Your Astral DNA FAQ

Astral DNA is finally here! I’ve wanted to offer natal birth chart reports like this since forever. It’s an instant, unique and upbeat natal chart reading. The good news is that people seem to like the interpretations in there. It’s validating [ Read more…]

The Uranian Chronicles

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Twitchy? I was going to call this post “mainlining Uranus,” but it sounded a bit off. So yes there is a Full Moon coming, and Venus is Retrograde, but this energy is pure, undiluted Uranus. If you are at all [ Read more…]

*Retro-Venusian Venom

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Just as I was thinking how benevolent and simple this Retro-Venus in not just Scorpio but the Via Combusta is, I get stung. It’s venomous. This post is set to members only as I don’t want hostile optics on it [ Read more…]

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