Saturn – Weirder Than You May Think

“The Voyager discoveries, such as the beautiful structure in Saturn’s rings, our first views of Saturn’s moons close up, Titan’s hazy atmosphere, and the mysterious Saturn hexagon.* Each set of tantalizing pictures left me with a sense of wanting to see more.”

Linda Spilker – NASA scientist.- Saturn: We Had To Go back

Yes Linda, we know the feeling. If it is not Saturn Returning, then it’s us feeling compelled to go back and…Wait a minute – the fuqing what?

The complex icy terrain and chic rings that ensure Saturn is the most branded planet are one thing but a mysterious hexagon? Intrigued, I investigated. Okay, fine – I googled it.

Saturn’s hexagon is actually a permanent storm over the planet’s “North pole.”

It is the equivalent size to two earths and scientists are baffled as when they first got close enough to photograph it in 2012, it was blue but when they went back in 2017, it was golden.

Perhaps it changes color every Saturn sign change? Hexagons are big in beehives – arguably the pinnacle of natural design genius – torques, structural engineering, the geometry of snowflakes and sacred mathematics.

So of COURSE Saturn has a permanent storm in the shape of a hexagram.  With Saturn turning Retro over the weekend, perhaps some of you can relate to the highly calibrated storm metaphor? It was very Saturnine.


8 thoughts on “Saturn – Weirder Than You May Think”

  1. Scorpio_Rising

    Isn’t Saturn supposed to represent a stern Father figure? What if your mom is a Capricorn and has Saturnine energy? Not stern but more serious and logical?
    I wish there was a way to compare relationships astrology charts with parents.

  2. Wish Upon a Star

    Well in Qld Australia we had a major electricity black out. Just when I was feeling the texture of a bamboo back scrubber in a chemist the lights went out. …I laughed.

    I liked the darkness. I liked how everything slowed down.

    Just this morning I was googling Mortar and pestle to buy. It’s what was used in the old days like a food processor when we had no electricity.

    When I left the store I was thinking about this comment.

    Oh I love Uranus in Taurus. Mercury. Neptunez

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