clubs is my birth card😳. What could it mean???

  3. I found a jack of clubs on my way home a few days ago, my intuition told me to pick it up and keep it, would love to know what this could mean! My life has been crumbling lately so here’s to hoping it’s a good sign 😅

  4. I found an Ace of clubs face up at the end of my driveway about a month ago and I kept it and just today I go outside and find 2 of diamonds on my front lawn. What do these mean?

  5. My Partner found the Ace of Hearts face up whilst walking in the rain hand in hand after a very scary ordeal i am facing

    1. i’ve found one joker under the pillow of my guest who stayed over for 2 nights. He claims he did not put it there. Then i found another joker on the street. WHat is it?

  6. Hey, this is cool. i want to share this w/ your audience. this has happened to me at least 4 times. i am walking around and i see playing card face down. for some reason i feel/know/intuit it is going to be a joker. amazingly enough it is!!! this just happened again yesterday. one time when i was in portugal there were a whole bunch of cards on the ground. i picked up 2 and both jokers!!!! i have kept everyone of them. the thing that is crazy is that I know they are going to be jokers or I want them to be or something. i’ve looked up the meaning of the taro joker/fool card but there is a bunch of contradictions out there. what do you think? am i meant to play a fool/ joker for the rest of my life?

  7. Today while walking my dog I found the Ace of clubs hidden near a pole, I felt like it was calling me so I took it home. I looked up what the symbolism for it meant but I don’t fully understand it, maybe it will make sense when my fortune eventually comes to me

  8. While walking and thinking about the new job I just manifested for myself I looked at the ground and saw a playing card, just one single card- 10 of diamonds. I immediately picked it up and thought this is for me. I am now reading about about that card in tarot and see it has big meaning. I am saving it next to other signs and synchro’s I find. My twin and I find money EVERY day.

      1. Queen of Fire & Lightning, a Fire sign female instrumental to your designs or if you are a Fire sign, it is time to reign!

  9. I found 8 of Hearts in the park last summer… I left it there. back then I was talking to a random guy on Tinder and wondering if this is going to work out, because I liked him a lot, and now we have been together for like 9 months 🙂

  10. Jadedbrownskin

    Today while at work, I work for a car dealership when I was preparing car for pickup I found a old dirty King of clubs playing card in the driver side visor with the King facing the roof of the car. Does this mean anything?

  11. Jan the 19th 2021, I was at a construction site and found three playing cards. I found the playing cards in this order. 8,4,5. I picked them up and just kept them in my work truck. The next day I was on a job site in Tn and looked over and remembered that I had those cards. I went to a local gas station where they sell lottery tickets and saw that they had a game called cash 3. I played those three numbers in that order for 7 consecutive days. On the morning of Jan the 26th that exact number came out. 845: I won some money using the cards that I found just 7 days later. So let me tell you, finding playing cards can definitely mean something. It did for me anyways.

  12. Today i was just walking going somewhere, and i found this random playing card on the pavement, and is blank. I suppose it was the rain but i’m still confused of what it might mean. I woke up today early in the morning and i saw the full moon. Might this be some kind of clue??

  13. I found a black card on my walk home. it was old and dirty and hat the patterns in the back but nothing on the face what does that mean

  14. Hi,

    I met someone. When I first saw him, he was a synesthesia vision in yellow. I felt open and charged. That’s the best way I can describe the initial feeling. He approached and we spoke. As we walked into the building we were outside of together I picked up an 8 of spades card from the ground. We spent the rest of the evening together and I felt more safe and comforted by him than anyone in my life. All seemed to be well, but I worried that it wasn’t. I tried to make things easy, but instead I pressured him to tell me what his intentions were. He dodged me all summer after that. We saw each other by accident 3 times I. The most random places. I was heart broken. And have been since. I went into a really long, deep and dark depression that felt like a death. Period of grieving. When I picked up the 8 of spades faced down from the ground, I didn’t initially know what it meant but it felt significant to keep. I looked up it’s meaning perhaps a couple of weeks later and even with the blindfold removed, I couldn’t seem to untie myself and walk down the path away from the swords. He later told me “my eagerness and demanding pushed him away”. How do I interpret this and how can I move on from this intense feeling of loss? I guess in my mind, I felt the universe had sent me a gift with a warning.

  15. Emily Thorneycroft

    I found a 9 of hearts face down outside the door to my bedroom… I’ve never seen the card deck it is from before and have no clue how it would have got there… it must be a sign right? Does anyone know the significance of this card?

  16. Well back in early July after I had broken up with my boyfriend I found a 10 of hearts and then just a couple days ago I found a 10 of diamonds. I pretty much feel like the universe is laughing at me because those are two things that I will never have in my life ever no matter how hard I try

    1. No, it sounds like the Universe was wanting to encourage you to hold on. Your 10’s are on the way. Not in your timing, however on the way!

  17. I found a queen of hearts. It was standing up. I turned it sideways the next day on my walk it was standing back up. What does this mean?

  18. I was searching for an object that might have been eaten by my couch and of out of nowhere I pull a jokers playing card from one the cushions. I’ve never seen this card before nor do I even own a deck of playing cards.. can some please explain what the universe is trying to tell me ?😩

    1. It represents the fool in the tarot.

      New beginnings, leap of faith.

      Google the fool and have a read.

      It feels auspicious.

  19. Today found a card the Ace of Spades while waiting to cross at the lights?? I picked it up and gave it to hubby who was like don’t touch it 😫 I said maybe it is a sign of luck and he put it in his pocket and now is on the fridge, we didn’t win lotto though😂 Any insight?

  20. “no education, low-level secretarial dead-end job, lover of afternoon drinking…….”
    ????? HUGE insult to many many women. Maybe she’s just a nice person……

    1. Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

      I think the point was he’d moved on with someone completely different to the author. Which is always weird, non?

  21. Wow the synchronicity!
    The other week I found a playing card on the dash of a car. I picked it up studying it, feeling it was a sort of message.
    Fates are turning? The wheel spins?
    It reminds me of the endless possibilities when you take a gamble into the unknown 🙂

  22. Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

    I honestly see the weirdest messages in car stickers and number plates.

    I DO live in quite a bizzare “car town” where people are obsessed with their cars, and there are more mechanics than hair salons… but still.
    Various odd car omens that spring to mind include:

    A car with crop circles all over it.
    A ute with “Go your own way” all over it, including custom mud flaps
    PLUTO as a number plate
    Goetic sigils as a car sticker
    A car covered in grass/turf

  23. Ahh Mystic, thank you so much for this fab and nuanced interp of the nine of diamonds and what it might mean! This is so positive. I feel even luckier than I did before. And as always, such beautiful wisdom and love from this awesome community. How cool to read about others who have received similar omens xxx

  24. Dice, too. Not often, not always, but a constant random theme in my life. At one point i had all sorts of different colours and sizes of dice. Popped them in glove boxes, pockets, bags and such as i found them, but then they kept popping up again and stopping me in my trax! So I keep them in a box for children to play with if they need a roll for whatever game anytime, or are disputing a decision.

    1. Ha – i’ve found dice too, but only a couple of times. The first was lying in the pavement showing the 5 on top (i notice numbers). And the second one, years later, i accidentally kicked while walking coz i hadn’t seen it – and it landed with the 5 on top too – the Trickster’s number.

  25. Sometime ago I did some research into Gypsy (Romani) culture as I have a strong connection with them.

    Romani witches use playing cards like Tarot.

    I wonder if any other culture does?

  26. The cards i like are in a game called Black Jack.
    Stopped tarot cards (Motherpeace) when they all came to life in the South Pacific Islands.
    Many people seem to lose the 9 of Diamonds in their pack for so many to be found, can’t play BJ without a full deck of cards..so to speak.

    ‘The black cards will bring you money, so you hide them when you’re able but in the land of milk and honey you must put them on the table’.

    Steely Dan ‘Do it Again’

  27. So glad C to feel your optimism and flow. I and others here know what you’ve been through over the last few years.
    I’m not a big fan of the cards, either playing or Tarot, I look for messages from nature. Especially birds and other undomesticated animals.
    The other word that struck me here was ‘random’. My beautiful magical great grandma ( my first guide, as regulars here know ) taught me a few foundational life lessons. One of them was “Nothing is random“ , in every living moment we are being sent messages, assistance, guidance. If from early in life one notes these seemingly minor events, one starts to understand the language of them. Once we understand the language we can decipher the meaning. With the meaning we can see clearly the steps we can make to both avoid trouble and align with positive influences from a very early stage. I can see by your note above that you are gaining these insights x
    Now I’m going to add another nana lesson, “ there are no jokes”. I’m still working on understanding that but wondering does anyone have insight into that lesson they would like to mention ?

    1. DAVID! Long time between drinks. Hope they are hanging well Sailor 🙂 x

      About birds….my baby sparrow is calling me from the kitchen where she walks in and wants cake. Throw her sunflower and budgie seeds and she looks up at me and mentally says ‘ i want CAKE’.My cake has poppy, chia and cranberries in it
      The other day i heard her pitter pattering into the lounge looking for me, walks in not flies.
      So unusual for a timid sparrow, the most humble of birds, to be so tame and so demanding!

    2. Well, it’s like Loki-Mercury-Trickster stuff – the seeming humour disrupts and shakes (like shaking with sudden laughter, or shock) but the intent is very real and serious. Some people say sharp things or put others down as their talk-style or mateship-style then say, just joking, just their sense of humour, lighten up. But the fact is, their topics, themes and attitudes are relentless and show where their mind is at. If the universal energy sends signs that are sometimes kind of funny, or you feel a bit silly noting a pattern, then it is actually serious universal intent to tell you something.

      1. Yes x thank you. Though if you reverse it it’s quite confronting. I use humor a lot in my conversation, when things feel too serious or should I say when people seem too serious about something I don’t see as serious I try and lighten it up. Its probably a very poor attempt at avoidance or not caring which is pretty rude when I think about it. 55 years after being told “there are no jokes” it’s about time I took it on.

      2. Omg that’s cheeky ! It never ceases to amaze me when my so called higher guidance goes to seemingly great lengths to show me something in a humorous way. It makes me laugh, eventually, but at the time I can be so pissed off. Like really ! You take my most serious dilemma and make it into a sit com scenario ! Fuq off.! Yes later I’ll laugh and it is nice to know that humor is a multi dimensional universal thing.
        Maybe what nana was saying was as Mille said, behind every joke is intent, to heal or harm, both can cause shock, you’ve just got to learn to decipher what the intent was.

  28. Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

    ohh I really believe this too! Go you! It sounds like everything is coming together for you!

    I found the ace of clubs (wands) during a really difficult patch. Persisted, and yes things have developed favourably and the hard work is paying off.

  29. Whoah, what an amazing omen. Tough to go through some rough patches and it sounds like life is for the better now. Interesting timing too, as I found a king of spades just yesterday. It wasn’t mentioned in the og post: spades = swords; clubs = wands? I also had a dream of dying, I wonder what it all means! Thank you for sharing 🙂

    1. There was an ‘urban myth’ or belief when I was younger that if you dreamed of dying (the actual moment) you actually did die — lots of dreams of being in a car crash etc. and waking up at the moment of impact. Interesting

  30. Fantastic! But not having had to go through a rough time first, I do love how it all turned out.

    I have come across playing cards on the street, but never picked them up.
    This experience will make me think again if I ever come across any again.

  31. One of my friends had a 13 of spades on displayed on her refrigerator! I asked where it came from, and she said she had found it on the sidewalk! Sometimes, the omens bring messages that don’t even seem possible.

      1. A friend found one under his car bonnet – freaked him out. They do exist – apparently some decks have 11, 12 & 13s – especially made for playing 6 & 9 handed poker.
        He figured that some one was trying to spook him, most likely his angry goth ex-girlfriend.

  32. I was taught to read this way before the tarot was introduced to me. It is a part of my family’s history. Reading cards for money was outlawed in my city during 1944-1945. It is still “outlawed” in my family due to the fear. The law was created to wash out an entire population of people, who were given bare minimum rations to leave town. Now tarot and occult shops are every where in my city. To use these cards is to honor my ancestors but it is also a generational rebellion. Maybe it’s a Saturn/Uranus conjunction kinda thing…. If I were to find a card on the ground, I would take it as a direct message! I would set up an altar to honor it and to help clear pathways… a red card can be a “yes!” from Spirit, whereas a black card might have you consider implications for repair, blockages, or it may come as a warning. These cards are direct. The 9 of diamonds reminds me of a beautiful song that suddenly turns directions near its ending, giving way for a new song to begin. It is a blessing.

  33. Love this. I find cards ALL THE TIME in the street (side note, I live in LA and there are a lot of magicians here lol) and always read them like Tarot cards. They are my favourite things to find 🙂

    1. Same here! Constantly finding cards! I never pick them up but always take it as an impromptu tarot reading from the universe.

      1. Yes, and i find them in really un-card-like places, like one of those quiet affluent suburban bus stops, where the bus comes maybe two or three times a day, or in a hedge 🙂 In places i have never been before but am running an errand. All the Jokers are on my fridge. The others in a drawer with a couple of Robert Buratti postcards from an art exhibition i once attended.

  34. I found the Eight of Diamonds this week under my bed and I was wondering of asking the same. We don’t even have playing cards in the apartment.

    1. Reached into a special rarely worn jacket pocket and found a card punched with a casino hole. I hate casinos, and don’t go to them, certainly not the one the card came from! It was a black Knave

  35. This is your second gift, the gift of establishing treasures. You fell into a Toro, a treasure of earth when you needed that sensuality and relationship, and that one helped you move through some very deep difficult stuff, I recall. That treasure had a lifespan. Some treasures do. Luck does grace you, Chrysalis, but luck is not lasting, it’s a simple gift. This card is DOUBLE, a very new chance, a brighter echo. Funny, isn’t it, how you gave the other away first! Here’s to lasting riches built on bolts of luck and serendipity xxxxxx

    1. Love your work, Mille xxx you are right about the Toro. He was a particular wish I made at the time and I am better for it. And also better for its passing. xxx

  36. I got goosebumps reading what Mystic said about the 9 of pentacles. Sounds like an awesome omen, Chrysalis! Chrysalis, know that you are not alone in spending a LOT of Friday nights and Saturday nights alone this year, and not just alone but bent over in work. Your cappy moon buddy here has been totally with you. 😆
    On a separate note, I don’t think I’ve come across a playing card in the street on my life. I’m quite fascinated that it seems quite a few people here have. It’s the grey feathers for me.

  37. I too love the idea of omens and symbolism appearing in everyday life.

    I once lost my office security pass (complete with photo ID). At the time I was flirting with two men in the organisation and said to myself “this security pass is like Cinderella’s slipper, whoever finds it and returns it to me is my Prince Charming.”

    Several days later I found the pass. I muttered darkly to myself “I am my own f*cking Cinderella.”

    Neither of the flirtations turned into anything more serious but that line became a powerful mantra of self-reliance. It has helped me on many occasions to pick myself up and keep forging on when circumstances got difficult, rather than wait for someone else to fix my problem, so now I am actually grateful for it ( and I have a beautiful self-made garden). 😊

  38. About 15 years ago I found a playing card in the street. It felt auspicious. I don’t remember what it was. I put it on the dashboard of my car.

    It was a very Plutonic time in my life. Very dark. I think it was a message to be true to myself in a time where I had a lot of self doubt. It was comforting. I think it was from my passed over mum.

  39. I love this!

    I’m a keen observer & so when I’m out & about I often look around for clues. In the last few months I walked past a single Joker card 🃏 laying on the ground in my street. I didn’t pick it up, it didn’t seem like it was for me. After a few times of walking past it I came to the realization that it might’ve been for me but only to notice it, not to take it. I’ve also had a particularly bad time physically since April & there wasn’t much chance I could actually bend to pick it up. On Sunday I was hobbling up my street & noticed the Joker was gone. The next day, yesterday, my back went out but it didn’t feel like it was a particularly bad thing to have happened. I’m hoping for it as a re-correction.

    1. Ah I remember you’ve talked about this before, sounds like Saturn has given you a hard time. I hope there’s some let-up for you soon BG, and the joker was a good omen x

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