Serpent slithering into a vault to illustrate article about underworld gods and astrology

Karma Cop Saturn And Uncle Pluto


The Saturn-Pluto conjunction feels more weighty on a Dark Moon. They’re both on the South Node of the Moon, unearthing hidden truths or memories. Mercury square Pluto makes it easier for thoughtful insights on dark topics. Secrets and somber realizations [ Read more…]

Mercury Conjunct Uranus Has Edge


Mercury Conjunct Uranus has edge. It is dazzling Magician-Trickster energy. The Messenger God pulls away from the square to Pluto, lifting the pervasive paranoia and over-think. This is pure Uranus Vibe. Rancid little resentments and small concepts scurry away in [ Read more…]

Freak In With The Full Moon

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Wanna know how surreal and multi-nuanced this Full Moon is? It’s conjunct asteroid Borasisi – named after the God in Kurt Vonnegut’s novel Cats Cradle. And Chiron too, obviously. So okay, that is something only an astro-fiend would geek out [ Read more…]

Lindsay Lohan’s Dodgy Mercury

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Ellen Von Unwerth Yes, yes i KNOW she has a coven of p.r peeps crafting her message and all but Lindsay Lohan’s continual “We were not shit-faced, we were exhausted” line does make one wonder about her Mercury.  I mean, [ Read more…]