Paranormality Plus

We’re approaching peak paranormality as Jupiter and Neptune converge in Pisces. That’s “paranormal” as in awareness of alternative dimensions,  unseen – yet tangibly felt – energies, supernatural phenoms, ghosts, enhanced extra-sensory-perception, ley lines  – the lot.

It doesn’t include Libran comedians losing their composure at the Oscars – that’s just the hyper-Aquarius/Uranian accelerated culture on top of the fin de siecle feel of Pluto at the end of Capricorn. I wasn’t going to mention Will Smith as I’m very Libra-Moon about it, but as people are asking, here are my thoughts.

I did not even know the Academy Awards were on. In fact, I was watching Vladimir Putin serenading Sharon Stone with Blueberry Hill and wondering if someone had deep-faked them into a David Lynch vignette. Then my daughter burst in excitedly to say that Will Smith had just hit Chris Rock on stage at the Oscars.

Mars Midheaven Attacks

It will be complete bullshit,” I said with all the gravitas of recent months spent scrolling down the news feed saying ‘what the fuq?’ every five seconds and wondering if the scientists who thought the Large Hadron Particle Collider could open up parallel universes were correct.  “Deepfaked, staged, scripted, a promotion for something…who’s the major sponsor?”

Actually, this year’s Oscars were sponsored by a pharmaceutical company, and Will Smith was indignant because Chris Rock made a quip that drew attention to his wife Jada Pinkett-Smith’s auto-immune alopecia. (I wrote about the astro links between the two in The Infinity Marriage if you are interested.) But the alopecia drug from the company in question is nowhere near marketing yet – if it were, you could consider the possibility of a psy-ops P.R. stunt, but no, it seemed authentic.

Mars was crossing Smith’s Midheaven at the time – the basic textbook definition of this would be a public stoush: Mars = assertion or aggro, and the Midheaven is where your life intersects with the public. Mars was also on Chris Rock’s Sun, and it was Jada Pinkett-Smith’s Mars Return that night. Chris Rock (an Aquarian) and Will Smith are both Mars in Virgo.

Haute Mars or Low Mars?

Opinion is divided between whether  Will Smith was doing haute Mars or low Mars: (1) That he was bravely defending his wife against an unfair slight about a condition that she could not help, in the context of misogyny against black women, and (2) That he laughed at the joke before flipping and losing control, suggesting that he may have some underlying issues to address.

Both are valid, but if even one drunken heckler king-hits a comedian because they find a joke offensive, everyone will reference Will Smith. He has been an A-lister since Independence Day came out in 1996, but this action was more like an unknown trying to get a meme up than a major star. He has made the studios so much money that they will apparently greenlight more or less anything he pitches, and he has enough clout to confront Rock with something more substantial than assault and heckling.

Mars Now – Pluto Soon

Mars sped by his Midheaven real fast, but Mars in Aquarius now is prepaving the Pluto in Aquarius terrain. Smith also has Saturn squaring his natal Moon-Neptune all year, a gnarly little grinch of a transit that could really be fuqing with his artistic flow. Pluto is squaring his Mercury and Venus until 2024, a difficult influence if you are famously in an open marriage. Pluto squares to Venus can evoke chthonic emotions and possessiveness, while Pluto-Mercury squares raise the need for authentic self-expression.

The sledge itself wasn’t that bad – Demi Moore’s peak-body G.I. Jane character may have been cheesy, but she was hot – but was it one alopecia joke too many? Or, think about this, could the acting-out have been a weird status statement? If a guest of less caliber had done it, they would have been escorted out by security. There is talk of stripping him of his award, but that would be ridiculous – Harvey Weinstein still has his.

Something further will emerge around this incident and, most likely between April 3 and 6, the Mars-Saturn conjunction.

In the meantime, what do you think? (No snark.) And how are you finding the paranormality? Have you noticed an altered consciousness even if you’re not experiencing overt phenomena? If so, it’s about to become more apparent.

Image: Mary Carroll – The Talisman

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    I deleted a whole thread of comments on this post yesterday because they seemed to contain snark, insults, and off-topic opinions that seemed to be inflammatory.

    It was not “by request” although I have received several emails regarding this post from various commenters.

    Any comment that slings snark at other commenters will be deleted and anyone who does it repeatedly will be banned from the comments. If it actually becomes a significant trend, I will do as several people I know have done and simply turn off the comments.

    It would be sad and the end of an era but an hour spent moderating, fielding complaints and requests to ‘referee’ could be better spent on writing, researching and developing the site + its services.

    I love the comments on here most of the time and think it is a great feature but please, I want this area to be a sanctuary where people can share thoughts and experiences without snark or indignation.

    1. Very sorry my comments came across as snarky! Love to read the comments, will attempt to do better dear Mystic.

    2. Totally agree with everything you’ve said here, and have been very disheartened to see the ugliness of the internet seeping into this private sanctuary you’ve created here.
      This is a safe place for sharing and growth but we can’t do that from a place of defensiveness and hostility. Let Mystic stay in her place of brilliance and simply appreciate the platform we have here, to connect with like minded beautiful people. 🤍

  2. The whole Will Smith thing made me feel deeply uncomfortable. I hate conflict at the best of times, let alone in such a massively public arena, televised to millions, including children and people who blindly follow A-listers and who interpret that act as making it OK to use violence – it’s never OK.

    As for the paranormal, I’ll let my son know, he’s hyper aware of that sort of thing and it seems to be increasing in his teenage years. Something very interesting is going on with him.

  3. 1. I would’ve punched him myself, instead of relying on my husband. I take my own revenges. I might even have clocked my own husband for laughing. (Pluto, Mars, Saturn stellium in Scorp.)
    2. I am feeling so protected. Couple of days back, professed my love to invisible guardian angels by verbally stating, ‘I love you’ and kissing a metaphorical forehead. 🙂 I am Virgo rising, so Jup-Nep in my 7th would attest to a one-on-one guardian type of energy. Someone always in my corner. 🙂

  4. Underground news is that Pfizer was a sponsor of the Oscars and coincidentally are releasing a new drug for Alopecia….mmmm.

  5. Thanks for that blueberry hill video btw. I want to play it across billboards in all major cities guerrilla style thru projectors from parked cars that drive away when anyone approaches.

    1. That is one utterly bizarro video! …. words just fail. I betcha those hollywood zlebs are not so happy clappy about it now, lol – which is probably why you are no longer able to view it.

      1. Words fail. I know. That clip is one of the truest things I’ve ever seen. Epic douchebaggery in all its glittery gore.
        Ya the celebs look bad but to be fair they’re kinda doing their job and you know fawning but his desperation to be just like them / one of the special ones is horrifying and hilarious. The narcissistic chutzpah required to pull off a stunt like that is breathtaking. The guy’s got front.

  6. Nothing can convince me this wasn’t actors acting. I didn’t even know the Oscars were happening, and now it’s all anyone is talking about. Mission accomplished. Haven’t even thought about them in 15-20 years. Yawn

    1. Lowest ratings or second lowest in history. They needed some press?
      I don’t even know who these people are. I watch only vintage — classic and classy. Even and maybe especially Noir.

  7. I found Will’s violence shocking and stunned he wasn’t escorted out. Assaulting a fellow actor in front of millions and facing ZERO consequences is not what the world needs to witness right now. His entitlement and violent impulses mirror several world leaders and his “Love makes you do crazy things” is hallmark abuser talk. Does his assault open doors to punch stand-up comedians? What exactly is off-limits in comedy? I also think it is highly narcissistic to expect Chris (and the audience) to know about Jada’s medical history. This couple is not OK and I am tired of the entire family and their lectures. Chris Rock’s behaviour was classy and mature. I am guessing Saturn conjunct his Aqua sun made an impact. Mercury in Aries definitely played a part in the violent outburst!

    1. All of the audience there and many in USA probably knew about her hair as she has a talk show where it was discussed.

      1. I had NO IDEA ahe had some hair problem. She’s worn her hIr short since forever. But also I didn’t know the Ocars were on.

    2. Yes, it’s amazing to me that people don’t understand that the Award ceremonies are usually accompanied by a roast, that is literally part of Chris Rock’s shtick and what he was paid to do. He was in his workplace and anyone who tries to explain how this slap wasn’t real violence doesn’t understand violence at all. You know who does? Chris Rock. He has been bullied and sexually assaulted regularly as a child for which he is still in therapy. No one cares because he is a man. Meanwhile Will’s behaviour is being infantalised yet he would not have hit a larger man, because.. consequences. Chris Rock is a weedy 5 10 to Will’s 6 2. He never played Mohammed Ali like Will did. Also outrageous is that Will was asked to leave and refused. Regardless of if this was a staged event, the responses I have read excusing assaulting an entertainer are remarkable. Next we will hear because Chis has a Pluto/Uranus conjuction opposite Saturn he was asking for it.

      1. Couldn’t agree more Sphinx. Bravo. How is punching a guy in the face for doing his actual job in any way acceptable? The fact Will received an award and was given airtime on that same stage post punch up is bizarre to me. It’s alopecia not stage four brain cancer. Since when is an actress and public figure who clearly loves attention and courts controversy beyond the remit of the court jester/ comedian?
        It’s irrelevant whether the joke was in poor taste or not. It. Was. A. Joke.
        we don’t have to agree with everything comedians say on stage. That’s why they exist, to point out hypocrisy and things that make them angry. I didn’t know that Chris Rock was also sexually assaulted and bullied as a kid but yeah that fits.

        1. That’s the bit I find the most bewildering – that WS was allowed to stay and then received a standing ovation for winning an award. Unbelievable. In my mind, there is no justification for the physical violence displayed by WS. I get that there’s history, context, nuances which can be discussed afterwards by way of explanation and to foster understanding but geez, getting up and smacking someone across the face IS NOT OK.

  8. Penelope Darling

    Sonya Renee Taylor has had the best insight into this so far, and I do recommend her three part series on this.

  9. my first thought was ‘I wonder if she had some kind of affair with Chris Rock at some point in time…and the whole ‘keep my wife’s name outta your mouth’. thing… ..I think it would’ve been more powerful for both of them to stand and leave instead of what he did.

  10. It was certainly a very theatrical slap.

    Dave Chappelle said it somewhere one time – even if it is personally offensive or distasteful, a joke can still be objectively funny – how it is structured/ put together / delivered. (DC comment in the context of race and racist comedians.) It doesn’t mean we have to like it by any means but the crafting can still be evident. CR’s joke made will smith laugh instinctively, the problem was that it was about his own wife. Oh wait so is there some tricksy gemini energy around? Anyway so, still, a fine line? Absolutely

    Edit – also all that Aquarius energy is opposite Leo! Leo is vacant right now. Maybe the world needed some drama. Any drama that wasn’t actually military conflict.

    Edit 2: Eris! Certainly echoes of tossing a provocative apple into the party and seeing what ensues. Issues galore, non? Discordia, hello there

  11. Will Smith’s majorly overinflated Ego trip – his posturing during the incident, acting or body language, gave him away. If it had been a plain old loss of bad temper, it would have happened a lot faster and he wouldn’t have had the need to shrug his shoulders and button up his blazer and stride suavely back to his front-row-waiting-for-his-Oscar-win-announcement seat, after smacking the comedian.

    1. I just learned that (in answer to ‘where was security?’) that they asked him to leave the Oscars, or at least his seat in that room, for the night and he refused. 0_o

  12. I have always wondered if Will Smith bats for both teams. I am assuming being in an open marriage would allow this and he could carry out clandestine affairs and still be a romantic male lead. A complex, entangled relationship where I suspect there is the suppression of all sorts of emotions. Inadvisable to poke at it especially when the “adults” cannot respond in grown up manner.

    1. And if my Capricorn Grandmother was still alive, I can imagine her response- “I don’t care who started it but you are both in big trouble.”

  13. Chris Rock also hosted the 2016 Oscars, where he made fun of Jada for boycotting with the #oscarsowhite movement, so it was incredibly tasteless of him to come for her again. Team Will I guess.

    1. If any team it’s Will as Chris Rock KNEW about the alopecia. It has brought attention to it so that’s good for those who have the disorder to have a glamorous rep, takes a way a stigma. It was his second time he has used Jada in a joke when he has millions of other in show biz to make amusing statements about.

      1. Comedians who have hosted multiple awards shows often make jokes about the same celebrities year after year – not because they’re viciously out to get them but because they focus on the celebs & nominees who have some name recognition. Ricky Gervais hosted the Golden Globes awards 4 or 5 times but no one ever accused him of having a personal vendetta against Robert Downey Jr, Denzel Washington, Gwyneth Paltrow etc. even though he made far harsher and more pointed jokes over several years.

        I also don’t think it’s a given that everyone knew about Jada’s condition. I follow several celebrity gossip sites and while the Smiths’ marriage issues were discussed on them here in the U.S., I’ve never seen the alopecia mentioned; Jada on her own doesn’t make the kind of headlines that her her marriage to Will does. Many thought Jada’s hair was just a fashion choice, and a fierce and amazing one at that! I have a good friend with autoimmune alopecia who is completely bald and lost her eyebrows and eyelashes too. In comparison, Jada just looks like she has a cool buzz cut; it’s really not obvious that she has alopecia and it’s kind of a stretch to assume that Chris Rock “must” have known about it.

  14. Strangely I am smelling things reminiscent of people I knew in the past. When I was woken last night dreaming of someone who used to smoke White Ox tobacco and there it was IRL wafting into my bedroom window at 2.00am. Still smelt it when I woke up in the morning. And the Neptune Jupiter conjunction is smack opposite my moon in pick-up-on-everything Virgo. Stranger than strange and the dreams are next level.

  15. I think you nailed it with the status theory. Could be a bit of old school vs new as well. In the phenomena file: yesterday when I opened my email, a message sent by a departed friend I considered to be a soul brother was at the top of the page. His message has to be at least 100 message down the list and well over 10-years-old. I can’t bring myself to delete it. He has sent other greetings in the form of error messages but not in a long time.

  16. The video where Jada is rolling her eyes and Will is still in a laugh is just what anyone looks like when you have a comedian up on stage – you are ready to laugh and expect what they say to be funny, maybe it took a moment to click exactly what the reference meant on such a HUGE night for him and with likely lots of previous conversations and consoling of his wife with her condition.

    It baffles me that the conversation around the violence in movies made from Hollywood hasn’t been brought up. I saw the slap from Will to Chris as a “gentleman’s slap” because clearly he could have hurt him but didn’t. There is room to discuss now why the horrific movies with grotesque realism of death and violence are okay on the big screen yet IRL a slap is by some touted as a full violent assault. Even kids movies from America often have slaps, like it’s been normalised for some reason. Art imitates life, life imitates art.

    Also obviously jokes at other people’s expense are cheap and weird that a comedian who uses that style was able to have such a large stage still in 2022. I can’t imagine if Will would have just yelled at him from his seat that Chris would have stopped.

      1. Exactly. Will is a tall bloke with a long arm stretch and big hands. It was a bitch slap – if he had punched Chris, then there would have been a broken jaw, not just a bruised ego. And come on, how many of us have wanted to bitch slap somebody for behaving out of line by making fun of physical attributes that are out of our control. This whole thing has been totally overrated.

        1. CR is getting the last laugh- ticket sales for his tour have exploded and he has added shows in several cities.

          Maybe we will learn this was all staged. Rock readied himself for that slap he knew it was coming and did not flinch.

          Updates state that he was not asked to leave as Academy members were scattered around and did not reach consensus.

      2. Will has no business giving either “correctional” or “bitch” slaps in a comedy club or at the Oscar’s, he was a guest. People who work in security and practice martial arts and actually understand violence will tell you many stories on how getting physical can spin out of control. Busted eardrums, falling and hitting the head resulting in death, there is no ‘correctional’ slap that is safe or acceptable. Only people who don’t understand violence would condone this.

        1. The really scary thing is that this offensive behaviour went unchallenged. Wife doesn’t like the joke, husband punches comedian. Husband gets award and makes tearful speech about what a great guy he is.
          So now it’s been normalised by a hugely popular actor- publicly punching the comedian in the face. Does no one see where this leads? Bullying and cancel culture lead to tyranny. Free speech is protected for a reason.

  17. My Neptune mid heaven used to have quite an interest in the paranormal that has faded but re-emerged via MU podcasts of the Abramelin Meltdown about the influence of the occult in the music biz thro’ Robert Plant’s obsession of Alistair Crowley and selling their soul to the devil.
    It mentioned a friend of mine in London in 70’s who was a friend of Robert Plant and started throwing herself down the stairs.
    Once research starts on these subjects everything starts to connect to everything else.

    Watched some of the Oscars as life long movie addict and the slap didn’t look spontaneous due to the long walk to do it. If they were within arm’s reach of each other……and have never known spontaneity to be a Libran trait.
    Agree with zbananza about chemicals being involved, any and all and the slo motion of it on replay over and over to see if it was staged.

  18. Not sure about paranormality, but I have a cold (RAT says covid negative) and I’ve just slipped and rolled my ankle??!! Double whammy!! Have I done something wrong? Feels like punishment : (

    1. Ditto, a cold with three negative RAT. If you sneeze in public people visibly flinch. I also slipped but landed on my knees. My apt was flooded in Feb only got power back this week, but no elevator. Walking up and down 89 steps with dodgy knee is agony . I feel like a triple whammy. Saturn is coming up to conduct my sun, and sun is about to conjunct my natal Saturn. I am thinking there is a message about toughen up princess because next up is pluto

  19. These ‘celebrities’ are just overindulged baby people. Surely there’s more to get upset about in our world than a dumb joke. How important do they really think they are?

  20. Jada is a smart, independent, accomplished, powerful adult who should have been the one to decide whether and how to respond. Will should at the very least have asked her if and how she wanted him to respond for her. I have zero patience with “It’s my manly god-given burden to impulsively, violently, performatively defend all the delicate lady flowers.”

  21. Jada’s fury contained in that eye-roll is directed towards Will Smith for daring to laugh at Chris Rock’s “joke”. He had to atone for that, IMHO. 

  22. Gurrrrl I need to get these feelings out. TLDR My vote is #2.

    Let’s watch in slo-mo: (Yes, we have been replaying it like a sports moment here in the USA). So he actually laughed full on, then looked over at her perfect eyeroll (which should have been the end of it really) – then a switch flipped and he felt he had to do corny Performative Anger in front of her re ‘My woman, MY wife, MY wife’s name’… in order to be what he felt deep down was a standard-issue, Good Man image (TM). This whole thing CAME OVER him like a veil suddenly, so a Martial ‘influence’ certainly seems possible. (I also believe they serve many strong drinks and very little food at these ceremonies! PRECISELY so someone will trip up in public.) In fact I was really alarmed to see him and the whole fam in a hyper escapist state dancing around to his own music at the Oscars afterparty.. I thought, you won’t be dancing tomorrow pal. Not after demonic possession lol!

    I sometimes see Libra people as having a bit of a ‘delay’ (like a camera is supposed to at an awards show) while they consider something, find words, and then decide to order A Thing in a certain way in their mind.. Put it in a category for consideration. This can be frustrating for some but I like that they wait a beat. I just don’t like when Libras do a thing because they THINK it LOOKS LIKE the right thing to do in front of others. We all saw the moment and that delay or choice made it look odd… it didn’t look genuinely spontaneous. Libra will wait to see your reaction before acting or even completing a sentence aloud. The acceptance speech ended up quite a blaming, poor-excuse mess as a result!

    I think it’s more of his problem with masculinity pressures in public v private.. people – people of color too, which must sting – always question Jada & this couple’s choices. (“Why do you LET her go out on tour?”) Technically they ARE going against society as it is right now (depending on your demographic and church influences).. her red table is anathema to old systems. For him to act out an easy-to-read public moment of vioIent male possession may have seemed protective or even romantic to some who still deal in old systems and can’t understand the rest of the Smiths’ choices. I need to go back and read “What the Astro Fuq” again, because the personal pressure these days to “draw a line in the sand”, conform or leave, is remarkable. Feels like the way my mom described the 50s.. a big Act, that your life kinda depends on. This incident was big here despite world war, because Smith is the American Dream but also has lots of personal wiggle room to have a ‘weird witchy wife’ and rich hippie kids. The cost, though, is that pressure.

    Unusual omens have been a doe crossing a busy city street like ‘just pretend I’m not here’ last week as well as WW3 starting. My intuition is high octane re an old friendship and my friend’s internal reality..I suddenly APPREHENDED it fully in an odd way after a couple comments sketched it out, and must assume that was intuition, as they rarely let the wall down. It’s interesting that Acting and Acting Phony etc are themes this week & month. They won’t dare take his Oscar though. Maybe a year off for bad behavior. The fav game here atm is “If ___ did it, instead of Smith, what would have happened?” like a star power metric.. heh

    1. I like your analysis of the situation, dbananza. It also made me think that it is may be a very Libra thing to have to first see how your partner reacts (Jada in this case) and only then being able to take a stand yourself… Everything is in response to the other half ⚖️

      1. I don’t mean to stereotype folks but I literally experienced my brother doing that recently! xD guess it was fresh in my mind.

        1. I also do not mean to stereotype people, dbananza. What I said about Libra is more about the archetypal Libra. That being said, I do have my own south node in Libra and I was married to one for 7 years so I know a bit about Libran responses 😊

  23. Jada has a history with Chris in that he said some negative things about her in the past when she boycotted the Oscars. She had also made a comment that Chris was the man for the job to host the Oscars that same year when many were boycotting. The look on her face was one of disgust and not hurt when he made the G.I. Jane comment and my guess was that it was locked and loaded. Denzel’s words of wisdom resonate. Sometimes our show biz gods/goddesses fly too close to the sun.

  24. The so-called para-normal is rather normal me for a long time now but very difficult to describe. Business, as usual, but I am trying to focus more on discipline and focus to “control” who/what is allowed in my space and how/when/where the energies are used. And for this, I used “tools” or methods (which may or may not seem totally out there), but I only do it when I get the intuitive push to do it. No scheduled appearances here. I have learned to discern which “voices and visions/images” are real, and which are impersonations.

    Also trying to limit what I “hear” and “feel”. So, creating boundaries is my “soup de jour”, but also giving myself deadlines in some respects, too. There are some things in my life that I am giving something like “use/do/complete before” dates, then discard or retract energy, if this make any sense.

    Sharing this stuff out loud is also new. I find myself talking to my kids, none of them into this stuff, as if they “get it”.

    I believe that, due to a recent experience, my “bullshit-o-meter” is on high alert, and alot of energy had been expended there. I spend of lot of my time “releasing” ties.

    1. Oh yeah I feel this 💯
      I have to do this too or I’ll lose my balance.
      In some ways having a less stable ego (than the intuitive/associative/metaphorical/poetic self) is protective because we’re not tempted to punch comedians in the face 😝 but it’s also a bit of a dangerous distraction in that the content it’s churning out is so compelling I want to do the spiritual version of punching the comedian in the face. Like I can sit around and have everything figured out intellectually but suddenly my landlady is a psychopath with a neofeudalist power complex and she’s gaslighting me. 🤦‍♀️ Like how is this helping? I have to own the power mad tyrannical aspects of myself and fess up to the insane narratives I create about stuff that has nothing to do with me and isn’t personal or even my business. My business is finite and there has to be structure and accountability. It’s so easy to let myself off the hook and blame everyone else. And I do it All The Time.
      last night I had crazy dreams about Mars and my father and mother and some pregnant woman who I was having an affair with and treating her exactly how my father treated my mother. And yea all the things I was furious with him about I was unable to stop myself from perpetuating and like 🛑. Hold Up. I don’t always have the bandwidth to write down my dreams. And it’s because my ego isn’t grounded enough to take it on. Like taking too many fish into a little boat so its too heavy to get back to the shore. IT’s indigestible. There’s great wisdom in setting limits. I’m an improv creative. Always improv. And that only works if I limit my inputs.

      1. Invicta, have had the last 20 years with a very problematic neighbour under the same roof. House built in 1914, huge high ceilings, wood floors divided by shared wall into 1/3rd me and 2/3rds him.
        His side has long passage and hall that surrounds me and i need to pass his front door to enter street.
        Although he has been quiet last few months, as in not verbally abusing me each time he sees me or running up and down passage, and banging doors.
        Last week we passed in person, my heart raced to the point of feeling like an attack, couldn’t breathe.
        Took me an hour to rebalance but he was on my mind for next 2 days.
        His physical proximity disturbs my biology, flight or fight and anxiety occurs and i can do neither, so PST still after 11 years since his friend’s the physical assault.
        Moving also not an option, too complicated, too expensive.

        This story is to tell you how much simpatico for your situation, know it can permeate your whole being, it sickens the spirit, hurts the soul.
        A calm peaceful balanced beautiful environment is de riguer for our well being. The discord can make you physically sick.
        Coincidental that my disorder manifested after years of discord, gaslighting as in making me wrong, breakage of my property etc.

        Try to get out as much as possible. It’s Spring in Ye Ol’ London Towne.
        Write yourself a a schedule of all the things you love to do.You are the most important personage in your world.
        Dreams are an emotional cleanse we have nightly. We need them.
        Get out of the thinking mind into the physical body, that’s what you love, a comfort. Say your’e writing a book? Think she could be a muggle?
        You may be up to a ‘we need to talk’! Alas that usually sends shivers when told that 🙂
        Thinking of you….. xx

        1. Thanks Pegasus. I knew you’d understand. Yeah. It’s not fun. And another place has come up further north-not too far actually with a huge sewing room in the garden. And a cat. And wooden floors. With a gay guy. Who loves throwing dinner parties. He’s Brazilian and a creative exec or something. It’s a bit out of my price range for right now but I couldn’t help sending him an email. After I pay rent today I won’t be able to take it even if he does want me to move in
          it showed up on this rental website so randomly. It’s a bit confusing tbh. I so badly want to go for it but I’m also telling myself that it’s the wrong moment. I’d be in an awkward position financially and she is quite a vengeance sort. She’s made serious trouble for people who’ve crossed her in the past. Her sister in law (now ex) that she never stops bitching about. She’s pretty toxic I gotta admit. I’m not sure that even if I keep my hands clean and do everything by the book right by her etc she wouldn’t come after me just because she’s miserable and would resent me moving on. I’ve discussed it with her, she’s being sweet right now. Because she needs the income. I’ve given notice a few times before after her behaviour was just too much for me and she’s made it seem like I wouldn’t get the deposit back. So yeah. I’m tempted to run off to greener pastures and take my chances but… the fact I’m starting 12 step support group meetings from tomorrow makes me think I have to work on myself first. Externalising it is too easy. Yes she’s awful and it’s corrosive to be around someone like that but also there’s value in staying and standing up to her and owning my life as it is. I’m taking on so many new and frankly terrifying things this month I might sabotage that by moving. Also fuq them. People don’t get to keep pushing me around. I’m not staying for ever but running hasn’t helped me in the past. So integration goals. A la Carl Jung.

          1. I really appreciate you saying what you said though Pegs. It’s been real. And I get it. The health issues being triggered by this situation. I’m so enjoying the Breath book btw. It’s one of the best ways to get out of my head/ past and into the moment/ my body. Breathe.
            but yeah. 😤

        2. Oh I’ve done that. She’s no longer barging into my room. She knows I write and the code is that if my door is closed do not knock. Send me a text. I’ve used the “unless the house is burning down” trope and alas we’ve established that nope. In the event of that happening it will not be her warning me but her framing me for not being burned to a crisp! I know drama queen. But ugh. I know how people become paranoid now. Thank god I don’t have life insurance 🤦‍♀️

  25. Paranormality is normal life for me, but lately I’ve definitely felt more openings and msgs incoming like rain. Jupiter is in my 6th house all year and the detoxing from myself> life > too many neptunian nights is real real. All my learnings currently are on how to share my experience with others in a constructive/entertaining (Leo sun lol) way.
    re Will Smith…. I genuinely feel he was channeling alternate energies during the Chris Rock slap, his face as his walking away looks very foreign. Be it, he stepped back into the King Richard father/protector vibe or something else. Mars energy totally makes sense and then add it to the Midheaven, makes for Hollywood messiness on steroids lol.

    1. Yeah he did not look like the ambitious, driven and basically positive person that got him to this point. There was something malevolent, almost Faustian about his vibe that’s been brewing for a while.

      1. It’s occurring to to me that he must have one helluvula dark side because he has been so purely Apollonian until now in his trajectory. I’m wondering if there isn’t something hella dark and destructive coming up now that he’s repressed to be the dude formerly known as Will Smith. Cuz he is as bright eyed and bushy tailed – well was. As an actor could be. 🤔

        1. Hi Invicta,

          I am surrounded by Librans. Partners, family members, in-laws, colleagues, and friends. I have seen the Libran axis “flip” so many times now that it doesn’t surprise me anymore. And, yes, like all things repressed what comes out of the other side is not pretty. My first Libran Sun partner of 14 years flipped to a level of darkness that even I didn’t think he was capable of and I think it is hard to believe (tyrants excepted) because they are so charming. My current moon-mars conjunct in Libra (that flip you do not want to be around) partner often expresses the wish to punch people as they did when they were a child. Thankfully. my partner is not tall and goes boxing at the gym. I repair hands later. The amazing side of the moon- mars conjunction though makes them an incredible and passionate fighter for justice. And my beautiful five planets in Libra friend is an extraordinary person and the best psychologist I know in handling some of the darkest issues of humankind and how she balances all those scales without flipping is anyone’s guess. Maybe Will needs an appointment!

        2. I definitely agree. The look on his face set off so many 12th house moon warning bells 🔔
          IMO starting with the writing of his book he relived the trauma of abuse with his Father and then at the same time the universe further challenged him with the role of Richard Williams till he addressed the underlying issues with his masculine/father energies. The Oscars was the explosion, if you will of all these factors PLUS the complicated Jada relationship sprinkled on top.
          I’m a double Libran and when I’m out of equilibrium things are known to get hhhmm wild lol.

  26. I found a new path to cut through in my evening walk is not noticed before and as I walked past a tree in the centre of the through-way I felt tingling in the back of my head which pressed as I passed the tree then subsided. It was extraordinary- a absolutely unmissable bit of woo woo and totally unexpected.

  27. I always warn people to mind their Mars (from many personal experiences). And this sh*t show was brought to us by the Mars Trifecta (hitting MC, Sun & Return) as MM points out.

    Moral of the story: Beware the Ires of Mars.

    Seriously, there’s no excuse for what Smith did, even if he does have Gary conjunct Sun.

    1. Smith’s behavior was a major faux pas and shows that he must be completely narcissistic.

      So weird for him to have so little self-control and class to react that way to show his love. Can hardly believe that such a minor joke could provoke a reaction like that in a person whom many people emulate. Is Smith mentally ill or unhinged? A sad display of toxic masculinity.

      1. Yeah. Bit sad innit
        how the frailty of the ego gets exposed and it’s too dumb to realise how dumb it is while it’s happening. That could have been any one of us imo. The way he low key compared himself with his character or maybe conflated the roles, quasi self aggrandising/ justifying/ presenting his case as some kind of noble archetype. I mean.
        yeah. Chemicals maybe. External or within the pharmacy of his body/mind. Felt like something primal got rattled loose and ricocheted through the adrenaline of his carefully constructed house of Mars / actor cards. 💥Definitely get some rest dude. Also young Will Smith called and said you’re not taking his calls? WTH 🤦‍♀️

        1. I dunno… Got the feeling of the actor, acting, living out his dream of entitlement and untouchability. “I can do and say what the h-ll I want, cause I’m more important than you”. I have witnessed other heavily Leo type of men do this type of thing, and they weren’t black. Unfortunately, being in Smith’s position and being black, he has a special responsibility towards the black community in America, but also in the world. His actions enforces the stereotypes of black men. I am myself racially mixed and grew up in “the hood” (living in Europe now). This was not a good thing, and I escaped that kind of behavior so typical in my family and “friends”.

          I have often wanted to “correctionally” slap people, or to confront people head on, but where would that get me? I have often been the butt of jokes about things out of my control, but that’s on them. Not me.

          1. While I am on the taboo subject of race, what if the comedian was a white man? Would Smith have slapped him? Probably not. Black men have a nasty habit of berating black women. I think a white man in America is acutely aware of the cost of berating a black woman in public. I don’t see any history of a white man berating black women in public.

            Chris Rock made fun of a black woman who lost her hair due to her medical condition and her appearance. Would he have made that joke about a white woman? NO.

            Many black men take digs at black women and have a long history of doing it.

            I can write this because I speak from experience and because I have those roots.

            Mystic, it would be great if you could address this racial aspect, astrologically. It thus typically American?

          2. Ya. It’s dead wrong. Abuse of power and I agree about the entitlement. It’s not classy. Classy is taking it in your stride and not making it personal or even political. Acting is work. It’s a job. That behaviour wasn’t responsible or professional. But it’s going to open up some discourse and I don’t mean that in a cynical way. There’s an opportunity for learning here.

    2. seawitchmermaid

      Lolz don’t bring gary into this now! Jk

      last night I was on Reddit and take this with a grain of salt but apparently in will smiths book, which he co-wrote, there are multiple incidents of him being really shitty to partners, including setting one’s things on fire in the front lawn… yikes man.

  28. re the Jupiter-Neptune, saw tame impala for my birthday this month and it was like a spiritual experience and I was totally sober (maybe a small contact high from the pit 😝)

  29. seawitchmermaid

    didnt Realize about the mars (and other) transits, that makes total sense. My initial thought was for a Libra to do something that unhinged and off-balance, it has to be driven by love life issues.

  30. Smith certainly looked under the influence. My guess is meth – he was messy. The other thing was the way he hit Rock. That wasn’t his first strike, his heckling – gutter – no way to behave when you are at a pinnacle in your career. My thoughts are that the people on stage need to be protected and this is where the Academy can make changes. The comedians are always rough up there, that’s why they hire them. Hark back to Ricky Gervais goading Robert Downy junior having just ‘checked out of the Betty Ford clinic’. Downy looked sour but there was no hint of violence. Never liked Will Smith. Faker.

  31. Unicorn Sparkles

    I stand by my comment in the infinity marriage post. She gets judged. He gets protected.
    could have stayed classy but didn’t.
    oscars are really past their use by date. Fun for a while, but now… awkward.
    still too consumed by news of the other tetchy Libra bombing children for this to be more than a blip.

  32. Crazy dreams with complex situations in familiar dream locations. And since starting to journal this year I have almost filled a medium sized notebook. Some nights I clearly remember five seperate dreams and the the next night 1 vague one.
    Will? I saw Will laugh and then Jada frown at him, which camera angles & editing made it seem all very staged. Yet Ricky Gervais at Golden Globes says some pretty dry/dark things without being slapped. Great publicity stunt either way.

  33. I can’t find that post anywhere, can anyone help?
    Ive searched scorpio rising, style your ascendant, the whole shebang…

        1. Unicorn Sparkles

          I only managed to find the Aries one and the style your ascendant link underneath doesn’t take you to the others … maybe it’s been archived?

  34. I think its weird in that-aswell as initially laughing at the joke-a fair amount of time elapsed before he actually got up, and took a slow walk towards Chris Rock.
    It wasn’t a gut reaction…weird.
    In other news i am beyond excited i’m gonna get to see Roxy Music in October.
    I soooo think Roxy epitomise this Neptune-Jupiter conjunction.
    I bought Manifesto the other day, and i think the cover just says it all.
    Love Roxy, Avalon just gives me so much inspo, i cant even explain it.
    The video was directed by Ridley Scott!
    Would love to see a post by you on them Mystic.
    I know you’ve written abt Bryan Ferry before-his scorp rising 😊😊😊

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