Extra-Galactic Rays Coming From A Black Hole In Aquarius

Interested in the Solar Minimum and Astrology? You are in the right place because I’m obsessed. I’ve stayed up late researching and live-chatting with space meteorologists. You wouldn’t know it by the current social structure but Astronomy came out of Astrology. Someone had to track all the stars and planets while ancient astrologers wafted around writing sonnets to Sirius and trying to talk down antsy Emperors.

So it’s been incredibly cool for me to bend my brain parsing the science of what’s going on. It sounds whack enough to confirm my theory that J.G.Ballard now has script approval. Saturn has been in Aquarius for, like, five minutes (actually 63 days) and all this is going down. (If you would prefer to skip the science and skip straight to the magic bits, scroll right down.)

For clarity, I am doing a numbered list below, but here is a quick summary: The Sun may be about to extend its cyclical low-action phase into a much longer phase. Because there are fewer solar winds, we get more extra-galactic rays beaming our way, and while nobody knows where they are coming from, a black hole in Aquarius is the most likely contender. Also, “extra-galactic” is the word of the moment.

There Is A Link Between The Solar Minimum And Astrology

Additionally, the Earth’s magnetic field is dwindling, and “nobody knows why” because it’s such a mystery to scientists. But by the way, since January scientists and engineers have been working with an eight-ton magnet, the most powerful ever devised, made via from a super-conducting blend of Tin and Niobium. It’s 250,000 times stronger than the magnetic field of the Earth.

Don’t believe me? All that is direct from their press release.  And Niobium is named after a demi-Goddess who started (and lost) a war with Artemis and Apollo the Moon Goddess + Sun God in Ancient Greek mythology. In mid-2019, the European Space Agency collaborated with CERN to replicate the magnetic field of Jupiter, using the world’s most intense radiation beam at a facility called VESPER (Very energetic Electron facility for Space Planetary Exploration missions in harsh Radiative environments).

The Most Powerful Magnetic Experiment In History

Could any of this be dangerous? “Not at all,” assert CERN in their F.A.Q. “Since the magnetic fields are produced 100 meters underground, they’re not detectible on the surface.” It’s not radically reassuring.

Extra-galactic space rays are also thought to contribute to cloud formation and so scientists are also capturing super-high beam gamma rays and blasting them at clouds. Building ever-more massive magnets is the new space race.

I am sure it’s more complicated than that but is anyone else getting a feel for some potential Pluto in Aquarius issues coming up? Or even the Saturn in Aquarius/Uranus in Taurus squares of 2021. I can see it as the ideals of science – particularly particle physics, astrophysics, and similar fields – versus a movement away from trillion-dollar ‘recreating the big-bang’ experiments, toward more sustainable and biodynamic styles of living.

Could they converge and lead to ingenious solutions? Or are we fuqing with Earth (Geomagnetism) and Air (Atmosphere) too much for planetary comfort? Would it be an interesting science experiment to cease particle collision/gigantic magnet experiences for a few months and see if anything occurred within Earth’s magnetic field?

But there is more and it’s astrologically fascinating. I am going to number these for clarity:

Deep Solar Minimum May Be Upon Us

(1) Solar Minimum and Solar Maximum are a cycle, averaging out at approximately 11.6 years and loosely correlating with Jupiter. The Minimums are when there is a lack of sunspot activity and solar storms and they usually last for a year. We’re now in the longest stretch of quiet Sun days since they began keeping these records. So it is possible that we might be at the beginning of a Deep Solar Minimum A.K.A. Grand Solar Minimum.

As you can see from the graph below, the last Solar Minimum was in December 2008, with April 2014 being Solar Maximum. I remember that month! I am working on a theory that Solar Minimums and Maximum months are major for the sector of your chart where you have Leo. The exact dates – or at least, the months, are here.

The longest recorded one was from approx 1645 until 1715, interestingly also the phase of the Jupiter-Saturn Great Conjunction cycle dominated by Fire signs. The conjunctions and elements are here. The change of elements is called the Trigonalis and 17th Century astronomers/astrologers wrote extensively on the Fiery Trigon.

The cycle beginning in December 2020 is Air, the first Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius since the 15th Century. It is explained more in part 4 of my Pragmatic Magic & Astro-Tips for Turbulent Times series.

Just to add some extra astrological oomph, the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction is next to the Fixed Star Altair, the Eagle Star, and a uniquely weird stellar-mass black hole. More on that in a moment. With the Solar Minimum, scientists are obviously monitoring the Sun for signs of activity, as once coronal flares and Solar Winds startup, we’re back in the usual cycle.

Icy Clouds Glowing Electric Blue

But if the Sun stays in slumber mode, what could we expect? Well, there are multiple scientific theories around this. The more positive prognoses include dazzling auroras, global cooling sufficient to offset global warming, and this poetic sounding effect: “during a solar minimum, noctilucent clouds tend to become more prevalent as this period favors the frosting of meteor smoke high above the Earth. Water molecules stick to specks of meteor smoke, gathering into icy clouds that glow electric blue when they are hit by high altitude sunlight.”

Icy clouds glowing electric blue sounds like Club Aquarius decor. More seriously, an extended Solar Minimum would have geomagnetic effects, influencing power grids, satellites, and radar systems. But the main effect is these zapped up extra-galactic rays. Come into the weirding with me with (2) below the graph.

(2) We’re already copping extra-galactic or ‘cosmic’ rays: astronauts and people who fly a lot (eg: pilots, aircrew) are more affected by them. With the Solar Minimum and the magnetic field of the Earth dwindling, we’re going to get more of them. See the graphs below – I wonder why the rays were SO low in the early 90s? Astrologically, it was a strong Capricorn vibe and the Solar Maximum of 1989 was epic, leading to ultra-intense geomagnetic storms on Earth.

Now, nobody knows where the cosmic rays are coming from but the strongest contender seems to be Cygnus X-1, a black hole in Aquarius and galactic x-ray source. Fittingly, for an Aquarius phenom, it’s super-weird. For years it was thought to be a normal constellation because it has an array of anomalies not usually seen in any black hole. The physicist Stephen Hawking (A Brief History of Time) lost a bet over it.

Cosmic Rays From A Black Hole In Aquarius

Of course, it would be easy to go all ‘Winter is Coming‘ over this: Nobody wants to be x-rayed from space all the time with freezing cold weather while scientists enthuse about the God Particle. But to go super-Uranian on this, maybe cosmic rays could be good?

Last year, when I had to get a C.T. scan because of my lost voice, I felt the energy of it. I wrote about it at the time but it was this distinct, you know, energy. I was nervous about the procedure as I’ve only ever had dental x-rays before but I was not expecting to encounter or feel anything psychically – if anything, I was powering down my sensitivity so I would not get nervous.

Streetlight Interference Syndrome

But there it was, an unmistakable something that passed through me. The only translatable ‘message’ I picked up from it was ‘this (x-rays) only harms you (people) because your earth is deficient. And I got the sense of a mineral, not identified and presumably affected by pesticides or something.

Since that scan, I have been ridiculously electromagnetically sensitive, gone into full  SLider mode, and felt earthquakes above 4.0 Richter if they are in the same hemisphere.

A SLider, if you don’t know, is a reference to Streetlight Interference Syndrome. It extends to watch-stopping and other mechanical fuqery. I’ve always had it to a certain extent (it tends to coincide with strong Uranus/Aquarius placements) but it is intensifying. I bet it’s going to become more commonplace with Jupiter, Saturn, and then Pluto into Aquarius.

It would be an interesting exercise to track the highs and lows of these rays to see what else they correlate with. I’m trying to source a live data feed. It’s a developing story, obviously!

(3) The constellation Cygnus is charmingly named after a Swan and is associated with Apollo, as well as Orpheus. Spanning Aquarius and early Pisces, it’s the topic of multiple myths over the millennia. In the Greek version, Cygnus was a hero who turned into a swan to save his friend but perished himself. Moved by his bravery, Zeus ‘imprinted’ him into the stars.

The ancient Chinese legend is a love story. The Weaver Princess (represented by the star Vega), falls in love with the King’s Herdsman (the star Altair) but for various reasons they can only be together once a year. At this time, magpies fly to heaven to create a bridge that the two lovers can use to meet one another.*

And, it would not be a black hole in Aquarius if it did not have a thumping great big Uranian ‘ancient aliens’ hyper-theory attached. The Cygnus Mystery (2007)  says that the constellation/black hole is our origin. And there is an update called The Cygnus Key (2018). The author – Andrew Collins – is a triple Aquarius with Uranus opposite his Sun, naturally.

The Cygnus books bring together D.M.T., Radon Health Mines, the folk concept of storks bringing babies, Pythagoras, the pyramids at Giza, beryllium-10, the Milky Way’s Path Of Souls, Siberian shamans, the Denisovans, the Hindu Goddess Saraswati – her vehicle is a white swan, magic mushrooms and a multitude of other factors.

Ride A White Swan

White swans are also integral to Celtic mythology, weaving in and out of multiple sagas. The story of Caer Ibormeith, the Goddess of sleep and dreaming, clearly inspired Swan Lake, and swans are connected to the Otherworld of the Aos Si or Tuatha de Danann. Think of the Seventies glam rock star Marc Bolan’s lyrics too: Ride a white swan like the people of Beltane…

Weirdly, Cygnus was also the subject of a 1977 sci-fi thriller called The Jupiter Theft.

 “The initial part of the novel mixes near-future thriller and disaster novel scenarios, focussing on the discovery of a moving gamma-ray source headed towards Earth from the direction of Cygnus X-1, and the diversion of a Chinese-American Jupiter mission to investigate the new Solar System intruder. As the Chinese and Americans are mutually antagonistic politically, espionage and suspicion must be overcome for the Jupiter Mission to go ahead.

Once the Mission intercepts the intruder the story shifts into an alien contact scenario. The “intruder” is actually the silicate core of a Jovian planet, orbited by a moon and five immense alien spacecraft. The Jupiter Mission is intercepted in mid-space by aliens, dubbed Cygnans, riding on matter-annihilation powered “broomsticks.”

A Canadian Rock Band Called It Early

More weirdly, a Canadian Rock band called Rush, deemed it a black hole in 1977 – 20 years before science confirmed it – and wrote a song about it, calling it an astral door.

In the constellation of Cygnus
There lurks a mysterious, invisible force
The Black Hole of Cygnus X-1
Six stars of the northern cross
In mourning for their sister’s loss
In a final flash of glory
Nevermore to grace the night
To telescopic eye
The star that would not die

Viewed through a metaphysical lens, the slumber of the Sun and Gaia being more subject to these cosmic winds has resonance. The weather – and many people – will be weirder.

But if you muse upon some of these far-ranging archaeoastronomical and mythopoetic themes, I guarantee you’ll evoke some extra-ordinary realization or connection.

The Solar Minimum and associated influx of rays from this mysterious realm have a supernatural significance beneath the obvious potential for disruption. Find that magical frequency and tune into that. Thoughts?

* More info on the Magpie Bridge – The Magpie Bridge occurs on the 7th day of the 7th lunar month each year and is celebrated as the Qixi festival.  It coincides with the super-high visibility of Deneb, creating the Summer (or Winter in the Southern Hemisphere)Triangle.


Space Weather Prediction Centre
Oulu Cosmic Ray Station
The Cygnus Mystery

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I am a SLider too but didn’t know there is a term for it. Triple Aqua here and in the last 63 days I have had my first ever MRI and I get what you mean. I haven’t mentioned it to anyone because it was a feeling of something, but what? Also, my tv has started randomly turning itself on. I have had other small electronic things behave weirdly, like alarm clocks playing after they’ve been unplugged, but the tv is a new one for me!


Fabulous post as usual. Looks like we will follow the way of Atlantis, big magnets how will that affect the earth, planets…throw them off kilter..Also doing experiments under the earth?? So it won’t affect the surface..don’t think so…they are called earthquakes and tsunamis..


This is great shit.


Wooooowww Thanks Mystic this post was 🤯


Wow. I am inspired by the depth at which you go into myth and science. My Jupiter in libra loves the expanded dualities come into oneness.


Toying with a version of the big bang? FFS accept it is a black box and leave that sh!t alone. How about spending that brain power on something useful for the Earth? I had a MRI and cat scan (global temporary amnesia, no sign of anything) and that deep magnetic throbbing was weird, but it almost felt like my energy flipping back and forth, rather than on and off like a switch. I am deeply fascinated with all of the science but questions must be asked when we spend, I imagine billions of dollars on conceptual or hyperthetical, theoretical science… Read more »


Btw how great is it to have a personalised daily horoscope?
Pause 4 Applause 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻


I say this way too often and it’s a cop out of a comment but hey. Amazing blooming post MM. suuuuuuuuuuuuper exciting 🧡


It has been published in very mainstream rags that there is evidence the earth is prepping for change of magnetic poles. My very talented Pisces musician friend is about to obtain The Flower of Life course from Bob Fissell. Bought his 10 year old mac mini to help him pay for it. (Money is made round to go round). He will pass the info onto me. Believe it is how to make your own Merkaba for space travel/after-life/now-life/transition, a meta-science. The Pisces wrote a song in the 80’s called Cell Division which is what is being deduced about the universe,… Read more »


Pegs I love seeing your face!
I had a series on vhs (lol) when I was very young- vhs 😂 called flower of life sacred geometry. The guy was called Drunvello Melchizedek. I think. Probably not the same thing. These were lectures ….


Hello Invicta, Drunvallo did courses but he is suss to me as caught him out on a few things where he ‘jumped on the bandwagon’ and obtained his teachings from Fissell.
Hope you are doing exceptionally well, knowing your reslience and fortitude you will be 🙂


My NN is at 2’ Aquarius, so this will be interesting..


YEP that is why I was asking after degrees. Conj. my Merc and Sun…


Wowza!! Love your Boundary pushing posts! Yasss 🙌🙌🙌⚡️✨✨✨


Potassium iodide? That could be the mineral… has to do with thyroid, immunity, and some other things… Gearing up for Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto in Aqua! I’m Aqua Sun and Mercury. This post is WOW! I’m going to re-read it several times. I remember reading about solar min/max back in 2000 (I *think* that was a solar max year, can’t quite remember) and looked into it for awhile, but then forgot about it. Time to pay attention to it again! Thanks!


Ack! Somehow forgot to say, potassium iodide can help block radiation!


How can we “gear up” for Saturn Jupiter and Pluto in freakin’ Aqua, flowerchild?!? Cause mang, the combo squaring my Moon/Uran conj. in 1H Libra was FUQED UP. Just even Pluto in Aqua squaring off Uranus in Taurus..sheesh. The heavy hitters are aligning. Go big or go home? Time to quote Hunter S. Thompson…again?!


I really have no idea how to gear up for it, but I guess for now just being aware that it will be happening? Think of all the people who don’t know about astrology and will be broadsided, just as they are for other transits. You’re Aqua Sun, too, right? I’m Aqua Sun at 11 degrees, and in the 8th house. So, having Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto heading for my 8th, plus squaring Uranus, is another issue. Quite bluntly, I’m wondering if it will spell my death? My leave from this body and planet? I don’t know, sorry, with this… Read more »

lisa guest

Wow. My Lucky Star is Altair. One of the first poems I wrote in 1977 was The Eagle. I just named my captain my general. Garuda is trying to keep the peace with me and my brother, The Hurricane. In the 90s, an ex created Blue Electric, a windmill for the masses. So many synchronicities when I read this yesterday.


Last night’s ‘Through the Wormhole’ was about quantum physics and the black holes. They are really something.The universe is biology, it has a mind. Well hey, haven’t we been saying that!
Everything seems to be expanding. At last the answers to all are being uncovered. I’m delirious about this information. No more fear of death as it exists not.Simply Cell Division Infinity.


Nice to see you Pegs 🧡


Yes Pegs, you look really well! xx


Thank you Ronnie, it is few years old but yes i’m doing much better breathwise than ever before. Strange for a disorder that is progressive as you age.
Hve always love taking photos ever since i was given a Ricoh camera in ’80.
Hope you are creatively well and workin’ it 🙂 x


Fess up. That selfie is 5 years old…lol x


yes, but your energy feels very fresh!
I am being SO creative, so much so that the dogs are pissed off 😀 not enough attention on them. am so loving being at home with uninterrupted flow time


Hi Mystic sorry this is off topic but I’ve just discovered Enneagrams, I know so late to the party, and wondering about any astrological connections? Thanks Des


I have looked at this some years ago so this is a cool reminder. I’m interested too. I’d completely forgotten about it but did put considerable effort in at the time. I could loosely nail some of the signs to numbers but they don’t, as you’d know, add up even if we consider just the planets.

But…I have just thought of a new angle – the enneagram model is recorded as going public in 1915 and Pluto was discovered in 1930. Now we have 9!!


Yes, Exploration to find knowledge of the outer universe in relation to my life on Earth leaves me a little breathless and a little left behind, like a poor runner in a destination race. I am calmed by esoteric knowledge that reveals that there are 7 Rays of influence from the cosmic universe upon humanity and its earthly guardianship. The Ray of Science is the 5th Ray and it is prominent at this time of history. However the other 6 Rays are no less active at any one time – like the colour spectrum of the rainbow – and all… Read more »


Voted up before i saw the rest of your writing mentioning A. Bailey. I have that book, must do a search for it. Written in the 20/30’s.


I had to read this real slow-like. “Reality” is some kind of cute antiquated concept. I’d love to dive into the weirdness but I still have to pay the bills and I get weepy about the kids not being able to go to summer camp or the pool. Hell not even seeing friends for that matter. I’ll find a balance sooner or later.


All of this. Yes, weirdness, paying bills, and the kids can’t do their messy loud summer things.

The Lion & The Centaur

Wow. I’m speechless. Extended Solar minimum would be much needed, it could give us some time to fight the Climate change, but I’m seriously worried about the magnetic experiments… As if Extra strong magnets wouldn’t affect the magnetic system of the Earth & The radiation from our Solar system & outer space?!? I hope these scientists’ experiment goes to sh*t and they lose funding qnd dispose the magnets safely and sustainably. As if lol… But thank you, I will dive deeper into this! Also, as a fellow SLIder, I’m renewing my kitchen appliances because they just stop working. Oven is… Read more »


Ah, it is Paul Wunderlich. Have not seen his art since reading Omni science mag! Smooth beautiful shading, colours and lines. Lovely choice

Wish Upon a Star

Find that magical frequency and tune into that.




Wow, so good Myst. My last comment to you was my feeling that you had transcended the astral. The astral being the 4th dimension, the time /space continuum. To transcend it is to understand it, to understand it one must be outside of it. Only from that perspective can the mechanics of the moving parts be seen and comprehended. I can feel the joy in you describing this new perspective. When we are in the confines of the time space continuum, we are like the person in a huge dark warehouse trying to find something with a pen light. We… Read more »


Wow.. so good…. 😉 Spot on my friend. And I concur re Mystic’s post style changes.. But, I don’t know that the unknowable can be known (completely) whilst we live on the planet of polarity because everything is seen through that lens and if not all of the time at least some of the time. And I also think it’s heavily woven into the subjective nature of our emotional being. At what point when we decide we have ‘the’ truth can we be completely sure that it’s the absolute truth and not our version of the truth. Meanwhile on planet… Read more »


Fellow Archer, there is a French expression i have always loved ‘Je marche d’or mon souliers’. I walk outside of my shoes’. It is said when feeling-not-quite-right.
The senders sure put their foot in it didn’t they?


And it is so you don’t put your foot in your mouth as Saggi’s usually do 🙂


Hahaha, no shoe (no matter how amazing) will do that but I really ❤ the French expression you posted x


David you are so good at explaining, teaching, putting the hard to explain mysterious into words that are lucid and understandable.
Isn’t quantum physics science? Funky science.


“…a Canadian band called ‘Rush’…” lmao.

I once dated someone rather high-up in still-dotcom-era Silicon Valley who had a Rush bobblehead doll collection in his sprawling Atherton mansion. This was not unusual for the dempgraphic; Rush is beloved by weed-smoking social darwinist / objectivist boys (neoliberal punks on dope?).

ANYWAYS, as a Uraniac, my main question is: At what degree Aqua is this Cygnus-X1?


I searched the page for the word “degree” to see if someone already asked this question, and nothing showed up, I feel bad someone had. But! Altair is at 1* Aqua and Vega is at 14* Cap. So that’s the magpie bridge, right? But then I thought it said that Cygnus went into Pisces….so if Altiar begins it, then the thing takes up all of Aqua?


I very nearly made a Rush comment but I think you said it best.


Love it ! Thank you!


OMG Mytsic this is just sooooo brilliant. I wish you’d write a book about all this. I can’t get enough. And those solar minimum/ maximum dates.. they correspond with every intensely significant period of divine magic, manifestation, transformation and transmutation in my life. Seriously like getting spun into the eye of the storm in Kansa and then finding yourself in magical red shoes surrounded by helpers in a new land. I’m gobsmacked. I’ve been feeling this next one coming on with the Saturn Pluto Uranus Jupiter cluster fuck happened on my North Node Jupiter conjunction, and obviously it’s going to… Read more »


Dude what’s your north node?
Are you 22-24 Cap ?


My North Node is 16 degrees Cap in the 7th, so not bang on, but close enough to feel it intensely in the lead up to the conjunction while those planets were moving across in December, Jan, Feb, squaring Uranus and triggering the same themes as I’d dealt with while they were moving over my sun in the 6th and Scorpio stellium in the 5th. When the pandemic hit I was breathing a huge sign of relief, because I felt the pressure easing. I’d already been through it all on a very personal level.


I was wondering on a more specific degree range or point for Cygnus x-1? Google is not being helpful.


If I’m reading this correctly the Aquarius black hole is conjunct Albireo and Altair which happens to be conjunct Vesta in my natal chart (and widely conj north node). I recall reading Mystic’s take that Vesta is where you’re married/dedicated to your craft. That explanation works for me and I wonder if this Aquarius black hole is a portal that can be safely navigated, given the right attitude. Guess time will tell.

Wish Upon a Star

Hey Mystic,

I woke up the other day with Marc Bolan tune Ride a White Swan the other day. I posted it in Pragmatic Magic Part 4.

I felt it was a suggestion for my healing. I have a strong affinity with the Celts.

Read the lyrics they are amazing. I wrote them in my post: part 4 magic.

Wish Upon a Star

p.s. I don’t like scientists messing with the earth’s magnetic field. Why can’t they just leave it alone?


Yes. There was a project established some years ago to look into how we might turn the magnetic field off 😳
Why ? Because the maths at the time concluded that the magnetic field would make any space mission extremely dangerous.
They were wrong. So yes, just leave it alone !

Wish Upon a Star

Turning the magnetic field off ? 😟

Thank Gaia they came to their senses !

Wish Upon a Star

Thanks Mystic for the Swan links. Can’t wait to absorb them.

Wish Upon a Star

My dreamy Neptune ascendant has found another totem in the White Swan.


SWAN = Grace.
The power of woman
Entering Sacred Space
Touching future
Yet to come
Bringing eternal grace.

‘Little swan flew through the Dreamtime looking for the future.’ ‘I will surrender to the flow of the spiral and trust what i am shown. She learned to surrender her body to the Great Spirit and was taken to where the future lives.
Swan ushers in a time of altered states of awareness and fo development of your intuitive abilities, surrender to accept the healing and transformation of your life’.
From Animal Medicine.
Beautiful oui?



Wish Upon a Star

Oh Pegasus thank you so much.

It is beautiful and so true to what is happening to me : grace, surrender, altered states, healing, transformation, future.

Love you.



Very interesting info, Mystic. Apparently solar maximums being related to leo don’t mesh well with my aqua ruled chart: december 2008 was the start of a really good phase in my teens (including my 15th birthday, which I still remember fondly as a day when I felt very loved) and april 2014 began with a huge mistake that pushed me in back into a depressive episode that started in 2011 (managed to get out of that hole in 2017, thankfully)

The Lion & The Centaur

Were you born in 1993? Your eras correlate with mine! Though I’m a Leo. But I have Saturn in Aqua opposite my Sun so Aqua stuff can be a bitch…


Yes, i was born in 1993, saturn in aquarius in the 1st. Maybe the saturn in aqua mini generations (including ours) feel some activation of the aqua-leo axis by the minimuns and maximums?


On another topic you thing Hadrian Particle Collider has had any impact. Just don’t think you can FUQ with the matter of the universe and expect no changes?

Crystallised future

In January of 2019 both my mother and I noticed the sunset in a position that was never seen before for several weeks – I live in Mackay Qld, she lives on the central coast of NSW. It was almost south west rather than west. Over the next few weeks through a series of photos I’d reckon the position of the sunset moved 10°-11°, using the phone compass. Investigating this I read that GPS measurements used by satellites, planes and cars had to be adjusted almost 18 months earlier than scheduled – it usually gets an update every 3 years… Read more »


“but is anyone else getting a feel for some potential Pluto in Aquarius issues coming up?” Well my immediate thought after reading about the super magnets & the dwindling of the earth’s magnetic field was of bees and their demise. Bees are apparently extremely magnetic sensitive and so are monarch butterflies and both are going extinct. I once read a great article which i now can’t find, on how the earth’s magnetic field guides so many animals including how certain microorganisms & bacteria follow the earth’s field lines and can alter their direction the instant an artificial field is applied….… Read more »

Crystallised future

I remember reading about that, and how magnetic pull of the planets that our detection systems couldn’t even read effected micro organisms! They would move – in a plasma or something I suppose, I think it was a liquid – with planetary movements.

The Lion & The Centaur

Just fascinating!


I didn’t know about the magnetic sensitivity of bees. I have recently been reading that bees don’t actually see flowers. They see shapes so if they don’t recognise a shape they don’t go toward it. What’s interesting in this is that I don’t imagine the shapes of flowers have altered that dramatically so why would they not be pollinating some plants? I can only deduce (and yeah it’s a big assed guess) that the information isn’t being relayed in the hive community or generationally and perhaps that’s because of all the trauma and distress the bee community have been under?… Read more »


Whale and dolphin strandings, too! Frequencies.


Wow. Fascinating. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before but about 20 years I was eating my lunch solo at the botanical gardens outdoor cafe. I heard strange sounds approaching. It was the footsteps of a huge black swan from the lake who grabbed the lunch from my plate. Lots of people there but no one batted an eye. LOL According to Bernadette Brady’s Heliacal Stars and Parans which is all a bit of a mystery to me I confess, Deneb Adige is my heliacal rising star. A wakeup call? 2008 was a terrible year for me while 2014… Read more »


Wow! so much to think about. I have had so many of these themes pop up randomly when reading, watching various shows, research over the years and I often wonder if/how they tie together. I recall watching a 70s episode of NOVA, the science doc many years back and some scientist was researching a connection between solar maximum and extreme drought years. Seems to me he had data that correlated the North American Dust Bowl during the 1930’s to an extended solar maximum period that only happened once in a while. At the time I saw it, it was a… Read more »


Thank you kriblack, for your philosophical view on everything that is going on. It puts things in perspective.

Crystallised future



Amazing. Want to be updated on the ray highs and lows data collection!

Your enthusiasm and interest is palpable!

It’s good to be back here! Xx


Cygnus is very topical in the UK. It was the name of a large scale pandemic simulation exercise in 2016, which showed that, guess what, we weren’t prepared.


I give up. WTF with the huge magnets? Will somebody please tell these ridiculously blinkered scientists to stop messing. With everything from viruses to getting off planet. Science for me has become the new dogma , forget religion it’s now science we have to believe at all costs. Didn’t they say DDT was safe and numerous other things that turn out to be disastrous. I believe no one when millions of one form of currency or another is involved. Can we please just stop, take stock and try to heal the wounds we have.

Wish Upon a Star

Exactly !



I started reading this fascinating piece by Mystic and then could not finish it, it is all just too disturbing to me. Maybe it is my earthy, peace-loving Moon in Taurus which cannot deal with humans building ever more massive magnets and intergalactic rays emanating from a black hole in Aquarius. By the way, just this afternoon my boyfriend was telling me about Space X launching humans for NASA this coming week, and my immediate response was, ‘Why why, why, don’t we first sort out our problems here on earth, instead of launching humans into space. We have this beautiful… Read more »


Thank you Mystic, I will read bout the magic first!


Mystic, you are an education. I love your dry, matter of fact tone and the content is mind-blowingly interesting. Thank you!
PS_ regarding the slider thing, I’ve had lightbulbs blowing on me a lot. Thinking about it most of the instances were when my kids were babies. It’s not happened for a while. I wonder if it something to do with the lioness protective vibe I had when they were tiny and so vulnerable?? Maybe I was emanating some strong energy or something!

The Lion & The Centaur

If you have SLI qualities, your babies could have those too! There are many anecdotes of crying SLIder babies blowing out light bulbs/electricity/hospital machines. I’m a Lioness Mama too <3


I started reading and thought winter is coming… and then – snap! I’ll sit on the fence for a while on the manufactured magnet and its influence. I had an immediate body response I can’t articulate. I can however give you some data on April 2014. That was my seemingly out of nowhere decision to pull up stakes and move. Despite onky vague thoughts along the way about this it was very clear and sudden. I sold a place I’d had for 12 years (yes not to Jupiter) and moved interstate. Leo is my 4th. I’m a bit interested in… Read more »


God. I’ve been working on an art piece with swans in it. This was like a big nudge to say I’m on the right track. Thanks Mystic x


The solar flares correspond directly with Chinese Astrology. The highs correlate with the Horse years – a Yang Fire branch. The lows (like this year) with Yang Water – the Rat years. I would like to look closer if possible to the 60 year cycles and see how or if there’s any correspondence or changes based on the stem element of that year. You would think stem fire would make a fire branch year higher, but it seems to do the opposite. hmmm… BTW – my daughter (6 y.o.) said the other day, “Mom, the clouds are purple.” They were~!


That would make sense. And the new year starts at the first new moon in Aquarius … perhaps the black hole is a reset point.


Yes I just spotted that. Me being a fire horse and all.


Fascinating thank you MM

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