Sidereal Astral DNA

This is the Sidereal Zodiac* version of the Astral DNA Natal Report.  The original style of Astrology, it is used in Vedic – or Jyotish – Astrology – in India as well as in traditional Chinese Astrology.

It became more widely known this century via the notorious “You might be the wrong Sun sign” array of media pieces. The Sidereal calculation method means you end up with your Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Node, planets, and so on approximately 23° before the zodiac point you may be accustomed to. For example: A 28° Gemini Sun would be a 5° Gemini Sun in the Sidereal Sun or, if the Gemini Sun were at 15° in the Tropical Zodiac, this Gemini would be a Sidereal Taurus!

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*You can read more info on the different zodiac systems in Is There Really A 13th Sign Of The Zodiac? but generally speaking, if you’re not yet familiar with your Tropical Zodiac – aka ‘Western’ Astrology chart, it’s too early to add another Zodiac system.

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3 reviews for Sidereal Astral DNA

  1. Centaurus

    I’ve had this report for some time. I just re-read. What’s interesting is how the overall vibe stays the same yet is different enough to contemplate as another access point to one’s chart.

    This is probably my favourite. It’s well written and the deliniation is fantastic.

  2. JacQui

    I bought the sidereal report and love this version of me, it’s like I am talking to a psychic. I had to giggle at the insightful comments too. I thought I could write a CV with the info, not the 8th house characteristics but I suppose it depends on the job.

  3. looniedreams

    This is exactly what I was waiting for, it shows all my Piscean / mutable places. A mirror reflection in the sky of who I am when I am myself.

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