Mars Retrograde In Gemini Indicators

We’re just three weeks into a ten-week Mars Retrograde in Gemini and it’s a new niche of weird, right?

Note that Mars is already spending an extra-long time in Gemini but it doubles down on the mercurial weirding when it’s retrograde.

Have you recently radically flipped your modus-operandi regarding a specific factor? And not only that, you’re applying it with an unusually high degree of decisive, strategic action?

If you haven’t, you may want to check your location co-ordinates. You could be on another planet. Or, you’re so naturally up the yang with Mars potency that you pull this kind of stunt all the time.

The key to success with maverick Gemini Mars Retro ventures is nonchalance: if you’re grippy or too heavy with it, you lose momentum. Yes, this vibe favors the short attention spanners!

Remember, Mars Retro doesn’t rule out cool, creative action. It’s just not your go-to for fight-starting.

Another – less productive – indicator: phone fuqery and not the standard variety. I’m talking about password reset confirmations sent to the missing phone you’re trying to log in to report, messages from years ago suddenly landing afresh in your in-box and digital labyrinths.

And, the media itself serves as a strange oracle: articles and random soundbites or drop-quotes prompt reverie. A tiny tune sampling triggers a eureka flash but it’s forward-thinking or back – nothing feels ‘now’ at the moment, perhaps as it’s so sped-up and scattered.

Would you agree? Or are you keeping Retro-Mars fracas at a distance?

The FXR Crypto-Ponzi Is Classic Gemini Mars Terrain

More broadly, this Mars Retro has exposed the wackiest financial fracas on record: the crypto-ponzi run by the brilliantly named Sam Bankman Fried, a 30 year old Pisces with the Moon + Mercury in Aries and Venus, Lilith, Mars and Saturn conjunct in Aquarius.

Until the other day, he was a self-made billionaire – founder of the cryptocurrency exchange FTX – and media darling. Espousing ‘effective altruism’ and selflessly bailing out smaller crypto-companies, he was often seen on television and in panels hanging out with the likes of Tony Blair and co.

Now the billions are missing, allegedly transferred to either the Bahamas Government, his wildly eccentric Virgo girlfriend’s company or – from some accounts – his crazy lifestyle. He flamboyantly drove a Toyota Corolla to push the ‘not the normal billionaire’ vibe, whilst living in a 40 million apartment.

Bankman-Fried describes being ‘fake woke’ as one of his most profitable decisions, preferred his staff hyper-strung out on amphetamines and his story is presumably being optioned for a big-deal movie production as you read this. The

It’s too complicated to detail here but the Daily Mail actually has a bang-up summation of the weirdness. Arguably it’s part of the Pluto in Capricorn wind-down – a more garish version of the general tech malaise – but this tale is very Mars-Retro in Gemini.

How? It spins off in multiple directions like a manic hydra – the Bahamas government? – Tom and Gisele (divorced but being sued together for promoting the crypto biz) – Ukranian funding – and is going to generate a crazy string of classified intel between now and Mars Direct in Jan.

Currently, he’s in his Bahama’s penthouse, apparently being “monitored” by the government now accused of being in on the scam and his girlfriend – who may or may not have the money – could be anywhere.

The impact of the Ponzi is being reported as limited and contained within crypto but betcha by the time Mars has finished squaring Neptune this weekend, it will be admitted that it’s wider-spread. Thoughts?

Image: Virgile Simon Bertrand – Forbes Mag

106 thoughts on “Mars Retrograde In Gemini Indicators”

  1. I’m having trouble admitting this but I actually might be missing a very long time ago mars in Gemini, Libra moon Pisces sun ex. Not romantically but just the amount of absolute trash talk we could get through. Although we argued terribly – only over big things that had nothing to do with Us – we actually shared a sense of humour and the conversation never stopped. Ok he also had serious anger issue, I do not miss that. But the chat. Nothing beats Gemini chat energy

  2. Fun transit! Right on my natal Gem rising, trining my natal Sun/MC in Aqua as well as the Three Amigos (Mars/Saturn/Pluto in Libra). Clutter is my new enemy and definitely turning minimalist, if I see anything more formal than ripped jeans I’m tossing it, and even regular paperback books feel too heavy.

    My Christmas gift-giving this year will be wicked pared-down, ultra simple, and nothing but books or premade food boxes. Couldn’t be bothered, lol. The only thing I want is one of those hotel-style lamps with multiple extra plugs/USB outlets for all my gadgets. So much Mars plus Saturn in Aqua, I may spend Christmas Eve at the gym and sweat while listening to carols!

    1. Oh, and have def felt the schadenfreude watching both Gem Kanye’s fall from grace, Gem Trump suddenly blacklisted by his own party after the midterms, and Elon screwing up mercurial Twitter! Every transit brings its own amazing gifts, right?

  3. Bu the way. I love the illustration that goes with this piece, the guy sitting in his car, writing, telephone, lots of electronic equipment AND a bird at his side! So Gemini 👯‍♂️

  4. Mars in Gemini Retrograde and Out of Bounds… Everyone thinks they have ADHD/Autism/CPTSD or other neuro-divergences*… which means that NO-ONE is “normal”. Which means that we are ALL normal… and by normal i mean, different, abnormal, impossible to understand, and weird in a really common and shared human way… now if only we could develop the empathy that makes this a good thing.

    Is that disappointing? Reassuring? In/validating..?? De-pathologising..??

    Or is this just my algorithms..?

    According to youtube i’m eccentric because i’m “masking-autistic” and need help. According to astrology i’m eccentric because i have Sun conj Uranus in the 12th house and… so does Keanu Reeves. I’m good with that!

    The beauty of astrology is that “the spectrum” has 360′ degrees. And we are all “on it”.

    *not to diss anyone else’s very real suffering, just an observation that there’s a mass explosion of internet diagnosed mental health “divergences” and nothing yet to convince me that there is or was ever a “norm” to diverge from… (but then, with Mercury conj Pluto, of course i would think that…).

    There are of course projected ideals of normality that we are told to uphold, but they’re neither real nor attainable. We’d be better to question where they come from and why, rather than why we aren’t able to reach them for ourselves. Much healthier!

    Or maybe this is my Mars Rx OOB new weird niche, talking to myself again. How many more weeks of this left to go….?!? 😟 🎭⏳

    1. Well, i’ve really enjoyed eavesdropping on your talks with yourself 😁

      Labelling peoples’ differences makes it a lot easier to sell products/medications to “correct” these differences. Our bodies & minds have become like a bottomless pit of wealth for the E-commerce industries & pharmaceuticals to exploit.
      But that could just be cynical old me. Though I believe cynicism is becoming a pandemic, so I’m sure they’ll come up with a medication for it soon.

      1. I think your cynicism is healthy. Even if it wasn’t does it really matter?

        Are we not still entitled to have flaws in our personalities?

        We are not robots or artificial intelligence. Or maybe some of us are and we don’t know it. LOL!

        Now I’m on a roll. Maybe this is a conspiracy to weed out the real people and convert to artificial intelligence gradually.

        Maybe this is coming from an alien source so they can take over the planet and have billions of minions to serve them.

        Maybe I could write a sci fi novel about this. 🤔🧐

    2. I read somewhere that Uranus conjunct the Sun (mine is exact) stops the personality from expressing itself and puts a big fat lid on it. I don’t think so as I am happiest creating and examining the mysteries and most seem to find this engaging. What say you and Keanu?

      1. Hahaha. Is there any other sort?? 😂

        Wow, i’ve never read anything about Uranus putting a lid on it – to me it would seem the opposite – a right uncorking!! Other notable Ur-Sun peeps who didn’t put a lid on it: Kate Bush, Meryl Streep, Descartes (“I think therefore I am”), Eminem, Simone de Beauvoir, Sacha Baron Cohen, Angela Merkel, Freud, Charlie Sheen, Janelle Monae, Will Smith, Pier Paolo Pasolini, Tarkovsky, RW Fassbinder, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Le Corbusier, Marianne Williamson, Ram Dass, Wayne Dyer, Mary Shelley, Percy Bysshe Shelley, Salman Rushdie, CS Lewis, Lewis Carroll, Chelsea Manning, Ronan Farrow, Mata Hari, Calamity Jane, Johannes Kepler, Saddam Hussein, and Donald Trump (he could definitely put a cork in it), to name but a few…

        Sadly i can’t speak for Keanu, but yes, magic & mysteries has always been a big part of my life – and astrology. 12th House keeps it more hidden, or rather, i keep it to myself more. It’s out of the box energy and thinking which, to my original comment, is “inconvenient” for a society that wants to keep everyone in a box, have people ordered & under control… Uranian people just can’t help but do things differently, and there’s a lot of energy that needs to be channelled into something or it can become chaotic, short-circuiting, explosive… I expect that we can be quite hard to be around – or in my case, i find myself hard to be around around other people, unless they are similarly Uranian, or outer-planetary. Otherwise i’m trying to contain my energy so as not to upset their apple carts. (Being a Libran i do still try to keep the peace… although my Uranus is in Scorpio and just wants to make cider with their apples… Awkward 😬).

        I hadn’t realised Mary Shelley and Percy Bysshe Shelley were both Sun-Uranus people (both 5′ orbs, hers Virgo, his Leo). If you read about their relationship you can see it tho. Chaos, genius, disruption, rebellion, idealism… And a wake of destruction & creation behind them. Holy heck.

    3. Great question if are all different and on the spectrum, then who exactly is “normal”? Perhaps, that “normal” model of society is just “masking” as well as the others.

      Perhaps we are all weird, no one is normal.

    1. Depends. Are you 70 – or 17…? 😂
      Sorry to laugh… I think the biggest red flag was the not telling you his age in the first place. Tho i guess i can see why now. 80 is the new….60?? 🤷🏻‍♀️

      Relationship values: honesty, transparency, trust, communication… well, that’s what most people say are their values in relationships. (Not me, i’m happily single). Wondering what your values are and how many of them he’s checking off… For that matter, how many of your values are you checking off right now..?

      Venus is a faster moving planetary body than Saturn… She’ll move on soon enough…. 😏

      1. he says he hasnt lied…i couldnt tell him how i know…its to do with my job…i enjoy his company….aaarghhhh lol
        im 47

        1. Umm. Concealing the truth is a form of lying. Saying that he hasn’t lied is gaslighting on top of lying. What’s goin’ on with your Neptune, huh?? Oh wait… i can probably answer that. Am 47 as well, Natal Neptune at 9′ Sag and currently being transited by the Mercury & Venus conjunction – i expect yours is too. Enjoy the rose-tint while this transit lasts! You may see things differently afterwards. Nothing wrong with enjoying the company of someone 33 years your senior tho. I’d just watch out for those flaming red flags before you commit more of yourself than you already have… tho with the Sun also now in Sag, holding off committing will probably not be a problem..! 😏

          I love that you found out anyway – am guessing that’s the Scorpio of your name. The guy does not realise who he is dealing with… 😂

          1. yes i have neptune at 10 sagg…he doesnt put any pressure on me whatsoever but the lying does bother me…when does the transit end lol?
            in the meantime i will enjoy dinner…

            1. The transit is relatively short lived – give it a week or two to move on, depending on your sensitivity to transits (it will be followed by the Sun also). Venus-Mercury transiting Neptune is definitely a good time for dinner & good conversations. Nothing too serious. Enjoy it for what it is, while it is… 😊

        2. Strictly speaking he hasn’t lied when he did not want to tell you his age, right? If he hasn’t outright lied, I personally would have compassion for the fact that he didn’t want tell you…

            1. Oops… Yes, that is questionable. Wow, this makes make me laugh a bit too. What was he thinking, saying that he is more than 20 years younger than he actually is. Does sound like Moon in Aries though, not afraid to bluff 🙂

              1. He’s got balls right!! 😂

                I do have one question tho (sooo invested right now). Are you 100% sure that your intel was correct about the 80? I read your earlier comment about first meeting 15 years ago. There’s something about the timing (half a Saturn cycle) that is significant to your mutual Saturn transits – he would have been 46ish at the time if he is telling the truth. You’re 47 now. I’m guessing there’s a Saturn synastry & transit whichever way…

                With this Venus-Mercury transit of your Neptune, the only thing you can be very sure of is that you are not getting all the facts…

    2. lol an 80yr old man lying about his age has shattered my idea of mature aged men being wholesome 😂…. But I digress, go where the vibes are. I feel so much of our life is spent searching for a vibe with someone, if you have it you definitely should explore what the connection has to offer. Even if it’s just one good dinner 🍽

      1. yes…the vibes…i enjoy his company…the intelligence…we’re both moon aries…my moon is on his descendant…i will just see where it goes…thanku lovely peeps 💕

        1. oooooo then you’ve got the mutual Fire to maintain interest & conversation, especially as he would liken what he looks for in a woman to your moon sign, which is shared! I’m so invested lol. Good luck with it all 🤍

            1. Hhhmm that may be entirely possible! I read an astrologer describe men gravitating towards the energy of their moon sign as it symbolizes their emotions, mothering, nurture etc…. I’ll see if I can find the article from the astrologer and post it here. I went into a deep dive on synastry & past life connections when I stumbled onto that pov.

              1. The commonly held opinion is that in relationships men tend to project their feminine planets (i.e. Moon & Venus) onto women and women tend to project their Mars onto men. Or another way to look at it is in terms of attraction & magnetism. It depends how much one identifies with the masc/fem qualities of their gender tho and how much they own or reject the qualities of the planets, which can be influenced by other things like hard aspects or house placements. So this tendency may have been stronger in the past when women weren’t encouraged to express their Mars energy as much, and men weren’t encouraged to express their feminine sides either – in fact they were actively encouraged to outsource them to the other.

                Regardless of the socialised norms of the moment i do still notice this happening energetically tho.

                Another dynamic in synastry is the Venus to Mars contacts – i.e. one person’s Venus conjunct the other’s Mars and vice versa. That’s a definite recipe for attraction. When it goes both ways (i.e. both people have their Venus to the other’s Mars) you basically have no choice in the matter – it’s happening whether you want it to or not..! The Moon is going to influence whether you can make it last tho, whether you can ‘bring it home’… that’s the emotional compatibility, trust, security in the relationship.

                1. Love your interp here Mariposa ❣️
                  That makes perfect sense to me. The qualities would differ depending on the preferred expression of masculine or feminine energies or if they are in balance.
                  And the Mars influence also resonates with me personally, I’ve felt very stifled with my expression of Cancer and being able to express my true intentions, or feeling comfortable to!
                  What are your thoughts on the nodes in synastry? I know people I’ve felt inexplicably drawn to without reason, when my South node is present!

                2. Aha, my Mars is in Cancer too (if i’m interpreting your comment correctly?). OOB and in the 8th, trine Uranus in Scorp. So very crabby and moody and sensitive… (funny that my random avatar is a crabby looking crab). I let things come to me rather than going out for them. Direct action goes against my grain and only backfires anyway. Mars in Cancer is great for reading energy, sensing, intuiting…

                  I do like a good dose of Cancerian in my men, tho it’s more often Venus/Ascendant than Sun/Mars. Or Venus Scorpio (they like my Ascendant, which i like), or Mars Pisces (they’re just nice). They basically need to be sensitive & attuned – otherwise why bother..? I’m not really a relationship person tho, especially not at this stage of my life (lots of shifts & changes, no space for another person in my field).

                  But nodes in synastry…. well, my own nodes are attached to my Asc/Dsc so i can’t get away from the karmic connections. I figure it’s my last life & i just have to see them all one last time before i go..! It’s the pull of the familiar… the people you know but you don’t know. For me it gets murky & i often don’t exit soon enough. So I try to avoid those ones – it’s a bit of a mudpool… there is something comforting & attractive & sensual about them (especially the Mars Taurus ones)…but i get stuck & stagnant. It’s heavy & laden with “stuff”… I feel much better in the Scorpio (NN/Asc) side of things. Freer, clearer, in alignment. Lighter. The boundaries are less blurry in my Scorpio connections, there’s less attachment. A lot of intensity but less enmeshment. My NN connections feel like destiny, my SN connections feel like fate… same axis, very different feeling tho…

                3. Yes you’re interpreting my Mars in cancer correctly! Ahhhh see you get the vibes, and I can relate so much to the intuitive nature of the sign which moves to a higher expression for me as my placement is in the 10th, which is all the hallmarks of the healer.
                  My last boyfriend was a Cancer sun, but he didn’t trust his deep reservoir of intuitions and his insecurities backfired very viscously… unevolved Cancerian man is no good for me, they feel far too threatened by my presence. But I agree with a Cancerian presence somewhere like the Moon or Venus would be ideal. Look at us building an experience here lol.
                  Wow your karmic connections must make for some colorful life experiences 😳😳
                  Well the Scorpio influence has many different levels of experience, I’m somewhere deep in the shedding of toxicity from my past so I couldn’t imagine I would want to attract anyone till late 2023 lol.
                  It’s the intensity that keeps people together, I think the Scorpio influence is misunderstood and undervalued. I personally like Plutonic power now that I am aware of how much of my presence is influenced by it.
                  You’re so right with the very different feelings the nodes give in synastry….it’s also very dependent on where we are in our evolutionary journey which will directly impact the longevity or experience with the person.

                4. So beautifully said, ‘my SN connections feel like fate… same axis, very different feeling tho’!

        2. Moon DSC synastry would be a very cosy comfortable vibe. Whenever I have a moon connection with someone I just want to cuddle up with them on the couch 4eva (the vibe comes first then I check). It can be hard to work with when it’s a work colleague or a uni lecturer 20 years older than me or something though haha

    3. Oh, honey–I’m so sorry. I know it’s not much of a consolation when you’ve been excited about someone, but okay, on a more symbolic level where the people we’re attracted to show us what we’re drawn to too, becoming more comfortable with, &c, there’s something beautiful here about being drawn to age and wisdom, urbanity, maturity, &c, the Senex in terms of Jungian archetypes. So he may be too old to be a viable partner/love interest in your life, but being drawn to your inner wise older man is a potential potent, growth giving thing (I’m about 11 years younger than you, and still too often drawn in by the messy young ones). Sending <3 + courage.

    4. I still like the idea of falling for a really senior guy… It sounds liberating and dispenses with ageism.Though of course there are some real limitations when someone is quite bit older. But then again, Moon in Aries is forever young! 🔥

    5. If you like each other enjoy the vibe for what it is… age should not control the relationship or even bother asking each others age unless your having babies or its a trophy thing …if his 80 and you had no idea as such he must look good or be good at it..go with the flow darling..😉

  5. This guy is a douche…..admits he lied about being moral and calls ethics a ‘dumb game we woke Westerners play’ …..interesting article. Illuminates his base agenda which seems to sum him up as a person simultaneously and he ain’t fooling me with the Toyota. Its a prop. The stakes have been mightily raised and he has his work cut out for him just making fake look legit – again. Oh and there’s that small matter of making good on the coin. Pluto always wins.

  6. Yes, recently flipped my modus operandi and it was super decisive and quick. 2nd house transit component of this transit. First house is a blur and no doubt the retro will remind me.

  7. Mystic, you really captured the Gemini Mars Rx vibe in that gorgeous top illustration. The guy has an uncanny resemblance to an old ex of mine – a Gemini with Mars Rx in Gem! – down to the red sports car (but minus the espadrilles). Is there any info on it?

    1. Thank you – I LOVE this picture but I could not find any more data other than “Publicite-Advertising-1968-Les-Stations-Total-1” So French futurist art advertising from the late 60s?

          1. Hahaha no from a native but maybe its so for non natives. I’d say we can be enthusiastic or maybe high spirited if something warrants it 😁

  8. Saturn Wedding update: I didn’t go.
    But the Weird came to me anyways.

    Since these are family friends, my mother (Pisces Sun, Sag Moon) pledged to make her awesome beef samosas for the wedding, helping to reduce costs, as they are doing a « 100€ » wedding.
    Naturally, the mother of the bride also contributed with her samosas… with much cheaper ingredients.

    All this organisation went well over the months… until we fried them all this morning.
    Hers kept EXPLODING in the oil.
    All the meat just fell into the oil and smoked up our kitchen. We had to find a convoluted way to save this and took hours to put out half-burnt up samosas.
    My eyes are still red and teary. I am sincerely surprised no grease fire started. As I sit here, in the aftermath of this epic battle, reeking of frying oil, I wonder if perhaps I needn’t be so smug about my astro-gazing.

    1. Oh.My.God. It would be hilarious if it wasn’t so terrible!
      Was it the cheap ingredients in the samosa’s of the mother of the bride which caused this spectacular fiasco? And what did the wedding guests eat in the end?

  9. Thoughts?

    Whatever happened to good common sense?

    It is the anchor that cultivates good intuition. Try putting that in a meme?

  10. USA has been sending billions to Ukraine. I posted a meme with Pelosi and Zelenski in a laundromat on my FB page. It seemed like a scheme months ago, and now here it is.

  11. I received email from sources unknown saying China was opening its digital Yuan. Australia as a beloved (since when?) was permitted to buy in. Ummmm nice try, but No!

      1. I don’t like it. Imagine going to buy something banal and you HAVE to use your phone and then it’s like “sorry, you need to update your X app” and so you’re outside the store in the rain fumbling with the phone to update the app but then because of that you have to update the bank or card app but the notification says you can’t because you didn’t signal yes to the updated terms and conditions and then either the store shuts OR you get a message from a mellifluous sounding bot telling you can’t make the purchase because it’s detected an unpaid fine. It’s also practically tailor-made for cyber-crime.

        1. Ooh yes, that’s just the fun bit – we just have to pray that our governments are run by capable & democratic loving enlightened beings (i almost could’t write that) coz otherwise CBDCs could just as easily become instruments of totalitarian oppression & social engineering.

          1. Oh yeah. Cloud and crypto anything fails the carbon footprint test. Mmm electricity. Nomnom. But money! So tasty

            Edit. Thought experiment: Jupiter conjunct Uranus in late Toro = something happens with the data centres for crypto. Or Microsoft or something. Svalbard seed bank? IKEA becomes the seat of world government? Or ok maybe that’s when currency does its thing? Neptune (liquidity, financey things) going into Aries, independence? Forward movement? Self definition for money? Emancipation?

            1. Neptune in Aries speaks to me of evaporation… Watch it all disappear in front of our eyes. Smoke & mirrors. Panama Papers was just a prologue. “We” (the many) may begin to realise the true extent of the hidden assets/stolen wealth but be powerless to seize it before it vanishes. But the seeing of it becomes motivation to initiate something new, en masse but individualised forms of exchange, currency, ownership…Uranus in Gemini will see a lot of questioning & re-questioning of assumed values, after picking through the rubble of Uranus in Taurus. Then follows Cancer with a fresh reappraisal of “family”, a return to “family businesses” but more tribal that genetic, connected by beliefs, belonging, security in one’s chosen ‘families’. The nuclear family well & truly in meltdown…The collapse of faceless corporations, replaced by investing in things you believe in and belong to instead. Many & varied co-ops & collectives choosing to trade with each other. B corps, social enterprise & business for solving problems will be the norm. Micro-investing for the masses.

              Jupiter & Uranus late Taurus: Rewilding & degrowth out of necessity.. Corporations stripped of their “personhood’. Rights (re)assigned to nature instead…. That’s the idealised version anyway. More worrying with Neptune in Aries is the militarisation, deception, delusion on a grander scale…and a climate-changed, resource-depleted world. Tres dystopian… The struggle between the forces of “good” & “evil” continues. We still get to choose…

              The crypto-bubble (if that’s what it was – only hindsight will tell) coincided with the Saturn Aquarius-Uranus Taurus square. Building a castle in the sky, only for it to become a rain cloud once the planets separated and the tension that was holding it all together was lost. (Ditto NFTs).

              1. Wait I just had an idea. Pluto in Aqua = new source of electricity. Or a current alt source gets a major push. Jupiter (business expansion) plus Uranus in Toro (work tech. software) gives support by sign plus change-agitation?

                Interested in the Neptune idea of self dissolution. Like Uranus in Aries technologised the ego / self .

        2. Mellifluous. What a superlative third house Mercury word. I am going to make sure I use it as often as possible this week. (Mercury Sun Venus Uranus Mars Jupiter in the third).

      2. It’s just a question of time. A revolution in the assets sector – goodbye cash – hello CBDCs. Fu Thank you Uranus in Taurus & Pluto/Cap

        1. Hmm. There will always be people who don’t want their money to leave fingerprints though.. surely good old fashioned crime will find a way.

          1. Literally decades ago, when I worked for a bank; it became abundantly apparent to me how money corresponds to the element of “water” – at least, energetically (as it does in Daoist philosophy). As a common denominator, money showed us (as tellers) everything that came in on the ‘tide’ – e.g. tens of thousands of dollars kept in tins for years in the garden (too damp/mouldy to run through the note counting machines, but still legal-tender-enough to further psychologically reassure its owner that they were “safe” (secure), as we counted it by hand in front of them, and “disappeared” it into an abstraction (figures on a computer screen, mouldy notes into a treasury).)
            Whether the banking books & cash came in covered with bits of pineapple/fruit (from greengrocers), or (ew) flecks of mince (butchers), or (deliciously) flour and plum chutney (caterers for events, who made everything from Christmas pudding to traditional gnocchi), money was just the “river” things, emotions, and experiences floated upon – and its paucity and delusion brought into sharp relief for me when a bank robber held our branch up.
            Hold someone’s hand. Plant a few lettuces. Share your baking. That’s Uranus inTaurus for me (never mind the “plata” – Spanish slang for money/silver).

            1. Having said THAT, I don’t think Ur in T is about being dualistic again and rejecting materialism for spirituality, when the Pluto in Cap years have just shown us the shoddy results of focusing on the reverse – materialist paradigm over the invisible/spiritual (scientifically and financially).
              I think we need the both; just looked at synergistically. E.g.. buy a home and land to conserve/plant indigenous trees/grow gardens to share with local community. Invest ethically (although I am skeptical of this). Honour the earth/soil. Anyway – hippie rant finished!

              1. Great hippie rant! Also agree. Lynne Twist and Ken Honda both refer to money as water too (most likely informed by Eastern philosophy). It can be “frozen”, it can flow, it can become stagnant and polluted… It carries energy – like Emoto’s crystals – it rains down (like Billie Holliday’s “Pennies from Heaven”), and it “dries up”… or how it can flood in and destroy everything in its path when the land is too drought-stricken or water-logged to receive it…

                There are a lot of correlations with how we treat water too – how we assume it’ll be there, how we don’t protect it, how we don’t conserve it, or how some raid aquifers to bottle & sell it (or turn it into Coke) leaving others to go without. How we need to treat it better and ensure that everyone has enough and ensure that it is stewarded properly. I wonder if we’ll have to wait til Uranus in Cancer for this to become a reality…?

                1. I have Ken Honda’s book!😂? “Happy Money”?? (I think??) At the moment it looks EXACTLY like the tens of thousands of dollar wads of notes I banked for the elderly man decades ago – (I still have full respect for him – especially with all the cyber-hacking shenanigans lately..!) – that is, all scruffy and pages stuck together from being left out in the rain accidentally..!😄 (speaking of water..)
                  It is such a cliché, and a “New Age” one at that, but money literally is intent and energy crystallised. For me, (personally, not a recomendation for anyone) my work experience in the bank helped to de-mystify and normalise money, its tides and crude measuring ability, but also its utility, overcoming a lot of ‘ancestral patterning’ (eugh, sorry – another cliche) around lack. Face your fears – there is another one!😂💗 But seriously, as humans we have very, very few physical needs (typically) – and money simply can’t meet our plethora of complex emotional ones. It cannot even buy them – I have a saying that money cannot buy cultural capital (the ability to make others laugh or cry). It’s a wheel, not the charioteer, etc… (Cliche rant over..! Lol) xoo

                2. Saturn in Pisces will be “interesting” (let’s face it tho, they’re all “interesting times” we live in!). I’m thinking the dissolution of some of the old ways, expectations, assumptions of the monetary/capitalist systems… but also open to more fraud, deception & scheming… As if it isn’t bad enough already. Might have to research what was going on globally the last round (’93-’96ish). I wasn’t paying much attention at the time – spent those years wagging school, experimenting with drugs & going to gigs… fun times! Not sure my body could handle another round of that tho… I definitely wasn’t making sensible choices about money or my future. A re-do is probably in order. Saturn in Pisces 2.0! This time with awareness of consequences… 😄

                  A (very) quick peruse of world events during Saturn in Pisces indicates booming of globalised economies, establishment of free trade agreements (creation of structures to enable free-flowing of money across borders makes sense), also suggests attempts made to bring peace & reconciliation in conflict zones, end of apartheid in SA (negotiated during Saturn in Aq), nuclear nonproliferation treaty extended indefinitely (interestingly this was first negotiated during the previous Saturn in Pisces)… Followed by an increase in bombings, attacks & conflict when Saturn moved into Aries. A number of financial crashes during Aries, plus independence movements (Scotland), divorce of Charles & Di, death of Diana… Then Saturn in Taurus, the Euro was created. Politically, status quo upheld in many places (Oz votes against becoming a republic)… ‘business-as-usual’.

                3. Mari I missed replying to your beautiful piece about water (and treatment of). Yes, if there is one global issue that literally makes me so anxious I feel like I can’t breathe, it’s the destruction of the oceans. When I walk (for exercise) I pick up plastic where I can. (I think David Sedaris (writer) called this plogging? (To do it while jogging).) The pollution of our seas renders all international laws a joke (as if constant warfare didn’t already, but – baby-steps). Even how we are still producing & using synthetic textiles – I stopped wearing them years ago (shed plastic with every wash) – but it – plastic – is everywhere, in this 3D matrix. Anyway – rant over – time to do something constructive. If any aspect can engender a solution to this, perhaps Saturn (boundaries, rules) in Pisces can.. . 🙏💜

                4. I absolutely agree with you, Earthstar!
                  Plastic pollution has been my biggest worry forever. I try to buy clothes which are made of natural fibers only, but they seem to become harder to find. Most clothes seem to be made of a complex mix of materials. What I dislike a lot is the trend of clothes made from recycled polyester. Polyester (and most other synthetic fibers) should be used for clothes as little as possible imho to prevent them from polluting our environment / oceans. Rant over 🙂

                5. Hi Calcifer, please: Rant Away!! 💛 I love your “closed loop” thinking with regards consumer waste – altho I completely empathise, that it can make for a depressing experience when engaging with modern life/”the matrix” – supermarkets with all the single-use plastic awaiting landfill, buying a vacuum cleaner or washing machine and knowing there are parts ( as well as packaging) that will last generations before crumbling into micro-bits, etc etc. Stopping synthetic textile production is such a no-brainer I wonder there aren’t super-powers involved, heavily invested in it (beyond major fashion brands).
                  Then again, on the energetic/spiritual tradition side of things, I’ve heard it is best to assert (privately & publicly) what you would like life to be (in order to send that energy into the universe to mulitply/become perceivable “reality”), instead of complain or worry. (E.g. state “it’s a beautiful world and humanity is improving every day” 😂, instead of focusing on negative).
                  I GET this , but wonder how this applies practically. Given I cannot bring myself to wilfully flout nature, I just try and ‘do the right thiing’ (my researched idea of it), while telling myself “it’s all going to be just fine..” ??😄
                  I’ll let you know how it goes !!😉 x

              1. Haha, Wish!! 🌟😉 Definitely the “ethical investing” is a fairytale I wish to be true – money has that way of following the path of least resistance, though, doesn’t it..
                Disclaimer – have to cleanse my own energies – just listened to MM’s Housewitchery MP3 for first time in ages (I repeat it often) and re-discovered her advice on old books – and here I am dobbing myself in for keeping a crusty old book – on “Happy Money”, no less???😂 Mortification, for this dark moon in Scorp, is a great exfoliator.. 💗 xx

                1. (Also, if you meant good story-telling as in, good writing – thank you. Am just writing on the hop, as is typical lately – now off to stock up on Housewitchery cleaning products before picking up kids from school – I have until the new moon at 6.57am Perth time tmrw to spick and span my place for optimal Quintessence. Ciao bella ! Xx

                2. Hey Earthstar don’t overthink it.

                  Take it easy hey. There is nothing perfect a about perfection.

                  Sometimes it is good to take things with a grain of salt.

                  I say these things with love.


    1. Or other forms of currency & exchange like local dollars (eg. the Totnes Pound), barter, trade, good ol’ fashioned swapsies… Shells! And not just shell companies… Cash would be my least preferred option personally – i feel like cash is going to spontaneously combust in my presence – i guess that’s how it manages to burn a hole in my pocket! (Or maybe that’s having Sagittarius on the second house cusp?). Meanwhile, the fractional reserve banking system continues, wealth and debt compound, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. LOA or just a system rigged from the outset…?

      This Uranus in Taurus… it was always going to be an “interesting” seven years. I’m enjoying learning about money, economies, behavioural & feminist economics, investing etc etc. I literally never found this stuff interesting until Uranus in Taurus came along…

      1. Am in awe of your knowledge & predictions, Mariposa.
        Old enough to remember when bartering was tried.
        Seemed it raised it’s head every decade then faded into oblivion, all things being un-equal.

        1. Be in awe when they come true….😉 but thank you 😊

          I agree, bartering isn’t an ideal form of trade – i learned that via The Glumps in the 80s! Those little plasticine balls trading pumpkins til the pumpkins got too heavy & not everyone wanted pumpkins! But when the money runs out that is always what we revert to, on a small scale, whether that be gifting time, accepting help, giving what you have, creating relationships around trust, care, and sharing. A return to “neighbourly values” and community rather than the isolation-trap our Western, neo-liberal capitalist society has found itself in.

          I’m not anti-money tho – i’m consciously improving my own relationship with it – but it has been corrupted since becoming the end rather than the means to an end. I think (hope) the pendulum will swing back in favour of it being the means to doing good, resolving problems, helping humanity… but that will only happen when the people who haven’t traditionally had it, get it, and make better choices with it, and when the people who have it also do the same. Essentially money is the bearer of choice… much like any resource – time, energy, attention, water, land, life – it’s up to us to choose what we do with what we have… That’s the 2nd house/Taurus to 3rd house/Gemini transition in a nutshell isn’t it?! 💫

  12. thoughts? I think he’s going on my dinner guest list. secretly love the F-U corolla decision. love a nice set of wheels but honestly the rich-whoever-with-expensive-car-collection.png is practically a meme, as cliched as the 40-something bloke having a midlife crisis, buying a red sports car and taking off with the secretary .

    short attention spanners. sounds like a useful tool also

    I’m learning about pranayama, or as I like to call it for this phase, Competitive Breathing. seems to fit the astro profile.

    ty as always mystic

  13. Oooh–just put together where I’d heard of Sam Bankman Fried! I’d seen his name in the headlines but was paying more attention to the US midterms + reproductive rights–but this post made me connect the dots–I’d read about him in the New Yorker’s epic (and dispiriting if not infuriating) article on Effective Altruism this summer–Bankman Fried is the creepy whiz-kid billionaire who got this organization and its Aries idealist founder to move away from relief toward the global poor and toward paranoiac protections against future AI takeovers. The whole thing, epic, and worth a read, is here:

    Dispiriting because of how much money and power is held by a bunch of technocratic, disembodied boys. I think about this a lot: I’m a triple aquarius writer, finishing a PhD program, with some big visionary entreprenerual ideas about storytelling and myth–but so many of the potential funding sources + backers seem so part of that world. While so much of the art and story and spiritual work I see being done with integrity is so scrappy, and part of another system. It’s a poignant disconnect. (And yes, I hope that by the time Mars has gone direct SBF’s bubble has thoroughly and totally burst–and perhaps the Virgo girlfriend started a new life.)

    1. could mars retro in gem help you ping any suitably aligned alt funding sources? and yes the [despite / as well as my earlier comments] finance-tech-bro’s really can be rather tiresome.

      1. Big thanks for this excellent suggestion–it’s a great reminder that this Mars retro could be a good time for lightning bolts and tangeants around aligned funding + support sources. I’m thinking I’ll make a game-plan to launch between when Mars is direct in Jan and out of shadow in March. Big thanks for the support + inspo <3 <3

      1. Aww thank you–I think I especially sometimes find these kinds of articles/individuals vexing because when I was younger I was overly rational + yang–and have taken a lot of time and care to cultivate my heart and intuition. All the people I admire and aspire to these days have both intellect and deep heart-mind + intuitive/spiritual connection. Stories like the SBF debacle can be painful because they’re reminders of how far we have to go in realigning society toward those values and ideals. But it IS happening and everything we can do to live in that way contributes it. So thank you for your care and light <3 <3

  14. Hello Elon Musk, farewell Twitter.

    It’s classic pre-Pluto in Aqaurius, when all the billionaires loosing their money and fall from grace….

    Burn the patriarchy is what’s happening, I’d say… Mercury Mars Gemini: Social Media, war of words (and emails), acting out frustrations and loosing control. He will loose the battle and his millions will slowly but surely be affected.

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