Mercury Trine Anything Is Fantastic

Mercury trines are totally brilliant – a blessing from Hermes-Thoth.

They reflect your key lines of eloquence, speed research genius, psychic powers, pattern recognition and a host of other attributes.

A trine is a 120° aspect between planets or points in an astrological birth chart – the facets involved are friendly, so to speak. It’s an ‘easy’ flow and they’re nearly always in the same element.

If you, for example, have Mercury at 11° Leo and Mars at 11° Sagittarius – that is an exact trine. They’re also both Fire signs and, if Mars were at – say – 14° Sagittarius, they would still be considered ‘trine’ but you’d be pushing it if Mars were at 17° Saggo.

These margins are called “orbs” and everyone has a different opinion on them but generally speaking, the tighter the orb – the more potent the expression of the alignment.*

All trines are cool but Mercury trines are extra fabulous because Mercury vibe expresses fast – unlike Saturn benefits which can be slow to materialize, Mercury is just there. It’s immediacy and the thrill of connecting with another person or an idea.

Mercury is how you think, talk and express yourself. Mercurial trines show where/how you find your flow with this. Mercury trines feel so innate that its easy to take it for granted or airily assume that everyone enjoys the same ease as you but no! Know and appreciate them for the best results.  It will also help you avoid communications mishaps.

Some basic concepts to think about:

Mercury-Moon Trines: articulate ease and harmony in talking/thinking about emotions or understanding the feelings of others, easy intimacy.

Mercury-Mars Trines: You instinctively stick up for the rights of the vulnerable, are ultra-eloquent in dissent or combat and elate others via your powerful pep talks.

Mercury-Venus Trines: Supernaturally charming and adept in the language of fashion, style and the arts – you’d also be brilliant at love/sex messaging and diplomacy.

Mercury-Jupiter Trines:  Superb ability to quickly parse big ideas, canny with money/investments and often brilliant at oratory or debating. If you’re born with this, it’s an incredible blessing but it’s conditional: you need to be always learning/growing.

Mercury-Saturn Trines: You’d be naturally good at navigating systems and speaking the language of mundane (as in worldly, not ‘boring’) power. Merc-Saturn trine people can also excel in subjects like engineering, science and commerce.

Mercury-Uranus Trines: Ultra-fast processing and eureka-flashes with a paranormal twist. You could have an affinity with electricity or short-circuit things as you walk past them. You may be ahead of the people around you so feel alienated until you find your genius niche.

Mercury-Neptune Trines: This is when you think – as the surrealist Dorothea Tanning put it – “by trance or by chance.” Your baseline consciousness is already at a level of psychic awareness/artistic sensibility that people spend years chasing or attempting to cultivate.

Mercury-Pluto Trines: Stunningly antifragile and good at supporting others through intense transitions, you’d also have epic sleuth skills and compelling, almost hypnotic rhetoric.

Mercury-Sun Trines: You’re charismatic and witty, adept at interjecting the right quip at the perfect moment. You’re probably known as being a desirable presence or good raconteur.

Mercury-Nodes Trines: Whether it’s to the South or North nodes, you’re brilliant at picking up on past and future lives – you could even have the gift of prophecy.

Mercury-Ascendant Trines:  Excellent instincts – you live with a level of wild synchronicity and everyday weird magic that most people would not believe. On a good day it’s as if you can simply conjure the info or inspo you desire straight from the aether itself.


If you don’t have a birth chart or want my take on your natal aspects, consider an Astral DNA Report – the Tropical Zodiac version is most popular and the ‘western’ standard but if you prefer to use the Vedic zodiac version, check out the Sidereal Astral DNA.

59 thoughts on “Mercury Trine Anything Is Fantastic”

  1. Yes, Andromeda. I momentarily confused him with my friend , Andrew Hartley, who lives in Paris. English as well. I loved the novel and saw the film. I found it gripping at the time. All about power in families and the lasting effects of incidents of early adolescence. Did not know about his Bloomsbury rejection, though. They were a tough little coterie, weren’t they?

    1. When I saw this I just remembered that Leslie Pole quote:
      “The past is a foreign country; they do things differently there.”

  2. My only complaint about Merc – Uranus trine is before Uranus can finish its flash of genius, Merc babbles it to the nearest person. Peeps can hear only half of the idea – either the beginning or the end. Never complete.

  3. Mercury trine Uranus & Pisces Asc… 😯

    Genius… 😆 Don’t know about that however I am pretty good with gadgets, a little nervy~ yes. always thought that was my Gemini energy. 😀 & quick witted~ absolutely!

    1. You could come to Sydney! It is a cool 18 degrees today, I am missing the warmer months! ~I say that now~ 😀

  4. Mercury at 9 Gem trines Uranus at 9 Libra.

    My only claim to being a genius is the ability to produce wacky and impractical ideas – such as if my cat wears tiny mittens on her paws, would she sweep the floor?

    Mercury also trines Mars at Aqua – wide trine, 7 degree.

    Temper to injustice gets me into trouble so I learned to run fast.

    1. The kitty didn’t like it 🙂 Even the treats failed. But she learned I give her treats if she sufficiently sheds on the keyboard; another case for co-evolution of cats and their humans. 🙂

    1. Ah ha! I have always admired your pithy flashes of humor in the comments you post, Spirit. That trine must inspire them.

  5. “Mercury trine Jupiter: Fabulously lucky and an amazing orator. A philosopher”.

    I am good at speech-making if I have prepared. A philosopher? In an instinctive or organic way, but I don’t think others should necessarily subscribe to my p.o.v.

    Moon is close to a trine with Mercury and I do feel I talk about emotions easily etc.

    As for the psychic stuff, I can make out aura’s some days better than others and the guides are around, but I haven’t the trines to back up these things.:)

    1. Mercury trine Jupiter and moon. I enjoy public speaking. Sick, I know. I get a little nervous just before having to speak, but once I’m in the zone, it’s fun.

  6. Merc trine neptune and saturn – just recently discovering neptune’s strength in my chart – strong intuitions and flashes when paying attention – making space for etc – would love to be able to see auras but no such . . .

  7. I have mercury in virgo trine saturn, uranus and neptune in capricorn.
    Uhm, it seems I have alot of signs pointing to that I’m a genius/really smart? I love to talk about profound and weird stuff like aliens, magick etc stuff but I’m really not that smart. ;p I’m pretty awkward at speaking though, unless it’s presentations or about stuff I’m really really interested in. I’m horrible at small talk.

    I have extremely bizarre dreams sometimes, but they’re not terribly often. Most of my dreams are also about either flying or apocalypses. I honestly don’t know what that implies. I’ve tried scrying with a black goblet and using a pendulum. Scrying I haven’t had any results with but I find using a pendulum pretty easy. I really would love to see auras, maybe if I practiced. ;p

  8. Taurean Love Expert

    Whoa, my Merc is trining Uranus AND Pluto (they’re conjunct for me). Wile E. Coyote, SUPER genius!

  9. Mercury at 22 Aquarius trine Mars at 24 Gemini. Speaking up for the rights of the downtrodden, guts and pep talk. hmmmmm….. I will start by working on getting some guts, affirmations in the mirror and speaking up for my own rights!!

    Does the type of sign, eg air, influence the flow of expression in any way?

  10. I have a Mercury trine with my Sun, Venus, Jupiter and Neptune.


    My chart keeps on saying I am one hot tamale… my life tells me something a little different:)
    With these trines I should be able to dream up a hot lover, blind them with my charisma, talk their pants off and them a) not be a prick or b) never get caught.
    Oh, how I want this to be true.

    1. Venus a-go-go, what I know about my trines, they are natural talents sitting within waiting to be used BUT I don’t utilize them. I coulda already been a well-known published author hotshot with tons of friends if I had self-esteem. Saturn’s in 5th, house of self-expression. So once you get whatever that needs to be out of the way, then trines can be unlocked.

      1. Ooh sweet, it’s also part of a stellium there; Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune in 5th house Capricorn. Does this say sweet success for my artistic career!

      2. crazy awesome 5th house muzzie – maybe writing about new trends and innovations in art or success with some form of photography or words + image? Seems like a visionary set of planets to be hanging out together in that house.

      3. Hrmmm. This is all food for thought.

        Its not so much that I am lack in self esteem- I justpick quite masculine workspaces and am therefore not ‘womanly’ very often cos I don’t want to have been hired for having a ‘nice rack’… I want to be good at my job.
        My Saturn is in my 11th house… and its my Mars in the trine, not my Venus… so this might make more sense..

      4. not to hi jack trine thread with square wah but some squares can become assets of learning later. not all doom and gloom. I have a lot of squares I was told would be better after 30

  11. well i don’t have any of the planets listed there but do have mercury trine chiron… any insights? something about healing?

      1. Chiron is my only Mercury trine as well… I get the healing part, but why do you say hands-on, prowlncat? I would think it would be more like healing through words, being a healing counselor and/or writer (and also healing yourself in through words)… which fits me perfectly.

      2. Yeah I’m interested to know why hands on as well – I don’t know much about chiron, what’s the rub with that prowlers? The house and sign of your chiron/mercury will tell you how it will be most readily expressed – also if you have gem or virgo ascendant or you are a gem or virgo ie either of them is your chart or sign ruler (is that the one chiron’s supposed to align with? Some peeps say chiron actually rules virgo?) it would amplify one of the energies profoundly also.

        I love a bit o theta it makes irritating people so much easier to be around.

      3. Toro in Transit

        so mercury/chiron trine, chiron in cap, could be healing through sensible, bracing words?? LOL!

      4. these are the ones I’ve seen – I wonder if anyone’s ever made one that’s the frequency of rage or submission and broadcast it… barely audibly as vague background noise. Just pulsed it at people? Subtle… hehehe evil lol-ing ensues

        Beta brain waves = Waking conscious, alert = 14-30 Hz
        Alpha brain waves = Daydreaming, creative, relaxed = 8-13 Hz
        Theta brain waves = Dreaming, hypnotic, meditative, subconscious = 4-7 Hz
        Delta brain waves = Unconscious, asleep, deep sleep = 0.5-6 Hz

      5. ahh I thought there might be a ground breaking theory going on. Gemini = hands and arms is interesting, I was thinking about gem because mercury rules it but if gem rules the hands/arms then it makes even more sense.

        I asked this once before then forgot to go back and see if anyone answered, what’s a good book about chiron? Is that barbara hand clow one any good does anyone know?

      6. *chuckles* re groundbreaking theory comment. Here’s a ground breaking notion for y’all – we ain’t nearly as in control as we like to think we are and that’s a Bloody Good Thing.

        One lesson recently learned: The Universe loves me way to much to let me have all the crap I think I want. But damn it gives me everything I need in generous proportions! Yay!

  12. Mercury trine Neptune: psychic, dream interpretation or divination skills, can often see auras.

    Haven’t seen an aura yet tho I bloody well wish I could – would save a lot of trouble weeding out the dickheads.

    Mercury trine Jupiter: Fabulously lucky and an amazing orator. A philosopher.

    Yes I’m a closet Sophist … I feel sorry for whatever minions I might have one day.

  13. I’ve got Mercury trine True Node (6 Gemini ) and Mercury trine Lilith (9 Aqua)
    Not sure at all what that means..

    1. Ok I have Mercury trine Saturn – intellectual rigour and natural sagacity . This may account for why I am always perceived by mothers and people in authority as being so sensible (it would be nice to not to have to be so level headed all of the time). It also fits with my life ambition to become a wise old woman. Is Mercury trine Saturn also why I am drawn to a career in academia but is this the only path for me? Don’t you just love this stuff when it makes sense?

    1. Equilibrium Girl (nee Stress Princess)

      Nuthin’ trining my Merc either!

      Oh dear. With Merc in Cap, no wonder I’m a tad reticent…

    2. Nothing trining my Mercury either. But Sun, Venus, Saturn, Asc and North Node conjunct to it in Virgo (12th House). So maybe with all that going on it’s a good thing there’s no Mercury trines happening.

    3. She is really beautiful and looks well put-together in every way if you know what I mean?!!! You are lucky except I bet you are an awesome mum too.. What wonderful young woman – I remember your granddaughter’s pic, she looked so sweet and fun.

  14. elderly lioness

    Aren’t trines 120 degrees separation and squares 90 degrees?

    I have Mercury (22 Cancer) trine Jupiter (18 Scorpio) Can’t say I’m all that lucky (except for an occasional dead cert hunch on a racehorse that pays off) and am hopeless at public speaking, but am philosphical in the calm sense in emergencies.

  15. Merc in Taurus trines both Uranus & Neptune in Cappy. Not sure about genius and gadget skills, but I have been blessed with a gift for dream interpreting. (This might be helped by my multiple signs in Pisces.) Friends and family seek me out for it out of nowhere. Sometimes my dreams are also prophetic, but I try not to rely on them too much. Ugh, Earth sign sensibility…

  16. Mercury aspects all planets above in proximity of 3 degrees and less, except Neptune and Pluto. There are 2 squares though including Jupe and Mars.

    How to find out if Merc makes aspect to South Node? It doesn’t show on astrodienst.

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