Generation Z – The Pluto In Saggo People

Who Are The Pluto In Sagittarius Generation?

Also known as Generation Z, they were born between 1995 and 2008*, when Pluto was in Sagittarius. Collectively, they’re truth-tellers in a fake-news era and the bane of marketers trying to target them with ‘authentic engagement.’ They have inbuilt bullshit detectors, a short attention span and a penchant for making mercilessly hilarious viral memes.

Vine, the short-video-creation-app turned them onto peer-to-peer content creation and Generation Z grew up with recommendations curated by artificial-intelligence: You may like this, your friends bought that…They probably trust the algorithm more than they’d trust reviews or ‘experts’.  Instagram was launched in early October 2010 – when even the first Gen Z people were just 15. With it came influencers, duck-lips, photo filters, selfies, and body-image pressures that would have horrified even the most vampiric woman’s magazines editor of the 90s.

Generation Z Are Truth-Tellers In A Fake News Era

They’re quick learners, informed and culturally literate, mostly because they have to be. Younger Generation Z kids recall jittery kindergarten teachers and parents, huddled around the television watching the September 11 atttacks and those born afterward were raised with the War on Terror and then the Global Financial Crisis in 2008. The older ones have graduated into pandemic reality, barred from travel and with study plans compromised. It’s not the knowledge and freedom-loving Sagittarius dream.

The Pluto in Sagittarius people are resilient and still funny as fuq but if they’re not interested in buying into the current system, it’s not surprising.

See below for an actual Generation Z take on this.

Gen Z is the Pluto in Sagittarius Generation Spanning 1995-2008.

By Chiara Christian

I am a native Gen Z born in 1997. Astrologically speaking, Gen Z is the Pluto in Sagittarius generation spanning 1995-2008.  As a hyper-globally connected digital native, who hasn’t known a world pre-internet and couldn’t navigate a city without Google Maps if my life depended on it, I am your Generation Z exemplar.

My early years were spent online, leaving awfully embarrassing digital traces behind me on now long-gone social networks (remember Bebo or MSN Messenger?) in spite of my mum’s best efforts to ‘ban’ me from using them. But we also had our iconic toys of the decade—Bratz Dolls, the bad bitch version and racially inclusive version of Barbie was the shit. Maybe they were a tad overtly sexual for preteens, but their attitude and aesthetic is LITERALLY how Gen Z presents themselves today—rebellious, edgy, with style rooted in the nostalgia of the late 90s and early 2000s (even if we were too young to remember those times).

We’re Optimistic Nihilists

By 14, I was already snapping away on Snapchat and posting tragic selfies on my first Instagram account. Yet, it was our beloved Vine that defined the humor of our entire generation. The essence of what made a good Vine was unexplainable, but yet you just knew when you stumbled upon gold. RIP—we will never forget you, and I will continue to watch old Vine compilation videos until the day they stop being funny (i.e. never).

Marketing teams are freaking out about how to capture our fragmented attention like we’re some breed of alien (most of us are probably starseeds, but you know, it’s chill). We casually flick from Instagram to Netflix to Facebook Messenger, all whilst perfectly eating our Uber Eats sushi with chopsticks. It’s our natural state—we don’t know how to focus solely on one thing, being born into an over-stimulated environment where we fed on a diet of global 24/7 media.

What businesses need to understand is that we aren’t going to buy into corporate fuqery and greenwashing tactics, because we require Sagittarian values of truth and honesty. But not the kind that’s sloppily based on virtue signaling or ‘being authentic’ (*cringe* – leave this to the Millennials). We want a real sense of integrity, the BTS and unphotoshopped version, and we can naturally sniff out who has it in seconds.

The Difference Between Gen Z & Millennials? Gen Z Is Cooler

So what actually is the difference between Gen Zers and Millennials? We used to get lumped in together as all ‘young people’ before the differences became blatantly obvious. For starters, we came of age in different eras—the defining moment for Millennials growing up was 9/11, where in contrast I was too young to have any clear memory of it (arguably, the Coronavirus will be Gen Z’s defining life event).

Millennials are generally more idealistic than your average Gen Z—whilst they were entering the workforce during the GFC, Gen Zers were still at home, watching our parents lose jobs, houses and their income streams. It profoundly shaped our approach to money—we prefer to save and are generally more frugal; Millennials will splash out on ‘experiences’ with ‘good’ customer service. The proverbial Millennial participation trophy can be attributed to being coddled by their Boomer parents; Our Gen X/Pluto in Virgo parents tried to do what they could so we didn’t end up the same.

Demographically, we’re the most diverse as well as the most educated generation yet, a likely influence on our globally-minded consciousness and ethical consumption habits. Getting a degree no longer sets you ahead in the career marketplace—it’s now a mandatory requirement for Gen Zs in order to eventually earn a decent wage, unless of course, you were able to kickstart a lucrative career online as a full-time content creator (exhibit A: Emma Chamberlain).

We Can’t Read Analogue Clocks – So What?

Despite the chaos of growing up and living in the 21st-century world, we’re surprisingly chill and pragmatic. Like Sagittarians, we’re optimistic nihilists and realists at heart. We can turn any bad situation going on, including our crippling mental health, into some hilarious meme, which takes skill by the way. So let’s be real, everybody knows our generation is way cooler than everyone else’s. And it’s funny because we’re not even trying.

Essentially, we were born tapped straight into the Zeitgeist, or more like miles ahead in a league of our own. Yeah, maybe we don’t know how to do maths without a calculator or read an analog clock. But we’re in the Technological Age now and you got to get with the program. We were born with media literacy running through our veins and the ability to adeptly handle the pressure of information overload.

It’s a strange hyperflux-technological-reality we find ourselves in today, which might be jarring for older generations. But for us it’s comforting. And the only version of ‘normal’ we’ve ever known.

“I Am A Native Gen Z” + the top Generation Z collage by Chiara Christian 


January 17 1995 until April 22 1995

November 11 1995 until January 26 2008

June 26 2008 until November 28 2008.

65 thoughts on “Generation Z – The Pluto In Saggo People”

  1. Both my boys are Gen Z.. Both are high IQ and just kinda get it at a glance… I mean they got my qualities too LOL still I think Gen Z will make a huge difference in our society and many societies to come. They are rebellious for sure but for the right reason… All we need to do is to trust and let them make it through.. Its their era… 😍✌

  2. I was born a ’96ers and i’m kinda confused whether i’m in the millennial era or gen z. But whatever it is i think this generation’s cool. I always have a knack of unfollowing the societal norm 🤣 Like if i ever get kids in the future i want them to learn from books rather than get eaten up by modern technology. (which, i know in fact the modern generation is already engrossed in it) i want to teach my future kids the classic kind of learning (read books, play toys, have fun outside and get more sunlight) It’s not depriving them but rather wanting to teach them life’s simple pleasures

  3. Bro I was born in 99 and I don’t consider myself a gen z. I think 97-99 are the in between. In high school I saw the shift in the environment from my freshman to senior year. I personally relate more to millennials. Plenty of people I know know how to use a physical map but we mostly printed the directions off the internet before we went places. I also believe in paying for experience as well lol. As for the much cooler thing I definitely disagree. Kids younger than me are rude for no reason and they don’t know how to turn up without technology. That’s WACK af. And you represent only half of people born in those years cause I do know people that are like this. Maybe it’s also because I always hang out with older people too lol. Most of my friends parents are the Pluto in libra generation but mine are Pluto in Virgo. I think it’s subjective.

    1. yeah I was born in 97 and I’ve always related a bit more to millennials than gen z. but gen z’s kinda cool too, I guess.

  4. Gen Z brought has brought us Kekistan and false promises of Area 51 invasion, so I can’t really be too mad. I honestly love my family members in this generation, but the post does come across as VERY immature. You are cool, but if you learn anything from millennials, it’s that you don’t’ get to be hipster by saying you’re a hipster. If anything, Gen Z could benefit greatly from Ophiuchus, and digging deeper in the esoteric truths. You have knowledge at your fingertips right now…what are you doing? If the internet goes down (gods forbid) what will you do? I’m sorry, but it reminds me too much of the Technical Boy in American Gods (the show did a great job, but the book is forever better, can you tell I’m am “elder” millennial?). No shade <3 Pluto is full of opportunities to transform. Take them

  5. I was born right on the “cusp” between Millennials and GenZ. From what I see online these days GenZ got to its late teen rebellious phase. (Not to mention that I don’t know one GenZ who really “gets” what a Millenial is at all. Posts like that sound like you are rewriting another post from somewhere, not like you have actually experienced getting to know many Millenials)

    Yeah the “cooler generation” they say. There is no “cool” or “uncool” generations and there has never been such, get real and our of your VR systems when you talk about facts if you expect to build a brighter future..

    Each generation steps on the progress of the previous one way or another. GenZ is much more chill overall which is awesome, BUT also very full of themselves way too often.

    Saggs are amazing – they are and have been my closest people, my while life, but one major thing that they sooo often miss is how many things they are just plowing through and neglecting, by blowing their ego out of proportion – and this is not an aggressive type of ego usually. Most of the time it’s a “looking down on you plebs” type of ego.. Just like them I love GenZ, but c’mon guys you are better than that..
    I don’t know who made you think that shading each other makes you cool in any way.

    If we just learn and respect each other we will be a waaaaayyy “cooler” humanity, no cap. 😉

  6. Honestly, Gen Z is way better equipped to handle the world than we Millennials could ever hope to be, but I feel like that’s mostly because they had no choice. Millennials were (on the whole) brought up by a generation whose favorite coping mechanism is willful denial that anything is wrong, a framework that crashed right before we hit our first Saturn return, whereas Gen Z was shoved into the chaos from the get-go.

  7. My 20 yr old Gen Z daughter is about to finish her final year at Uni. It’s a prerequisite for her future, nowadays…compulsory,almost? I’m excited for her future. Yes, she spent her teen years becoming tech-savvy and probably over-informed on her ‘device’…
    I think a lot of any youth malaise these days stems from being bombarded with info re the complexity of so many current political, environmental and economic “messes”. Why wouldn’t they be apprehensive or overwhelmed by it all?
    I believe that in the next couple of decades, through pure necessity, the ‘movers & shakers’ of Gen Z will overhaul and redefine so many outdated, negative, and ignorantly opportunistic systems that have been created, accelerated, and implemented over the last 60 odd years.
    Why would they want to perpetuate the current systems? No, they will be needing to overhaul everything…
    They will back better politicians, be less greedy, and more and more educated about vital issues.
    If they’re intrepid in any way now, it would seem pretty understandable! x

    1. P.S. classic Gen Z comment from my daughters boyfriend (when he was the ripe age of 16) was : “I think I wanna live off-grid”….

    2. I like your comment:

      ‘I believe that in the next couple of decades, through pure necessity, the ‘movers & shakers’ of Gen Z will overhaul and redefine so many outdated, negative, and ignorantly opportunistic systems that have been created, accelerated, and implemented over the last 60 odd years.
      Why would they want to perpetuate the current systems? No, they will be needing to overhaul everything…’

      Pluto is about to enter Aquarius this year, it’ll slip back out for a while before it re-enters Aquarius untill 2043. The previous Pluto in Capricorn era we’ve been going through rules, Dictators, strongmen, big Corporate power, State power, Authority etc etc (as well as other things), so generally really just stamping all over the realities of our humanity and our native vulnerabilities as human beings and social creatures. Aquarius, however, rules humanity, so what you’re saying will hopefully be part of the Zeitgeist of this Pluto era. I particularly felt your comment about ‘so many outdated, negative, and ignorantly opportunistic systems that have been created, accelerated, and implemented over the last 60 odd years’. 60 years ago takes us back to 1963, the early 1960’s and you’re very right, so many awful and highly manipulative systems and modes of operation have been implemented since the early 1960’s, through the late 60’s, the 1970’s, the 1980’s, a the 1990’s and post 2000’s. I mean it’s been horrible, a real violation of the human vision, natural dream and desire for freedom that sprung out in the late 1960’s and which is ultimately about core values, natural health, a good and respectful relationship with the natural world, technology serving to ease our burdens, personal freedom to pursue one’s talents and interests, of coarse it goes on and on…
      There will no doubt be a confrontation with the shadow of Aquarius. What I will say here is that Human Rights are still very much in a terrible place. There is a very ‘in the mind’ clinical and sociological approach to society and civilization that fails to understand the embodied realities and the unsystematic and unofficial needs. I suspect that some of that will take a longer time to change because it’s about being able to operate from, feelings, intuition, and instincts.

  8. I have a Gen Z daughter as do many of my friends and sadly what I see is a generation brainwashed by fake news, highly influenced by a leftist agenda that wants to strip them of their cultural and gender identifies and create an androgynous society of technology zombies who are controlled by whatever the latest Tik Tok / Instagram trend is. I despair for this generation of children who have grown up thinking that life is on a screen. I do not see them as truth-tellers or rainbow children, quite the opposite. I see a generation that we have allowed to be controlled by dark earthly energies. Unless they can break free from their devices and connect with mother earth I sadly don’t hold much hope for this generation at all.

    1. Close to me is one now cynical, vegan child, who has decided she is of no gender and is so addicted to her crack phone she can’t turn her sad eyes to mine. Apparently she is slightly on the spectrum according to her mum. Because she likes reading and isn’t socially a perfect little eel roiling in the surly waters of high school. Breaks my heart. Divine child who is terrified life on earth is being destroyed, while being taught God is dead, the planet is a rock spinning through a meaningless vacuum, there is no earth mother in spirit who welcomes and loves her unconditionally. Fucking archons.

      1. Sadly agree, raised my children in a spirtually connected, loving environment with nature, music, books and creatures, however, since high school both dropped real- life interaction and physical activity to the bare minimum to live on their beds attached to their phones. I fought the decline almost to the death, and lost. So sad and worried for their future.

      2. Wow, dark earthly energies, leftist agenda, vegan child and archons! You forgot the lizard people. Honestly, if you lay off the david icke or qanon sites you will feel a hella lot less stressy.

        1. This is one child, I don’t speak to the entire generation, and I don’t believe all is lost. But this is one human expression of current energiesand challenges at this time. Not all that is negative is irrelevant or should be ignored…

  9. Some replies are very ageist – this shouldn’t be divisive, my point is about dropping rubbish not being responsible for climate change & other ‘horrific legacies’. Some people have thought forms set in concrete.

    1. Maybe the Boomers are too busy relaxing into retirement & collectively denying their role in running & accelerating the current mess of global financial fuquery, most developed country economies, control tripping everything with red-tape & fees, and the overall “profit now, fix it later” mentality that has consolidated the climate crisis?
      I don’t believe the Boomers will ever fully admit their general role in any of these issues. Some of them have a conscience, but maybe not those running the oil companies et al…
      It would be cute to focus on “littering”, but I’m actually looking at the generations much broader sense….

  10. SleepfulInBrisvegas

    This is so timely. I was talking to one of my neighbour’s Gen Z daughter on Friday — as we were teasing apart the changes in social media and what was relevant for her. My son is this generation (I’m a Pluto in Libra and a Sagg stellium) and I recognise so much of what was written there…especially growing up with Vines. He’s internet savvy and I love his no bullshit approach to so many things. Plus his deep inquiry mind.

  11. I wish their parents had taught them to pick up their rubbish, like put it in the appropriate bin as there are always 3 for recycle, organic & just everyday crap.I live near a skate park, school & tunnels in a creek with no water in summer. There are so many empty nangers? those metal whipped creme containers left there for the rains to wash away. Empty cigarettes obviously used for spliffs, old food containers, & empty balloons. And i live in upmarket area.Schools not teaching them recycling or parents?
    Cleaning lady at Burnside Village a swish shopping centre said they are the worst generation for dropping rubbish & messing up the toilets.
    Sorry to drop a clanger on the tech savvy Gen Z, their heads must be in The Cloud not on the earth.

    1. Sadly, this is true for the Northern European country where I live too, Pegasus. I have been trying to make sense of this, and was wondering whether it could have something to do with festival culture. At many festivals it is common to just drop your cups, bottles etc on the ground. The rubbish is then taken care of by cleaners, later on. Could it be that this sends a strong – but wrong – message to young people that it is better and easier for ‘professionals’ to clean up all the mess in one go? Not just at festivals, but everywhere…

  12. Saggo here with two Gen Z offspring that I love…but really don’t get..this descriptor just reinforces this.

  13. Reading this blog about Gen Z is one of the rare occasions where I wish I were a parent. I feel I may have a natural affinity with the Z’s, being a Plutonian Sagittarius person myself. (Pluto in Virgo square Sun in Sagittarius).
    I would love to study the world through the eyes of Gen Z, so thank you Mystic and Chiara for affording me a glimpse of that!

  14. Yep Gen X parent (although Pluto in Libra, thanks) of two gen z kids. They are smart, funny and absolutely intolerant of hypocrisy and bullshit. I love it, but my more sensitive husband finds the robustness a but challenging! I’ve really begun to notice the difference between the more idealistic millennials (a bit soft around the middle by being raised by boomers?) And gen z lately. They know they are as cool as shit and couldn’t give two fuqs about what you think.

  15. Gen X parent of a Gen Z. This is all accurate af. Gen Z is hysterically funny and anti-fragile, a direct contrast to the sus Millennials. We’re all Boomers to them. Poggers.

  16. Ha just talking about this over a meal out with family last night. We had gen x, y and z there, I proclaimed I was generational fluid. C66/Aqua rising. So many gene fluid jokes followed. We have gone device free for students during class time at work and I have spent the last month teaching kids to read an analog clock, hilarious…this is the short hand it and it shows you the hour….they don’t want to know how just how long before it’s lunchtime and they can check their phones

    1. I have been teaching my class how to read analog clocks recently as well. It crossed my mind that it was irrelevant but at the same time it’s part of the curriculum and learning it probably helps with understanding fractions and other concepts. So not completely useless to learn. But I can totally see it fading out and not being a thing.

      1. To me not being able to read a clock or do mental maths or not know north from south & east is sun rise & west where. it sets (for navigation) is a kinda bizarre.

  17. I currently teach the back end of this generation. They are the best bunch of kids I’ve ever taught. I have noticed in those born post 2000 an embracing of difference that I have never before seen from teenagers (I have been teaching for 26 years, so I have taught the end of Gen X, Millenials and in the last decade Gen Z). They are articulate about their own mental health and have an abundance of compassion for those who are suffering. Unfortunately, their own mental health is endemic – I have two theories on this – 1. it’s gotten worse for young people OR 2. they have been given the language and the permission to express it more than previous generations.
    I love their sharp humour and, when I don’t get something they find funny, their patience explaining it to me.
    They fight against any perceived injustice and they’re not afraid to use the media to help them win.
    Teenagers have always been bullshit detectors – but this generation is on another level.
    I love this post. It confirms what I have been thinking for ages.

      1. Agree with so much, especially about the genuine acceptance of difference.
        In a local school a trainee teacher made a racist comment about the stolen generations to some teenage girls, it was front page soon after and teacher was suspended. Not cowed and just project the shaming right back onto their attackers. This is a huge strength, but there is so much hostility to fight, I suspect that is one reason for the mental health difficulties.

    1. Same. I’ve been a teacher/ working with kids for over 20 years and I love noticing the differences in generations and even micro generations. Teachers truly hear the pulse of society.

  18. ‘66 births ‘97 daughter at Saturn return ! It’s a story and a half. I must say my cappi daughter is tougher than old boots but in the most powerfully peaceful way. Brought up by women, has seen through every situation, utterly fearless with authority, truth speaking, bigger picture aware. She was hell to bring up due to Pluto on her sun very much through those young formative years but now she’s absolute gold.

  19. I was born in 95, but I have Pluto in Scorpio, consider myself a millennial, and remember 9/11 vividly (we were Aussie expats in Japan, there was a US tank in my apartment’s parking lot. The world went nuts trying to work out if other capital cities would be targeted). Plenty of us have boomer parents, too- myself and my definitively Pluto in Sagg younger brother have parents in their late 50’s + 60’s. Useless help for navigating this era.
    I disagree that degrees are helpful or necessary for employment- it was boomers that prized them and now their ubiquity (and dilution of education quality) means they are like 3 year primers that create compliant, desperate drones who will take any offer lowballed at them and -still- require full on-job training in the hiring role because unless they’ve studied STEM or medical, these degrees are purely hoop jumping theoretical exercises with zero applicable skills. Nobody comes out of their BA knowing how to manage a media campaign, navigate HR software, or write a white paper anymore. AND we still can’t read a clock!
    This is not a critique but a lament, really- not everyone is cut out to be an influencer in such a dog eat dog digital environment, and back in the MySpace days you used to be able to maintain relative anonymity or at least avoid prioritising your appearance. Now it’s like, be hot or smart or die poor. Mental health? Never met her. Excellent.

    1. My 1997 daughter was absolute on her not wanting a degree. She now earns £60k a year tax free travelling the globe. She was with me as we hit rock bottom in 2008/09 and we had to make do and mend. She’s bright, utterly capable and has the best insight into people and situations ever.

  20. I’m a Gen X. I had the privilege of sharing a house and friendship with a 3 year old sun in sag, Pluto in sag girl and her mum and brother. The connection was strong. I’m a gemini sun. I watched her grow up.

    She was hilarious. Never missed a trick. Huge bullshit detector. Very wacky. Eerily psychic: Scorpio Rising.

    She was my muse. Sometimes I felt like I was in the presence of a guru. I loved her dearly. I sensed the family falling apart and thankfully told her that “I would always love her”

    Then I read this post. And it all makes sense.

    Thanks Chiara and Mystic.


  21. This is spot on – perfect description of my three GenZ kids. This generation give me as a GenX’er hope for the future. It’s true, they see straight through our BS, whether as their parents, the media, ‘influencers’ or politicians and nothing is too sacred for their particular brand of roasting. Not that we’d know unless they choose to share with us because we’re not mixing with them online (no matter how much we might think we’re keeping up). I’ve also noticed they have a natural lack of regard for authority (where authority is seen as age, position, religious title, education etc – not rude, just doesn’t count for them) so I’m looking forward to GenZ getting more involved in politics, writing and other public platforms to stir up some of the (dare I say) outdated boomers 😉

    1. The Boomers…far out?! Do they need to just move away from the diabolical echelons of power (the pedestal they manufactured for themselves??)…and let these kids figure out a way to resolve, repair and redesign EVERYTHING from the global economy corruption, climate change nightmare and all other horrific legacies the Boomers put in place (to benefit themselves, currently enjoying affluent retirements!)…x

      1. ‘Affluent retirement’ i wish. Those that are secure is only because inflated house prices, they bought at $80.000 now $800.000 & due to superannunation that came into force.

    2. Gen Z have no fear when it comes to authority. And it comes from a natural Saggitarian place. I’ve seen it in action. It’s hard to keep a straight face because it is so natural and hilarious.

      I applaud them. The planet needs them. They cut through the bull shit.

    3. Some ‘outdated boomers’ were saying how plastic was spawn of satan in 1969 & that everyone needed to put every piece of fruit seed or stone from fruit back into the earth. How to juice fast to detox. How to make love not war. Touted yoga & meditation for inner peace & wouldn’t eat meat.
      Sixty years later & just today ‘single use plastic is banned, bit late as a plastic country the size of France is floating in the Pacific.

      1. whatevs. at least i can rest easy knowing that the starseeds raised by us the amazing gen x – and ok, algorithms – will save the planet. so not looking forward to when those sus millennials, brought up by evil boomers start crapping on about their gen alpha spawn – and why should THEY be called alpha?!?!

  22. Interesting that they consider Gen z starting at 95. I was born in 1995, but my Pluto is X house and Scorpio. Maybe I’m just in the middle? I have always consider myself a millennial and always told I was an “old soul” and connected better with adults than my peers, but I definitely see cross over of things I do that they do too. It’s interesting that the writer continues the “gold star” trope, especially because so many Gen z went through the same educational system as their older siblings or a lot of my younger cousins were kept a year out of school because their parents wanted to spend their childhood days with them. Maybe the “gold star” was a transit that happened?

    1. Shell, I understand where you are coming from being born in a year that was either the end of Gen X or beginning of the Millennials depending on the source. I kind of relate to both and neither, a kind of middle child syndrome. I definitely connected better with older people as a child but in my late 20s created lifetime friendships with a group of Millennials 5 yrs younger than me. These days I find that I am pretty good at translating Millennials to Gen X and Boomers and vice versa.

      These Gen Z kids though, are a complete mystery to me but I think that’s great. Clearly we need this generation coming at the world’s problems from an entirely new worldview.

    1. I love them too. They are hilarious though. One of my nephews tried to truthfully explain menopause to me in case I didn’t have the most updated online information. I confess to being a Luddite but I didn’t realise that I was that uninformed. Generation X here. 😊

    2. I LOVE these kids too. They are so funny. They come round to my house en masse and I feel better with them around. They are all so funny. And they’re not even trying. They are the best.

  23. Oh, I should add that this is an incredibly interesting post and applaud the young Gen Z guest writer for such wise and well written analysis. An enlightening read for sure.

  24. This is brilliant! I’d like to add that my Gen Z daughter’s Pluto is EXACTLY square my Gen X Pluto (23 degrees). When they get around to waking up this morning I will share this thoughtful post with them : )

  25. Oh my gosh! I did not realize you’re genZ. You certainly don’t sound as young as you are 🙂 Now I’m even more intrigued by your writings! Thank you for sharing <3

    1. No, I’m Gen X– the intro is by me and the piece by Chiara Christian who is a Gen Z media graduate. I need to make it more clear!

      1. You cannot possibly be Gen Z, Mystic …. Well unless you teleported to Chronopolis chasing Vanadium Lightyear & nicked her laser V rejuvenation treatments – in which case i want in!

    2. Pretty sure Mystic is Gen X, but I think there are definite similarities between Gen X and Gen Z, especially regarding the general cynicism of both generations, the distrust of the establishment. I think Gen Z is more proactive though, more inclined to activism which speaking as a Gen Xer myself, believe is a positive development.

      1. Depends were you are based, many Gen Xrs grew up looking up to 60s women’s movements for example & viewing mass protest as nothing out of the ordinary. Gen Z have new platforms with which to translate their protest via, especially due to online/tech development. On the whole, they are also supported by Gen X, to also view choice as protest. Subtle but strong differences, trickling down. I also consider this to be positive and it makes me balk when they are slandered as ‘flakey’, considering the shit show they’ve been handed. It’s their fluidity that always impresses me.

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