Soft and Hard Saturn Transit Truths

There are 20 Saturn transit truths that apply no matter what your age, status, unique dilemmas or the backdrop. Don’t believe me? Here they are.

(1) You think practically everything is a fad.

(2) Regardless of how much charm, faith or positive thinking you have at your disposal, you won’t want to deploy it to get things done or smooth your momentum.

(3) You’re more guarded with your info than usual and it feels fine.

(4) You have a new Saturnine Mantra: Take your time but don’t let others take your time lightly.

(5) Whether your work issue is trying to get more hospitality shifts or having to present to a hostile board of directors, you will be unusually concerned whether or not you’re perceived as powerful.

(6) You’ll be faced with a situation that you can only solve with time, patience and persistence. Later you’ll look back on it as the making of you or a pivotal empowerment.

(7) Just as you become determined to get quality sleep, you lie awake examining past decisions, without muffling hubris or any failings on your part.

(8) You start referencing things to “At my age…” – even if you’re 21.

(9) You slot all incoming information into the perspective of a long timeline. Your parsing of media and industry information thus becomes ultra-sophisticated.

(10) You feel like you’re in imminent danger of going broke or burning out – even if your performance metrics are off the scale.

(11) Saturn transits are often when you stop resenting $$$ spent on accountants or dentists but are instead agog at past expenditure on fripperies.

(12) Your Love Zombie crush or a mildly delusional narrative about a past love affair become too boring to contemplate. Your  sharply-worded suggested solutions to friends with similar dilemmas become a minor scandal in their own right.

(13) You sense an eerie link between mental rigidity and tight joints + flaccid thinking and flabby flesh.

(14) “If you want something done right, do it yourself” becomes your secret credo because your ‘audits’ of other people’s work nearly always turn up costly – to you, not them – mistakes.

(15) Cleaning, weight-lifting and/or debt reduction are therapeutic – perhaps even your new leisure concepts.

(16) Relationship criteria shifts away from the pheromonal orgasm and intimacy potential end of the spectrum toward ‘mutual respect.’

(17) You get Saturn Transit Neck – inexplicable aches or spasms – that seem directly related to your new consciousness of expense overheads and sub-optimal relationship dynamics that are unlikely to alter.

(18) Boastful people who are profligate with time or money make you feel scattered and ill at ease

(19) You’re better at taking charge of s**t without bombast or ego.

(20) Sweat Your Prayers? Yes, maybe. But also Spreadsheet Your Prayers. Hope and optimism are optional but planning is a must-have.

Image: Louisa Gagliardi – Alone Together

72 thoughts on “Soft and Hard Saturn Transit Truths”

  1. Ha! As SOON as Saturn entered Aquarius (my ascendant), I got the WORST SATURN NECK EVER. I also planned (with glee) heaps of dental work for this week. Let’s goooo!

    1. I have Aquarius Rising and my neck is easing off but ask your dentist re TMJ as all linked and think about what you were – or are – getting through with gritted teeth. That’s your metaphysical arena…

  2. Currently Saturn, Venus and Pluto are hanging out in my 9th house (Cap) near my MC. Lots of realisations about things I don’t *have* to do or worry about any more, which is freeing, but also pressure to achieve long dreamed of goals and my mind is racing with plans and schemes. Need to up the yoga and breathing practice, walk in nature etc. to ground all the excitement and chill (after a stressful, busy but successful month or so). More spa baths, and swimming too!

  3. Oh so Saturn is now retracing Pluto’s steps of a few years ago. Which means cleanup ops of that natal Pluto – Pluto IC square
    Saturn is very much easier to deal with in that regard. Everything you have to do is laid out in front of you. It is material, explicit, and specific. Unlike Pluto, who just turns the lights off and says ‘the exit is somewhere lol dunno kbye”
    So it’s def a continuing of the Pluto process
    A lot of actual outside world dealings now, I have to wake up. God, this is a slow process
    Wondering how I come across to others especially the fixed signs who I seem to be dealing with a lot then again maybe I shouldn’t care, my therapist asks Why i care.. can’t wait to unpack that suitcase of approval seeking behaviour ugh

    Prove me wrong

    1. Fear of disapproval is quintessential Capricorn, innit? Caps want to be seen and adored as much as Leos, but as long as it’s done following their rules, under their control, whereas Leos are less choosy when it comes to the flowing adoration tap. During my Saturn square Pluto/IC I went on ‘mission declutter – bulldozer edition’, and was oscillating between rage and exhaustion. It took a very weird (really!) Chiron opposite said Pluto/IC transit for me to reassemble all the remaining pieces, and move forward in a way I never thought it would be possible.

      1. Ohhhh YOU are my Chiron opposite IC-Pluto transit guru. If that is ok with you. Because I have this coming up in a few years.

        I’d really like to think / hope I’ve done the ragey exhaustion part.. I can understand what you’re saying though. Like – stuff, what have you done for me lately (I’m singing this a la Janet Jackson ok) or ok, “Thank U, next”
        (after hitting Peak Stress a few yrs ago, I just shut down if I go past a certain cortisol level or something.)

        ICP do you think with Pluto on the 4th house cusp, it brings in a kind of vicelike grip on the ‘security in the stuff that surrounds me’ , like a nuclear-powered Cancerian? You Shall Not Let Go, kind of thing
        Or is that just me ha

        I’m confused though , Saturn is already at 17 cap
        There must be a retrograde at some point.

        Thank U again for your comments x

        1. Pi, it was a weird transit, but then Chiron in Pisces is a different animal from Chiron in Aries. For me, by the end of the transit I terminated my therapy, which I began as a way to cope with Pluto/IC problems (lol – not lol). It felt good!
          Pluto IC has another layer for me because I have Virgo SN, so I realized I was brought into this world to be the “battery” (power source) of the clan. My efforts to fix, heal (Virgo) was like Bruegel’s “The Blind Leading the Blind”. Epic fail. Pluto gets attached to the shameful, hidden stuff, and you’re right to point out that the Crab nature of the IC contributes to this attachment. Your IC is Libra, it has a different flavor, as a Cardinal, it’s more “make it or break it” as you move onto Aries territory, whereas a mutable would try to adapt to shitty circumstances. But the Cardinals tend to run, so you better (here me dispensing advice hah!) not run and just confront (Aries) it. I don’t think you’d run, as you have the IC ruler in Aries – get your axes and swords sharpened. xx

  4. Something I read ages ago that stuck with me was the idea that where Saturn is transiting is where we’re learning to say NO. It made sense to me – a Mercury/Venus conjunct Saturn who is always open and willing to say YES! Anyway, the gist I got from this is, simplify. This strategy has been working, albeit with some discomfort, through my last hard Saturn transits: opposite ASC, opposite Moon, and, soon to be tested, square Sun (ouch).

    1. Hey ICP – I’m trying to stretch my memory here so forgive me if I’m out a degree, house, sign etc (LOL – perhaps all of the aforementioned).

      You’re ASC is Gem right? Saturn through Saggo? And is your moon there as well then? Hmm… yes I didn’t appreciate all the lessons of Saturn in Saggo myself. Saturn conjunct Sun wasn’t easy but conjunct Mars wasn’t hard. Well, the times were hard but the combo was excellent for deploying boundaries and working with tough themes.

      And is your Sun Aries then so you’ve already had Pluto square up and will be dealing with node squares as well if that’s the case in the 2/8 axis. And you’re about to get Uranus in the 12th. I am about to get rid of that transit. I’m not sure what to make of it yet as some I think a rear-view is always needed for outer planet transits. Well only if you take a whole sign perspective and to some extent when the sign energy changes I think the whole vibe changes anyway even if the house flows over.

      What is your natal Saturn doing in response to this 8th transit?

      I think there’s some truth in what you say about learning to say NO. I’d also add (and as Mystic pointed out in the Saggo scopes today) that it’s to do so without guilt. That’s a biggie for me with that Venus/Moon conjunction. It’s about clear boundaries right but we can only have them when we know what we want and where we’re orientating from eg from that point of truth where we’re clear on what we’re doing and the motives beneath what’s driving us which is of course awesome 8th house work.

      Venus on the SN today! Echoes of the past reveal glimpses of the future.

      1. Centaurus, I’m Gem ASC, Cancer Moon. My Aries Sun is being hit from now until the big Saturn Pluto conjunction in 2020, that will hit my degree exact (I’m certainly getting the most bang for my money lol). I feel conjunctions are better integrated experiences, and certainly less traumatic than oppositions and squares. Also, I reckon being older helps with Saturn transits – you go back and retrace past experiences and ask yourself what is being asked of you now. Mind you, I have a natal 12H Saturn, and it’s not always easy to have a clear picture of what he demands of me. But in my opinion, all transits happen as a way for us to perfect our natal placements. So, whilst Saturn travels through my 8H, I am working 8H matters that pertain to my 12H natal Saturn. And, we can apply the same approach to other planetary transits. Take your Uranus transit in the 12H, and see whether you were able to bring clarity to the matters of your own natal Uranus. Does it make sense to you? And oh the transiting nodal axis is HUGE, and I don’t think we pay as much attention to it as we should, to be honest. SN conjunctions are major karmic (any way you may interpret this term) release points, perfect to ‘put the trash out’. Moon Venus conjunction is ace, come on. Your needs are your wants. What is the shadow of Cap that touches them? Get that SN to work for you!

        1. Of course, yes Cancer Moon! Glad my memory didn’t completely fail me!
          Integrating transits, hmmm. I don’t think that all conjunctions are better integrated but they may feel that way because of the close contact which kind of imposes a necessary integration by default. Get along and/or harmonise or else. Oppositions and squares feel a bit more prickly or pointed because the energy comes from some distance or some other person/area of life that it can feel like you’re not in control (are we ever? whereas choosing to integrate has the appearance/illusion of control if that makes sense. Having had Pluto conjunct all my personal planets it’s had some mixed results there but with these slow transits integration IS your only option from an endurance and survival perspective but it still can feel like the unwelcome visitor who won’t leave when they said they would. Shorter conjunctions are a bit like a speed bump or what just hit me but you can get lost in the long ones and emerge asking yourself who you are, where you are and where everyone else or your old life went? And as we know it’s not just that one thing that’s going on in a chart so the square is triggering the conjunction which has fuelled an opposition that’s now ricocheted back to the square etc etc.
          Saturn on my Sun wasn’t pleasant and I genuinely find Jupiter benevolence impossible to call early into his transits. I think he’s a bit more magical than that and can create a few tests and tricks of his own.
          You will have had/be having Saturn trine Saturn then which will give you a nice easy flow point to access 12th house matters. Good opportunity there which I’m sure you’ll capitalise on.
          Yes in thinking about Uranus 12th and my situation over the last few years it totally relates to my natal Uranus which is cozied up to Pluto so in the 4th so there’s been a 4/8/12 vibe and lots of work being done there.
          I pay a lot of attention to the lunar nodes so am only going to say YES in response to what you said. I have a theory that it’s not looked at as much as it probably should be because of the inability to clearly see what they reveal and the basis… well it’s fear. Fear of what’s gone and what might come because of what’s gone. The karma theory gets people jittery or defiant or well.. it triggers reactions for people. I get flashes forward and all the time in dreams and waking. It actually is disconcerting sometimes and probably because of our continued quest as humans to work with polarity. Where there is life there is death and then there is more life. Reincarnation is something I’ve been fine with since young. I just was and I haven’t questioned that but my natal SN givens me that I guess.
          Yah – working on getting the SN transit to work for me!! It’s a pretty potent portal til 2020 all round. You made me laugh with the beauty and simplicity of your statement – Venus/Moon is ace – your needs are your wants. Like just too simple but bloody spot on girl. Now to just make it work like that in the day to day with a better strike rate… and I have some theories about allies there – Chiron 12 might be one 🙂

          1. Oh that was long – streaming over coffee after a late night out so hope it makes sense. No time to read/edit/consider… gotta get my day rolling xx

            1. Makes total sense. This is juicy! I used ‘integration’ when referring to conjunctions to convey the idea of fusion: that’s what/who we become with this aspect. With your Pluto transit, for two years you become MoonVenusPluto, not Moon and Venus and Pluto. There’s no way that during this period you can wake up, start getting dressed and think: ‘oh well, I guess I’ll leave Pluto at home today’. I have a triple natal conjunction, and not a single chance that the triumvirate breaks up. However, with the other aspects, I always feel I can try to look the other way, shut the door (even if by doing so I can invite unpleasant consequences), at least that’s my experience with my natal t-square.
              Yes, I had Saturn trine Saturn at the same time he was opposite my Moon ( I have natal Moon sextile Saturn) – it made me feel deflated. Don’t get me wrong, it was good, because Cancer Moon can feel too much all the time. Saturn is a much needed desiccant for water houses.
              Wow Chiron 12H – first word that came to my mind was “Charon” – not saying you’re ferrying souls to Hades. Lol But, since the 12H is one of the transition(al) houses, I’d see Chiron there as a facilitator of transformational journeys.
              And, à propos de Jupiter, I keep reminding myself that he was the only one not devoured by Saturn, so I reckon we still have a chance!

              1. ‘This is juicy’

                Yes it is – the overall chat and actually I’d say it’s restorative for the soul for me so thank you. Really helpful and really enjoyable.

                Really good descriptions here ICP. I would have to agree that the door can be shut or the challenge can be called on some other aspects or transitions but close conjunctions operate as a single unit with competing priorities that need to be harmonised. Have been pondering the needs/wants theme and it’s so clear to me that I’m so in tune with that mostly and then ONLY change it up when it affects someone else’s needs/wants which then puts me in a cycle of guilt or compromise beyond what should be compromised or something like that. Still testing…

                Cancer Moon is all feeling and super potent at that but it’s extracting a clear signal from feelings and getting that into the real world that can be the tricky territory to navigate right? Saturn is a good antidote to getting stuck in any circular feeling spaces though does feel jarring – buy hey anything that snaps us out of anything has that kind of feeling.

                Hehe – ferrying souls or transformational journeys. My other conjunction that lends it’s voice here is Sol/SN. Yah I’ve already been contemplating these themes. They are the same to me. They aren’t always to everyone else and even I have my moments but in truth they are the same. The in-breath is life, the out- breath is death. This polarity is always with us xx

                1. This balancing act of Moon/Venus follows the narrative presented by a Taurus Venus-ruled chart. This is about the state of receptiveness, which I imagine doesn’t fly with a Cap Moon/Venus (you gotta earn it; you gotta give as you get, blah di blah). With a WS chart, your Sun would also be in the 8H – another layer to add to this same theme, don’t you think? And Sun/SN would make one fall back into the expectations of the “court” as the provider – le roi soleil Where’s your Progressed Sun right now? In any case, I think Uranus in yourTaurus/1H couldn’t come sooner. Buckle up!

                2. Progressed sol is 29° Cap.
                  With all that late Cap energy I agree…blah blah but it’s relentless transformational blah blah…

                  Yes Uranus into Taurus is welcome!

                3. I was in between work stuff in my last comment but wanted to add that – ironically – I am reading a book about Charles II and the 2nd Earl of Rochester which has links to Louis XIV and the reason why I picked it up wasn’t especially burning interest but that something felt vaguely familiar about it. Haha. Sooo many layers…

  5. Yes, to 90% of the above. 4th house Saturn, making grand Trine with 8-9 house taurus stellum,( mars, Venus, Chiron, Mercury, sun) and 12th house Virgo Saturn+ north node. (Together with Progressed moon). I get the very heavy feeling that i must dosomething important. And i have no idea what it is. The planet of structure trying to theach me the art of sitting still doing nothing!?

    1. Ohhhh I read a thing in a newspaper pisces horoscope once, I tore it out and stuck it to my dresser: .. it quoted an Indian mystic, who said:

      “I felt in need of a long pilgrimage, so I sat very still for three days…”

      Those water houses 4-8-12, all about our inner selves. The 9th house bits might be the exotic music you can hear on the breeze coming from over the mountain range …

    2. Progressed 12th house moon trine (?) Saturn in 4th is amazing, that’s like -in my opinion – an invitation for a deep dive into your spirit and psyche, your innermost motivation and how your family / home life / origins / sense of security dialogues with your most dreaming self;

      A more pragmatic action-y thing might be using your imagination to rebuild / remake / rework your home while dealing with interpersonal intimacy, power issues and or debt

  6. Speaking of software lol, I’ve downloaded an app that reads my screen to me so I don’t have to stare at a screen and sit still to read long form articles !

    Also, mystic can you consider setting your links to open in a new tab instead of redirecting away from your site? It would be great for us multi tab mercurials 🙂 xx

  7. I have Saturn and Pluto transiting in the 12th, agh. I also have Saturn natally in the 8th plus I am a Rising Cap so Saturn is my ruling planet. Things for me are a little out of whack for me at the moment in regards to boundaries and time due to aforementioned Saturn in the 12th transit. Saturn neck and weight lifting are spot on though and I might add in something about never being satisfied with your current career status, gotta keep going up and up and up!

  8. I have Saturn in my first house (about 13 degrees away from my ASC, kind of luckily). All that you list has been a foundation to the story of my life! Saturn is now squaring my Venus. I’ll be doing an awful lot of emotional house cleaning and debt reduction this year!

  9. I was reading through this post going, yeah-yeah, uh-huh, yep all resonates – but you know, just been through my second Saturn Return and i’m so sick to death of Saturn …. whatevs.
    Then i thought i’d look at my chart to see what the old goat is doing there and LOLOL!! I’ve been so focused on the whole Chiron/Uranus/Mars/Angles thang, that i completely missed that SATURN HAS BEEN OPPOSITE MY SUN since the whole health/emo melt down began – like to the minute: lower back caving in and painful teeth/root canal issue & past raking.
    It’s not like i didn’t know the physical symptoms were classic Saturn manifestations, but i really didn’t want to see this. These were physical issues i had been stalling to fix for quite some time. And i’ve been around long enough to know that if you don’t fix something, it aint gonna fix itself.
    My totally irrational justification for ignoring Saturn was that i’d only just done the 2nd Sat return plus it hasn’t been that long since i’ve also had Pluto on this point opposing my Sun for freaking ever. I didn’t want to go there again.
    In my defence I really blame trans Neptune’s dulcet tones trine my Sun: “Just ignore hon, you’ve done some hard mileage recently so kick back & relax babe, it’ll all sort itself out …. oooh look at that beautiful cloud formation – it’s just like a unicorn…. and look – those pigs have wings….
    So anyways, got 3 more direct Saturn/Sun hits happening throughout the year :-/… But now i know not to ignore.
    Like the old saying goes: denial of the truth doesn’t change the facts. You can’t deny Saturn.

      1. Me too, right? Sounds like you have a really good grasp of what’s going on with Saturn right now. Can’t blame you for ignoring Saturn after Pluto!! I think I’d been doing the same after Pluto over my moon for an aeon. Uncle P has only just moved on, it doesn’t seem fair, lol

  10. Saturn has been trining all my personal planets and now pluto is conjunct my ascendant so the saturn-pluto cj will be on there too, chiron return and uranus on N Node all at the same time. I’m alive, that’s about it. Someone killed my dog a fortnight ago. I will either break completely or get through, I still don’t know which way its going.

    1. Oh thanks J, I just came back to see if I could delete that, but it’s out now. I just feel like there is no refuge, it’s a bit exhausting, I know you know the feeling : /

    2. Oh that sucks! I’m so sorry about your dog. When I first read trines I thought “oh maybe this will be a Saturn success story” but jeez. Go destroy that person Saturn-style

  11. After Saturn squaring my Pisces Ascendemt, and my sun. Then ending my Chiron return the fog is lifting and its happiness again.

    But my intuition is saying don’t forget or ignore those lessons of Saturn, if I do it will be at my own peril. Its a bit like being told by a heart specialist that if you don’t improve your lifestyle you will die soon.

    So you eat better, exercise and lose weight. You start to feel better. Doc says you are better and have missed a bullet.
    Then you just go back to your old ways, disconnect from the doc and slide to death.

    I don’t natally have Neptune Saturn aspects. My taurus moon kept me disciplined as a younger person. But after loss of parents, major trauma etc I was adrift at sea. So it was Saturn that gave me anchor and pulled me back to shore.

    After my mum died I remember being at a very dear friends house.
    She was trying to comfort me and we were drinking vodka.
    I was drunk, I burst out crying and during this release I had the visual of me being caught in a rip at the beach, being churned like a washing machine, then my mum dragging me to shore .
    When I catch my breath she is gone. Then I just burst out crying again. My friend throws a blanket over me and gives me hugs.

    My mum had a Capricorn Moon and my dear friend a Pisces, Leo Moon.

    Who knew that this was a premonition of my future : Saturn Neptune style. Its funny how certain moments in life really stand out

    I have read past posts on Saturn Neptune aspects and it was the imagery that finally made it click.

    Yes Neptune is the sea, the Saturn but the Captain has to be me. A bit like the Chariot in Tarot.

    It took me quote a while to absorb and relax with astrology. But now I am getting to the stage where it is showing it’s magic.

  12. That pic looks exactly like me in my house right now (if I were 15kg lighter and 22, lol). I’m at defcon Mars in Virgo this weekend.
    I have Saturn conj my 5th house moon-Lilith right now and as usual am struggling to see what is going on while in the middle of it. I have been focusing hard on playing nice w fwits in dysfunctional cube farm. I’ve recently become very aware of power dynamics that I wouldn’t normally notice, and seeing how my go-to strategy of self-deprecation and making myself as small as possible isn’t actually working. I can see it everywhere but not yet sure how to change it. I’m also thinking a lot about how my relationship with my mother still affects so many of my interactions. Hoping for a breakthrough while up to my elbows in bathroom cleaner.

    1. Self depreciation and being small not working? Have confidence, be in your power and be BIG. You have as much right as your boss and coworkers to express yourself and as long as you stay professional and respect others, manage up, propose changes, and air grievances about others, while being scrupulously fair and transparent “for the good of the office/organisation” think win/win

      1. Thanks hon. Easier said than done for this floundering fish xx
        The main take-out for me is how acutely aware I have suddenly become of my own behaviours.

        1. Sure. Much easier said than done. Ponder on it. Being able to stand my ground and be in the spotlight is a recent hard won skill… when I was younger I was very shy and avoided talking in front of others (e.g. in a classroom or work situ) or voicing my opinion whenever possible.

    2. Having similar realisations chrysalis. I found a really good qualified therapist recently who specialises in relationships and attachment theory, among other things. My last sesh we talked about the sense of resentment and compromise that can arise from .. putting myself in the shade, so to speak. At work. (I was focusing on a particular person (Taurus) whose MO I often struggle to handle)
      In practical terms that means how I assert myself (or not) and the physical sensations that I’m experiencing from using language that is more clear and self-defining.
      A massive part of that included knowing that if I am doing or asking for what is best for me, them the response or reaction of others is absolutely their responsibility and not mine to manage.

      I wonder if we both had one parent who was quote bombastic and demanding at home? Like the home space was almost entirely centred around managing or avoiding or coping with that parent occupying 99% of the space, attention and energy. So our security and identity-forming needs as children were often sent into the background, in those critical years. I feel like writing a lot more but I think with out Capricorn moons and the outer planet in 4th house , this might be common ground here. Also, the yielding pisces sun, gawd.. I live with a Leo now, there are almost daily object lessons in putting myself forward clearly, it is a fuqing challenge but wierdly productive (also emotionally stressful)

      Anyway, I hope you can start to show more of the shiny beautiful boss butterfly you are.

      1. Ahhh yes makes so much sense what you have said here. I’ve been propping up a fam-of-origin situ as you describe for basically all my life and it just carried on into various other big interactions: marriage, friends, workplace.
        Yours is Pluto on the IC, right? Mine is Neptune. I imagine Pluto there would be all the unspoken, subconscious rules. Oh, and secrets.
        A psych once said to me, ‘Look how much work you do to prop up the dynamics with these dysfunctional people. You do all their work for them.’ That observation alone was worth the many hours/$$$. No wonder I am so tired.
        Changing it is tricky. One convo/action at a time.
        You have a Leo mum, yes? Perhaps the Leo you are living with now is providing some good lessons there, giving your natal Saturn a workout? xx

        1. Interestingly she’s a multiple Gemini with aqua rising. Introverted as hell tho. Leo need for attention gives her the shits lol, go figure. My father was Leo rising aqua.
          Natal Saturn is getting HIIT for sure lol
          I am really, really trying to not backslide to low-functioning Anxious Pi , and, um, ‘lean in’ to all this change.
          Leo housemate is also a double virgo so thats a thing. I think we connect over our gemini and Sadge placements, lol

          1. Ah soz for some reason I thought Leo. Not to worry – Mars in Virgo usually remembers Everything but hormone fuquery has impacted, lol.
            I think it’s weird transition times and being so mutable you will be feeling it acutely. Pisceans are just all over the shop at the mo, I reckon. I have a few in my life and all of us have massive shifts going on. x

  13. saturn sq venus last yr, now saturn sq jupiter till nov
    the horrendous jealousy of my ex is receeding, thank christ.
    still gonna take up boxing tho.
    ‘mutual respect’ is the phrase that went through my head re the guy im v casually seeing.
    we are v honest with each other, ive been honest with him re my jealosy towards my ex.
    been running again to deal with the adrenaline
    i am broke but hopefully sorting debts and managing not to freak abt it
    i know i just have to b patient and work thru these feelings and they will pass.
    and still i rise

  14. I’m looking forward to some post Saturn return post square everything structured success. Natally my sat is conj nep and it needs space to breathe

  15. This is like my entire life. Saturn in the 7th in Sag, Cap/Saturn ruling both 9th and 10th house, cap moon ruling 3rd and 4th Cancer-cusp houses. I seem to have been having Pluto and Saturn transits my entire 61 years. No happy-go-lucky here (I’d love to experience life as a pure untethered fiery optimist sometime; even with Saturn and Venus in Sag I never *feel* Sadgy).

  16. Hired a personal trainer to start weight lifting despite no prior interest in the gym. Went on a financial bender complete with consulting a biz accountant. Had conversation about need for respect in relationships. Insomnia. Began adding a collagen protein to my matcha tea (where’s my coffee?) while simultaneously wondering if it’s a fad. AND was planning to give the bath a serious scrub before enjoying a nice epsom salt soak.

    Stop freaking me out Mystic. Stop it.

  17. “Just as you become determined to get quality sleep, you lie awake examining past decisions, without muffling hubris or failings on your part.”

    I don’t even want to talk about it. And I sprained my knee. I tried to play doctor and set my own patella where I thought it should go. It worked but then I went to the super market on Valentine’s Day and walked way too much seeking the perfect romantic dinner ingredients. Yes, I am saturnine-angry at myself.

    Saturn square sun ends Feb 21 and I CANNOT WAIT

    1. Legit question: if you got my year ahead report, did you find Saturn square Sun delineation went hard enough or was it too ‘soft’? I strive to get the balance right between being inspirational/encouraging and also realistic.

      1. I really liked it. The sentence “it’s not an easy transit, but it is simple” runs through my head a few times a day. I found it “easier” to handle knowing what was up, and I do think the wording was more inspiring me to get through it as antifragile as possible than be crushed under the weight.

  18. Sitting here with a heat pack on my shoulders & neck. Has been a terrible few weeks since last adjustment where it wouldn’t move nicely anyway but haven’t had any downtime or created space for falling in to this and have a kind of keep going grit that isn’t allowing a break right now but I feel like I sorely need one. For many reasons life continues to be a pain in the neck that I have to show up to daily with my best hat on.

    For some fun what if there was an actual score applied to this eg if you agree to 12 or more of these response you are X, between 6 and 12 – consider the possibility of Y, less than 6 = Z,

    Did you select all of the above? Don’t worry, Saturn will have your back covered. He’ll be the one applying the soothing balm after the whipping he gave you. Keep telling yourself it’ll all be worth it in the end.

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