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There are thousands of archived blog posts on Mystic Medusa’s blog about the 12 zodiac signs and various astrological information. Below are the links to some of the most popular search queries.

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Libra      Scorpio       Sagittarius       Capricorn     Aquarius       Pisces 


Saturn Return       Rising signs      Moon Signs     Pluto transits 


You may also be interested in purchasing an Astral DNA Natal Chart Report, which is an instantly downloadable interpretation of your individual astrological placements.

Good question! They are usually more intensive pieces with particularly pertinent information regarding the current trends and how you can strategically position yourself to the best advantage.

For example, the Turbulent Times series began with the Covid-19 threat and evolved into a series of seven articles, each approximately 3000 words, that blended Mystic’s always pertinent take on geopolitics and the economy with esoteric wisdom and- of course – the astrology. They’re not political diatribes – they’re pragmatic guides on thriving through turbulence and the most likely growth areas.

Others are more revealing or intimate on Mystic’s part and she simply doesn’t want to share with the internet at large.

The main ones are linked to from the Mega Mystic members page, which is a hub for the Horoscopes, Astro Alerts, Daily Mystic email archive, Tarot, Oracle, and Mystic’s Recommendations for books, articles, practitioners, and so on.

The Post categories are about to evolve as there are far too many posts simply called “Astrology.” These need to be further refined.

However, there are also the following:

Astro-Gaga – the home of surreal astrological whimsy and humor.

Zodiac Fashion – Style and celebrities seen through an astrological eye, with a blend of silly and helpful posts.

Relationship Astrology – This covers Synastry (birth chart to birth chart comparison), Sun Sign compatibility and a whole conga-line of Q & A about various mating + dating mishaps.

Inspiration – While not strictly about Astrology, this section includes poetry and strange things that Mystic’s found cool in the past. However,  it is being phased out in favor of the more structured recommendations in the Mega Mystic members page.

Asteroids in Astrology – If you’re into reading about these astro-phenoms that technically shouldn’t work but kind of do, this is your go-to. It has posts about an array of asteroids & some of the wilder commentary on the internet.

At the top left-hand corner of the page, you will see a search icon where you can search all archived content on Mystic Medusa. Please email [email protected] if you can’t find something you need or you think there is an error on there!



Promoted links and affiliate posts – never.

Guest posts – very occasionally but they’re not the ‘boost your SEO‘ kind. Rather, they’re from people Mystic thinks are interesting and pertinent to the moment.

The above is not meant to insult SEO strategists but when you receive 40 emails a week saying things like “Hi – I loved your article on (Pluto transits) and think it will be a great fit with my infographic on ‘how to choose bathroom toilet tiles‘…” complete with “Just circling back to see if you’ve thought more about our new collab” repeat follow-ups, you become jaded.

Mystic likes the concept of affiliate links but they (1) add a lot of extra code to the site and can have trackers in them and (2) would impinge on her ability to offer unbiased opinions. Her recommendations and thoughts are free of any obligation.

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