The Infinity Marriage

Triple Libran Will Smith, I just read, is going to be talking to Oprah about his use of the hallucinogen ayahuasca to help with his marriage woes and ‘opening up like never before‘ about his sense of ‘failing every woman I interact with.‘ Naturally he’s also plugging his new memoirs – Will – co-written with The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A Fuq author. If he wants the Oprah audience, he has to sign off on the ’emote’ clauses.

At first I thought it was a manifestation of the Mandela Effect, the phenom where mass amounts of people share the same – evidently false – memory. The classic example is the Berenstein Bears – apparently, the kid’s book bear family were the Berenstains. I don’t believe it but then again I thought Will Smith and his wife, Plutonic-Virgo Jada Pinkett-Smith, got divorced when Bruce and Demi did.

Maybe it’s just Deja-Vu?  They’ve been flamboyantly hovering on the brink of divorce for decades. I remember watching an interview in the 90s – about three minutes after they were married – talking about the struggle, as well as the possibility of an open marriage. I checked and yes, it’s been their theme all century: they even made a dark comedy about a miserable marriage in 2004, starring themselves.

So you know what this is? It’s an Infinity Marriage: one of the rare couplings that can exist in a drama loop forever. The sort of snark -saturated incidents that would be the final irony in a standard relationship on the edge actually make an Infinity Marriage stronger.

They’re hell to be involved with because they draw others into their vortex with avid glee. They present as imminent escapees from their marital gulag or suave polyamorists, albeit a strange variety where arrangements are semi-open and truth is a fluctuating currency.

But no, despite initial appearances, faked futures and protestations of love, the ‘outsiders’ are bit players on the edge of the spotlight.  They’re supposed to glide smoothly off stage, leaving the Infinity couple to monologue at one another in a pool of light. Naturally the entire effect is magnified when the duo is as celebrated, talented and wealthy as the Pinkett-Smiths.

Will Smith is a Libra – Sun, Mercury plus Venus – and his Sun trines a Gemini Ascendant. He’s also got Jupiter, Pluto, Uranus and the Sun in the 5th house – yes, he is a classic 5th house person.

He’s a Jupiter-Pluto guy and Jada has Jupiter-Neptune, in Sagittarius and rising. He has no Fire apart from Saturn in Aries: She IS his Fire. And she has NO Water. Zilch. You could surmise that Will, with his nifty Neptune-Moon conjunction in Scorpio, would be her Water and in a weird way he is but guess what?

Her Lilith is in Scorpio, conjunct his Moon-Neptune. So with this set-up, my hypothesis would be that to get the elemental Water quality she craves from him – emotional intimacy, space for her psyche – Jada would need to embody  Lilith: the ‘harlot’ who cussed at God, left Adam and stalked out of the Garden of Eden. Well, actually, she flew and her villain origin story is complex but you get the idea.

Additionally her Mars is on his Midheaven and so she probably has quelled her dreams to help him – and the kids – to cultivate theirs. It’s been raised a few times and it’s a common enough wifely tale but publicity-wise, she can’t top her husband’s Peter Pan ascendant nor the sort of studio resources that would mobilize to protect his reputation. In a classic Lilith scenario, her affairs are looked on more harshly than those of her husband.

However, Pluto is about to trine her Sun-Pluto-Midheaven conjunction for the next few years – it’s an extremely potent portal of opportunity. If I was her astrologer, I’d say – more tactfully than this, obviously – that the Infinity Marriage may or may not be managable/desirable but could it also serve as a gigantic construct to prevent her from the responsibility of expressing her full Plutonic self and talents? She’s Jupiter Rising with Neptune – so of course her diversions are lurid and over the top. She has the means to seize space for herself and power up into a plutonic creative output bender.

They’re both Jupiter/Outer-Planet people: Astrologically, it’s easy to see why they rev one another up. Although I’d still like for Jada to turn up in one of Will’s psychedelic marriage-examining trance-trips as a three-eyed jaguar.


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  1. Im off topic too, just to let y’all lnow that im going to the Tower of London to see the ravens for my birthday, whoooop!
    wish i could take Princess, my faithful tabby 😻😻😻

  2. Completely off topic but is anyone else feeling the full moon intensity buildup starting yet?
    I noticed with mild trepidation that it’s only the 11th and the situation where I am most inclined to dig in and hang petulant / provocative depending on whether I’m yining or yanging – breathing in or out already reached the crisis point. I then got down off my high horse and admitted I’d overreacted. Apologised and you know. All that. Thought, gosh I’m doing so well and aren’t I all growd up now, went to sleep and woke up to find I’m as immature and egotistical and easily triggered and straight up stuuuuubid as I ever was.
    And it’s only the 11th. This full moon is happening on the what 17th? That’s months away. I mean 😭 how am I going to act like like a grown up for seven whole days?

    1. Yep, yep, and YEP!!
      3 hour law exam hours before the eclipse is exact, AND it is exact conjunct my Jupiter, a few degs from Asc. I am trying to meditate and NOT. FREAK. like always..😣❤ Good luck to you on other side of globe, brave one. Xoo

      1. So we have a lawyer in our midst. Wow! Exams conjunct Jupiter. My Jupiter in Leo and Cancer in Venus send you good luck and bear hugs.


      2. Thank you Chrysalis & Wish 🤗🤗 XOO That means a lot. Halfway through & still unsure as to whether this is my dharma, so rather than becoming a lawyer it might just be “person with very expensive certificate in the bottom drawer.” 😭😄 At the moment I have amazing teachers, but I have no idea where the degree is going. Anyway, offline now for a week to study – see you on the other side of the Violet Crumble Eclipse, fellow Earth-trippers ✨🌕. Hope the Jade Goddess shows her full support for you ..💗Xoo

      3. hold thumbs for you lovely Earthstar.
        yes I can see you acing this. You have a team of cheerleaders psychically waving Pom poms and doing star jumps for you. Go go go 💗🤸‍♀️🔥

    2. I just read the daily for Taurus as I’m a Taurus Moon with Uranus currently loosely conjunct my moon. It said :

      Consider your Full Moon to be in play now. A week early? Yes. It’s an Eclipse and you’re already zooming along with the Uranus in Taurus vortex. Anticipate eruptive developments in relationships, sudden karmic lust scenarios and delayed realizations re events that occurred years ago.

      Try not to stress Invicta. Have you ever tried belly breathing. Let the breath breathe you like a baby does. You can google it.
      Bring all that energy down into your body.
      Just one day at a time.


      1. I had my moon conjunct Uranus for four months. It ended late October. It felt like training for the main event.

        If Uranus in Taurus was a chocolate bar it would be a Violet Crumble.
        An oldie but a goodie for all the Aussies out there.

  3. I have Gem rising and triple planets in Libra … but my Venus in Cap in the 8th house says nah ah to anything other than 200-year-old relationships that last, Bronte-novel-style, beyond death and into the shadow realm of crumbling chateaus and haunted gardens. Married a guy with Mars/Venus in Taurus, so the only loop we’re stuck in is navigating the labyrinthian maze of modernity. Hey, at least we have amazing couches! 🙂

    1. “200 year old relationships that last, Bronte-novel-style, beyond death and into the shadow realm of crumbling chateaus and haunted gardens” – absolute best description of Cap-style relationships I have ever read!! xx

          1. LOL I thought you meant 200 yr old Bronte style love I was like yessss. Married to a Taurus for now and we also have great couches. Alas, not the other part

    2. Agreed. Sexiest descript of desirable relationships (Venus-in-Cap or non!) that I’ve ever read. And agreed with Skarab’s 8th H plutonic bass-line enclosed within – although anything across multiple life-times (a.k.a. into haunted chateaus and crumbling gardens realm) *surely* has some lunar-node karmic action as well… swoon. Lol! Xx 😍

    3. If you want to know about some serious beyond the grave romance listen to this piece about Laurie Anderson programming an AI to speak in Lou Reed’s voice. Not just speak but write. She will ask the AI a question and, after having fed it Lou Reed’s work and writing and utterances and photos, it can speak back to her as if it was Lou Reed, Laurie Anderson or a combo of Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson, Love to know their astro! (moon/mars 8th house here)

      It starts down at “Well, they were and they weren’t. They met later in life, when both were established in their careers. Anderson remained, as always, busy and free. They never fully moved in together; she kept her own space and continued to disappear, for long stretches, to drag her black box around Europe. In New York, she worked at her studio on Canal Street. Reed stayed at his apartment on 11th Street. They each had a view of the Hudson River, and Reed would call her sometimes during the day to point out an interesting cloud. Then they wo”uld stay on the phone together, looking at it for a while.

  4. I was in one of these starting in college and on and off for seven years. People had totally mythologized us (he was a multiple libra too ahem), and retrospectively I see now how the vortex was attractive to qi vamps and people to whom I was reaching out for succor. Same schizz — open relationship blah blah blah. But man, the inequity regarding how they view the woman’s transgressions was breathtaking. For instance, he gets a blow job from a junkie on the SF 9 Mission bus, hits me, but afterwards I start an affair which then lasted six years…and I’m still the bad guy. Of course, he became the Head of security at Burning Man so people knew which side their bread was buttered on. Even now, he’s had violence problems with every subsequent girlfriend but he owns a dive company in Thailand so…all is forgiven. 30 years ago, but it’s still a thing. He definitely viewed us a “famous” couple within that community and I was definitely like some kindof trophy that he to completely destroy when we finally, finally broke up. I’ve heard Mars in Aqua are pretty vicious in breakups.

  5. Will Smith: love his energy. So expansive and youthful. Like a teenager. The type of person who lights up a room.

    But i’ve never been into his movies. Subliminally surprised that he was married and even so for so long.

    1. Mm: reminds me of something that Anthony Lane wrote about how the joy and energy of Smith’s youthful prime have drained from his performances–which I bet is linked to the marital stuff:

      (About Gemini Man–where Smith confronts his CGI-youthed younger self):
      “Imagine what wicked sport the Smith of yore would have had with this conceit. Imagine, that is, the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air making fun, not just mincemeat, of his middle-aged self. Regrettably, as we know from Smith’s performance in “Suicide Squad” (2016), the effusive joy that once ran through his veins appears, for reasons unknown, to have leaked away, and “Gemini Man” is largely a sad affair.”

    2. Me too! Same experience. I love a Gemini Ascendant–current love has it conjunct my moon 🙂 it’s a very fun and youthful vibe for sure.

      1. Oooh sounds fun. Enjoy it.

        I’m a midnight Gemini fourth house soul. I do love the midnight hour.
        I’m curious about having my sun in the moon house?

        My sun is progressed in Leo now. I notice that I am more balanced when I act more like a Leo. The double mer and Venus in Cancer tries to guilt me into feeling selfish.
        But as I write this I realise the Leo must reign for my overall benefit.

        Thanks, you have just sparked my realisation.

    3. Mm: reminds me of something that Anthony Lane wrote about how the joy and energy of Smith’s youthful prime have drained from his performances–which I bet is linked to the marital stuff:
      (About Gemini Man–where Smith confronts his CGI-youthed younger self): “Imagine what wicked sport the Smith of yore would have had with this conceit. Imagine, that is, the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air making fun, not just mincemeat, of his middle-aged self. Regrettably, as we know from Smith’s performance in “Suicide Squad” (2016), the effusive joy that once ran through his veins appears, for reasons unknown, to have leaked away, and “Gemini Man” is largely a sad affair.”

  6. Interested in the MM community’s thoughts about timing a break-up. Though not as florid or inviting affairs/open relationship drama MM’s description of “couplings that can exist in a drama loop forever” makes me think of my current 2+ year relationship with the Pisces somewhat–many ups and downs and so on. Things seemed to have stabilized and grown and deepened and then there was another spiral of drama / instability a few weeks ago when he started a new job. I’m thinking seriously about breaking up, and definitively this time. So when would be a supportive astro-time for a split? (debating to wait until after the two upcoming eclipses? And one of my lifelong best female friends will be in town during December) It’s not madly urgent and I want to be sure / let the intention consolidate in me, just as my partner started a new job and I think a break may go easier when they’ve settled down for him–&c–just as I don’t want to drag on too long and am increasingly looking forward to some time to focus, heal, and settle. We don’t officially live together so it’s more about timing the emotional effects and so on than a big logistic boom.

  7. Did you listen to the Oprah session with Will? During his ayahuasca experience he vividly saw Jada represented as soil, and the creator placed him as a seed in her soil and a beautiful tree grew bearing ripe fruit…. he believed the msg is that together they are better/creators/nurturers, and they’re union is for the benefit of others.
    I was dubious after so many headlines, however if you listen to him actually open up and explain (in his own words, not from a tabloid) that their relationship has transcended the normal confines of marriage and allows each partner to fulfill themself first. Then and only then you can be whole, free to love or in his words “loving in freedom”……that ideal of love sounds so very Libran 🤍

  8. Wow, so they’ve managed to use their marriage as another commodity, along with their images, movies, and other creations? So have others but maybe not with as many twists, turns and other players.

    1. Ahh, I think this is what I was trying to say but you’ve expressed it so much more succinctly! It reminds me of one of those earth alliances, the Toro-Cap marriages that endure despite many challenges, because both partners understand it’s about more than ‘love’ in the conventional sense – it’s about the empire. Except I can’t imagine a Toro or a Cap going on Oprah to air their inner workings, ha.

      1. Yep, I’ve seen that with strong Cap or Saturn aspects in people and in synastry / composite charts. They often do relationships for a benefit before love and companionship. Their relationships endure yet with a subtext of disappointment or heart hardening, though there’s also a weird undercurrent of love that is present yet either never fades or quietly does (and both people walk away with more money or prestige than when they began).

        I had a similar relationship where we were colleagues but in different units, and the very accomplished male in the relationship was fully aware of the dynamic. Our natal charts had his Saturn squared my Venus; Saturn trined Venus in the composite chart. Ah, but his Mars in Aries opposed my Venus/ Uranus conjunction in Libra; we had an unusually strong mutual attraction to say the least.

        In exchange, he got a nubile and pretty woman to take with him places (and all the benefits that go with such) and I got a big download of knowledge and experience that helped my career and gave me hard-knock lessons that are never forgotten. He tries getting in touch every 9 months or yearly (“never fades or quietly does”) for only a little fun (Mars opp. Venus). Thanks to the lessons (my Saturn in 1st house, admittedly) it’s crickets from my end. Been there, done that, learned and burned a lot (how Saturine)!

          1. Thank you! 💖
            Natalie is great!! I haven’t seen her work lately but she was such a great guide while I worked my way through that relationship!

        1. I’m glad Saturn is an uncompromising gatekeeper for you. That relationship must have brought lessons that endured, and helped you long-term. Isn’t that the way with Saturn?

          I have Saturn exact conj Sun in my Pisces seventh, which brought a slew of Capricorns for many years, including one whom I married and two others with whom I had significant relationships, with painful yet necessary lessons that endure to this day.

          1. Sometimes Saturn is very uncompromising but I’m better off for it (from a general well-being/ self care post of view)! For its aspect with your Sun, I imagine it provides considerable inner stability to structure that Pisces energy!

  9. I don’t know much about either of them but it’s straight from the famous-person-memoir playbook: a couple of controversial snippets released to create a buzz that heralds in the ringing of festive cash registers. Interesting that it’s his memoir, yet she is still helping him, ie the ‘help’ in the form of details about their marriage.

    Perhaps the marriage is his most enduring role! It’ll be very interesting to see how her upcoming Pluto transit plays out.

  10. At least they come off as authentic? Even if its just brilliant PR, I appreciate the genuine-ness they both exude. When I think of other power couples that don’t make me barf, Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively come to mind. Then, full stop.

  11. Unicorn Sparkles

    what dark comedy did they star in together…?
    my first though is stay clear and pity for those who get caught in this sinkhole. because they will invest energy and emotions in something that will never be available despite declarations and postulations to the contrary.
    And she does get judged. He gets protected. And the misty/halle idea. he really thought he could make that happen. did they even know he had this in mind? I guess they do now

  12. I love Jada; she’s the most interesting one in the family. I think quelling her dreams to focus on others is probably right. I remember first seeing her in the film ‘Set if off’, she was good. It’s one of those 90s raw films that delivers, and I’ve never forgotten about it. Queen Latifah & Kimberley Elise are also in it to demonstrate how well the movie is cast.
    I remember Jada & Tupac had a deep connection & Will said he felt like he could never measure up. I wondered how much that played into the dynamics & whether or not Will thought their marriage was always going to be overcrowded. Tupac was mesmerising intellectually, physically & creatively; I doubt anyone could measure up.

    1. I think this is 100-percent true: she did so much cool, innovative work in the 90s or even turn of the millennium (looked all this up when I saw Set it Off a couple years ago) and then it just dried up with her marriage. I hope with the Pluto boost + kids growing &c that she does have a more powerful second/third act coming and reclaims some of her artistic and expressive nous. Mystic, we have to get you on board as her therapist/astrologer.

  13. “In a classic Lilith scenario, her affairs are looked on more harshly than those of her husband.” aren’t they all? Maybe she will play Lilith in a movie. or Proserpina.

    1. Actually didn’t they have a water tight pre-nuptials? I remember Eddy Murphy was about to be married at the same time as W&J but EM fiancé refused to sign so Eddie didn’t marry her. Jada said it was protecting her as well. (If you can believe anything the media says 🤔🤥)

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