Uranus In Taurus Prepping


Want some Uranus in Taurus advice? Prepare! Uranus in Taurus prepping is not complex. But it is difficult. Since Uranus first took up residence in Taurus last May, I have posted a few broad takes on this fresh-era energy, done [ Read more…]

Jupiter Square Neptune Is Coming


Jupiter square Neptune inspires genius and slippery people. It’s scatty, surreal and psychic. Avoid the ghosts and con-artists and you’ll thrive. It’s the super-Mutable and scatty but highly adaptive counterpoint to the other big theme of 2019; the new Earth [ Read more…]

When The Tarot Is Literal

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Can Tarot be literal? Yes! Tarot works in three main modes. There is the ancient and enduring symbolism of the Major Arcana, which so often reflects our inner narrative, rather than outward events. An example: a person getting the Tower [ Read more…]

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