Daily Mystic For Thursday 26 May

With Mercury trining Pluto for the second time this Mercury Retro cycle, I’d like to mention the ways in which this astro-passage can influence your psyche!

For the tactical and logistical angle, please refer back to this D.M. from late April.

Mercury is consciousness and communications while Pluto represents chthonic, underworldly information and emotion. The alignments between these two usually only last for a day, two maximum. But when Mercury aspects Pluto, retrogrades back, and does it again before pinging Pluto for a third time once direct, it’s more of a mini-era.

In this case, it’s been on since April 27 and culminates on June 13. So, any Mercury-Pluto aspect dredges up secrets, classified info, the emotions or memories you keep in a virtual vault, and – most of all – deep thinking. It’s amazing how evocative reading material or conversations float into your orb, aiding the process.

When it’s a free-flowing friendly trine aspect, the process is a million times easier than the sharper Mercury-Pluto squares. You may not want to sink into profound reflection or dialogues around difficult topics but you also sense it’s apt and that it will be beneficial.

The influence is most tangible when the alignment is exact AKA now till the 28th. But this is the Retro stage of Mercury-Pluto when you realize that so many elements of your life, psyche, and structure you thought were immutable can be changed – by you, with more ease and alacrity than you previously thought possible.


6 thoughts on “Daily Mystic For Thursday 26 May”

  1. The fear of death and of being killed, that’s the real issue for me. This paralysing fear stops me from living and stops me from speaking, publishing…

    I suffer from PTSD from the past decade or so, and because I cannot show the rage I feel, I have chronic inflammation in my body.

    But I also suffered from childhood trauma over and over again and inherited the intergenerational trauma of my parents.

    *Release work* is so important. I thought I had dealt with all this stuff before, but here it is, paralysing me again…

    Hopefully this trine will help.. I have a similar aspect natally, but just a sextile.

    1. I am so sorry to hear this – I have some resources that may help so let me know if you would like me to email them to you. I do think that whatever emerges with this 2nd act of the Merc-Pluto trine, it’s an opportunity for unprecedented healing + empowerment.

      1. Thank you, Mystic. I’m open to just about anything. Please send the resources.

        I started a serious focus on diet and exercise recently. In February, it became clear that I had to focus on my physical well-being, lose weight and gradually increase my physical exercise.

        The rage is also lodged in the excess fat, and the energy will be easier to release when I shed the physical weight and regain suppleness and flexibility (to the extent that’s possible).

        This particular transit made me “remember” that fun, pleasure, “beauty treatments”, self-care and “active” relaxation and positive stimulation will help. Not particularly attracted to meditation at this moment in time, but, strangely driven to improve my outer. Venus is in there, doing her thing, I guess.

    2. PTSD can be so, so tricky. Sorry to hear of your suffering. It’s not for everyone and it can take time, but have you ever tried Donna Eden’s energy medicine? It’s using physical exercises. It has helped myself and a friend with with very severe childhood trauma release and manage crippling anxiety from trauma. Loads of free video snippets online like the daily energy medicine routine. Holding the neurovascular points can be really effective for those moments of feeling paralysed or having trauma re-triggered. My friend with particularly severe childhood trauma found the radiant circuits exercises particularly helpful – found herself feeling joy for the first time in years. She also got a lot out of the expel the venom move – might be good for releasing some rage.

      I don’t know if you’ve already found some good help externally, but if like a lot of people with severe trauma you are finding traditional talk therapy simply worsens things at times like this, please consider kinesiology or acupuncture, $$$ permitting. Can really help with shifting/releasing.

      Sorry if this unsolicited advice is annoying. Wishing you rapid healing with the merc-Pluto tribe!! Take care. x

      1. Thank you. Not annoying at all.

        I’ve never heard of this before but will try it.

        Tried both kineseology and acupuncture years ago. Powerful stuff. I didn’t believe that I was still dealing with it. I realized it recently.

        Have used many meditation techniques throughout the years, but I am drawn to work on my physical body now.

        I have done tapping and have old VHS tapes from Phillip and Jane Montrose on Spiritual Kinesiology and Basic Techniques. Going to get those transferred to mp3, as I no longer have an old player.

        I’ve tried acupuncture several times, but I think I never found the right acupuncturist for me.

        These are definitely resources that I need to revisit.

      2. Re: neurovascular points, last August, I had several TIA attacks, and in February, my body reacted to the (iodine) dye injected during the follow-up CT scan. A few weeks later, my right leg was as stiff as a block of cement, like having a “heart attack” but in my right leg. I’m walking “normally” now but I have a long way to go to repair years of neglect and, dare I say, the mistreatment and hatred (the trigger) that I have shown my body, so now I’m showing my body a lot of love.

        The TIAs and my leg reactions were wake-up calls. I had been ignoring signs for years.

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