Dating The Zodiac: Gemini

Once i dated a Gemini Spy. So had an excuse for his multiple identities, different ways of spelling his name depending on mood (or alias?), strange familiarity with a ludicrous array of characters, and period absences. The Gemini Soap Star, not so much. There was also a Gemini “tampon entrepreneur”. Yes, male. A pioneer in the use of organic cotton for such purposes. Sadly, his plan to impregnate the product with cannabis and St John’s Wort fell foul of the Therapeutic Goods Administration.

Gemini men used to be my catnip. Maybe because my North Node is Gemini, the fuqers always help me grow. I have never known one who was not brilliant at telling jokes/anecdotes and had a brain like a kaleidoscope. Like if you put them under a scanner, this is how their mind would look. I have never known one who was not, let’s just say, erratic. As in capable of literally swearing they did not say the statement they uttered 20 minutes ago. “What are you talking about? Are you high?” etc.

That is to say, Geminis are ruled by Mercury, and remember that the element (and the God) both have some slippery, weird qualities. Mercury is dangerous and highly volatile, though the rumor is that they can transmute into gold is, of course, intriguing. But who has time for alchemy these days? Definitely not in a relationship. Mercury the God is classically a hermaphrodite, a trickster and capable of springing the most sensational omens and clues. What’s more is that Mercury IS synchronicity. But just don’t expect Mercury to necessarily be where it was meant to be. Time? A construct.

‘I’m a double Gemini so really I guess I am never single in a manner of speaking. I don’t see what all the fuss is about. People tend to go nuts over getting two for one when shopping. I rest my case.’ Thanks, Geminian!

Z states… ‘He’s a Gemini Ascendant and Mars in Gemini. He’s never fixed in one place or with the same group of people all the time. That makes him come across as a flake. I was reluctant to add him to my social media fearing he’d be there updating and socializing all the time. Which is exactly what he does.’

Does any of this resonate with YOUR Gemini dating/mating experiences?

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  1. My Mother is a Gemini. My best friend growing up was as well. Let’s just say that both may have (perhaps unintentionally) gaslighted me for many years until I woke the fuq up when Uranus hit Aries (my 7th house) and had to rebuild my self-esteem in ALL THE WAYS brick by brick. Mom is better now, but still a Gemini. That thing about swearing they didn’t say the thing? Spot on. Crazy accurate.

    Have a new best friend who is also Gemini. Can’t say I like Gemini much, and also they seem to be ever present in my life.

  2. Well, I find myself able & inclined to comment on this one – couldn’t bear to revisit my three great Aries loves on the first thread. But I have had so many dalliances with fellow Gems, in fact more than Aries.

    My first gf was a Gem – tall, Swedish, has completed now I think six degrees?! I’m not kidding. Gemini bf from 2008 ran a blog, was a guitarist in a band that wore WW2 gas masks on stage, a poet & had a room full of stuffed toys, psychotherapy books & weird musical gadgets. He was entertaining but manic depressive & the lows were too dreary for the likes of someone on the rebound (me).

    Subsequent Gem stand-outs include a highly androgynous best friend who once tried to involve me in a threesome with him & his gf; a photographer-turned-activist who preached free love but then tried to guilt me about snogging someone else at a party; & that said someone else, who leaves about a month between contacting me. So cute as he is won’t be getting a second try.

    The only observation I really have to make about the Gem guys is self-centred. It could be the crew I run with, all of whom are pretty flaky & bohemian, but the Gem guys really take the cake. Definitely have a madonna-whore complex & emotional intelligence when it comes to their OWN emotions is set at zero. Can, however, be genius at giving advice. I do think that Gems have a gift for friendship & light-hearted good times. But my Venus in Taurus, Scorp ruled 4th & Mars in Cancer are learning to look elsewhere for true devotion.

  3. Never felt the urge nor had the opp to datee a gem. I think they would do my fixed sign head in. I have 2 moon in gem sons and I love them to bits but a love affair ….. no

  4. I’m a double Gemini so really I guess I am never single in a manner of speaking. I don’t see what all the fuss is about. People tend to go nuts over getting two for one when shopping.

    I rest my case.

  5. I like air signs and all my impt romantic relationships have been with air people even though i’m a katakan – ( i have libra asc. though) I love their mercurial minds and their wicked wit. What i would like to know is, do all Gemini men suffer from very marked bouts of the dark cloud? or melancholia? or madness, even? Coz that’s been my experience with Gemini men – and not just the ones that I’ve been involved with, but all of the ones i know. Is this a common theme in the Gem male makeup? I know that most people get the blues at times, but these Gem men i’ve encountered have taken it to new levels…..still luv them, though.

      1. oh i don’t doubt their genuineness – either when they’re being genuine or not. Just thought that maybe they are prone to more moodiness or neurosis than other signs…..all that thinking and the myriad of possibilities….may be equivalent to blowing fuses…it’s just an observation and wondered if others have experienced it as well….it’s not a set-in-stone prejudice.
        And yes indeedy, Bob is a Gem – in more ways than one!

      2. I would have thought *especialy* multi conjuncts can be not so their sign, I think.. ….actually i don’t think after 10pm, at least not logically….
        Ha-ha yes! It looks like it’s kataka next. I could say some things already, but I’ll save it for its correct place. 😉
        …Wow – TFC, you’re up early on a Sunday.

  6. The older I get the harder I find to bear their self-indulgence and neurosy. Most of my exes were earth signs with TOO many Gemini and Cancer placements which made them all narcisstic, deflective and generally fucked up (not to mention abusive in some capacity, one of them in every capacity imaginable). And all the Geminis I dated were outright liars who worst, believed their own lies so it was close to impossible to have a genuine, intimate moment with them. Always looking past your shoulder for something else, too. Not that all Geminis are like that, but they ARE self-absorbed and needy. Like folks born in April and August, keep is surface and if you DO get involved be prepared for it to be all about THEM and not about mutuality. They are NOT mutable in relationships.

    The past five years I have been shedding these Neptune in the 7th house “rose colored glasses” tendencies I had. I would settle versus remaining committed to my standards. But now, I can’t afford to Love Zombie out so, now that I live my standards, no more silliness and no more uber Gemini vibes creating pain, misery and insanity in my world 🙂

      1. Broken the pattern, actually.

        Ironically, I was working with someone yesterday who was a Gemini. Talks too much, does little to no work. Expects me to feed them every time they work with me though they make 10 times more money than I do. Wants me to call them every week to keep them motivated. And I’ve realized ALL my Gemini ‘friends’ were like that. They surround themselves with people who let them play Big Mama while they remain the eternal baby. I politely listened to him, gave him a drink, and suggested he post online to look for creative allies. I don’t have time or interest in babysitting any more grown up babies 🙂

        I much prefer those who give and take, who are grounded in mutuality and share. And most Geminis, on the rare occasion they DO share, want to be applauded for it. I can’t handle them anymore, too erratic, two-faced, insincere and the eternal wounded child for my tastes 🙂

  7. I’m gem rising and gem moon with mercury in Aries and Pluto in Virgo.
    Never had a love relationship with a gem.
    One thing I can say about them is I find of all signs they are the easiest to pick.
    The gem that comes to mind was an industry friend in film and tele who would fly to LA in the mid 80s , buy hundreds of e pills from uni student labs in the states and then come back and have huge e parties. Never sold them, just gave them out to everyone from his little brown jar.
    He was such a Peter Pan.

  8. Yes. He’s a Gemini Ascendant and Mars in Gemini. He’s never fixed in one place or with the same group of people all the time. That makes him come across as a flake. I was reluctant to add him to my social media fearing he’d be there updating and socializing all the time, which is exactly what he does. He loves George Carlin. He doesn’t strike me as particularly witty and his songwriting seems kind of bratty and formative, but that seems to be the area where his unfocused self longs to focus on. He left a group that was only instrumental, lyrics seem to be a big thing for him. He was with a guy who was an Ultra Virgo and a really good lyricist, his great grandfather was a celebrated poet and all, and he died. Gemini rising baby has been mourning like he lost a big brother. It’s been a significant loss for him. If you get him to talk, he won’t stop. When i first had a conversation with him, he suddenly told me about where his name comes from, what his grandparents did for a living and I was so shocked he was even talking to me that I kind of blanked out. Goofy and funny when he is in the mood. You never know where he will be next and with whom. So far he’s been neither to have or hold, more like enjoy me when I’m around.

  9. I love it everyone seems to have a weirdo gem story! I built a little shack in the foothills of alpine tassie with a double gem. We had no power so nights often involved me observing her 100 projects on the go at once and having a giggle. She was and is adorable. My gem moon perhaps creates an empathic bridge from my cappo. I love the rampant duality but certainly frustrating at times.

  10. Best sex of my life with a gemini. He can still make my blood hot when I think about it and that was 10 years ago. Intelligent, fun, lone wolf, and athletic (ex-pro). So many positions in so many places. Also had a brief hot affair with a girlfriend who was also a gemini. We lived together and she asked me to read her The Little Prince when she was sick. I read the book every day until the end, when we promptly went at it. It continued for a while, and when it was over we were still friends and okay with it. I have venus, mars, jupiter, and lilith in gemini in my 8th. Haven’t been with another gemini since tho.

  11. Yup, I know and have known many Gem’s. Well, Mercury is the trickster so I know these guys and gals are good at getting away with behavior like that.

    But being a hardcore Scorpionic and Plutonic guy I am good at making it brutally and painfully obvious to them that they are full of sh*t. Once they get to know me they are always on their best behavior when near me. And it’s funny how their so called “forgetfulness” or “changeable nature” all of a sudden vanishes!

    1. We aren’t on our best behaviour around you, we just don’t want to waste any more thought on a brute than strictly necessartyt.

  12. Cheeky post MM! Haute-Gem is SO amazing, only fitting their psychic other can be so lethal. Gem Moon 9th, btw ; )

    The selective amnesia – it’s called gaslighting.
    The name changes – they’re running from the law.
    The multiple identities – preview to their next Tom Ripley.
    The periodic absences – time spent establishing said identity (spouse, job, children, etc.) in a new country.

    I love the applied topic of synchronicity. Mercurial magic conjures Narada/Markandaya for me. The character(s) from Rushdie’s novel Midnight’s Children who frequently change(s) sex on a whim and eventually loses themselves, escaping reality, through mutable masturbatory love making (they’re later castrated by the gov’t). All the characters’ shared chart, Aug 15, 1947 12am Bombay (Indian independence) is quite interesting.

  13. Well as you know Mystic I’m a full blown Gemini albeit Saturn conj my Sun protects me from the worst of the flighty aspects of Gem. However, the best friend of a Sag I once dated, (the wisest person I have ever met) was also a Gemini and the 3 of us had so much fun together that it was often best to include him in our high jinks than exclude him. I have never met more witty and uproariously funny people in my life than those two. They could have matched Robin Williams in their sleep. On one occasion, I was laughing so hard in a restaurant, I fell off my chair, flat on the floor – in full view of everyone. The Gemini finally settled down with a very proper, posh young woman who gave him the space he needs and the Sag traveled to Italy for work, met and married a Roman beauty. So in keeping with their signs. The 3 of us got together recently when the Sag returned home for family reasons. All of us more mature but still, those two guys are the shining examples of best of their signs – incredibly generous in every way that counts, insightful, sensitive, smart, serious and brilliantly funny. I love those guys. We love each other.

  14. the pic: she looks like a Scorpio who Jedi-mind-tricked the Gemini guy into asking her on a date, because he’s hot and runs a good line in conspiracy theories (he’s a journalis.., it’s his job to ask questions). But what she didn’t bank on was that he was 24-7 media guy. Not even her most clingy t-shirt and bodacious boobies drew his attention from the headline that day: the National Broadband Network was to be shitcanned for some 20th century idea of a communications system.

  15. I am fatally attracted to Geminis. Yes every single one of them have forced some kind of amazing death and rebirth upon me for my own survival mind you. The love of my life is a Gemini and sometimes I wonder if I really know who he is TODAY! Lol. Always changing, always entertaining, so much fun but if you can’t keep adapting then it isn’t so much fun anymore. Sad but it’s the truth. I’m a Libra so it’s true what Mystic says in her soul mating book about the two signs and their compatability. These relationships have really helped to evolve my lower Scorpio elements, especially my Venus! Hence so much Phoenix action. One tip I can give is this: if you fancy a Gem, be just as they are, be their twin if you can and they will fall hard for you.

  16. To my knowledge, I’ve never dated a gem! I loved MM’s write up and set up of said Gems, with said broad brush! Lol!
    Some of my bestest mates are Gems!
    I have known a couple of Gems since childhood and we tend to gravitate towards each other! Even my dog is a Gem! I have to say, he is an absolute chick magnet and a social moth (totally attached to the lights!)!
    I love Gems for their honesty, openness to conversation and the universe with ease and grace.
    One of my oldest friends has a Gem son whom I find delightful and highly talented; and very much loved by his parents, drives them mental with his lack of focus. However, I find him highly focused, just not where others would prefer I suppose. He and his parents phone Aunty Me for either, a relaxed conversation or a form of perspective, lol!
    As for me, my sun, rising and moon are all air! Thankfully, there are some beautiful earth planets do ground me! Although, I partner would often say the road, focus on the road; not the birds in the sky! Lol!
    Unfortunately, grounding is not something that is highlighted in this young lads chart either. However, he is totally supported is so many aspects.
    I might be a tad bias, but I love Gem people! 😉

  17. My sun sign is Gemini but I have never felt like a true “gemini female”. I have a Virgo moom and rising sign. I read many of the characteristics here about Gemini’s and don’t really relate to many of them. I have never felt like a true Gemini. I was married to another Gemini and that was just a disaster.

  18. I’m a Gemini, with Gemini rising and Venus in Gemini…! and I’ve dated two Gemini’s before, perhaps not the typical lothario type though.

    Within a few weeks of us getting together, the first one had mapped out how I was going to fit into his life and become the perfect Pamela Anderson lookalike housewife while he wrote books in a studio at the bottom of the garden. He got dropped not long after that.

    Second Gemini was a nice guy, but no romantic.

    Something I noticed about both these guys (and myself) is that they enjoyed their routines. Or perhaps just figured out ‘what they liked’ and they weren’t overly willing to stray from this – a stubbornness really.

    Dating your own starsign is a bit weird, it’s almost like you can see how everything will go with them, so you think – why bother? With two Gemini’s there’s plenty of talking though, and lots of laughter!!

  19. Honestly… There are 2 Types of Gemini.
    the cool Gemini and the flakey annoying erratic Gemini.

    The flakey geminis ahhh I can’t stand. SHUT UP YOU SOUND DUMB with their full on crazy behaviour jotting here and there talking utter shit.

    I just look at them dumbfounded. It’s so annoying I hVe to be around these types of people – just ignore. And hopefully they will pull their head in a choose to be a more calmer facade of their million personalities

    Sorry for the rant I actually dealing with one at work right now


  20. Had a long term relationship with a Gemini for a number of years. Yes to witty. Yes to articulate. Yes to a zillion friends. Everybody knew him even in other parts of the world. Worked in the film industry making cartoons – how Peter Pan of him and liked to travel to Cannes for the film festival.

    Messiest person I’ve ever met. I tidied – he freaked at Latest Important Bit Of Paper being chucked in the bin because it looked like little more than a chewed up post it note. He taught me how to drive and got my career started. Was very supportive and mentorish in that way – one must have a career – not just a shitty JOB but a career (he would say). Yes he was glib and could also be a complete headfuqer when in a mood – pisces moon, cancer venus & virgo mars would send any Gemini up the wall. Too much emo. Preferred sex “on location” … alleyways, things with a film noir resonance.

    But he was interesting and kept me engaged longer than any other boyfriend I’ve had. There was also a kindness to him that maybe came from the water moon and venus. We split because he resisted taking the next step in the relationship … he came back eventually saying he was ready but by then it was a bit too late.

    I have Gem Asc and usually I find blokes struggle to keep up with me. I have many Mercury aspects as well and usually find that at some point a guy gives me that bewildered, hopeless, feeling inadequate look – or they just get angry that I’m smarter than them. *shrug*

  21. I have 5 planets in Gem and was married to a Gem, have girlfriends married to Gems. Well – when it is a party, its a sure very loud one! In my opinion – Gems born in May are way better, then Gems born in June. Just an observation. Also – I will make it to a date and sit through a date, but you have to sit there too and listen to me, ok? I was told once by a sidewalk palm-reader:”guys will forget your name, but always remember how good the sex was”… 😉

  22. Have Gemini North node also, and almost every guy I’ve ever been attracted to has had strong Gemini placements. Guaranteed.

    When I was briefly on internet dating, all the ones I liked the look of were Gemini. My partner has a lot of Gemini planets and he’s hilarious to live with. My sis is Gemini and she can be very, very funny. I’m really attracted to people who make me laugh.
    Gem is also a good placement for talented sportspeople, I noticed.
    Rafael Nadal *sigh*

    1. Ah you have Gem NN, this makes a lot if sense from what you have mentioned! (I have Gem 18 deg SN, but how do you let go of that when u haz Gem Asc?)

  23. Would love to date a Gemini, but haven’t gotten a chance (yet)! My Mars is in Gem, and with Sun and Venus in Sag, I tend to have pretty weird but hot chemistry all over the place with certain Gemini guys. Just met one last weekend, actually, who I instantly felt connection with. Such a fun mind and laid-back quirkiness (only sign I know that can pull off both being straight to the point of bro-esque but also into thrift shopping and interested in everything, even girly fashion). Unfortunately he’s leaving town, but this post is making me miss him already…

  24. Gem Sun guy has also Merc/Venus/Saturn in Gem.
    Mars in Pisces.

    Slutty astro much?
    But no. He has Sun in 4th & Moon in Kataka, and most of his planets reside in the 5th House.

    Plus Aqua Asc means a fixed axis, stubborn and loyal. Leo DC, yay!

    Those gorgeous hands are used for his many hobbies, woodwork, tech everything, guitar, Ju Jitsu, surfing, skating, sex etc. etc.

    1. Hehe, the Leo has Mars Venus Jupiter in Gem, and Sag moon, but never slutty at all.

      My Aries Venus was much sluttier once upon a time :)! He enjoys giving me a hard time about it (hilarious) 🙂

      1. Venus in a Cancer makes for poor slut as I need a guy to cook me a meal at least before I exchange any other fluids.

        ALL my boyfriends are great cooks, lol.

      2. Me too. Once you’ve dated a slew of Gems & Aries eat-on-the-run types… Let’s just say that a veggie gourmet meal prepared FOR rather than BY me is my dream

  25. So much of this resonates! I am married to a Gemini. He always has two things going on at once – right now he practises law in two different areas, and lives in two different places: our small town, and commutes every week to Sydney. I especially loved the – denies saying something he just said twenty seconds ago. I have had this experience so often. When I can absolutely prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that he said what he did just say, he looks baffled – oh, sure, but that was THEN. Who’s got time to cling to the past when so many new ideas, so many billions of them, have passed through his brain since then?

    1. Ps he is super quiet, thoughtful and considered in manner. I don’t know if it is his Cap NN, but if you think of a Gem archetype, for all his Gem planetary action, his general vibe doesn’t match. His activities, yes. But his manner no.

      1. Oh, sorry I was replying to my own comment, but while I am here, I think yr Gem sounds in manner quite archetypal!

    1. Yes!! This! I mean, not the weird part but I have a lot of mercury aspects in my chart and to get involved with someone who is too similar to me makes me wonder if I am actually related to them. Aagh?! I would need some hot chemistry, which usually means scorp, toro or Aries in the mix. Saggitarius dsc / 9th house Sun i guess means I love difference not (too much) similarity ?

  26. That whole denial of things said is what put me off early on. It’s like questioning my honesty/ recall/ sanity.
    Find it too hard to be with someone who’s in a million other places. So I am the Gemini dating anti magnet.
    Have worked with Gem men and their quick minds are fantastic. As coworkers I rate them very highly.

  27. I dated a Gemini, a Mexican DJ no less. He had so many friends there was just no time for me. He was King of the enthusiastic “when can I see you again, Friday?” Latin seduction followed by a Gemini pre-date “I forgot there’s this party I have to go to”. Pfft, meh. Next! (still love the dude, but from a bemused distance)

  28. As a multi-Cap, I’ve always found that Gemini guys are great as study buddies to knock around with (at any age), and Gemini women to be wonderful colleagues.

    But, actually, this topic is eerily timely for me MM. I recently joined an online dating site and haven’t been drawn to anyone apart from this one Gemini guy. I ummed and ahhed until Gemini sister coaxed me to put my hand out to him. No response as yet.

    Meanwhile, I’ve also noted, many many Gemini guys in my age group (50s) on this particular site.

    1. I want to say go for it because I as a Gem am strangely attracted to Caps & in awe of them. Sadly the attraction hasn’t been strong enough for us to make it happen yet, but right now I just think Caps are the best fit with my Taurus Venus.

  29. Lets face reality.
    I am a love zombie waiting for a person to happen on.
    The only criteria are that they have an intellect as sparkly as my own and be hot. I know its wrong but ………..Thanks just where I’m at right now.
    I feel so much more attracted to women lately, physically, emotionally, sexually.
    Men leave me cold.
    Women make me want to make the world a better place.
    Sex is such tiny part go it….
    Not sure how asro relevant this comment id but hey.

    1. Hee hee… Difficult situation… But maybe relates because gems are inherently probed to bisexuality… I think I’ve read

      1. Haha
        I’d be so ok if this woman turned out to be bi sexual.
        I did have sex with a woman last night.
        It was a lot of fun at the time but I doubt I’ll call her again.
        I’m deeply shallow that way.
        She was a Scorpio/ Sagg mix and the most sexual person I have ever… no not that euphemism please – met. Ok go on then, come across hahahahahahaha
        Oddly picky little virgo snob that I am I found her a bit much. I mean she was great but like, yeah.
        Her vibe was just a bit too “lets get wasted” for me.
        That is so not my thing anymore.
        I was so happy to be back home, in my alchemy bath and then cup of cocoa and bed …And today I am gardening. I must be getting old. I like it.

  30. Oh gawd I so laughed at this post. The Image of what heir minds look like.
    Cerebral porn anyone?
    Maybe it’s cuz I’m half Virgo, half saggo but dang them Gems always gonna be my downfall. even the tarot app keeps telling me to watch out for actual mendacity chez moi, and chez biz moi.
    I know
    I know
    Clooney alert!
    But seriously these peeps are charm and intellect personified. Add in Leo Rising and a north Node also in Cap and I must fess up. I an in no way able to be rational re this woman who I’m on the verge of hiring as my assistant.
    As in a full time position.. with much more decent salary and nicer job plus training (paid for by yours truly) so she can move up in the world as I feel she deserves to do when she outgrows her position as my PA.
    Nothing has been signed yet so I’m still free to change my mind to create a different structure…. She is so cute tho.
    i’m shallow………………………..

  31. Year of the Phoenix

    Gems as gay boyfriends only – so much fun!

    One was famously on Project Runway and came in 2nd – jeez the post show bitching had to be seen to be believed……we are no longer close but have to say had some of the best nights of my life playing up with him

    1. hey, is this the guy that now makes music? a blonde guy? what’s his name? i’ve been trying to find his music videos 🙂

  32. Nope! I’ve never been able to deal with a Gemini guy long enough to make it to a date. My Moon is there, too, which seems weird. Maybe I’m just a self-hating Gem Moon. I have a hard enough time detangling my own true feelings from my thoughts from what I actually said in the moment without trying to do it for someone else, too. Sex, you say? Not with this headache!

  33. I have Mars in Gem 7th house (relationships) and have never met a Gem (to my knowledge) that I didn’t adore. My friend group is filled with Gems, Cancers, and Leos (summer babies) for whatever reason – no one competes for attention because everyone’s lovely and gracious and gets off on everyone *else’s* success. But those Gems- we can just sit, rapt, and listen to them talk. And dance. Ania used to jeté into wine dinners and it was completely appropriate.

    Gems are the best dancers and make for excellent muses for all those Leos.

    LOVE this post, MM!

    1. I love all these 3 too, my Gem partner & I are a blend of them, so too easy.

      I have seen Gem external clarity used to shield internal refusal to face weakness, but I generally love Gems.

    2. I’m a Leo with an Aquarius rising and I’m currently dating an Aquarius with a Cancer moon and a Gemini rising. I can SO relate to the “I never said that!” thing when he totally said it earlier. Dude tells tall tales. But for whatever reason it doesn’t bother me excessively. I know the seed of the meaning is there — I am familiar with the energy thanks to my Gemini dad (who also has a Cancer moon).

      I will totally call him on shit that matters, though. Leo and Gemini get along like a house on fire. It is one of my most favorite and stimulating combinations.

  34. WOw. Hit the nail on the head MM. My ex husband is a Gem. Three personalities, one of them is called ‘herpes’ which is a reoccurring, painful and frustrating time for everyone. It’s hard to know when ‘herpes’ is going to raise it’s ugly head, but when IT does BOOM. And after it subsides…..what are you even talking about? Did someone say cake?

  35. one who was not, let’s just say, erratic. As in capable of literally swearing they did not say the statement they uttered 20 minutes ago. “What are you talking about? Are you high?” Etc.

    Christ, I married one! The statement above reflects the maddening life I now lead when it comes to communication between us. We even attended counselling for the problem last year. Not a week goes by where I wish I’d never met the bastard, and can’t understand why we are so good in bed together when other means of ‘being on the same page’ are so problematic.

    A couple of weekends a go I screamed at him in frustration “I’ve never felt so ignored in any relationship in my life – and I’ve had a few”. His reply was “well you tell me when I’m ignoring you and I’ll make sure I pay attention”. My retort? “I don’t KNOW when you are ignoring me because you actually answer me when we are talking. It’s only if we refer back to that conversation I realise you haven’t listened to a fuqing word I’ve said!”


    Anyone else have this shit?

    1. Aww 🙁 I’m sorry. I think, as a Grand-Air-trine lady with six planets in Air signs, I might offer a bit of help? I’ve got Gem rising, too, and drive my husband batty with my changeability.

      I recognize what he’s saying about answering but not listening! I do it, too. I personally have two modes of listening – antennas are picking up the signals but I can’t repeat it back to you, and deep listening/taking it in/will moodle it over and get back to you later. His brain is going soooo fast that he’s literally thinking his thoughts while you’re speaking at a louder voice in his head above what you’re saying. Like two horizontal bands of sound waves operating at two different frequencies, I guess would be a good way to describe it. You’d be surprised how much he actually does pick up, but maybe try to get him into the deep-listening mode.

      How do you do that? I’m addicted to variety and anything unusual. Try bringing up a weird fact/strange tip you’ve come across. Then, once you’ve got his attention, whack him with what you REALLY want to say. Voila – no more antenna-listening. 🙂

      Hope this helps! Yes, we’re maddening. Sigh. But it’s hard to be both human-living-in-the-real-world and also be contemplating a zillion strange thoughts at once, ya know? 🙂

      1. I am Gem Asc and my Gem is almost as changeable as me. I think it can be great if both people are running at the same speed – I relate to both of these comments though! Argh, good luck!

      2. Great description!!! My triple Gem boyfriend is this…he has two channels running, one is way ahead of where I am, mind racing on and on, always to the next thing. But he is listening, and if I wait for a few seconds, the listening part will catch up and give me a very empathic response (probably helps his Gem moon is on AC, so kinda has some Kataka going on). Very perceptive guy if you just give him a few moments to slow his mind down enough to speak from that empathic part that has been picking up on slight emotional cues, movements, etc. But his memory isn’t great and he forgets arguments/points he made a couple days ago, which I think is funny. Those opinions are so fluid, they might not stick around for long. Routine stuff is hard–hardly any need for routine with a triple Gem. All in all though, we are pretty good together as I have Venus in Gem and moon in 3rd so I’m pretty Gem myself, plus Aquarius rising likes the constant flow of ideas…never boring…but sometimes too much talking about silly things and I think…better to save the energy

      3. Oh thank you so much for that insight! The problem is in also a triple Pisces. We shouldn’t be together but hey, for all the boring humdrum there’s enough challenge there to keep us both thinking ‘wtf?’. It’s our mercuries that clash and I was advised this by a consult with mystic and the problems it might bring. Your insight was invaluable. I might have met my match somehow, for varying levels of attention happening all at the same time……

      4. Tsk, so hard to answer by phone. I’m a triple pisces that should say, and I have mercury in Aries, he doesn’t stand a chance once the fire cracker has gone off !

    2. Omg.. thats sooo funny lololollol.. I totes get ALL this… my bfren is Gemini.. hot steamy sexy sometimes.. maddeningly self reflective MOST of the time… my current internal dialogue revolves around me saying. .’just for a moment reflect on me and what I Said before flipping over to your own bottom less pit of experience 😉 ps I hv gem moon and gem quivk 2nd rising but tempered by sag moon and taurus asc.. so I bounce with gems but really. I wish for more psychic SPACE !

  36. Can you actually get a Gemini to sit still long enough for a date?

    A quote from Miss Gemini about twenty minutes into our final date:

    “Hey can you watch my bags for me? I have to go run and meet someone, if I’m not back in twenty minutes, call me.”

    She returned in about an hour and twenty minutes.

      1. I did call her. She didn’t answer. I called her again ten minutes after that. And in another ten. Still no answer. Then I gave up. I only stayed because I wanted to see how long she would take to show up.. if ever.

    1. I dated a self-absorbed Scorpio once who asked me to ‘sit’ his glasses while he went off and talked to people. I left. AND left his glasses. He never forgave me for ‘losing’ his designer glasses and I never regretted my decision, lol.

  37. Gonna write my story before you all start in with your Gemini bashing. As a Gem girl, I never did really date a Gem guy – we just never seemed able to make that emotional connection. But I did have a super-fun fling with one and had to marvel over how it could be (to this day) some of the best sex of my life. Came to find out later we had the Sexual Napalm aspect – my Venus conjunct his Mars in Cancer. Hot hot…
    Anyway, he was 23 and I was 32 when we met one night at a bar – we were out with a bunch of people and he was with his brother and sister. Part of a large and classic San Francisco Irish-Catholic family, they often were found together. He’d just gotten out of the coast guard and was working as a lifeguard at the time. It was summer. He was funny, flirty – talking to him felt effortless. It wasn’t anything deep. I recall him showing me his tattoos which I made fun of…he agreed they were “dumb.” Unimaginative stuff like an anchor, Celtic sayings. But my oh my, was he my type: Black Irish. White skin, black hair, dark eyes, built. Soooo sexy. I told him he should give me his number so we could “hang out.”
    I invited him over not long after to help me drink the rest of some beers left over from a party i’d just had, on our roofdeck wtih a view. He shows up with little brother in tow. This was amusing but not too surprising – luckily I liked them both. It quickly got too cool (SF after all) and we moved to my room where I amused myself for awhile making them try on my clothes. Nothing too freaky, just fur coats and the like. Pimpin’. The only place to sit was on my bed. No, I’m not going there….there was no 3some with 2 brothers, pervs. 😉 But he moved closer…his head ended up resting in my lap and he would reach back now and then and grab my leg or hand. ELECTRIC energy. Soon enough, he told me to come with him to the kitchen to “get more beers” where we attacked each other like rabid animals. Smoking hot. Without further ado, his brother was dispatched to the futon upstairs and we went to bed. I’ll just say that he was inventive, switching it up and very talented at oral and well, pretty much everything. I’ll stop there since this isn’t THAT kind of blog.
    After our one night of passion, it seemed clear he wasn’t going to call me again even tho I thought I’d done a good job of letting him know I was down for a casual thing. I ended up calling him later one night, and…..waking up his MOM! L-O-L…he neglected to tell me he was living at the family homestead. But, I said something to the effect of “Look…it’s not like I’m trying to DATE you.” So that set off a several month long stint…he’d usually come see me while on his lifeguard breaks, which I thought was totally hot.
    He traveled as much as he could, seemed to have friends everywhere, and had tales of Brazilian heiress girlfriends who had maids waiting on her (and him) hand and foot while he was visiting.
    We reconnected on FB a few years ago an I learned that he had become a cop. Oh my….Black Irish manly man in a uniform was pretty much porn material. He’s the one casual fling I still think of often. Gemini guys are possibly the best at sexy flings – doubt there’s anyone better, unless perhaps a Sagg.

  38. Mmm, a Gemini was my first official boyfriend when I was about 14. We used to have the most amazing conversations on the phone, for hours and could discuss all sorts of things with him. Then I kinda Aqua-freaked out when he wanted to *kiss*…I couldn’t deal with the emotional intensity at all and really unceremoniously dumped him. Was horrible actually I was so cold to him. Anyway he went off the radar to pop up towards end of high school, broke into our house while we were on holidays, slept in my bed then started ringing and stalking around outside my bedroom at night. Ugh. I couldn’t wait to leave home to get away from him. It kind of put me off being close to anyone for a really long time.
    Great conversations sure but ewwww, I know I hurt his feelings but actual break and enter and stalking?!

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