The Gemini Man Mating + Dating Protocols

The Gemini Man is like the astrological version of one of those particles that does nothing that the particle physicists expect it to do. He is a quantum anomaly and the bane of people with rational relationship expectations.

If you’re one of those people, you may find this succinct mating and dating protocol helpful.

# They’re “Always” The Normal One
Specializing in eloquent explanations for more or less anything, their weirdness is under the radar. The less socially accomplished Aquarians and Saggos cop all the flack for strange behaviour. Regardless of whatever fuqery they pulled, years later your friends/family will often recall the Gemini man as ‘the wonderful one.’

# They’ll Never Ghost You
Seriously, they won’t. They prefer poltergeisting. Online or offline, they can hover attractively for decades, never disappearing but never fully appearing either. It’s not only a dating phenom – people have been married to phantom Geminis. Their internal algorithm alerts them when someone is about to disengage and they suddenly initiate intense ‘what about us?’ dialogue, leave breadcrumb trails all over social media or suggest you and they commit to intensive relationship therapy. The latter is particularly disconcerting when you haven’t seen them in real life for five years but don’t worry, it’s only a construct.

#The Real Them… likely to change at any moment, without notice or explanation. Asking a Gemini to be/display/describe their ‘real self’ can be perceived as an insult. What real self? When? Who is the beholder and what is reality? Air + Mutable = Wind. Do you demand that the breeze stand still and define where it’s going or the process that turns it into a tornado?

#What The Gemini Man Seeks In A Lover
Brains and Elusiveness. Consciously or not, they’re Muse-addicted. Think of how the poet W.B. Yeats was unrequitedly in love with Maud Gonne for decades, with the poetry he churned out while yearning for her becoming famous. They consumated the affair and bam: it was over. Shortly after he proposed marriage to her daughter. They like puzzles, mysterious absences, love triangles and youthful dating dynamics.


Images: The Gemini Man (1976) – A television show that ran for just five episodes before being canned. The “Gemini” is secret agent Sam Casey who, via a mysterious DNA stabilizing watch, is able to be invisible for 15 minutes every day.

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  1. Can anyone tell this is true for a Gem moon? Aqua sun/Cap Mars. (Any chance he won’t disappear when the victorian dating rituals of covid are no longer creating an attractive distance?) (I know, astro can’t tel me it’s going to be ok. But has anyone stayed with a Gem moon? Can distance help?)

    Re Yeats: yes he pursued her relentlessly and proposed marriage to her daughter which, gross, but he did still pursue her after consumation. Have studied this extensively after my last guy, Libra, Neptunian contacts, told me I was his Maud Gonne. And I was like, no, you’re my Maud Gonne. 😆😭

    From NYT article about their letters: In 1916, at 51 and still a bachelor, he consulted an astrologist, then turned again to Gonne with an offer of marriage. She declined. With her permission he proposed to her 22-year-old daughter, Iseult, who had been conceived at her brother’s grave*. She too said no.

    As that piece also discusses Yeats was attended at his deathbed by his wife *and his most recent lover.

    Yeats was *extremely into astrology. He wrote, “If I had not made magic my constant study I could not have written a single line …The mystical life is the centre of all that I do and all that I think and all that I write.” 

    *Maud was definitely her own kind of special case. Sag. Of course.

    1. Hi Clavdia, in my experience, Air signs can be very devoted to a relationship, as they are often devoted to ideals. I do think that for Gemini, flirting can be a bit like oxygen, a way to experience the endless variety and magic of life…

  2. I am a multi Pisces with loads of Earth and most of my partners have been Gemini’s. As I learned more about astro I think my Aqua Venus and Aries Mercury loves the witty banter, intelligence and aloofness of de Gems.
    I have nothing in Gemini except the asteroid Karma so perhaps thats it. My geisty Gem came in and out of my life for a decade until I called it.
    My bro is also a Gem and he the master of no 3 in the list, what I like to call the Gemini 180.
    I am now with a watered down Gem with loads of cancer and a scorp moon who is calm and steady and deep but I have definitely earned my Gemini Man badge in the game of astro life

  3. This post has inspired some really insightful responses. I fell those of us who ‘know’ the Gem have been touched deeply by it. And yet they can often be mailigned and accused of superfrippery. I love them personally and they are the ONLY ones you can be friends with after you split up (which of course you will). The Gems thank you Mystic.

  4. Great advice.They make great friends (fab gossips & have a vast cast net of interests) but personally, not partner material. I know quite a few Gem men, & in my 20s had relationships with a couple (one even lasted 5 yrs) but got on much better with them after we split – they found me much more alluring then. We are still friends 40 yrs later through correspondence, at which they excel, mixing wit & pathos beautifully. Totally spot on about being muse-addicted. They’re either pining for some future love, or for one that they screwed up. In the latter case I think about the multi-Gem Bob Dylan & his song ” I threw it all away”:

    I once held her in my arms
    She said she would always stay
    But I was cruel
    I treated her like a fool
    I threw it all away

    Once I had mountains in the palm of my hand
    And rivers that ran through every day
    I must have been mad
    I never knew what I had
    Until I threw it all away…

    (from his fabulous romantic Nashville Skyline album – even his voice is melodic in this [for those of you who worry about your cats])

    They also tend to overthink possible scenarios & get bored before they try them – often not even bothering.That goes for relationships too. If they’re not honing their talents into something, anything – they get the blues more than any sign i know & suffer from persistent bouts of existential angst. Nothing more depressing than a depressed Gem. Everybody’s mothers adore them.

    1. ‘If they’re not honing their talents into something, anything – they get the blues more than any sign i know & suffer from persistent bouts of existential angst.’ So true Skarab

    2. I second to that, Skarab. stellium in 3rd house, including sun and mercury, and north node in gemini. depression caused by a sense of futility and/or lack of meaning is always round the corner.

  5. So dang true! I’ve loved 2 Gemini. Go figure: 2! lol. One clinged to my scorp/sag rising self like he was addicted; the other was a poltergeist indeed. I truly adored the poltergeist tbh. 7 years of on/off with the poltergeist who told me “don’t fall in love with me.” Most intense sex of my life and poof, he just disappeared. At least I have stories for the grandkids.

  6. This is too funny!! Lovely, smart and original post. My lovely Gem is Aqua Rising, Moon in Cancer. He is currently road testing all-in-one tent beds with his dad and one son in the back yard. I think they are all on their phones but listening to crickets and birds. He isn’t well represented by Gem descriptions because of his Moon, though he has Merc, Venus, Sun, Sat in Gem. His work provides all the puzzles and pattern-sorting problems he needs, I daresay this transit will be put to good use in that area!

  7. Thank you mystic.

    Might this also apply to lunar Gemini men? They’re everywhere rn.

    Particularly the Pisces influenced sub-genre. (Jupiter on my 8th house air Mars might have something to do with it.)

  8. Corduroy jeans

    Tangentially but not entirely unrelatedly, Mercury conjuncts my Asc & first house today. Thanks for Dr MM for the symptoms checker: 1. A thousand tabs open? Check✔! 2. A zillion ideas on top of natal Gem moon cloud? Check✔! 3. The compulsive need to blab?? (Like, here??) Check✔! Anyway. Am off to use colour pencils on an A3 sheet of paper/read/sew/jig (finished chores too.)

  9. I Love them! My two children are Gems and my third house is packed with all my planets save two. I find Gem Gems to make the best of friends for me anyway and they are NEVER boring. Great post Mystic!

    1. It’s definitely true that Gemini’s have sparkling personalities, bright and quick minds, and a wonderful way with words. The world would be a gray place without them

  10. Love this piece and the visuals, Mystic!
    ‘Their internal algorithm alerts them when someone is about to disengage and they suddenly initiate intense ‘what about us?’ dialogue’ Exactly what I experienced with my first Gemini lover. I was a twenty-something back then and had been experiencing months of anguish. I was lucky to have mostly disengaged by then…
    ‘They like… youthful dating dynamics’. Hahaha, so true! My second serious Gemini lover was 55 and 20 years older than me at the time, but it was like dating someone who was in his 20’s, seriously.

    1. Corduroy jeans

      I love the word lover. It’s simple like tinker tailor soldier spy; but also maddeningly complicated, like … croquembouche ??🦜😂

      1. Hi Earthstar, it’s true that ‘lover’ is an ambiguous word. And thank you for adding the word ‘croquembouche’ to my vocabulary, lovely! (not a native speaker)

    2. Feel like I should add that both Gemini’s had enchanting personalities and I wouldn’t have missed knowing them for the world. Just shouldn’t have tried to pin them down. They were meant to be admired from a distance, like butterflies 🦋🦋

      1. Corduroy jeans

        Oh I knooww Calcifer, I know – and while not also a native speaker (of either French? Nor Gemini – apart from moon) I have “heard” that they are indeed great lovers & croquembouches, ahem (the closest you’ll evah! get to an admission of youthful adventure from this Taurus rising – tinker tailor candlestick maker. Blah.) Xx

      2. You have Moon in Gemini, Earthstar? That would explain your way with words 💫

  11. Amazing timing, Mystic! I have been dating a Gem since before lockdown and I’ve been wondering what will happen now that it’s loosening and we’re jabbed.

  12. The Lion & The Centaur

    Feeling this. A Gemini guy from 2015 is back in my life. We have a Sun sextile Sun dynamic and my descendant, South Node and Venus are in Gemini so we vibe, but there are some warning signs and I’m seriously trying to NOT ignore them this time.

  13. I had a moon in Gemini ex. Exactly him. And family and friends remember him as ‘ the wonderful one’s even though he was a womanising cheat and hurt me badly.

  14. Bang on as usual Mystic. My one Gemini sun relationship followed the exact pattern described. He idealised me and tried to muse me to within an inch of my life. I am a multi Taurus and didn’t appreciate the artifice. Sadly said Gem is now no longer here, I suspect he has many scorpionic demons that never came to full light. He would have been in his nearly late 30s now.

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