My Saturn Transit Merde

Greetings from tech hell! Actually, I am emerging and this is an explanatory post but the asides about Saturn may be useful for some of you.

Saturn is currently near my Ascendant in Aquarius and Mars is opposing it from the 6th. How did this manifest? Well, Saturn ate my words. Not only the July 1 Daily Scopes but also a huge swathe of my report words.

The backdrop to that is that the more recent “Covid hotspots” in my city are my habitat. A nature documentary filmmaker could track me from one to another by my spore. Spore? Pheromones? Anyway, I am in mandatory isolation and I have something minor that I hope is just an allergy.

Fine, I work at home anyway, and iso in the circumstances is logical. But enter Saturn or maybe Mercury-Neptune and I watched as a giant swathe of report words more or less melted. I knew the cause but obviously could not blow out into the nearest tech store like typhoid Mary in a hoodie with an ankh tattoo.

That blew out into a restart that took out the Daily Horoscopes for July 1 – they were there. And I have been parsing server options, as I want to migrate to something super-fortified for reasons that should be obvious if you have read my Turbulent Times pieces.

Meanwhile, I have posted Daily Horoscopes for July 1/2, the Monthly Horoscopes are up and of course, Weekly.

I’d put in a widget to count down the days until Mercury is out of shadow/past the final square to Neptune but given the current form, it would probably do something dodgy.

41 thoughts on “My Saturn Transit Merde”

  1. Oh god Mystic that sounds awful!! I hope you were able to call it back from the aether or at least pay a tech wiz to sort it for you. I remember a writer once telling me “don’t worry about losing stuff, you can always write something new” but I don’t think that’s what she had in mind!!
    Your analysis of the Mars-Saturn opp in the monthlies has clarified some of the merde that has been going down the past week or so at my workplace and the dates tally perfectly. March 2020 I was invited back to old workplace by new loudmouth Sagg boss, raving on publicly about my skills, experience etc. Since then she has morphed into the boss from hell, snarking off about people’s ‘lack of commitment’ if they leave at 5pm to see their children before bed, lies, favouritism, belittling, rudeness etc etc. So unpleasant has she become towards me personally that it has catalysed a huge rethink on my part about my career – cue big scary self-instigated change coming from August. Since I advised her of my plans she has become intolerable. I understand she is threatened by someone with a good reputation choosing something else, but jeeez. It’s required super-human Saturnine strength on my part to not tell her to fuq off. My strategy is dignity and professionalism. Someone tell that to my digestive system, ha.

    1. Gawd, reading about your cube farm experience is causing sudden Saturn neck relapse almost. Awful bosses really are like Saturn’s bitchez. They force you, one way or another – usually involving much angst & stress – to come up with a better game plan. Good on you though for your noble & dignified strategy (i see your haute Leo Rising here too). And drink lots of camomile infusions (signature herb for both Leo & Capricorn). xx

      1. Hey Skarab – thanks for the understanding. It’s pretty toxic but it has forced me to make some good decisions for myself. Part of the plan involves providing HR with copies of some of her more choice communications before I go. And thank you for the herbal tea recommendation, perfect for Saturn going through my 6th right now xx

  2. Words are cool and all but did you make this image? I freakin love it. Feel better, Mystic! You’ve built such an amazing portal for all of us to log on to daily…

  3. first of all, best wishes to mystic and to anyone who’s with the flu or feeling poorly in general. hoping to make someone lol, I report my mini saturn-mars opposition (in my case square venus but loosely trine/sextile mc/ic) snafu from yesterday. I was trying to set a new software in another language for a small but important + urgent file I was writing, and by mistake I chose croatian (!!!) in the menu… trouble was, being it a brand new software I didn’t remember where exactly the ‘settings’ tab was in the bar to change it back to english at least… luckily I have two croatian friends I could have called, but I had to send the file immediately and thankfully after a couple of attempts the gods from above helped me out 🙂 .

  4. And yet, Neptune success: the visuals for the Alchemy Tarot images are renewed and visible; your dailies each illustrated most intriguingly, and ecelectically gorgeous, sublime or hilarious! Wish i could know the source, who is featured, but not requesting that, Mystic, with all the work you are achieving and being challenged by. (Mostly wanted to know who the hot man in one of the Virgo dailies a week or so back was! 😂) Hey it’s just my Pluto Lilith Virgo research into details vibe, riiiight!

    1. Mille, I wanted to thank you for your very kind words in reply to a post of mine beneath Mystic’s earlier post ‘Another day in Neptuneville’. I hope you read this 💛

      1. Ah that is so lovely! I just read your reply there, and i remember that i sent you a wish from the heart as i wrote xxx

  5. Wish Upon a Star

    So I got the flu. My body and brain were having some type of fight. So it was time for a clear out.

    I feel like my body and mind are more in harmony now. Less suspicious, cynical and critical. More grounded.


    1. Rest well, Wish. Important to take care of your health after what you’ve been through. (I know you don’t need me to tell you that). You sound in a really good place. x

      1. Wish Upon a Star

        Actually you do need to tell me. I forget what I’ve been through.

        Thanks Chrysalis ❤️✨

  6. Busted some moves to get from Mid-north coast to the snowies in about 24hrs to decide, book, sleep, drive, ski. I haven’t skied in 26 years, like getting on a bike. Not an Apollo, Speedwell or Cube but a rusty old knackered one covered in cobwebs and moss found behind the shed. Banks are playing not so friendly with purchases, Saturn is also near my Asc 1degree orb the blitter, okay teacher.
    Ceres just passed itself, Isis, Perse, Lilith, Pythia across my Mercury n node and sun. 4th H. Better set some powerful intentions. XxXx

  7. Penelope Darling

    My partner just purchased a property and we are moving shortly. If I was to read the natal chart of our relationship with the house would I choose the purchase day or the move in day? Or the settlement date? Any thoughts, friends?

    1. Good Q. Each has its merits depending on the way you want to consider it. If you’re talking the relationship to the house I would also consider the day you looked at it and went yep this is it and had that actual knowing or connection to it. Well, if that was when the decision was made…

      You could also look at move in date.

  8. I’ve been having a wicked Mercury retrograde hangover through this last bit of shadow phase! Makes sense now!

  9. God that’s a horrible feeling, Mystic. I’ve had words eaten at dead-lines & know that awful sensation at the pit of your stomach. Commiserations. Frustration seems to be the flavour of these times.

  10. Corduroy jeans

    Sending sparkling, Xanadu-roller-skate-through-obstacles-energy, Mystic. Xx Saturn is approaching daughter’s Aqua moon and squaring my natal Uranus (currently opposed by transit Purple One) -we can relate in so many ways. Xoo

  11. Sending you a warm hug, a kind word & unlimited power. You can also borrow my teddy bear if needs be,

  12. Have been in enough iso and can relate to all it’s limitations….very Saturn and Chiron kind of vibe.

    Losing your words is harsh.

    I wonder if it wasn’t Mars who ate your words as some short term fuel source to best Saturn who’s been stoically showing up but had to take his eyes off the prize to arm wrestle disruptive Mars. Saturn steps back in as protagonist and works with you to deploy grace and acceptance around loss and bolster your fortitude. Mars still has some stamina to go another round but Saturn’s wise counsel has your adequately armed and ready for another strike.

    Perhaps I am explaining my own week and pretty much everyone else I’ve encountered.

    Saturn conj a little femme 3some – Lilith, Pallas, Juno and I have had to deflect angst and play peace keeper and world peace negotiator more than once this week ironically with all kinds of women. Aqua MC but this is all 3/9 action. Ugh. Exhausted and glad I have a long weekend.

    And this Mercury retro has also had a sting. Not tech related but more as you’ve described. Double ugh. One more week….yes, am counting myself.

    1. Bouquets & blessings to you. The weekend will fortify you. Buy yourself & treat to congratulate yourself for the diplomacy toward world peace. x

      1. Thank you 💚
        Am doing exactly that. Purchased an original art that’s an unusual size so checking frame options today. Felt immediately drawn to it and that is nothing unusual but am discerning purchaser. Wasn’t high cost but spoke and I like lithograph. Anyway, got it home and sat it at a distance to view and smiled to myself as the compelling impetus became clear. Faces of wolf, fox and woman emerged from the sky-skape over moody water and land at the last throws of light. They (faces) reveal themselves frequently. Colour pallete of subdued reds, yellow, white and almost black shadowy form. Want to contact artist to see if there was intention as so obvs to me or may be a nice surprise for her. Will have Sol/Asc fun exploring aesthetic x

        1. Wish Upon a Star

          I love artwork like that.

          I also love it when nature reveals faces and forms: human/animal/spirit.

          I was sitting on the toilet yesterday and noticed that water spilled out from the shower and formed a fish with really strong back fins.

            1. Wish Upon a Star

              Oh yes. Now that I collect my thoughts it was like a big whales tail.

              Saying swim away from getting bogged down in thoughts so you can catch opportunities.

              Balance and Strength !


              1. Check out whale totem medicine if you haven’t already. Love the way spirit messages are delivered.

                1. Wish Upon a Star

                  I will. Thanks Centaurus.


                  Just as I thought. What resonates for me is quiet strength and spiritual guidance. That’s it: don’t get bogged down so you can be open to spiritual guidance.

  13. Sorry you lost your words M. I too am in your iso city. Best to stay put and eat the contents of the freezer at the mo. Get better and don’t worry about the tech. We will keep coming back 🙂

  14. It’s always terrible to lose words which you have written with effort and love. Best of luck with escaping an recovering from tech inferno, Mystic!

  15. The Lion & The Centaur

    My online bank. Would. Not. Work. Today. Mercury went fake-direct haha that is SO TRUE.

  16. That is the biggest nightmare and I’m sorry you’ve had to deal with all of it. I noticed it wasn’t here, but then I thought you probably were contending with something. I had no idea, but incredibly I found out shortly and I’m so sorry, it’s awful. I’ve had writing disappear but no one is waiting with bated breath for mine as we all are for yours!!! You are such a blessing to this world. I hope you can take a few hours to just relax for yourself and your health!

  17. lol cant wait till its put of shadow…cant really explain why tho…have no tangible reason…but it deffo feels….irksome…

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