Daily Mystic For Wednesday March 23

Wondering what the astro-fuq?

Okay, so I have just realized something which I am about to share with you – not to load you up with astro-geekery but because it will make you feel better – yes, it’s elevating.

So, recall that the Mars-Uranus square – big from Mon to Weds but literally exact on Tuesday 20.44 UTC aka now?

That can be tricky but it’s also a chance to bust out some renegade moves. However, the last 24-48 hours have had a particularly oppressive atmosphere, even leaving aside the standard stress factors and geopolitical turbulence. I dug a little more and realized something significant: Saturn is contraparallel Uranus. See (1) for the quick explanation and (2) for a slightly more astro-geekish one.

(1) Simple Explanation: This adds an extra edge to the Mars-Uranus energy – A Saturnine edge. It can induce unease + material security concerns or even gloom in the perkiest and most resourceful of us. It’s a gnarly vibe but it will ease over the week.

(2) Granular Explanation: A contraparallel is a declination aspect – it is what gives eclipses their extra oomph. It means that Saturn is 15 degrees North of the Celestial Equator and Uranus is 15 degrees South. It is super exact until the 26th – I was actually on Stellarium trying to devise a little diagram to track this and share but I will need to wait until I have more time!

So this adds a whole other dimension to the Mars-Uranus square, meaning that practically any stress factor – and this config does tend to inspire amateur Machiavellians – could arouse your deepest, most persistent Saturnine fears and insecurities.

In the next Daily Mystic or a member’s post tomorrow, I will provide medieval Saturn busting tips that work and explain why Machiavelli sucked, seriously.

Stay resolute and more soon!


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Penelope Darling

I am prepared to launch my Machiavelli defense! This is all great intel and definitely explains a few things.

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